Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

My mother at 89 years of age had emphysema and was on low dose of oxygen at 2 liters. That year, she fell and broke 4 ribs. While at the hospital, she acquired hospital related pneumonia, which was documented as such in her medical records. She died from complications of pneumonia a week after being discharged from the hospital and being sent to rehab. She paid on an accidental death policy for 25 years of which my brother was the beneficiary. Mutual of Omaha refused to pay on the policy even though her treating doctor for the last 3 months of her life wrote that she was in no danger of dying from emphysema but died from complications of pneumonia, which was contracted from breaking her ribs in an accidental fall.

Mutual of Omaha said that because she had emphysema, she would have eventually died from that so they refused to pay. They said if she had a disease that she could eventually die from, they did not have to honor the policy. They sure didn't refuse her premiums every month for 25 years. This is so wrong it makes me sick. This is how they treat their customers and the elderly who trusted them. She died in Grapevine, Texas 2009.

The telephone operators were friendly and genuinely seemed to take your side. Also, the phone access was twenty-four hours a day and was an easy to use and navigate call system. Furthermore, the billing department was generally easy to communicate with. However, the experience was horrible. You had to fight tooth and nail for every single item to comprehensively covered. The actual coverage itself was a bonafide joke. Certain medications and procedures were covered were less expensive yet more time-consuming procedures were not. It was as if they were at times just flipping a coin to decide what would be covered and what would not be covered. Also, the supervisors seemed to be unavailable when it came down to a decision needing to be made. It was a difficult process and an exercise in futility.

My wife and I enrolled with Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Plan F when we retired and recommended the same to family and friends. We maintained the policies for 6 years, through the annual price increases, until this year. We felt the increases were too much, too often so we decided to try another company and different plan...big mistake. Through the years with Mutual of Omaha, we didn't pay anything above the premium and we incurred some pretty steep medical expenses. Not one charge was disputed or, as far as I know, payment delayed. I plan to apply for reinstatement with Mutual of Omaha during the Open Enrollment period at the end of this year. Think about the future when considering insurance plans.

In 2007 my wife had Cancer and fought a battle with it for around three [3] to four [4] years and was eventually told by her Cancer Doctor that she was in remission and every test showed she was clear. She began to heal, became active and was finally going out to the stores. She had recovered most of her strength when one morning she got up and told me she wanted to go visiting. She went to the get her coffee and I followed shortly but she called and said she had fallen. When I got to her, she was having trouble breathing so I called her son and an ambulance. She was on the floor and told me she had tripped on her dogs rag doll, fell hitting her head on a 3 tier coffee table and chest on wooden chair arm. Then she quit breathing and I told the 911 operator. The ambulance arrived but they could get no response so they took her to the ER where she was pronounced DOA. Later I filed a claim as the death certificate said "Her injuries due to Fall" with a off note at the bottom that she had had Cancer.

M of H refuse to pay. I sent a claim to three [3] other Insurance Companies and they paid within three [3] weeks. M of H refused so I hired an attorney and after several month, they settled for $1,000.00 under the amount of the policy which was $50,000.00 but I had to pay attorney fees and received $30,000.00. My attorney got his commission, plus M of H had to pay an Attorney here in Dallas County meaning it cost them more than the original claim. It took around two [2] years to settle. I wanted to go to Court but my attorney wanted to settle. BUT there's another story about M of H not wanting to pay on that John Wayne Cancer Policy but I will stop here. My suggestion, if anyone has Mutual of Omaha, CHANGE, you may not get your money but will have a fight on your hand. So far, friends who followed my problem have passed and many people have dropped M of H to Another Company.

If I could give a negative rating, I would! Last summer I found myself hospitalized for a big blood clot in my right thigh (deep vein thrombosis), a big blood clot that sat across the top of my left and right lungs (pulmonary embolism), and smaller clots in my lungs. I filed a short-term disability claim with Mutual of Omaha through my employer and that process was nothing short of a nightmare. I had surgery in March and rather than being able to rest and recover, I was being asked to call my doctors for the claims representative and having to defend the seriousness of my medical situation.

