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One star is too much for this insurance company. I am dealing with a claim where their client was clearly at fault and it's been a week and my car is still not in the shop. It took 20 phone calls to even get a call back for them only to give me a roundabout answer. I just bought the car that was hit and I couldn't wait to drive home and show my family and friends my new car which isn't going to happen now since this insurance company is so disorganized. All I want is for my car to be fixed but apparently even though they've accepted liability it's too much to ask. And now when I call in about 50% of their employees seem to be off through the new year! Must be nice. What would really be nice is to have my car back and to not be driving an unreliable and unsafe rental car that took me three days to get and the action was all done on my part. Mendota just sat there and let me stress out and do the leg work. From what I have read this is common for the company. I don't know how they even have a license to operate at this point.

I had gone into pay my car insurance on 6/26/13. I checked my bank account the next day to make sure payment had gone through. Well, they had overcharged me. I called them and they had told me to come in. I spoke to a representative and they said they could refund the over charge at that time. So I had told them to cancel my policy on the 6/28/13. I have the copy of the cancellation request that was faxed to the main office. Today 7/15/13 I had received a letter stating that I have to send a blank check to them so that they can have my bank account information to make a refund of a lesser value. I tried calling the company. All the phone numbers I could find for them were disconnected or no longer in service.

I was in a car accident on 4/3/2015. I reported my accident the following day. I was told that the adjuster will call me back Within 24 to 48 hours. 10 days passed by and no call. No responded to my call or haven't gave me a call back. Call to speak to someone, was left on hold for an hour till someone came on. The adjuster answer the phone and a half hostile voice repeating that she was out for 10 days sick and that's why she couldn't help me with my and I couldn't speak to a supervisor and making threats.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! My PARKED vehicle was hit by a Mendota insured driver who was carrying a non-owners policy. This person was 100% at fault and received a careless driving ticket. Mendota will not pay the claim. My vehicle was totaled and we have 3 little kids. They did NOTHING! The worst experience I have ever had with an insurance agent. The driver that hit my car also happened to be my landlord and he is evicting us over the matter. Welcome to HELL.

Called to pay bill, get transferred 3 times, then get put on hold for 15 minutes while the guy is calling me ma'am the whole time until I corrected him. ALL TO TRY AND PAY MY BILL> Can't wait to change companies. This one is TRASH and they are full of **.

Covered under Travelers insurance, I have had great experience with the company. Had to file a claim and talked to a representative that was helpful every step, making sure that all information was taken and done right.

This company win rip off of the year award. They steal money and after calling and trying to understand charges that was applied to the account they explained that by adding one vehicle my monthly charges would be 323 and it was a month after learning not by mail, email or convo but by them taking it out of my acct. I never authorized this amount to be taking from my acct. And the customer service department didn't know the prorated credit means and how to explain the amount that was stolen. They double charged and I feel sorry for the owner of this company and now understand why it has a one star rating because the employees that they have is going to sank his company with lawsuits. I have recorded calls all which proves they can review charges on the acct.

My daughter had an accident in a vehicle that I purchased. I had just recently bought the car and only had liability and she wasn't a covered driver. I received a phone call from one agent who was quite rude and then after a week I receive another phone call from a coverage investigator asking a ton of questions. My daughter lives on campus at school now, but has lived off and on with other relatives. To me, the agent was trying to say that I was committing fraud by not adding my daughter to my insurance. She wants to know why my daughter doesn't live with me but uses my address. That's her permanent address. I used my parents' address for many years as a permanent address.

Both agents were very rude and I went on to tell the coverage investigator that I pay your salary so there shouldn't be any reason for me to be hassled about this accident. Either you're going to pay for the young lady's vehicle or you're not. It's ridiculous because they don't want to pay so they have got to find a reason why they shouldn't. I cancelled that insurance immediately. I felt like a criminal the way I was being harassed and talked to. Not only that, they want my phone records and copies of my license and I wasn't even the driver of the vehicle. It's ridiculous that we pay for this mandated insurance but get the runaround and harassment when it's time for the insurance companies to pay for the services we're paying them to receive every month. I am going to report this business to the BBB.

