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I had a disability policy that I paid close to 60 dollars every month for over 10 years. I just received the surrender value of a whopping $1700 today in the mail. I understand the meaning of surrender; I didn't think Mutual of Omaha was in the business of financially ** its customers until now. I am very disappointed in this company and will be calling Monday and looking for an explanation and as well an apology with another check issued.

Payment was overnighted like they said.

About 1/16/18 I was contacted by a claim representative. We discussed my employer forms, my medical issues and was told they were offsetting Social Security income. They were going to immediately email me some further needed paperwork before initial payment, which a week later has never arrived. On my initial paperwork I specifically noted in the additional income portion I receive SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT BENEFITS which is their target of the offset. The representative would see this is not allowed in my group policy...PAGE 5 if she would have read it and did her job correctly! So in short, this matter will cause more delay, email of paperwork needed not yet received- “lost”, and a insurance tactic delay to pay benefits owed for months.

In October, I was in a car accident. I received a concussion, whiplash, pulsatile tinnitus and vertigo. I was initially approved for disability till 12-19-18. After that point, even with my chiropractor/neurologist saying I could not work, they said I was able to work and they denied my disability. Their team of doctors are limited to written reports and don’t attempt to completely understand the issue. I recently filed an appeal with additional information. It seems to me it might be better for them to trust the attending physician. I did not choose to be off work. Be very delight when filing a claim with them.

I just wanted to write something positive about my LTD experience so that when someone else is going through the process they don't automatically panic that they will be destitute without payment after reading nothing but bad reviews. I began my disability due to an illness in July 2017. I filed and received payments weekly with regular updates from my doctor's appointments until January 2018. There were some delays with my doctors getting information to MOH in a timely fashion but nothing was too extreme. When it came time to switch to Long Term disability it did take some time to change over, more reviews of my medical records and about 80 days to get approved. In my opinion the process should have started sooner so that there was not such a large gap in time between policies but all in all compared to what I have read from others I should be thankful.

I have found my agents to be professional and timely in returning my calls, helpful and empathetic to my case. You do have to play the waiting game but from my perspective most of that falls to the medical community taking their sweet time getting information back to MOH. I even had an issue with my employer getting their information in, but with some prodding from me it was finished. Remember that it is OUR responsibility to make sure that MOH has what they need, and to help them get it. It is tough to do, especially when you are sick or injured but we all need to recognize that some of responsibility of getting our claims paid does fall to us to make sure to follow up with our doctors and others that have our information. Good luck everyone and don't assume that you won't get your claim paid, I have found MOH to be very fair.

I was in an accident on October 10, 2014. I had a severe neck and back injury and have been under the constant care of a orthopedic surgeon. I have had two months of Physical Therapy, several point injections for pain and a spinal Injection to reduce the swelling in my neck. This procedure took 6 weeks to schedule due to insurance regulations, required physical therapy before an MRI and then finally the spinal injection. I had relief for about one week. I had to fight with Mutual of Omaha (MO) every month trying to get paid my benefit check which according to my contract was to be paid weekly.

According to Mutual of Omaha (MO) they were conducting a "medical review". I asked them if they were diagnosing me. They claimed that their nurse team was looking at my doctor's notes and reviewing my case. After begging, pleading and crying, demanding to speak to a supervisor, I was allowed benefits from October 20th until December 3rd the day of my injection (As if I could jump up and return to work the next day!). I tried to return to work part time (my doctor released me for part time only which she documented and sent to MO) on the 8th of December. After a couple of days at work I returned to my doctor with severe migraine headaches. By the end of that week the nerve pain had returned to my neck and arm. I returned to my doctor and they are scheduling a second injection.

Mutual of Omaha has denied my benefits for part time coverage and have verbally told me that they found nothing wrong with me after their "medical review". They have not scheduled their own doctor (I would gladly go) nor have they considered my doctor's diagnosis and instructions. They say that according to my limited job description I can return to work full time. I reported this back to my doctor when I had to return last week due to excruciating pain in my low back and left leg. X rays have determined that I have two compressed disks and one that is slipping. I had another MRI on Saturday. My Orthopedic had focused on my neck injury initially due to the severity of the pain but now my initial complaint of low back pain has surfaced due to overexertion.

