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Always a great experience with the gold star representatives
Kathy was very helpful with answers to my questions.
I had only the best interactions with Kristina Smith. She was professional, knowledgeable and was very patient to explain all the details. I am still reviewing the information she sent with our advisor and I hope to get back to her very soon with more clarifications needed. Thanks to Phoenix and Kristina - she sets a very high standard.
Cathy Lemner was very helpful and took time to walk me through the website. Excellent customer service!
No issues. Kristina Smith was very helpful and answered all of my questions.
Kristina was absolutely amazing and helpful!!! Thank you so much!!! I truly appreciated it!
Cathy was very knowledgeable and friendly, she answered all of my questions.
I called to obtain termination paperwork on a policy I no longer needed. I truly appreciate the my desire was not questioned, nor was I met with a sales pitch. The paper work was emailed to me before the conversation over.
Working with Kristina was one of the best customer service experiences I've had after being in the industry for 17 years. My client and I had a major issue and she was the most helpful out of everyone we have talked to as your company over the last year. She is an asset to your company!!!
Great experience! Cynthia, but she was very helpful and professional. I found out all info I needed and further helped by offering to send me forms via email. Thank you!
The Phoenix staff person, Joanne Brochu was excellent as always
needed information about my policy and was very helpful. Also the agent was very patient.
Even though I was surrendering my policy because my husband has a great policy through work, every person I talked to or asked a question of was amazing. Very helpful. Very informative.
I've been waiting on hold to contact Customer Service for 20 minutes. Extremely disappointed! I had to hang up.
Cathy Lemner provided me with 10 Star service. I am a hard to please individual dealing with policies and terms that I am not all that familiar with. Cathy provided patience, understanding and clear communications with me. She was patient, helpful and went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of. A VERY positive experience. Sincerely, David MacNeil
Kristina was great and could not have had a better experience. Thank you so much for helping me, your attention to detail was noticed and appreciated.
The young woman was quite pleasant and helpful. I was so sad however to learn that my policy had lapsed after having had it for so long. I do no remember having received a notice regarding the lapse. I forgot to ask but the person that worked with me did not even offer me an opportunity to renew or to purchase another policy. Is this possible? What would it cost for a $75K policy for a 68 year old female? It would not need to be a whole life policy with all the bells and whistles; I just need a term or something inexpensive with very basic coverage. I no longer reside in NYS. I will be relocating to the state of Texas within a month's time. Thank you. Lilly A Dudley (Adams-Dudley) 716-445-0955
My questions answered quickly and the correspondence I requested was immediately sent. Customer service rep was responsive and helpful.
My customer service representative was very knowledgeable and answered my questions clearly and concisely. She even helped me get online and waited until I had the information needed. Assuming the employees are a reflection of the company, it’s definitely 5-star!
I had a life insurance policy that I purchased when I married. No longer married. No longer need the policy as my employer provides twice as much insurance at no cost to me. Called and spoke with a representative who emailed the necessary forms to me, which I promptly sent back. Now awaiting a check.
This review is to praise to customer service agents in the annuities section. Phoenix actually made a fairly significant mistake but Laurie G. and Michelle were an utter pleasure to work with in trying to fix it.
I received some great information from Kristina Smith with Nassau Re today that clarified some issues I have had with my annuity since its inception 3 years ago.
Brenda Gallagher is professional and very helpful.
Jumping through hoops to get them to pay out the insurance after my Mom passed. Very diassappointed.
Question was quickly resolved by your representative. To avoid a phone call, your standard letter should be customized to show the amount really due, if any, vs the amount shown, if the cash value is there to cover all or part of the payment!
Cathy was very helpful, got an account set up for me on line and answered all the questions that I had. was very patient with me. Thanks!
Prompt phone answering. Courteous answers and comments from everyone. Special commendation to Shawn Diaz. I talked to him at least 3 times and each time he explained the next set of questions I had to make the decisions needed. Thank you for employing people like him.
Thank you for the good service and easy to use telephone service. It was painless.
