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I was never supposed to have a policy with this company. They got my information from a company I had canceled my policy with and without my knowledge or consent created a policy and took money from my escrow. It has been a month since I contacted the company and demanded they cancel that policy and return the money they took without my knowledge or consent and they still have not returned my money.

I got a National General Homeowners Insurance for my home which I purchased over the phone. The amount of coverage was good and the rep has been very helpful. He answered my question and he went step by step with everything. National General Homeowners Insurance is great and I like it.

Home inspection was done after policy was in effect. This revealed a Stab-Lok breaker panel and they cancelled my policy without giving me any opportunity to replace the panel. They just left me with no coverage. They didn't care that my home was at risk for a complete loss, a total disaster. I have never dealt with this kind of inconsiderate nincompoops before and would not recommend them to anybody.

I got home insurance through National General and I seem to like them. The service representatives have been really nice. I called a couple of times and they answered quickly and got back with me and started to answer the questions I had. One time I called them about one house that I was going to buy and the guy was really thorough about hardwood floors; if the house had crown molding; if it had granite countertops. Then I called back as the house fell through because the foundation wasn’t good and the electrical hasn't had an inspection. So I bought the other one and I called National General back and they were really quite thorough with everything. Then my address was not correct. When I was on the phone with them, they changed it and then they also sent me plus my loan officer an email to tell that it was changed. They were really helpful with the process.

The amount of coverage was reasonable. I even went up on my car insurance since I bought a home. I have not used National General yet but I’m hoping it’s enough as I never want anything to happen that I have to use my home or car insurance. I hope it’s a good insurance company. I went online and they’ve been in business for about over 50 years. It started in North Carolina so I think they’re a reputable company.

Our house burned down and National General hangs up on us... So my husband and I just got married and he has National General for his insurance. We both had a house prior to the marriage and due to the fact that his job site was two and a half hours away from his house he stayed at my house during the week and 3 weeks ago we lost his house to a fire. Well National General is telling us now that since he didn't notify them that he was working away they aren't going to cover anything! None of the stuff in the house and none of the mortgage... Good thing he paid them for house insurance the last 5 years. The people we have dealt with have been rude and hang up on us, it's a complete joke!

After paying my policy in full each year thinking I had proper flood insurance, I was notified that the Houston Harvey "Event" was not a "flood" which was covered, but it was a "Substantial Rain Storm" and that is NOT covered and thus the claim was denied in its entirety. Then the went up on the renewal from $2650 to $3599. That was enough, changed to a better provider, with better coverage's and a policy with far less provider exit clauses as National General used to not pay any claims in Houston. The new providers premium is $1520. I would never waste my hard earned money with a company like National General.

HORRIBLE INSURANCE COMPANY. THE WORST. This company will not do anything for you. You will pay your premium every month on time and they will violate your contract and disregard state law. They will not pick up the phone. They will deny your claim. They will not work with your broker or your garage. They will revoke your rental coverage for no reason with regard to your contract. There are thousands of reviews just like mine detailing how incredibly terrible this company is. They have been sued in the past in class actions and frankly they need to be sued again.

I've had my car insurance with National General for over 15 years. I'm at a flat rate and I don’t pay as much as a lot of people do. I've had full coverage on my vehicle and their coverage is pretty good. Also, whenever I call them, they really answer my questions. On the other hand, I also obtained a house insurance, and I had somebody touring the house and they canceled my house insurance due to the electrical panel, of which I'm getting taken care of. So, I don’t have a house insurance right now due to that. Other than that, I have recommended National General to other people.

I obtained the auto insurance first and then home insurance from National General. However, after my car wrecked, they were bumped, they just didn't want to insure him. So far, my interaction with their reps has been good. When I went to their office and got the auto insurance, their reps were professional, but the girl I dealt with wasn't quite knowledgeable. When I went and got the home owner's insurance, the guy I spoke to over the phone was completely thorough. As far as the car insurance, its coverage was not what we've normally had but due to the circumstances, the cost becomes so crazy. It's okay for now. We're hoping we could increase our coverage to where we were before. I'm grateful that we could get the insurance. There are companies that you're with forever and pay, but if you have something minor, they're done with you.

I had inherited the car from my mother and I just went to her insurance agent, Southern Land insurance in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and told them I needed insurance. I had two kids who were new drivers and explained the situation to them. National General Insurance was the insurance they found for us. The customer service representative was very helpful because, at one point, we realized we got a North Carolina insurance because that's where the car was registered at the time of my mom's death.

And then, as our daughter started driving back to North Carolina to do the car registration, we realized that if she was gonna keep the car up in Virginia in college most of the time, then she won’t be covered on the North Carolina insurance. So, we switched it to Virginia. And when I had to call up National General Insurance and ask about it, it was an easy process of them transferring me to a Virginia rep, and that person walking me through it found it much cheaper up in Virginia as it was.

As we gave them the names of my husband and I and our driver's license and the two kids that were new drivers, everything went really well. They told us how, in Virginia, they take all drivers’ history into account and because my husband and I had such good driving records, it made it lower in Virginia. In 2015, our son was moving to North Carolina for his job and was taking the car, so we again called National General and said that we were moving the car back to North Carolina. And again, they were very good about getting it switched over in time for him re-registering the car. They were very good in helping walk our children through everything they had to do.

