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The rates are fine but even if you have an insurance agent, if you have to file a claim you have to deal directly with the insurance company and not through your agent. When I had a claim it was not followed up in a timely manner and I had to keep trying to call and email the insurance adjuster. I had an agent because I thought he could take care of everything for me.

Have 4 cars insured with Mercury for years. Always have paid on time, with no prior claims. Had a loss on 12/20 which Mercury still hasn't approved. Had no communication with Mercury except for 1 short email. I have filed a complaint with DOI, still waiting for outcome. Definitely would pass on Mercury ins. Many better companies out there.

Great company to work with. Always makes you feel like they have the situation under control and takes care of any questions you may have regarding the issue at hand. Having had claims in the past, they made sure to properly set up calls and appointments with vendors they use to provide service. There was also followup and wonderful customer service.

My parents researched for auto insurance when I first bought my car and they placed me in their plan. I just continued with it when I moved out as I was satisfied. It's a good coverage for the price. My dad works for the company that sells insurance policies so if I have complaints it would make it easier to talk to a representative.

Total bait and switch with homeowner's policy. After we agreed upon a price and I called to cancel my prior insurance. They send me a bill raising the price of the policy $253. Stating an issue with roof type and year built on house.

I've had Mercury Insurance for the past year. Last year's payment for the year was $1,800.76. Expensive right. Well I received my renewal for this year and now the letter states my annual payment is now $2,435.65. I had not received any new tickets that Mercury didn't already have on record. So why such a dramatic difference, I ask Mercury and they tell me, coz one of my tickets I had received wasn't added to last year's policy. So that's why the $800.00 increase. Sound somewhat unreasonable. It's not like I received a D.U.I. or something. It was for not making a complete stop. So after that I started looking for different insurance. Then decided to pay my car off and just get liability insurance. So once I took care of that I called Mercury back to let them know I only wanted liability instead of full coverage like I had.

Took me about an 1 1/2 to actually get an agent on the phone. Had to literally call every number I had on my bill to try to get a hold of someone and when I finally did they placed me on hold for about 1/2 hour. I told the agent what you wanted to do and she told me that with liability only my payments a month would be $60.00. I was very happy with that amount. She said it would take a day to process the changes and to give her a call the next day. I got her direct line. Next day came I got her answering machine. Went to leave a message, couldn't mailbox full. Really got that same mesaage with all the numbers I had - mailbox full. Pretty frustrated by now. I finally get a call from Mercury agent the one I spoke with the prior day. She tells me that she switch my insurance to liabilty only and that my new payment for the year came out to $2,376.00 just for liability, $99.65 difference from full coverage.

So my monthly payment would be $168.00. What happen to the $60.00 a month like you told me yesterday. So I found another insurance company that charging me $70.00 a month and only $134.00 for the down payment. So if you're ever shopping around for insurance new driver maybe. Be fully aware that you don't choose Mercury Insurance. All they care about is making money, not your best interest. And do your homework on what coverage you want and don't want coz they'll put things on tour boll that you don't even need. Coz remember they get paid on commission so they trying to make a living in customer's expense, they'll put whatever can make your bill higher in price so that way they get more commission.

After buying car insurance (from Mercury) I realized I could get a lot better coverage elsewhere. So when I proceeded to cancel they wanted to hit me with a 50 dollar fee for cancellation. Now I've been with AAA, Geico, Progressive even Allstate. NEVER AND I Mean NEVER will you worry about a cancellation fee. So as I peacefully discussed my argument the Mercury agent (manager) got really aggressive stating I had to pay. Now whether or not I had to pay NO AGENCY OR PROFESSIONAL FOR THAT MATTER SHOULD EVER RAISE THEIR TONE AND ARGUE BACK. IT'S ONE THING FOR A NON PROFESSIONAL PERSON BUT A MANAGER??? WOW so even if you're theirs or not they will fight to keep more money in their pockets...

Mercury is the worst insurance you can ever experience. They only take your money premium after premium for years but if the time comes where you need them, they suddenly find an excuse or a way to tell you that you are not covered. Honestly, this happened with me and with one of my friends. I had renter's insurance for my apartment because it was required by my landlord and was paying for it for two years and when I had a water leak that had damages that was valued to $1700 they initially refused to pay and denied the claim, and came up with weird explanations that did not make sense.

It took me months of aggravation, phone calls, emails to various persons in the company and finally when I was about to take the case to court they decide to pay some of it. I totally lost confidence and respect to this company and I have no trust especially after being a loyal customer and having three cars insured with them as well for 5 years. I switched to another company right away and I am even saving around $50 dollars a month.

Find an insurance company that has its own sales rep as Mercury does not and anyone can sell its products whether they are trained or not and these sales reps have to learn about so many different insurance companies that they get confused and give you the consumer wrong information that will come back to haunt you once you need help. My advice is to find an insurance with its own sales reps that work for one insurance company only and this way it is more controlled and you are given proper customer service and reliable information.

I avoided an accident on the freeway - when someone stopped short in front of me, I slightly veered into the HOV lane - just left front tire - lane was clear, no harm and no collision. Then came a motorcycle from behind me, hit me on my side, then hit the car in front of me! Mercury said I was liable! They did not talk to all parties and only took for truth the statement from the motorcycle guy who misrepresented he had insurance. They told me case was open while waiting for my "rebuttal" but they had already settled! They are a horrible operation and I do not want to continue a business relationship with them.

In May 2012, my husband and I were hit in a severe accident by a 17-year-old driver. She ran a red light but started screaming that we had run a red light. No one at Mercury listened to us, no one investigated, we just were judged to be wrong since we were so badly injured we couldn't speak for ourselves at the scene. Even though we were completely exonerated of the red light charge by police and a judge, Mercury didn't care. After three years of fighting it, the 17-year-old got a large settlement. Mercury is the worst insurance company ever. Paid them well over $100K for coverage over the years with NO claims, then got no support.

Please be aware when of Mercury Insurance!!! My experience with them is when I cancelled one vehicle, and the very next month they charge me for the car I no longer had, and I tried to get my money back, they told me being that I already had my billing statement, it was already in their system to be charged the next month for it. I ask them what date the car was cancelled, they told me the same day because I had to fax over something that said I was removing one vehicle. I was charged for a car that I no longer had. This company is a joke, I would not recommend this company to no one. Bad bad bad!!!!!!

I'm sorry for all of those who had problems with Mercury. I had my reservations too when I signed up for Mercury and figured that I was paying a cheap premium for junk insurance - and you "get what you pay for", right? Fast forward 5 years and my wife's car is nearly totaled in a hit & run. I called Mercury and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, they took charge of the situation, dealt with the police department after my wife filed the report, paid for our rental car and PAID EVEN MORE after I we had the rental car for 2 days beyond the allotted 30 days, AND they pointed me to an absolutely OUTSTANDING body shop that gave us our car back in better condition than it was before the accident! This cost the insurance company $13,000! I don't know if it's the BRANCH that gave y'all such a bad experience, but here in Los Angeles my wife and I were treated like royalty. LOVE YOU MERCURY!! P.S. No One PAID me or even PROMPTED me to leave this review.

