Medigap by MedSuppGuide Reviews Reviews

Medigap by MedSuppGuide Reviews
Medigap by MedSuppGuide Reviews

Medigap by MedSuppGuide Reviews Online Insurance Reviews

I did a lot of research on Medicare Supplement Insurance before calling insurance companies. I was fortunate to get connected to this company and Chance Roberts. He answered my questions and helped me select a plan to suit my needs from the insurance company offering the best rate with an extra plus of having a high financial stability rating. No high pressure sales tactics. Just the facts. After agonizing over this decision, I feel as if a great weight has been lifted.
Derek was SUPER helpful, quick and efficient!
Straight to the point.
Kellie was wonderful. She answered my questions and treated me like I mattered to her. The man who handled my drug info (I don't know his name. I wish I did) was not nearly as considerate. It took 4 days beyond the time he was to contact me, and Kellie got him to talk to me. I don't know long it would have taken him otherwise. He misinformed me about how I needed to do my own follow up. He told me I needn't do anything. I did need to contact my Dr. He also told me I wouldn't have to call to reorder drugs. This is not true either. I do have to call. This man needs to be much more considerate and he needs to know that the info he is passing along is correct. Thank you for letting me voice my concerns. Again, thank you, Kellie for all you did. Bonnie Yocum
He gave me all the information I needed.
A great experience from start to finish —- people were helpful, able to answer all my questions and to guide me quickly and expertly to exactly what I needed .
Trustworthy, professional, answered all of our many questions.
Tyler, has been extremely helpful in guiding us through the supplemental and prescription insurance search. Since we were so new to the process, He patiently explained all our options and searched through all the plans Until he found what best suited us (one plan was better for my husband, another was better for myself). Being on a fixed income now, we feel that we have great coverage at the most economical cost.
Agent was very thorough and extremely helpful.
Andrea went through a couple of insurance plans that were beneficial to us. He is great to work with and goes over and above to help you find the right plan.
Stephanie was very caring and helpful. My husband and I felt like she was working out things for our best interest. Stephanie was patient and explained things clearly. Great job!
Tyler Burns is exceptional. He knows the products quite well and was able to answer all questions that we had. His follow-up with us was really good. He was patient, both friendly and professional and really went out of his way to help us and make our application process as easy as possible for us. He really expresses himself clearly and succinctly. I would definitely recommend your company and Tyler to friends and family.
J Waddell has been very attentive and helpful with my intro into medicare and offered supplement insurances. He is very knowledgeable and helps to make decisions easier. I'll be recommending him to everyone one with questions like I had.
Krystal was very helpful with our decision on Medicare and supplements. She was quick to respond to phone messages and gave us the information we needed to make a good decision for medical coverage.
Insurance agent Tyler Burns at Heartland Financial was professional, thorough and great to work with. He made the process of selecting and signing up for my Medicare Supplement plan easy. He answered my questions as we reviewed options and I was able to make my decision to buy with confidence.
Tyler was outstanding, he knew the products well , he spoke clearly explained everything in detail, he was able to answer the questions and concerns we had. Tyler made a difficult decision easy to make, I would recommend him to anyone looking for Medicare supplemental insurance. Tony Labua.