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I have been dealing with MetLife Long Term Care for the last five months. We got word of a verbal denial today after five months of waiting. The caseworker we dealt with did not return calls and always had an excuse. It has been a horrible experience. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I plan to appeal and fight them.

I have never had to use this service yet since my insurance is for later on in case I need it but I am sure it will be just fine since it is from Met Life. The policy was chosen for me by family members and I was told they had many options to choose from and all very very good and reasonably priced compared to others that they had researched. My policy covers if I have to go in a nursing home or need recovery therapy or home hospice. I am really not sure as I have not needed this sort of thing yet but the website is very informative so I am sure it can answer all questions one might have. I have no idea what this policy cost my family and I really wish they really would not have gotten it for me but they were concerned about my health as I got older (even though I have never been sick in my entire life). It must be reasonable as they work in retail and do not have much to spend and they said it was the best for the value.

I am satisfied with the level of customer service I receive from MetLife. The representatives are always nice and helpful. I don't mind calling if I have a question. MetLife has a large selection of policies to choose from and I know that I can tailor the policy to fit my personal needs. I am happy with the amount of options I have. No insurance plan seems to have enough coverage for any situation, even long term care. You pay a lot and you don't get a lot of return on your investment when it comes time that you might need to use it. The policy I purchased from MetLife is very expensive for the level of options available. I think that all insurance is too expensive with very little return on your investment even if you have to use it.

Although the experience was okay and they were nice to me, customer service was not at all like what I had been expecting from them would be like. They don't handle questions very well. It's also harder to come to terms that you need their company in the first place. I did not like my policy options at all too. I am paying out of my butt to have certain coverage from them but they aren't covering everything I was told that they would cover. I am very disappointed with them and I would probably be better off paying out of pocket.

Easy to work with, friendly, reliable and honest. Timely and responsive. Take you and your problems seriously. Never had a problem when working with them. Many options that are all very easy to read and understand. If you don't understand it is easy to find a more detailed and simpler explanation. The coverage is very good. I feel like I am getting the most for my money and time spent deciding what I would like. Always someone to explain coverage for you which is nice. What you are paying is very reasonable and worth it for the product you are getting as well as the people who have to work with. Very reasonable and valuable.

They say they'll call you back in one business day. NOT TRUE! It took them 4 months to approve claims... Had to call the executive secretary to finally get going. I just called and they said they had a lot of calls and to call back in 2-3 hours. What kind of company does that? You have to use their approved agencies. I don't think that sounds ethically right.

The policy is usually easy to understand and always have step by step instructions for those who need it if they ever get confused. They have many coverage options to choose from that you are more comfortable with and that it will always fit your budget and have everything that you are looking for in an insurance program. The value is very high. They go beyond and above to get the consumer everything they need to have in a insurance program. They are always loyal and honest to the customers also which makes them a true keeper. They help in resolving the problem in a timely manner and are always there to help. If they fail they always go back and fix the problem.

The policy options overall are great. There have been a couple times where certain services were not covered, but that is pretty rare. All basic needs that I can think of are fully covered. There have been a couple services from specialists that were not. However, those instances are few and far between. Overall I feel like I have pretty adequate coverage. The payments have all been reasonable, especially considering the coverage that is received. There have not been any moments that I've been frustrated with the cost or feel like I'm being ripped off. It feels like an honest company. Whenever I've had the need to make a phone call, I'm treated with a friendly and knowledgeable rep. They are helpful and try their best to be quick and efficient. It has always been pleasant.

MetLife Long Term Care has the option to stay in a facility or have a caregiver come to my home. The coverage (dollar amount) differs depending on which option I choose. A long-term care policy is valuable due to the rising cost of long-term care. It will cover most if not all of what is necessary should the need arise. Medicare and/or health insurance(s) companies will not cover long term care costs in most instances.

They are very professional and efficient. They do most of the work for you. There was a little bit of paperwork, but not too much. You should consider MetLife. I have peace now. They have a large variety of policy options available to you. You have to choose the one that will ultimately be best for you and your family. I have peace knowing my family won't have to struggle. They will cover all my care should I ever require long-term care. I'm so glad I have this insurance. I won't have to worry, and neither will my family. MetLife provides you with a good value. The price is not nearly as high as you would think it is. It's definitely worth the peace of mind for you and your family.

Possibly the most incredible customer service. Very reliable, attentive, informative, resolve problems impeccably well. Anyone wanting to get this insurance will always be satisfied. The customer is alright - doing business with them. I've been a client with them for over 10 years and am not, in the slightest, thinking about leaving. You won't regret it, I know I don't. Their policy is absolutely incredible. By far more outstanding than your regular insurance company. They solve all my needs, care for what I need when I need. I'd recommend these people 100% of the time. I love their policy. Coverage is quite extraordinary. Absolutely amazing - outstanding company. I can't say any company has better coverage than they do because they simply do not. Get them. I recommend them to anyone who is in need of their services. They offer everything. I don't regret them in the slightest, and I will continue to have them as my insurance forever.

Quick and fast responses. Accurate dealing with issues. Friendly service. Used both email and phone service. Phone was fast and not difficult to use at all. Email replied within 24 hours. Lots of policy options to choose from. Minimum amount of coverage available or maximum depending on needs. Prices are very competitive with other companies. Great service. Have had zero issues with the company. Good policy for a good price. Overall excellent customer service and ease with dealing with claims. Good prices and a variety of choices for all different options. Value for all services is excellent.

Every time I call in to inquire about coverage needs I am greeted and treated with respect, my questions are always answered in a timely fashion and the hold times are not excessive. Their policy options are very flexible. There are numerous deductions and every time there is a change to my policy they give me all the information in a timely manner on how this will affect my current policy. I am very happy with my overall coverage. I have never had an issue when calling in and all of my questions and concerns have been addressed in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend. The value of my policy I am satisfied with - I truly do get what I paid for and the peace of mind that I have for the price that I pay it's very acceptable to me.

Everything about the customer service was very helpful and they made my experience very smooth. All of my questions were answered and my issues were put to rest with knowledge. They have a variety of policy options that I feel like fits just about anybody. I did my research making sure I would pick the best one for me and there were a few that I thought were a really good fit for my situation. The coverage that I have make me feel really secure. Again if I ever need it I feel like I am in the best hands possible. This is something that I hold dear to me and my family. The best thing may be the value. The price is nothing when you factor in your safety and well-being. It is worth every dollar and possibly more. Everyone should have this in place for them and their family.

