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I worked for 40 years at my employment, had long term disability ever since they offer it. I became disabled. It was the worse experience that I have ever went through trying to get my claim. They cut me off after two years. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone. Invest your money in other thing, not Matrix.

This company has poor management upper and lower. They are not even BBB rated. They terminate anyone that questions the director's moves even though the employees are justified. The HR employee in Clearwater is his pawn to do his dirty work. They lie about who is coming out to see members. They overfeed employees so overweight and always ill. This company is a joke.

I had to have surgery on my right rotator cuff, because it got to the point where I could barely even move my right arm. I had surgery on October 3rd, and they said they needed the operative notes to prove my surgery actually happened and was necessary. They received those, but only have me being paid for 5 of the 8 weeks my doctor told me I would need to be off of work. I called them 2 weeks ago to get an update, to see if they needed anything else. They said everything was good, and their team was reviewing the doctor's notes to determine if the additional 3 weeks off would be paid. I hadn't heard from them, so I called them yesterday to try to get an update. (by the way, the end of the 5 paid weeks is this Friday.)

They said they were still waiting to get notes from the doctor (which they had already told me they had), and that they had received an invoice for records request and I had to pay for it. I went into my doctor's office to pay for it, and they had no record of the charge. They said that's something that Matrix should pay. I called the 3rd party records release company, and they said Matrix pays that fee too. When I called my case rep Ethan, he said, "No, we don't ever pay that. It's in our contract. The patient pays for all records request fees." They're also saying they need to review if an implant that my surgeon put in my shoulder during the surgery was medically necessary, to determine if they will pay for my entire claim.

Are you serious?! If the surgeon did it during the surgery, it was because it was medically necessary to repair the tear in my shoulder. I fear the last 3 weeks of my claim will be denied, and I won't get all the payment I should. Also, when I called Ethan today to let him know I was told Matrix should be paying this fee, I asked how he was doing at the beginning of the conversation, as he had asked me how I was. His response was, "I'm really busy. I'm working on 4 other people's stuff right now." Well if he was so busy, why didn't he just let the call go to voicemail?

This is the first time I've called him and he's actually answered. I've always had to leave a voicemail, so that's what I was prepared to do. Don't answer the phone and then complain that you answered the phone. He is pretty good at returning voicemails, and that's what I was expecting to have to do. Just let me leave a voicemail, and when you have a moment, call or email me back. Don't complain because you decided to answer the phone.

My husband had to have CABG (open heart surgery) 2 weeks ago and is going to be out of work through the rest of this month and next month. We were told on Monday that he had 2 checks issued and they would be mailed the following day (Tuesday). Well, it is now Saturday and his checks STILL have not arrived! I was informed that the checks are mailed from Pennsylvania. We live in Maine, also on the east coast, so those checks DEFINITELY should have been here by now. My husband and I are relying on these checks while he is out of work to pay our bills, not to mention pay for the medications that he needs to be on, which he is about to run out of.

His claims examiner couldn't even tell us if his checks would be mailed on the same day each week. This company has totally left us hanging when we desperately need these funds. I can't pay all of the bills on my income alone, so we are depending on this checks to get to us and in a timely manner. What are we supposed to do when he runs out of his medications today??? How are we supposed to buy groceries and feed our pets??? This company is a complete JOKE!!! You can't even view or track your checks on their website!

I had an injured foot that I was off work from the ER for a week excused. I had a specialist tell me I could return to work on light duty. I was then told by matrix I could return to work until full duty, no restrictions was on a Dr. Note. I was off work 3 weeks no income collected! For a 1 week excuse. Next dealing I was being taken off of medicine and became very dizzy and light headed. After speaking with my HR department I was told to call matrix again, I was told by matrix to use a FMLA leave so I followed instructions, my Dr. Gave excuse. Upon returning to work I started having more side effects from coming off the medication and worked 1/2 day and went to ER again now, since I was told I could go back to work I needed to go through everything again. I called matrix, sent all paper work and after returning to work and working a week I'm called to the office and told that I've used all UPTO, PTO and floating holiday time because my time was denied.

I was then given 2 days to have an appeal approved by my HR rep. I called matrix to find out the reasoning and it didn't make sense. I then told matrix I wanted to appeal and that they needed to send papers to my Doctor, I was and still am confused how this system works. I stayed off work because when meeting with the HR rep she made me feel as I was suspended from work and had 2 days to have the leaves approved. I then called my Dr. Day one (no forms), day 2 it was there but Doctor was off so forms didn't get finished in my given time, I felt as though I was terminated. A week later the leaves were approved. A little late I would say, now no job no income and hours upon hours of apps and resumes being sent, I have a family and no income.

I am having the same issues as the others. Matrix blames everyone else. I was told 3 months ago they have the documents they need after a major injury. Now for 2 weeks I am getting jacked on my pay. When I contacted them it took 5 days to get any feedback and now it is my fault they do not have the documents. Matrix has caused undue stress and hardship after an accident. Like others here, they do not talk to each other or do anything to file the claim. I must always triple check them and even that doesn't help.

I was off work at the end of November for a week but didn't file with Matrix. Then I had symptoms flare up again the end of December. I had to get FMLA in order to keep my job. So I called right away to file. I explained that I had been off in November for the same thing & was sure I'd be off again for it. The girl that did my intake was really nice. Then I followed up with my Dr.'s office who had not gotten any info from Matrix. Matrix got a hold of me & said they had faxed my Dr. the info. I let Matrix know I had started seeing a specialist & was off again. Since I went back to work it didn't matter. They faxed the specialist the paperwork also & they sent back the week I was off for procedures. When I followed up with Matrix I was told my claim was denied because the dates didn't match.