They can't deduct the right amount auto insurance from my account. They double billed me. They can't insert the correct amount to be deducted. I had to call the bank for them to take care of it. They have to be instructed monthly. Worst insurance company I have ever had.

I purchased a car and insurance broker tell me this is a good company [Mendota]. Anyway, I was at a bar and my car was keyed. I called Mendota insurance and they were nice in the beginning then they became nasty and had me go through a torture style interrogation. The verdict is still out, but Mendota is strong arming its customers. They take your premium but when it's time pay claim, don't want to pay so try find every way possible not to pay!

Was with Mendota for years and years until I sold my car and bought a new one. I called them to cancel the old car and simply to add the new one. Simple enough right? Wrong. They told me that had to see my agent and it wasn't possible to do it over the phone and they assured me that I was going to get my money for that month back since I called on the 31st of the month. Well they charged me and when I called back they said it's because they needed a cancellation notice in writing mailed or emailed to them. I did and still nothing.

I called them back and the lady said that sent the email too late so I wasn't going to get my money back. All of the people that have spoke with at Mendota have been very rude and sound very uneducated. They never gave me my mint and lost my business forever. Very disappointed after all the years that I have gave my money to them and now this is how they repay you. Wish they had these reviews back in the days.

Well over 30 calls to adjuster in regards to my truck.... 21 Days later still no truck... I had to type my own incident report and send it to adjuster with photos and estimates.... I did their job for them and they still cant get their ** together, I would be ashamed to be an employee for this company.

This is the WORST insurance company I have ever dealt with and I am 65 years old. Don't believe them when they charge you for full coverage. My son's truck was damaged by NTB and they refused to correct the problem. We went to Mendota and they told us, "TOO BAD. TOO SAD. We are not going to help you. We are not going to repair your truck." So what good is FULL COVERAGE IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR VEHICLE FIXED? Look. All you see are people who have been ripped off by this company.

My insurance agent signed me up with Mendota insurance. I paid faithfully, never late. My son that lives with his father and his friend, I called him to come over after school to go retrieve my blood pressure medicine to drive my car because I was dizzy and he did. Although he wasn't on my insurance, I had full coverage. It started raining. He hit a hydro plane in the road, lost control and hit a sign and some other pole wreck my car. Got police report, called Mendota, reported accident, adjuster came out. 3 months later, me and my son did sworn statements. Between those times, I got 2 phone calls from claim department and no one returns my call. Here it is almost 4 months later, my car still not fixed. No one calls me after leaving multiple messages. It's not fair cause I don't know rather they're hoping I am going to fix it or what because it has been since April 30 2014, go figure. Should I get a lawyer at this point????

My Mercedes Benz engine caught fire 3 weeks ago. The claim adjuster has dodged my calls and looked for every reason not to pay this claim. I am an RN. I worked a double shift and asked a passenger to drive. A hose broke and the fluid caused the engine to catch fire. It is my intention to report this to the Florida Attorney General.

My husband was involved in an accident with a driver who is insured with Mendota Ins Co. After reading the reviews I was quite concerned with the claim being processed. The day after the claim we took a trip and was unavailable for 7 days. When we returned home I received 3 notifications from Mendota. I called our adjuster and was promptly connected. Ninel was very professional and quickly assigned an outside adjusting firm who came the next day to look at the damages. We were advised we would be contacted in 48 hours. We spoke again with Ninel, she reviewed the estimate and sent it to be approved. We received our check 3 days later. This situation was handled quick, efficient and very professional. Thank you Ninel, you have done a great job.

I sold my car in early August due to a problem that would cost more to repair than I paid for the car. I'm still required to have an SR22 and proof of it to keep my license. To save a lousy twenty bucks, I went through Discount Insurance Group instead of my previous insurance agency. They hooked me up with this mickey mouse ** company "Mendota" aka "Mendakota." I just got a letter from the DMV about my previous insurance being cancelled and that I have to provide proof of continuous SR22 coverage or my license will be suspended on 9/11/13. I showed them all of my Mendota paperwork, but there was no SR22 certificate. I wasn't previously aware of a particular certificate being required, and apparently the lady on the phone at Mendota had never heard of it being required. She promised to fax it over to the DMV as soon as she got off the phone with me.