Not only has the claims process dragged out, but it has given me much anxiety and frustration; it took months just to get the last month of benefits paid out. My claim has rolled over to long-term and I’m still having issues. If you’ve ever had non-emergency surgery, you know that you don’t get to pick your surgery date... why is that something I had to explain to the claims representative? If you can help it, STAY AWAY from this company... your sanity will thank you!

I was on medical leave from work from 6/5 to 8/1. One of our benefits through my employer is short term disability through these people (Mutual of Omaha). I understand the 15-day wait period. I got paid from 6/15 through 6/29. I've seen my doctor on Monday, June 4th and then again on Thursday, June 21st. The next date my doctor scheduled my re-evaluation was for July 18th or 19th, I believe. Well the intelligent people of MOO sent a request for more information to my doctor on July 2nd and he sent them back something that stated he was not seeing me until July 18/19 for re-evaluation. Apparently, this was not good enough for them. They again resent my doctor something not until July 18th. Mind you, I am not getting paid this entire time. Mind you, I have rent to pay, a phone, car insurance, gas, etc. So they are re-evaluating information and should know by July 31st (even though I am going back August 1st).

I called again on July 31st because my phone is being shut off, I need to pay my medical insurance through work and the list goes on. Well, I guess they need to send it to another medical evaluator. This is just pure **. My doctor is board-certified, he was the head doctor of the east area of a big organization dealing specifically with my illness and I know he is more accredited than any schmuck they have working for them! So now I have not gotten paid at all for the entire month of July. These ** at MOO are completely unapologetic, they do not care about your bills, they do not offer any sympathy or empathy for their pathetic scam of evaluating everything for months (i.e. my paperwork sitting on someone's desk for a month).

Now that I just started working again and this Friday was payday, I will not get paid for another two weeks and I have like no money. This is ridiculous. Nobody gives a ** about anything. The employer cannot even offer advance so hopefully, I don't have to miss work because I have no gas in my car! I am going to file a claim against them with the Better Business Bureau because this is **. Short term disability is supposed to be there for you while you are out of work so you can actually live and pay bills! I cannot do this! Thanks a lot **! If there is not a check in the mail on Monday, I am going to sue these **!

Being policy holders for Omaha's Supplemental plan my wife and I received letters telling us to call an 800 number to opt out of their information sharing program. Wanted to stop their frequent solicitation for life insurance, etc. On Nov 17, I called and gave them my policy number and their associate changed mine. Asked to change my wife's. The woman wanted a power of attorney sent to them because it was a policy change if my wife couldn't talk to her. My wife is in her 90's and has dementia. I told her she wouldn't understand her. If it was a policy change, there should be an endorsement sent out to us which I doubt will happen or that it is really a part of the policy. She was just being a mean and obstinate - give some elderly a hard time over an inconsequential matter. Typical big insurance harassment.

My overall experience with Mutual of Omaha has been average or what I would expect from any insurance company. They provide the information required and does make dealing with providers easy and far more pleasant. The company provides a follow up on all payments made including what is paid by Medicare. It also shows what is disallowed and what I would owe if any. It also list the providers and dates of service. However, there is neutral lack of personal contact at any level and I have actually never spoken to a live individual since inception. Nevertheless, it is always helpful especially at end of year tax planning.

I took out Mutual Of Omaha LTD plan, they told me that my payment was 159 a month in writing. I was charged 167.00. I had a disability claim and they denied my claim stating it was a pre-existing condition. I didn't fight it as I had too much going on, and the premiums were too much as I was disabled. They rescinded the policy and gave me six months of my premiums back, however then reported me for Fraud to the State of Banking and Insurance where I could be fined. They had access to all my medical records prior to my approval. Do not sign up with them at all. It took them six months to deny my claim and then they report you. Bad company all around.