I was very pleased with my experience. When I called I was connected in a timely manner and my agent that I spoke to was very helpful and thorough in her answer. Thank You for your assistance! T Canc
Kristina S. was extremely helpful and courteous in getting my online account setup. She also guided me thru the website to the documents that I need to download. Thanks for such great service!
Your customer service takes far to long to answer the phone. Some hold times are well over 20 minutes long.
Outstanding service ! I wish I could remember the woman’s name because she was very professional and handled all of my questions . Perhaps you can review your records to see who took care of me and give her a raise or at least some positive feedback !
Kathy L. was one of the best customer service people I have ever dealt with in all my years affiliated with Phoenix. She was extremely knowledgeable in a subject area that can be very complicated. She is worth her weight in gold! Thanks!
I do not like the fact that Phoenix Wealth Management does not offer other ways to pay a premium bill, other then a check through the USPS. Why isn't a direct payment online system offered to your customers or paying a premium by telephone? It's time to enter the 21st Century.
Cathy was so helpful! She was professional, knowledgeable and easily answered all of my questions. Cathy took the time to walk me through my information and then should me how to use the website. Extremely happy with this Nassau Re experience!
Response and resolution very quick once the phone call was answered. Long hold time.
So Far everyone I’ve spoken to has been very informative and very helpful and very nice I am looking forward to a good relationship for the next three years thank you for your time and attention
Customer Service was very cooperative and spot on!
Called in to check on policy status. Was help by Kristina who was very confident and knowledgeable and assisted me right away.
Unhappy Client, I am not very happy that i am not told what and when the new premium increase is. All of sudden I get a letter that says that my policy will terminate and I have to pay $25.00 more to keep it going. That just does't seem right. G.H.
Joann was very informative, I learned somethings I didn't know about, that I could do and will do, thanks.
The representative was able to send my request over the phone and she didn't get off the phone until I confirmed with her over the phone that I received the email. Cathy Lemner is amazing at executing requests in a timely manner.
The receptionist was very helpful. She sent me the forms I needed to make the changes to my policy. She took the time to answers all my questions. Great experience overall .
I was very impressed with your representatives knowledge and courtesy.
Kristina was outstanding in helping me by answering my questions. Her patience and kindness was greatly appreciated by this senior
I answered medical questions to the best of my knowledge, however I'm not a Dr. So, after purchasing life insurance from Phoenix, 4 months later I get a letter degrading me as not being truthful, "that I was not answering in good faith", Phoenix then rated me as high risk and instead of raising the rates to suit whatever condition that was a concern, they cancelled my life insurance and refunded my money, really? Just upfront they should say medical exam required, then it's a closed case, how am I supposed to answer what my medical conditions are in medical terms? They want you young and fully healthy so they're all profit and padding their pockets, it's not about protecting you and your family, it should be a law against it!!! If I were trying to hide a condition, surely I wouldn't have given them my Dr's name, address, and all contact info. for them to get information.. I was LITERALLY INSULTED by Phoenix Ins. Co. and would recommend them to no-one, period!! This really disturbs me, as if I'm not insurable I'd think the Dr.'s would inform me that I had a serious medical attention that needed addressing and I'd be in the hospital, you'd hope. I do a physical every year and try to stay on top of my health, it is EXTREMELY stressful to hear from an Insurance Co., that your uninsurable, that your health is so bad they can't insure you, basically they expect you to DIE soon, WOW!! I go to a very renown heart Dr. and also a Dr. of internal medicine, yes I'm in my late 50's and I'm not young anymore, taking prescribed med's, etc. but UNINSURABLE?
It took 17 (seventeen) days from the date I requested payment directly over the phone to Nassau Re from my 34 year old life insurance policy to the day I received my check. It also took 2 additional phone calls questioning the slow process. During the wait, I received a statement from them showing a reduced amount of -$2000.00 which bothered me greatly until I actually received the check 17 days later. Would NOT recommend this company as it is the stereotypical slow to pay insurance company.
Every time I have called Phoenix Life I have had the best customer service experience. I work in a financial planning firm and your customer service agents are some of the best that we've come across from the insurance industry.
