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It won't be cancelled and it has a reasonable downpayment and payment. It is a very good and reliable company. The company has very reputable business practices and has loyal customers.

MetLife Life has the best policies and benefits for the price. I value them much more than other life insurance companies. They treat me properly with respect and dignity. I would recommend them to anyone.

I paid quarterly payments for long term care starting age 33. At 47 after I had moved to another city. MetLife did not record my new address in their system correctly while they accepted payments from my new online banking account. When a family member was going through cancer I was reminded I had missed some payments and contacted MetLife to catch up. I had not heard from them in over a year, but my checks were clearing. When I called I learned my policy had been cancelled and they were sending my cancellation notice to an old address.

As I fit in the window under my policy to do reapply I did, to catch up and pay what was due to get reinstated. However, MetLife used the same health conditions I had at 33, same height and weight, to decline me at age 47, saying they didn't know at 33 I had those the way I had enrolled at the time. In the same time frame as I had been cancelled MetLife ended their long term care benefit options, and were not accepting new clients. 14 years of quarterly payments down the drain. If only karma would remembers MetLife and their descendants when they least expect it for scamming people. Unless you plan to sit at one address all your life, one bank, one zip code, don't pay a penny for MetLife products or services.

I have had life insurance with MetLife for six years and I am pleased with my policy. It is sufficient for my needs. It is enough for my children to make sure my wishes are carried out and my bills are paid. They should have a little left over to use for important thing in their life.

They are good to go. I would say that I would join them again if given the chance. I like MetLife and they do exactly what I have ever asked of them. If I could describe them in one word it would definitely be good.

Metlife Alico Dubai, these guys are horrible thieves, they deduct money from my application, and they had never explained this condition or mentioned it on the application. Even though I explained to them where they went wrong, they keep insisting on their mistake, unfortunately, there is no law protecting customers in Dubai from insurance companies.

We have had a relationship with MetLife for more than 20 years that is about to end. I have my auto policy (five cars and four drivers), my homeowners policy and two life insurance policies (for my wife and myself) with MetLife. I would guess over the course of these 20+ years in our relationship I have sent MetLife $80,000 - $100,000 in premiums. Last year we added a couple newer cars to our Auto Policy and removed an older one. At that time my premium went up (as I expected) about $1000 per year. In January it went up another $150 per year.

Earlier this month I got an email notification that I received a new auto insurance document. I took a look at it and saw my auto insurance was going up about another $1000 per year to $4844 per year. I have been driving since I turned 16 with no accidents and no tickets. My wife, additionally has an impeccable driving record. My oldest daughter (now 24) has never had a ticket and had one fender bender more than 3 years ago. My youngest daughter (now 21) has never had a ticket and was sitting at a stop light about a year ago when an older gentleman in a Tesla rear-ended her at a high rate of speed, totaling my car. He thought the car would stop for him; go figure. She has never been in an at-fault accident either.

So of course I called MetLife to see what's up with all the hikes. I called and spoke to Mark earlier this week and he told me the rate increase was due to my oldest daughter's fender bender more than three years ago. I expressed how I found that very odd and unreasonable. He said, and I'll use the exact term, "That's just a MetLife rule." I jokingly said, "It's a MetLife rule to screw life long customers for an accident that occurred 3+ years ago?" I found that hard to believe. But he said the only thing he could suggest would be for me to take a Defensive Driver course, get the certificate, send it to MetLife so I could get a 5% discount. Again, I laughed. After 40+ years of accident free driving I have neither the time nor the need for such a course.

Interestingly, a day or two later I got a real letter from MetLife saying you are indeed jacking my rates and I have the opportunity to protest this by going through some process with the State of Maryland. The letter also states, and I quote, "The actual reason or reasons for the increase are: ... Incidents and/or conditions that impacted the premium include: Christine **'s activity: NOT at fault accident on 05/03/2016 (Claimant Vehicle Rear-ended Insured) & Driver licensed less than 5 years with activity. Seriously??? She was rear-ended by a filthy rich nitwit sitting at a stoplight (luckily uninjured) but hit hard enough to total my good car that I had to fight USAA insurance for months to get settled and because of that, my rates are skyrocketing? Great rule MetLife!

So, I called MetLife again last night angered that Mark gave me a different reason than the letter did. The young lady I spoke to last night had an odd name I can't recall but after having me on hold for a bit said, the reason my rates are going up is because everyone in the area is having a rate increase (you know actuarial stuff). So, Met Life has provided me three different reasons as to why my rates are skyrocketing since mid last year; none of them seem valid.

My answer to that is good riddance MetLife. I am awaiting a call from a MetLife supervisor to verbally voice the points above. If there is a customer retention person or department or someone from MetLife that deals with Better Business Bureau complaints, I'd love for you to send this info to them and escalate this to MetLife management because the rate increases are unfounded and ludicrous in my opinion. If any of the reasons I have been given are MetLife rules, I speculate you won't be a very successful business much longer.

I wanted to get my thoughts down in writing for a Better Business Bureau report I intend to file when I have a few minutes. I'd love to hear from someone with stature and tenure at MetLife to explain this increase to me rationally. There are dozens of insurance companies that would appreciate my business at a reasonable price. I have a couple quotes already that prove MetLife is attempting to gouge me; a 20+ year customer that always pays on time and is essentially claim free. As I told the young lady last night, I'll be happy to take MetLife's call anytime to discuss in the hopes of hearing some ethical reasonable reply. She said I would hear back within 24 hours. Looking forward to the call.

I am happy with the insurance company. It was easy to sign up and get coverage. I believe with the help of the company I have got enough coverage to cover any dealth cost for my family.

My husband had a whole life insurance policy with MetLife/Brighthouse for over 5 years and when he passed away on October 6, 2018 I was told as soon as the mortuary was paid I would receive funds. It has now been over 30 days and no payout so far. First, they said the mortuary had not sent an invoice (they did a number of times). And then when I telephone their 800 number I tried to communicate with someone whose accent was such that I could not understand her. She (I think) told me that I would get the money within ten days - when that didn't happen I called back over and over again and no one seemed to know what was going on.

Last week they sent me a form to fill out and still no money. I would never deal with these disorganized, unprofessional people again. I needed the money in order to put our house on the market since it was a VA mortgage and I am not able to qualify on my own with just a retirement income. My son, his wife and me (three days after my husband's death) had to clean out a house, get rid of furniture and get the house ready to sell. This has been the most stressful event that I have ever had to go through and was certainly not made any easier with MetLife's inability to get a check to me so I would not go into foreclosure. Shame on them!!

