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MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus
MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus

MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus Online Insurance Reviews

Sign up and re registration is super easy. I never have a problem and have renewed recently.
They have such great prices and amazing CEUs.
Always so easy to renew and also feels so safe to work with your company & feel fully insured !
I appreciate that the insurance covers continuing ed. I have been very pleased with my experience and ease at massage magazine.
Great coverage and only have to get one policy to cover several disciplines.
Easy to set up, BUT there was a bit of false advertising. It claimed unlimited CEUs included in the price of the insurance however, there aren't many CEUs to choose from and they are only from the Massage Magazine University. The CEUs offered are not on specific modalities or conditions, but rather Ethics and that sort of thing, and most of them are only 1 CEU hour. Disappointing.
Great coverage at an affordable price.
I have heard nothing but good reviews. Went with Massage Magazine Insurance Plus from the start. Have taken many of the free online ceu's and even the hands on Medical Massage couses. I recommended MMIP to fellow therapist and will continue to do so.
Great coverage, great price, instant coverage!
Just need to download and mail me my Certificate liability to address ,
After reviewing the benefits of the company, I decided that MMIP would be the best fit for me, as I am an esthetician, massage therapist, yoga teacher and do energy work. I was also very impressed at the offering of CE.
I love this company! I highly recommend them because of the quality of the product, excellent customer service and ease of renewal every year. Not to mention all the great member benefits. Could not be happier with MMIP
Just signed up on the advice of two professionals I know.
Great product for a great price
Very easy to navigate and complete. Coverage is excellent.
When I purchased this insurance as a student I asked the sales rep will I be covered doing massages outside of school. I specifically told the rep that I will be doing free chair massages at health fairs and table massages for different people "outside of and not in conjunction with the school" I will be doing these on my own, will I be covered and she said yes so I purchased the insurance. I called back a couple months ago to see if I needed to get a rider for hot stone use and the rep that I talked to told me that I was only covered for school sanctioned activities, what I did on my own would not be covered. They lied to me so I will never renew with this company I will be looking around can't trust them.
It was easy to complete this process online and print out the insurance certification sheet. The free courses I completed last year were easy to access and very high quality.
Very easy to get insurance, takes very little time and is easy to navigate
Excellent MT Insurance and appreciate the CEU’s- Still outstanding after all these years I’ve been an MT. Thank You All -
They make it incredibly easy and stress free!
Affordable and have not had any concerns.
Very informative, easily understood.
They administration staff really goes a long way to please their customers.
Super fast and efficient site.
The insurance is a superior policy to most policies for massage therapists. I used to be an insurance agent and am pleased with this coverage. The fact that MMIP covers 350 modalities was the other main reason I switched from the inferior policy promoted by FL State Massage Therapy Assoc. Now, there's an added bonus of online CEUs at no charge. The customer service is excellent. Proof of insurance is immediate. The former policy wanted to cherry-pick which techniques they would cover at an upcharge and exclude coverages for FL state approved modalities. They wanted to exclude Don McCann's cranial work and Dr Bruce Hawkins MPS microcurrent point stimulation therapy . MMIP Insurance covers any modality that has been state board approved. So if you have taken Don McCann's courses or Dr. Bruce Hawkins courses come on over to MMIP. It's all covered because they are state approved modalities. I believe there's also coverage for equipment theft. Check that out for yourself. It's a solid r"est easy" policy.
Additional insured email provided a link to the certificate. The link produced an error. The certificate can not be downloaded.
Super easy and affordable.
Very easy to enroll.
My application didn't go through online but I was able to call and someone was able to help me right away. Zero waiting time is great!!
Reasonable rates, flexible payment methods, very helpful during phone calls with questions
Very pleased with Massage Magazine Insurance Plus while practicing as a massage therapist. The process, as well as the service, was excellent. I highly recommend obtaining their Insurance Plus!!
Have never had to use it, thank goodness . But very please, when I have had it interact with customer service.
Free CE, quality coverage, easy to work with!
Only insurance that I know of that will cover Fire Cupping. Straight forward insurance without all the emails etc.
Easy to update policy and they provide timely communications.
Always been available to answer questions. I have never had to make a claim.
They have nice benefits (ce classes) that help.
Great, reliable, inexpensive, easy, friendly service to renew insurance
Easy to work with, and a breeze to renew my yoga insurance each year. I have my insurance agent look over the company and the coverage, and she agrees it's a great product.
Knowing I have such a good insurance plan helps me sleep at night
So far so good! Just signed up with them for the first time.
My experience has been good customer service, and easy to renew.
First let me start by saying 5 star! As a therapist and instructor I see the value of this ins. What I think would make it even better is to add resources for therapist such as forms and even a digital mag/articles that can be sent to clients. However, very happy with service and reputable name.
One of the main reasons I went with MMIP was the number of CEU's available. When I went to choose courses, it was a much more limited list available than advertised - I could only choose from what's available in my state. Kinda confusing and not sure why only the limited number would be listed.
Incomparable company
Great Customer service, and affordable
Affordable Insurance, with great Online CEU courses. Covers both my yoga and massage business.
