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I enjoyed the plan and the customer service at MetLife. I was able to have this plan payroll deducted. This plan offered glass coverage with an inexpensive deductible. In addition, everytime I called the customer service was excellent. However, while I had great coverage, they did not offer a comparable price in my state. It was 2 times higher. And I was able to save over half my payment by switching. Also, it wasn't easy to monitor my plan online since it had an employer discount. I had to call every time.

The worst company to deal with imaginable! No way to change your Visa or MC online. You MUST call them, then either mail in a form, or fax them a form with all of your info HANDWRITTEN. After 4 phone calls, and 4 online attempts to find out if they had corrected our (already submitted) info, we gave up. NEVER do business with MetLife!

Received reasonable rate and covered with same as I had before. Discount through employment which is very important due to my state high rates. Easy deductions from paycheck or bank account monthly make it convenient. Got answer on 800 number right away for my question. Also can combine with home or rental insurance on one service and newsletters included. Got help to further lower insurance by taking state safe driver class online.

MetLife is extremely disorganized and their wait times to reach customer service agent are unbelievably long. First of all, if you buy an account online, they don't provide the online specific (MyDirect) phone number (800-295-7781 - took me about 3 hours to get this number) and the agents who answer can't find your account number and tell you your account doesn't exist. After I finally found out there was a MyDirect specific number with the only agents who are aware of or can access your account, I was unable to reach any because wait times were too long (45+ minutes), or they were unavailable outside business hours (9-5 pm CST M-F).

In addition to the above, the website is unclear and disorganized and often has glitches that kick you off and you can't access payment history. Further, they do not send you correspondence as to when your payments are due. Lastly, when you respond by email, they do not respond, despite the urgency of your request and their unavailability by phone. I've been insured for 20 years. This is HANDS DOWN the WORST insurance company I have ever used in my life. I will never use them again.

I had MetLife Auto through my parents at the time. And they sort of did their job, but were not that great to be honest. I hated calling them. Terrible customer service. Every rep gave a different answer to the same inquiry. They would promise to call back and never did. One even hung up on me once and that was the last straw. That was when I switched to Geico. Geico has better customer service.

I was hit by a drunk driver on 6/5/15. He hit us head on coming down the wrong way! My wife was coming up a one way when hit us and my 3 children. Patrisha ** is my adjuster, she has an nasty attitude. We're the victim here.

This is the worst company ever to deal with. I logged into my online account to complete some document for my policy renewal. There are no documents listed, even though I received 2 emails from them stating I needed to do this. The policy number I entered from the email THEY sent brings an error that says the policy doesn't exist. I tried calling them but was told since I have an "unusual policy" that they could only communicate with me via email... WTH!?? Payments are drafted monthly from my account, the policy has not lapsed, yet I have been locked out of my account that may or may not even exist.

All I wanted to do was check out their nonexistent documents and print a new card. The customer service clowns that I spoke with were both rude. I sent the email to communicate about my policy, actually twice now and asked for a return phone call or email to discuss and have yet to receive a response. So what if I need to make changes or cancel?? COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS and lacking customer service. I wonder if I even have coverage... But no one can communicate that with me. They sure have been taking my money. DO NOT USE THESE fools.

Is there a NO STAR rating option? A man that has MetLife insurance rear ended me. Was able to call MetLife the day it happened to start a claim. I got 1 phone call from the claim adjuster, Will ** to let me know the claim number and to contact him with questions. I called many times and left message after message for a return phone call. NOT ONE CALL BACK from him. I called to talk to anyone there to give me updates. They all said he is the only one to talk to for that claim. They even said they left him a message to call me. Again, NOTHING.

5 days later after not hearing anything back from MetLife I called and stayed on the phone and insisted on speaking to someone. Anyone that could give me an update. The woman I finally spoke to looked it up and noticed in the notes that it said "waiting for recorded statement" which at that time I recorded that statement with her. I'm glad that I was the one that had to keep trying to get ahold of someone to even get this far. She then tells me she will have Will call me. Again, days go by with no word. 2 weeks after the accident I call and spoke to his supervisor who then tells me that he will look over the file and give me an update the following day. Supervisor calls me and tells me it looks like they have to side with THEIR insured.

What the H!!! 2 weeks to get nothing done! Why couldn't the original claim adjuster, Will **, have called me back to discuss things? I am writing this review 3 weeks after the accident because I received a letter from MetLife/Will **, saying "After a careful review of the facts, we have determined that we cannot pay your damages at this time." Sincerely, Will **. REALLY!!! From Will ** who never returned a phone call. MetLife is a freakin joke! Obviously ignoring phone calls and messages. I see a number of reviews that I am not the only one being treated terribly by MetLife. TERRIBLE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!! If you have to deal with MetLife, have a lawyer be on the phone line with you every time. This has been my experience with MetLife Auto.

I purchased a car and thought I was going to have to stick with the same insurance company I was with which I did not like at all. The car place automatically set me up with MetLife and I'm extremely glad I switched. MetLife Auto's customer service is outstanding and I love everything about them so far. They really listen to us and they're great towards their customers. Their reply system once you send an email is instant. Their subscriptions allow you to pay yearly, quarterly, or month to month. It allows you to choose what fits best for you as a person. I felt in complete control over my payments and I'm doing really well at it. But like every other company if the price would to decrease that's always a good thing. And it would be better if we had our own personal calls and only dealt with one individual for our own issues.

Metlife ripoff. We have great auto records. But MetLife increase our auto policy 14% for a minor report (texting while driving). We have had other problems with our homeowner insurance. They are a horrible Company.

Thank god I am not insured by this company! Their claim handling is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. I was involved in an accident with one of their insured's. (MetLife has already accepted liability.)This is going on 3 months already and I have heard from the claims adjuster twice in that time frame. Both communications were because I initiated contact. I have contacted her 3 times but she has only responded to two of them.

They are dragging their feet on settling this claim and I'm pretty sure it's so I get desperate and take their first low ball offer. I don't know about you but this is not the kind of care I expect when paying large amounts of my hard earned money for insurance coverage. Delaying the process is only pushing me to get an attorney. In my experience there are much better insurance companies to be insured with. Think twice before turning over your hard earned money to them.

I had to change policies when I moved. I went to an insurance agent to help find the best deal for me. I like that MetLife Auto was the lowest cost for same quality of insurance. The phone app seems to be helpful though I have not had to use it. However, I would like them to give money back when insurance is not used. Other than that, I had a good experience.

My wife had MetLife and not once did they pay on any claims. All the papers came back "Denied" what a joke this company is and does money down the drain.

Purchase Metlife Auto in October 2015. Had them before through my employer. Never had any problems so I decided to come back. Can't say the same this time around. After having the coverage for about 2 months, I find out my policy had been canceled. Metlife indicated their underwriting department confirmed I had a suspended license. After several calls to NCDMV and having to obtain a driving record to prove that information was incorrect, Metlife reinstates my policy. However on my next payroll deduction, they take out 2 months. After calling and speaking with several associates, I'm refunded my money only to find out my collision has been canceled which is required in NC. They tell me they can't add it back. I ask for the steps to cancel the policy. I am told this can be done via email. My email is sent requesting cancellation.

A few days later, I find out it hasn't been cancelled. It had to be sent to a different department to be cancel, payroll deduction was still scheduled, and it would take 8 business days. My main issue with Metlife this time around is the fact for about 3 weeks straight, I had been calling regarding different issues and at no point did anyone relay all the information. I was only provided this information as I called. Had the information been given to me from the beginning, a lot of issue could have been resolved without all the back and forth.