I am Frank's POA and we received his bill. I made an error because I had Bell’s palsy and I could not see out of one eye and I missed the 30 day pay period. My husband had lung cancer, heart attack and brain tumor. I was worn out. I too was supposed to have knee surgery but the doctor said my body was depleted. I have had lots of pain in my legs and I overlooked this bill. I asked if they would please reinstate Frank but I received a letter saying no. Frank has paid into this since 1999, and has never missed a payment. The letter said because of claims, they would not reinstate him. It is okay for the company to take your money but if you have an honest problem they won't help, shame on this company. He now has no insurance.

My mother had a accidental death policy through Mutual of Omaha. She died on the 28th February. I diligently called them to let them know she had passed. I was told that any money taken out after her death would be returned. It was by check to her that I couldn’t cash. Upon calling them they refused to help in any way other than saying I had to go get a legal document then faxed to them from the city of LA.

Even though I’d never told them my name they knew who I was, but refused to write a check to someone or deposit the money back in the same account they’d be taking from for years. I spoke to a supervisor who took an attitude right away. Eric was his name. ** I believe... again, called before money was taken from her account, but assured it would be returned. All this attitude for $4.21… but my guess is they would be just as snippy and unconcerned if it had been a larger amount too. I ask the company, what was anybody supposed to do with a check made out a dead person?

I'm really happy to be a part of Mutual of Omaha. I like that they help me with all my needs and I think they're doing really good job. They answer any concerns or questions that I have and they have great people that helps give me the information. But I would change having to go to doctor to get a medicine prescription from my doctor. Nevertheless, the overall experience is good and everything is going really well.

This fly by night dumb of a company sent me unsolicited mail about cancer insurance. I opened it and wrote on application what they can do with their application that was unsolicited. Looking at the reviews, I did the right thing!! I CANNOT STAND COMPANIES THAT SEND UNSOLICITED MAIL!!! This company blows!!

I applied for supplemental Medicare insurance in New Mexico and was denied because I changed medications about 2 months ago and had checked one box on the application form that does not require any surgeries or hospital time and is not a life threatening situation or will cost you lots of money. I feel your company has profiled me in a negative way without getting all the information. Am I just some kind of statistic for you?? The application was very vague and I received a call from a woman in your company about more "details" but I was not told this was my underwriter who was actually "interviewing" me and going to accept or deny my application.

I answered truthfully but was not aware of your "rules" about having to take a medication for 2 years and that selecting "yes" to one health issue questions (of a long list) on your paperwork would deny me benefits from your company. The underwriter I spoke with who answered the phone seemed to indicate that it was unusual to deny my claim based on the one "yes" on the form and the 2 year med rule, after I explained my doctor changed my meds because I had been on them too long and it was not healthy for me. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor who was hostile, rude, and not receptive to my questions.

As I have said, I feel like your company, who is supposed to provide health benefits to those of us who are on Medicare have really dropped the ball. I was told I now have to provide 2 years of medical information to appeal because I am now in the system of denied. Is there any humane person in your company that actually understands or cares about your supposed mission to provide good healthcare insurance and treat us prospective clients with kindness and care?

Rates for Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Mutual of Omaha has raised our rates twice a year on our Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Old people on a fixed income can't afford rate increases twice a year.

I have stayed with Mutual of Omaha since retirement in 2009. They just jumped my premium from $289 to $486 stating it is age related and or increased cost of covering claims. They have raised the premium steadily since 2009 but this, a 60% increase, was a surprise. I am healthy - no major illnesses or conditions - I take only 25 milligram of ** for blood pressure - have put in very few claims. So it is not health related. For sure I will change - they give you no choice - they obviously want to eliminate this age group. They have been a good company providing good service, but I was also paying a good premium and expected good service. I moved to Florida last year from the Midwest and the location may have something to do with it. Very disappointed because it is now up to me at the age of 73 to find a new carrier.

They are Incredibly slow processing payments. Then told me I owed for 3mths coverage. And it's stupid to be able to pay with credit card on the phone. But not online.

I have a short term disability policy through my job with MOO. I had total knee replacement surgery on January 13, 2015. Although my claim began December 8, 2014, I didn't receive my first payment until January 5, 2015, and that was only after they had to send it by UPS because they claimed they sent two checks that I haven't received to this day and I'm still waiting on two checks they claim they mailed on the 14th of January. And today is the 27th and I still haven't received them.

