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We chose Metlife Dental Coverage (I do not call it Insurance) since she needed more than just preventive dental work. We have been paying monthly premiums for 18 months now. Her preventive checkup was covered. Her other dental work (that required a 12 month grace period to be covered) is turning into a giant project just to try and get her claims noticed. Although the claim info have been sent in multiple times, each time we call in to check on progress we get a new person, who tells us a different fax number to send the claim info to. I do not recommend Metlife as a Dental Prepayment Plan. I think it is a scam.

Beware - Metlife claims that you can get two dental cleanings a year but they will look back at claims they refused to pay in 2016 and use that as a starting date for why they can not pay for the two cleanings in the current year. Certainly cheaper to just pay out of pocket and skip this type of coverage. Seems like they want to create rules to not pay out on claims they they should be covering.

I had a dispute with a preferred provider dentist. My EOB's gave me the total I was responsible for. The dentist disagreed. Their EOB is different. It doesn't include the patient responsibility. They just figure tack it on anyways. The dentist agreed I was paid up. 6 months later he now wants to renegotiate. Insurance company doesn't care.

I recently paid out of pocket an out of network periodontist for 2 visits. The office staff submitted my claims for reimbursement. I checked on the claim 30 days later to find neither had been paid. I called Metlife, (which was not easy, as it is almost impossible to reach a real person or one that speaks English). I was told by a representative that they needed charting before they would pay. I called the dental office to ask that they send the charting. They sent it that day. Neither the dental office nor I had been notified by Metlife the claim had been denied, it was just luck that I checked on it.

Now over 30 days later I am still waiting on my checks to reimburse me. I was told that Metlife could not reissue for lost checks until they were outstanding at least 30 days. I am certain the checks have not been mailed. What is the chance the USPS could lose both checks? The checks were supposedly mailed October 25th, and today November 12th I am still waiting.

HORRIBLE! I was misled prior to signing up. I was told by its Representative that for major work there is a 12 month waiting period. I asked if a crown is considered major work. The answer was yes. My dentist was in the network. I waited the 12 month period for a crown. But when I submitted my claim for reimbursement. It was denied with the excuse that the extraction occurred prior to enrolling. During the question/answer with the Representative, I was NEVER told about that the EXCEPTION for major work coverage was a PRE-EXISTENT CLAUSE. Every time I called, every customer service gave me a different answer about the same question. I ended up paying every month Metlife Dental high premium and my crown.

My husband has been carrying this insurance since January 1, 2017. Imagine our shock when our dentist called to state our claim was denied. Metlife apparently, after sending out ID cards, and having the monies deducted from his paychecks twice a month, is claiming he never enrolled! Multiple calls and supervisors later, the issue has still not been resolved, and we are no closer to a resolution than when this first began. No empathy, nothing but a curt "there is no coverage" has been uttered. I am half tempted to report them to the insurance board since this is absolutely ridiculous.

If I could leave a 0 star rating I would. I have submitted 6 claims in 2017 for basic dental cleaning. MetLife Dental is 0:6 in processing the claims without running through hoops and waiting MONTHS for the refund. Every time we submitted a form we were denied and told we were not members, I would email them to straighten it out with the denial reference number they provided and every time their automatic response was, "Don't have a claim for that person." If they didn't have a claim, why are they sending me a denial?!

I would have to tell them to look again and magically the claim would appear OR they would never send a denial or a check and they would tell me that I have to mail it in again and wait 30 days. I am pretty sure that is exactly what I did the first time and clearly they were unable to open an envelope and properly file paper. I'm confident the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Now they have sent the dentist office my refund which means they were double paid and I am out $250 and I have to fight with my dentist office to get the money back. The last refund that I had to chase down took 6 months to get my money back and by the time I was finally refunded I had another appointment for a cleaning and the fight has started all over again with the same crap! Customer service is some of the most poorly trained people I have ever met. If I could leave them I would but it is the only dental insurance offered through my employer so we are stuck. TAKE WARNING!

My MetLife dental insurance ended 8/31/2014. However as of 2/9/15, MetLife has continued to bill my checking account each month. I have contacted them and they have assured me insurance was terminated on 8/31/14. I have made many calls and spent much time on the phone but they have not responded.

I had prophylaxis and some other miscellaneous charges that MetLife picked up, but when it came to fillings they just didn't do squat. I had 3 fillings and an inlay and they only paid 45 bucks. Poor service at nearly $40/month!

I am a billing specialist at a dental office. We are out of network providers but we still file claims for our Metlife patients. We have had so enough dealing with Metlife! It generally takes multiple phone calls, holding hours for their rep, several correspondences for Metlife to take care of one billing problem. Their representatives often give attitude (some of them are very rude), their supervisors aren't capable of making things better (some of them are the same rude). They often lie to us that "everything is all set", however, when we call back to follow up, will just find out NOTHING was done properly. They make billing errors, wrong payments, incorrect processing on a daily base. Terrible overall. We will stop filing for Metlife patients soon.