When I asked why they said the specialist gave different dates & I explained because they gave the dates for the other claim I had to start because they messed up my intake & didn't do an intermittent leave. She then said my primary care Dr. sent the wrong dates too, according to my Dr. they never got paperwork. She read me the Dr.'s name & it wasn't even my Dr. She argued with me saying that was the info I gave but I haven't seen that Dr. in a long time. I argued on the phone with this lady from Matrix for awhile & she said this was all my responsibility to make sure it was done right.

I called Matrix on a Monday explaining everything on her voicemail & told her my Dr. was only in the office the next 2 days, she didn't call 'til Wednesday & said she'd resend the paperwork but would need it by Friday, even though I told her my Dr. was not there. She acted like that was my fault too. My Dr. already said they'd give me the time if they had the paperwork. I am probably going to lose my job & was shown no compassion. This place is a joke.

Matrix is a big joke. I had back surgery on 6/6/14. Matrix keeps giving me excuses about my std pay. They keep blaming the dr office, but I have all copies of faxes that they requested from the dr. The dr office turnaround time on their request was within 24 hrs. Matrix lies and tells my hr dept that the doctor's office is the hold up. I have proof that this is a lie. It has been 6 weeks and I still have not received payment. I do not advise any company to use matrix because they lie and do everything they can not to pay. This company needs to be investigated. I despise matrix. I can't pay my bills or buy groceries because of matrix BS.

I been out of work from Main Line Health Labs since 2016 and now we are going into January 2017. I'm out of work because bad knee, neck and wrist. I worked for MLH for 12 years and paid into short term and long term disability. The insurance company Matrix has made me being out of work even worst. I been selling my personal belongings and now had to put my home up for sale because I have not got paid since the summer 2016 when Matrix decided to drop my claim. The doctors, nurses and I sent Matrix everything over and over that they requested. But no matter what they deny my claim. I feel like I am heading for a meltdown. I called Main Line Health Human Resources but they are no help either. They are actually posted my job although I been hurt due to my job. Watch Amber Alert. It is just about what I am going thru and how the claims people are forced to turn down claims just so higher ups can get bigger bonuses.

I believe Matrix mirrors this movies. Just shady insurance companies who will do everything they can to not pay out and deny claims. I been thru hell over the last seven months medically but not being paid adding to the situation makes it worst. It's not fair I pay into short and long term disability and now when I need it I cannot get paid and have to sell my belonging and now my home just to stay afloat and I am still drowning in debt and stress. Main Line Health is aware of the issue but does nothing to rectify situation. I'm just disgusted and drained from all the stress. I hope I can bring light to this problem so others won't have to suffer like I am.

Matrix Absence Management is the company that handles my husband's employees LTD compensation. They are horribly rude, they will not return phone calls at all. You can leave numerous messages and they just ignore them. Depend solely on voice mail as a means of business operation. One representative will tell you one thing and a second will tell you something completely different. You cannot trust anything you are told. Case managers are constantly in meetings or out of the office. Nothing is done in a timely manner. They act as though they don't care because it doesn't affect them. Our creditors are screaming for payment and we can't get an honest answer as to when my husbands LTD payment will arrive. It's been four weeks with no income in our home and they could care less.

As the other Consumer, it's bad enough being out of work and having to make ends meet with what little money you get from the insurance but when they don't do their job and you have no check coming in it really makes things harder. It's going on 2 weeks with no check. My Claim officer put stop on the day of appointment??? Even though I wasn't even able to walk and she knew this, so I guess she thought I could go back to work without walking. Anyway here I sit late on bills due to MATRIX Disability Insurance. Why don't they do their job??

I had been on 6 months short term disability due to a stroke and the onset of a serious medical condition. I was constantly getting late payments from Matrix Company. Once my claim went too long 8/26/13, which of course Reliance Standard says they got my claim 9/4/13. Well today is 10/28/13 and the claim adjustor there, Megan and her manager are till giving me the run around about my claim payments. Every time I call, it is 3-5 days for each of the departments to review my claim. Which the nurse review took over 3 weeks in business days.

Now claim is at the manager review status and I still cannot get an update. Everyone has a different date frame of when it could possibly complete. In the meantime, I am going on 3 months since a check. And the response from the manager was the nurse review department was behind. They took 3 times that amount that they tell you. And in the meantime, me and my family will be in poverty and probably without health insurance. Much thanks to Matrix Absence/reliance standard life insurance company for making my life even worse than it could be by being chronically ill. Now send a hard working family to poverty and maybe living on the street and in the meantime I worked and paid/earned this benefit that they are keeping from me.

Matrix is the provider of choice by my employer to manage short term disability benefits. As such, they are managed in such a way as to delay payments and mishandle claims of applicants. They are almost impossible to reach, you are given a 'case handler', but they are constantly changed. Any calls go directly to voicemail. I received numerous voicemails stating my physician had not faxed paperwork and therefore I would not receive a paycheck. My physician was repeatedly send different types of forms to complete, in different formats, asking for same information.

No matter what my doctor faxed, Matrix always threatened me with letters stating more information was required, such as confidential and unnecessary test results. On several occasions, a Matrix representative was aggressively insulting to me, entirely unprofessional behavior. I believe Matrix employs these practices clearly in benefit of the corporate employer. If so, shame on them and moreover the corporate employer.

This Company and its representatives lie, to try and keep from paying out the benefits that we as customers pay for. Even though you are holding proof of confirmation of faxes being received they will lie and say they don't have them. They will ignore phone calls and emails as well to keep from paying you. I have contacted this business every day except weekends and I am going on five weeks without receiving my benefits.

It is either lost faxes, lost emails, or you get voicemails when trying to call that say they are in a meeting or they are out for the Good Friday Holiday. Still no matter what time of day you call, Are they will ask you in an email for the contact info for your dr's etc. even though they just received all that information in an email you just sent and they confirmed they received in a reply email. If most of the customer service people out there acted in this manner they would not have a job. This is the lowest of the low trying to keep a benefit from someone who pays for that benefit.

HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! EMPLOYERS SHOULD NOT RETAIN SERVICES THROUGH RELIANCE STANDARD & ANY EMPLOYER HAVING RELIANCE STANDARD FOR ITS EMPLOYEES. SHOULD TERMINATE THEIR "SERVICES" (if that's what you can refer it as because they don't provide a service - only lies, stall tactics, poor business practices.)

If you're thinking of obtaining your own policy through RELIANCE STANDARD, RUN! FAST! VERY FAST! I don't even want to give "one star" above because they don't deserve any recognition, any frickin' stars! At least RELIANCE STANDARD can have the courtesy to return a claimant's telephone calls, e-mails - ANY correspondence, not ignore them (us/ME!). Unprofessional! Unfair! Nothing but a fraudulent business that needs to be held accountable, in COURT, for their unethical, unfair, and unjust business practices.

I have 10 specialty care physicians - all stating I am permanently and totally disabled with a LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS & EARLY DEMISE (and I am only 48 years old). And even more stressful and taxing on my overall mental and physical condition, I've undergone 2 surgeries in the past 3 months and 2 other procedures the past couple of years.

I even threw away a career which I worked and trained very hard, having earned 2 Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. - all thrown away. And RELIANCE STANDARD thinks I prefer being ill, out of work and broke??? Thankfully and my being very grateful, the U.S. Dept of Education (Federal Student Loan Dept) even discharged my student loan debt of $190,000 because of my severe, life-threatening (very well documented and substantiated by medical providers) illness - further validating the seriousness of my illness and that I deserve (earned) my Long-Term Disability Insurance, through RELIANCE STANDARD! I even had my Social Security Disability approved in less than 40 days! I even received Short Term Disability by the State of California - approved in less than 40 days!

Applied (February 2016) and waited, and waited to RELIANCE STANDARD, after my having to voluntarily resign from my employer and having to "go out" on FMLA (September 11, 2015). Then, receive (only) e-mails from RELIANCE STANDARD, "blah-blah-blah, everything is a go". Then, a month later from RELIANCE STANDARD, "oh, we need more documents". And, "your doctors never sent in the required paperwork". I contacted ALL 10 of my doctors - personally and over the telephone. Each doctor said they never received any paper work to be completed, by RELIANCE STANDARD. I knew RELIANCE STANDARD was lying, and I knew my physicians - ALL 10 of them could not have possible screwed up, forgot, or failed to send my much-needed documents to RELIANCE STANDARD!

I e-mail and e-mail and call RELIANCE STANDARD; NO RETURN e-mails or NO RETURN telephone calls to me, whatsoever from RELIANCE STANDARD. More so leading me on, causing me stress - further negatively impacting my overall health condition, I receive notice May 2016 that "everything has been approved - be on the lookout for a live check in the mail". Today (June 19, 2016) marks 45 days of NO WORD, NO CALLS, NO MAIL, and worse - NO CHECK since I was "approved" for LTD compensation OVER A MONTH AGO!

I am threatened with discontinuation of my benefits in nearly every conversation, then the Rep. says "I'm not threatening you". Also, my check is now several days late every month. It's horrible. I'm sorry but the identification data I supplied here is false because I am afraid of repercussions from Matrix.

I am receiving long term disability from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. I have only one complaint about the bank. I was misinformed about whether or not another retirement would offset my disability payments. The misinformation was unintentional. I was told my other retirement would not offset my disability payments. The person assumed I was already receiving those retirement payments and I was not. When I drew my retirement my disability payments were reduced by $19K a year and I had to pay back $8K. Since I am no longer employed by the Fed I had no access to the policy and was not provided a copy when I asked for it. As for my experience with Matrix Management it has been a nightmare. I have had 3 case. I would lose benefits if the that managers, the first of which was a condescending rude and intimidating attack dog.

When I complained about her to HR at the Fed, one of her direct reports became my case manager. He was only slightly better. All of the conversations were recorded and it was obvious he was being cautious about what he said and how he said it. But he also was condescending and threatening by constantly reminding me that my benefits would be canceled if the medical records they requested were not received by their deadline. I now have a third case manager and have found her to be polite, non-threatening and helpful. Matrix sends the requests for records. Then they almost immediately send a follow-up request for more information, doubling their chances that someone will fail to meet their deadline and lose their disability benefits.

I was put out on STD and my doctor missed 14-day submission by one day, had to file an appeal and they dug deep, took 3 months and denied my claim, and I was fired from job after because of attendance policy. Their doctors reviewed my claim and denied me after MRIs proved my case and numerous doctor which I had to see all went to bat as they are of course the ones that took me off work. I went three months with no money while reviewing my case to be denied. I lost everything, went homeless and had to sell car for food to feed child. Could not touch 401K unless I was fired in which finally was but it devastated my life. I feel I was denied as they found out I had an autoimmune disease and felt I'd be out more often and got rid of me.

The paperwork is obviously difficult considering the fact that my doctor filled them out 7 different times before they were deemed “correct”. Denied my claim over paperwork confusion. It was just an overall negative experience. I almost lost my job trying to get the denial overturned. It was just terrible. Handling customers’ livelihood is not something that should be taken lightly, and I don’t think that they understand that. The process needs to be improved.

I have been on my job 22 years and have always paid into short term/long term disability. I have been out of work for 4 months and still excuses as to why I haven't received a check. My company uses matrix absent management for disability claims. These people are the worst. No matter how much medical records you supply them with it's never enough or they haven't received although I have confirmation as proof. This is so unfair especially when you're sick and this something you paid into just to have people rob you of your money with no intentions of ever letting you utilize the services you paid for to protect you in unforeseen emergency illnesses.

I had surgery on May 19, 2011, and have been on short term disability since then. Since the claim has been opened, I have experienced numerous excuses on check delays from the adjustor and the supervisors.