I have been with Mercury for a few years. No problem unless you actually need their assistance! I had an accident in July 2015 and I specifically told my claims adjuster it was not my fault, and if the other driver did not say it was my fault and HIS insurance contacts ME to follow up on the claim why would Mercury insist it was my fault and pay out to the other driver. And then continuously calls me afterwards to rush me to get my car fix or to tell him where to send the money so I can just go on my own time and pay my deductible.

Now March 2016 with another accident; hit and run; one week following the incident the adjuster had not called me and then today they did. WHY? Because the person who I found that hit my car and lied about it (it was in my office complex parking lot so not hard to find the other driver). Insurance company called her first so then she chooses to call me back after I had left her a message prior wondering why I had nobody contact me. Horrible!!! Once this claim is over I am leaving Mercury and never choosing this company again.

I've been a long time customer of Mercury for both my auto and homeowners policies. I had a slab leak August of last year and finally had to use my homeowners policy. I've had the worst customer service experience one can imagine. Still living with torn up floors and walls. I am extremely dissatisfied!

Will not call back. Horrible customer service. Seriously leaving us with an undrivable car. Will not answer about a rental car. They said they will get back in 24 hours, 5 days later they will talk to you.

Rear ended by a Mercury insured driver while stopped at a red light on June 30. I still have not been able to get my car fixed and have paid out of pocket for all medical-related expenses. Finally had to get a lawyer, which should have been totally unnecessary. Would never do business with this company on any level.

I recently got into an accident and I filed a police report. The reporting officer told me that our insurance should get the report in about one week. I just called them and they stated, "We won't receive the report in about 3-4 weeks." Yesterday I went to the police department and I was able to get the complete and finished report. They wanted me to fill out the DMV accident form to see how much cost of damage does the car have. I called my agent and I asked if they are going to send someone to come inspect my car to see the cost of repair because I don't know what to do with the DMV form. She stated, "Oh... You can just look at the car and see how much you are going to spend." You don't know how aggravated I was when she told me that but I remained calm on the phone. Overall point is that I am pretty much doing their job in sending them the report and pictures on the damage of my car.

Had an unfortunate incident, where a family member ran into our house with her car, and she was insured by Mercury Insurance. She called them, and I called my homeowners just to report the information. When she got off the phone with her representative, I asked her what they said about our house damage. She said they didn't mention it. UH... what??! I asked her to call them back and during that conversation, they told her they may not cover our house damage. Excuse me?!! Then my husband called them, and we waited... and waited... and waited for a return call. None came. He called them back and finally got a 'live' person and was told that since it was Saturday, there was nobody we could talk to and that we should try again on Monday. What the heck??!! Accidents only happen Monday thru Friday, 9-5?

Monday came -- no call. We called them again and were told that they didn't have any adjusters for this, as they were auto insurance, and we would need to use our homeowners insurance company. What a crock! Our agent said this is just a game they play, especially since they also provide homeowners insurance - and my relative had both thru them. Our agent also said that if they didn't have any adjusters -- then it was up to THEM to hire one and not make us file a claim. But, given the runaround we had already received, we went ahead and used our insurance company, which meant we would be out our deductible to begin with. Not happy!

Our insurance company handled everything because Mercury was totally useless. They kept sending us letters telling us they didn't know if they would approve the claim and were 'working on it'. Another game no doubt. The accident happened in October and in March (yup -- 5 months later!), we received a letter from yet asking us to sign off on a certain dollar amount for the claim, and stated if we did, we could not push for any additional dollars. The amount they wanted us to agree to was less than the repairs, and did not include our deductible. Our insurance adjuster said it was yet another game and not to sign. Our adjuster handled it from there and was able to secure the proper amount. WHAT A PAIN! I have no idea why anyone would use this sham of a company.

I started out with a more expensive carrier and I switched when my parents recommended Mercury Auto Insurance. Now my entire family is insured by them. I've been with this carrier for years and I haven't found cheaper insurance anywhere. The process was simple and easy. I went to an office for AIS and they helped me determine my needs with a letter of experience. I like that this company has great customer service. They are easy to work with, thorough and responsive. I also like that the statements are easy to understand and the prices are reasonable and affordable. They have been around for years and that is comforting to me. However I don't like only email communication. I don't think that it's very professional or reliable to focus on one type of communication. Sometimes it's more beneficial to speak to an actual human being. But some people over the phone seemed annoyed that I don't like the email communication.

Ms. ** from Mercury Insurance liability claims wasn't very helpful to me when I put in a claim for my neighbor's water leaks, one from his pool and the other from his broken water line which I don't know how long these two leaks were constantly leaking into my property on the back side of my hill. It caused major damage and the water did a lot of damage to my property. I spoke to her today and she said Mercury Insurance was not responsible for the damages, which I seek a different matter. She said it was an accident the water was leaking to my property and they do not cover for this. At first, they came out and saw the damages, sent me an estimate of what they proposed the damages were and said on the front cover that they're not responsible for the coverage. Well, their client is their customer and they have liability insurance to cover such incidents. But she said they don't cover accident.

Well, most customers want and need their insurance to cover for accidents, so why have insurance coverage? Right here tells me that this Mercury Insurance policy it a terrible policy and the company is not supplying their clients with truth. This is a really bad company with cheap coverage and unreliable to their customers. I would not recommend this insurance to any person and I will always tell everyone not to use them. I have called many times Ms. ** of Mercury Insurance and she always says the same thing. She gives you no assurance of any kind when you are in an ordeal like dealing with an insurance company. This person just rates really at a very low level for helpfulness. Why have insurance if they're not going to cover accidents? That's a new one to me. And I hope to warn everyone who wants to use this insurance company.

MERCURY Insurance company is horrible!!! I was with them for a few years, for my house and car. They kept raising my fees for no reason, I never submitted a claim with them. Then they came to my house and saw 4 Chihuahua in my yard, and dropped me just like that, left me without insurance. I was paying $347.00 for my guesthouse. I changed my insurance and am paying 1/2 the cost for house insurance same coverage. Not learning from the 1st time I got screwed by them, I got a business account for auto, the only reason was because it was cheap, you get what you pay for. I had this account for 3+ years, got into my 1st accident. They denied coverage...

The kicker is I had talked to 4 people there, all of 1 were RUDE, they got belligerent when I told them I wish I would have investigated because they only have 1*. The truth hurts!!! She says "JD POWERS WE ARE 4****." LIE!!! I looked these girls are suppose to be managers. "WOW" CUSTOMER SERVICE THERE IS NONE. I give my business to these people... I can’t wait to go with another insurance carrier.

A Mercury-insured driver ran into the back of me while I was stopped at a red traffic light. There was no doubt it was her fault. I went through my insurance, as I did not know I could go directly through hers. Thank God I did. Paying the deductible was tough but worth every penny that I will eventually get back. I called Mercury yesterday as I had $345.00 out-of-pocket expense due to the car hire not being fully covered. This amount included the daily extra insurance I bought and the $10 extra per day the car was costing.