Guess what? The ** didn't fax **. I don't have the money right now to get a policy with my former insurance agency, and couldn't get it for the previous month anyway. So I'm out $111, plus the fees to get an ID, and later a new license and reinstatement.. and I've done everything right on my end except checking this worthless company out first. On top of it, I was already unemployed and in a bad way when I made the mistake of calling Discount Insurance Group, which uses this piece of ** joke of insurance. You're better off forging proof of insurance.

Mendota is by far the cheapest insurance company that we could find for our two cars. We found it thru a local broker and have been using them for 2 to 3 years or so. However, I do not like the fact that they bill me different amount each time. They send a small forest thru the mail. And both times we needed them because someone hit us. They didn't seem to have any ** to give us. Also, most of the time when we call them they don't know who we are, many times they have sent us notices stating our insurance was going to be dropped due to nonpayment even though the payment went thru. I am looking into other companies for this service.

Was told when I signed up for insurance that my seventh month would be waived. I never heard that before but I went with it. So when it came time to pay the next payment I thought I would go online to pay it just in case and when I logged into my account it said there was nothing to pay that the account was paid up. So naturally I assume (and you know what they say about that) they had waived it like I was told. No, it was canceled and I received a call from retailer about my vehicle having no insurance and that if it wasn't taken care of they were coming to pick up the vehicle. I tried to call my home office with insurance and I get what I always get, an answering machine (they never answer). So I had to call the main customer service number where I was told I'm now in high risk because I allowed it to lapse. ;) Thank you scums of the earth. Sorry excuse of a company.

I want to share with you how my family's life has changed since May 19, 2015. On May 19, 2015, my car was hit from behind on my way to work by a MENDOTA insurer. At the accident, I called 911 and she admitted it was her fault, she told me and the Norfolk Police officer she was reaching in her bag and was not paying attention. MENDOTA insurer called me the day after the accident to ask me how I was feeling. I told her I was hurting and that I went to the ER and I wanted my car fixed. She assured me that her mother's insurance company, Mendota, knew about the accident.

I went to Virginia Beach General ER the day of the accident and was told I would feel worse before I got better. I was given pain medication and sent home. I had neck and arm pain on my left side. That night I awoke with shooting spasms up and down both my arms. I went back to the same ER, a day later, complaining of the same pain but it was now worse. Initially, I was out of work for four days. I work as an Outreach Worker, I do home visiting and my job requires me to have my own transportation. The body of my car was shaking and hesitating to accelerate. I made a report with my insurance company, AIC of Maryland, the same day of the accident. I called MENDOTA Insurance Company personally, after a week of my insurance company, AIC of Maryland trying to reach them and they couldn't. I was able to talk to someone, who gave me a report number.

I received a rental car from my insurance company AIC, a week later after the accident, because I put my car in the shop thinking it was going to be fixed, but I would have to pay the deductible. I am a single parent of two kids and I have no family here in Virginia, my eldest was graduating from high school, in June 2015, which graduation is costly, so I did not have the money for my deductible, so I had to give back the rental car and I had to pay for my own rental car to get back and from work. I live at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and work in Norfolk, VA.

I only got a lawyer because I was getting nowhere with MENDOTA Insurance and neither was my insurance company. It was only when my lawyer contacted MENDOTA Insurance, in the middle of June 2015, that they decided that they would pay for a rental until my car was fixed, but my car had been at the collision shop since a week after the accident, May 19.

When I found out that my car was a total loss in the middle of June 2015, I was devastated. This caused more problems. I had to give back the rental and now I had no car. I had only had my car less than 2 years and if MENDOTA Insurance Company paid off the car, I wouldn't receive a dime of the money, because the payoff amount was the total of the loan, less $300 dollars. I have no way of getting another car. I have a limited income and have no extra money for a down payment and at the time I had filed bankruptcy 6 months before the accident, so my credit is shot.

I started physical therapy sometime in June 2015, but couldn't finish with my treatments because I no transportation from work, therapy, and home. I was discharged from therapy in July 2015, still in pain. It cost me for one week of rental about $285-300 dollars; I didn't have the money to do it, every week. I was becoming late with my rent and bills trying to get to work. I was paying my co-workers gas money to take me back and forth to work, grocery stores, to my clients home visits, church, etc. I couldn't keep it up, this caused a riff at work with my co-workers and with my job and now the job and I have been on for 10 years was now in jeopardy. I am a dependable, hard worker. I was notified on 2 separate occasions that I had 30 days to get a car or I would be fired. By the grace of God, I am still there.