I had the surgeon to remove a broken tooth and do gum surgery, implants for the broken bridge and they did not pay. The rules say if it is a replacement prosthesis. It replaced a broken bridge. I have yet to hear of the claims after the denial to the dentist and surgeon. My benefits sites says processed and denied. I am taking small claims court. Please someone tell me the name of the insurance representative for the North Carolina Charlotte area so I can complete the court forms. It will give me justice to do it if I don't get a dime.

I have been fighting with MetLife since 2012 for a small amount which has never been paid till date for my son's 1st phase of treatment. Now MetLife wants me to pay $900 more for the 2nd phase when initially they agreed to pay all charges.

I saw my dentist in July, 2017. I needed some work on teeth that already had work on it, so my dentist recommended sending MetLife a preauthorization with X-rays to determine my exact out of pocket expenses. The preauthorization was sent to MetLife on August 1. MetLife claims it was never received. Sent a second time in September. Another call to MetLife, they said it did not receive the preauthorization or the X-rays. Sent again in October with a promise to have it reviewed within 30 days. Still no word. Phone call to MetLife following up and it has not been reviewed as of 11/27/2017.

Today the phone call to MetLife resulted in three phone calls to different numbers provided by MetLife. No one at MetLife has a clue who I should talk to. I keep getting transferred everywhere within MetLife. Today, I was advised that MetLife got my preauthorization last week and it will be another 30 days to determine what is covered. I asked for additional information and was transferred to another person who was actually a disconnected phone! I have been trying to deal with MetLife since July and getting nowhere. My dentist office is experiencing the same problem. What is going on with this company? Service from MetLife is the worst I have encountered ever from an insurance company!

My dentist told me I needed 2 crowns. I've spent the last 4 months trying to convince MetLife that yes, they need to cover the procedure that my dentist said I needed done. I can't figure out how a MetLife 'consulting dentist', who is thousands of miles away from me can make an informed decision on what procedure needs to be done. Now it's open enrollment. Goodbye, MetLife dental. You've lost another customer.

My claims were handled well. Interactions over the phone were pleasant and professional. It wasn't stellar but it wasn't bad either. I ultimately didn't stay with them. The claim time was about one week, which was about average I suppose. I know that it takes time for things to process, but I feel that there could be some possible improvement to speed things up. I was able to reach my deductible relatively quickly, co-pays were reasonable and I was able to work within the network. It didn't cost me as much out of pocket as I expected. The network was very wide and I had many choices. My usual people were in network which made continuing to see my usual people possible.

I had to have a crown on June 17, 2014. I submitted my claim, as my dentist is out of network. My claim was processed and rejected on June 25 because MetLife needed x-rays. My dentist sent x-rays on July 17. My claim was processed and rejected a second time on July 22 and I was informed that it was rejected because the crown was apparently replacing an existing crown.

I spoke with a customer representative on July 22; and, after explaining that I did not have a previous crown, I was told that there was a mistake. The July 22 rejection was based on my original claim without x-rays. On August 8, my claim was processed and rejected a third time. The EOC gave the "Processed Date" as June 25, 2014 and the reason for the rejection was: "Your request has been reviewed by our dental consultants, taking into account additional information submitted. Unfortunately, this information does not offer a sufficient basis for altering our initial decision."

I called MetLife today (August 11, 2014) and I was told that the third rejection was actually processed on August 5, 2014. I was also told that the dental consultants needed a "clinical narrative" from my dentist to prove that I actually needed a crown. I asked why I wasn't told this when I called on July 22 after the second rejection. I was told that it was up to me to know what MetLife needed to process the claim. I suppose that is why the third rejection is so vague. I have now contacted my dentist a second time and he will send the clinical narrative.

They told me that the only thing that I could do was to file a formal complaint and include proof of pre-approval and request a review from their review board. It was very long. It took over two months for the initial response to the claim. And, it took slightly more than three months to get the results of the review board. The premium were relatively high. They were taken out of my pay automatically every two weeks. But, considering that they never paid for any claim, (even small ones) the value didn't even come close to the cost. The network provider options were very poor. When I signed up there were several dentists in my area. But, when I first went to use it none of them were in network. The closest in network provider was over 50 miles away, and it took over two hours to get to them.

My Dentist’s office had submitted an approval for bridge work in first week of January 2018. As there has been no response in writing either to me or my Dentist for over 3 weeks my Dentist’s office has been calling MetLife for a resolution. On each occasion they have stated that the approval was pending. As my Dentist was not getting any positive responses they requested me to call MetLife directly. On calling MetLife, initially I was told by the agent that the case was pending, on questioning further she told me that the request was denied but refused to give me any details. I requested her that MetLife sends a written confirmation with reasons for denial and she could not confirm that.