Even though my car is a 2000 Infiniti - top of the line, great condition, I was told by the Mercury assessor that they would not cover me because I was upgraded into a better car. Excuse me? Also they do not cover the out-of-pocket insurance I bought. I did not agree with this decision, but took this one on the nose - so I was left with $60 out-of-pocket expense. Now I was told that they would not cover this because I had been upgraded. I was given a crappy plastic Jeep to drive around in. When I asked him to explain Mercury's reasons, I just got the same answer about being upgraded. I may as well have been talking to a brick wall. We went round and round and got nowhere. I am in customer service myself and know the difference between good and bad. I spent a very long and frustrating time on the phone just trying to eek out any form of humanity from him. I have never got off the phone feeling so frustrated in my life.

Without going into the ins and outs of it all, the long and the short of it is, I am not happy with Mercury's decision but the thing that made me really angry was the way I was spoken to and treated. I feel really bad for anybody who is dealing with Mercury trying to get an expensive claim dealt with. My advice is - go through your own insurance company. Do not deal directly with Mercury. Even when the accident is acknowledged by and proven to be the fault of one of their drivers, Mercury will make you feel like it is your entire fault and treat you as you are trying to pull a fast one. Awful insurance company that no one should ever deal with. I can not stress that enough.

My driving record isn't the best. Since I am still paying for my car, I am required to keep comprehensive coverage on it and Mercury was the best price for the coverage I needed. Purchasing was very easy. I used a local agent who did all the price comparison shopping for me. Then, all I had to do was sign the paperwork! Since my insurance policy is coming up for renewal, they are checking again to make sure I still have the best price. Recently, I had to file a claim for a small car accident I was in. The adjuster assigned to my claim was never available and she did not return my calls. That's an issue.

I was referred through my friends and experience has been good thus far. Due to certain discounts, my insurance payment has been reduced. Reasonable cost and discounts. And the company is easy to contact. The insurance agents are also ready to assist you in a polite and professional manner and they provide good customer service. But discounts could be given on longevity with the company, especially if you have had no accidents. In addition, information should be given to customers if they no longer require full coverage.

Mercury Auto Insurance has affordable prices and seem to be located in area that are convenient to our home and affordable prices. But you don't have to go their offices. My husband set up insurance for our teen daughter over the phone and it was very easy and quick. However, prices recently went up significantly and it is way too expensive. Adding our teenage daughter to the plan made our monthly bill go up by much more than we had anticipated. But I have friends that pay way less!

My experience with Mercury Auto Insurance was very easy when I first enrolled. I had to answer some questions and take photos of my car. I had insurance within the day and my insurance papers within the week. I like the fact that when I got into an accident they were very helpful and got the issue solved quickly. My insurance is very good at making changes to the policy. I have continuously been very happy with my service. If I had to choose again I would choose Mercury.

My car was hit by a driver insured by Mercury as he backed out from a driveway. I reported to my insurer AAA, who then filed a claim for me. For more than 3 months since the collision Mercury representatives, Elsa ** and Phillis kept saying they were unable to contact the driver who hit my car, despite the fact that I had provided them his driver license, vehicle type, VIN number, insurance card and cell phone telephone. The collision occurred in September 2017, and it's now mid-December. I called every week asking them the status of my claim, they just kept saying they are still trying to contact the driver but refused to tell me how they try to contact him. They also refused to tell me how long I would have to wait. This is completely unbelievable and unacceptable. Worse than dealing with a government agency! I am furious!

Code enforcement hit fence; fence hit car = NOBODY covers it!?? Son in law, handyman A, handyman/friend B, 2 helpers, hundreds of items missing: TOOLS, electronics, speakers, 350 DVDs, 2 sets shelves, $800 laptop; laser disc player, juke box, guns (Rifles, shot guns) ammunition pistols: 9mm, .45 .22. Incident started with "LOSS PREVENTION" accusing me of stealing. COPS arrested me. I went to hospital & jail for 2 1/2 mo. Handyman A claims we're 'family friends' and wouldn't steal from me. BIG MESS. WHO PAYS what. 01-02-2014 through 03-14-2014 to current time 11-25-2014, have not collected a dime! It seems that any and all 'excuses' for NOT PAYING are used to, well, NOT PAY. WHY BOTHER WITH HOMEOWNERS insurance if they will disregard paying? = Frustration of purpose. CANNOT find account number. CANNOT find Chase Bank house payment number. WHY is everything so ** hard?

DEC. 23, 2014 UPDATE: We had a handyman RODNEY who in two weeks cleaned us out to the tune of $2,500 - $3,000. Tools, floor jacks, saws, 30 qts motor oil, LIQUOR, Nikon camera, Dell $800 laptop, 2 shelving units, Paralegal study course and Black's law dictionary (WORTH $1,000). Knickknacks like: Pillsbury doughboy, and Bob's big boy figurines. TWO boxes of HANES nylons, 350 DVDs (My entire movie collection), 10 gumball machines w/ NFL helmets on top (NOVELTY). Laser disc player, jukebox. MERCURY treats me like I'M THE CRIMINAL and it's been 7 months and they are 'still reviewing' the 'case'. I haven't got a dime from those cheap bastards. I tell everybody: DO NOT USE MERCURY. THEY ARE WORTHLESS.

We were in an auto accident, the other party received the ticket. We paid out $1,000 deductible and $566 in car rental. We have called, written, emailed, and cannot get a response. The accident was 4/09/09, it is now 1/17/10. Adjuster "claims" that they will have to go to trial, but a simple check online shows that the at-fault driver elected to attend Florida school to have the points removed off his driver's license which is now expired.

I spoke with a friend, who recommended his sister. I had been in two accidents in a relatively short period of time. She became my agent and searched for a company that would cover me with my less than perfect record. She suggested Mercury because of their reputation and coverage. It was a very easy process. I gave her my information and just like that I was covered. It was such a relief! The agent took good care of me. The service was good and affordable, and fortunately I was able to clear my record over time. I was then able to get better coverage at a lower rate elsewhere, through my employer. If that hadn't been the case I would have stuck with Mercury.

We had been loyal customers without a claim for 6 years. We even used them for our commercial vehicle insurance. When it came time to finally use our coverage when we had a hidden leak behind our kitchen cabinets, they automatically denied our claim because the leak was over two weeks old, even admitting that there was no way we could have know about it sooner. They did nothing to make us feel like we got any type of service.

I do not like purchasing insurance over the internet, so I chose to call and purchase my insurance over the phone. For me, it makes me feel a lot more comfortable actually talking to a live person. This was a nice feature that Mercury offered, because some companies make you purchase on their website or on the phone with an operator. I priced a lot of different companies and Mercury had the best price and coverage. I have only had a very good experience with them thus far and I hope that it will continue. They have been a great company to work with!