The customer service Rep was kind, knowable, and took care of our concerns and answered our questions.
I enjoyed my time speaking with Kathy this morning. The wait was long, but the service was excellent. Kathy was very nice and very helpful, and took care of my questions. She also updated my account, which is always a good thing especially when it comes to Life Insurance.
Rich, voted you up on strength of your review, but disagree with your rating. 4 stars for payment by check is very generous. "Poor," on, is defined as "an inadequate experience with a lot of friction." That's more like it. Therefore, 2 stars. My beneficiaries will have to decide how many stars are appropriate upon my demise! [Edit] It seems I can't reply to Phoenix's reply. That's cuz I've only been paying premiums for 55-ish years. So here's what Phoenix sez: "We are always striving to improve our customer experience!" And here's what would have been my reply: Congratulations, Phoenix...two customers have given you a great way to do exactly that!
Cathy was great. She delivered more than I asked
Very promptly answered my questions.
service person was wonderful - took time with me and helped me understand how to protect policy while still being able to borrow.
The only reason for me to contact customer service was my experience with changing my password on the clunky web interface. Because I am pulling my balance from an external site (where I have combined all my accounts), the password change caused my account to be locked. It required several calls to gain access again, because it was impossible to reset the password without having the account locked up again immediately. Company: * * * * Web Interface: * * Customer Service on the phone (bless them): * * * * *
Savannah Coppage was polite, friendly, knowledgable, and professional. I certainly did appreciate speaking with her
The agent I spoke with (Cathy Lemner) was extremely helpful in explaining my options regarding how to access monies against the surrender value of my policy. I appreciate her time, patience, thoroughness and professionalism.
We are extremely satisfied with all areas of our personal business with Phoenix. They are very concerned about helping us in all phases of insurance issues. They have carrying, knowledgeable and experienced professionals handling our affairs. All representatives take the time to explain in language we can understand. I've been very pleased with their suggestions if I'M unaware of what I am looking for.
Kristina was super helpful and very courteous! She provided the information I needed very quickly!
Cindy Bauer was fantastic! She was knowledgeable, friendly and timely. She provided all the information I needed and was a pleasure to deal with!
Cathy did a great job on my inquiry call. My low rating is due to lack of communication from the old Phoenix group about changes in payment amounts required & applying premium payments to outstanding loan rather than as premium payments.
The person, Cathy, who was helping us was very patient & answered our questions in a clear way so that we understood. She did a great job!
Insurance contact very complicated info just adequate..not great. Holding on a long time is unacceptable for an insurance company.
The agent I spoke with over the phone did a great job in answering my question.
I made 2 calls, 2 consecutive days. Talked with Cindy both days! She was very thorough with her responses, got off line to check further and really returned to me with the answer!
The person was clear, articulate, and answered all my questions. The person was very knowledgeable.
Great service. Called and my questions were answered and suggestions were even given to me. Thank you!
Cathy was fabulous! Excellent customer service. She took time to ensure I understood process of loan vs permanent withdrawal. Cathy also took time to register me online so I can access my accounts. She walked me through website to ensure I understood how to view my products. It is very rare to have such excellent customer service
Cathy was great help in helping me understand my policy and providing assistance.
Pleasant on the phone. Information mailed to me was not sufficiently detailed.
Kristina Smith helped us so much and made it clear how to fill out our forms. If I needed help again I would love to talk with her.
I did find out some things that I was not aware of since Nassau bought out Phoenix Home Life. My beneficiaries are not in digital form on the website but rather in ancient written form buried in their files somewhere. The person did say she was going to mail me the form which is required to be completed and faxed or mail back in to the office which will put them on my digital file. Still have not received it. I shall simply print it from the website. The person I spoke with was very helpful. Another problem that I encountered was the inability to access the site using Google Chrome. Must use another browser other than Google Chrome. Why can't they fix this
Kristina was excellent on my call. I could not be happier.
I needed information about my account. Cathy was so helpful and easy to understand. Cathy gave me options so I could choose the best decision for me. Cathy was professional and made my experience a very pleasant one