As I was going nowhere I asked to speak with a manager, when the manager came on the phone he told me that the request for bridge work was denied back in January for lack of adequate details. When I told him that I was troubled by MetLife’s response the manager apologized for not giving the correct information earlier. I told him that this procedure was approved by Delta my former Insurer last year and the same details were sent t to MetLife. So it is difficult to understand why the service was denied now. He could not give me the details of data that was lacking. I requested that MetLife sends a written confirmation with reasons for denial so that my Dentist could provide the missing data. I got no confirmation. The service provided was not professional and less than satisfactory.

I sent a claim for dental services totaling $1,880. I sent the X-rays with it. MetLife refused my claim because they wanted X-rays which I had already sent and my dentist had sent separately. I called MetLife today and told them to look through my filings. When they did, they confirmed I had sent everything and would now process the claim. This happens ever single time that I send a claim other than the normal dental cleaning and X-rays.

Great customer service and very affordable plans. I was able to use it with my medical insurance which saved me even more money. Everything easily available online. Easy to add new spouse and new family members! I'm very satisfied with their service. Very satisfied with the processing time. Shortly after visit we would receive in the mail a letter stating everything that was covered for our visits. It made our visits pain free and worry free because we knew everything was covered. Very satisfied with the value of this insurance. They always kept their word and they absolutely value their customers and bend over backwards to help in assisting with their customer's complaints. Extremely happy with network options. All information is readily available online. The plans are very detailed explaining all that is covered and the cost for single or family. Many plans to choose from that fit you and your family.

The customer service was so so, not horrible, but not outstanding. I feel it could have been better, but at the same time the people trying to help me were actually caring about me as a person. The claims processing time was a bit slow, but the outcome of the service I was given completely made up for it and I am happy I chose this company over others. The value was pretty good, not too costly, but a little more on the costly side. At the end of the day the service was really nicely explained to me and I am very happy with the outcome. The network options were pretty varied with a lot of interesting choices. I actually had a hard time choosing, but that isn't a bad thing. I am satisfied with the options I had and can't ask for more.

Metlife is such a terrible Company to deal with. They are so incompetent on every level. On hold forever, no Supervisors are ever working. They will have one call you back in 3 business days. They never want to pay for claims, my poor dentist faxed over the records they required 3 times and still no payment. Now they say they overpaid a claim from 2015 and deducted it from my claim and the dentist sent the funds back to them as a courtesy! If you can avoid them I cannot. My Company has them for the benefits. I would suggest you go somewhere else. They are the WORST!!!

I have been in a very high depressed time with MetLife Customer Service. Every time I call them is always different person or agent and they provide a very unprofessional information and help. I have a problem with a dentist who reported a job he never did. MetLife sent me a letter to fill it out. I spent lot of time and effort but I finally did it. Months after they said they have not get anything from me and I have to do all over again. Also they accused me to sign some paper agreeing the bad dentist did a good job, I told me that is a LIE.

They promised they were going to fix that problem, but they do the opposite, they always say they understand my stressful situation and they feel sorry for that. But that's it. I feel this humiliated and also bullied. All dental insurance are like MetLife? I hope I can find another one which really do their job and do not cheat customers. Yes, I am very angry and disappointed with this horrible MetLife.

MetLife loses Tricare dental contract, this Reservist rejoices. Before deploying, I get a postcard informing me our family dental insurance had changed. Curious, I call MetLife. Yep, that means you were canceled for non-payment. Why? Autopay wasn't working, money didn't come out, my fault, no insurance for you. Fair enough. I pay premiums through end of MetLife contract (Hooray, and many thanks to whoever pulled the plug on them!) and head off for deployment.

What do I find on my triumphant return? A bill from MetLife for me -- not my family -- to the tune of $250 for premium payments extending back to 2015. After a quick call to United Concordia to confirm that I, a reservist on extended active duty orders, had been covered by them and NOT MetLife, I give our friends of MetLife a call. Service rep tells me I owe back premiums, I disagree, I spend some time on hold. Gosh! Looks as if that bill had been canceled, and I can just ignore it. Huh. "Were you going to send me something to let me know that I didn't have to pay that bill?" "Nah, we don't have the contract anymore, no further letters to be sent out. Good thing you didn't pay it, though", huh?

I also asked about the $100 bill for the family plan backdated premium changes. Seriously, no more info than that: you owe us some money. I pointed out that, given the other bill being entirely bogus, I needed more to go on than that. The service rep told me she'd have to look into the matter, and that she'd call me back. If I were a betting man, I'd plunk down a fiver that I'll never hear from them again. In short, if the manner in which MetLife handled billing for the Tricare dental contract holds for the company in general, avoid. Just stay away. Best case scenario, incompetent; worst case, outright fraud. I wish I knew the backstory to them losing the contract. I wouldn't be surprised to learn someone wound up in jail.