Purchasing my MetLife insurance was fast and easy. I was in the middle of two different things and still the convenience, patience, and knowledgeability of the employee I spoke with ensures that my policy was set up in a timely manner. Also, I liked that they have a low monthly payment, easy understood policy, knowledgeable employees, wide range of coverage, and even the mascot is charming. Mostly though, they leave me alone unless there is an issue which is always promptly addressed. But there was no 25 year old price cut that usually occurs at the age of 25 which may be an error on my part due to the fact that I didn't call to inform them. However that may have been something I assumed to be automatic.

I've been a member for one year with my auto policy. I called to get my new house added onto my policy. They denied it because it needs some work. How am I going to get someone to work on my house if I don't have any coverage?? After reading all of these complaints, I'm going to go with someone else with my auto and home. This company sucks..

I'm low income. And I've called several insurance companies to get a quote and they all cost an arm an a leg and required a payment up front! With MetLife I was able to pay later and only had to pay $80 a month. Which was the cheapest policy I found and most reliable. The agent also helped me with secret discounts. They gave me an extra discount just for me being a single mother attending college. I was also able to get my insurance card right in my email and didn't have to wait for my information to come in the mail.

HORRIBLE! I cancelled the policy before it was even over because I could not manage it online! The MyDirect platform is so flawed you aren’t able to access ANYTHING online and it sends you in loops to even get help locating your own policy! I even called in for help one day because I needed a copy of my coverage (waited on the phone forever) and was told that MyDirect customers cannot be helped over the phone!!! It is exclusively an online plan yet the online platform does not function! After I cancelled I received a bill in the mail and I can’t even pay it online like the bill indicates because the platform doesn’t work!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MYDIRECT! We switched to Geico and are very happy.

MetLife Auto may not be the cheapest out there for my insurance, but they are the best with customer service so I don't mind paying a little more. They are quick to solve any problem I have had and to my satisfaction.

Hey, guess what! If you are insured with MetLife then you can run a red light, smash into another vehicle and not be held 100% responsible. That's right! I know because I am on the receiving end of the accident. MetLife has decided that since I didn't magically find a way to avoid colliding with their client that confessed to running a red light, that I was partially to blame. So hey, if you want to have an insurance company that lives up to the "I'm not to blame, no matter what" philosophy, then MetLife is the company for you!

They gave little details. Nickel and dimed total loss. Paid 23,000 for car. Totaled unfortunately 2 weeks later. Paid out 20,000 as loss. Penalized greatly when purchasing a new vehicle, will be leaving company soon. Company charges competitive rates but doesn't deliver when you have an accident. Nickel and dime on rentals and repairs and very poor Customer Service Rep. communication.

I don't have much interaction with my insurance company. I have only ever had one claim. It was dealt with quickly. I have called several times with questions and always got answers in a timely fashion. I find their rates a little high, but that seems to be because of my zip code. I don't actually live in Providence, but my town has the same zip code.

One star is too high but you don't allow zero. It is now over a month and my claim is not settled (see my earlier post). Conversations on the phone are courteous and meaningless. They'll say whatever's needed at the moment to get you off the phone and onto the next victim. "We'll call you back", "the check is in the mail", "we'll be sending a fax within 15 minutes", "we received none of your faxes", "we do not use USPS express mail", "the check is lost and we'll reissue". All of these phrases are phone speak for you're getting nothing out of us until we're darn good and ready.

My monthly payment was deducted from my account (paid in advance) on June 21 for my auto insurance. On June 25 I added my teenage daughter. On July 5 the policy was canceled as I found insurance that was a lot cheaper per month. The pro-rated amount between June 21 to July 5 was less than what I paid on June 21. I received a bill for another $85.28 from MetLife mid-July without any explanation of why I would owe them more money. They refused to speak to me about my account stating I went through a broker so I need to call the broker. My broker was just as frustrated stating he could not even get an answer from them as to why and that the billing did not add up or make sense. I spoke to my broker about 1 1/2 weeks ago and was told that they finally got it straightened out with MetLife and that I do not owe them any money.

Today I received a collection notice. MetLife sent me to collections and is still demanding that I pay them monies. For absolutely no reason at all. My broker told me that they have since dropped MetLife as I was not the only one this had happened to and that MetLife refuses to respond and is unwilling to correct their mistakes and he (the broker) was beginning to lose customers because of MetLife. I cannot recommend any company who cannot provide explanation of charges and refuses to speak to you about it. I have filed a complaint with both the NAIC and the BBB.

My grandson purchased a brand new truck, loaded, gave a down payment plus paid for TT&L and financed the balance. He insured the truck with Metlife. After having the truck for 8 months, he had an accident and they totaled the truck right away. They decided they were paying so much and that was it. My son talked to them and I emailed them not one, but several proofs of how much the truck was worth. Well, it only took them longer to finally decide they were only paying so much. Not only did they not pay off the balance of the loan, they also deducted $1,000.00 for the deductible.

I originally went with MetLife Auto and Home Owners about 10 years ago. I decided to go with them on the recommendation of my independent agent. At the time, I probably picked them more for price than anything else. However, after losing my home and everything in it to a fire, I will be with MetLife even if they are not the cheapest. They brought in a claim guy from their "Major Loss" department and I was very skeptical. They also brought in an arson investigator. However, once the cause of the fire was determined (an electrical component in the alarm system), I felt they were on my side and had my back at every turn! I expected to have to fight for fair settlements. They were very fair, expeditious, and awesome to deal with.

I have done a lot of work for Red Cross Disaster Services and have heard so many horror stories from people who have had major claims due to fires and hurricanes. Terrible stories of dealing with insurance companies who seemed so illusive, inattentive, and argumentative. I recently joined a warehouse club and the representative was telling me how much money the club's insurance saved them and that I should sign up for it. I told her I was not interested because I know the true test of an insurance company is not whether they have the best price, but more importantly, who is on your side when your world falls apart!

I first switched to MetLife from Amica because my premiums for two cars one of which no longer needed full coverage was almost $3,000/year and that was with zero accidents. Their explanation was my auto insurance credit rating and that there was a rate increase (I still have homeowners through Amica and don't have any complaints about them than the insane premium). I shopped around and MetLife had the best rate out of companies that I'd be willing to insure with. (Monthly premium went down to about 110/month). Not long after I switched, I wound up in two accidents. The first was a student that went through a stop sign and destroyed my bumper and damaged hood even though I clearly had the right of way.

The second was within the week where I was backing out and another car was backing out and we backed into each other. My car just barely had a scratch in the bumper from the second accident (other car was the same but their car was Brand New so they chose to file a claim so I did let MetLife know so they were prepared to hear from the other insurance company). It was about three weeks before I could bring my car in to get repaired for the first accident (that is how long it took the body shop to get the parts) and the deductible was waived since I wasn't at fault. The other one, MetLife determined fault was 50/50, and offered to repair my car, but as someone that likes to drive my car until they sure, it seemed a water to get such a minor scratch repaired. The following year, my premium actually went down. I was surprised after having two accidents so close in time.

Fast forward a couple years to December 2016. I had just finished paying off the loan of my car a couple months earlier. I was driving home in a snow storm and spun out because of the slippery nature of the road. Luckily I didn't hit anyone else in the process. I ultimately hit the wall on the side of the interstate, the side airbag deployed and my car was no longer operable. Called 911, picked up by ambulance and spent the night in the hospital due to a minor spleen injury. Car was towed. Overnight while I had nothing better to do and couldn't sleep, I called MetLife to file my claim so I could provide the hospital with the claim number, and MetLife arranged to tow the car to a place that won't charge for storage.