Shame on Mutual of Omaha who have caused me to go into debt with my credit cards. Borrow money to keep a roof over my head and continue to cause harm by making me feel I have no choice but to work. Where are the laws that protect a consumer from insurance company fraud. No one should pay a premium for insurance protecting their income and then be faced not only with an injury but a constant battle to be paid! Still at war... Mental, physical and financial damages caused by the company I paid to give me some relief if I ever found myself in this unfortunate condition! I have passed this information on to my Orthopedic and she has made explicit notes for their next review. At this point I don't know which is worse the unbearable pain I am constantly in for months now or the inevitable financial destruction being caused by nonpayment from Mutual Of Omaha.

I have had a horrible experience with Mutual of Omaha while dealing with them for a short-term disability claim through my employer. I was having major anxiety and panic attacks working with men which is really difficult when most of my interactions at work are with men.

While I finally dealt with the aftermath of my situation by seeing doctors, therapists, and filing a report with the police, my employer suggested I take leave to focus on self-healing and gave me the paperwork to file for short-term disability. I did have issues with the hospital releasing my records due to several people entering information incorrectly. Once it was sorted out, my records were released and MoO had the information they demanded which included all of my mental health records. I didn't like releasing all of my records and Dr. notes regarding my mental health, but I didn't feel I had a choice if I wanted to have my claim accepted.

I tried several times via email and phone to reach my agent but she would not respond to any of my attempts. The only person she would respond to was our HR facilitator. I am still waiting for my official notice, but my employer has been informed that my claim was denied, but only because of several calls and emails. Even then, the information that was relayed has not been consistent (agent says they will call me, but they never do). My employer is so fed up with the lack of communication, lack of professionalism and lack of care, that they are now looking elsewhere for their disability insurance. At least my employer cares how their employees are treated. It doesn't help me much at the moment. I can honestly say the only insurance company worse than Mutual of Omaha is Cobra, and that isn't saying a lot.

I have short-term disability insurance with Mutual of Omaha. They discontinued my pay due to not receiving my medical records. I had Bell's Palsy and had trouble speaking for a while. I work in a call center. My doctor approved the time off. Documented all of the required paperwork and my claim was still denied. Fortunately, I found other means to pay my bills, thank God, but no thanks to the insurance company I've been paying. This company is a waste of time and my money. The policy will be canceled.

When I started having a problem with this company, I contacted Morgan and Morgan attorney's. They are very interested in a class action lawsuit, especially with all the horrible reviews. I held off because I received 2 checks. I am still out of work awaiting surgery and for the last 2 months, they have not paid me a dime. I'm super frustrated because I have a real injury and pay for this benefit for when I need it. This company is doing everything they can to not pay our benefits. I think it's time to recontact Morgan and Morgan. I will go to the Supreme Court, if I have to. This company is all about profit and not helping the people in need. Trust me, Mutual of Omaha, I will not stop until I get what belongs to me.

Updated on August 1, 2018: I DID SPEAK WITH MUTUAL OF OMAHA. I did what they asked and nothing was resolved. They post "resolution in progress" to make their response look good. I will be filing with the attorneys and will be gathering the names of everyone, on all review websites, to join me in the lawsuit.

Work at the same place 18 years paying for this insurance. Needed to use it. Filled in March of 2018, finally in July I got my denial letter. Sent them everything they asked for. Each time calling it's some other excuse. The doctors took me out of work and I'm denied like I done something wrong, these people are horrible to deal with. First off they were sending information to wrong area code, fax wise, then she tried to act like I was lying about a invoice to pay for medical records, so she called Amber at doctor's office. Amber told her, "I sent you the invoice with the other fax," all of a sudden they find it, wanna always make us out to be of fault when it's them.

Long story short wouldn't be out of work if doctors didn't take me out, my life has totally changed due to injury, then in return you have to deal with a low scandalous insurance company like this. Someone needs to report them to BBB, all I can say if you got the short term get ready to file an appeal. Read the reviews when I applied there correct, would give them worst out of worst on anyone that's got this insurance company. They're honestly a disgrace to people that has worked for years and years to receive this when needed most.