My complaint is very similar to Fatima's of New York, NY on March 2, 2012. MetLife sends you a goose chase every step of the way. My dentist sent a narrative explaining why I needed general anesthesia for a tooth extraction more than two years ago. I've been told by MetLife that they still need this document. One time I was told by MetLife that they had the document but the claim for covering the GA was denied because it did not reference the tooth in question; it did! There are many more chapters to that part of the story.

Then recently, I asked to talk to a "supervisor" named Aeisha (sp?). She said she was going to "expedite" the review of the claim and call me within 72 hours. The call never came. Instead, I got a printout from MetLife telling me that this was a duplicate submission. I called the supervisor back but could only leave a message. Again, there are many more chapters to this never-ending runaround forced on me by MetLife. I'm grateful that Consumer Affairs allows me to write about this on its website; but where else can we complain? Is it true that MetLife is regulated by the Federal Reserve? If so, maybe the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a good way to go. I'll look into it.

I am retired and had Aetna Dental Care. I am out of town and need to see a dentist. I call ADC to see if anybody is in my network, and they told me that MetLife took over my dental care 2 years ago. I have received anything from my retired company or have I received any Dental Cards with ID Numbers or could I find a freaking phone # to contact anybody to get a card, so I can see right now that this company is going to be a Big POS, and I see how they save money, they don't give any phone numbers and when they do you have to have an ID number to enter to be able to talk to someone, and I don't have a freaking card.

I just wish I could be the one that could approve or disapprove the people that work at MetLife because I would tell them that they are SOL their teeth we just fall out before I can make a determination. I get my cards sent to the house in 10-15 days, that is sad, I hope someone at MetLife gets their cookie off by ** all the people that need help with their so called Insurance.

We compared all the payments made by MetLife with our orthodontist's record of payments received. Despite the fact that out EOB said the max had been paid, they were one payment short. I found the mistake. They changed the date they sent payments. On the month of the change, no payment was made. I have called them 5 or 6 times. After going through the complicated process of verifying each and every payment, they saw the mistake. They would then send it to their audit dept who would come back and say there is no mistake. Finally a supervisor saw the mistake, admitted it was a computer glitch and had been happening. My info would go to a claim advocate. Where it has sat for a month. It apparently took two weeks for the supervisor to even send it to this claim advocate. To, me, it's clear this is a game. It's 2014...a computer glitch, really? They make getting to a human in their phone menu, difficult. This seems to be on purpose.

They were very nice and willing to answer any questions I had. I was nervous but after felt more educated and more confident. I appreciated that I could talk to a real person. I think that it is very valuable and that it was worth the price. I don't know all that much about network options because I haven't experienced all that many different network options.

The only reason I went with MetLife in the first place was because it was offered through an employee plan. What a disaster it's been ever since. MetLife is one of the most fraudulent insurance companies I've ever had the displeasure of having to deal with. They constantly found every loophole in the book to deny every large claim I ever made. When I tried to get implants, they denied my claim because they said the extractions had not been done while I was a MetLife customers. It was a lie. Then I was forced to have to prove the extractions were done by the previous dentist who only promised they would provide proof that the extractions were done under MetLife coverage. But they lied too, and I never was given the proof I needed to get MetLife to pay for the work I had done.

When I informed MetLife what the dentist was doing and that they had ignored letters from my attorney to provide proof of services rendered, I reported the problem to MetLife who said they'd look into the matter. Did they do anything to fix the problem? Afraid NOT! Even the Better Business Bureau and the California Dental Board failed to help after a year and a half. Bottom line: MetLife, the BBB, the Dental Board, and the dentists all turned out to be crooks of the highest order, particularly considering they all claim to be public servants. And I'm out over $5,000 in insurance claim money over more than three years, not to mention all the premium payments made to these lying MetLife crooks over a ten-year period.

Sad to say, at least criminals know what they're doing is wrong, but these scumbags all think of themselves as doing good. But what a surprise they'll have someday when they expect to be rewarded for their service to their fellow human beings and find out there'll be Hell to pay instead. In the end, it's better to find a dentist who admits all these companies affiliated with. This monster of an insurance game are crooks in cahoots with one another and will work with you to pay for their services without giving another dime to these rip-off artists.