This company has been around forever and it offer some of the best options available that I have seen in the life insurance field and they are amazing. They help me find the best policy to take care of me and my family. I like this company because it's an affordable product yet it is a big amazing value for what you get and the customer service you receive. They changed their name to BrightHouse without much explanation to consumers but I believe they are an honest and trustworthy company. They have always gone above and beyond to help me solve my problems. I also recommend them to many people and I value their service.

My father was a refinery worker for nearly 40 years, and passed while actively working, at the age of 59 1/2. He had been paying life insurance through his job with MetLife. I keep getting paperwork from MetLife stating he had coverage amount of $199,000. I received $149,000. They said it was only twice his base salary only. The two employees from HR that helped me file for my dad's insurance mysteriously stopped working there at the same time only a couple months after. It's been 3 years and I still feel as though they owe me fifty thousand dollars. Although, they still give me the runaround and whatever jargon they use to pacify me, I feel they are not being truthful.

MetLife has a wide range of standard policies as well as the flexibility to customize some. But I do not like some of their policy positions for businesses which makes one look elsewhere. For personal life insurance MetLife offers cookie-cutter policies many of which are offered by other companies with slightly different language. Nevertheless, one of the selling points for MetLife is financial stability. They are well established and trustworthy. Also, MetLife has some unique experience especially with personal life insurance and annuities.

I think MetLife is best insurance company you could ask for. In 2006 my husband died. MetLife not only dealt with the funeral home it dealt with the grave site too. My check was in my hand the day after his death. So I say way to go MetLife. Death is always hard but, I am glad you were there for me!!!

While preparing to retire and get all my documents in order, I called Brighthouse. The first day I called 6 different numbers because the system kept telling me I was in the wrong place. Finally got through only to be told I needed to be transferred again. On hold for 48 minutes. Received the paperwork necessary and then needed a number on the form in order to complete it. Called again - 52 minutes this time - hung up - called again and transferred three times. Still don't have the information and it is a simple question in order to complete their paperwork. Currently on hold again for the last 63 minutes and still no one answers. Three days to get something answered. Do they have only one real, live person available?

First of all the phone prompts take forever. Then on hold for 15 min. Called because they keep messing up my bill. Repeatedly called to fix this problem. Only results are customer service agent talks like a robot. Problem is unresolved. They have not credited me for at least two payments. Then send me a quarterly bill, after I have paid monthly for years. Insane.

My husband and I paid for a $250k life policy. When he passed away in 2004, I contacted MetLife to tell them. I was advised that there was no policy. I sent them all the proof, they confirmed receipt but then months went by and heard nothing. I called again and they now tell me no paperwork was received. We paid for this policy for over 40 years. I will never stop fighting for what's right. I've tried everything, haven't gotten one person to admit that obviously someone made a mistake somewhere. I've been fighting for 12 years from 2004 and have no closure regarding this matter.

My father-in-law passed away a couple of years ago. He had several small, paid-up life insurance policies including one from MetLife for less than $10k. My spouse was the sole heir. We copied the original policy, and submitted the policy copy with a certified death certificate and the MetLife claim form. We received a check for the full death benefit in less than 10 days. No hassles, no problems, no delays.

I contacted Metlife when I got a letter claiming they can beat my current insurance rate (as I had given them my information, in a previous contact, a year ago). The guy gave me a lower quote for exact same coverage and said it would be valid for some time. I called a few days later to sign-up but after wasting my time for about 45min he changed the quotes several time, higher, then lower, then higher, then higher, then lower again. Finally after he got all the information (including my credit card) he started reading conditions that I agree to, etc during which he quickly mentioned the rate in between other sentences. I noticed it was not what I expected and asked him to repeat the final quote again and realized it is now higher than any amount he had mentioned before and for sure higher than my existing rate.

I politely told him the fact that he has changed the quote 5 times in 45 min and was not sure it would not change again on me for some other reason soon after. I also told him I have changed my mind and asked him NOT to sign me up. He apologized and hanged up. After 2 weeks I got their insurance card in the mail and realized they had signed me up after all. The guy probably got a bonus for signing me up. They don't seem to have a system in place to ensure honesty towards customers and honor their wishes. Who knows, the company may actually encourage such a behavior for all I know. Just another way to cheat people out of their money.

My family and I have been members of MetLife for over 25 years now and I would highly recommend them. They are very helpful and always available to answer any questions. The website is easy to navigate and has the tools to make your experience more efficient. They are priced a bit higher than others but quality is more important to us.

I chose MetLife because they had the policy that seemed to suit me needs the best. When I did choose them I was surprised at how great their customer service was and how helpful they are. They go above and beyond to help you and meet your needs when they can. I like that everything is easy when it comes to this company. Any issues I have or customer service they help me out right away and have no problems helping me when I need it. They go the extra way to take care of me every time. I also like that I can change my policy when I need to and I get updates on my policy all the time. This company has more compassionate than a lot of other companies out there.

WE have had MetLife for many many years and now am changing insurance, both home and auto asap! My auto was supposed to be about 88 mo. Oh no.. It fluctuates! How the heck does your auto ins. premium do that? They take out whatever they want! Never the agreed amount. It ranges from 45.00 to 100 above!! Then I found out they were taking TWO states of insurance rates from my checking account. Yes two! Now trying to call them is a horrible nightmare! I was told over and over this would stop and months in it continued! Our home insurance was tacked onto out mortgage due to them claiming to that company we had no coverage! Are you kidding me? Also do not get into an accident! I had my first minor one and all heck broke with my rates and claiming I was uninsurable and could not possibly be on the policy any longer!! We had them for about ten yrs accident-free and then get this.

I had enough with them and the accident was yrs ago and not even on my record. We just purchased a new car and they had an Allstate rep on hand so that was my out. Now after reading these complaints I just have the gut feeling my automatic payments aren't going to stop so I may be posting again. I also have fear of our life insurance policies with them now after reading these complaints. I will be working on new ones now. Oh.. and someone was throwing rocks off an overpass and hit my windshield and another and they wouldn't cover that either, nor my rental car after the accident. I suddenly myself, so they claimed, removed the benefits right before I needed them!!! Just awful company!! I have nothing good to say about our 21 yrs with MetLife! Go to use benefits you suddenly don't have and double money stolen from your bank!! Check elsewhere before buying here!