It took about three weeks to settle the property damage. The value they came up with was actually higher than I came up with (I was worried they would offer trade in value, they actually offered more than I would've sold my car for in good condition. I did have to get an extension on car rental because of the timing to buy my replacement, I had to have dealership hold my down payment because I didn't actually get the check from MetLife until the day after I purchased the car, but only had the rental until the next day. It worked out fine though. They paid all the medical directly, and while I'm not sure I think that amounted to about it $20k.

My premium didn't change when I got my new car. I just got my renewal and it did go up for the year by about $40/month. That is a nearly $500 increase from last year, but still cheaper than I was paying Amica by nearly $1k/year. I may shop around, but I'm not sure I will find a better deal. I'm not sure why others are having such bad experiences. They have made my claims go smoothly. I hope to not have any more accidents of course, but I'm thankful to have such efficient service.

My experience with Met Life was one of the easiest I can think of. The salesman came to my house and was a very sweet little man who wore a sweater vest and had the quietest voice. He sat and explained my policy to where I had no questions left to ask. He was very knowledgeable about his business. He became a quick family friend and we are still in touch today. He was always quick to call me or come when I needed him. And when I did have a claim, it was handled quickly and very easily. My policy included glass with no deductible. I like that I could call and pay over the phone. But there were no offices locally. If we needed to go to the office, we had to drive at least 60 miles to get there. Other than that I was highly satisfied.

I had MetLife for a long time and I really enjoyed this company. So I would definitely recommend them. They were always helpful and good priced. The only reason we had to change is because they don't cover the area in which we are living now.

MetLife is very trustworthy and secured for auto insurance. They are very popular and its features are very attractive and useful for customers. The process of getting the insurance is very clear, easy, good, and useful. I like all features the insurance offers for us. I recommend this company for everyone.

MetLife has wonderful customer service. I love my agent! He remembers my family every time any of us calls him, and is always so helpful! My only wish is for a good iPhone app.

I was involved in a car accident involving one of MetLife's clients. He hit and ran. Police got involved and a police report was filed. I then got in contact with Margaret ** of MetLife. She was very kind... for a day. She stopped returning my calls and when I would call and ask for a different adjuster, they told me she had to be the one to make the decision. After 7, yes, 7 voice mails and two months - Margaret returned my call and very rudely told me that her client claims he didn't hit me. Even with the police report (that specifies he HIT & RAN) they will not pay to fix my vehicle. I am now going through my insurance to fix the car. Every person I talked to at MetLife was impatient, rude, and not at all helpful. Go somewhere else for insurance. You'd be better off being insured by your dog...

On March 15th, 2012 I received from MetLife, Dayton, OH. **, my policy for the state mandated auto insurance coverage for next year. I was very surprised by the amount of my premium. Last year, it was high also but because I waited too long to obtain other insurance I paid the premium and questioned MetLife later about how they arrived at that figure. Much to my surprise, this is what I found during my little investigation.

Upon receiving my MetLife policy billing, I noticed that they gather some of their information from the company LexisNexis, (aka C.L.U.E Report, aka Choicetrust Report) and use that information in establishing their premiums. So I found a website where I could get a copy of the information they supplied to MetLife about me. I also learned that most all major auto insurance companies use LexisNexis or the A-Plus services to obtain personal information.

A copy of my Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E.) Auto Claims Report was obtained from the above website. The first thing I noticed on the report was that only three (3) of the eight (8) claims listed were in my name. Also my driver’s license (**) was indicated as well was my vehicle (Nissan ALTIMA 3.5) and VIN. The remaining five (5) claims were in my brother’s name and indicate his driver’s license and his vehicle (CHEV) and VIN.

The only thing linking my brother and me together may be our addresses. I moved into his home on February 1st, 2004 and lived there until September 23rd, 2011. Since September 2011, I have resided at my current address. So, if someone else were to reside at my current address I guess, I can assume that they also may appear on some future listings of my C.L.U.E. Reports. After obtaining all this information I called MetLife’s Customer Service. I was unable (blocked) getting beyond their telephone representative (Todd, I believe) so I had to put my questions to him for answers.

The questions I asked were how was my MetLife premium cost arrived at? He didn’t have that information available to him. Did Metlife use LexisNexis information in calculating my premium cost? He didn’t know what LexisNexis was. Could he tell me what information MetLife used in determining my premium cost? No, he did not have access to that information. I questioned him as to how MetLife goes about getting the information supplied to them from third parties, namely LexisNexis, corrected. I (the customer) would have to contact the third party (LexisNexis) and have them correct the erroneous information. Then I could call MetLife back at 866-312-8076 and request another quote.

In short, MetLife will not do anything to help me, or anyone else, in correcting erroneously supplied third party information. Of the three (3) claims that are in my name, claim 3 was for a deer that ran into my car on highway 49 in Grass Valley. The Highway Patrol wouldn’t even file a report on this incident. And the deer had no insurance coverage. I have uninsured coverage on my policy so why am I being penalized?

Claim 7 was to repair damage to my windshield from a rock that came off a truck that was in front of me on Interstate 80 over four (4) years ago. I wasn’t cited for driving too close, besides my policy stated that this coverage was included at no cost to me. Apparently, this is not an accurate statement. Claim 8 was for a windshield replacement so that I wouldn’t get a citation for operating a vehicle with no windshield. This occurred more than six (6) years ago. Again, my policy at that time also declared that this coverage was included at no cost to me. Apparently, this is still an inaccurate statement.

Additionally, someone named Janice in the Department of Motor Vehicles sent me a copy of my Driver Record Information on May 4th, 2010 and the only violation listed was from August 15th, 2009 for a violation of Section 22349B, a DMV Point Count of 1. This does not appear on my C.L.U.E. Report so I assume the DMV provided that information. I have had no other violations that I am aware of since that incident.

So, in conclusion I am asking the Department of Insurance to look into this matter and determine for me, and all other residents, just what information can be used in determining any Auto Insurance Company premiums honestly. Who is the responsible party for correcting inaccurate information from third party suppliers that the auto insurance companies use in determining their premiums?

My wife was hit by a driver insured by MetLife on 8/26/17. The other driver was 16, totally at fault and admitted that to the police as reported in the crash report. I contacted MetLife claims on Wednesday as they had not yet called me. They had not yet spoken to their insured. All I got was apathy and delays for three and a half weeks before I finally asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to Nigera **, who showed no patience and was outright hostile. She spoke over me constantly and finally said "We have 30 days to settle any claims and we are not there yet. I don't know why you are upset." I had explained to the original adjuster, Lisa **, that I wanted to get out of the rental car and possibly save them some money, to which she told me to just file with my insurance. The accident was not my wife's fault nor should it be up to my insurer to pay for this.

Lisa also lied on her file notes saying that she called me to let me know that after 3 weeks and 4 days that they had finally accepted liability. She never called to tell me that. I did get a call from their total loss department 5 days later with a terrible offer. I sent her comparable cars and they did bring it up some, but not near enough. Luckily, I have a much better insurance company covering me who gave us a fair offer and I will let them subrogate against MetLife. Not only did my wife lose a car that she loved, we got screwed over by MetLife.

I have been with MetLife Auto insurance for OVER 20 years and have never had a problem with their service. The people are knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to reach. The problem I have is a feeling of being totally ripped off. In my complacency I never did a price comparison. In all those years I have had two accidents neither that was my fault. The first I was hit from behind barely moving along in rush hour traffic, by a doctor who was on his phone. The 2nd, I was coming home after being released from work due to the snow storm. This time I was hit by a truck who kept tailgating, operator again on his phone, and he totaled my car.