Most recently, I have been told that, "it’s the fault of the post office". I have checked the Internet and noticed that this excuse is commonly used for the delay of claims management.

Below is a copy of the letter I faxed to the adjuster today.

Matrix Absence Management Inc.
7 Skyline Drive, Suite 275

Hawthorne, NY 10532

July 26, 2011

Dear Ms. **:

I am writing this letter with concern about the handling of my claim with your company. As of today, 7/26/11, I still have not received my bi-weekly check for my claim; despite assurances that it was sent out on July 21, 2011. Previous checks and any and all correspondence from Matrix were sent to the same mailing address (P.O. Box**, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444) and received less than a day later.

Upon speaking with your supervisor, Carmen, I was told another story today where all checks, correspondence and et cetera were sent to ** White Pine Court, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. I can say with utmost authority that this is an untruth since I have all the paperwork that clearly reads the PO Box address (see examples attached).

This delay is causing major problems in my life right now; as I am about to lose my health insurance with Thomas Jefferson University, as well as other financial problems all due to the mishandling of this claim, and the subsequent untruths from the representatives.

I was told that a check will be cut again and overnight to the address of **, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 for delivery on Thursday, July 28, 2011. I hope this is followed through on and not dismissed as a folly by your company.

I ask that as soon as it is sent via an overnight service, I am called with a tracking number so that I can track the progress of it online.

As one who has worked for major Disability and Workers Compensation claims companies (PMA, MedRisk, etc), I have never seen such utter unprofessionalism in a company. I intend on filing a complaint with the Insurance Commission today; also letting Thomas Jefferson University know of these problems with Matrix, and suggest that they look for another company with a better working relationship.

I went on disability on 8/29/2014 for a neurological problem and called Matrix Absence Management like I was stated to by my DM. I turned in all my paperwork. Matrix stated they never received it twice. Doctor office never received the request. I sent in the information myself to see. I call, they stated they have it. The days went by and I called again the lady named Shana, stated she needed my medical records. Okay, again I sent that in days went by no word from Matrix but that they was extending my leave okay. What about my payment? My primary doctor sent me out to a specialist because it was was beyond her reach. I had to see a neurologist so I was referred on 9/19/2014. I called Matrix again to let her know of the condition she said, "Okay call me when you leave the office and let me know what happens."

Okay, I have a MRI that has to be done. Called Matrix, told them - they said, "okay we will extend your day until 10/9/2014," which is my next neurologist appointment and return to work??? I call Matrix because I haven't received a payment and looked online my status says pending/incomplete submission plus I have no income, bills are piling up and receiving notices in mail for non-payment. No answer so I left a voice mail. I stated return me back to work or send me a payment. Unfortunately they called and left a voice mail thru my phone. Somehow never heard it ring and there was no call on the ID. She claims my doctor has to my paperwork. Again for what! and Why so Monday morning. I am calling again if my phone don't get turned off.

I have been eligible for my long term dis. since Jan 8, 2014. I have made several calls never getting a reply on when I will get a check... I had neck surgery in Dec and have been doing everything in a timely fashion. I am a single mother and have fallen so far behind on my bills that my credit is taking a horrible drop. I can no longer pay my bills and cannot get any answers....

This company doesn’t deserve 1 star! They are a complete joke. They never answer your calls. Never return emails or messages (including management). They take their time paying you. They don’t communicate at all. They falsely give you information. They are demeaning and condescending. This is one of the worst companies. My employer should be ashamed for using their services.

I have never been stalled and jerked around by any company the way I was with Matrix. I initially had a seizure at work and was transported to the hospital and applied for short term disability. Went weeks waiting for a determination. They made it my responsibility to get all the medical reports to them and did a half assessed job of contacting the physicians and explaining to the offices what they needed. I spent hours and hours gathering notes and reports (60 pages) and faxing them to Matrix @ $1.25 per page from Office Depot. I spent more time on my claim than any employees at Matrix. As a result of all the medical tests that were performed it was discovered that I had a serious brain aneurysm that needed attention. There were complications with mapping and the clipping of the problem that resulted with me being on long term disability.

It is now 09/02/13 and all this started on 12/26/12. I still have no determination on long term and am on the verge of losing everything. I have sold my R.V., motorcycle, and car in an attempt to stay afloat. There has been no attempt by them to communicate or expedite this process and every time I contact them I get a healthy dose of **. I have contacted an attorney and am moving forward with that now. I find it hard to believe that any company that really cares about the employees would use Matrix. Rude, heartless and worthless. What a great benefit program.

I have had the misfortune of having to use this company because my work uses them. I have used them unfortunately on many occasions and each time I get assigned the same agent. She is horrible, as stated in all the complaints, no communication. And when you do hear back it's always a denial or we need more or blah, blah, blah. They promise the moon and deliver NOTHING, nothing but grief and added stress that you don't need since you are already stressed and in pain and worrying about work and your job security. If you have to use this so called company, I feel for you and you have my sympathy.

You have to stay on them all the time. They never call you until you call them. Had to have paperwork from them to get my money and to return to work. It took me getting angry to get an response. And I had a claims manager.

I've had the misfortune to having to deal with this joke of a so called business. I was trying to talk to this lady there I believe in the Phoenix Az. location named Alexandria **. First of all you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting these (people) to answer the phone, this is because they want to get you to record a message, obviously for some record of how you feel is in their pocket.

I got a message from this Alexandria person today, when I called her back it took a while but finally got to her, she was rude and you can tell when they talk they try and keep their part short, because their main deal is to record you. She said she would transfer my call but just sent me back to answering machine. After a while of trying I finally got back to her and barely got my name out and she hung up on me. Haven't been able to get through since. I'd sure like to know if there's a class action lawsuit for harassment and pain and suffering in the works against them. I suffer from severe depression, stress and panic attacks.