My mother retired from a phone company in 1983. She had a $20,000 life insurance when she retired. The company changed hands 3 or 4 times and each time the company changed, they changed life insurance companies. Magically, when MetLife became the insurer, the benefit was cut in half (to $10,000) My mother changed her beneficiary designation in 2001 (after her mother and husband had both passed away) naming 2 of her 3 children as beneficiaries (her oldest child is developmentally disabled and receives Medicaid so a payout of life insurance could cancel his benefits and possibly leave him homeless). My mother died in May of 2013 and MetLife refused to honor her designation of beneficiary, so after fighting over this for nearly 4 months, I (as the personal representative named in my Mother's will) reluctantly submitted a claimant affidavit in September of 2013. They still have not sent us our money. Every time I call, I get a different rep with a different story... Today, I was told claim forms were sent on Dec. 24th - "Didn't you receive it? Well, let me verify your address and I'll send another". I need to know who I can contact to file a complaint about these people... They are obviously hoping if they torture us enough we will just go away and they won't have to pay what is due. Also, do they owe us interest starting from date of death?

I have had MetLife insurance for 9 years. I have never had a problem with this company. As it is life insurance and I am still alive I cannot speak personally in claim payout but I have known others who unfortunately have had to file a claim on behalf of a loved one. The feedback I received was very positive giving me peace of mind in my choice to use this company. MetLife is a reputable company with years of experience. I am very comfortable in my decision. This is a company with a good reputation and a name that can be trusted.

I have life insurance policy that we both have had for over 30 yrs now.. We both have a policy and pay it once a year... A few months ago we got a letter saying that we are past due and it would be canceled if we didn't pay this premium by a certain date. Ok, the thing is, I had paid this in full 2 months prior and now they are asking for money. Well after a call to them and finally speaking to someone, they state that we still would have to pay cause insurance has went up? Now we've had this insurance and paid the same amount once a year and now they have an increase? Come on, we signed up for $100,000 life insurance for both of us and had a specific premium that we had to pay once a year and now they've had an increase and we have to pay more!

Just got another letter today and I'm not happy. It says that "based on market volatility, the surrender value on your policy may drop which could cause the minimum payment quoted to be insufficient when received.." That means that an additional payment may be required to support the insurance and applicable charges. "Minimum payment to avoid termination of coverage $334.00 due before 9/5/15....." Then it goes on to say "after you pay the amount requested above you will need to resume premium payments for an amount sufficient to maintain your insurance coverage to avoid this situation from recurring."

Now would you buy into this? Please if there is anyone out there that can help us, we are getting up in age now where we would depend on this if something would happen to either of us. Is there something we can do to make sure that if one or both of us would die, that my family would at least have money to bury us. This is very upsetting knowing that we have paid this for years, believing that we had something to help us through and now this they try to pull.

I was in an accident with a MetLife auto insurance carrier on 5/27/16. I obtained an estimate, as advised to do by MetLife claims adjuster, Wanda **. After a week without receiving payment I contacted this agent and she had the wrong address because no one thought to verify the correct spelling of the address. She canceled the check and stated that a new one was issued and sent out. When a week went by without payment and I paid out of pocket for repairs, I contacted Wanda and she gave me a date that the check was sent out. After 2 weeks and still no check, I just called today and spoke with another agent who advised that "someone" dropped the ball and a check was never sent out. I am very annoyed with how incompetent these people are and how nonchalant this Wanda ** is because of course it was not her car that was in an accident.

I have Annuities with MetLife but trying to receive my payments on time is a problem. I should be receiving them around the 14th each month. For some reason - their system shows that I'm deceased. I call and sent confirmation on everything I've been asked to do. The payment would start for a short time then the payment will stop again. I have called and talking many times to the company and guaranteed their system would be corrected. This month again it has not credited to my account. This problem has been going on for at least 2 years. I'm living on Social Security and I need the money to pay my bills. Please help me. Thank you for your time.

MetLife insurance is vast and has new features. I like the features, protection terms and how it helps with overall coverage. Claim process is easy too. The location is accessible and communication possible with continuous customer service and availability. But there may be issues with connecting to an online agent for chat and asking questions. The policy at times is long to read and difficult to explain in one sitting. Also, there are fewer options in the choice of life insurance types for an individual to start working and thinking to take one up. I also dislike the office locations as none is closer to my house or community. But my overall experience with MetLife insurance company has been okay... It was a good one with less hassle and hitches.

I was sideswipe by a driver that's insured with MetLife. The driver wouldn't accept blame but gave his original side of the story on the police report that he drove into my lane. The same story to my insurance and was found at fault by law, he wants to change his story as if I drove into his lane to MetLife. I have photos of the damage showing both cars and on his car you see that he's missing his mirror. MetLife allowed him to change his story and claimed me to be at fault yet they aren't pursuing damages from me or my insurance if I really was at fault.

My father had a group policy with MetLife. He had his wife at the time as beneficiary. She died before him. When I called about the policy they said it had been paid out but refused to tell me who to. What's the best way to force them to tell who it was paid to?

The experience has been good so far. I haven't had much reason to contact them but when I have had to, the customer service is responsive and helpful. My premium has been fairly steady and I have fairly good coverage for the price.

I retired 12/2011. I had paid MetLife for GUL for the past 32 years. My payment was deducted from my paycheck. I contacted MetLife advising that I had not received an invoice for a while. They told me that my policy had been cancelled for non payment. Would a person who paid for a policy (and for 2 policies for a while) for 32 yrs. religiously just stop paying when the policy is most important? And you wonder how a company like MetLife makes billions of dollars? I definitely do not.

MetLife did not pay me as the beneficiary of my deceased husband. Andrew ** is what the policy designates as for security purposes. It's a $1 million accidental group life insurance. He was a manager on the group policy that was with Aetna Insurance. And the company Harvest States (now CMC--Central Montana Coop. that's merged with Cenex) changed carriers to MetLife, which has not helped me and referred me to Unclaimed Properties, which doesn't seem to have it either. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

My life insurance is with MetLife. I also have a policy with Liberty Mutual through my employer. But I consider MetLife my fall back for my family if needed as jobs come and go. I guess the Peanuts when I was growing up sold me on the company and since then I have just always used them even though I will be gone before I know if they did what they say they will do. Strange really. I like to have two to three small one around just in case so my wife does not have to worry and I think met life is a strong company with a future. Also I like the Peanut ads that they run as it brings back memories of simpler times... Thanks.

I have my life insurance policy with MetLife for many years. I have paid all my premiums in full every year on time. After I sent the premium, I received another statement indicating a $50.87 balance due with no explanation. I called MetLife customer service and it took me a long time to get a live person on the phone. When I gave the customer service representative the policy number from my statement, she cannot even pull up my account in the computer and insisted that I have to provide the social security number. When the representative got my account up from the system and found that I don't owe MetLife any premiums, she told me to disregard the statement. Below are the list rated F from me to MetLife insurance company:

1. MetLife customer service phone system.
2. Inaccurate statement sent to policyholders.

3. I have to provide my social security number instead of the policy number.

MetLife is the most trustworthy and the friendliest company. I feel like they are out for my best interest, and I don't see myself going anywhere else. This company is the highest of the best quality and I like everything about them. I have been with them for years and they have never done anything to make me feel like I wasn't wanted or like I was not important.