My dental benefit (ha!) includes $1750.00 life benefit for orthodontal work. I paid my orthodontist, they filed the paperwork with MetLife. MetLife will now reimburse me the lifetime benefit of $1750.00 by $350.00 increments quarterly. It will take over a year for me to be reimbursed for a benefit I had to pay out of pocket. Nice way to get an interest free loan MetLife. And, as a bonus if I leave my company or end my policy or die, MetLife is off the hook. That's right, I never see my 'benefit'. Hope the fat cats of the insurance hustle choke on one of their expensive dinner pork chop bones and die an excruciating death in front of their loved ones and the loved one then never sees the fruition of their deceased's 'benefit'. Now that's anger and hate for the game and the player!

Try calling them... No human, ever. Simple Question, "nope, we don't care." Tried to call today regarding a Dental question. No. 2 seconds yes/no. No. "We don't care about consumers, working for a small fruit company with a heck of a network and we chat... A LOT." Keep it up. 80,000 employees here and abroad. Let's unite and unemployed them. Hey United, you look great right now.

I've worked for several companies in the last 3 decades who've offered dental insurance through MetLife and I've seen their service and their coverage deteriorate to the point that they're virtually worthless. After years of braces, my 22-year-old son was left with straight but, unfortunately, severely damaged gingiva which has required tissue transplants from a periodontist. It took MetLife 10 weeks to even acknowledge that they'd received the statements from the provider (the subscriber ID was missing a digit but MetLife said they couldn't find me even when they were given my social sec #). I complained on their website and finally received a call from their "customer advocate". She did work hard to get things resolved and I received about 23% of the total claim in March 2014...for treatment performed in early December 2013 and early January 2014.

MetLife refused to pay anything for follow-up visits by the periodontist, citing the statement below. Now they're refusing to pay any regular cleaning/preventive maintenance performed by our regular dentist, again citing the statement below. MetLife Dental is the worst excuse for an insurance "provider" by a mile! When I'm done writing this, I plan to call the Sr VP in HR at Siemens Medical Solutions and tell them that MetLife Dental is not a benefit.

A cautionary tale about a root canal gone wrong and the time suck of dealing with MetLife dental insurance. My warning: get a second or third opinion for any dental or medical procedure! And make the dentist be very specific and clear how much it will cost. Because if there's any question as to the medical necessity of the procedure, MetLife will make your life hell when you're trying to get your money back!

The story of tooth number 19: In 2005, I had a molar (#19) with cavities that my dentist (Dr. **) at the time in SF thought were too deep for him to fix. So he referred me to an endodontist (Dr. **) to get an evaluation. I went to ** and immediately he told me that I needed a root canal and said he can do it right now. So we did it. It turned out to be the biggest dental mistake of my life. Eight years and $3,000 out of pocket later, I'm just finishing fighting to get paid for all the procedures I needed as a result of that little trip to the dentist. Here's what happened: the first root canal caused my mouth to hurt for the first time. Until then, there was no pain. This should have been enough indication for me not to have anything radical done, but mistakes were made. So ** re-did the root canal two more times! And it still hurts. A couple years later, it's confirmed that the tooth was cracked, probably due to the multiple root canals, and needs to be removed.

My advice is to get two or three opinions before you do any non-emergency dental or medical procedure. Other dentists, including my dad in NH, said I should have just let the tooth be until it started causing a problem or pain. My current dentist (**) said he would've just put a crown on it to preserve it for as long as possible. Yet another dentist (Dr. **, SF) said that it is also necessary to get a pulp test done to fully evaluate the tooth before getting a root canal. You live and you learn, the hard way. So, starting November 2010, I got the tooth pulled and readied for an implanted crown. For at total of $5,700 later, I have a nice, new fake tooth that works very well. Thank you very much.

But now starts the part where I begin a near endless battle with MetLife to get various parts of the procedures paid for, such as a bone graft and general anesthesia. I eventually got paid back for about $1,000 for these things but in many ways, I earned that money because I had to put in about a hundred hours to get it done. That's the state of MetLife's claim payment process these days. At first, I tried dealing with them over the phone but that led from one wild goose chase to another. So then, I complained on their Facebook page and began emailing with a responsive MetLife employee. Progress was made but a very slow pace. My advice again is to go price shopping before you get dental work done. Ask how much for every little bit of it. Ask how much insurance might pay for. Ask if there are items that insurance might not pay if you can avoid them, and then avoid them. This will help reduce your costs and your pain of dealing with insurance companies.

Some suggest that MetLife makes it so difficult to communicate with them as a way to discourage customers from getting paid for dental work that MetLife should pay for. I must say that the dentists are part to blame for MetLife's cheap ways. MetLife makes dentists prove that certain procedures are medical necessary before they will pay for them. (The problem with MetLife is that even after providing that evidence, it may get lost or buried, and it will take you another dozen phone calls or emails to get paid.) The oral surgeon that did the extraction and implant (Dr. **) probably push the limit on the definition of medically necessary. Did I really need general anesthesia for the extraction? I probably didn't need a so-called healing cap on the implant post because that should have been part of the post included in the price in the first place!