My experience with Mercury Auto Insurance was great. Before Mercury I had shopped around with several other companies and the coverage provided by Mercury with the total premium was what hands down gave me my reason to purchase. Other companies make it seem that they are the cheapest and more convenient. I dislike that when you're about to leave they drop the prices like they didn't know it could be cheaper.

I have used Mercury for many years and it is very convenient. The process was quick and the options given was the best for my needs. I like that I can reach a live person. They listened to what I needed but also asked other questions that did not come to mind until mentioned. But Mercury could have a lesser deductible if the car gets scratches or dings. Although I haven't had a claim I have been told most companies take forever to process and I don't like that. But other than that, I like that Mercury has a low deductible than others and I like the multiple discounts offered like home and auto. I also like that I can reach a live person.

Richard ** in Claims department is the worst. I don't have Mercury Insurance but I did get into an accident with a person who does. He is useless, unless you would like to be the person to constantly nag about the accident. Seriously, you should be the person calling me to get my record statement if that helps with your ** investigation but I had to give you the call to talk about the accident that happened nearly 3 weeks ago! If I could give no stars, I would. ** customer service!

On 3/29/2013 we started a homeowner's policy with Mercury insurance. On 4/10/2013 we got a call from Mercury stating they will have to cancel our homeowner's policy because we are selling our house even though we live in it and occupy it. They charge a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel or stop selling your home. So I cancelled. I think this is their way to make agents' fees and then let go. Want insurance with Mercury insurance? Think real good.

I started to look around for other insurance companies because I wanted to save money and get the best policy that my money could afford. The Mercury Auto Insurance representative was nice, helpful and very knowledgeable. I like that they are quick to call me back and to take care of all claims in a practical and quality service. I am extremely happy I took the time to compare quotes and couldn't be happier. I like everything about this company. They care about their customers.

Driving car on road with rock slides (CA299). Hit a large rock, and damaged front end. Mercury art up the work at a body shop (Mike Rose auto body in Richmond California). The shop had my car for four weeks, with no communication at all on their part. I had to call them to check on my car and was given the slow play as if I were a mental health issue. So they ordered $3000 worth of parts and "put" the car together. I paid, signed my name and walked to the car with the man responsible for the repairs. He said he can show me what he fixed however he went over it using hand gestures. I drive away and 44 minutes later I'm stuck on the highway. It's really cold and I paid the deductible so I'm flat broke. It's getting late and I'm really sad and hurt. No respect.

I love my overall experience with Mercury Auto Insurance so far. I love the great coverage and the roadside assistance I get. The customer service people are friendly and professional and I love when I call with questions I get the answers I need. I love that when I need a tow it doesn't cost me anything extra but this insurance is expensive. I don't like that I can't postpone payments like when I had Geico and there isn't a local office to go to if needed.

Mercury Auto Insurance has a positive reputation. In the event of an accident, they work quickly to resolve my claim. The price seems fair and the service is quality. They send thorough communication and I was able to find information necessary to select the best insurance plan for my needs. I was also able to manage my insurance via phone and online and they have various payment options that offer me the flexibility that I need. Sometimes they do not have adequate answers to my questions though. When there are ways to lower my premium, they do not notify me. I have to seek out ways to save.

I have been fortunate enough not to have had to file a claim with my insurance provider (Mercury). However I just recently had my car towed to a local shop so some repairs could be made. I made the call to the 1-888 roadside assistance number they provide, and within 1 hour the tow company was on site to pick up my vehicle. The tow truck driver was very friendly and even apologized for taking longer than expected. The truck as well as the driver were both very clean and the gentleman took care while loading my vehicle. All and all I must say for this being my first time needing to deal with my insurance provider I was very impressed with the turn around time as well as the follow-up call I received.

I am so glad I don't have Mercury Insurance. I was involved in an accident with a driver having Mercury Insurance and was insured. They have done everything possible to get out of paying the claim saying that my doctor was overcharging (false) and I must of had a pre-existing condition (not true). They say I should not have been insured and have offered only a very small amount towards bills. I am disgusted with them. They do everything possible to get out of paying a claim. My insurance company is the best. Maybe I pay they are always very fair in handling any claim.

The policy is good coverage. Affordable cost for insurance with decent coverage options that give me sense of security when I hit the road. The policy has good discounts that renew annually. Good customer service from local office and good adjuster when I had a claim. My local office always gets right back to me whenever I call. But I wish I could get more information from the toll free number instead of having to call my agent.

One afternoon, I was at a red light and a car rear ended me. The guy didn't want to go through insurance so I said okay then paid cash. Next thing you know, he files a claim saying I had hit him! Mercury didn't do crap and sided with the other guy and denied liability for my car and his car. Second incident, I rear ended someone and it was only paint damage! I receive a letter stating I caused over $1000+ worth of property damage which is absolutely bull! Hate this company and hate people who try to screw you over!

I want to point out that my brother lives with me. Owns his own car and has his own insurance. So I was backing out of my garage, over corrected and scrapped my brother's car. Not thinking of anything other than “crap my insurance is gonna go up for a claim” turned in the claim. No big deal right? WRONG. Long story short the adjust came back after an investigation had to be done because Mercury needed to verify if my brother was considered an “insured” and now this crooked company isn’t going to cover to have my brother's car fixed. Even my brother carrier The General didn’t understand their issue. I knew I never should have changed from Nationwide. The “savings” was not worth it!

We have been with Mercury Insurance for twenty years (home, rental property, auto) but have never had a claim. Recently our car was rear ended and Mercury is handling this. It has been a complete disaster. They took a long time to assign an adjuster who was quite uncommunicative. It took over two weeks to have someone look at the car to determine if it can be repaired. After many cancellations someone was able to see the car and we were told that it will be totaled and we will be contacted in 1 day to discuss settlement. No one has called in a week. This insurance company can collect your money but don't expect anything when you actually need them. I intend to pull all my insurance accounts from Mercury soon. This insurance company is unfit for any business. Should be avoided at all costs.

I have to say, I don't trust you. My little girl is a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan, particularly, Tyler Johnson. Imagine her surprise when she sees your promotion for a bobblehead of him? Wow! So my wife and I rush and followed your rules for the promotion to get our Tyler Johnson bobblehead. We filled out the quotes for 2 cars, yes with valid info, yes all the way through to the end, following all the prompts. Though your prices were a little high for us, way higher than what we pay now, we never got the bobblehead. If you can't be trusted to follow through on a simple promotion, how could I ever trust you with a claim when it actually counted? Seriously? Thanks for breaking a little girl's heart too. Awesome. Just in time for the holidays. Ugh I'll be recommending EVERYONE avoid your company at all costs.

Notice there is nothing in between 1 star reviews and 5 stars? Most likely because the 5 stars are fake... This is my second time dealing with this company, and they are just as bad as a few years ago. Stay away from doing business with this company...