I received a letter from MetLife where they doubled my premium. I called Customer Service and while talking to them asked who was my Beneficiary on record. They had no idea, they told me that in a transfer of records the name of my Beneficiary was lost. They had no idea who had ever been my Beneficiary, or how long they had not known. They did however know to double my premium so that they would receive their payment on time.

Am about to change providers. Was very happy when I had a representative assigned to my account. He retired and service became non existent. Had 2 different policies and was very pleased with how they worked.

I got this insurance so that my loved ones would not be burdened if something happened to me. It gives me peace of mind as I get older to know that my final expenses will be covered.

I had a small credit balance with met life and they wrote it off. I finally questioned them and insisted they reinstate it and pay me. They did 11 months later and I sent them a bill for late fee of $115. They refused to pay it now 14 months later. After much correspondence, their manager canceled my ltc policy because I had blown the whistle on this questionable practice. Our state insurance dept said they couldn't do that and it got reinstated.

Always helpful in determining my specific needs. Needs change as my children and I get older, so we review needs and what is affordable. They are accessible online and also have scheduled sessions quarterly at my place if employment so we can discuss my account frequently should any changes arise.

I feel very confident in the company I use. They are very affordable and always know how to help you. We recently add more insurance and they are very helpful with this and affordable for the large amount we changed to.

I like my life insurance, have it about three year now. I got two policies. I'm have happy with life insurance.

Great customer service. The rates are higher than competitors though. I would recommend for someone looking for a long term product. Easy to deal with. A well-known reputable company with your interest in mind.

The salesman lied to get my money. We were told that after a number of years the policy would be paid in full and worth its face value. Later we were told that was not true and we must have misunderstood. I have since cancelled the policy and put the money into a 401k instead.

I like MetLife because they are very nice people and friendly. I will continue to use this company for a long time. The monthly payment is low. I would not change companies.

My overall experience with MetLife Life is great and I love the company. I like their plans and products. They have great people that work for them. It is good and the best of it all. I would recommend it all.

My father was a NRI, he deposited his hard earned money of about 9,00,000 INR in my mother's name (pension scheme) with false promises made by this people. They told us that after paying this 9,00,0000, first month onwards we will get 5,000 RS for 15 years and after that we will get the deposited 9,00,000 INR plus bonus... My father avoided them several times as we were not at all interested in this private insurance agencies. But somehow he was forced to join by believing them. After paying the money in several years, the first month onwards every 28th we were getting that 5,000 RS but after 3 months my mother was died because of cancer.

And that point only we came to know that, since my mother was no more there is no benefits, we will be getting that only 5,000 RS for 15 years that all... There is no sum assured, bonus or nothing... And after making so much shouting and all they passed 2.75 lakhs as some hell... and nothing more or anything. They don't keep their word. My mother had insurance with SBI and LIC... no such issues or anything with them. So pls take my word. This is the most fraud agency I ever SEEN. THEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF US. DON'T EVER EVER GO WITH THEM. SOMEHOW THEY WILL CHEAT YOU....

I'm very happy with MetLife. The premiums are low, the coverage is excellent. They are one of the leaders in the insurance industry so I feel confident that if anything were to happen that my family would be well taken care of.

I wanted to cancel my Term Life insurance which I bought for myself years ago almost 10 years ago. Obviously I have changed my name through marriage and moved a couple of times. I have provided my social security number, birthdate, name, current last name and yet they still say I am not the person on the policy. I have provided my bank account to which they have been debiting my payments to them. They are so fast to get payments but give me the runaround when I wanted to cancel the term life insurance.

I have spoken to several customer service people and a supervisor and yet I could not cancel the insurance. My social security number has not changed even if I remarried, changed names nor moved addresses in the last 10 years. They don’t even double check my social security nor update their account of the changes in name and address I have been telling them. This insurance is ridiculous. I purchased that insurance for myself and I can’t cancel it when I don’t want or need it anymore. Nobody seem to understand nor want to assist me. They make it difficult to Cancel this insurance.

Obtained insurance through work. No complaints; fair pricing; have had insurance for long time; like payment plan of equal bi-weekly payments. Administered without requirement for periodic medical "inspections".

My wife and I got MetLife "Flexible Premium Universal Life" policies in 1986. The agent suggested these were great policies because the policy could increase in value over time. The sales pitch was extremely deceptive. After paying premiums for many years (approximately 29 years overall), at age 70, the premiums started to increase "because of age". I was told that it costs more to administrate a policy after age 70. Why? We received a letter that the plan was deficient and money was required to keep it in effect. It was determined that we had a cash value of less than $300. So, we paid the difference and increased the monthly premium to over a $100 more per month.

Now, we are deficient again and the monthly premium is to go up another $80/mo. The premiums are now more than my mortgage payment was. A MetLife customer service representative stated that premiums will continue to increase until age 95. The cash value will continue to be near zero, but the death benefit would be $70,000. If we pay less than the adjusted premium, the policy would be terminated as we have already received notices even though make the required monthly payments via auto payment.

It gets better. After a very extended conversation, the customer service rep stated there was another option. This did not come up years ago when we had a similar conversation. I could keep the policy in effect because "MetLife offers a reduced paid-up option less loans and withdrawals." I have no loans or withdrawals. I would have to file a form to accept a much reduced amount at death (less that if I had put this into a simple savings, no interest account). So, we chose to take this option as opposed to being bled dry financially. Not so fast. We received another letter explaining the opt out provisions. To date, the plan does not qualify. Here is an excerpt quoted from the letter:

"We reviewed your policy and determined that as of December 5, 2016, the policy is not eligible for the option as there is a $929.46 shortage in the cumulative planned premium. In order to be eligible for this option, you must send the $929.46 shortage by January 8, 2017 to the address below: MetLife. PO Box 371351. Pittsburgh PA 15250 7351. To maintain eligibility, you must pay the monthly planned premium of $929.46 beginning no later than February 8, 2017. You must continue to pay by the 8th of each month until you receive the notice that your policy will lapse.