So, proceed very cautiously before getting a root canal or any other dental procedure (other than cleaning) because otherwise, you might be in for a lot of time in a dentist chair and on the phone or online with an insurance company. Some of the details of dealing with MetLife 2010-2013: MetLife has made it very difficult for my dentist (Dr. **) and I to get claims paid for covered dental procedures. We've been trying for 3 and a half years to get these matters resolved. In January 2013, MetLife stopped paying for any of my family's standard dental benefits (such as cleanings) because of a mistake that MetLife made. They paid for two abutments when they should have only paid for one. MetLife forced my family to get my other dentist (Dr. **) to return the payment to them.

Since then, I have personally pursued payment of my claims. I have made dozens of phone calls and written many emails. MetLife does not seem to be very well organized. You talk to one employee and they tell you one thing, and then talk to another and get another story. It also seems like they misplace documents, such as the letter written in 2010 by Dr. ** explaining why I need the general anesthesia. One MetLife person told me that the appeal to have the general anesthesia covered (which was prompted by my dentist's letter) had been denied. The next time I called, I was told by another MetLife person that the letter had never been received and that I should resend it, which I did.

I finally spoke to a supervisor (Melisha) at their call center who said she would expedite my general anesthesia claim when she became ill and could not work for two weeks. After 3 weeks, no progress had been made. MetLife should have other people cover for sick employees, especially for expedited claims. In April 2013, I complained about all this on MetLife's Facebook page and soon after got an email response from Susan **. It was much more effective for me to pursue my claims this way, though it still required a lot of effort. For example, after considerable effort to get MetLife to pay for general anesthesia for the extraction procedure, I was told that I would be reimbursed $303, even though I was charged $364. MetLife's explanation was that back in 2010 when the procedure took place, the maximum claim paid for general anesthesia was $303, and that's all they would pay. But I pointed out to Susan that my statement of 2010 showed that I paid $364. Susan took another look at it and concluded that $364 was the correct amount.

Initially, when MetLife agreed to pay the $303, they said it was going to send the check to Dr. **. Once it was determined I was going to get $364, I emailed Susan and asked her why the money was going to be sent to Dr. ** when it should be sent to me. She acknowledged the mistake and said that after canceling payment on the first check (that never actually got sent) MetLife would send the check directly to me as of today, Monday May 20, 2013. Communicating by email with MetLife is much more effective in that I get to correspond continuously with the same person. However, the process of getting fully reimbursed for certain procedures is still very time consuming and difficult.

I also went through a similar amount of time and work to get paid for a bone graft that was done at the time of the tooth extraction (11/19/10). I finally managed to get MetLife to pay for the bone graft (after getting documentation of the periodontal gap that necessitates the bone graft). I got paid $643.40, even though I paid $695. The reason for the short change is probably the same as for why I was initially shorted for the general anesthesia (MetLife would probably say that is how much they paid for that procedure back in 2010). I could pursue this $61 but I won't because I am too exhausted by the whole affair. Every time I log onto MetLife, I am asked to go paperless in terms of the statements I receive. I continue to refuse to do this because I find it difficult and time consuming to access the relevant info on the MetLife website and to decipher and find the information I need.

It was a surprise for me to learn that MetLife often only covers half the cost of big ticket approved dental procedures. It looks like that for dental work items over $1,000 (such as an implant or a crown), MetLife covers at 50%. But for items smaller than $1,000, it often covers 100%. The point is that it is important for someone considering expensive dental procedures to have a very accurate idea of what and how much each item is covered. Otherwise, there can be some very expensive surprises. I acknowledge that some of the extra steps that MetLife requires in order for certain claims to be made are done in attempt to minimize the number of unnecessary procedures. And I think that is a good thing. In fact, it is possible that the items that were most difficult for me to be reimbursed for were borderline unnecessary, such as the general anesthesia for the extraction, the bone graft and the two abutments.

But there needs to be a more streamlined process developed to have such borderline procedures evaluated. (And, of course, dentists need to let patients know that some of the procedures may or may not be covered, and then given the option to forgo the item in order to avoid the uncovered cost). However, this does not excuse the inefficiencies I encountered while trying to communicate with MetLife. In retrospect, I might not have had Dr. ** give me general anesthesia during the extraction had I known that it might not be covered. The same applies to the so-called healing cap abutment that he gave me. This is not true of the bone graft that was done (which took a lot of effort to get covered) because Dr. ** told me that I needed it to better guarantee a good result with the implant. Assuming I get the check for the $365 as mentioned above, the total out of pocket cost for the extraction, implant and crown for tooth number 19 is $2,294.70. MetLife paid $3,395.80 for a total of $5,751.50. For one tooth! It's a whole other story but tooth number 19 should not have needed to be replaced in the first place!