I was hit by a kid who has Mercury Insurance on 6/23/15. He backed outta a parking space and slammed into me full force. I can't put gas in my truck right now because I can't open the door! The insurance company deemed it's his fault on 6/24/15. I had to call them back 3 days in a row to even find that out. Now here we are it's 6/29/15 and they are telling me that they may not cover my damages. I have over $4,000 in damages! The guy I spoke to today spoke to me like I was dirt on the ground. Told me I have crappy insurance because I don't want to go thru my insurance to fix my truck. He hit me, I shouldn't have to go thru my insurance. He then told me I need to pay outta pocket for the damages and take the kid to court or I can drive around with a smashed up truck. I have already filed a claim thru Dept. of Insurance.

We pay a low amount for 3 vehicles and they are all fully covered. Most other companies charges very large amounts for multiple cars fully insured, but Mercury has worked with us. The process was pretty simple. We just went in and talked to someone and they worked with us and gave us a good quote that we were comfortable paying. When we have questions about our policy they do a very good job about explaining to us and working with us to resolve any issues. Very happy and satisfied.

But I have seen many commercials for how Mercury gives bonus checks to those that do not crash. And I don't like the fact that our state does not qualify to receive these checks. I have been a safe driver and would love to be rewarded for that. I don't think it's fair that they offer this in only certain states. They should offer it to all safe drivers no matter what state they live in. This alone makes me rethink staying with the insurance agency.

Their insured hit me and my passenger from behind as I was at a standstill waiting for the right turn signal to change to green. Their insured admitted that she was at fault because she was looking at the wrong light turn green and proceeded by hitting the pedal, and that she was in the hurry that morning. My insurance is State Farm and they advised I go through their insurance because it was her fault, and they would need to pay for my rental car while it is in repairs. I took my car to the dealership where I purchased my car (it was a fairly new car) and they said they don't do body work and referred me to a body shop. I took it to the body shop and they fixed it. They got paid. I then called the office claims rep to let her know the mechanical part was not fixed and I needed to take to the service department to have it looked at and fixed since the other place only did body work.

She told me that I can't do that. I told her the service department would take a look at it and they wouldn't charge me since I purchased the car there, and it is usually a courtesy for their customers and they also give loaners for no charge to their customers. She said that is not how they operate and that I need to take it back to the body shop so he can take it there to have it diagnosed etc... I said fine. The body shop person takes it to the mechanic shop and then calls me to tell me that the field rep denied all the claims and I am responsible for the bill and rent a car. I am still in battle with Mercury Insurance to pay for their negligent drivers error when she plowed into me.

I searched online for the lowest rates and a plan that would provide enough coverage to meet my needs. Mercury's rates are fairly low and I also like the amount of coverage that I get for my money. It was easy to sign up too. I would however prefer that they would provide better roadside assistance coverage plans.

During a recent claim for water leaking in my 2nd floor bathroom, the adjuster & inspector determined water was escaping from my shower into the corner of where the wall & tub meet, then leaking through the tile, through the subfloor, through the wood frame, through the paper & stucco leaking to my exterior. There would need to be hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to make their assessment true. They find whatever loophole they can to NOT pay for a claim. They hire inspection companies with their best interest at mind. L&D Plumbing & Heating Inc., are the crooks whom wrote the BS inspection report. After being a multi policycholders with Mercury Insurance for over a decade, that treat me like an ignorant piece of POO! I will be canceling my policies to move on to another company. NEVER AGAIN Mercury Insurance, I will never pay you a penny, let alone the thousands I paid you for years for my policies.

My home got flooded on the Feb 20. Already a month and this company has completely left me and my family in the dark, I have to constantly call field adjuster, adjuster, supervisor of the either one. It's a mess and to be honest with you, now I know where to take my business moving forward! Never again would want to deal with Mercury Insurance, they're quick at collecting your premiums but when it comes to paying up claims they are the worst!

We had a great experience with Mercury. We loved that the agent came to our house. He was really personable, friendly and genuine. He didn't act rushed and was very proactive in reaching out to us to see if we had any questions or concerns. He even recommended local restaurants for us to try out since we were new to the neighborhood. But despite the fact that we loved our agent, we had to cancel coverage because we moved in with my parents and didn't need insurance because our car was too old and it wasn't worthwhile. Also, we found better rates with California Casualty and better rates elsewhere won out. But we would use Mercury again.

Accident was my fault and luckily no injuries. However, there was damage to both my car and the one I hit. Mercury agent handled everything on the phone! As painless as could be, considering.

I had a wreck on October 9, 2014. The person who hit me drove into my car as I was coming to a stop at a stop light. The driver had a Mexican driver's license and was driving his employers big truck. He acted like I was at fault but a police officer was across the street giving a ticket and although he did not see the impact he heard it and was immediately on the scene. It was obvious that I had the right of way and the other driver was cited. What happened after that was a nightmare in dealing with Mercury. It was delay and they still have not settled 6 months later.

I had to get my insurance to pay and they are now in recovery. First they could not interview the driver for two weeks, then he must have gone to Mexico and now they are saying they are not sure that the driver was not insured. Of course I am out the $500 deductible. I don't know how such an unethical company stays in business. I have spoken to three adjustors. A couple of days ago I got a call from a mercury adjustor and he did not know that this was in recovery. Do not buy this insurance and don't have a wreck with anyone who has it.

I was insured with Mercury. Never had an auto accident. About a year ago was hit turning into shopping center. I was a passenger. I missed my i.m.e appointment. They canceled me so fast. I'm also disabled. Donald ** tried to help. I'm a disabled and the world is very cruel. I feel discriminated. God bless America because they need it.

I had a Mercury auto policy recommended by a super flaky broker who I have since stopped doing business with. After a year of coverage, and absolutely zero incidents that would cause my premium to rise, I moved to a new apartment and started getting all these letters saying I had to exclude my roommate as an eligible driver of my car (apparently because he has a poor driving record). Even though I had lived with a boyfriend for the first full year of my policy who had a bad driving record and never had to exclude him! So, I exclude him, and my policy goes up anyway by $40!! Again, my driving record is perfect, so this made absolutely no sense. Then to top it all off, I get another series of letters saying I have to exclude using my car for business purposes, which incidentally, is 95% of what I use my car for.

So I get fed up and cancel my policy. 3 days after I receive confirmation that my policy is cancelled, Mercury direct debits my account for $121. I call my brokerage and they explain the charge was already in the pipeline, but not to worry, I will get a refund check. Just got the check... for $86!! Apparently they charge a cancellation fee! So I'm $35 poorer AFTER cancelling my policy because Mercury just went into my account and took what they wanted. Buyer beware of Mercury in general and any brokerage who recommends them and doesn't disclose their sheisty business practices upfront. If you cancel with them, you better also immediately cancel direct debit AND deny them any further access to your bank account!

I tried to get other estimates but nothing came close to Mercury. They have been responsive and timely with claims and their customer service is good. The claims person came to the auto body shop and worked things out with them. I have been with Mercury for over 20 years probably and I have three cars covered.

I use Mercury for multiple things. They are good for auto insurance and also for our home insurance. We know them personally and they have been very helpful. The price is decent and we don't feel like we're being overcharged or taken advantage of. We've had Mercury for years and we have been very well taken care of.