"The Notification of Pending Lapse will confirm the policy eligibility. If these requirements are met, and no loans or partial cash withdrawals are taken, the policy will lapse and be placed on this option in approximately 7 months. The Endorsement will be mailed to you to keep with your policy. The death benefit is equal to the net cumulative premiums paid at the time the policy lapses. The policy will no longer have a cash value, cannot be surrendered, and will only be payable upon the insured's death. As of December 5, 2016, the total net premiums paid into the policy equal $26,098.92."

The cash value of this policy as of this date is $178. 73. I ask the MetLife rep to explain the terms in the letter. My question was, am I to pay $929.46 by Jan, 2017 and then another $929.46 per month for another "approximately" 7 months to have $26,098.92 paid to my estate on my death? The answer was affirmative. That's over another $7,500. I have paid premiums taken directly from our checking account for years. When advised I was deficient, we paid the balance and increased the premium. In the past several years, we have paid over $2,100 annually. This has turned into a money pit with no bottom.

On each of the calls to MetLife customer service, the reps have stated the agents misrepresented the policy and this policy is not longer sold. But it was a plan devised by MetLife and MetLife continues to bleed the customers knowing it was a bad product. Yet MetLife, for those in this plan, continues to reap the profits off the backs of the elderly. It is not until life insurance can no longer be gotten that they drop the hammer. The MetLife customer service reps did offer a bit of advice. I could contact a MetLife agent and see if I could get a lesser valued policy. And my response was that I should trust MetLife or one of their agents? When we opted for MetLife life insurance, we felt that this was an honorable company. It appears now that the company is trying to get customers with this policy to default because they can no longer afford it on a fixed retired income. Great for the bottom line, bad for the people that believed in them.

Obviously, I know one in my family has had the occasion to collect on my policy but my late husband used the same company. When he passed away, I found them to be kind and very easy to deal with. I would definitely give them my recommendation.

Back in 1993 I purchased a 30-yr life insurance policy with a "Cash Value" investment attached that I could "Borrow" against (at 8% interest) and that the investment would grow and I expected to have a lot in there at the end of the 30 yrs. Well it's always what we DON'T know that hurts us. In 2007 a Primerica representative sat with me and my husband and showed us how cash value life insurance really worked! We were upset because he showed me in my black and white contract where I would LOSE ALL MY CASH VALUE by the 30th year because the Variable Universal kinds are set to implode if we don't dump more money in to feed the increasing cost of insurance (1 unit = $1,000).

Actually, the policy is an 'ANNUAL RENEWABLE TERM" with a cash investment attached. So the renewal fees in the later years are in excess of what my monthly payments were. Since my payment remained the same, and I wasn't told about the increase (but it was there in my policy in print) the increase difference is automatically drafter from my accumulated CASH. Once that happens, it generates a "loan" and then I get charged interest!

My Met Life agent did not explain all those details to me at the time... or I'd never have bought it! Cash investments should never be tied to life insurance, and this is backed up by the FTC report in the 70s exposing the defects of these types of policies. Dave Ramsey warns against them.. Suze Orman warns against them... and countless others. But I did not know that at the time. Oh by the way, if you read your policy, you will see that there is a clause that states upon death you get a choice of either the Face Value or the Cash Value... but not both (unless you pay another fee for that option). So you lose all your cash that you accumulate in your policy!!

My parents had owned Prudential Cash value - whole life - and they too were taken advantage of when Prudential was sued for breach of promises with their program. Luckily I had the Primerica rep show me how to rescue my $10,000 and set that up in a retirement fund where I controlled what happened to it... not the insurance company. I bought a level term for 35 years and invested my cash.

I hope this helps others before they make the same mistake of buying CASH VALUE insurance or decreasing/increasing insurance. Read the fine print, and if you don't understand it, seek guidance. Oh, and be sure you have beneficiaries designated and contingent beneficiaries in case the first ones pass. Otherwise the money gets assigned to the Estate of that person, and then it's a hassle! I've learned so much through all this. Hope this helps!!

I had MetLife for more than thirty years. I like their policy, the paid up and the ability to use the yearly dividends to purchase more insurance. My experience with the company has been nothing but positive. Glad I insured with them.

The international savings plan from MetLife is one of the worst plans on earth with Highest fund management charges and ridiculous conditions. You will have to pay a minimum of 4-6% annually on all the charges to MetLife and your chances of earning starts only if you gain more than 7% every year. Now on top of this please note that if you plan to exit before the full term they will take away a minimum of 50% of your hard earned investment and call it as surrender charges. By far this is the worst policy I have ever seen and please do note that while selling the plan they won't reveal you any costs or conditions. Better Read the T&C's correctly if you don't want to be trapped.

Metropolitan Life has been selling annuities to senior citizens that are used in deceptive practices when seniors become ill. My mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and was subjected to this type of treatment when her annuity became mature. One letter was sent to her and due to her disease she didn't understand it. Metropolitan life converted her annuity to monthly checks without permission utilizing some clause that gives them the power to do this.

After several phone calls I received an analyst named Amy ** who stated that if I didn't hear from her in two months to call her. On Christmas Eve I received an incomplete report on my case from Amy. My mom's illness is not even mentioned, and she just restated that they sent letters that were ignored. Obviously this woman needs more training to improve her job performance. I tried to contact her or any living person at Metropolitan Life. The only person who answered the phone was the Security Officer who was very nice, but gave me another bogus customer relations number that does not allow you to speak to anyone.

It is beyond my comprehension how this company stays in business. From your listing, there are pages of complaints about Metropolitan Life involving seniors. I believe we should present our facts to someone in the company who can make a difference. Beware, if you want to be cheated, buy an annuity from Metropolitan Life. They would take the last piece of bread out of an elderly person's mouth.

I find Metlife to be professional and very helpful. The customer service is great and their policy is affordable and cost less than other companies. The policy gave the highest coverage and offers my spouse and children some coverage too. It is great knowing my family would get a lot and would be taken care of if anything happened to me without me breaking the bank. MetLife's customer service, cost, and policy were outstanding and provided the best deal.

I am working as an agent with MetLife Insurance Company. My agency code is ** and my license number is **. I deposited fees of Rs.1,000 on the 30th of July but my license has not been renewed until now. What kind of service are you providing? Kindly renew my license as soon as possible.

I did a lot of research and found that MetLife was one of the top rated companies out there. MetLife is a strong stable company that has been in business for many many years. They were very good at discussing the amount of coverage I NEEDED and quoted me several different policies with different price points. They were very helpful and professional throughout the entire process. I am very pleased that I chose them for my policy. They are very easy to do business with. I was able to get my policy thru a stress-free environment. I purchased my policy online and the agent took their time to walk me thru the whole process. I received a good rate for my premium and if I ever have any questions or concerns there is always someone there to answer my questions.