Very helpful and always prompt. Speedy service and ongoing communications. Good content available on website portal and direct mail. Enough selection for me to feel comfortable having choices to fit my personal needs. Very informational. I would recommend to family friends and colleagues. There are plenty of explanations in my plan and I feel well-protected and covered. For a minimal fee, the coverage is great and I am getting a great value plus added peace of mind and security in my future.

My wife and I purchased MetLife's LTC insurance in 2005. We selected a premium that was at one level for ten years and then was discounted 50% thereafter. Prior to purchasing, we did a lot of research and were very pleased with the MetLife proposal. We talked to a MetLife representative. We questioned how premiums might changed. We were told they were not guaranteed but MetLife's policy was to file a new program with new rates and only new customers would be impacted by the higher premiums. Thus our premiums should be stable. Fast forward. In 2011, MetLife increased the premiums by about 8.5%. In 2015, MetLife announced a 48% premium increase. And, while it indicates it will not seek another increase for another three years, then what. Will it want another 48% or might it just want to double the premium by then? So much for stability.

I can't prove it but I suspect MetLIfe like many insurers thought LTC would be a great premium generator due to the aging of the Baby Boomers. Obviously, it did not work out the way MetLIfe thought it would. But, based upon its own literature and pricing model, it knew those buying it, especially at a younger age, were making a long term investment. As my wife were both in good health at the time of our purchase, we certainly were. We thought MetLife would be a great partner in that long term investment. Boy, were we wrong. I don't like writing negative letters but MetLIfe is being outrageous.

In 2005, MetLife had available at least one brochure touting the great LTC program it offered. If you can find it, see ADF#908.02 (NY). Being a large insurance company, it certainly had access to the right experts (actuaries) to model and forecast this product. The research and modeling must have or should also have considered the importance of the long-term investment we buyers were making and our reliance on MetLife maintaining stable and reasonable rates. Think of it this way. Who in their right mind and in good health would have purchased this product knowing MetLife would increase premiums that way it has?

So LTC has not worked out the way MetLife thought it would. In late 2010, it stopped offering LTC to any new buyers. So now, it finds the premiums from existing policyholders are inadequate. What is surprising about this. We, the Baby Boomers, are aging and the probability of our needing this LTC is increasing. That was the investment we made when we bought it. If MetLIfe does not want to continue to offer this coverage at a reasonable and stable premium, offer us the ability to cancel the policy and give us our money back. But, please don't continue to screw us with premium increases we can't afford to pay.

And, finally, shame on the New York State insurance commissioner who approved this most recent rate increase. He/she is supposed to represent the consumer, especially the individual buyer(s). In my mind, approving a 48% premium increase is not representing the individual buyer; it is more like getting into bed with MetLife.

First, the MetLife salesman who sold us our policy years ago passed away a few years back. His wife applied for their LTC aid when he became immobile with cancer. They were both agents with ML. ML tied them up with so much paperwork that they never received any help. A few months ago the same thing happened to a close friend of ours. He died, his wife is still trying to get the ML to respond. Our own policy has been long time running and we turned down this year's increase in fees and they told us that if we don't pay next year's we will be cancelled. They will keep the thousands of dollars we've paid in for years and tell us to get lost. LTC is a fraud in my mind. When we call to ask for a complete copy of the contract we signed years ago (lost in a move) we get a single sheet of paper verifying that we are contracted. Their support is not at all supportive.

When my mother finally went into a nursing home with AD, we were relieved to find out she had a long term care policy with MetLife. Living out of state, we needed to transport my mother by ambulance. The bill was $7000.00. Transportation was covered through her policy. However, Medicare paid, $650.00 of that bill. Guess what? If Medicare pays even one penny toward a bill, MetLife pays $0.00. The way my story ended. I submitted all charges incurred while in the nursing home. MetLife total contribution: $0.00. NOTHING. They covered NOTHING. Do not be duped. This is a cash cow for MetLife. They know the numbers, what % go into a home, how long they live there, what Medicare covers. DESPICABLE!

I understand making a profit. But making 100% profit preying off the fear of older adults... just wow! Not to mention I spent hour after hour being transferred and repeating the story over and over and being mailed the wrong forms, etc. They are an ABSOLUTE mess! So I will resort to writing reviews. Please if your parents are considering such a policy, have an attorney read it prior to committing to it. I always thought Snoopy was a good guy, not so MetLife!!!

I have had use insurance yet. I am a new customer when I choose this company because I had a lot of good things. I have not use customer service yet so kind hard to rate them. They had policy that fit my needs for right now. There are several different one to choose from. I choose one that did not cost a lot of money because I like on tight budget every month. My long term coverage will take care of me if I get and cannot work for while. Which l hope to have to use it at all anytime soon. I choose the cheapest plan I could find in case of a medical condition that would leave me work for a while. I know cheap is not always better. But when you like on a budget you the best you can.

MetLife's customer service was very good and helpful. They were able to help me with all my questions. There were a lot of good policy options that filled all my needs and that they were very easy to understand. The coverage was very comprehensive and offered a lot of different options. It was very good. The value was also very good and I will be recommending it to all my friends and family.

Customer service is great, but like many businesses, it doesn't feel like they genuinely care or wish to go out of the way to keep you as a Customer. Policy options are standard, you won't really find anything fancy or different from any other long-term care facility policy company, or other insurance companies. Overall coverage is standard, but not superb. It covers only the basic essentials and not a whole lot of anything else that I feel is the company going out of their way. I will say that the value for the policies and coverage you get are also fairly standard, you get what you pay for, and Nothing More than that, really.

I am helping an elderly family friend with a LTC claim. I was told the waiting period had been met on a particular date. Since I thought it sounded too soon, I called back the same day and spoke with another representative. I told her my concern, but she confirmed that was the date was correct. The next month more services were used and billed to MetLife. Well, the MetLife representatives were wrong. A month later, when claims were rejected, I found out I had been right to doubt the date. I have spent more than 2 months speaking with supervisors waiting for them to stand behind what their employees tell their insureds. I was told they had listened to the taped phone calls and they confirmed I was given incorrect information.