I became unexpectedly very ill over a year ago. It resulted in me being diagnosed with a serious chronic condition and I have been unable to work. Short-term Disability payments were a constant problem and they would say they didn’t get paperwork from my MD even though my MD would show me the fax confirmation. Once I switched from short-term to long-term Disability, they became a nightmare. I have had 6 different representatives and I had such a struggle with their lack of communication and always stating they needed more paperwork or didn’t receive the records that were definitely sent by my doctors. They called me last week and said I don’t qualify for LTD and they are stopping my payments. I’m very sick and unable to work.

They say that I had a pre-existing condition and that is completely untrue and not based on medical evidence. I don’t know who they have reviewing their eligibility for pre-existing conditions, but whomever it is, it's inept and doesn’t understand my condition. They said I can appeal, but that doesn’t help me and my two children I have complete custody of who I won’t be able to buy anything for Christmas. I’m definitely appealing and I’m obtaining an attorney. In addition, I will be reporting them to every possible agency I can to let companies know they are not a good company to contract with for employee benefits. I’m heartbroken and so tired of fighting against money-hungry insurance companies.

It's Dec 14th and I'm still waiting for my November disability payment from Matrix. My check got lost in the mail again. I've learned to expect this to happen twice a year now. But this time it's really going to cost me. I've had some extra health problems the last couple months and the extra costs have stretched my budget to the breaking point. I've now run out of groceries and today was the last day I had to make a payment before my electricity is shut off. I explained this to the Matrix agent last week and asked if they could over-night the replacement check to me.

He informed me that once the checks go in the mail it is no longer their responsibility if they don't arrive and not their problem. And he expressed all the compassion of a pit-viper. So, here I am. Waiting for a check that was suppose to be here two weeks ago. After 11 years of disability, this is all I've learned to expect from these people. In addition to dealing with my health problems, I have to stress every month about whether my disability check is going to be here on time. I do not write this to elicit anyone's sympathy (obviously we can never expect any from Matrix), but to warn people that are looking to buy disability insurance about what my experience with Matrix has. People do not deserve to be treated like this.

My company which I will not name unfortunately uses Matrix as the vendor to handle disability claims. I'm currently out of work on a valid leave due to a medical emergency in July. Enter Matrix to handle my claim. I'm going to keep this short as I'm going to deal with this through my HR dept and the individual that works directly with Matrix but suffice to say they are horrible. From the get go they have been terrible. They never sent the paperwork to me as they said they would and lied about sending it to my doctor. By the time I got it myself and had my doctor complete it they were about to deny my claim. Then it took 8 weeks to get a check and that was 5, weeks ago. Since then no money.

I've been trying to deal with the rep but he's very difficult to get ahold of. Says he's "swamped". Called his manager. No callback. He's also rather rude, interruptive and tries to make like the communication problem is mine. Not a chance. Every review I've read about this company has the same theme. They are rude, they do not tell the truth and try to make the claimants feel like they've done something wrong. Can't understand why any reputable company uses this sorry excuse for a vendor. Absolutely horrible.

Matrix has a reputation among my co-workers for consistently losing paperwork, not being able to find faxes even when sent to multiple numbers several times or otherwise being routed incorrectly internally. Due to this history I insisted last month that my paperwork be done by email so no one would have to worry about mysteriously missing faxes. This worked at first but now they are once again denying having receipt of the information, more than a month after they received it.

Once again, now that my stress level is back to normal--they have managed to raise it again by denying my claim for lack of documentation. It is incomprehensible to me why I should have to babysit the ever-changing stream of claims examiners. It appears to be common practice to make things as muddy as possible regarding who to contact and how to reach them. Being denied medical leave for a day that I took off due to stress after being sexually attacked in my own home means I am now subject to termination. I am actually leaving my employer, in part, because they do business with Matrix. I will never work for a company again who uses their services.

I have been on short term disability for the last 3 months for kidney cancer ... In these last few months, not only having to deal with being sick from the medications, I'll constantly have the worry of if I'm going to get a check or not. I have done EVERYTHING I'm supposed to do from sending in paperwork constantly. I even went as far as sending my cat scans confirming my diagnosis and test results as well along with all my Dr.'s notes and I still get the run around saying they don't have all the proper medical records.

One week, I will get a check one week I won't... It took them a month and a half just to send me my first check. It's hard enough dealing with cancer but completely stressful when your rent is late, bills can't be paid on time because they lie to you all the time. I just spoke with my contact person at matrix and she stated, oh yes your check was mailed when I know it was not. AGAIN..... I spend most of my time fighting for my money. Even my Dr's are frustrated with matrix. They asked me what else they need, your kidney with the tumor sent to their desk.

This is ridiculous..... They have everything they need. If I go more than 2 weeks without filling out all the paperwork again and again they stop my payments and say, we don't have all your medical records... Hmmmm, yes you do. Cancer is something that doesn't go away in 2 weeks. What the hell is wrong with these people? They are nice as pie to me on the phone; they just ask me around all the time. To have to run around and send them things they already have over and over while I'm sick as a dog is crazy. My doctors said I should get a lawyer. Under my conditions I should not be doing this.... They have all they need...

My spouse had surgery scheduled and filed for STD and I filed for FMLA which for me would only amount to a few days. Our company changed to Matrix because they are cheaper. Our initial contact with them was great. They mailed us packets, assigned claims reps and we were impressed. We filled out the information and faxed it in to them at the same time. We started getting letters as did our employer (we work for the same company) that we hadn't received our information and the claims were pending. My rep first claimed he hadn't received anything until I questioned him a little bit and caught him in a lie. He then changed his story and said he hadn't received the information from the surgeon.