At the end of my 10 year term life insurance, they jacked up my rates WITH NO WARNING or notice from $39/month to $490/month by the time I caught it. No request to sign up at a reasonable rate, no call from a representative, just automatically withdrew it from my account until I caught it. In the end, I paid $14,800 in 31 months for insurance while I was busy sending my boys off to the Marines, and focused on getting my business off the ground. Did they care or offer me any money back? Sure... 2 months payment. Their legal argument... "we sent you a bill way back in December, once a year, with a little tiny number in the lower right hand corner that showed the new increase". Thanks for the compassion jerks. They didn't care at all. "Wow, you must be mad...." Yeah I'm glad, now you can keep my thousands of dollars and sleep well while I end up on Medicaid because I can't afford healthcare. I should have died, then it would have been worth it all.

I am very happy with the insurance coverage that I have and the company that provides me with the policy for coverage. It makes me feel very secure too that my family will not have to request for donations to help with burial expenses for me and my wife. Also it will help provide assistance to my children and grandchildren. They will be able to not have the burden of trying to afford funeral cost and expenses of trying to pay off bills that might be left.

It was a nice. I could not ask for anything in a insurance company and the people were more than nice - they would come to me and handle any sort of problems that I may have and that goes beyond what a regular agent would do. It makes me feel like I am family.

I had a good experience with the MetLife agent I was working with. The agent spent time going over the life insurance policy and which one he recommended based on my personal situation. I'm able to go online to check my life insurance policy. One thing I would like to see improve is receiving more communications regarding my policy because I only receive an update in the mail annually.

I am very pleased with Metlife life insurance. They are reasonably priced. I am a single mother of two children and cannot afford a major life insurance that cost plenty each month. They worked with me to get a plan I could afford, so I could make sure that my children would have something after my passing. Also, they will pay quickly to the beneficiary.

I have invested 15 years of my hard earned cash into MetLife insurance policy. When I signed up I was told by the agent it was a whole life, not reading the fine prints, it turned out to be a flexible premium multi funded life. Everything was fine until I retired, and once I started going down in age they ripped me off by changing my premiums without my consent and raised it so high that it is impossible to hold on to after investing all my money into their policy. They would not accept payments until the dates passed so they have a hold on you. It's a scam to thief hard working poor individuals. SHAME ON YOU METLIFE. YOU ARE STEALING FROM THE POOR.

My mom is 84 years old and has been paying more than $2,000 a year for the past 15 years for a MetLife Long Term Healthcare policy. Last year she began struggling and required home assistance. For more than ten months now I've been dealing with MetLife and it's been a nightmare! They took 3 months and were unable to get a copy of one physical therapy record. I took care of it myself in one day! Every step of the way they've delayed and stalled. And they claim they still don't have enough information to approve my mom.

My mom is 84 and struggles with congestive heart failure, a blood clot near her pacemaker, and kidney failure. She has been on medication for memory loss and dementia for several years now, and suffered from pneumonia earlier this year. She struggles with her walking and, despite using a walker, is incredibly unstable. For 10 months now she's required assistance with her bathing, as well as making sure she gets her pills and eats. One of her doctors stated that she should not be left alone and needs assistance!

MetLife obtained doctors' records, but refused to accept any statements from doctors. They told me on multiple occasions that they don't put too much weight on the doctors' records because "they don't see your mom in the home". Next, they obtained records from the Home Assistance company that my family has been paying for ten months, but claimed, "we can't put too much weight on the home assistance company because you pay them, so technically they can say anything you tell them to." MetLife then sent an impartial evaluator to observe my mom in her home, and the evaluator recommended assistance for my mom.

All of this was not enough, though. MetLife insisted they needed a physical therapy record that they had learned about, and spent the next three months without obtaining it. "Still waiting on those PT records" was the response I always got. When I called the records department and got the requested documents myself, I was told that the records department had been sending faxes to MetLife every three days for two months, trying to obtain their approval for the records so they could be sent out, but MetLife never responded!

Next, after I obtained the records for them, MetLife claimed they couldn't find one of the PT pages and wanted to start the whole process over again! They also informed me that there currently was not enough information to approve my mom. It's been seven months now and I still have heard no word from them. Meanwhile, every three months my mom receives a bill of nearly $600 for the policy. Do yourself a favor: DON'T GET A METLIFE LONG-TERM HEALTHCARE POLICY! As far as I'm concerned, they're just stealing from senior citizens. It's absolutely disgusting and something needs to be done about it!

I spend about 9 hours at my dentist office doing root canals and other work for a bridge. $4093.00 was submitted for payment as per Metlife payment requirement. This should have been about a 50% payout. I then was told there was a missing tooth clause and I found to be correct. They did not pay for any of the caps attached to the bridge. I only had 1 missing tooth. I understand not paying for one because of the clause, but this is not right to not pay their part of the rest. This has been going on for over a year and I have work that needs to be done. As of now they have only paid less than 800.00. Does the preexisting clause count here. This is the worst experience with a insurance co I HAVE EVER HAD.

First, let me say that MetLife reps are very friendly when selling you a policy but become very cold when you attempt to receive payments on the policy. Indeed the job of a MetLife rep at payment time is to deny you payment. I purchased AARP MetLife LTC some 20 years ago on the advice of a friend who worked for the company. I read the contract when it came and thought I understood it. I would advise anyone considering any company's LTC to allow someone in the health field or a lawyer to read any insurance contract. You have so many days to cancel your contract if you do not think the contract is fair. Had I done this I would not have lost 20 years of payments to this company.

When I sought payment for home care I was denied. I had a health care company president read the contract and she concluded it was unbelievably unfair and written so as to deny payment. You must almost be in a coma before payment is granted. All other LTC contracts (according to my health care person who reviewed the MetLife contract) consider bathing and transferring two separate items. Some even include cooking meals and cleaning as an ADL. MetLife does not. I needed assistance for dressing, meal cooking, shopping, transport to MD appts. and other issues and was told I did not. This was based on their own appraisal of me by their own RN.

A METLIFE physician reads the request and decides - after never seeing you - that the best doctors in Boston are incorrect. The MetLife rep tells me that the MD's reports do not indicate I need help with the ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). The MetLife rep does not tell me that the Md must clearly state in the words of the contract what help you need - that a medical reports from many doctors saying that I had serious medical issues was not enough. After almost of year of appeals and denials, I canceled the policy. I only wish I had never purchased it.