So I have an EXCELLENT driver's record over these past 2 decades - no speeding or parking tickets, either. I drive a 2004 Honda Civic, so it's not like I have a Mercedes. One day in a conversation with an 77 year old friend/horrible driver (her car is COVERED with scrapes and huge dents) I discovered she was paying less than half of what I was with the same coverage!!! I brought this to MetLife's attention and they kindly informed me that they cannot price match. This means for years, probably decades, I've been paying double for not having looked around to compare. I'm truly upset. Buyer beware.

I had a pedestrian run out in the middle of the street and run their head into the side of my car attempting to commit suicide. MetLife is saying I have to pay a deductible. I can't understand if the insurance company is supposed to make matters easy for you in times of trouble. Why are they making this so hard? Why can't they just go after the person who did this, take care of their client (me) and recoup their losses from the person who did this? I do not feel this is fair to me. Please advise.

Oh, have I got a tale to tell. First off, let me state this was one of the most unprofessional, incompetent, and verbally combative Customer Service Reps I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. If you ever call in and get a rep named "Kenda" Met ID **, request someone else fast.

Our story; my hubby took over insurance in 2009 and things went South. Overpayments, double payments, forced policies, you name it. I learned about these 2 weeks ago and have done massive amounts of research. We have 6 properties. Our personal home, autos, and boat are with Met (not for much longer).

1) Our insurance has increased approx. $400 a year with no claims. We are currently paying over 2 times what other A++ rated companies are offering.

2) The cost to rebuild a home in our area runs between $80.00 and $120 a square foot. Per Kenda, we are paying what amounts to $297.67 per sq ft. She even thought the replacement cost of our house (which was raised $500,000 in 1 Year!) was reasonable stating "I see this all the time". When explaining that we have 25 years in the construction field, her sarcasm amped up (she was actually yelling). I asked how they came up with that price, and she finally told me they use a formula provided by BOECKH (they are out of CA). She then refused to give me contact info, and just got nastier (got it myself while she put me on hold for over 25 minutes).

3) My favorite, apparently, they requested payment from my mortgage escrow account. For my Auto Policies, When I asked about those funds, Kenda stated all the funds they receive go into one account, called a "ledger", and then are sent to the policies that need payment. There is no way to really track these funds once they hit the "ledger" (according to the charming Kenda). Can you say co-mingling of funds here? Well, escrow accounts are federally regulated (RESPA) and dipping into my bank account, unauthorized is fraud (I am a Criminal Analyst). Class action lawsuit anyone?

Their pricing is the most reasonable of all the quotes I received, customer service is excellent (I haven't - knock on wood - had to file a claim so far). They answer questions clearly. Making changes to the policy is painless. At last year's renewal my premium actually went down by a few dollars. What's not to like?

Metlife Insurance has been great for me and my family so far. While I haven't had to file any claims yet, I have only received positive customer service from adding or removing a vehicle from my policy. Plus, they offer a wide variety of discounts to keep your premiums extremely affordable and their level of coverage is on par with any other auto insurer out there. Although I have had Metlife for several years, my premiums have barely increased. I have been very pleased with Metlife so far as well as my local insurance agent, and I will continue to use them in the future.

Fast, cheaper and competitive. They were able to give a better rate at the time of purchase. I like the fact that was very easy set up. And maximum coverage for collision and comprehensive. Very excellent service.

MetLife Auto is the insurance company that fits my lifestyle. It has a good reputation and is not a fly by night company. However, rates of all insurance companies seem too high for seniors. You would think that an older good driver would get a substantial discount. I hope to find such discounts in the future. But other than that, MetLife Auto works for me.

It was easy to purchase the insurance through an agency as part of my benefits so that took a lot of work out of looking for insurance. Also the money to pay the bills is deducted from my paycheck so I don't have to worry about paying bills for my policies. I don't pay a separate fee for this and I get an 8 percent discount for paying this way. I like the fact that I can combine several policies and get a discount the more items I have covered under the policy. Also they give discounts for safety factors in my car and for safe driving. They are easy to do business with. The price seems to be a little higher than other insurance companies though and I don't have a local representation to handle any problems but have to deal with an 800.

I had been paying about $1600 a year for my car insurance and I just assumed that's what collision insurance costs in New York, plus I had a minor fender bender years ago. Recently I bought a new car and they increased my insurance cost to over $2000 per year, so I finally looked into other companies. Progressive offered me the same exact coverage for $900 per year... I double and triple checked and yeah. I was being ripped off by MetLife. Switching to Progressive was super easy, but ending my policy with MetLife - yikes. It took several phone calls, dropped transfers, an email that was sent to the wrong address because the person on the phone didn't care to make sure they had the right address, I had to mail them a form, and they still messed it up.

I got a bill for almost a year's worth of coverage, instead of the half a month I actually owed. So incompetent. So this led to more phone calls, the customer service rep didn't even acknowledge how ridiculous this bill was, just told me the amount I actually owed, and when I went to pay it online, of course their online payment service was not working. Another phone call, at a snail's pace, and I finally paid my last bill to MetLife. That company needs to move into the current millennium.

Unbelievably poor. Your system requires me to give them at least one star, as 0 is not valid. What is this if not 0. Two weeks after my accident, my car continues to languish in the Ford dealership, without any repairs begun. I have had to pursue with phone calls repeatedly and while each representative has been sympathetic and courteous, the system cannot be moved. The other car was cited by police, but Metlife says their insurance refuses to pay so I must pay $500 deductible and they will not pursue the other insurance on my behalf.

Recently submitted a vehicle collision claim for repairs. Received a phone call from a "Claim Consultant. Questions? I'm happy to help" requesting that I call her to discuss the claim. I have called her extension over a dozen times in 3 days & left messages requesting a return of contact. I have received NO calls, nor email communication. Disgraceful & unprofessional behavior.

In the almost 20 years with Met, we have had 3 car claims and all were handled with courtesy and perfection by Met.

My son had his Saturn destroyed in a hit-and-run. Met even persuaded a rental company to provide a rental although my son was under 25. The adjuster added value for new tires and radio we had added resulting in a very fair settlement. I brushed against a part protruding from a truck in a parking lot and tore up my bumper cover. Told the adjuster the shop I preferred and he said that's the shop he'd use for his own car. Rental provided and no increase in rates.Came out of grocery to find driver's door on my Corolla torn to hell and bent by unknown party. Spoke to Met adjuster and was told to get estimate at my preferred shop. When I got there, Met was on the phone with shop foreman asking for damage pictures.

Claim immediately approved and rental extended when a part came late. I love Met and recommend it to all.

I've had MetLife for years. Their fees are reasonable and customer service is better than other leading providers. It's a great company but their online and phone customer service could be better.

MetLife Auto has good customer service so I like it and use it until now. It has great features and the policy's cheaper, and if you retire, leave your company or go on leave, you can still continue your coverage without interruption or change. You'll still have access to all your policy benefits and so I will continue to use it in the future.

I purchased auto insurance from this company under the impression my monthly payments would be around 195 a month from the initial quote. As a driver under 25, that was the best I could find in AZ. Only to get to the purchasing part and find out it goes up to 250 a month due to an accident that I was not involved in. I sent my driving records to the underwriters and waited almost two weeks before I was told the accident is still valid and refused to change it. Managers do not call back and the underwriters don't take calls. Horrible waste of my time and my money and would never recommend.

Metlife Raised my Rates after the first accident. I have had them for 5 years. Not sure why they did but it was the first accident in my life.

I won't be renewing my policy with MetLife after being treated as if I'm an inconvenience to them. We have multiple vehicles insured and I had always paid on time. I got into a minor car accident recently and had to get a rental. I didn't know what my daily maximum coverage was for the rental so when we called MetLife, they found our policy but couldn't locate a valid claim #. There was a lot of going back and forth. I was allowed $50/day rental coverage but I opted for a $15/day car. My car was a 2 day repair but I had additionally work done paid out of pocket for the repairs since it was already in the shop, why not. MetLife said they were only suppose to cover 2 days worth of rental fees but when I told them that my job doesn't make it easy to work around the shop or rental car schedule, they would only cover 5 days instead of the whole 8 days I had the car.