Today I was finally told that all they can do is "keep any eye on this account for the next few months and make sure claims are not held up, but processed quickly." Isn't this what they should be doing all of the time? It took them more than 2 months to tell me this. I think they thought I was going to go away. I told them I would be filing a complaint. I am very glad my LTC policy is not with MetLife. They are not a reputable company. Choose another one if you are looking for LTC insurance.

They have policies that are easy to understand and you can always find something that fits your situation. Prices are reasonable and policies are written so everyday people can understand them. I feel secure with my policy and do not worry about problems if I have to use it. All my needs are taken care of with my policy and my family will be take care of in case my policy has to be used. I'm always informed when changes are needed or made in policy coverage.

My money is always spent wisely with the policies and I never have to pay extra for coverage that I don't need. I'm assured that my money is being spent on the best coverage and I'm not throwing away money for unnecessary coverage. When I have a problem I am always able to speak to someone from the United States. Their representatives are knowledgeable and show genuine care. I never have to worry about being transferred or having to wait a long time for my call to be answered.

Lots of rules for claims and no one from the company communicates with customers. Followed the written instructions given for claims. Was told they no longer apply. Asked for the new rules in writing and was told that they could not send them. If you call to ask questions of different representatives they give differing answers. Not at all customer friendly. Did I say zero communication! Nothing you send in gets confirmed for receipt. Claims rejected get no notice, you have to keep up with what was not paid. Then when you call in and correct whatever issue they had with the claim and resubmit it gets denied again, with no notice or communication, did I say no communication. When you call back you are told it was denied due to the instruction of the person who said it was denied the first time and to resubmit the way it was done in the first place. Do not question them. They get irate and insinuate you are trying to falsify claims.

When I was first diagnosed with ESRD 3 years ago I changed my address with them. I called several times and no changes. I WENT IN HOSPITAL, came out and answer rep Stephanie questions to wait on the claim forms. Keep calling. No form but every rep gives me an old incorrect address. I can't get the service I need. I really want my money I invested into this insurance back. I called for a supervisor at 2 pm EST and inform no supervisor is available today. I just want my money back!!!

My long term care insurance is very affordable and authentic. They have a wide range of options and I like how easy it was to choose a plan. The company is honest, reliable, responsible and it really seems to care. It is flexible and easy to use. I like how well this company works for others. The value is astounding too. I love working with their customer service. I was able to do questions and answers online, talked to a very friendly rep and got all the information I needed. It was easy for us to benefit from using this company and I'm glad we did.

My predictive value is very low and it really needs to be more to cover all my needs. They have a lot of options and offer better coverage that I want but I cannot afford all the options I want so I just stick with what I have had. My coverage covers like 10k and that's barely enough to cover my expenses and if something happens to me and do not want loved ones stuck with my bill and so I could leave my kids something. But it is an ok company. I have it cause it is cheap but will cover most cost. I have had it for a long time and have never taken the time to find a better one or a new one that might be cheaper for me.

Washington State allowed MetLife to increase LTC premiums in 2015 58%. MetLife is in the business of forecasting future and taking risk. That is why we purchase insurance from an Insurance company.

MetLife has one of the best customer services because I had a company that was very bad at customer service which is why I moved here and to be honest they have never let me down and they always help me with my need which make me more loyal to them. They give you many varieties to choose from and I think they are the company that has options for everyone. And I'm pretty sure they can help anyone who wants a good plan because they actually care a lot about the customer which is always important.

They cover you from all sectors. Every time that I have need something or get help, they can cover you in all aspects which is why I never have a problem in my life because I always feel ensured and that makes my family happy because we have no worries. They value customers the most and I think MetLife are probably the best company out there because they have a big value on many options and they give you good insurance and obviously they take care of you the best they can which to me makes them the best.

I bought my policy in 2002 at the monthly cost of $69.30. The cost now is $163.81 which is very dismaying and makes me wonder if this cost is prohibitive because I could hire someone to help me with my house cleaning for less than that a month.

The customer service is great. Any time that I have an issue, the person on the phone always is very nice and extremely helpful. I do not shy away from calling and figuring out my issues. I am satisfied with the policy options and to me it is like any other insurance coverage options. I guess I could say change this or that but I'm trying to be realistic and expect what is real. I like the security of having long term care insurance coverage. I feel more secure and like that it covers me for things that may come up and because I am covered I do not have to hesitate and think about costs. I guess the cost of the coverage could be less but then again everything in life would be more ideal if it cost less. I think the prices are reasonable as long as the insurance is useful.

Customer service were pleasant and knowledgeable. Answers all of my questions about cost and coverage. Easy to reach without a long wait. Gave me and my husband the ability to review our coverage and choose the options that best fit our needs. We looked at plans that covered nursing homes and home health. You need to determine what coverage you want and what price you are comfortable paying. You must know how much your policy is and how much your daily cost will be. I think we have chosen a plan that is good for our long-term care needs that is affordable and offers decent coverage for assistive living or nursing home care.

The customer service for Metlife is awesome. They are always ready and available to answer your call and address any problems you might have. They are very reliable. The policy options are very good as you are able to choose the coverage that is applicable to you. The coverage premiums are also very reasonable. You are able to choose from different options which make it more affordable for everyone. The value of the insurance policy is effective as you get more that what you pay for in terms of premium. Essentially, it all depends on the policy options.

They have top notch helpers there that know everything about their companies and the policies and are able to answer respectly when I ask them a question. They have a detailed log of policies that are for security purposes and to ensure that the customer doesn't try to cheat the system. They are reliable and want the best outcome. It is for if I ever get in an accident and need immediate help. They have very reliable options that assure I will get the immediate care for when that time comes. It is the top notch brand on the market and has great reviews so there has not been many people complaining about any problems with the service

The Long Term Care Insurance covers up to six months which is is very convenient. Other insurance or most insurances cover only the first four months. My Metlife insurance value is worth it. I would even pay more if the premium would go up. You will never find a better insurance. Great customer service, very respectful and always have everything under control. Their policy is simple and very legal. They are organized and always have their files neatly filed. You can ask for a policy copy or they can send it to your email. They always have a good answer to your question. They care very much for their customer. I would recommend their service to everyone. I would not go with anybody else but them.

Bought a premium that was at least one level for 15 years and then discounted 50-60% thereafter. MetLife representative was very helpful. Premium was supposed to increase by 9.5% but I fought that due to the promise of stability. Annual premium is stable for now. The customer service was so-so. I was disappointed to hear that they do place a high emphasis on pre-existing conditions and tend to make things difficult in that vein. The policy offered LTD coverage and their policies are supposed to have safeguards against denial of benefits.