The surgeon had sent the information out for both our claims the same day and had confirmation. I called the surgeon and had them faxed again, after which they called Matrix and verified they arrived. Claims are still pending due to incomplete information. This is happening over and over to people within our company filing for STD and FMLA. The day before her surgery my wife called her rep and was assured all was approved and she would get her STD check the next week. Immediately afterward she got a letter saying it was pending. She called her rep, and guess what, she is on extended leave and nobody else seems to know anything. This is the most incompetent bunch I've ever dealt with.

No stars! My internist ordered a 3-month leave. Each & every month more paperwork had to be reviewed and chart notes of my visits submitted. Month three paperwork was submitted on time. After many many emails, I was told my STD benefits were denied and “Hope you’re feeling better!” So snide. The reason for denial & paperwork for appeal hasn’t been sent and it’s been an entire month. Do I call an attorney now? Like others on this site, the doctor’s orders for time off are nearly over, and I haven’t been paid but have to return to work. In my experience, Matrix caused more unnecessary stress & anxiety, and made my recovery worse.

I wished that I had read these reviews and I would not be in the situation that I am in at this time. This company also stopped paying me on the first appointment day after having a total knee replacement. To top it all off, I was not notified that I needed to get all of the surgery and office records before I would be approved to continue with payments. It now has been 3 weeks since I have received a check and all of my bills are coming due. I'm also unable to walk very far and need to drive to physical therapy and MD appointments with no money to even buy gas or groceries. These people do not care and do not do their job. They list on their website that they are responsible for contacting the client's MD for office records, which never happened for me until I called 3 times over 2 days.

When Erica called me back from Matrix, she was not friendly and stated that she would send my MD's office a request for records, which I reiterate is now about 3 weeks. Everyone is correct to say that being disabled and recovering from surgery is hard enough, much less having to do the job of calling or personally obtaining your own medical records. My employer uses the company and I have no choice in this matter.

After breaking my leg I spent two months out of work. During that time I was dealing with Matrix. I pay into a plan and also get one from my company. Every part of this process was inconvenient, especially since I had a broken leg. Requests to fax paperwork and medical records. Despite authorizing gem to access my records I had to provide everything.. I am back to work almost three weeks now and STILL have not received all of MY money. The latest letter was a threat to close my claim and not pay me what is owed. I had to coordinate medical records, I'm not quite sure what my case workers job was other than to emotionally destroy me. I have had my phone shut off and other issues since I didn't get paid.. I also have children to feed. This company made an already horrible time in my life even worse.

I have had nothing but difficulty since becoming disabled. Matrix only have added to my already difficulties accepting my health problem. That are not or helpful. I been switch to several examiner doing my process. They give you the run constantly, no one nothing. All that they want is find ways not to pay you. I have totally humiliated and frustrated. I feel like I'm begging for something my employer paid for the employees. But what a joke - never returns calls. I pretty much wish my job would have never dealt with them. Please employers research your disabilities company before choosing for your hardworking employees PLEASE. No payments for months or phone call or letters.

I don't understand how these crooks continue to stay in business. If you don't know what 'Bad Faith' is when it comes to insurance companies, do yourself a big favor and look it up. This company operates in bad faith. I filed a claim in August of 2017. It's now December and they have yet to finish my claim. They purposely delay your claim by, failing to reply to phone calls and emails, if they do reply to an email, they will purposely send it to the wrong email address, further delaying your claim. Or send you the wrong forms to complete, or request an absurd amount of evidence from your Dr., in an attempt to further delay your claim. Something has to be done about this insurance company and their unethical practices. They have an F rating on the BBC and a 1.2 of 5 rating. That's terrible! I will be writing a letter to my congressman in regards to Matrix Absence Management. And seeking the services of an attorney.

I been out of work since June 1st 2018, due to maternity leave. They keep saying they don't have my medical papers faxed over for weeks now so I called them last week and the guy said that they had my papers and they are looking over it, but come to find out they still keep saying they don't have my papers and now my case being denied. I wish these folks would get it together.

I did not receive my check on time for 4 months straight. I would call and let her know that the check needed to be cancel and reissued or overnight it to me. Well they UPS 3 checks to me. I lost my apartment! So my Claim Rep. advised me to fax in my new address. I called and confirmed that she received the new address. Called back a couple of days later. She informed me that the check was mailed to the old address. Now I'm waiting for another check to be overnight. For the last 3 days, called today and I was told that the machine that print the checks was not working. I have enough to worry about my health. Now my bills are still coming right along with late fees. I will contact my job. Ask if they had any complaint from other employees.

This is a HORRIBLE company to work with. Matrix asked for pharmacies/hospitals I had visited in between a specific timeframe to make sure there weren't any pre-existing conditions. I gave it to them 2 weeks before I went on leave. I was on leave for about 4 weeks. So we are looking at about a 6 week timeframe. I STILL had not been approved for my short term disability! I called and asked what was the hang up. They simply stated "the pharmacies/hospitals have not responded to our fax we sent them for information." I asked them "what if they never respond?" Their answer? "We deny your claim!"

So I asked them if we could make this happen today. I would give them the telephone #s to call, we would get someone on the phone together so we knew we had someone on the line and make sure they got the fax, then get them all the info they needed all on one call. Their answer? "I am not calling anyone. That's not how we do it. I have ALREADY faxed them and they need to reply to the fax with the requested information. As I told you, if you want to try and call them yourself, you can try to. But I will not be calling anyone."

ARE YOU SERIOUS! They never called to tell me. They would have NEVER called to tell me. They would have waited around, until time passed, then denied it. I GAVE YOU THE INFO YOU REQUESTED 6 WEEKS AGO AND YOU CANNOT GET YOUR JOB DONE! Come on people. If anyone ran their business like this, they would be out of business. Upset customers = no customers. I hope these people go under!