You would think that that's whole reason why you have insurance was to deal with the inconvenience of an accident. It's not like I rented an expensive car to take advantage. I will pay the extra 3 rental days MetLife failed to cover for me. But as a loyal customer fighting with them over $45 I will not renew my policy with them. That just goes to show how much they care about their customers. It's called life. Things happen! Not everyone has a 9-5 job and I will not drop my job (I save lives everyday!) just to meet a deadline to save MetLife $45 they can't bend to help a customer.

My daughter (a listed driver on my insurance policy) was plowed into by a driver who ran through a stop sign. After the insurance adjuster examined my vehicle, he considered it to be totaled and estimated that the car was worth $2,000.00 LESS than what I owe on the car loan. I disputed this with my "Claims Rep." who said he would look into it and get back to me. Well he never did. The whole claim was "settled" by them behind the scenes. I didn't even know the claim was closed until I called the place I send my car payments to and I was told they received the settlement check from MetLife and I would still be billed each month for the balance on the loan. Yes I have heard of purchasing "gap" insurance but seriously? MetLife will most certainly recoup all their money (from my loss) by the at fault driver's insurance company. What skin is it off of their nose to reimburse me for my total loss?

Now I am making a car payment each month for one car that is on the road and another car that is sitting in a junk yard! They do NOT have the customers’ best interests at heart and they do NOT work with you. The last time I called (to get an actual person to answer a couple of questions for me regarding some forms they mailed out for my signature), the estimated wait time was 15 MINUTES!!! I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. This accident happened on 01-May-2017 and I am still steaming about the rotten service and treatment they "provided"! I am in the process of changing car insurance companies. It's a bit of a hassle but I know it will be well worth it in the long run to dump this outfit. Another person who wrote in to complain called them shysters! That person is absolutely correct. My advice is to avoid them at all costs.

My husband and I purchased a car last September 2012 and we were looking to switch insurance companies and the company he works for endorses MetLife. It gave us a lot of benefits so we decided to go with them. We insured both cars that we had at the time and everything went well for the first 8 months, and then at the end of May 2013 my husband's Dodge Charger was repossessed and due to other circumstances we couldn't get it back. So 4 days after it was repoed my husband called MetLife to cancel the policy and have them stop taking money out of his check. They explained to him that they needed verification from the finance company to do that so he called them and had them fax over everything they needed, and they had all the paperwork within a day.

They claimed for over a month that everything was taken care of and that the deductions from his check would stop on the next pay period. Well that was false because 7 weeks went by and they were still taking 125.00 just for his car from his check. He called July 19 to request that a check be FedEx to him for the amount that they had taken and they said ok they would send it out on Monday July 22. It was coming from California so it should be here by July 24. He would receive an email with the tracking number that same day they said.

Well someone screwed up because it was sent out by regular USPS mail and it is now August 11 and we have received nothing from them and every phone call my husband has made to either MetLife or his payroll for his job to fix this has gone unanswered and just thrown to the side. No one wants to take any sort of blame for this and it is getting tiring. I am dreading this Friday because I know they're gonna take another payment from his check and we're gonna be stuck making a million more phone calls for it to be fixed. After this situation is fixed we will be changing our auto insurance company and I plan on letting anyone know who may decide to use MetLife for auto insurance to go elsewhere because their service is just HORRIFIC!!!!

I have been a customer with MetLife for 9 years. I had one at fault accident and a minor speeding ticket more than a year ago. There were some not at fault incidents in my policy but I received a note from MetLife mentioning all these not at fault incidents combined with the 2 at fault incidents as a cause to not renew my insurance. How can an insurance company cancel a policy just based on 2 incidents? This is a very harsh move on their part for a customer who has been with them for 9 years and this clearly shows that they don't value their customers at all so be careful while buying a policy from MetLife Auto.

After being with my former insurance company for years, I learned about MetLife through some coworkers at my former job. What I loved most was that my auto insurance was able to be taken right out of my paycheck every week before I even saw it. I signed up and was very happy. In January 2016 my family and I moved to another nearby city. In February 2016 I changed jobs after learning months earlier that my employer would be closing their doors. I immediately called MetLife to give them my new address information and pay my insurance premium because I knew it would no longer be coming out of my paychecks when switching employers. I gave them my card number over the phone and paid $514.00 on 02/19/2016 for 6 months worth of my auto insurance.

On August 11, 2016 I was in a minor car accident - someone backed into me in a parking lot and caused some front end damage on my vehicle. The police were called and a report was filed. I was later informed by the police department that they could not give me the information of the driver that had damaged my vehicle, due to the law and that my insurance carrier would have to request that information and I would have to go through the insurance companies to get my vehicle fixed.

On August 16, 2016 I called MetLife about the accident, wanting to get my car fixed. I was told that I was no longer insured through MetLife and that they had canceled my policy on June 9, 2016 after sending my renewal notice and not receiving a response. I was shocked. I explained that I had not gotten any type of renewal notice and that if I had gotten it it would have been paid because I have a loan on my vehicle and need to have insurance at all times. Additionally, I did not understand why it would have been canceled on June 9, when on February 19 I had called and paid for 6 MONTHS of insurance.

After much debating about whether or not my insurance policy should have been canceled, I learned that when I had reported my address change back in February, whoever took my information over the phone typed my new address information incorrectly. They had my correct street address, correct city and state, but the zip code in the system was one digit off; the person had entered a 4 as the last digit rather than a 1.

Me, being a logical person, I could understand how someone might hit the 4 accidentally, rather than the 1 on a number keypad. I explained that the incorrect digit had been entered and that had to be the reason I had not received the renewal notice. When I Googled the zip code that was actually entered, rather than my correct zip code, it came up as a city approximately 90 miles away from me. I assumed that after realizing the mistake was on their end, everything would be ok and that we could figure it out and get my insurance reinstated. This was not the case.

After several calls and debating about the situation, I got to a point where I was so upset and couldn't even speak about it anymore. At this point my boyfriend began talking to the MetLife representative about it. The MetLife representative told my boyfriend that MetLife quit receiving my automatic payments from my paychecks sometime in December of 2015 and that when I called in February 2016, the 6 months that I was paying for was to include the amounts that had not been paid since December. That is not true.

Since my former employer has closed their doors, I contacted the corporate office of the company in Arkansas and requested my last 3 months of paycheck stubs from my employment with them. The information I received shows that my MetLife insurance was being taken out of my paychecks through February 4, 2016. I want to know what happened to the money that I paid to MetLife from December 2015 when they claim I quit paying it, until February 2016, when my documentation shows that I was still paying it. I want answers!!!

This incident is destroying my life simply because some incompetent MetLife representative couldn't type my zip code in the system correctly so I could get my renewal notice and question where my money went at that time. Because of the incompetency of this company, I now have a damaged vehicle that I cannot get fixed, I learned that I was driving around for 2 months unknowingly without insurance (thank God nothing more serious happened), I am now forced to pay twice as much for insurance because I am coming up in the system as having been uninsured. And I still have no answers as to where the money went that I had paid from December 2015 to February 2016.

If youre in a accident with anyone who has Metlife beware. They will do or say anything not to accept liability. I was hit from behind by a Metlife policy holder. She got a ticket for following too close. 5 days after the accident they are still horsing me around. The claim adjuster came out trying to low ball the repairs. Take pictures and get telephone numbers from witnesses. Met life sucks...