After getting policy reinstated they wanted me to pay back my premiums and current due if extra coverage was needed. I avoided doing so by explaining the unfairness. I think MetLife is as shady as any other company so I was not surprised. They tried to make a 102% increase of my premium last year. These people can be very unfair. Cited economic conditions in the health care industry. It seems they are intent on frustrating people in this regard.

I haven't had a lot of experience but I’ve called once and it was great. Very easy to deal with and best experience. Great policy options. I made a personalized package just for me and I feel more secure than ever in my decisions. MetLife has been the best option for me and I love it. Great coverage. I feel set for life and never feel like I have to worry about my family after I pass or after I get deathly ill. Thank you MetLife. MetLife is a great value. I've never felt cheated in any way. The cost is low and efficient for me and my family.

My customer service experience is very good. Everyone treated me well the first time around and they made it easy for me to find the plan that was best suitable for myself. They made things easy and very easy to understand. The policy options for MetLife were great. They had many options that are best suited for you and your needs. They are not afraid to work with you to find your best option and to work around other options for a policy that fits you perfectly and best.

My long-term care coverage is great. They were able to give me something that was suitable for me and my needs that will always be there and affect my long term needs. My coverage options covers the basics and more. You couldn't be happier with my options and choice I made. I'm very satisfied with my long-term care policy and the value that it was worth. It's very reasonable option considering it's for the long run in your care. Everything was completely worth the price but that said the price was to me very fair.

They have been very polite and helpful every time I have to speak to someone. The agent that started my policy was very knowledgeable and informative. They have a good range of policies at different prices that are suitable for just about anyone. I have a policy that covers accidents and a cancer plan because it is so prevalent in my family. I am very pleased with the fact that they both cover part of my and my family's cost to travel to a facility. I like the fact that they have different levels of coverage at multiple prices, so that it's affordable to just about anyone. The coverage I have suits my needs well and is a price I can easily afford.

The policy options were great. I went with the basic options, however there have been incidents where I was able to take control of my policy. I would love to always be able to handle this on my own terms. I have never had a problem getting the service I need and there has never been a reason for me to doubt the customer service. With Long Term Care Insurance coverage I am able to be accepted and approved by most if not all hospitals and clinic. Overall the insurance is very useful and comes in handy a lot.

Professional and helpful agents who are well educated and knowledgeable about their job. Both on and off the phone, my experiences have made calling for information a breeze. I currently have no complaints or issues with my policy and all that entails. I am happy with the care I'm receiving. Do not have a bad review at this moment. Coverage is exactly what I needed and wanted. It fits my life needs and was flexible in giving me all of the long range options I desired. Money doesn't grow on trees, that's for sure. In this area, I don't have to worry about my pockets getting lighter. I am very pleased.

For nine months now I have been calling MetLife LTC about claims for September through December 2017 for my wife's mother who passed away in December. The claims were not fully reimbursed - trying to make the customer service rep understand what is going on is next to possible. Every time I call I have to go over the situation but nobody seems to make notes in the profile/file for my mother in law. The past week I have called five times, one call seemed to have resolved the issue but today it turns out that no notes were made of the conversation, no action undertaken. I have left messages for three coordinators/ supervisors but have not received the promised call back within one business day.

This is so beyond any professional service but then again I have to remind myself of conversations with insurance executives who stated that they are in the business of denying claims. MetLife is terrific in that respect. They should be complimented. Their automatic reply of 'your business is important to us' is such a lie they should be ashamed to have that play every time I call.

My experience with customer service has been positive. All my questions were answered and any issues were resolved in a reasonable time. The policy options were clear and easy to understand. They had many and flexible options allowing me to choose one that fit my specific needs. The representative was also helpful and explained the coverage to me so that I could choose a policy that had the coverage I wanted. The value of my Long Term Care Insurance is what I was looking for. It was not too expensive and yet not too cheap as to question its quality.

The insurance policy is through my employer and I have never had to use it. I signed up for it just because I figured if something was to happen it is better to be safe than sorry. There were not many options. In fact, if I remember correctly the only options I could make was how much money I wanted to put into the policy. It is one of those things that you sign up for just in case you may need. It is valuable in the event that something is to happen. The policy can save a fortune on expenses that would otherwise be very expensive. Also, providing my family with some means of income.

I love online services and they have awesome employees that are always available when I need their help. Love that they have up to date services also. They are always available and provide the best overall experience for me no matter what. I love that they are always conveniently accessed whenever I need them. It is a package designed with my family's best interest in mind and I know that I am making the smartest decision possible by keeping my business with them. I absolutely do not know of a more personalized better service that could be offered to my family. This is truly the perfect choice for us.

They are always there to answer questions. The web page is also a great resource to use. Good people on other end of phone. Also, the gentleman that assisted me in person was both knowledgeable and helpful. The options are very helpful. You have choices that can cater to your situation. You are not stuck to one choice or option. The options are also clearly listed. The coverage is outstanding. It is more than acceptable and affordable. You will be living comfortably in the end. The coverages are also very easy to understand. The perceived value of the coverage is excellent. Of course you get what you pay for in this situation. You could spend cost on something else but not nearly as helpful for your security.

I was a bit happy about the customer service it has with the customers of the company and I am really thankful to the company to be a customer like this. It has it own policies but they said all the policies before applying or insuring from the company. I liked the openess of the company. Coverage is really good and I liked the coverage as it has more coverage than the Medicare of Medicaid of the government. They cover more than the other companies. Value is very good as you pay for the product and I liked how the prices are based for the premiums every month. It is a good value for the price what we pay for.

The customer service wasn't the best, but I was satisfied and happy enough with it. The customer service line seemed busy and when I tried to call they weren't that helpful. There were plenty of policy options to pick from. I'd highly recommend MetLife for this reason. They offer many options such as auto insurance, life insurance, etc. I'm happy with the overall coverage, but not enough to recommend it to friends/family. The coverage left me satisfied and happy with MetLife. MetLife is good for its value, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap for good insurance company. I get a lot of coverage for such a low price.