My claims examiner told me that I was approved for STD. When I didn't receive the letter and my first check that I was promised, I tried to contact him again and found that my case was assigned to another claims examiner who had to review the case again which further delayed it. I had given them my two doctors, the GP and the specialist. The specialist submitted the claim form. Matrix repeatedly would fax the specialist requests for medical records but to the GPs fax number. I wrote to them and asked them to review their intake form which showed the correct fax number to use. They finally fixed the problem. When I applied for LTD, I received a letter from a new claims examiner that explained it would take 45 days to make a decision. He did call me to tell me I was approved, but about 75 days later and counting, I'm still waiting for a formal notification. I did get a phone call and email from the claims rep, but when I email and call multiple times to follow up. Having dealt with three different claims examiners, I can assure you that if it were just one, it would be just one person's negligence or incompetent. But it's pretty much the same story for all of them which means management isn't managing. I hope I don't have to go through this nonsense for the rest of my LTD.

Its difficult enough that you only receive 66.6% of your check but this company told me they mailed my check out 2 times and it took 2 weeks to get to me from the next state over. The postmark was 3 days prior to receiving it so they lied. The company needs to be reported to the BBB.

It's bad enough when you are injured and cannot work but even worse when the disability company cannot do their job. I did everything I was supposed to do on my end. I kept my claims examiner informed after every doctor's appointment and I stayed in contact with my Physician's assistant as to when she submitted my paperwork. Everything was done correctly and I have documentation to back this up. My claims examiner dragged her feet extending my leave therefore I was not paid on time. Erika ** was my Matrix Claims Examiner.

I applied for short term disability Mylan on 07/10/2014. I am fairly new to the company so I applied for disability only. The rep changed it to FLMA and of course it was denied. I called to ask why she changed my information and she did not have an answer. I called to speak with her manager and she was out of the office for days. I called two days later and was told another rep was handling my account. I ask to be transfer to rep and her voice mail stated she was out of the office as well. I asked to speak to her manager and the receptionist was acting as if she did not know who her manager was so I just hung up.

I logged into Matrix website after a week and status show denied. I created another account - it was denied due to not enough information. I created another account and it was denied within 2 minutes from creating it. They must have an automated denial system. I called again to tell them they have all my information from the 1st claim so the claim should not have been denied. Then the rep said they did not get my medical records from my doctor and that was a lie. I was at doctors office when it was faxed.

I found out I was sent a packet with the missing precertification form. I sent an email to rep and copied my management. A few minutes later I get an email from a manager from Matrix - email me a new packet. I emailed precertification form to my doctor. It was filled the next day out and faxed to Matrix rep. I sent her an email, she replied she received it and it will take 3 business days. I told her that was not acceptable because it was Matrix which caused my claim processed to be denied. Well this was 5 business days ago and 33 days without an approval or paycheck. I sent rep an email yesterday - no reply. I sent the Matrix manager an email and still no reply.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in all my years of working. I have never been on disability. I find this unbelievable that Matrix Absence Management is allowed to treat people this way. They need to be cited and shut down. So many people are one paycheck from losing everything they work so hard for, then to deal with this scam called a company, this so stressful.

I feel so bad for those who needed the long-term disability. I only needed the short-term while I went through physical therapy and waited for a relatively simple modification at my work. I was denied BOTH despite multiple doctors notes so I ended up working through the pain and it was excruciating at times. I could only handle part-time so I lost thousands of dollars in income. Months later, my work eventually gave in and made the requested modification but by then the pain had become pretty much chronic. I may have ruined that body part for the sake of keeping a job. I did look for other jobs during that time but didn't get any bites.

I don't know which Matrix office I was dealing with because I'm in California and I used the 800 number. I dealt with several of them. The rep named Laura ** was particularly vicious. She used anger and lots of sarcasm to try to intimidate me. She accused me of just being lazy and of having ulterior motives. To be spoken to this way when you are desperate to the point of crying every night and in a panic over what to do is the most despicable thing. Another one, Theodora **, deliberately put her own spin on my doctor's request and claimed that her substitute advice to my company was the same as what the doctor wanted. It was not remotely the same. My doctor worked so hard trying to help me get through to them. My advice is to get copies of everything your doctor writes because Matrix will make things up. You can't prove them wrong unless you have your doctor's words on paper right in front of you.

Check out Matrix employee reviews of their own company on Glass Door. There is one that states: "If you enjoy denying hard working honest employees of their benefits then this is the company for you. Matrix works hard to deny workers compensation, short and long term disability, return-to-work services, personal/family leave (FMLA) programs to deserving employees." That is verbatim. They also say, Matrix work ethic and motto is to say NO to clients. The reviewer here on Consumer Affairs who called them morally repugnant - no truer words have ever been said. I believe there is a special place in Hell for Matrix employees. Also, you might want to take a good look at the company you work for because there is a reason why they hired Matrix.

HIPAA Breach - Matrix and their subcontractor, MES, have been sending my private medical to a former lawyer of four years. I have at that time hired a new lawyer which removed the original esquire. Anyhow, I have now received two letters (6/21/2016 & 7/11/2016) of very private health information that was also forwarded to the former attorney. Matrix' resolve was that they contacted their sub- and that all has been erased as of today... I then said how do I know what was sent to the former lawyer as they "assured" all was corrected. Really?

As they are harassing me to attend "Phase #2" of an IME which I struggle to get to in any situation via car, they are also denying me my correct salary although I have it as received by my former job. "I was terminated for following doctors' orders." Too many to list about Matrix and their procedures as they harass, with tone, condescending, and although I have expressed a conflict of schedule, they are persistent which will now most likely require a lawyer. I was a 9/11 1st responder and have a serious amount of illnesses that just keep coming... and my words of distress and anxiety only make them more forceful to their than to my health conditions. I apologize, my cognitive skills are fading at this point, eyes are getting blurry...