I got into my car after work and it would not start so I called Mercury, which I pay each month for roadside assistance, just to be told they only pay $75 of the tow and I would be responsible for $96 for the tow upfront cash or credit. Long story short, I'm stuck in my job's parking lot. Thanks, Mercury.

I have this insurance for my auto and home, when I have been in an accident they don't hesitate to give me the services I need to get my car back and running. They have offered good rates for over 10 years now and I have never had an issue with them when opening a claim and getting what I need when I need them. Calls are quick and fast, claims are processed quickly.

It's obvious Mercury is doing whatever it can to get more money out of a hardworking family. My husband and I work very hard to earn every freakin cent, and try to save where we can. First, Mercury wanted proof of home ownership or they would cancel our policy. We supplied Mercury a copy of our HUD, did not cancel. Then, Mercury was going to cancel because lack of proof of 5 years of insurance, again, proof was sent. Thirdly, the person who filled out our application filled it out incorrectly, and WE had to pay the penalty in order to not have our policy canceled.

Now my mother's name comes up! Mercury is asking for proof that she does not reside with us in Florida. My mother resides in WISCONSIN. Mercury is trying so hard to take money from wherever they can!!! We were content with our prior insurance, but like all hardworking citizens, we try to save where we can. I TRUSTED our credit union when they referred us to Mercury. I am very disappointed with our credit union for backing up Mercury, credit unions are to take care of their people, not send us to fraudulent insurance companies. This needs to stop at some point, this company is a BULLY!! A BULLY, trying to get whatever money they can get to put in their pockets!!

We had an accident in March & we took all the pictures, my truck, call to 911 & her car, & sent them into the insurance. And insurance after more than 3 weeks then phone tag has now said we were at fault and taken her side after our proof.

The only company in the industry to charge you for short term cancellation fees of 10%! That is for the loyal customers over 4 years! Good luck Mercury. Stealing money from customer isn't that hard I guess.

This company has intentionally lost 7 documents I sent them - medical records from two chiropractors and seven medical release forms for my regular doctor. Unfortunately for Mercury, the bulk of these documents are traceable as having been sent certified mail, email, or date and time stamped faxes. Claiming they did not get them was just a delaying tactic to force the claim into arbitration. And their settlement was ridiculous. I have eight of 26 vertebrae damaged and am fighting to stay out of a wheelchair and they offered me $2,000! Also, they have contacted me directly in violation of state law when my attorney contacted them two months ago. They are supposed to deal with my attorney!!! I want to do a protest march in front of their offices and a letter writing campaign to the state legislature on them. Call me at **, if you would like to participate.

Been with Mercury for 10 years. First claim. Had water heater burst and flood most of home. Called in claim 9 Nov 2013 and no word from adjuster for 5 days. Mercury doesn't agree with noted damages and remedies. I had to have all of my furniture and related belongings stored (since 11/12) to conduct dryout, asbestos repair and drywall repair which are just now being complete. This is a covered claim that Mercury admits. However, they do not agree with the level of the storage bill so they cut ME a personal check for 5% of that bill and refuses to even compromise or discuss. Storage vendor will not release my belongings until they are paid in full and still wants to charge 3K to return items.

By virtue of Mercury's payment on this vendor, they admit responsibility for payment but refuse to pay. Also that check should be written and sent directly to vendor, not me. So I have an empty house for the coming holidays!! I am a certified property manager for 10 years and have NEVER seen or heard of anything like this and I thought I had seen it all!! I am speechless but have my own thoughts on why this is happening.... Maybe they should all take classes at "Monsters University" to brush up on their scare skills. :)

I have been with Mercury Auto Insurance for years and I never had any issues so as long as that continues to be the case I will stay with them. The overall purchasing was a pretty easy process when I first signed with them years ago. I like that they have reasonable price and they have good drivers clause so every year that I go without an accident it gets a little cheaper. But I wish Mercury have cheaper and better rates and maybe the same features as AAA. And maybe they could have some other deals online for being a loyal customer. Deals with hotels and such could be a nice incentive.

I recently was involve in an accident (rear ended on the freeway) and not my fault. When I contacted my insurance company (Mercury Insurance) they gave me a claim number and I took my car to a Body Shop for their Appraiser's estimate. After receiving a call from the body shop regarding the estimate, I noticed that they have giving me an estimate with 99% of the parts being "USED" coming from a JUNKYARD rather than using even aftermarket parts. I quickly called my claim adjuster person (Mike **) and left him a message to call me regarding the USED Parts. He never called me back. I finally called an attorney and they told me that Mercury Insurance have asked the Rent a car company to charge me for the rental since I disputed their appraisal estimate. Most insurance companies are rip offs any way you can imagine. This company is the queen of them all.

My car got rear-ended by a Mercury insured driver. I called Mercury to report the claim. It's been 2 weeks. When I called them again, they said that their driver got rear-ended. That is completely false. The agent ** also ask me if I could use my insurance instead. Are you serious lady? You want me to pay my deductible when it's your driver's fault?

This is one of the worst company by far. I bought a full coverage insurance from them. After a week I hit debris on the highway which cause damages to my engine and front of the car. After I filed the claim with this unprofessional company they start investigating my address and didn't want to pay for the claim. I don't understand what my address have to do with the claim. I was covered at the time of accident. Pay for the damages. If you have any questions about my address let me provide you proofs. You quick to take my money but not quick to pay for the claim. Stay away from this half ** company...

I applied for Mercury via telephone and the representative was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I knew the policy details and they were explained to me thoroughly. It was fast and easy. I feel like I have complete coverage with them. They are responsive when I'm in an accident and agreed to continue to insure me after my DUI. I also like the website which makes it easy to pay my monthly bill and look up my policy. But I feel like I am getting charged too much monthly. I understand that I got a DUI, but that should not have increased my premium so much considering there was no property damage.

I was with Mercury for many years. I liked the insurance group/broker that handled my policy. But, in 2016 I had my first (at fault) accident after 45 years of no accidents or claims. I had over $90,000 in medical expenses for my injuries, no one hurt in truck that hit me, however Mercury didn't have to pay for medical, only $3700 for my totaled car and repairs to the truck. I got 1 point for the accident and Mercury raised my insurance $200/yr for the accident and penalized me for driving more than 2000 miles in a year in the used replacement car. I was told ALL insurances in California were raising their rates. I reduced coverage to PL/PD and will be leaving California before end of year. Sick to death of high gas prices, annual registration rates, insane insurance rates and an idiot governor who wants to make California a sanctuary state.

I had worked with several insurance company before but this company was worst. Lack of customer service and professionalism. They don't respond for first e-mail you send. You need to ask for response before you get any response from them. I wouldn't recommend at all.

Mercury Auto Insurance based out of Austin, TX is a horrible company that should not exist. They are impossible to get in touch with, by design of course. They do not accept liability for the most obvious of reasons, even when their driver was issued a citation. Doing business with this pathetic excuse for a company is to do so at your risk. Expect nothing in return.

