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My husband and I purchased renters insurance on 2/17. The next day there was a tornado in our area. We didn't have any damage to any of our personal items. We were glad that we had just purchased a policy. So a few months later. Prior to purchasing the policy every faucet in the rental property was leaking and after several attempts to get the SLUMLORD to repair it. We decided to do it on our own. After replacement of the sinks we started to see mold spores throughout the property and inside the ventilation system.

We end up suing the landlord for lack of repairs and only paid half the month’s rent for the reminder of our time at the property until we moved. The courts ruled in our favor and the SLUMLORD tried to retaliate by filling an eviction suit. We contacted Metlife and advised that we need to move due to the courts ruling in our favor that this residence was uninhabitable and we need to leave to temporary housing. Metlife denied hotel assistance because landlord filed for eviction. We left 2 KING SIZE BEDS and 2 QUEEN SIZE BEDS that had mold spores on the bottom and 2 lounge chairs. Metlife denied claim for mold damage. We canceled the policy immediately. They don't help you at all with any legitimate claim. SO DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! CAVEAT (BUYER BEWARE) We are in the process of purchasing a home and they will not be our PROVIDER! THEY SUCK!!!

I would not give even 1 star if I didn't have to. Do not support them. I was denied a quote because I have dogs and they are considered a liability!?? How can this company be affiliated with Banfield Pet Hospital if they discriminate against dog breeds??? Im a vet tech. I have a pit bull, papillon and husky mix. They asked if my pit bulls have ever bit someone and no they haven't and they never will. My papillon is more likely to bite you than my pit!! What the heck!!?? They said they wouldn't give me a quote because my pit bull is a liability and is likely to bite someone.

Screw yall. As if it's not bad enough that apartments won't allow pit bull breeds but now you can't get insurance on a home that you own because you have a PITBULL in the HOME that you OWN!! I'm appalled to say the least. WOW!! Todd you suck. You didn't even listen to me when I was telling you about my home before you asked about my dogs because if you were listening you wouldn't have had to ask me 50 questions I already told you about. Worst insurance company ever!

They take care of my needs at a great price. Their service is outstanding and always have an answer to my questions. When I need to make a change they always do it in a timely way and 24 hour a day service is outstanding. They never have questioned any claim I have had and always pay out promptly. I would recommend them for any and all types of insurance as they have done a great job for me.

I called and submitted a claim for water damage in our house. They sent an insurance adjuster to our house. He got up onto our roof and told my husband that we had hail damage. He told us that we needed to call and submit a separate claim for that, which we did. Numerous time we asked him would this affect our policy in any way at all, we were told IT WOULD NOT. Well yesterday I get a cancellation letter in the mail for having too many claims filed. We were entrapped by that adjuster. He knew they would cancel us and all we will do was what he said. Well, needless to say, our cars are with them as well and I will be canceling those too.

It was there, never needed it, but it was nice to have, just in case. Before that we had renters insurance from All State, and though we never needed it, it was also to have. Specially since we lived in a neighborhood that was, shall we say a bit interesting. Thankfully, nothing ever happened, never had a break in and our stuff remained ours. It not much, but it was ours. And really, what else is there to say? It is good to have insurance, just in case.

After extended trip, returned home to find major leak in kitchen. Cabinets, floors ruined. Constant promises from MetLife insurance lackey proved to be all lies. Bottom line, DO NOT get this Insurance. After constant lies they cancelled homeowners insurance with no notice.

I have had my current homeowners insurance company for about 7 years. They have a good "Grand Protect" program. They re-evaluate every couple of years to make sure my coverage is still current. I have not had a claim with them so I can't comment on that.

Was quoted one price over the phone and received my bill $100.00 higher. Tried call customer service. First time hung up. Called back, transferred, on hold. Called back and could not explain why. Finally give up.

We have only had one claim in 25 years and it was handled very well. The only complaint I would have is the price continually rises and on a fixed income it can be very hard to pay the bill. I have not thought of changing because all our policies are combined and as I said their service is excellent.

This is an affordable homeowner's insurance company. We've only had to file one weather related claim but everything went smoothly with it. The company has very good customer service and is easy to get in contact with.

Hail damage claimed on our roof. First roofer said there was hail damage. Their adjuster said no hail damage just wear and tear. Several roofing companies stated otherwise. I am not a roofer, it is quite obvious there is damage. Therefore a second adjuster was request. Second one states there is 'some' hail damage. So they made a small payment, $400 on $1000 deductible. I had a independent adjuster come by and take a look so I can get an unbiased opinion. He stated roof needs to be replaced because of hail. So now I had to hire a public adjuster. (What shysters!) Have been with MetLife over 6 years. No claims. 1st claim rejected, others in neighborhood with damage paid off with other insurance co. also car companies near had hail damage.

METLIFE home insurance worst service quality. METLIFE Home Insurance increased my premium above NCRB (North Carolina Rate Bureau) 10.6%. I have never filed a claim, always paid on time, and now METLIFE is kicking me out. Bad customer quality. They do NOT care. Go to another insurance company.

I really have nothing to say --- I have had the insurance for many years -- but have never had to file a claim -- so I am happy with it and my insurance agent "Dave **" has been an excellent agent.

Very good company. Have been with METLIFE insurance company for over four years. I have an agent in the same town that I live in and that makes it real nice. I have my house and a auto and truck insured with METLIFE also.

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