I had this carrier through my employer and my only child died suddenly and unexpectedly. She was only 19 years old. I was in complete shock for months and couldn't even get out of bed or focus on anything. I was completely disgusted with their lack of compassion and unethical reasoning and logic. They actually used the excuse that this was a pre-existing condition and that it was not severe enough. I have yet to understand how in the world an unexpected death of a child could be a pre-existing condition. I had a lawyer and everything and they still got away with it. In my opinion, losing your only child is the worst thing in the world that could happen to you. I would've much rather something had happened to me. This company is just disgraceful.

I been trying to file my claim. Sonia ** was very nice the first conversation when I open the claim. I have gotten everything she has need when it a 24 hour or less time frame. I have been calling her for the last 2 weeks. She refuse to take my calls. This morning I called the customer service line and the lady on the phone told me "hurry up I have other calls waiting". This company is the worst. Please take your business elsewhere or you will be filing complaints like me. I have income after having a life threatening surgery. Buyer beware.

I have Long term disability with Mutual of Omaha, and when I was diagnosed with an illness that will eventually take my life, I figured things would be okay when I could no longer work. Boy, was I wrong. Mutual of Omaha denied my claim. They determined that I could still work, even when my doctor said I couldn't! Mutual of Omaha is a rip-off! Please I can't stress enough do not waste your money on this company.

Short Term Disability Rip-Off: I have been off of work since 5/22/2012. I purchased Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability with Mutual of Omaha through my company when I was first hired. I had back surgery last summer (wasn't covered then due to a one year waiting period on preexisting conditions, which I completely understood and had no problem with. Shortly after having the surgery, my back got worse (I guess they are calling it failed back surgery or something like that). I managed to keep working even though the pain was increasing every month. I soon found out that I also have Fibromyalgia, which was not helping the situation. I was going to all kinds of doctors to find someone to help me. I had many pain management procedures over the past year, all offering little to no relief. I saw many Spinal Surgeons who had no idea why I have this pain.

In mid-may, I was caring for my father who was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to have major surgery. During the week I cared for him, I re-herniated the disk that was operated on a year earlier. I knew that taking care of him was more than I could handle and he went to stay with a sibling after one week. I called my pain management doctor and he confirmed the herniation with an MRI (in addition to several other problems previously diagnosed with my spine). He tried everything he could to help, but nothing worked. The pain is unbearable now. I cannot stand for 2 minutes without excruciating pain. Sitting in a chair is horrible and I cannot do it for an entire day at work.

My family doctor agreed that a leave of absence was necessary until I could get relief. She filled out my claim form and I submitted it. They contacted every doctor that I see and requested every piece of medical evidence that they could. The physical therapist's notes said that I can only do 25% of daily activities. My Rheumatologist had notes of the extreme fatigue, pain and other symptoms I was experiencing. My pain management doctor had detailed notes of the amount of pain I am in. But none of this was good enough for them. They denied my claim! Their reasons were that in PT's notes it was stated that I was caring for an ill family member (um, yes, before I went on disability), and also that I was traveling out of the country. I went to Punta Cana for my sister's wedding, which I discussed with my Rheumatologist and pain management doctor and it ended up in office notes. They both said it would be good for me and I should go.

My pain went with me, but the beach is a better view than my living room. I had to take many days to recuperate from the travel, but the trip was already paid for months prior and we couldn't get our money back. All I did was lay on the beach and relax! And finally, they said I didn't finish the recommended Physical Therapy (this was at the advice of my pain management doctor because the PT was making me worse and I couldn't afford it anymore because I was off of work and not getting paid. This denial came two and a half months after filing my claim! I submitted an appeal to the denial a month ago and found out in a voicemail left for me on Thursday that my appeal was denied. Not sure yet what ridiculous reasons they trumped up this time! I explained, in detail, why the reasons they gave me for denial were inaccurate. I gave them further medical documentation I had since first filing the claim. I gave evidence of new symptoms I am experiencing and clearly explaining that I would love to go back to my job, but I can't until I find resolution.