So I had no choice but to take the bus, it's a mile and half to the nearest bus stop to my house, so I get up at 5 am and leave my house by 6 am, walking in the dark, praying nothing happens to me, to get on the bus at 6:40 am paying $4.00 or $6.50 a day to get to Norfolk by 8:30 am. A friend picks me up from the bus stop and takes me the rest of the way to work. My job begins at 8 am; and I am late everyday. I get off at 5 pm, get a ride back to the bus stop and I ride the bus from Norfolk back to Virginia Beach Oceanfront and walk home again in the dark, getting in the house at 7:40 pm, if the bus isn't late. It used to take me 35 minutes to get home driving, now it's over 2 hours. It costs $30 dollars in a cab just to go to the bank. I am so exhausted some nights. I can't even cook dinner for my family.

As a result of walking so much, I have injured my feet, I have Plantar Fasciitis. I have constant pain, spasms all the time on the bottom of my feet. It was recommended that I take time off to stay off my feet and try to heal. I used up all my vacation time, 3 weeks worth, to stay at home, trying to help rest my feet, at the same time I was approved for FMLA, but I couldn't afford to take a 50% pay cut when I am already struggling to pay my bills. During the hot summer days, going to work was unbearable, hot and sweaty and coming home the same, walking in the rain or snow in the cold.

Mentally this case has caused my family so much pain. I am drained, disgusted with this whole ordeal and it was recommended by my employer to seek mental health services. I cry often because I am so tired of the pain. My children and I have not been able to take our yearly vacation, my son was in after school activities, and he had to stop because I had no way to get him back home. I can only grocery shops nearby and less often because I don't have the money to pay someone or take a cab (very costly). MENDOTA was so slow to pay my car off, it wasn't until September 2015 when they did, so my credit report says my car was reposed and not paid off, even though it was, and I didn't receive the $300 dollar check.

MENDOTA owed me till the end of September 2015. Since the accident, I have been to court three different occasions for being behind on my rent, I couldn't keep up the payments in my bankruptcy case so it was dismissed, my job security was threatened, I've had lack of sleep, not being able to go and check on my sick mother, or constantly having to wait, whether it was for MENDOTA Insurance to step up or waiting on a bus, a cab, or on people to decide whether to take me places and then they charge me outrageous amounts of money. Please, I am asking for your help in this matter. Thank You.

I had to pay out of pocket for someone hitting me. No one would talk to me, sorry company. Going back to geico.

Cheapest policy that I found and I shopped around a lot before choosing my company. I would recommend Mendota to help save you money. However, they only offer a 6 month policy to members. The customer service department is not much help since mostly everything is done in their website. So far I have been happy with Mendota except that if you add a vehicle or drop a vehicle you have to pay a large deposit. Also the only way to get the best price for your policy is you have to have a card on file. I wish they offered a year policy. It might cost more for a year but would be better in the long run.

My SUV was hit & run by this insurance's customer on Apr 15, 2018 when my vehicle was parked in Southern California, I had eye witness and Police report, and he admitted to police that he hit and damaged my vehicle. Mendota assigned an adjuster in Nashville, TN, after I filed a report, I made multiple phone call and voice messages to the adjuster, she took more than a week to call me back to arrange vehicle inspection. The local vehicle inspector took more than necessary pictures and collected extra information which was not necessary.

I got my local body shop quoted repair cost $724.83, Mendota quoted $456.88 only. I called and emailed to adjuster multiple times, explained the labor rate had big difference between California and Tennessee, they simply close my case. They sent first check to the wrong address, after 3 more weeks, again multiple phone calls and emails, finally they sent me a check with correct address on the envelope, and wrong address on the check. This is the nightmare, the worst auto insurance I have ever deal with.

