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Very helpful with this switch
ms. donaldson was such a delightful person.
Very informative and helpful.
Really liked Andre. He explained all of my questions I had about the plan I picked. He was very knowledgeable about the Supplemental Plans.
I ended up going with TZ, but a rep was calling every other day while I was trying to gather information and check price comparisons. A little too much pressure.
Agent spent a lot of time since I had so many questions. She was very informative, helpful, & courteous.
My agent was very informative and helpful in selecting the best plan to suite our needs.
Very happy with the sign up process for Medicare supplement with Sherri Mack, agent. She was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire conversation. I highly recommend her.
I would recommend this company to anyone. thank you
Very good customer service.The rep was outstanding.
Emanuel was a thorough and knowledgeable guide through the medicare forest. He was helpful and friendly at every turn. It was a good experience working with him on the issues.
Lester White is outstanding. He took all the time we needed, and explained medicare supplemental insurance in terms we could understand. What a great professional he is, pleasant, patient, excellent in educating us so that we could make informed decisions. Thank you, Lester White!
the agent was a great help in getting my insurance needs
they sifted thru the info and directed me towards the right path
Excellent Service and knowledge, Very Pleasant to speak with !
Kevin was very helpful in helping me find what I needed .
Sherri Mack was very knowledgeable and quickly answered my questions. I believe she guided me to the right plan for me.
Agent Robert Allen was very helpful and patient with me when completing an application for Medicare Supplement Insurance. He listened respectively to my concerns and responded appropriately. He made the process easier for me.
Melanie was professional as well as warm, friendly and helpful. She was able to answer all of my questions. She is an excellent agent.
Very helpful. Trying to get the best coverage.
Excellent agent . Patient knowledgeable and courteous.would recommend him to anyone.PamQ
My experience with Patrice Shanks was great. She explained in detail the different plans and their pricing. I just hope when I need to file a claim that everyone is as helpful as she was.
Austin was very patient and helpful
Very well done by David. The process was a little long especially answering the questions twice but understandable that they wanted to get everything correct.
I applied with this company and ran into a problem in the process and so cancelled that application. However in doing further research I ended up using TZ Insurance again. The agent this time was patient, helped resolve the problem I ran into the first time, worked with me on a fresh application and reassured me about various issues. So my first experience was not good but this one was excellent. The second try changed my mind about the company and made we appreciate greatly an experienced agent fully informed in handling my situation.
Very helpful would highly recommend
My knowledge of Medicare supplement was minimal at best..The representative was patient and took the time to explain my options.. Very satisfied with the turnout!
John Randall is a great person to deal with. He is very patience and explains everything so good. It was a pleasure for me and my husband to deal with him.
The representatives were excellent. They helped me navigate through the confusing Medicare process and options. They explained the Plans and helped me find the best and least expensive Plans to meet my needs.
Adam was very helpful. Knowledgeable about the plans. Explained in plain language how the different plans work. Answered all my questions and walked me through the entire application process.
Patrice was very knowledgeable, great on follow up and explained the program that I wanted so it was easy to understand. Sounds like a great program and only time will tell. Thanks to all.
I don’t know what to think at this time because I’m not on this insurance long enough to tell
Very pleased with the agent and the signing process.
Very easy process about 20 some minutes highly recommend
The agent was courteous and very helpful. He answered all my questions and gave me several choices and options to consider. Definitely a good experience.
Good experience . Helped me compare apples to apples. Now I feel confident that I made a good choice.
I have tried for a long time to understand the coverages & additional needs for a complete and thorough plan with Medicare . Ms. Paula Sneed, your Licensed Specialist has been the first to communicate every detail perfectly, therefore with her assistance I have added Cigna to my plan. Thank you Ms. Sneed!
Clearly understood agent. All questions answered. No concerns.
Mr. Moberley was very informative
The representative addressed every question I had and anticipated ones I hadn’t yet asked. He had good information to give me about other plans that would be cost saving and wouldstill give me the coverage I wanted and needed.
Very efficient and personable. Promptly answered any questions and completed the application process quickly. Would highly recommend them and Adriane McNamee.
Brian Radford was very knowledgeable and helpful when we enrolled. Made the process a great one!
The agent I contacted was polite, efficient and knowledgeable. What else would you want?
Had a great experience with her
knowledgeable and friendly. very good experience
The representative that I had was very informative.
We knew nothing about what we were doing! Our agent Zachary was so helpful and knowledgeable and made it easy. We had kind of looked at plans but nothing like what was found for us. Awesome experience!
Who the hell are you? I thought I was setting a medical supplement program with Aetna. That process went smoothly enough. But immediately afterward I've been contacted by TZinsurance, MedicareSupplement, Trustpilot, and Continental Life. That makes me suspicious of all of you. I don't understand your business model and I don't care to know how you're structured. I don't appreciated getting email or phone contact by various companies with different names when I can't tell if you're legitimate or a scam. Trustpilot? Ha! Who can I trust?
Was very helpful
Very good. It took about 40-minutes and all was completed over the phone. I was very satisfied.
Curteous, professional service.
Alexander was great. He walked me through the process and provided all the information I needed. I would give 5 stars.