Unethical behavior. Put in a claim on a life insurance policy that my mother paid on for years through her employer. They ignored my claim & when I called rep. said I may have put down another insurance claim amount on the estate filing with the NC courts since it did not show MetLife name & policy # -? Insinuating that my attorney filed the estate claim fraudulently! Then Denise ** told my attorney I was not listed as executor, which I was. 2 weeks later, no call back from MetLife but I received full check payment! They just delayed payment and caused me to have to pay all funeral expenses out of pocket due to their payment delay which was about 2 months and caused mental and financial hardship on my family at a time of grief. I would never do business with this company!

It's better cost. It has a lot of things and it had a lot of potential than other maybe most than other. It's great and it's easier to use and it might be great to use for a good company that has a lot of things. It offer a lot of things.

MetLife agree to insure me after they sent a nurse to take my blood (operation) and found that my health was extremely good. My daughter was the owner of my insurance policy. It took Metlife almost 3 months to get back with me to deny me "financial unsuitability". How much money do you need to get life insurance? They had already said my daughter earned above their requirement. Fraudsters, breach of contract-I'm seeking to sue.

They are always there for me and make sure I am covered and have the best coverage possible. I really like my agent and feel they are very knowledgeable.

The absolute worse company ever. Customer service was awful. I canceled my policy and had to pay a cancellation fee on top of my state fee. They never tell you these things unless you're leaving. I had automatic payments and once I took them off, my premium went up, which is CRAZY!

I called MetLife to file a death insurance claim. After 3 calls, and no claim form, I demanded a form be emailed to me. Once they received the completed form, they announced it takes 10 business days to process a claim under $10,000. MetLife has not yet mailed me a claim form.

I do not have time to continue to follow up with such an inept company. Since Dec. 3 (now Feb 21, 2015) when I learned my ex-husband from 20 years ago was still my beneficiary, I have requested a bene change form 3 times. I know I changed the beneficiary as soon as I was divorced and have attempted to change it again one or two more times. I was told the 10 page form would be emailed to me on 3 separate occasions. I have received the EFT. When calling MetLife they close at 3:00 PST. Beware. Also, each call is routed to the Philippines and for obvious reasons stated above and 3 months in the making just trying to receive and emailed bene change form, I am unsure the reason for their purpose for routing calls there.

Bottom Line: I purchased my policy in the US and I want a customer service rep physically in a US location. Had I purchased my policy while living or visiting the Philippines then I would understand why the Philippines would answer the phone, otherwise I do not support it and never will. Our unemployment rate is decreasing but it is still high AND definitely too high to have workers in and out of the US be providing poor service. This is of course, unless the company supports the delivery of poor service. Please forward this comment to AM Best and Standard & Poors insurance rating services.

The monthly fee is low. I was able to get this insurance through a former employer and able to continue at the same rate, since I left the company. A few years back I was able to borrow some money on the principal that I had paid at a low interest rate.

Low premiums keeps me happy, easy payment system, on time payouts... Would definitely pick this company again if I had to. No other comments need be made, can't say enough about MetLife.

My Mother (now passed 2009) had a life insurance annuity policy on my sister who passed away October 2013. My other sister and I are her only living relatives. They are refusing to pay because we were not her executor and she did not have a will, she lived out of state so we don't know all the financial details but she died of cancer.

I talked with the representative "Jennifer" 06/12/2014 around 11:50 A.M Central time, checking for the claim of our patient from 10/2013. Put me on hold for a long time because she can't explain why. She told me primary insurance is based on the parent's MONTH birthday, not the effective date nor year of the D.O.B. According to her, that is the policy. I told her I would like to speak with her manager, who can explain why claim hasn't been process if we submit by electronic, mail, and fax for a long time until now?

Wanted to cash out my retirement plan due to medical necessity. I got a denial and a request from them for more information already provided. Staff only insisted and offered a loan against my retirement plan as a solution three times in less than 10 minutes. Neither one of the employees that assisted me offered other alternatives to be able to cash out before reaching 59 years of age. When Metlife first went to my employer's office to offer the plan to employees, they guarantee that for any medical necessity with the necessary documentation, you would be entitled to a full withdrawal... Do not believe them. They just wanted your trust and your money and then when you needed back, they wanted more from you trying to convince you to get a loan on your own money so you pay them interests... Get another company and make sure you read the fine prints...

I have been with this company for over 20 years. I have my auto, life and home insurance policies with MetLife. I have term life insurance with which the price goes up yearly. I am finding it harder and harder to pay as I get older but need it as I own a home and several credit cards. I don't want my survivors to have to worry if something happens. I am fairly happy with the company but like I said I find the policy very costly. I don't have much communication with the company or any agents. I have auto pay from my checking account monthly to pay the bill. I just wish I had more options for affordable life insurance as I age. I wish I could lock in a monthly price.

I had MetLife insurance since I was little. It's not a bad plan, it has cash value in there and some rate of return. It has been around for a while so they did put in some time, which is just as important instead if it was a new company, upcoming and such. But they don't quite have the best sales force or customer service. They are also limiting their options for clients which makes it hard. MetLife can have better rate of return or more benefits to the plan. Their system is on average at best. There are better plans out there.

Metropolitan Insurance company is one of the nation's strongest companies. Their attention to detail is legion, their representatives engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. I've had insurance with this company for over forty years, and have received outstanding service, and guidance for the entire duration from the agent that sold me my policy. We are both in our seventies, my agent is retired from Met but still to this day reviews my policy each year on its anniversary! Beat that!

I have had a term life insurance policy with MetLife since 1978. The monthly premium was $25 for 37 years. A week ago I received a letter saying I needed to pay $360 to keep my insurance. I called and found out they had used up the cash value of my policy to pay for increasing administrative costs and that I should have increased my premium.

I was never notified that I SHOULD increase my premium in 37 years and if I choose to continue the premiums will now be $160 with no longer existing call value.

I asked why I was never notified over years to increase the premium and they said they send a yearly printout and I said that never said I should increase payment. I said the print out of a record of my years payments and "the cash value is... if you stop making payment, the policy will be worth..." They said could have figured it out if I did the math and if I couldn't they have people who could help. I said I certainly COULD do the math IF I had known for 37 years that I NEEDED TO! VERY disreputable company!! I am now exploring new company since I checked online and hard to find ANY positive reviews of the company!!

MetLife is a pretty good insurance company. They are responsive when needed, but still need to be more attuned to their policyholders. I sometime have a problem getting a response. The cost is pretty high and seems to continue to rise, which does not make me happy.

The critical care insurance was sold based upon coverage like “heart by-pass” where critical care would have to take place. I was told that the coverage would be provided for other “like conditions”. I had open heart surgery to replace a heart valve and when I processed the claim, it was denied. They had no issues with cashing my checks for the premiums but refused to take care of me when it counted and was needed.