THEY DON'T PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was driving up the street when I was T Boned by another car. The driver admitted he was at fault to me and the cops. Because of the accident I was having to get doctor care and the 2 side doors on my car repaired. I was out of work for 6 days and was in a lot of pain. The ** didn't do the right thing and accept liability. Even though a judge said the other driver was responsible. I was trying to get a loan towards my settlement because of the financial hardship I was put on. They ignore calls and don't pay. THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND ANYONE WHO WOULD WORK FOR THEM IS A SCUM BUCKETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My van was hit by someone while parked. I filed a claim with the insurance company. Finally an appraiser came out. He sent an appraisal. I spoke with a company representative. He was rude and arrogant and not even the person assigned to my claim. However, when he called me back he said (like a kid in a candy excitement) he had now taken over my claim. He sent me another appraisal of the damage (his version) and reduced coverage of the damage. All done with pictures from another state. They say A/C damages did not occur in the accident.

Well, the appraiser told me to take it back to the dealership and have them show me where the damage is. I did and they showed me. I have letters from three certified technicians stating that the damage is a result of impact from the accident. Is their appraiser certified? I highly doubt it. They even had him go out to the repair shop and look again. I was told by the certified technicians that upon impact, the bumper pushed the AC dryer into the condenser, thereby causing the problem. According to the Mendota rep, the dealership just doesn't want to fix my car. Mendota sent me an email and told me to have the shop charge the AC. All it needed was to be charged. It just needs regular maintenance, that all A/Cs need. They did that. It won't charge and all the liquid leaks out of the condenser where it is damaged.

I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commission. I received a letter from them telling me it would be investigated and to call her with any questions. So I call her. I was beginning to think I was talking to a Mendota rep. Apparently, she had never even read the complaint. She thought I had included letters from the dealership stating the damage was not from the accident. Why would anyone think I would include a letter contradicting my statement. According to her, I misunderstood. They cannot make the insurance company repair my car. Now I am wondering why we have an insurance commission if they can't do anything to help consumers. I'm not seeing anything constructive from them. So now I have been without my car for 2 months.

By the way, I have rental car coverage. However, it is Mendota's policy to have the insured pay for it and then get reimbursed. Guess it has taken me sometime to come to terms with who and what I was dealing with. The consequences have been devastating to my family. The financial, inconvenience, and the emotional impact cannot be measured. I assure you Mendota will be a thing of the past one day. However, it will take a long time to overcome the misery they have caused us. I would include photos, but I don't have any. I'm waiting for the ones from the Insurance Commission.

I was originally given a quote for liability insurance for $28.32 per month. Wow, that sounded awesome and could afford that, no problem! So I called and accepted this offer but when I asked about the total payment to get policy active I never got an answer. I asked for this total 4 more times and never got an answer. Finally when I called and said I was ready to make payment and begin the policy I was told my 1st payment would be $59.40. I made a payment of $60 and then they sent the documents via email and thinking that math didn't add up right. I saw a $25 policy fee was added on but was never informed of any fees.

Looking at future payment, my $28.32 had changed to $37.32 and each payment had a $3 fee attached. That was a lie and the next month when they sent the only monthly statement my charge went up to 42.32 and the fee was $9 per month and pay off was $180. I just got a notice that informed me my payoff is now $202 but didn't tell me what my next monthly payment. Almost forgot, there is also a $5 fee if you use a debit card but if you give them your banking accounts they will waive that fee. I will be calling the rep that signed me up but already know I will get his voice mail. They won't be getting any more money from me and if there is any legal action against this company you can believe I will sign up.

My wife was involved in a traffic accident by one of their clients and it took three weeks for me to get any answers on what they are going to do and to date all I have received is the runaround. The claims adjuster's message on her phone, in which I could never actually talk with her and said that if I could not contact her I was to contact her supervisor and that she, herself, would contact me in 24 hours, was a complete joke. My insurance company tried 5 unsuccessful time to get them to reply to them. Even though my insurance company had sent them all the information about the accident, the accident report as well as the traffic ticket that their client received at the scene, was ignored and they never replied to my insurance company whatsoever. This is no a very professional or honest company. I feel sorry for the people that have decided to purchase auto insurance from them... I wouldn't.