My pain management doctor has narrowed down the cause of my pain to my SI joints, but treatments for this gave me only very brief relief. I will need to have my SI joints fused. It will be two separate surgeries, each followed by a 6-8 week recovery period. I found a surgeon whom I like and is well practiced in this area (they are hard to find for this specific surgery). I am working with him now to do whatever other tests are required before we can schedule surgery. Almost there! I am now 4 months off of work without receiving any disability benefits that I pay for. I have a pile of medical bills that I cannot pay. I am having trouble paying the regular bills as we live week-to-week on two incomes and now we only have one. I had started a nice little IRA for myself 4 years ago, that is now gone to pay for bills and medical expenses. We are trying to sell one of our cars to help, but it hasn't sold yet. Our credit cards are all maxed out now and we are at the end of our rope.

I am well into the Long Term Disability portion of my policy (starts at 3 months), but I only just received a decision on my short-term policy. I do not want to even file my long-term claim because it will get help up in reviews at this point. Once I have the first surgery date established, I will submit it. But I am leery from what I went through with short-term disability. I wonder if having a surgery date scheduled will even make a difference. I have seen better results from people applying for Social Security Disability than what I have gotten with Mutual of Omaha. I was a licensed insurance agent and sold short-term disability policies with other companies. I helped my customers file claims and I never saw them get treated like this. If my doctors say I can't work, that should be it, bottom line! I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau when they denied my claim the first time. Now, I am now working on finding a lawyer who can help me to sue Mutual of Omaha for my disability benefits, the IRA that is now empty, the stack of medical bills, the credit card debt accrued during this time and the extra pain that they have caused me in Fibromyalgia flair ups due to the added stress.

This company is a scam, they make you jump through hoops for months on claims then after your finally get everything 100% complete and prove to them you're not going away they send you a check for 25.00. Yes I got some money from state but this is a supplement insurance so I'm not getting paid because I got money from the state. SCAAAMMMMM. Should be a negative star rating.

Although it's been a tough few years I got hurt in 2013 and had a 12 month waiting period Mutual of Omaha has always paid me. Yes at times late but they have always made it good. I have been on claim for over 3 years and thought good and bad they have made it right. Yes I always have all DR updated and make sure I always get all information to them right away.

I have provided everything possible to MoO to get my claim approved. My doctor and employer have sent them documents multiple times and they claim they haven't received them and I speak with my provider and they have sent them multiple times. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety and panic attacks and under treatment of a doctor and a counselor and haven't received pay for two months.

EXACT same tactics as the other reviews state. They stall, lie about not receiving paperwork, and much much worse! I'm preparing to save as many people as I can from being financially ** by these crooks. Tell me your story and let's get them shut down or even better, locked up! They profit from defrauding the sick and dying. Mutual of Omaha sucks and I wish we could list our email places and be able to interact. Maybe the classified site that Craig has can help us. They are nothing but deceptive and evil. Tell your HR people to not include them as an option! Their time has come to stop such malicious practices.

Worst disability company I have ever had. It’s been over a month and half I have not received anything kind of Decision. I bought this In case I got hurt and I need to provide for my family. Mutual of Omaha saying it can take up to 6 months to receive any kind of payment. I will never recommend this company to anyone.

I was told a check was mailed the last day of July. Today I waited patiently until mail was delivered. Of course there was not a check. Sadly I am considering bankruptcy filing as I cannot rely on MOO. My entire life is now based on cancelled plans and appointment as I cannot afford gas or groceries. Today I will have multiple checks bounce at $39.00 each. Thanks MOO. I did not seek to be disabled and I’m sorry that MOO views me as a loss to their bottom line. This is what I paid for. Now I have to spend my time filing a formal complaint with the insurance commissioner.

I was put on leave by my primary care provider in November of 2018. My doctor completed the required forms and the claim was accepted. Note this claim was provided through my employer that utilizes MOO for leave claims. The problems began when I had to intervene when I found out that the request for information was on a delay with my medical provider because MOO did not send the initial request for records properly, first time it was received just a cover sheet and no verification information form. Second time it was sent according to this 3rd party "weeks later", a cover sheet with my name and a verification for a random other person. Each time the clock begins again in terms of the length of time to review the detail by this 3rd party for the doctors office.

Fortunately rather than sending it back the provider allowed me to complete the form authorizing the records be sent to MOO, else I would have had an even longer wait! Then MOO has their timeline to review. An un-associated RN consultant (not a MOO employee as I understand it) reviewed the paperwork and indicated that the forms were filled out indicating that there were "no restrictions". The doctor was indicating that there would be no restrictions when I returned.

