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MAPFRE Insurance (US)
MAPFRE Insurance (US)

MAPFRE Insurance (US) Online Insurance Reviews

Always completely satisfied! !
Really nice people who work for this company.
A great experience, Totally satisfied.
Service is suck
I worked with Shibu he is very informative, prompt, and thorough!
The website should provide your policy information. I'm new to this insurance haven't had any contact with insurance company
Working with Teresa on a quote for Auto Insurance was a pleasant experience and I was quite pleased with the final cost.
I just switched my insurance to MAPFRE, and I am very satisfied. I had to call because of a billing question that I had, and fully expected a recording, or at the very least, to be put on hold from now until eternity. Much to my surprise, that was not the case. I was connected to a "real" person almost immediately, and she was extremely helpful and pleasant. Great job, MAPFRE!
Mapfre Insurance company is reliable,efficient and conduct business professionally. Very trustworthy and will recommend to anyone.
Easy to communicate. Took care of my claim as promised.
Staff very kind and knowledgeable about process of a claim Available and respond quickly.
Been a customer for over 30 years. Service is fine and prices are right. No need to even look for another carrier
Gotta Tell You.....You Guys Are The Best .Any Problems .I Get In Touch And They Are Taken Care Of .Your A Guiding Light In The World Of Insurance .............Thank You
I had a very minor backing accident in 2013 and Mapfre raised my rate excessively due to that. If my rate doesn't come down this fall then I'll have to switch.
Everyone from the claim office to the adjuster was great. Very professional .
Very easy to work with. They had everything that i needed and the answers already to questions I didn't even have to ask! Very pleasant to deal with and were very prompt on their side in what needed to be done.
WE have been paying our premium for several years and they have no problem taking our money. We in the Manabi area and live on the coast in Crucita Ecuador. During the earth quake our house had major damage so of course called Mapfre for help. They sent 2 reps out to take pictures and look at the damage. The house was insured for $350,000 in which we paid the premiums on .They made get a engineer and pay the $1500 for proffession estimate of repair. All was in colour pictues and very detailed. We sent to Mapfre and of couse they lost it. So we sent them another copie and now they are telling us to get a proffession value of the which will cost more money. They had no trouble wnen taking my money for the value of the house.We are dealing with the office in Guayaquil but they keep demanding more paper work . The earth quake ruined our life and many others and it is so sad to see how the major companies don't care .Our policy no is 800821400022.If anyone can heil please respond .. Make me a believer in big business
I received a number of calls from the injury adjuster team to ensure my family was doing well, and that any questions we had at all would be answered. They set me at ease. Also, the property adjuster team was quick to help me understand the extent of my exposure and reimbursement that I was to receive, was responsive, and took the time to answer my questions. Overall, my experience with MAPFRE was very good.
I saved an unbelievable 1500 dollars by switching. They have been great so far as I just changed but I am extremely happy so far.
They were nice and friendly
We just recently bought inserence with you . So far so good
I haven't had your insurance coverage for 2 weeks yet and you have already flooded my mailbox with 3 different amounts due and 2 cancellation notices. What?
Excellent! I was switching insurance companies and Matt Perkins made it extremely easy.!!
Company is nice
Last October (2015) I lightly hit the back of a Hyundai Elantra when I got off of the freeway. The lady made a right turn and then stopped instead of merging. Luckily I hit my brakes, but it still touched the back of her car. We pulled to the side and took photos. Neither car had any damage. ZERO! And the lady was perfectly fine. Then, eight months later (April/May 2016) we received notice that she reported it as an injury accident. She got an attorney with her same last name. Wouldn't that make you wonder?? But not for Mapfre - they paid her off right away so she would go away and then more than doubled our insurance rates. Our only saving grace was that we were at the end of our one year period and so we changed companies immediately. This company is a SCAM and I am following up with a formal complaint, through my attorney, to the California Board of Insurance. Do NOT give this company your business. Vote with your Dollars. You will likely be sorry, otherwise.
Happy with results for reasonable auto/home insurance . Christine L was helpful agent and able to answer my questions.
I called mapfre to get help to obtain my car insurance paper work and the person did not help me so I lost my discount and had to ask a paper form be sent
Great website. Great customer service. No complaints thus far.