Sometimes it takes a while to actually get a person that can actually answer the question you are asking. Overall pretty good customer service. I believe they offer quite a few number of policy options to fit your needs. They had one that suited my needs for a reasonable price. So that's why I went with them. I'm pretty satisfied overall. There isn't much I would change at this points except maybe the price. It's reasonable. However I wish it could be a little cheaper. So in the end it is ok for what you get.

I enjoy using customer services and never have problems. They are always considerate and they help with my questions. They are always there to listen and they don't rush you off like others do. They help you decide what is best for you. The policies and packages, their prices and the options are great. There are diff ones, life insurance, car, etc. They keep your stuff private. The long term care insurance coverage is great. You can choose what you want to be covered for, when, how long, etc.

Customer service was a little lacking which I find that it is in most of these kinds of professions. But, overall they had decent customer service but probably not recommendation worthy. Their policy options seemed very restrictive to me personally. In my previous care takers company their policies were much more flexible and better suited my needs. This company does have excellent coverage in the overall view when you take into account all of their competitors. I can't think of any complaints regarding this fine establishment's overall coverage. This company seems to be average when it comes to the value (in consideration of the dollar value) compared to other similar companies. It might be a little better than its competitors as far as value goes but not surprisingly so.

My experience with customer service has been positive. All my questions were answered and any issues were resolved in a reasonable time. The policy options were clear and easy to understand. They had many and flexible options allowing me to choose one that fit my specific needs. The coverage on my policy was exactly what I wanted. The representative was helpful and explained the coverage to me so that I could choose a policy that had the coverage I wanted. The value of my Long Term Care Insurance is what I was looking for. It was not too expensive and yet not too cheap as to question its quality.

Trying to obtain benefits, have talked to at 4 different agents after submitting 8 pages in a claim form that was sent. I have a healthcare aide that comes to my home from an agency that qualifies thru Medicare that assists me in helping me personally & doing chores in my home. My disability has interfered with normal daily routines. I was told I do not qualify for benefits "according to page 10 on my policy". The agent had me so upset I broke down. I sleep in a hospital bed, use a CPAP machine, use of a walker is every day.

To qualify I have to be nearly dependent on someone to bath and dress me like an invalid. I pay the agency 23.50 an hour and have a 100 hour requirement for LTC. $222.00 is my monthly payment to MetLife. It's no wonder seniors are just giving up. When I signed up I had no idea there were so many loopholes. I trusted this would take care of my needs when the original agent sold me this policy. I'm not sure I should continue with LTC.

MetLife has awesome customer service. Someone is always there for every question you have, and everything is answered concisely. The claims process is quick and thorough. MetLife has been a bit on the expensive side for my family and I, but the help and support you get, the thoroughness of the claims process and the work they do to make sure that you are accounted for, is well worth the money. MetLife's coverage is excellent. You always feel accounted for, you always matter. Claims are thoroughly researched and worked to leave you in the best possible position. MetLife has always been on the expensive side for my tastes, and sometimes they increase the cost, but historically the coverage has been well worth the cost.

Customer service was not very helpful and often took too long or was too much of a hassle on both ends. I would not recommend this to anyone looking for something of use. Most of what they do is satisfactory at best. Nothing is incredibly outstanding or noteworthy. All of their actions fall right at 'okay', mediocre, and just acceptable. Coverage spanned all necessary topics but nothing further and no benefits aside from a big name. It wasn't very standout though so don't expect too much. It was a good value, not preferred but better than many. However you paid for what you get and you didn't get much so obviously that was why the price followed through.

I contacted customer service once and they were kind and courteous. They helped me answer my questions and did so in a timely manner. Very helpful. They have a good variety and are comparable to other companies and their policies. They had what I needed and wanted and for onto my life's needs. The coverage is fair and comparable to other companies. It fit my needs and was just right for me. Good value for the money. The coverage is fair and equal to others. It is good customer service. I would recommend to others. The customer service is good.

Good people on the other end of phone. Also, the gentleman that assisted me in person was both knowledgeable and helpful. They are always there to answer questions and the web page is also a great resource to use. The options are very helpful and could cater to your situation. You are not stuck with one and these options were clearly listed. Also, the coverages are very easy to understand and are more than acceptable and affordable. You will be living comfortably in the end. Of course, you get what you pay for in this situation. However, you could spend on something else but not nearly as helpful for your security. So the perceived value of their coverage is excellent.

The customer service at MetLife Long Term Health Care was great. They are professional, very knowledgeable and they answered all my questions. The policy options were explained to me very clear. I liked my choices and were very happy with all policies. Also, the coverage of MetLife Long Term Health Care is perfect. Everything is covered that relates to long term care. The value of MetLife Long Term Health Care is overall very good. I pay a good price for a good service and insurance. I like everything and would recommend.

I love MetLife Long Term Care. It pays to be able to be older one day and not have to worry as much due to being broke and needing medical coverage. You never know what the path holds so it's a beautiful idea to be covered in bad timings. The value is also nice for the fact that it IS long term and the policies are easier to understand and it makes you know that you can care for yourself without it being a long drawn process. You feel able to live life a little more free. They truly care for their customers. They have supported my questions and if they couldn't answer it they would definitely make sure I found the answer with them.

My mother paid the premiums on this policy for YEARS. She fought cancer for 6 years before requiring full time in-home nursing care. I opened a claim in early August 2014. She died on September 8. From July 26 to September 8, she was receiving full time care at $24/hour because even when hospice started, she required full time care because hospice made "visits" only. The company approved her claim but implemented the 30 day elimination period (but initially said that they would waive it) - I was never given a satisfactory explanation for failure to waive. I mailed all of the paperwork for the claim, then received additional communication that required me to file it AGAIN - with no explanation why I had to duplicate my efforts. Two months after my mother's death, I received a check made out to "Estate of...". As trustee of my family's trust, I have already established an Administrative Trust account because Bank of America locked down my mother's bank accounts. I went to great lengths with them to establish this (another story for another time - BofA employees know NOTHING about trust administration).

When I took the check to the new bank to deposit it to the Administrative Trust account that I was required to establish, the bank refused to cash it because the names differed on the accounts - same last name, but "Estate" was the problem. Multiple phone calls to Met Life ensued - you do NOT get to speak to the same claim rep each time you call - they set a time to call you back with their answer. They will NOT let you speak to a supervisor or their legal department. They were INFLEXIBLE about reissuing the check in the name of the Admin Trust account. They claim that their policy language states that they do not issue checks to trusts. Really? So everyone on long term care with them files their claims before they die. I finally got the stock broker to deposit the check but this saga dragged on for a MONTH!