Interestingly enough the exact same doctor filled out this same form the exact same way in 2017 when I had to take a leave to take a personal leave and my claim was completed NO PROBLEM and payment was made immediately. MOO then requested more information for which the doctors office sent the same info again. They denied and said I could appeal. Now my doctor has written a full letter as of last week explaining the entire situation. I returned to work on Jan 2nd and still this is not resolved! The appeal states 10-14 days to complete their review.

My doctor's assistant said that the person assigned to my case Tyler would never answer his phone. In fact she got to the point she would not leave a message and would just call him over and over and hang up. I experienced the exact same situation every time I called. The doctor's office was attempting to call to verify exactly what MOO was missing. Literally like playing a game of cat and mouse. Why not write a response from the independent reviewer that states exactly what is necessary to get the claim approved. A lot of assumptions were made by this independent reviewer that simply were NOT truths.

Also why not just have REAL PEOPLE available to speak to REAL PEOPLE on the doctor's teams MOO? I will say when I spoke to Tyler he was never rude, that wasn't the issue ever. He simply was not easy to get in touch with via telephone and I always had to ask for copies of the items we would finally discuss vs MOO just sending them directly to me. Of course I want a copy of the letter! I was limited to "secure email" communication much of the time which just led to more and more frustration on a clear cut STD leave that should have been approved and a closed issue by the first week in Jan 2019 at the very latest.

When I got my appeal letter in January which took 2 weeks to arrive after I was told I was denied by Tyler, a conversation which also took several missed connections, I made a docs appt immediately and showed her. She said that oftentimes the notes are brief so she literally went back and pulled my records and wrote the response in a letter format to MOO last week. If this doesn't work, my doctor has done all she can and my next step is to escalate to get legal assistance.

I was out for BP, anxiety, migraines and syncope issues brought on by work-related stress. Not exactly certain how they think this is helping the issue because it is absolutely stress-laden to deal with this company. MUTUAL of OMAHA this is absurd! The good news is I'm back to work and in good health. My time off was fraught was doctors appts but they figured out the issues and helped me to get back to good health! Now I am just trying to close this issue and get the coverage that I was entitled to during this period of time. I will share my experience regarding MOO with anyone that I ever hear is going to use them.

I have been paying into Mutual of Omaha weekly for 3 years. I have never needed to use them for any benefits until recently. I was diagnosed with a medical condition November 1, 2017. I went to the hospital and then followed up with a specialist on several occasions. I was unable to drive or work for 8 weeks. I, along with my doctor & specialist, emailed and faxed documented information to Mutual of Omaha. I called weekly to be told that they were still waiting for documents from the hospital. I had a "not able to work" note from my personal physician. The hospital said they sent all documents but no one at Mutual of Omaha downloaded it out their queue. My worker insisted that she never received it and that was holding up my review for benefits. I was now off work for 7 weeks with no compensation at all! I had to call the hospital and then call Mutual of Omaha on the 3 way (Conference) with all 3 parties on the line.

The representative at the hospital had to verbally walk the customer service Rep at Mutual of Omaha through the download process on their computer out of their queue. Which is ridiculous to me. After 7 weeks of being off work on medical they tell me it will be 5 business days to review which is now 3 days before Christmas. I called daily to be told it's still in review. I left messages for my worker which I did not receive a return call. I finally asked for a supervisor which called me back in 24 hours. He told me a review was underway, and my condition may not be supported or qualify for benefits. 2 days later that was the determination, and I was told I could appeal. I have a medical condition, and doctor evaluation with a supporting note, and premiums paid on time for 3 years... however their staff doctors did not support my claim. An appeal is currently in the works.

I was a little discouraged after I read all the negative reviews and before I submitted my claim. But my experience with the company has been excellent. I called and spoke to someone on three separate occasions. Each phone call was answered promptly and the representatives came across as very knowledgeable. They were also very polite and pleasant. When they received my claims documents, they sent me a letter with the direct contact information of the claim specialist assigned to my case. When I called and could not reach her, I left a message and she called me back promptly. She informed me that they needed one more documentation, and I followed up to make sure it got to them. Once they received it, they processed my claim and sent the check.