I have been with Mercury for over 10 years. They offered me the best rate at that time, but I don't shop around, so that may have changed. The agent is very helpful and attentive, always checks in to make sure I have gotten my bill, etc. and adding my husband to the policy a couple years ago was smooth and easy. They have handled things professionally as well when I had an accident.

I got into a car accident 6 weeks ago, I was rear ended. I have Mercury Insurance and the person at fault has Mercury Insurance as well, even though I was not at fault of the accident they made me wait 6 weeks to have my car totaled. They refused to give me a rental and I have not even received my check for the damages even though I was not at fault. I paid for a rental out of pocket and they refuse to reimburse me. This is a horrible company.

I was in an accident on October 20 2016. The insured person with Mercury Insurance ran in the back of my car and it's now March the first and this adjuster is giving me the run around. I'm giving them 1 more week. After that I will sue I promise you that.

Just had the displeasure of speaking with Natalie. Never have I been treated so rudely by a car insurance agent. After informing me with misinformation that my license wasn't valid (which it is, I double checked this at the DMV today after speaking with her), I was shocked. She provided a wealth misinformation about my driving record. Maybe they don't have up to date records in front of them but it doesn't excuse the manner in which she behaved. Continuing to speak in a disrespectful manner and be smugly condescending towards me over my driving record, she was very short and eager to get off the phone... This is what you call a professional Mercury?

It's easy to get a hold of an employee to ask questions to and it makes it nice to talk to someone. Very, very helpful employees 24/7 when I need to talk to someone on the phone. Mercury Auto Insurance has been very good to me and my family for over 15 years now and it's a great company for sure. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

A customer of theirs caused an accident. Mercury will say that their customer refuses to cooperate with them. Even though there is proof by citations given out, they will refuse to pay up. It's that easy!! Mercury will stand by their phrase "Our customer won't answer his phone; therefore, we can't help you.” EXCUSES!!!!

I was hit by one of your insured clients while sitting at a red light. The impact was significant and totally destroyed the bumper of our 3 month old 2015 Elantra. There was a second impact which was about a quarter of the intensity of the first hit. Your insured driver said he was hit from behind because he completely failed to stop, and that the driver who hit him, failed to remain. There was no proof that he was hit by another car and there was almost no damage to his rear bumper so the impact, if there was one, was minimal.

So without a shred of proof that there was another car involved you taken the approach that your insured is only responsible for 50% of the damage to my car and will therefore only pay 50% of the cost of repairing it. Your insured driver admitted to full responsibility and said he was "distracted and talking to his daughter" and said everything would be taken care of. This is not acceptable and I can tell you for sure that if any of the employees of Mercury Insurance were in my position they would feel completely disgusted by this outcome.

This company shouldn't be in business. First month of having them they cancelled my policy for no apparent reason. I argued with them to why they did that and they couldn't give me a direct answer. I was never aware of the cancellation until after the DMV had send me a letter stating that I had no insurance on my vehicles for about 26 days and my driver's license was suspended. This company went far beyond and I hate them so much and I wish them the worse for the rest of my life.. Scumbags. Pathetic **. Losers.

I noticed some moisture under the kitchen mat, so I used a paper towel to wipe up the moisture and I noticed a mushroom growing between the bottom of the dishwasher and the tile where they butt up to each other. I called Mercury Insurance and they said a leak detector man will come out paid by them. He came from Menifee, which is over 80 miles from our house, and took the dishwasher apart and said the inlet valve is no good and it's dripping under my cabinets; the toe kick plate is damaged and I have water under the tile and I need a restoration company. He disconnected the dishwasher and said Mercury would send out their adjuster. He came out 2 days later and took pictures. He said several times they do not cover this usually, but he took my information about the mushroom and the wetness on the floor. Mercury sent a letter stating they will not cover this since it was going on for 30 to 60 days or more.

We called them and told them we just noticed the mushroom and the dishwasher has been working fine. They said that by law with every insurance company, you have to let them know within 7 days. We told them we just noticed, but the leak detection man they sent out first wrote on his report that we knew of this. I have had 3 other leak detection companies come to my home and they have all said no one would know this was going on because it is under the dishwasher and it's a slow leak that can not be seen. And unless you take the dishwasher apart, who would know it was happening? Also, the dishwasher worked fine.

We called American Home Shield since we have them for anything that breaks in our home and they sent a plumber out and he said no one would know that the inlet valve was rusted and leaking since it's under the dishwasher. Another inspector came out and he said the same thing: no one would have known since it was under the dishwasher. They set us up with their own people so they could tell us, “No, it's not covered.” Meanwhile, this is going to cost us about $3000 to $4000 and I would not recommend Mercury Insurance to anyone. We have been with them since 1997 and we have our cars and our home in California with them. We found out they put a charge on my husband with an accident that was the other person’s fault in 2007, which the other insurance company paid $809 for the bumper. Mercury Insurance put it down that my husband was the cause. Mercury Insurance is a nightmare: don't do business with them.

What I like about Mercury insurance is that they have really competitive rates and you can call their customers center anytime. When I got Mercury insurance it was very easy to buy. An agent came to my office and gave me a lot of options to choose from. We explained everything in detail and helped me choose the best options for my needs. What I don't like about Mercury insurance is that sometimes their rates keep going up for no reason and I have heard their claims take a long time to be resolved.

A client of Mercury rear-ended my truck a few months ago. The driver was not only drunk, but belligerent, yelling and cursing me in front of my children. The driver tried to leave the scene, but bystanders stopped the driver. Since the accident, my daily routine has been altered and I can't do things like I was able to, without assistance. Mercury does not want to cooperate with my attorneys, even though their client is 100% at fault.

I purchased my auto insurance over the phone and the person who helped me was very professional and answered all of my questions and concerns. Most of their communications are easy to understand and they are available 24 hours a day about every day of the year. They are very responsive when I have questions.

They also have a great website and I was amazed at how easy it was to work with. They have many different modes of payment which makes paying much easier. I was very pleased with them as a whole. It was much better than I ever expected.

I had started an insurance policy for my daughter who had some "tarnishes" on her driving record. My name was on it but I had my own insurance for my car too. I paid $900 down and $500/month for my daughter. About 3 months in, after all of her tickets hit the 3 year mark, I checked with my current insurance and could get it for $200/month cheaper so I added her to my policy and cancelled the Mercury policy. Standard policy is that you get reimbursed for your premium if you paid for the month and you cancel before the month is over. Girl said to me on the phone that my refund would be entered into the same account they have on record. So about a week later, I check and make sure it's cancelled. It is. So a few days after that, I log back in to see if there was a refund record and to email the company and I see that they had a charge for $50.

So now I'm reading online that they charge you cancellation fees and don't refund your premiums. This certainly was never discussed with me and I think it's pretty unethical to charge you for a month that you don't have insurance. I put a big down payment down so I should have been overpaid for this, charging me extra just shows what type of awful place this is. I certainly hope that anyone reading this will at least consider someone else as this place is awful.