As a former customer I can say the company has always been good to work with.I left them in 2016 because their pricing had taken an explainable increase. My Insurance agent found a competitor with much better pricing for exact same coverage. There were no claims or changes in my driving record that would explain the changes. Upon buying a new truck this month. My agency shopped again for rates and happily MAPFRE came back to the top of the list.I only gave them 4 stars because I am not certain I will not see another rate increase at the end of the term.
Excellent customer service. AAA+
I have had this insurance for many years. They were there when I needed them.
Well first l would like to say that this company has a good person representing it her name Mellisa Leavy.she has always been accommodating in all aspects of insurance questions an very helpful .l guess what l trying to says she know her job well . An also her manager Austin has also very helpful when needed. That is why l came back to Horace Mann Insurance so l had someone l could contact an work with that l could trust . I know that you are looking for a review but just coming back l needed to express my thoughts at this time so far so good Keep up the good work.
I've haven't had to make a claim on my car insurance yet, but they gave me full coverage for a good price. No complaints here.
Never a problem. A pleasure to work with
Whether it was experience with a claim or adding and subtracting vehicles to my policies i always had an easy time and quick support from the folks at MAPFRE.
They have always had great rates on automobile insurance, I switched a few years ago but sure am happy to be back, they beat my other insurance with almost 20 percent lower on my premium, very happy!
I have the most expensive insurance coverage they carry.... got my car broken into, have damage.. and I've waited a week and NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK. When I had Geico, they called me back same day... I SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WITH THIS COMPANY.. Hire more adjustors.
Evan helped me tremendously on a Sat, over the phone. he answered my questions clearly, did not try and "sell" me options or gave me a sales talk and he was very professional. it was a stress free conversation that I was dreading, but he made it very easy going and smooth transition from another insurance carrier. I was pleasantly surprised.
The entire process was seamless. Thanks for the great service.
The agent spent time with me to find the best plan for my needs. I would recommend this company.
How does an insurance company not provide insurance cards with information on it to call in case of an accident and for traveling to other states!!!!
I have not been involved in an incident where I have needed insurance assistance since joining Mapfre Commerce so for me it has been zero problems.
We have insured with Mapfre before it was called Mapfre; that is 24 years. Never had any problems with the company and agents we have worked with were friendly and most helpful. Wouldn't think of insuring with any other company.
Excellent and very professional on behalf of the representative that helped me at the time I called.He worked with me step by step very patiently explained clearly the whole process professionally. Again thank you.
We've been with our old company for decades and didn't get the customer service we've received with Richardson. Thank you
I worked with a very nice representative named Jessica Cashman. She was extremely knowledgable and could answer any questions I had. As well as saving me 400.00 on my auto/renter's ins, she made the process of changing insurance companies a breeze. I highly recommend her. Thank you.
Very informative agent with AAA and pricing was very good, which is why I switched all of my policies.
Friendly,nice, and fast
This company clearly does not care about their customers. When our agent stopped writing their policies, they sent us cancellation notices for our policies. Not a letter suggesting an alternate agent for long term, claim free customers, just a flat out cancellation notice. In spite of this, we tried two agents to reinstate our policies. The process was an enormous headache, and the policies are still messed up. For all of this headache, they then sent a one page notice stating that we could create a log in to see our coverage. We did not want electronic communications. I contacted the agent to request hard copies and received a partial coverage listing that omitted vehicles. The policies have earlier renewal dates and there has been no notice of overpaid premiums. Today, another one page letter, thanking us for enrolling in their electronic communication system arrived. I want to switch to a competent organization. Used to be a decent company, I think, since we never filed a claim. Recommend that anyone that doesn’t want a migraine go elsewhere.
Website is archaic... First choose Customer Access, then pick a State, then login and get basically nothing to choose from other than the policy number underscored (unintuitive). Then go to make a payment and no scheduler...not going to pay weeks in advance OR sit and make a payment in the day it is due... very poor experience for 2018...
Commerce is the Best Insurance Company.
cannot check insurance online 
Courteous and professional service.
Every time I see a break down map fire is always on the spot, quickly
Continued excellent customer service through multiple claims involving hit and run, rear end collisions, tire service malfunctions . Someone was always available to generate a claim even on an early Saturday morning. I have never had increase in premium occurring from claims. Mapfre will continue to be my choice of insurance coverage and I give them the highest recommendation.