This was back in 2010 while I was receiving Chemo therapy treatment for stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I have been receiving Chemotherapy for 2 years and was unable to get out of bed to report to work anymore. My Oncologist was surprised I was still working and My Employer suggested that I take time off temporarily to recover from my cancer treatment.

All the paperwork was submitted by my manager and my Oncologist office. I received one, only one phone call from Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance representative at home to ask how I was feeling. Frankly I don't remember the conversation but I know it was not lengthy since I am still suffering from Chemo Brain. Today after 6 years, I am still unable to work because of my compromised immune system and chemo brain. I am unable to attend a church and no longer socialize. Last time I went out to eat with my family, I end up infectious virus and spend weekend at the hospital.

Yet, Mutual of Omaha Insurance sent a letter saying followings: We have completed our review of your appeal for long term disability benefits under our policy. We are upholding the denial of your claim and no benefits are payable. Able to perform at least one of the material duties of your regular occupation and yet You are unable to generate current earnings which exceeds 80% of your basic monthly earning due to same injury or sickness. Isn't in contradiction?

I was fortunate that that Social Security had a cancer as one of compassionate allowance list. Yes it was very depressing that I am unable to work but it was good decision and save myself a dignity because my brain is not same as use to. I don't have to feel guilt about calling in sick or risking my life and others by driving to work.

I still cannot read a book or watch a movie because I have trouble following the story or remembering what I just have read. I have to write everything down because my short term memory is almost non existent. Every time I run an errand to bank or to the grocery store, I will be sick for next 4 days because my body is fighting whatever was going around.

My former employer was also puzzle and question of having this insurance for their employees because they can clear see this was exact reason they have obtained this policy. All we saw was their greediness to write a policy but not follow up on their obligation. You are asking why now? Well because my foggy brain is less cloudy this days and I am still angry about them getting away with their negligent practice. I have grown up with watching their sponsored nature programs. I always thought they are one of the best companies around. But boy I was wrong. How can they justified denying a disability claim to a cancer patient who have endured two years of chemotherapy while working until body gave out. What is the purpose of your policy if not for situation like mine? I will ask everyone who will read this? Isn't it scam? They are not much different from scam artist.

This is my third claim with Mutual of Omaha. I have been paying into this expensive policy through my employer since May of 2013. The first time I filed a claim I had blown out my knee. I was placed on restricted duty that my employer could not accommodate & placed on a wait list for knee surgery. Because of the surgery wait list, MOO would not pay my claim. I had to finally threaten an attorney, as I had very little state income & would be facing an eviction. Once I threatened my attorney I received a partial back payment. Finally had my surgery 5 months later, followed by several extensions as my condition did not improve.

Any time there was an extension there would a delay in benefits. Then I had another knee surgery last year 2017 & was off a short 9 weeks. Took about a month to get paid through MOO, as they would not accept my employer's provided earning statement. I actually had to send my W2. Then I noticed about a thousand dollar difference between my deposits & 1099. I called & called, no one called me back. Now I've had a hysterectomy, and my adjuster came at me sideways at 5 weeks, demanding medical records because there was a measly 2 week extension, followed by 4 weeks of modified duty. Jim **, my adjuster argued with me, talked down to me, & spoke in a rude & condescending tone. When he said I Had to provide my own medical records, I asked why because they usually do all of that.

After stating because it's "Kaiser", He continuously cut me off as I tried to speak, and told me he had no such release from me for medical information. He also stated he did not even have an application for benefits either. When I asked how was I getting paid direct deposit, he contradicted himself & said "because Kaiser was nice enough to send it". Now Mr **-how would Kaiser send you anything without my release? According to Kaiser there are no requests from Mutual whatsoever to date. Lies. When I questioned how was I getting paid direct deposit without any of these forms-he went on to argue there was a difference between EFT & direct deposit. Was it really necessary to argue with a paying client going through recovery over something so petty? We are talking a few weeks of benefits, nothing huge they would have to pay out like some of these other reviews.