My insurance purchasing was a breeze. I was able to do everything over the phone and was emailed a receipt within minutes. Customer service was great. Everyone is so helpful. The website is so easy to use. The paperwork was clear and easy to read. Their policy is more than the state minimum's and way cheaper than my last company. The only issue I ran into is my policy was quoted one thing then being more expensive after I paid for it. Also, a local office would be nice. I like to be able to talk to and ask questions face to face. If I were to ever have a claim it would be nice to have a local person handle it.

I had Mercury Insurance for our vehicles for two years and we never actually had a claim on the policy. Every term, our policy price increased. I wasn't aware that policies should increase for good driving. So, I decided to shop around and found a company with exact coverage that cost us $400 less per year. Upon cancelling my policy, Mercury charged me an excessive fee and penalized me for shopping around. What a terrible company and terrible customer service. I pleaded with them to refund my money and prorate the 4 days I had used the policy, but they rudely declined and just stated their terrible policy. Stay away from Mercury!

A month ago a car insured by Mercury Insurance hit me the back of my car. Mercury Insurance accept full responsibility of the driver but it took two weeks and a half to send me the adjuster. He and the body shop agreed with the amount to get my car fix. As today I don't have the decision to fix my car. How long do I have to wait in order to get my car fixed. The insurance company is good at getting the money from the clients - TERRIBLE (!!!) when they have to pay.

Mercury Auto Insurance is affordable with the rates as low as possible. It has different options one can apply for. It not only has auto. They also have life insurance, housing loan and renters insurance. However, it's not good for someone that has a ticket record. They don't allow to pay yourself. Auto payment and if there is a bad driving record the insurance tends to be high and one will end up saying, "This is expensive" but it's still affordable for low income earners. But they make life easy for people and help find good deals too.

I was quoted $107/month for my premium. I signed my docs and got my insurance card and figured that was that. The following month I received a bill and was SHOCKED to see my premium increased almost $100/month to $195. I called customer service and was told that my 'discount' was removed because they never received proof of prior insurance. Really? I was never ASKED for proof of prior insurance. OK. So I emailed them their docs. They tell me it's too late to change my bill for $195 because there's no possible way to change that once it's been billed and they're going to take that out of my account no matter what so I complain because basically I'm spending an extra $100 for absolutely NOTHING. Next someone named "Onika" tells me that my rate will be lowered afterwards to $76/month so I'm happy and hang up.

Then I get a voicemail from underwriting so I call back. My docs I submitted aren't accepted because I started my policy with Mercury 2 days before my old policy expired. WHAT? That makes no sense. They tell me I can remedy that by sending my prior, PRIOR insurance declaration page. So I scramble to find that and I send it. Then I call back, YET AGAIN, and the person I talk to says that the new docs I submitted aren't any good and my rate will still go up to $115 a month and I can't get my extra $100 back. So, I tell him that I spoke with ONEIKA who assured me my rate would go down to $76/month after this month's bill. "I don't know what she was talking about. I don't see any notes like that in the system!?" he says. WHAT!? What kind of company is this? I do not understand and I am SO FRUSTRATED!!

On March 20, 2015 I had an accident due to the other driver running a stop sign. I did not have rental insurance from my insurance company. However Mercury Insurance found their insured at fault and reimbursed my insurance for the damages but won't reimburse me for the rental car that I had to rent because my car was unsafe to drive. My car had over $4k in damages. It is now July 29 and I am still fighting with them for my reimbursement. I call the claim rep Melissa ** who NEVER picks up the phone. I leave messages for her but I don't get a response. I was told they will only cover 12 days which is only about $400 and I had the rental for more than 27 days costing me over $1k. I should not be held liable for something that wasn't my fault to begin with. They are unprofessional and a horrible company to deal with. I would never recommend this company to anyone nor would I ever use them.

I give to Mercury 0 star. I really have a bad, bad experience. When I needed a roadside assistance, they sent me a young man that couldn't change the flat tire. Instead he damaged my car (Mercedes) and now the insurance refused to fix it.

I had two accidents being rear ended. In one, they put me at fault claiming that my lane change was unsafe. That can be argued, but I can see how it can be argued both ways. In another accident, I was rear ended by a person who claimed that she was rear ended and therefore not at fault. My insurance did not pursue their insurance to pay for my damages. I just realized that Mercury is just happy to take your money and not want to do anything for you. They are negligent. Someone should sue them for negligence. It is amazing to me that in this country, companies can operate with so much obvious conflict of interest. They are happy to put this fault on me, put me in high risk category and charge me higher premiums.

Do not go with them. There are so many better companies there. They are not even a real insurance company. They are middleman and their claim adjusters are lazy and not motivated. I got better quotes from other much more respectable company.

I recently purchased a auto policy for our daughter online with Mercury Insurance. (The "front" company was Insurance Answer Center.) After a long, detailed process, the company found us a great rate, $650.00 for a six month policy. Unfortunately, we were being set up for the first phase of this scam. We paid the entire premium that day by credit card, and thought everything was taken care of. 2 weeks later, we receive a bill in the mail for $2,200.00 and a "deposit" of $650.00. Obvious bait and switch!!! I immediately called other insurance companies, and acquired a rate of almost 1/2 that of Mercury ($1,320.00 with State Farm). I canceled the policy that day and started our new insurance with the carrier.

Phase II of the scam: After having to make several phone calls to Mercury, I was finally issued a refund for the policy. You can imagine how surprised I was to see a refund of $310.00. I like to think of myself as a fair individual, and I didn't expect a full refund, as I did have their coverage for a month. (In retrospect, however, I did not know about the scam until I received the bill, which wasted 2 weeks.) That being said, I will absorb the one month. Unfortunately, I received less than 1/2 of the paid premium for one month's service. When I contacted Mercury, they tried to blame it on the "Insurance answer center." Bottom line is I paid someone's commission for an obvious bait and switch routine. We all work hard for our money. TAKE MY WARNING AND SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF TIME AND AGGRAVATION. Stay as far away from this scam as you can. There is a reason they have 1.something stars!!! Shop elsewhere.

I was assigned with an adjuster that don't care, inefficient and seems so confused with everything. This insurance company is very very poor. Please don't be deceived by them.

I change the lender of my home. Received letter from them that my mercury home insurance is not enough and I need hazard insurance. I tried to contact Mercury casualty insurance to discuss that. All I get is answering machine and no returns to my call. I think the mercury customer service is the worst. I am very unhappy with them.

If you are like me and have a tight bank balance to watch out for, I would not recommend using the auto payment option. When you sign up for it, they tell you your checking account will be debited on the same date each month, which in my experience is not true. It was set up to be paid on the 4th of each month, but has ranged from the 5th, 6th and now the 8th and caused my checking account to become overdrawn. And there were no weekends or holidays that would have kept them from billing on the day stated on the agreement. The automated payments are supposed to save everybody some time and money, but this only works with consistency, which obviously, they don't have.

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