My MAPFRE Insurance agents have been entirely knowledgeable, prompt and reliable. For years. I have comprehensive, smart insurance on my possessions, and continue to recommend them to others, who report back as being highly satisfied. Thank you.
The agent to whom I spoke with was extremely nice, and was very easy to converse with. She explained things very well, when I had questions. I thanked her for being so nice, which makes me glad to do business with your company.
I have just signed up with this company so I can't really say anything about the service but so far it has been great the agent that has been helping me has been more than anyone could ask for she is a pleasure to work with and I'm sure that I am going to be happy with everything that is being done for me and my wife thanks fec
I like the service and the office that I go they are very kind.
First experience was great . Let see more with time.
Love the workers love the service...
I had recently gotten a lease and was shopping around for auto insurance. I called and got a quote from someone. He was friendly until I began asking some questions regarding the renters insurance discount. He became agitated because I wanted to be 100% sure that what he was telling me was accurate. He then responded with "You will have to wait until later on when a supervisor gets off the phone which won't be until 8:00pm." I explained to him that I didn't have much time and maybe will just proceed with the policy and ask after. He then told me he did not feel comfortable with me getting the policy, I asked if I could speak to someone because I didn't have much time and he said no that I should probably go with the insurance my job is offering me since I keep going back and forth with them. He did not understand that as a customer we need to shop around and go with the best option available. I then asked to speak to anyone else but him because he was talking over me. He then said that because he started my policy I wouldn't be able to speak to anyone. And even if I called in that they would still transfer me to him. It's like there was no other option. So after I got off the phone with him. I called again but this time did not dial his extension. And I got Adrian Rios. He was very helpful and understanding, I explained to him what had happened and that all I was seeking was for clarification. He gave me the information I needed and more. He got back to me at a reasonable time. The experience with him was great, he made me feel confident with choosing Commerce Insurance and thanks to him I will be able to get my car tomorrow morning. Thank you so much!
Hmmm. I know nothing about Mapfre. I see their signs about advertising they clean up this stretch of highway or so. That's nice. They likely like dogs, but I doubt they insure the so-called dangerous dogs. That's sad. Why am I doing this again? Its 7AM, and I got a review request for a company I really don't know. I love my agents at The Gaudreau Group in WIlbraham MA. If you need insurance, you should go to them. They are the best in the world at what they do. Tell them I sent you.
So far, so good. I have yet to file a claim however so I will post again once I have gone through the process, if necessary.
Thank you for your help. Make me happy. Good help. Best Regards Thanh Nguyen
They did a good and efficient assessment of out home and were reasonable to deal with thur out agent Jessica Calisisi from North Andover Insurance was very helpful. Hopefully we will not have to place any claims but hopefully your agent will be patient and helpful, unlike Safety who I found rude and not helpful.
Our car was vandalized while we were on vacation. One call to MAPFRE and everything was handled smoothly.
Worst insurance company I’ve ever come to experience. Don’t waste your time. @reply... gotta love the sincere automated responses.
Kaplansky Insurance assisted me with getting great coverage and also explaining details of my policy and what it consists for my car and also my apartment for a better premium that I could afford seeing that I'm a single mother with a disabled child and only work per diem hours. Kaplansky was very helpful and compassionate to my needs in finding Mapfre which was what I was able to afford with lots of coverage.
People are kind and helpful
Mapfre is the worst insurance company I've been with. They get my money but I still get feed, and they can't ever seem to help me with any of my questions. Their customer service line is absolutely useless I honestly wish I never gave these people a cent as it has been a big waste of time and also my money. Zero stars.
Easy to open and follow the account.
The easiest process I have had in a long time!
I have used Mapfre for 31 years. I have my home, cars, and recreational vehicles. Completely satisfied
I had MAPFRE last year and for some reason my agent change my insurance , so I changed my agent and now I’m with MAPFRE.