On Friday, January 13th, 2017 one of their insured hit my Mimi Van and totaled it. He tried stating I hit him from behind, I'm including a picture of his car, there's absolutely no damage to the back of this car in this picture. Thank goodness I got this picture, the police were going to charge us $30 to get all of the pictures of the accident, it would have been out of our pocket. My car was hit from the side front corner in front of me and his trunk came up and almost hit my windshield. (I had a completely accident free driving record, never been driving a car ever when there was an accident.) The police came and filed a report stating he was at fault. I immediately filed a report with both companies, mine and his. Mine Progressive, got back to me next day. His, NEVER called me.

I had to call them several times and NEVER reached the person assigned to my case. They made it sound like there was a problem with his coverage. I found out it was just that he was not getting back to them to give them his report of the accident, instead Insurance Company, I had it recorded statement from him and they were able to give it to MetLife. After that they finally said they would accept responsibility for the accident and pay it. A week later I call them and they still say they can't do anything about it if they didn't have any of the proper information about my van that was sent to them two weeks earlier from my insurance company. So I had to call them for more times, get them then I had to call my insurance company and have her call them while I'm on the phone because they would not call me back ever and she was able to get them the proper information.

I'm still waiting for a check for the rental and the vehicle - it was 25 years old and had a hundred and thirty-five thousand miles on it. Progressive gave us in value of $1468 they're still fighting the cost from that life and we only went to the vehicles for two weeks, we had nothing to drive to get to work, we are self-employed, lost five days of work, had to pay for the police report out of her own pocket so that we're not getting it back. I am so disappointed this company. I wish I could scream. I do not recommend anyone ever going to them ever using them, they are a big rip off and they never do what they say. And most of the people that I talk to her office are so rude, it was ridiculous, there was no reason for it.

I wish MetLife would have had a way to sign up online, but the customer service agents were friendly and helpful. Once I called in and got set up, I was able to communicate directly with someone through email. I had a claim as well and they were prompt about paying it once it was submitted to them. I also like that they offered payroll deduction through my employer. But they were very pricey compared to my previous policy. Although MetLife offered a discount through my employer, they were still high priced compared to other companies.

I was in a rear end accident by a MetLife insurer in November 2017. She told me I can have her phone number and insurance card if I can just let her drive her son to school. I called the police and the officer came and wrote a report. My insurance company helped me to contact MetLife Auto insurance and talked to a female representative. She asked me for detailed information about the accident and assigned me to an adjuster. It has been over a month and half already. I called them many times and went to their authorized auto repair place to estimate the damage right after I got the police report.

In addition, four different representatives of my insurance company also called them. One of the representatives actually talked to the adjuster. This representative told me that the MetLife adjuster promised to call the insurer (the adjuster said the insurer never responded the phone before) that day. Even if the insurer doesn’t answer the phone, he (the adjuster) will resolve the claim right away. So far it has been another ten days. The adjuster left a message on my phone today and told me he left a message in the insurer’s answering machine. So the case is still pending after 53 days.

Had to add daughter to policy due to her turning 18. I have two vehicles and the gentleman that initially set up the policy stated he was going to set my daughter as not non-primary driver because she doesn't drive the vehicles. Upon checking my due date I noticed that they had me listed as a primary for one and my daughter for the other. When I spoke to a customer service agent I was told that the way they have to write the policy because they have two vehicles and two drivers; one driver can't be assigned to both vehicles??? I stated if she assigned as a primary my rate is higher due to her being a new driver. The agent continually stated she can't change it. I ended up canceling the policy.

This company has a reputation of respect and customer service. They are always available to answer customer questions. What they say is what they do. Even when you have left Allstate and tried another insurance company no others can compare. Allstate has been a trusted insurance company for me.

I have had bi weekly payments coming out of my pay for 2 cars and home insurance. My husband had 2 speeding tickets and we received a cancellation. I was paying them 660 a month just to insure 2 cars and 1800 a year for homeowners insurance. This just doesn't add up. 660 a month for 2 cars? I think they robbed me. This is fraud.

I like how they help me when I need help. They have 24 hour support so they can help resolve your problem. Like one time, my car broke down and they didn't give the funds right away. I called at 2 am and someone actually answered. I was actually surprised I talked to them about how they didn't give the funds yet. They took care of it right away. However, I dislike how you have to wait to receive your funds. But if you really need it you can call them. They should give you the funds right away. I don't blame them but I do at the same time.

MyDirect MetLife Auto is the worst company I have ever had. After I set up an online auto policy, they took my initial payment but after that I kept getting error messages so I called customer service many times seeking a resolution only to learn there is no resolution team or customer support for MyDirect Auto customers. And finally when someone did respond to an email I sent, he had the nerve to tell me I didn't have enough funds on my card for making the payment and I replied telling him he's a liar, I knew I had funds but they refused to say something was wrong with their website... Still have not been able to make a payment today so I'm done with MetLife.

Over 16 mo. ago a MetLife customer, with their auto insurance, ran a stop sign and broad-sided me. Their offer does not even cover my medical bill. I am disabled and they say I have a pre-existing condition. So I guess I cannot get hurt. They lied to us last year when they payed the min. for the car. They said it was state law we had to get a salvage title. Until my kids slammed MetLife on Facebook then magically was not state law. Pass this info on to others.

I have been a MetLife customer for 30 years! Today I received a "Notice of Cancellation or Nonrenewal." They say it is because of an accident two years ago, where I backed into a mailbox and sustained a small amount of damage to my car, and then another six months ago when my husband backed into a parked car and caused a small amount of property damage -- no bodily injuries or anything. 30 years I have been paying their premiums... I have good credit, I've never had a gap in coverage, and we increased the policy limits. What an insult. You are nuts to buy a policy with them.

Did not renew auto policy for July, 2018 and yet they charged my credit card. Now, after speaking with several people, was told to send an e-mail to request to cancel. Email was ignored, so I sent another, and response was: "You must show proof of a new policy, elsewhere, or that your registration has been handed in

or we will not backdate your request." This has been a nightmare, and no one cares to assist. I am not sharing personal information about another auto policy; it is none of their business with whom I have auto insurance. Thankfully, my credit card company has disputed the charge and I filed a complaint with the BBB, and will pursue legal action, if necessary.

I have an auto policy with MetLife, and I have had nothing but trouble since I had to cancel the business side of the policy. You see, I was laid off from my job in 2017 and did not need business on my car anymore. I called to cancel it and discovered that I needed to backdate it to when I was laid off. I had the adjustment for 2018, and was waiting for the rest to be backdated and adjusted. Sometime while I was waiting my policy was canceled completely and I didn't realize this until I received a letter from DMV! Ever since then it has been a nightmare!

Every agent I have spoken to gives me different stories. I received two checks that were verified on the phone, but apparently were not verified, because MetLife wants the money back. After long periods on the phone with MetLife, I finally got my policy reinstated. I still owe the money back. Two agents that were suppose to call me back never did. I have been threatened to have my policy canceled again. I have lost trust with their customer service completely, since I get different information all the time and blind transferred and cut off. I was told other agents I talked to were wrong. I am ready to go to the BBB! Don't get MetLife Auto!

I had a car accident. Was not my fault. The other person was at fault. I was at the light. I was injured. I had a concussion. When I was on the phone with them for an hour or two who knows to get insurance before I got off the lot. When I got the truck I was totally covered. We are trying to get the recording from that day because they are saying I only had State minimum. I had full coverage - uninsured, underinsured, comprehensive and collision and they're saying they will not pay for anything but the other party that hit me is paying me what they had because they were at fault and they admitted it.