The customer service was extremely helpful to me. They answered every insurance question I had and they were able to explain the different types of policies they had. MetLife provides plenty of policy options to choose what is exactly what you need and they can help you figure out exactly the policy that is right for you. The coverage is great and works perfect for me. It depends on what your policy is but there are many different policies to figure out exactly what kind of coverage each policy has and figure out which one you should get. Each policy has a different value but you can decide what policy is right for you and what you can afford. The value is very fair for this long term life insurance company and I'd recommend this company to others.

My 87 Year old mother has been approved to receive her LTC since September 2017. After filing countless papers, medical records, Assisted Living Care Plans, and EVERTHING ELSE LTC asked for they still haven't sent any $$$ for reimbursement. To add insult to injury they still send a quarterly bill since they haven't "put in the paperwork" to "waive premiums like stated in the policy." When you call in you get someone different person every time and you are told a supervisor will call you back, which never happens. When you ask why they haven't processed reimbursement payment in 10 days "like the policy states" they say for the amount owed it will take longer for this to be processed. It's 10's of $1000 because they are dragging their feet to pay!!!

The lame excuses, lack of customer service, and run around is borderline fraud. It's bad enough to try to take care of a loved one's needs but to fight with OUR OWN INSURANCE company is just terrible. MetLife should be heavily fined so they don't do this to other people. MetLife should be made to pay interest for the money owed. MetLife should be made to pay punitive damages to our family for the mental worries and stress they have put us through. I HIGHLY do not trust MetLife and I will be switching our Life Insurance, and every other type of insurance we have with them. No family should have to go through this run around as well as being out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH METLIFE LTC. I've reported their actions or lack of action to the BBB as well as to the Insurance Board.

I received notice that the premium of my account will increase 58% effective next year. I have paid into this acct for approx. 7 year for my wife as they will not insure me because I have a history of cancer. I don't know what my options are. My social security is not going to increase next year to pay for this increase which if I put money away will cost me $216 a month to come up the payment.

My husband was injured at work (coal mines) in 2011. Luckily we opted for the offered LTD coverage through his employer...compliments of MetLife. Well, in the beginning, everything was fine... and acceptable. We handed in all necessary medical info. His condition was "standstill" and he eventually was only being treated for pain management as there weren't any further options at the time. We explained to these people from the beginning that my husband's education, including high school, was less than desirable. They then tried to offer us vocational services, which we were on board for. They were to get him aptitude testing, check into his HS diploma for discrepancies, etc. They did none of these things!

Then the policy holder of these policies, being his now former employer, decided to sell off the branch of the company where he was employed and lo and behold...just as I called it...3 to 4 months later, he received a termination of benefits letter. My husband is a laborer. He is not formally educated, nor does he have any experience in doing a "desk boy" or "computer geek" job, which physically is all he is able to do. In other words...he's screwed. Well MetLife is now claiming that he is qualified for this job or that job according to listings.

I looked these jobs up using the DOT codes provided. He definitely does not qualify educationally or experience-wise for these jobs! Yes, he may physically be able to perform these job duties, but that's all. It is unrealistic to say he can work in these positions when he doesn't even meet the education or experience guidelines. I have since researched class act suits against MetLife Disability. They are multiple! We are currently in the process of our first internal appeal and I have found legal counsel should his appeal be denied. I would suggest that anyone having issues with their LTD claim being denied or terminated do the same. I will also be attempting to recover for damages caused by the denial of rightly owed benefits.

They've been good and are pretty good with the phones. People are pretty nice and they answer questions. Plus I love that snoopy promotes them! The Policy options are fairly varied. I have found a helpful one for myself my family and my future. I am currently happy with it. There were enough for me to find the right one The coverage seems to cover what I need it to and makes me feel fairly safe. I think this was the right choice for us and think we are getting the care that we need and deserve. The price we've paid has been doable and a simple experience. We are getting what we pay for so I am happy with those results. Seems to work for us.

I am sending this review in the hopes that someone out there can lend us a helping hand with this Goliath corporation MetLife. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran residing in an assisted living facility. We purchased a MetLife Long Term Care Policy for him on March 12, 2003. Since that time we have diligently paid the $884.88 annual premium, never being late or missing a payment.

Now that my husband is in dire need of the monetary benefit that MetLife guaranteed in the policy, the company is stalling and prolonging the claim process in an effort to avoid fulfilling their contractual obligation to reimburse us for our out of pocket expense for the cost of residing in the assisted living facility, as well as "home care" expenses.

We have met all the criteria and stipulations of the policy, including the 30 day waiting period. As of today, November 29, 2016, my husband has been residing in the assisted living for 60 days, 30 days past MetLife's self imposed waiting period limit. Because of MetLife's failure to honor their legal and moral obligation (and the fact we have no more resources to cover the cost of assisted living), I face the reality of having to move my husband back to our rental home.

This house is not equipped with any apparatuses (grab bars in the shower or bathrooms) to assist him. Neither do I have the medical expertise and the professional/healthcare knowledge in caring and taking care of my husband. Due to the fact that he is highly susceptible to falling, this environment dramatically increases his probability of falling and incurring serious bodily harm.

I have made numerous attempts to resolve this matter with MetLife, going so far as to establish contact with their corporate office. However, these attempts solicited either no response, stalling tactics, circumvention of the truth, or given the runaround from representatives from MetLife. MetLife enjoying portraying itself as a magnanimous corporation that donates millions to various charities, including veteran's organizations. But when it comes to fulfilling their financial obligation to an individual veteran, their purse strings tighten and they prolong payment as long as possible.

There are some issues with the info that they give me but all in all they are helpful with my questions and really fast in solving my matters. It has a wide coverage of options that I can choose and without paying extra money. I have a friend who has them for a long time and she is really satisfied. Good coverage. Easy to understand. There are no hidden fees if you want to add additional coverage and their prices are very competitive. The value has a little bit difference than others but if you want to have someone that's loyal to you then you should choose them. It is worth the money and time.