I only been with this insurance for little while I everyone is been wonderful I am greatful to have this company for my insurance. Thank you
excellent service received from the initial call to the last document submitted. this is a company that is detail oriented, helping you step by step as soon you report an accident claim. with a courteous customer service you received detailed answers regarding your claim and they handle carefully your repairs, car rental and they continue to follow up constantly with you the owner and all passengers that were present
My experience was above and beyond what I expected, my agent was very helpful in the process of switching insurance companies. Along with the other staff I've talked to were very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable as well. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mapfre to any one of my friends or family.
So far so good. Thank you. Joe Greene Insurance Agency agent Cindy Fay, was a huge help. She hooked me up with Mapfre. Thanks again.
The MAPFRE Insurance is an awesome insurance that works very good with their customers. They will assist you on any needs and that's why I chose this insurance which was by far the best one out of the other three that I looked at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good reliable insurance.
Great rate and customer service
My experience with MAPFRE has been fine so far. They have been courteous and professional.
I live in California and have a car registered in MA. My agent has been great. The problem is this. Mapfre sent me an email to be able to access my account on-line. It didn’t like my account number and when I tried to call for help, I could not reach anyone.
Nothing but good experiences with Mapfre
Beginning with a great agent, Mike O’Brien of Beverly Insurance to the claims staff, are simply terrific .... friendly, helpful , cooperative - and always the correct result . I am A customer for life
Was very helpful!
Excellent service! Roger French is top notch!
Great company to deal with. Our agent was extremely knowledgeable and was able to guide us through the insurance maze.
During the Halloween night, a group of marauding teenagers vandalized my car by kicking in and destroying the windshield. I became aware of the problem around 10:30 in the morning. I called my insurance agent who arranged for the repairs to be done just where the car was stationed, in front of my house. The repair truck showed up on time and by 2:30 the car was ready.
This is my first year MAPFRE. What a positive experience. The gentleman I dealt with Jose N Ortiz was extremely helpful and patient. He saved me hundreds of dollars that I had been paying to another company for forty years. I would sincerely recommend this company to anyone.
I am very pleased with the service I received from AAA and Mapfre Insurance. I would recommend them.
I moved from a different state and had to get new insurance. The transition was very smooth. The insurance agent was very knowledgeable. I was clueless about insurance laws in MA. My agent took the time and went the extra mile to explain it all to me. Because of his knowledge I showed up at the RMV with all the right forms!
I was with this company many years ago and it was a good company back then so now that I'm back with them I'm hoping it's still the same good company it was way back!!!!
The worst insurance company I have ever had. I sincerely mean it when I say that my quality of life slowly declined throughout my engagements with this insurance company.
Erin and Mike are AMAZING! So knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend the Hanover office to everyone looking to insure thier vehicle! No question about it!
MAPFRE Insurance has an easy to use web site, great service and the prices for the policies are very reasonable. I would recommend to anyone looking for insurance
My agency found us Mapfre Insurance as a carrier. Their rate was exceptional compared to the bigger named carriers, such as Geico, State Farm, etc. It's one of those things where you hope to not have to use it. Unfortunately, we were hit by an unlicensed 15 year old driver a few months back. Mapfre processed our claim quickly on our totaled vehicle, but minus the deductible, obviously. They notified us within a couple of weeks that they would be starting the subrogation process to recover their losses, and our deductible, from the minors father's insurance company. Everything I've read suggested this process could take several months, if not longer. Was delighted to see a check in my mailbox today for our deductible reimbursement. I understand people have negative experiences once in a while, but our experience with Mapfre throughout this process has been a good one. Their customer service was fine during my phone calls over the last few months. Use them for their great rates, and hope you don't ever come across needing to use insurance. If you do, however, you shouldn't be disappointed with them.
The sale of our home coupled with an extremely complicated move to another state, the purchase of a new travel trailer and an unexpected opportunity to take a "winter rental" on the ocean had us in turmoil. The insurance side of all this was the least stressful due to State Fund Insurance and MAPFRE Insurance! Well done!
I recently found out that I was eligible for additional discounts through Mapfre, although my insurance carrier hadn't told me about them. For the *identical policy* a new carrier was able to provide me with a premium that was $222 less per year. Yes, that is nearly $20 per month. So far excellent service, but I was disappointed that it took a new agent to offer me discounts that I was already eligible for.
I always recommend this insurance company to all my friends. The customer service is great and the rates are excellent! I am not going anywhere else!