Recommendations for dental patients: Make sure your dentist very clearly and carefully specifies how much procedures cost beforehand, then ask which of those have any chance of not being covered and to what extent. If there's a chance something will not be covered, try to avoid having it done. The root canal that went wrong in 2005. In 2005, my dentist at the time (Dr. **) referred me to a root canal specialist (Dr. ** in SF) to evaluate a deep cavity I had in tooth #19. Dr. ** said the tooth needed a root canal and he did it on the spot. Insurance covered the root canal but not the crown. Out of pocket cost was $500. As a result, it is likely that this root canal (and the two others it took to try to get it right) contributed to the distal (rear) root of the tooth to crack and allow bacteria to reach the bone and cause bone loss. The tooth needed to be extracted.

Since then, two other dentists have told me, given that prior to the root canal the tooth was not causing me any discomfort, that I should have instead just monitored the tooth or had a crown put on top of the tooth. I have also been told that a pulp test should be done prior to a root canal. Make sure your dentist does whatever he can to preserve a tooth, get a root canal only as a last resort, and get a second or even a third opinion before doing a root canal.

I have had a number of negative experiences with MetLife Dental, many of them similar to what other reviewers have written. I went through two appeal processes because MetLife would not cover my husband's (very necessary) periodontal work; there was clear network insufficiency (no in-network periodontists within 300 miles) and though we had already met our deductible, we were then subject to an "out of network" deduction and paid nearly the entire periodontist bill. It would be less aggravating and cheaper to have no insurance and I look forward to the renewal date when I will be rid of MetLife forever.

Forced to Metlife by employer. AWFUL! In metro area as large as DFW, there were NO viable dentist to choose from are "in network". In 30 years of using dental insurance, have never had virtually ZERO choices and poor claims response.

I have had MetLife Dental Insurance for the last 3 yrs. They say that they pay a certain percentage, but then they take the bill, cut the amount in half and pay whatever the percentage is on the half. So basically they pay almost nothing, if they decide to pay anything at all. I have had the majority of my claims denied because they don't have enough info, (dates that the original work was done, which was like 20 yrs ago). Who can list the dates that they have had each filling put in, really. This insurance is a joke! And I am sorry that I spent money on it instead of just giving it directly to the dentist, which would have been cheaper in the long run.

October of this past year, I had MetLife Dental insurance through my temp agency. I started my permanent position Oct. 2nd. I needed a root canal badly. I called the benefits department of my temp agency who told me I was covered until the Friday after I started permanent, which would be Oct. 6th. All went well at my appointment Oct. 5th until January, when all of a sudden MetLife or my temp agency, whichever one, decided to backdate my coverage until 09/30/2017, making me non-covered on my DOS. 3 months later! I feel completely lied to, and not only that, I now have to pay for it. MetLife even told my dentist that I was covered on that DOS. Seriously, 3 months after the fact you just magically changed your mind and got stingy over paying $330 dollars for my root canal? I feel so lied to. And financially, this hit me really hard. HORRIBLE!!!

When the dental office call them to confirm, they were told by MetLife that it was covered up to 50% of the cost. After the work was done, they denied the claim. Their excuse was that dentures was the alternative treatment and implants are not the recommended treatment. How will one tooth hold missing three teeth with dentures??? MetLife didn't pay a single penny toward the cost of the two implants and three implants were recommend. Resubmitted the claim again with the surgeon's recommendation that dentures is not the treatment and they denied the claim again. MetLife Dental Insurance is a scam and will not pay for anything except the basic cleaning.

Cannot say how disappointing this coverage is. Got this when I retired and lost Delta Dental. Trying to get reimbursed since December on a tooth extraction. It's now mid-March. Back on the phone where we are told it's our dentist's fault, dentist is saying it's MetLifes fault. Then we're told it's taken care of (happened 3 times) then in a week we get a letter declining reimbursement. Good Luck.

This company has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. The representatives are rude. The information that they give out is different from service rep to service rep. I will not use MetLife for any other insurance after all the problems I have had with MetLife Dental.

As you know, they delay until you die. On claim receipt, they do not post receipt for days, adding time, then tell you they have 30 days. Then they SIT, ask dentists to send more x-rays or whatever, SIT, then pay zip. Billing?? NOT even MetLife. It is a GREEDY inept co. named Mercer, IOWA, as part of Marsh financial. THEY are uncaring nitwits that mess up the already INCOMPETENT greedy MetLife morons. NO dental ins pays real cost, YOU DO!!! If your premium is $40 a month, 480 yearly, maximum coverage dollars to YOU annually = 1200, then you paid 480, for 720.00 more!!! What a DEAL, plus headaches and lies!!!