Everyone at MetLife has been very nice and helpful. They are very good with people and I definitely recommend them. They have a wide variety of options regarding policies which is good for me because I didn't know what I was getting into at first. The coverage seems good so I am happy with it so far. They are a good company with a good reputation so I am confident my coverage will be fulfilled. It's expensive but for my needs, I am happy with the value of it. Hopefully, it's worth it in the end because it's a lot of money.

They were helpful with a difficult situation. I was off of work for a long time after a horrible car accident. It was comforting that I had this insurance for a back up and they sufficiently made sure I was covered. It helped that it covered at least sixty percent of my wage for a long period that I was off of work. The waiting period for the payout was 120 days. The coverage was as good as I think any long term care would cover. I appreciated the help with lost wages so it was important that they were fast and processing my claim. It is hard to pay for something that you are not sure if you are going to ever use but it is also very nice to know that how much I pay in premiums will eventually pay off.

My parents purchased LT care insurance policies from MetLife through AARP about 20 years ago. My father passed away and never had a claim. Now my 83 yo mother who needs in-home assistance for bathing, eating, getting dressed, housework, etc. I started the claim process early October and it's now early December and my mom still hasn't been approved. There's always some excuse from MetLife ranging from they need more documentation from medical providers or they never received it. I am so disgusted by MetLife's treatment of my mom. Do NOT purchase a LT care insurance policy from MetLife! I truly feel they are just waiting for my mom to die so they don't have to pay anything. Shame on AARP for endorsing this policy to unsuspecting senior citizens.

I haven’t had to do much with the customer service as it's set up through my place of employment which makes it easy. The policy is easy to understand and covers what I have very well that I feel my family should never have a question when it may be time to use this insurance. I feel like my coverage will take care of me very well and fits my needs being a young adult. I am very satisfied with what I have... As I am cheap and don’t like to spend money on extra insurances it’s not my favorite thing I see come out of my check but I have to remember that I will want/need it later in life and I will be very thankful for it then.

My 93-year old mother making premium payments district from her bank account for 37 years missed the three year account upgrade and continued her payment by direct bank payment. Now at 95, she needs full time care and Met-Life has run us through the "Claim Mill" as described in so many complaints. The Long Term Care Policy won't pay for 1/10 of her needs and I am not willing to bet that she will live long enough to get one single penny from Met-life. The Met-life insurance company and all its money has won. I hope to live long enough to see Met-life in chapter 11 and the doors closed as all those unsuspecting good premium paying customers fade away as my mother just did.

It was very good. I got all the information that I need. It was in a timely matter. And I recommend them to everyone. I love them a lot. I have had a great time with them. Over the years they've helped me out a lot and explain a lot to me. And if you're not with them. You should join them. And if with you stay with them. Thanks for helping me out. Great job. They really value my option. They help you out with any problem you have them. Thanks again.

I like MetLife, my dad had it also. I had no problems receiving payment after he passed away. It was quick and efficient, no grieving, waiting to pay bills after he passed away. It's great insurance to carry. Long term insurance means this will carry your loved one through long-term period... Usually in a long term facility, thereby taking weight off the families. The values of this aren't so bad that you can't afford other things. My dad was able to afford other living expenses as well as his insurance obligations.

I am pleased that I know who to contact and feel that I would be able to if the need was there. I am also pleased with the options provided. Coverage was explained well when signing up for MetLife Long Term Care insurance.

The company offers a number of policies for all types of customers. Coverage depends on the policy you pick. If you picked individual or business & institutions, the value can increase or decrease and it just depends on what either has going on and could cost you a little or a lot. They will take time to explain each and match what policy is right for you. They are available to answer any and all questions. They give customers many different ways to contact and reach your department to get a resolution to any and all problems.

My father age 91 was in nursing home for 1 month and died. He had Metlife LTC since his late 50s. This has been a circle of blunders and phone calls to Metlife to let them know he died and send papers from nursing home. Every time we call, a different person answers and mostly doesn't know anything. Nursing home says they faxed papers 5 times. One person at Metlife says it's there and now another says it isn't. Now the story is the wrong policy number was on.

Am I working there or your employees? At this time with his death and having to pay nursing home that is unacceptable of your company. You may not be accepting new clients but at least have the decency to finish up the ones who had it with what you owe them. Try to think about people a little more, that is what you are there for. And if these people do not do their job right, get others. Person in charge of father's claim Shirley **. Never can reach her by phone so what is the point?????

Dec 12, 2011 Metlife has sent out a letter stating a 45% rate increase has been requested from State Commissioners of Insurance. This company has made promises and does not intend to keep those promises based upon their poor investments, lack of actuary talent and total deceit of LTC policy holders.

The result is that Metlife will pocket all most all policy holders historical premiums and only allow 5% for 5 years of premiums plus 1% per year of service benefits should you not be able to afford the 45% rate increase. Therefore, if you've paid in for 10 years, you would only get 5% for 5 years and an additional 1% for the other 5 years making 10% total due the policy holder if they wish to cancel the policy.

Effectively, in the above scenario Metlife will have made promises they never intended to keep and pocket 70% of the premium $$$ without providing me anything but a bill. This is absolutely criminal to make promises, collect premiums and not fullfill those contractual arrangements regardless of their inability to manage investmnets, predict claims or low lapse rates. They are supposed to be in the business of insurance and actuary's calculate these numbers. How can Metlife be so far off the mark but still be so profitable?

I, too, never received notification of my policy being canceled at MetLife after six years of making prompt payments. My financial advisers at Hantz Financial Company in MI who enrolled me in long term care insurance also never received any notices. Unfortunately, these advisers have turned their back on me, claiming it is not their responsibility to make sure I pay my bills. I am 73 yrs old, and never in all my years have I ever neglected paying a bill. I do not want to be re-instated. I want some type of refund. I do not feel that MetLife is an honest company that would pay for my care.

My long term care coverage is great. It will cover any nursing home or facility of my choice up to 100. I have no deductible that has to be meet before the facility gets paid. You can even choose to stay in your home and have home care if you choose to do so. Policy options are if you do not like the company you can call within 30 days and cancel the policy. They do do not hassle you to keep a policy you do not want or do not need. Customer service experience is wonderful. The representatives are great people and treat people with respect. They are very flexible and efficient with solving problems.