I requested my medical records from Kaiser & faxed over my off work order, attending physician statement & medical records December 5th. I was contacted a week later they had my info in for review. They have since cut off my benefits, only paying the first 6 weeks. I don't think 8 weeks for recovery from an abdominal surgery in which I sustained bowel perforation during the procedure & stayed in the hospital 3 days for an outpatient surgery is extreme. I called Mr ** today & was told they were waiting for a letter from my Dr he just sent December 12th.

Now why did I waste my time sending in everything they asked for only for them to request more information? It's like they are making up anything they can to stop & stall my claim, a week before Christmas! I had written an email to Todd **, Mr **'s supervisor to which he called right away, and basically told me they requested a letter from my Dr because my medical review results would not be in my favor.

Seriously, they have caused me so much stress & headache over this 2 week extension, that it makes my recovery ten times worse. I should be focusing on getting back to 100% for my extremely demanding job that Mr ** refers to as "light duty". I'd love to see proof of my employer stating my job is light duty. I have already emailed customer care, and I will be contacting my attorney, Thank you Mutual for ruining my holiday season & making my recovery a nightmare. Merry Christmas!

My husband had a disability insurance policy with Mutual of Omaha. When he turned age 65 he received a surrender check which was supposed to be for all premiums paid less any claims made. They only would give me a lump sum of claims paid. Their total amount of claims do not agree with his records but they refuse to give us an itemized list. We refused to cash the check because, as I understand it, if we cashed the check it would be accepting it as paid in full. Instead of working with us they have turned it over to Unclaimed Property. I'm assuming that if they won't be upfront with us, that they are cheating as they tried to do before. We got an attorney and they paid.

My benefits manager applied for disability (short term) on June 13, 2012. My doctors have sent records time after time. I have called multiple times and each time, I was told they were waiting for yet another piece of information and following the receipt of the information, it would take "another 6 days" to review. Either they have an exceptionally inept department of morons or they are thieves. I, too, have now run out of money from my vacation and sick time. I have filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's office. Hopefully, this will help some as I cannot afford to hire an attorney nor the time it would take to have one act on my behalf. I will continue to let everyone I know that these people are no better than thieves. I have been paying for this for over 8 years and now they have just thrown me under the bus. I haven't received any money from these thieves.

It's been almost 3 months and now they want more info even after medical forms and full records were sent, because they don't seem to think that my injury from my car accident is significant. Tell that to my children who I am unable to play with and my husband I can't be intimate with. Oh, and I guess it was all worth the measly 60% of my income I MIGHT get to completely lose the job I've been with for almost 3 years and lose my benefits that keep my epileptic son alive! What a bunch of scam artists!

I bought a short term disability policy from agent Blaize in Raleigh, NC. I made sure he knew that I was buying with the intention of extending my family and would need assistance once out of work. I was assured that short term disability was almost always used for this and was successful in providing financial assistance for new families. I bought the policy and a couple months later was pregnant. I have had clean annual wellness checks for years and don't have any comorbidities. I struggled at the end of my pregnancy and was deemed high risk and had to be induced ahead of schedule. I filed my claim upon the birth of my child and he is almost two months old.

I have called the office and spoken to my claims agent, Jane numerous times as well as supervisors and anybody else I can get on the phone. I have been held up at every turn. They wouldn't pay for my medical records but insisted they couldn't continue with the claim process without them. The underwriting team was in the process of trying to poke holes in my claim in order to deny it. They said it would take 10 days but have just given themselves at least another 5. This policy was to keep my family afloat and now we are drowning in bills while they scramble for an excuse not to honor my policy. Today I was called and told that I was "approved" but would receive NO money because my time written out of work was 64 days and they only start payment after 90 days. I did not read this ANYWHERE in my policy and I will be taking further action.

Purchased short term disability ins. just to be safe, thinking I'd never have to use it. Selected a policy with a higher premium to receive a check in 2 weeks. Of course the day came where I needed it. I filled out the claim forms, faxed them over and waited two weeks. Three weeks came & went. Called up the company and was told they never received the forms. Faxed again. Fourth week called, was told waiting for records from physician. Fifth week called, where is my check? Again waiting for records. Called my agent. No return call.

Sixth week called, still no records. Why am I paying a higher premium when there is no check?? I called agent, no return call. Seventh wk, finally received records. Going to underwriter, really?? Where is my $$$? Called agent again. No return call. Now past two months. This company is HORRIBLE!!! STILL WAITING!! RIDICULOUS. Never have had this service with any other company. Do not waste your time looking into insurance with this company. I am doing you a huge favor. Please listen to me.