Matrix Absence Management is in the business of approving a minimal number of employee short-term disability claims. The fewer claims they approve, the better their bottom line, and the fatter corporate management's pockets become. My doctors sent in whatever information they requested as soon as it was requested. I was even told by Matrix that I just needed to go back to work. They have NO intention of approving many claims. Matrix uses review criteria that give them the advantage 100% of the time. They are like one giant fraudulent casino...they can't lose.

Companies which rely on third-party businesses to handle their disability claims for them automatically place their employees at risk.. Matrix has no vested interest in the employees of these other companies, so it's no problem for them to deny claims without a second thought. They're getting paid regardless. My advice to companies...value your employees more...keep the handling of your disability "in house."

The agent I'm assigned to is a liar and she's very rude and unprofessional. I'm praying my Job finds another company other than you to represent us in STD. This is my first time ever applying and I pray it's my last.

I have had the worst experience with Mary ** at Matrix. She’s beyond rude. She acts like she’s doing you a personal favor when it’s her job to help you. The supervisors take up for her. I asked for a different rep and they would not change her.

Matrix is the worst company I ever dealt with. I was out of work for about 3 weeks due to a back injury and all this company did was jerk me around for the whole

3 weeks! The ** I had to deal with said a check was mailed out on Tuesday, well it's Saturday and I still have not received it yet. When Monday comes and it isn't here, she can drive her ** and my check to me!!!!

Matrix has held my LTD claim in review since January 2015. I have not received a payment since January 2015. They intentionally keep your claim in review and their claims processors will not answer the phone or return phone calls. Meanwhile, my bills are still due.

This company is a joke! It is impossible to ever speak to someone. No one ever gives their extension. You are on hold for at least 45 minutes before operator picks up... Then transfers you to leave ANOTHER voicemail to the person you’ve been waiting for 3 weeks to call you back. You are screwed if you have to file a claim with this company.

My representative was out of the office most times I would call. When they would request documentation they would not send HIPPA documentation this slowed everything down. I had back injuries but ended up having to go to the hospital myself and pay even more out of pocket to fax medical records. Finally got approved and now I am almost another month in and my "check is in the mail". I wish these people would realize we are only contacting in dire circumstances. The lax manner in which they get help to you is in danger of costing us our mortgage and utilities. Not to mention the amassing medical bills. Very angry, disappointed, and sad.

Matrix Absence Management needs to be investigated and a class action lawsuit needs to be filed. They deliberately deny valid claims. The favorite line to delay your claim is they haven't received your documents from the doctors. This is very alarming. How can a large amount of people documents not received when the doctor office receives the final confirmation of the fax being successful.

There is a pattern here, I have been battling this illness for 10 years. Matrix has approved in the past as a disability and now it's not a disability. My illness qualify under ADA, their nurse who is not a doctor nor a specialist determines your illness, which I don't know how a nurse has more experience than a doctor and 2 specialist which is my case. I feel a RN doesn't have enough experience as a doctor and a specialist to determine someone illness, but again I was approved in the past for the same illness that was classified as a disability. Matrix didn't try to get the additional information from one of the specialist that was treating me; which that claim adjuster said they would to get a better understanding, she never followed through.

Verified by the doctor office, they never received a call or paperwork on evaluating my illness. They denied my specialist, the one they approved my disability in the past, who recommended a procedure that would have approved my health, they ignore his advice and failed to get the information from the doctor who was going to do the procedure. Matrix just discriminated against my illness, which causes me to be disable for periods of time. I have multiple doctors including specialists over the years that's been treating me for this issue. All doctors can't be wrong and blood work doesn't lie.

I am writing on behalf of a person who was injured on the job at Lake Elsinore Ford. She was immediately treated like a pariah by both the employer and Matrix. She did not break any bones but suffered a crush injury to her hip that caused the employer to eventually fire her - and later, a repair surgery was performed @ $35,000 which drove us into bankruptcy.

I accompanied my wife on EVERY doctor visit - she was unable to drive herself although she had competently drove trucks at the auto dealership where she worked. The employer refused or ignored any type of employee counseling or assistance while she was suffering agonizing debilitating pain. Her other injuries were herniated discs in her upper back (thoracic), and lumbar region.

Because of her multiple injuries, she was unable to find suitable alternate work, and we lost our house in a foreclosure. She was always in pain and walked with a gimpy stride, could not climb stairs, and was uncomfortable sitting, lying down, or while in motion. We had to do some searching to find other victims of Matrix, some family members of people whom Matrix refused to help and whose pain was so unbearable that they took their own lives.

Yes, Matrix denied suffering people to the extent that they killed themselves. Matrix is an evil company making tons of money based on the suffering left in their wake. People like Governor Schwarzenegger and other investors in this type of insurance company make tons of money based on the suffering of little people unable or not equipped to fight back, like my wife and I.

I have been with the same company 20 years. This is the first time I have had to use so much FMLA and OFLA. I have 2 FMLA claims and 1 OFLA claim. They have been very professional. Every time I have called and answered all my questions in a timely manner... I have a phone number of one person handling my claims. I thank them for keeping me updated via email and ensuring my job is secured...

I am highly impressed with how this company has dealt with my claim. From my first phone call, I had an intelligent English speaking representative. They have contacted me numerous times and kept in touch with my progress. No stress during a stressful process. Very helpful.

I was off of work due to a shoulder surgery. The recovery for the procedure I had can range from 3 months to one year. When I initially contacted Matrix, my statement was taken down incorrect. They used the wrong dates for my leaving and estimated dates to return to work. The ladies I worked with were rude, unprofessional, had bad communication (they didn't listen effectively), consistently gave incorrect information, and were just overall unhelpful. For example, I would call, she'd say, "I don't handle your case anymore. Call **." I would call that number and it would go right back to her. I talked with my district manager, he told me to call her (I can't recall her name because she never properly introduce herself). The entire company is too unorganized resulting in my resignation. I feel like I'm owed an apology that I'll never get. However, life go on!

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