My husband and I had just bought our first car together about 6 months ago. We were told by our car salesman from Bell Ford in Phoenix, AZ that a friend of his can get us a great deal on insurance so we can take the car off the lot. Completely naive, we agreed to it. A month or so passes by and we get a notification of cancellation from Mendota saying they weren't going to insure us because my information could not be verified with the local MVD. I reviewed the information and although I thoroughly gave them ALL of my personal information, they had put my husband and some RANDOM WOMAN on our insurance policy.

My name is ** and they had a lady named ** on our insurance!! How does a company do that!? Well since then, every single month they take the bill owed out of my husband's account but yet they always send us a letter EVERY month telling us our insurance was going to be cancelled because his check bounced. Ridiculous. It's about that time where we have to renew our policy and we also are planning to buy a second car... let me tell you, we are trying EVERYTHING in our power to get out of this nightmare. We will gladly pay another $100 a month to a different company who will provide us with simple insurance without the headache! DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM MENDOTA! IT WILL BE THE WORST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE, MARK MY WORDS!!

3 months for claim settlement when one of their drivers hit me. Didn't have my correct information even though I left many messages and my insurance tried to contact them several times. Ended up calling my mother in law to find me. What a bunch of clowns.

Mendota Insurance has without question the worst customer service I have ever witnessed in my 54 years on this planet. If you are lucky and never have an accident, the price is very cheap. This insurance will prevent you from getting a ticket. That's it. If you ever have to file a claim, prepare to hire an attorney to get any help.

I've been unlucky the last few months with 2 cars and it's not a fault of my own. My first one was flooded out due to 10 inches of rain in a 2 hr period. I was at work and several other cars suffered the same fate. I immediately called Mendota. I was put on hold for nearly an hour. A rep finally answered and took my information. I was then told it would be forwarded to an adjuster who would contact me via E-mail. I told the operator, "What is this kind of service? Legitimate insurance companies don't work like this." Needless to say, repeated calls got me nowhere. I finally gave up and traded the damaged vehicle in for a new car.

Exactly one month after owning this car I was rear ended by a person who had no insurance. I called again to file another claim. I am "still waiting on a E-mail". This time I had enough and hired a lawyer. It's to the point I don't care if my car get fixed. I want to help put this company out of business. You know the saying. "You get what you pay for." Filet Mignon cost more than flank steak. Mendota is below flank steak when it comes to insurance companies. They happily take your money, but do everything under the sun to prevent paying when they have to.

It is very hard to call customer service. You have to say you're making a payment to get a live person. Otherwise, getting through the prompts are impossible. The customer service is terrible. This company is not reputable and should be shut down. I can't wait till my husband get 1 last thing removed from his driving record to go to another company. Do not waste your hard earned money or time with this awful business. The website is a joke. Can't even print your ID card from it. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!! My dealership "recommended" Mendota 3 years ago and I have been a LOYAL customer always making my payments on time NEVER lapsing or late. My payment was due on the 13th and since it was a Sunday and I couldn't call to make a payment when they are closed, I called Monday morning the 14th and paid. I asked if it could please be backdated since I made the payment as soon as I could the next business day and they REFUSE to do so. Not only that, my payment wasn't considered processed until today which makes it a 2 day lapse and now DMV is issuing me a $502 fine for both mine and my mother's vehicle!!

I am a divorced, single mother of 2 children and make less than $10 an hour and this fine has to be paid in full, RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! They absolutely could have backdated my coverage to avoid this fine but these greedy, heartless S.O. B's couldn't care less that my children's holiday is now ruined even though I cried and begged them to please do something to help me. They just don't care and are not willing to help a loyal customer. I have been paying close to $200 every month for almost 3 years and FOR WHAT???

They lost a loyal customer and caused me so much grief and stress. I do not have the $502 fine that DMV wants and it's come down to either not pay my rent or my children do not get a Christmas this year and I will not lose my home because of this. So my 2 children will be heartbroken this Christmas because their mom was terribly let down by her insurance company. They will never get another penny out of me!!! I am absolutely switching companies and will be warning everyone how terrible they are!!

My insurance is through a company called KAI and when I was hit on the night of Friday the 13th of January 2017 I filled a claim that night. It took KAI's claim rep till the following Wednesday to make contact. The estimate was emailed to KAI's adjusters at Mendota on Thursday. It's been 8 days and Mendota has told us 3 times they never received the estimate which is BS as I've personally sent it 2 times as well as the body shop 2 times. I believe they are deliberately dragging their feet. In the meantime I'm not able to work and I can't pay my rent which is due in 2 days.