But my pain and suffering on top of my bills were over the state minimum but my underinsured with MetLife refuses to pay. It is not fair and I need to get something done about it. They rake you out of your money. I've got plenty of proof with my bank statements. They paid my rental car. They paid for the totaled car but they will not pay me for my pain and suffering and the rest of my bills. What do you do. Go to Channel 6 news and where else!!! I would literally give no stars. I'm paying for an accident that was not my fault and I was sitting at a light and I'm still suffering from it.

Have been with Metlife auto insurance for several years, Never had a claim. In May 2014 I sold car, called Metlife immediately to change policy, (drop a car). Was out of country for several months. Upon my return, I received a policy update letter. To my dismay, The car I sold in May was still on policy. I have been calling every three weeks or so trying to get my refund on sold vehicle. Always same story, check will be issued in approximately 10 days.

It's been over 9 months now, still no check! And I received my new policy renewal, guess what! The car that was supposed to be dropped last year is still on policy. I don't think I can deal with these RUDE, Unqualified morons anymore. If they can't make a simple policy change, How are they going handle a claim? I'm calling the state insurance commissioner And Demanding a Full Refund. Metlife Sucks!!! Going with AAA. I'd rather pay a higher premium, knowing I can walk in any time to speak with an English speaking agent if need be.

I recently called MetLife to get a quote on adding an additional driver to my existing policy but did not authorize them to do so. I was simply shopping to compare rates with other auto insurance companies. I have my premium on autopay each month and when I checked the activity on my checking account today, I was charged double my usual premium. I called MetLife and they said that an additional driver was added to my policy which caused my premium to double. I told the agent that I did not authorize this change. I simply called a few weeks ago to get a quote but never requested this change in my auto policy.

To make this story short, MetLife will not remove the additional driver nor reimburse me for the overpayment. I cannot believe an insurance company can change one's policy without any authorization to do so and that simply asking for a quote constitutes changing my policy. They don't even have any information on the additional driver that I was asking a quote for, except for the name. This is illegal and should not be allowed to continue. If I don't get a resolution on this, I am dropping my coverage with METLIFE and go with another auto insurance company.

MetLife seems to be a very flexible and easy to use Insurance Company. Their staff always is available to answer my questions. I have had several very unique situations and for the most part the staff took care of my needs the first time. I am very pleased with the service that I have received over the past year. I like that they offer a discount through my employer and that it includes automatic payroll deduction for premiums. Their claims department also seems could be very responsive. However they do seem to send out an awful lot of mail that I don't always understand why I'm getting. It looks like policy changes but I haven't made any. It's a little confusing to get so many pieces of mail from them.

I've only had insurance with them for one month. The process of purchasing my car insurance was fairly simple and only took 30 minutes tops. They asked a few questions and pair you up with something that best suits you. I like that it comes directly out of my check weekly and I received a discount because of one of my jobs. As soon as my social security number was entered it popped up with my job and the discounts I could receive.

I've been with this company for about 15 or more years with no claims. In July and November 2015, I received cancellation notices from them. I had been driving without insurance for a month. I paid the July fine to the DMV for $330.00. I don't know if it was my fault or not. This happened again in November! The notice I received was postmarked two days before I received it. I've always paid my bill when I received it. They would not reinstate me and I facing the loss of my plates for 23 days and probably another fine. I am a good, careful senior driver. I'm with another company now, and I paid the full premium immediately. I'm happy that I'm no longer with Metlife. I live alone. I need my car because I can't walk to the store or appointments. I'm going to be without my car for almost a month and that is scary. My other bills do not "get lost".

I've not had much interaction with the insurance company. I have my payments auto deducted each month and it goes smoothly. Fortunately I've not had to make any claims so have no experience in that area.

Called and got a verbal quote of $3000 for multiple policies, auto and home. My son had an accident but I gave them all information and they pulled it from a database anyway, nothing was hidden. When the bill came it was more than $8000! I called to cancel the day I received the bill, they said they would not bill me for it due to their mistake but weeks later they deducted entire month payment from my paycheck (at the higher rate). They would not return my calls until I posted on BBB and contacted Illinois attorney general's office. They promised to overnight me a check to repay but a full week later and no check from them. They just lie and lie and string you out and this is how they treat a new customer. Imagine if you actually needed to file a claim. They are a complete nightmare, stay as far away from MetLife as you can.

I like that they ensure my welfare and committed to the care of people who have requested their service. I also like their responsibility at all times and the good attention they provide in their facilities. They should only improve in terms of costs and expand the service of cranes throughout the country. Otherwise my experience with the company has been very good. It seems to be an excellent company and I am grateful for their services.

I am satisfied with Metlife because I have been with them for over thirty years with no problem. I would recommend Metlife to anyone who is in the need for auto insurance .They are reliable, very nice customer service, also gives you discount on your auto insurance .The deductible is reasonable and they are very helpful when I need them.

The experience with MetLife Auto was very easy. I found the insurance through my employer's referral website that offers discounts and I contacted them by phone. They got me everything I needed for my coverage and at a price I could afford. They have even worked with me when I fell behind on payments. The fact that I get a discount through my employer, I didn't have to go to a local office and they work with me on the coverage I need. I have even shopped around to see if I could find any company that could beat them on the cost and have been unable to do so. The price is the lowest and their customer service is always available to help me when I need help and answer my questions, as well as being friendly in the process. MetLife Auto is a well-respected company that has been around for years and service different needs.

When I first got the policy I paid for the first month in advance. Since then each month the premium has been taken out of my bank account regularly. Now I go to cancel the policy and am being told that I have been paying for the previous month, not the month ahead. So I only get a tiny bit of my premium back that they withdrew from my bank today. Somehow they get to keep almost a full month of premium, of my money, and I have no recourse.

I spoke with a customer service manager and he reiterated some mumbo jumbo which came up to the same conclusion: "Sorry lady, we're keeping your money, about $129.33 that you gave us when you signed up for the policy." I received poor customer service when I was recently in an accident (not my fault), so I started looking elsewhere and found another company which gave me better service for less money. But this time I'll keep track of the fact that I'm paying ahead. My advice, don't deal with Metlife Auto policies, they rip you off.

I am an attorney and very upset. My rates are going up twenty percent. I was in the Stop and Shop store on Jan 1, 2016. My car was hit. MET hired former police officer would not accept my version. Have not been in an accident for over twenty years. Can't find RI insurance who will insure 1986 Alda Romeo Spider. Please


I have had an auto insurance policy with MetLife for 10+ years. I have consistently had wonderful customer service any time I have placed a call and I have found many benefits to using them for my personal insurance needs. Many years ago I had a car accident and the claim was resolved quickly and without delay. Currently I am able to make use of a tenure discount (for many years with the same agency), a discount through my employer, as well as a multi-policy discount (I also have renter's through MetLife). I have had no reason to contact MetLife in the past year or so and make use of their website to make payments as well as pull policy information as needed (replacing policy cards etc). The website could use some more attention and bells and whistles but generally it is very straightforward and easy to use.

My experience with MetLife has been very pleasant, sometimes rewarding. Would recommend them to anyone. Especially those that have to talk to a machine first.

Omg...I wish I would have read the reviews before wasting my time on this insurance company. The agent that gave me my plan was nowhere to be heard from when I needed him. That is until I threatened to go to another company. Even then it was by email not phone. Left many messages and still nothing. When I would talk to someone they had no idea of what I was talking about because he never left any notes or whatever. Very disappointed with them. Glad we got out early. Could not imagine if it was a emergency... Please do your homework. Thank you...

If you get into an accident with anyone who has MetLife be sure to get witnesses and a police report and any evidence that you can. They will try and scam you and not pay for damages even though the policy holder admits to being at fault.