Well we got the call today that my husband's short term disability is being denied. We expected this since we have read all of the reviews, what we didn't expect was the reason why. In April my husband had some eye problems with one eye, it became cloudy where he couldn't see. He mentioned this to his regular dr, who then sent him to an eye dr. The eye dr. saw something behind his eye and sent him for a CAT scan, which showed he had a blocked carotid artery in his neck. He had unexpectant emergency surgery on the artery in May, shortly after the CAT scan results. They said he was a walking time bomb for a massive stroke and needed the surgery immediately. The artery was one of the worse the vascular dr. had ever seen, ruptured, black and pus... In short they saved his life with this surgery. He was out of work for a total of about 7 weeks.

7 weeks of no income... We found out today his short term disability has been denied by Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance... because he has been on blood pressure medication??? We don't understand what one has to do with the other whatsoever. We had read the reviews on this insurance company while we have been waiting to hear, and understand they will reach for any reason to deny a claim, but this is just reaching a little too far. The short term disability was suppose to help us live while he was out of work, didn't receive it, so lived off the last of our savings.

We now have to pay back his employer for the benefit payments to keep his insurance while he was out of work out of his weekly paychecks, on top of the weekly payments we make for the insurance. My husband was told we can appeal, the question is, do we get an attorney to appeal, or appeal and then get an attorney??? (since from everything we've read would be denied again). His regular doctor would not have sent him to an eye doctor had he had any thoughts the eye problem had to do with his blood pressure. Heck, the blood pressure med. kept his blood pressure controlled as proven by all of his check ups, and had nothing to do with his artery. For anyone reading the reviews, as we did, you can believe them. Very disappointed.

I went on disability insurance around Jan 1 2018. It took 9 weeks to get my first short-term disability check. They only send a check after repeated calling and asking about it. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and can't work. This company is awful about paying claims. It sure was taken out of my paycheck every week to pay premiums.

I had a multi-level spinal fusion May of 2013. The results were great for the first six or seven months. Around the beginning of 2014 the nerve damage pain started coming back. I had to stop working August of 2014. My employer provided Mutual of Omaha Long Term Disability Insurance as part of my benefits package. I didn't immediately file my LTD claim because doctor wanted to try physical therapy for six weeks with the hope that would improve my condition. The six weeks passed without improvement and it became obvious I would need to submit a claim for LTD. My employer assisted me in obtaining the necessary forms as well as making the submission when all was completed.

I knew I was unable to work and only had enough savings to survive for a limited amount of time. I had heard horror stories about people's claims being denied. These stories seemed to all be confirmed when I did research on Mutual of Omaha Long Term Disability and read negative review after negative review. Needless to say my stress level was out the roof. This brings me to the reason I felt compelled to write a review. Mutual of Omaha followed the timelines outlined in my policy to the letter.

In my claim I pointed out that I had used several of my personal days off due to the condition that cause disability. My claim was approved on first attempt. The start date of my disability was adjusted to give me credit for the personal days I used. I receive the direct deposit like clockwork and the yearly cost of living increase came through with no effort required. In 14 months they have requested 2 periodic updates which require my doctors and I to complete a couple pages each. To wrap this up, if you are reading reviews because you have or are in process of filing a claim. THEY DO APPROVE PEOPLE.

I have provided everything possible to MOO to get my claim approved. My doctors have sent them documents multiple times and they claim they still don't have enough to determine why I'm not working; as if I would be home waiting to be approved for the little chump change MOO present you with. If I was able to return to work right now I would. Working citizens do yourself a huge favor, save your own money and don't waste it paying into this ripoff company.

Also, some of MOO employees are rude and horrible to work with especially Samantha **. Samantha **, someone must have told you wrong... I'm NOT hungry and I'm NOT going to lose anything I have if you make a decision not to approve my claims. I just want what is rightfully mine; one, because I am medically unable to work at the moment. Two, because I paid into MOO Long term disability plan. So, don't think for one second that your threat holds any value over my head when you said, "you could just make a decision to disapprove my claim today."

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