In the meantime I'm facing eviction, phone being disconnected and a few more very embarrassing things. They claim they don't have direct deposit which I find virtually impossible!! I just feel no one is working to rectify this problem. My whole purpose for taking out this policy was to prevent these situations from happening in case of a medical problem, but MUTUAL OF OMAHA is definitely not turning out to be the company that I had envisioned it to be and they definitely don't have the good reputation I thought they had.

I purchased a supplemental cancer policy through Mutual of Omaha in 2012. In early 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. The policy agreed to cover radiation, chemotherapy AND ANY ILLNESS RESULTING FROM TREATMENT of the cancer. They ended up paying some on the radiation treatment but NOTHING for the chemotherapy I received. Also, I could not get the hospital (Renown in Reno, NV) to send me an itemized bill saying Mutual of Omaha would need to contact them directly. I did send them what bills I had from the chemo and they clearly stated that they were for chemo. However, Mutual of Omaha flat out refused to pay anything and never contacted me OR the hospital for additional information. Additionally, I was hospitalized after treatment with sepsis and UTI as a DIRECT result of the treatment. Mutual of Omaha refused to pay.

I called them and they said they would review the case and then REFUSED to pay again even after I read them the language in my policy that said they would pay for conditions or illnesses caused by the TREATMENT of the cancer. The claims examiners clearly have NO CLUE about cancer and how sepsis and UTI's are a common side effect from radiation. They kept telling me they don't pay for UTI's and also ignored the "sepsis" diagnosis clearly written on the bill. They continued to ignore the bills for chemotherapy as well. Being so ill, I finally gave up with trying to collect. I think that's what they counted on. I would never recommend Mutual of Omaha to anyone. They should be ashamed of themselves but I doubt they have a conscience.

They are there for me when I need them and customer service is always friendly and fast when I call and need anything. I always get the medicine I need when I need it and seeing my doctor no difficulties at all. Overall great insurance.

It's a great company that I trust bringing me the good quality of healthcare, and also has a wide range of providers. Gives me peace of mind when it comes to healthcare, and knows what I care, I need, and when I need it. I like how they take care of my needs with no out of pocket cost. Healthcare providers are great and I like how you can select your own doctors without any hassle.

Humana advertised going to an advantage plan. I checked on it and the agent said we would have same coverage as under Mutual of Omaha supp plan G. Jan 23 2019 my wife's eye treatment that was previously covered was no longer covered. The Humana advertisement and MOO ad said if we needed to go back to the previous plans we could do so. It is now Mar 4th and Mutual of Omaha has not reinstated either of us. We had to file for reinstatement and wait for approval. This included two checks for multiple months and letters from Humana showing dates of stoppage before MOO would process our application. I find these requirements penalties for believing a slick sales person but MOO should be helping us get reinstated so we are covered quickly. I am 71 and my wife is 70 and we cannot go to the hospital or see a doctor right now unless we foot the bill.

I have had Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Insurance since September of 2011. In 3 1/2 years, my premiums have increased 6 times: $85.82 for 13 months, $92.69 for 3 months, $105.66 for 8 months, $109.79 for 4 months, $122.96 for 8 months, $127.78 for 6 months and now $139.29. This is a 62% increase over 3 1/2 years. Why? I thought insurance premiums were supposed to be going down.

Mutual of Omaha has covered everything that Medicare did not. Last year I had Mutual of Omaha plan F which costs more than $200 more per year but this year I have Plan G and I have not met the deductible yet. I now have plan G and have only paid $54 so far this year. The monthly premium is much less than plan F that I had last year. I am healthier than most people my age and have tried to make a few more healthier choices to even improve my health. I only have one prescription filled on an annual basis and it is a result of taking the medication called **. The insurance product is working for me and I will have it later when I may have more medical issues than I have at this time. We never know when we might need insurance so I'd rather be protected.

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