I have MetLife for my auto. Never missed a payment for the last 4 yrs. Got in an accident and car was total. It's been 3 weeks and still no traction. They only give you rental for a week so am I suppose to take a cab after 7 days? They never answer their phone and always return calls 2 days later. Stop ** people around. I never had this issue with Geico or Progressive. I'm sooo switching ALL 3 of my vehicles. Chris ** you're the worst adjuster ever and I'll still be here waiting, waiting, waiting on your return call.

This company is trustworthy, and is always there so they can answer our questions, and if we have any issues they work with us to resolve them. If you have a question about your policy and if you want to go with another policy that meets your budget they are always willing to work with you. They answer all of your questions too. When you hang up, you are feeling more at ease and comfortable with the auto insurance company.

I have been with them for about 15 years. I also have homeowners insurance with them. I have never had any problems with them at all. I was in one serious accident and my car was totaled. They processed the claim quickly and gave me the check for my car so I could get a new one.

MetLife Home and Auto offered incentives for coverage with them for both homeowners insurance and auto owners insurance. We purchased our policy through a local small scale insurance agency. MetLife Home and Auto presents itself to the world as friendly and personable but all our interactions were completely electronic and or through the US Postal Service and therefore highly impersonal and unfriendly. They are a huge and thoroughly profit driven enterprise that had little or no contact with me except for some niggling little dispute over our need for flood insurance. They disgrace the good name and image of Snoopy! Any and all disputes were only resolved through the auspices and intervention of our local, small scale insurance agency.

I called them up, gave them my info and we were on our way. Professional and I loved how fast they were. I wouldn't change them for nothing. I'm so happy that I have MetLife. They rock. It's cheap and I love the coverage. They are very nice and helpful and they get right on it when you need them. Very easy to work with and make me feel like family. I feel like if I need them they will be right there and will talk me through everything and not make me feel even worse. They have my best interests at hand and that makes me feel safe. They don't treat you bad. All the other places I talked to were rude but not MetLife. They are good people I am getting my money worth.

Filing a claim was fairly quick after the tech came out to evaluate the truck. However, my favorite agent left and did not give us notice. I have contacted them a couple of times without a response. The female is not very customer friendly. She could not help me out with a request for coverage for the HOA.

On 2/11/17 an individual insured by MetLife auto backed into my car causing just under $2000.00 worth of damage. MetLife offered me 50% settlement. Knowing I was not at fault my insurance company sent the claim to impartial arbitration. Today 7/7/17 I was informed that a judge ruled 100% in my favor. I called MetLife to verify this information and when I would be reimbursed. I was told that they have not changed their position and now refuse to pay anything whatsoever. Guess it's time for legal action for a small fender bender. Glad it was not a total loss!

It took 5 phone calls and over 4 hours to get them to change my address when I moved. Then they jacked up my rate because in CA, the rate is affected by how many miles you drive. But I moved closer to my job, so now I would be driving half the distance that I drove before I moved. For some reason, they could not grasp this concept. Then randomly, they removed my safety driving course discount. It took another phone call and 1 more hour to ask why, and they said, "Oh, looks like someone made a mistake." So they put it back on but only gave me half of the discount that I had before they accidentally took it away from me. Terrible, terrible, terrible! While I was on hold, I contacted another insurance company and insured with them instead. When the MetLife guy came back, I told him to cancel my policy when it runs out next month. He did, but I just got a bill from them for my next renewal that I told him to cancel (sigh). I am not surprised. I just do not want to have to call them again to tell them that I canceled their insurance and their horrible Customer Service!

My husband and I have had our 3 vehicles insured through MetLife for 16 years. During that time we have had 0 accidents, 0 tickets, 1 new windshield claim and no other claims. Also, I have never made a late payment FOR 16 YEARS!!! This month, with the holidays & lots of other personal things going on, I missed my payment. My policy was cancelled when I was 2 weeks late. As soon as I realized (3 days after cancellation) I called to reinstate & pay my monthly premium. To my surprise I was told that there was a note on our policy, from the underwriter, stating if there is ever a late payment my policy should be cancelled & not eligible for reinstatement!

Two 40 somethings, with advanced degrees, perfect driving records & no history of late payments were declined a policy with no reason given as to why. We are incredibly low risk. However, this ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was able to get much better coverage (100,000/300,000 vs 25,000/50,000, $500 deductible vs $1,000 deductible, 30,000/60,000 uninsured motorist vs 15,000/30,000) for about $550 less per year, through a reputable company, despite 16 years of customer loyalty with MetLife. Do yourself a favor & go elsewhere!

I am shopping for new auto insurance. I have never filed a claim and I have an excellent driving record. I got a quote for my select MetLife Auto and it looked really great. So I bought the policy. Part of the requirements are for me to upload my proof of coverage. Well the website does not work. You can't log on and you can't get any help. I have called and been hung up on by MetLife employees and my policy does not go into effect for 30 days. So if this is how difficult it is to comply with the requirement, how ugly will they be when or if I should need to file a claim. So I cancelled the policy. And now I wait for a refund. Assuming I get one.

If you are looking for auto coverage avoid this one... It looks great on paper but they have no service. Anyone who thinks hanging up on a consumer who is just trying to do what was asked should seek employment in some other field other than sales. You do not get or maintain a customer base without service and respect for your customers.

I have the misfortune of having to deal with MetLife. A person with MetLife insurance hit my car (parked on side of the road in parking lot) and he backed his car without looking. He denied fault because he argued where I parked caused this accident, rather than his own fault that he did not look at his surrounding while backing. My car was not blocking him from coming out.

Anyway, I filed my claimed the same day and my insurance finished their investigation the same day (on New Years day!). I filed claim with MetLife as the other guy did not do so after couple of days. Been 2 weeks and MetLife still has not finish their investigation (tool 1 1/2 week for them to get recorded statement from their policyholder!). Every time I called, I forced to deal with the claim adjuster assigned which she does not answer the phone at all. All calls automatically goes into her voice mail. I tried to talk to another agent but she couldn't help very much and she indicated she will have the agent call me back. Have not heard back from her. Unreasonable length in settling claim process. Unable to reach the person handling the claim causing undue stress.

Purchased through a broker in which the broker checks the market and other companies to see what is the best insurance fit for my family. I like the price of MetLife and easy to work with regarding a claim, including repair shops of my choice. Brokerage company routinely checks for best coverage for me, and MetLife has been the best for several years. But I wish they would have lower premiums and maybe offer a class to teenagers or elderly drivers to improve driving capabilities and the lower the premium for those taking the class.

My experience was awful and I'm not even insured with them the guy the hit me was. He rear ended me as I sustained injuries. I was told because of minimal damage to my work van they will settle for the least amount. I would hate to see what happens for the people that are actually insured with them. They don't return calls. I knew I should have just went with a lawyer to begin with. This is the worst insurance company I've dealt with.

It was very easy to obtain insurance through this company. A simple phone call and a few questions was all it took to complete the transaction. They were also very helpful when I applied. The price was very reasonable, representatives were friendly and courteous as well. They offer options for billing, either monthly or biannually which is convenient. They also mail your bill early enough to remind you when payment is due.

MetLife Auto is a great auto insurance company. I have used them for more than 20 years and I have always been very happy with my insurance through them. I like the fact that I am able to access my policy and pay my bill online after MetLife website. I also like the fact that they give money off of your deductible when you have an accident free. Furthermore, the group rates that I received through the New York State Teachers Association are reasonable compared to other insurance companies I have looked into. Lastly, whenever I had to make a claim on my auto insurance, they have always been professional, courteous and process my claim in a timely manner. I would recommend MetLife auto insurance to anyone looking for reasonable auto insurance.

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