Good peoples! When we spoke it seemed like they were genuinely trying to help me out. I've spoken with other financial advisors and they in some way seem to be motivated by commission. Metlife's policy included several options in case there was accidental death or dismemberment but even more content like illness associated with cancer etc. And it seems if we age past the age of 90, we will still get coverage as if we were in our early seventies. Not bad as far as we're concerned. The value is pretty good as we will be able to get dividends at the same time. It would be cool if we could roll everything into an IRA but it's probably low-tax issues anyway.

I called MetLife to address a concern. For some reason I couldn't pay through online crediting but, customer service help me clear this up really well. They help with everything. The options range from life insurance with mild illness and you can also get family insurance and burial insurance. As long as you keep up with your premium the quality of services will be exceeded. If you stop payment the previous payments don't matter and still belong to them, after they drop your coverage. There can always be better options and better choices. But if you want someone that will be there in your time of distress, they will come to your aid. It may be a costly penny but it's definitely worth it.

To MetLife, if zero stars was an option, your rating on this site would be WAY lower. To MetLife customers, if you have received unacceptable service from MetLife’s Long Term Disability division like I have, please read this entire post. Together we can do something about it. There is a new level of corporate greed that many insurance companies have adopted since the 90s when Allstate Insurance Company hired a team of lawyers to find out how rich they could get by not paying customers on their claims without being thrown in jail. Once they found out it works, other companies have joined in.

MetLife used to be a reputable company, but their easily researchable business strategies have changed along with this sick trend in the insurance industry. I’ll tell you my story, give you a few facts about MetLife, and then make some recommendations on what we can do about it. I was a Registered Nurse on the cancer unit of an acute hospital in Northern California for 30 years. I worked the last ten years of that with a back injury that got gradually worse, then I had a knee replacement surgery that didn’t heal well, and I lost the job I loved. MetLife LTD was supposed to be paying the difference between what I am now able to earn and 60% of my former salary.

As most of the other customers report online, I was never given clear guidelines for how payments would be made, calls were routinely not answered, no email contact was ever offered, overpayments were made and collected back without me ever fully understanding exactly why or how much. One was the result of MetLife discontinuing income tax withholding for no reason for six months, without any instructions from me. I was used to not having multiple calls returned for up to two months. Then the kicker, my case was apparently lost. I received no payments for eleven months. I never got an explanation why, and I used a significant portion of my retirement funds keeping my house out of foreclosure.

When my claim started, I immediately asked for help from their rehab department to help launch my life coaching business so I could get off disability as quickly as possible, but it was refused. I looked for all the work I could find teaching health care at my local junior college and every other job I thought I could do. Looking back, I should have let MetLife pay the full 60% and spent my time with attorneys learning how to navigate a crooked system.

During the eleven month absence, I finally contacted the MetLife executive team and Board of Directors directly by email and letter. My case was suddenly found and I got a representative for my last year of my claim who would at least communicate by email and return most phone calls (although I would still have an occasional month without return calls. A VERY interesting side note here is that during that 11 month period I could not get a live person on the phone using the same numbers I had always used. How might that happen? Still ANOTHER overpayment was made and now my claim is ending with me owing MetLife $6,000. They also required me to take another full medical history and physical, knowing that a new doctor may simply have an opinion that favored them and they could drop the claim. The new exam showed I was more significantly disabled than when I started my claim.

So to summarize, what I initially thought was negligence and incompetence I found out is actually business strategy based on greed. For more recent evidence of MetLife’s strategies, look up the recent $28 million dollar fine they had to pay for fraudulently misrepresenting the returns from the annuity packages they offer employers. That’s hardly an incentive to stop the practice, since they MADE $150 million in commissions on those sales. Do you wonder as I do why she would want to get rid of the stock that she was given in her own company? All these facts are all easily accessible via any internet search engine.

Here are my recommendations: Realize the incredibly bad service is not a mistake, it is a business strategy to get you to go away. Do your homework. Don’t take my word for any of this. Research MetLife and other consumer websites. We've done nothing long enough to help make a lot of people very rich as a result of other people's tragedies. Consult an attorney soon. Take notes and dates on all phone calls, letters, emails. Record phone conversations (they do, and hardware for this is inexpensive). RESOLVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. My claim is ending, but the fight is just beginning. I’m willing to work to help others avoid being taken.

Send your stories to the MetLife Executive team, to as many internet consumer review sites and consumer advocates as possible, to your elected officials and government agencies who control business and insurance practices in your state and in the federal government, and to print and internet news sources. Look for sources known for investigative journalism. When they have heard the same thing from many people they will investigate. Stick to the facts, have your story in a single concise document, and send it to all the sources. This is the process I am involved in right now. If you request a list of people and agencies to contact, please indicate that in your email. Please also send your story and other ideas to me at **.

Send an email to me at ** and let me know what has worked for you and if you would like to help me educate others about MetLife. I can use some tech help putting up a website to help others. I'm creating a college class to teach people how to fight greedy corporations and your stories and actions can help. I hope to also write a book about it and could use publishing help.

Send a warning about MetLifes practices to your employers and anyone else you can think of who signs up for LTD contracts. I'm contacting the Staff Nurses Association who accepted a contract with MetLife not knowing about this kind of treatment. The health system they work in has over 25,000 employees in Texas and California, and switching our contract from MetLife would help take another bite out of their profits. Please let me know if you have an attorney who has helped you, and especially if you know of a firm who would like to bring a class action lawsuit against MetLife for their LTD practices. We can gather our stories in preparation for that. Have your attorney sue MetLife if they think the case is legitimate.

Believe! We are still a nation full of people who can act and change things! I have had victories in fights with AT&T, Wells Fargo, and State Farm. I'm willing to share more of what I have learned fighting corporate greed. Corporate greed is simply a group of people who have teamed up to take more money from our pockets than they have earned, and its poisoning America. Money is their language and I'm learning to speak it.

MetLifes stock has taken a recent downturn and is back at 11% below the S&P. Despite that Steven Kandarians (MetLife CEO) earnings have gone from around $4million in 2008 to around $16 million last year. This discrepancy is well-known sign of a sick company, according to industry geniuses such as Peter Drucker who practically invented good management back in the 30s and 40s, and modern investment gurus like Phil Town. Please join me, starting with an email to me at **. God bless you with healing and financial help. Thank you.

The insurance policy is through my employer. There were not many options. The only options I could make was how much money I wanted to put into the policy. But it is valuable in the event that something was to happen. The policy can save a fortune on expenses that would otherwise be expensive. Also, providing my family with some means of income.

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