While the insurance is inexpensive, their customer service is awful. Their insurance underwriter here in Denver is rude whenever I call to ask or dispute something. However, if he needs something from me or wants me to continue insurance with them, he is sweet as pie. I had nothing but problems with them.

I was hit by someone that was driving one of their insured cars. She ran a stop sign and smacked right into me. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and had my 2 sons with me. She ran off when she heard police sirens and my case has been "pending review" per Mendota since then. My attorney sent a demand for 46,000 and they are offering roughly 8,000 for me and my children for a hit and run. I am so jumpy when I drive, I can barely do so. The adjuster was rude, the customer service sucks, and they are crooks. They are "reviewing" a case because the driver wasn't their insured, but the car was their insured vehicle. SMH, they are hoping I let it go, and I won't.

I had a car accident, second in my life, I was a caregiver to my mother on Oct.18, 2015. I totaled my car and checked on the person and she said she was fine. I went to the hospital, had test, at the time it was only bruises, yet my foot and knee hurt. After going home I couldn't walk and went to get a MRI, then my neck went and I went again for my neck. It was very damaged. In getting new car insurance, they said, "Mendota said she said it was $1850 worth of damage." I saw no damage to her car. I just now receive letter from Mendota saying that she is to get another check $2500 for her damage!! She was just fine. I had a broken foot, knee damage and severe whiplash. What gives? I want to see her car damage and bodily damage. By the way I had never received anything. Please respond my new number is **. Thank you. The claim number is **.

On December 3, 2011, I was side swiped by an individual insured by Mendota Insurance. The local police surveyed the situation and due to the minor nature of the accident, did not file a report as is the standard procedure in Texas (this needs to change). On 1/20/12 a Mendota Representative sent me a letter claiming me as responsible "when your vehicle squeezed in between our insured's vehicle and the sidewalk.” This seems like quite a feat of physics as my vehicle is a half ton truck and the Medota Insured drove a full-sized van and contact was not made until the side view mirrors hit (front 1/4 of the vehicles). This company needs to have their license revoked.

I was in a car accident with my grandmother and her friend. My grandmother was the driver, I was on the passenger side and her friend was on the back seat. My grandmother tried to miss a deer and lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. Her friend had 3 broken ribs and I had pain in my upper back and neck. My grandmother had insurance through Mendota. This is the worse insurance company ever!!! They do not return phone calls and they are so rude. I have been seeking medical treatment and my doctor put me on work restrictions.

My employer did not schedule me for work while I was on restrictions, so I was not getting paid. Mendota offered me $500.00 to settle my claim. I expressed that I wanted to be compensated for medical bills and lost wages and this is what the adjuster replied, I quote "It was your grandmother driving the vehicle. She did not intentionally cause you harm. We are not going to reimburse you for lost wages, you should have found another job." Now what I would like to know is; Why does it matter that it was my grandmother that caused the accident? I know she did not intentionally cause the accident, but it happened and that is why we get insurance just in case something happens. Mendota Insurance Company is a joke and I do not recommend them to anyone. My grandmother has dropped them and is with a different Insurance Company.

I was involved in an automobile accident (traffic stopped and he ran into the back of my stopped car propelling me into the car in front of me) by a person insured by Mendota Auto Insurance (Kingsway Financial Services). A police report was filed indicating other driver's fault. I contacted Mendota and filed a claim. It has been a week. I have called several times and left several messages that have not been returned. Today, I received a letter that they were trying to reach me and that they are investigating the accident and that they will not pay for car rental charges while investigating loss and to contact my insurance for repairs. This auto insurance company is a fraud scam, giving the runaround to avoid paying claims. They have a poor record with the BBB and numerous complaints online. They should not be allowed to sell auto insurance and should not only be put out of business, but put in jail.

On 12-27-2014 their insured hit my parked car. Their insured admitted fault. They sent me two letters saying to conduct myself as if the insured was uninsured while they investigate. I have had so much trouble reaching them that I bit the bullet and had my insurance go after them. They are freaking insane.

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