My husband retired over 25 years ago. Shortly after his retirement, I contacted Metlife to find out if his dental coverage would continue through retirement. I was told that coverage ended when he left his job. Never heard another word from Metlife. Last year we received enrollment cards with a letter saying some new thing was being started and here are our cards. I called Metlife and was told that we have had coverage all along and it was too bad that we didn't know it. I was told "No one would tell you that you didn't have coverage."

After going back and forth, I was told that only the last 15 months of bills would be considered and that no exceptions could be made. The next time I called to check on progress of the few bills that were submitted, I was told there was no record of our coverage... which couldn't happen of course. Called back, this time insisting that we had coverage, the person finally found us. Each time, I gave all of the numbers on our enrollment cards. We are on a fixed income and my husband had a total of about $7000 of dental work done in the last 3 or 4 years. Would have been great to know we had insurance.

It is obvious that we didn't know that we had coverage. Over the years we have had numerous large expenses for dental work. It would have been great to get even a small portion paid. Since discovering out situation, I would think that Metlife would at least extend the qualifying period. Doesn't seem that's possible. What a great way to MAKE money off the patients - Just deny they have coverage.

My name is Jenny, I am a dental office manager in Ohio. My provider recently decided to drop out of Metlife's PPO program (an organization which practically bankrupts dental offices all over the country). Directly following the dropping of the program (approximately a month ago), Metlife has started to deny claims for ridiculous reasons. I feel that this is retaliation against us for dropping out of their PPO program. Regardless of our choice to drop the PPO, our patients pay their premiums every month and this company continues to deny basic claims (cleanings/x-rays), things they claim to pay 100% on. They denied one of my patient's Periodontal Scaling due to age! Are you serious? Perio is linked to almost every serious condition including diabetes and heart disease, and you're going to refuse my patient (who's 80 years old) a $900 procedure which could help her to prevent these serious health conditions? Yeah, Metlife I'm on to you.

At the moment, I am on hold (and have been for the last 25 minutes) time which could've been spent with my patients. Instead, I'm on hold waiting for an answer as to why a claim, which is over 3 months old now, hasn't been paid? This claim was for a necessary service (root canal). Then after being on hold for over 30 minutes, they still had no answer to my question "why wasn't this claim paid?". The rep insisted they needed x-rays, which I had already sent and have records to show this. She then said, "we finally found the x-rays, this claim will be on its way to review and processing momentarily". My response, "so does every dental office have to call and wait half hour to process their claims or are we just special?". If they had the x-rays and the claim, why weren't they already in for processing and review? Because they are retaliating against us dropping out of their PPO.

Prior to dropping the program, we had no problems with Metlife. Now every claim I send, I'm terrified (for my job and my patients) that the claim will come back denied for some ** reason. Metlife: Stop ** around with your patients and your providers if you want to stay in business. Otherwise, keep it up and see how many you have left! We are keeping our patients well-informed of the ** you put us through and 100% are appalled and even threaten to drop their policies and pay out of pocket. Think on that one.

Back in Dec 2013, my 3 daughters were seen at by a dentist while we were stationed overseas and I paid out of pocket. Upon return to CONUS, I received reimbursement for one of my daughters but the check for the other two kept getting sent overseas despite my calling and correcting the address multiple times. Each time I called, there was a different excuse and sometimes, the check for one daughter was lost or processed in the wrong department. Finally in Dec 2014 (a year later), I asked to speak to a supervisor who promised that I would get the check in January. Yet, I just called today in mid-February and was told that the request only involved one daughter and was again sent to the wrong department. I asked for another supervisor who promised I would get an apology and my checks shortly. I'm not holding my breath!

Wanted dental implants. Surgeon sent pretreatment request and it was approved that they would pay the 50%. They would cover $1893.00. Had the treatment a week later and they denied it leaving me to pay the additional $1893.00. Called right away and was told they didn't know why it was denied and would resubmit right away. Not taken care of and had to call again. It was explained to me that because I had dentures 9 years ago that they would not cover implants. It is only covered every 10 years. I ask, "Why didn't you state that on pretreatment request". "Oh, we don't check the frequency of items on pretreatment requests". "Why would you not do that. If it determines your coverage, why don't you check it. It makes the pretreatment quote totally useless". Their answer, protocol.

What genius makes that protocol, making it useless and putting their clients in a terrible position like that. Do they enjoy screwing people over and making them pay more. I COULD HAVE WAITED THE YEAR TO HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE IF THEY HAD PROVIDED ME CORRECT INFORMATION. No help at all. You can file a dispute. That does nothing. That will take forever and they will just deny it anyway because their ridiculous protocol was followed. Now I have to pay another $2000.00 to the surgeon who has already sent a new bill. Thanks MetLife. No common sense, complete incompetence. Will contact a health advocate and my employer to put in a formal complaint against your company. Maybe if you lose my company's business if more of us complain. You'll think twice.

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