I love the security I feel with my MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus. The Premium is quite reasonable for the types and amounts of coverage offered. This year I renewed for 2 years with confidence. I also appreciate the friendly, helpful staff.
Thankfully, I have never had to use it, but I am happy that I am covered in case something does come up. The business I work out of requires to be co-insured, which is affordable.
I've used Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) for a number of years now and I find that for the price it's fantastic! They offer much more, for example, renters coverage which AMTA doesn't- even though they charge much more. I highly recommend MMIP!
The rate was the best around! The Website was easy access. Process was quick and secure! Thank you for listing Reflexology and not just as generic body work!
Very quick and easy to renew.
It was quick, easy and painless. Easy to understand and affordable.
Excellent! Just what I needed. Muy Bueno! Much Thanks & Mucho Gracias!
The benefits are many and service is fast.
Great coverage with an incredible amount of modalities already covered with no need to pay extra
I have been a member for the last 7 years and I have been satisfied with the insurance. thanks
Great company. No hassle easy will keep using them!
In my opinion this is the best insurance company for my business in massage and movement healing.
Terrible Company Policies. BEWARE they do not have a cancellation policy! I purchase a 2 year plan when i worked for myself and plans changed and went to work where insurance was covered for us. They would not under any circumstance refund any amount! I am only 8 months into my coverage and they said OH WELL... there is nothing we can do! So now paid $300 for coverage i do not need! sneaky sneaky!
You get more for your money here. I haven’t had to use them in any kind of emergency. But I have compaired companies and I know I am getting more for my money and I’m happy with that.
Convenient & Efficient Thank you
Quality insurance. Easy renewal.
Comprehensive coverage for my multiple certified and licensed integrative health professions.
I like free Continue Education, Web sites.
The policy I use thru Massage Magazine Insurance Plus covers a number of basics. I happy with any questions that may need answering and the reminders for renewal is prompt. Thank you.
I teach at many locations that require insurance certification. I was treated courteously and efficiently every time I’ve had to ask for another coverage certificate. The downloadable document is sent by email immediately and makes this task effortless. So easy to deal with this group. Thanks
100% satisfied.
relatively simple
Low cost insurance, free CEs, easy to renew, and up to date news.
An Excellent Choice Very easy to set up and comes with lots of free information and resources. The policies are hassle free when you compare to how much you are actually covered compared to others. Thanks again.
Very easy to purchase and renew liability insurance from this company. (I am a part-time yoga teacher.)
The website is very easy to navigate. The insurance coverage is great and reasonably priced! Very quick and to the point insurance coverage. I am very pleased.
Insurance is one of those things you hope to never have to use. While i have never had to test this insurance, I find that compared to other options, Massage Plus is a better value.
Easy to apply, great rates
Good limits and bonus free CE classes at competitive prices.
Love it...thanks for making it so easy to obtain and to renew. Painless and fast.
Great assistance, really quick process
Good coverage and awesome CE opportunities.
Easy to use with more than sufficient coverage.
Been using this insurance since 2011 and it covers ally modalities for one great price
Excellent! I have been using this insurance company for a couple years now. I am looking forward to the free CEU's
Very easy and instant coverage. Plus lots of CEU's!
I was concerned by not being covered for ear candleing. Called massage magazine insurance and found out ai was. It's great
Excellent service and reasonable pricing! I’ve been very pleased.
Fortunately I’ve never had an incident so I don’t know how they would actually perform if I had a claim.
Never used or needed professional insurance but having it provided best opportunities at best location and with high demand salons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.
login did not work. I used code and changed login. I was logged in and would not let me log in again.
I haven't had to use the insurance, thank goodness. So I can't say first-hand how it is to deal with the company. But I am impressed with the coverage and price.
No problem at all! Love the additional perks like CEUs and magazine options
Really the only thing I can say is I have never had to make a claim so it is hard to say what my experience has been
I never had to use the insurance, but every time that I need to call them for a question or make my payment, they respond immediately, very courteous and helpful!!!
easy to work with online and answers the phone immediately if you need them. Never any difficulty
Very quick and easy my best friend uses their insueance and loves it!
It took me 3 phone calls to finally get the certificate in my inbox. Need a more reliable customer service.
I think you are excellent
Massage Magazine Insurance Plus has delightfully friendly agents and staff. They have always quickly taken care of any of the insurance needs I have had. I definitely recommend them. Bonita Bateson, LMT
Outstanding publication!! I find this a very useful tool in navigating my way through the my business with ease and use of this magazine. I look forward every month for the next newest trends and massage business in “the know”
4/5 because fortunately, I haven't had to redeem it. However, I think it's a very solid Insurance plan. Covers not only a minimum amount of loss due to theft, but I like that it covers many modalities, including teaching (of Tai Chi) and that it has an upgrade for unlimited "Additionally Insured". This is invaluable as I can apply it to any place that I'm teaching or providing massage therapy.
The website is not to user friendly... the CEU are good I'm a seasoned practioner educate, educate, educate.