My agent, Ben Bloch with TZ Insurance Solutions, was extremely patient and provided comprehensive answers to my questions. When necessary he consulted other resources to make certain he was giving me the right information. I was fully confident signing a policy for a Medicare Supplement plan for persons under 65 and will refer anyone looking for a supplement policy regardless of age or circumstance.
Very straight forward and comprehensive.
Lester White was a delight to talk with, very helpful and kind.
The Agent was very helpful, & took his time with me.
They all were very helpful..Was fun instead of a horrible experience. Everyone was very kind
Agent was extremely helpful in explaining all options.
Made enrolling much easier. Did not have to track down an insurance agent or wait days for an agent to contact to contact me. My agent, Damian, was clear and easy to work with.
Lots of info, will need to read literature.
Spoke with Brian Radford.....he hooked me up with a Mutual of Omaha supplemental insurance plan. He was fast, understood my needs and the experience was awesome! Thanks Brian for all your help. Bonnie Spooner
Frank was very knowledgeable and explained everything well
Melanie Busch was EXCELLENT! She was extremely helpful and informative. We (my husband and I could not have asked for a better agent to help us make this decision today. Her bubbly, friendly attitude helped to put our fears at rest. Sincerely yours, Elizabeth and James Burnett
Very delightful young man,made me confident, and comfortable with the entire process. Handled himself very professionally and politely. He was very knowledgeable with all aspects of business. Thank you again,
The gentleman was thorough, knowledgeable, quite clear in the straight-forward way he presented options, timing, costs. He understood my questions intuitively and never presented an overwhelming amount of information to digest at one time What I like best was he answered only the questions I asked yet found a way to work in answers to question I would never have thought to ask.
helped to find best price on my supplemental insurance
Jamie was very helpful. She took her time to explain everything I had questions about. She made the process easy and pleasant.
The agent was talking too fast. It was difficult to ask him questions. He was knowledgeable and answered my questions once I was to talk. I understand that this could be a regional difference.
David Moberley was fantastic! I was so pleased and would recommend to everyone.
The person I spoke with was very helpful. She explained everything clearly and in a timely manner. She answered all my questions and was very knowlegable.
Dustin was very helpful and polite. explaned all of it easy to understand.
rotten service
I was clueless about this process. The agent was patient and helpful.
Lester White was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and patient. The world of Medicare is new and extremely confusing to otherwise intelligent people. Mr. White guided us through our options, asked all the right questions and made sure we understood the various choices.
Nicole, was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We appreciate the help and the savings that we will incur. Thanks so much!
Ben Bloch was very helpful and explained information at length. However, I was extremely upset over my husband's emergency situation and was not able to understand all he said at the time. When the representative of the memory care center and I talked to Ben the following day, he went through the information again thoroughly, and both she and I were able understand clearly. Ben was very patient and responded to our questions. Good Man!
I felt very comfortable talking with the gentleman who took care of helping me with all questions and choices. He picked the right plan for my husband and myself saving up over $1500 a year. We were getting ripped off by AARP The Hartford. I am very happy with the outcome of our discussions and would recommend these people to anyone, they are great! Thank you Barry Zuta for all of your help and very pleasant manor. Valerie Oswald
It showed one thing and was something else. It specifically said “view online” but you had to enter contact info - and of course phone calls began.
I enrolled in a Medicare supplement after speaking with DEMI LEONARD. I thought the sign up process would be difficult, but DEMI made it run smooth as silk! Thank you DEMI for an easy experience. You answered all my questions with the utmost professionalism! Denise E. Clark
I would recommend, all questions were answered. Very polite
Ben was very helpful- he just spoke a little too fast sometimes.
excellent service. knowledgeable, caring representatives.
Very informative and enjoyable process. Agent was very helpful and familiar with materials.
My agent, Dale Liggett, was excellent. He explained everything in detail. I fully understood his explanation of the benefits I would receive from the plan I chose and the cost, deductibles and co-pays involved.
Joshua Caras was extremely helpful and kind. Pat Clark
I got all the information need to get supplement Medicare plan Doug was excellent in explaining everything about plan to me.
So thankful to Michelle Ridgeway. She was so patient, kind and helpful. I was nervous and anxious but she calmed me down and helped me through the whole process of acquiring my medigap insurance, Prayers for Michelle and everyone at T2 Insurance....
The agent was extremely knowledgeable and guided me to the proper Healthcare Plan of the 2019 calendar year.
Knowledgeable rep who worked with me to find a program that fit my needs.
Expert professional Service
Ms Furst was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Very thorough and took her time to answer our questions.
All I can say is wow! My goal today was to just find someone who could help me with possible Medicare supplement options but I wound up finding a policy that totally fits my needs. I am very pleased. Michelle totally understood what I was trying to tell her about how my coverage situation had changed. By the time we were finished, I felt much less stressed and very satisfied with my choice. Thank you!
Agent was a delight! Answered questions forthrightly.
my phone went dead before we were done and I called a number and they were very polite and got be back on track,
Ms. Davis was kind attentive knowledgeable understanding patience just so full of all things positive.
Jennifer was very helpful and pleasant to talk with.
thoughtful and patience. very informative
I finally found a someone who could explain medicare supplemental insurance in terms I could understand. Thank you Patrick!
The agent, Patrick Dunn, was polite, patient with my questions, and very knowledgeable.