I have never had to use my life insurance obviously. But I feel good knowing that if something happens my costs will be taken care of and my family won't be going poor over funeral and final arrangement costs.

I had been a customer of MetLife for over 30 years. I retired in 2004 and began paying premiums via ACH. After approx. 2 years, I changed bank accounts that resulted in premiums not being deducted correctly. I mailed checks to MetLife to cover the cost of my insurance and my wife's. The premiums were all applied to my wife's and my policy was cancelled while her premiums were paid in advance. I tried and tried to correct this error to no avail. This resulted in my having to take a physical and said policy would be reissued at a much higher premium. Premium for life insurance at 25 vs. 55 is quite a jump. I was unable to afford this new policy.

Was this a ploy to elevate me as a customer as I grew older? I am still very disturbed over this incident and am contemplating what I should do about it. I still have minor children and am concerned about their future welfare. I am distraught and angry.

I have MetLife through my employer. I have now had it for over twenty-one years and it's there in case I need it and hopefully don't. It is a good safety net in case something happens to me and I know my family will be taken care of short term. I have seen other co-workers pass and their families were able to collect the money without any issues or hassles and continue on with their lives.

I really have no experience as yet. My payments are deducted from my paycheck. It is a term life policy that I got through my place of employment. I really do not even know the exact level of life insurance amount that I have, but during my retirement classes coming up in November 2015 I will learn more about them.

My uncle passed away two years ago. I am the trustee, executor. I am trying to finish up last of my duties. I have sent MetLife all the necessary paperwork that they need to issue a check for under $400. The agent working on my case is located in India and is not understanding what I need. She has sent two checks so far in the name of the estate, which there is no estate. I finally talked to a person in New York. He looked over the paperwork and said they had all the information that they needed. He didn't understand why she kept writing the check to the estate. He was very helpful. He sent a detailed email to the person in charge of my case.

Within five minutes I got a phone call from my agent in India. She asked me how she could help me. I asked her why she called me. There was silence on the line. I then said, "You must be calling me because you received an email." She said, "Yes, how may help you." I asked her, "Did you understand the email?" Again there was no response on the line. I then said read the email and call me back. This was about four weeks ago. They sent another letter stating they need more information to release the check to the trust. It's the same letter since the very first time. I'm not sure what's going on with MetLife that they really need to get their employees in check and making sure that they know their policies and procedures on how to get things done. I personally would never buy life insurance from MetLife.

MetLife was recommended to us by a friend over thirty years ago. The agent Asked what we wanted so she could meet our need. We explained we were younger at the time and wanted something with a large payout if one of us were to die but would like something that would also grow through the years that we could cash in when we were old if we needed more money to subsidize our income. She was patient and went over several policies and we chose one. We are very happy with our policies with MetLife. Our policies have increased in cash in value greatly through the years. We have reached our golden years but have no need in cashing the policies in at this time. We now receive quartet dividends although we still pay a yearly fee of around five hundred dollar.

I'm happy with my policy however I wish the advisors were more helpful when choosing a policy. I had questions that I couldn't get an answer to but eventually got it.

Good insurance and good rate. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking to protect their family for the protection it offers plus it gives me a peace of mind for the sake of my children.

I just recently replaced my life insurance policy to MetLife. I called them to get some info on their rates, etc and spoke with a rep. who was very knowledgeable and very friendly. They answered all of my questions completely. I haven't received my policy yet but look forward to getting it. They beat the prices of other companies and were more informative than the other reps I spoke with.

I like it. It helped me out a lot, especially when I rolled my Jeep over and had to go to the hospital. It helped tremendously with the bills. I have used the insurance many times in the past, not just for that hospital visit, but for all my regular checkups.

It was so unfortunate to give a cheque of Aed 4425 on the name of MetLife by trust on the name of such reputed company for approval of a group policy on 21 Dec 2017 to an agent Mr Sunil ** whose co-coordinator is Mr Dinesh ** (very dry and non-responsive) in Dubai but without approving the policy they deposited my cheque in bank. After lot of requests/telephone calls, ultimately wrote them an email to cancel the proposal and refund our money which is not at all due as an insurance claim.

It took more than two months, making calls almost every day on toll free number, and around exchanged around 60 emails and having useless answers without any result. No response to a single call or email especially from agent or Manager. I have to put my own effort and deal with toll free call center. Keeping on hold every time to waste 10-15 minutes everyday and ending call with a reference number of complaint. No responsible answer. I wonder how and why they took my money if the policy was not approved? Still, don't know why they have such bad system. Never-ever again in my life for Metlife. If they do like this with customers for normal refund what they will do on any claim!! Very unfortunate to deal with such company.

I am set up for auto-pay. I have always paid manually until this past week while having eye surgery. Auto pay set on the 29th. They did not deduct payment & charged me on 8-1 a $25 late fee. They refuse to credit when I had to pay manually. Service rep could not explain why they didn’t deduct with auto pay. But refused to credit late charge. Worst customer service ever. Rude and would not let me talk to a supervisor. Basically they stole $25 from me. I have never missed a payment & always pay early. This time I had to rely on autopay, they messed up and I got shafted! I would like help in resolution.

MetLife is an average insurance company. It is a very large company and all of the correspondence is through the US Mail. They send me letters when there is a change or another required notification. The life insurance was purchased when I was employed but I have since retired. MetLife sent me a letter asking if I wanted to continue the policy and I said yes in a letter to them. MetLife has notified me each time by letter of all changes. When I reached a certain age, the policy was reduced by half. MetLife notified me of this major change. MetLife is paid through a retirement check deduction from my former employer. This is very convenient.

Well, my father passed away in March of this year and he had a whole life policy on me. I called MetLife three days after we buried him and they told me that I would need to fill out some paperwork that they would send me, which took over a month to receive. After filling the paperwork out and sending it back, I didn't hear from them for another month. I called them to find out what was taking so long and I was told that it would take five business days to process. Three weeks later, I received another packet of papers in the mail and a letter stating that they needed more information. After filling out this set of papers, I faxed the packet and a copy of my dad's death certificate to them and also mailed them the paperwork.

I called yesterday and was told that the paperwork was being processed. I called twice today, and was told the first time I called that the paperwork was filled out incorrectly by a person that I could barely understand and who could not understand simple English. The second time I called I was told that they had just received the paperwork and that it was just starting to be processed. I don't know how many times I have been told five days. I'm sick of it!!!!! If and when I ever get this policy into my name, I am cashing it out and I will NEVER deal with MetLife again.

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