And then at the same time, my son bought his own car this year. Again, we had to have it changed and he decided to go with National General because he had good experience with them, although he has never had a claim. They registered his new car for him and have insured it. During the same telephone conversation, he handed the telephone to me and I re-registered the insurance part back to my husband and I's name. The guy walked us through it and he was very helpful. So, all in one phone conversation, they were able to get him insurance for his new car and us the insurance in our name for the car that has always been insured.

We have super-loyal premiums right now and come July when it's up for renewal again, we'll be switching it back to Virginia because we're leaving it with our two younger children while we go back to Germany. We'll have that whole process too. Our car is so old and the coverage is minimal. If we come back in retirement in about eight years, we would probably check in to National General as a coverage. We haven't had any claims to know what that's like, but as far as customer service and changing from one state to another and all that, it went very well.

I used to have Mercury, but once I checked into National General, I found that Mercury was way high. I also used to have AARP, which was also really high. I noticed that all these companies, after the second year, start raising prices up and if it's taken out automatically, people don't notice it. I talked with some kid from National General and he was really cool. He said to call if I needed anything. I have auto and home coverage with National General. But I have a 2006 car, with only 17,000 miles, and which I keep in the garage and use in going camping for a month out of the year, that I would like to see full coverage for that month I go camping. Then I’d take it off once the month was up. That way, if anything happened or I wrecked it, I could get it fixed.

Have a insurance claim with this company and after a month they still are reluctant to return my call. Terrible experience with this company. How do you totally refuse to contact a party with an insurance claim. This is an extremely bad business practice on your company's part. It needs improvement.

I had to call 5 to 6 times to get things straightened out. I couldn't opened the emails to e-sign. I had to fax everything from work. I had to do all the work myself. I didn't like having to make so many calls and faxing my boyfriend’s info to you because he lives with me. You seem like an ok Company but too much work on me.

I got a home insurance through National General. I've had them for a little while. I called them with whatever my issues were, probably about my payment or something with my insurance, and they were always very courteous, kind, and polite. They were very efficient as far as that goes. I feel secure because I'm covered and safe. I'd recommend!

I recently purchased a home and went through NatGen for my homeowner's insurance. After doing the home inspection they said my roof needed replaced and gave me 5 days notice to do so. My house is 12 years old. I has a roofer come out to look at it and was told I still have 3-4 years left on this roof. NatGen wasn’t having it. They still said I needed to replace it. I went through Progressive and my inspection just came back and everything is fine. Safe to say I will never use NatGen for homeowner's insurance again.

The customer service from National General was very nice initially but every time I call back, they would quote the entire policy again on the phone and start asking me all the same questions. Then I got switched to a different agent and she gave me a new quote. I called back to purchase it and then they pushed me back to the other agent who gave me my initial quote. I told her to transfer me to the agent who gave me the last quote so I can purchase the insurance without answering all the questions again.

And the original agent got on and requoted me again. He was literally sitting next to the guy and ignored what I had asked for. I wish I could have bought through the female representative because she deserved it. That part wasn’t good but the winning point for me was National General’s price so I got a home insurance through them. The amount was perfect. It was a little bit more than I was planning on getting because the price was so good.

We had USAA and they dropped us after an accident. At that time it was National General who received us. Then we ended up switching our home insurance as well. They offer more coverage for the money and the customer service is good. We've had one claim with National General.

Back in Sept. 2018 National General raised my premium 30% on my Auto Ins. They said I had an accident in April. I told them I was victim of a felony hit and run. At no fault of my own. They call it non-chargeable Incidents??? I cancelled my policies, and gave them the cancellation date. They say I still owe them 86.92. I don't. I've disputed with them several times. They said they would subtract $3.00. I've left messages at the Corp. number. To date, no return call. I now have a collections Agency contacting me. Unethical, Deceptive business practices, Poor customer service Contacting the Dept. of Insurance. Don't buy from this company!!!

I originally had Liberty Mutual for my home but their price kept on going up and I couldn't do it anymore. I had been meaning to switch to National General for a while and a couple of months ago, I got home and auto insurance through them. With National General, I get auto and family discounts because National General used to be GMAC and you can get GM discounted cars and employee discount.

The National General representative I worked with was professional and kind. He walked me right through everything and made things easy. The amount of coverage is also perfect. When I filed an auto claim, they came out to the house and did their thing to my vehicle. I told them where I wanted to go and it was done. With my National General home insurance, I don’t stress about the decrease of my overall escrow with home mortgage. It saves me $400. Most insurance companies – medical, home or auto – are all for the dollar anyways. But National General seems more stable, such that they don’t wanna take advantage of the customer quite yet.

It's been over two months since my home burned to the ground in the Camp Fire. I have been lied to and given the runaround by many different representatives from this company. First they only want to give me half of what I insured my home for. And then they told me they would send the check out the next day. That was NINE days ago. I now have to get an attorney and file with the California insurance commission. Everybody I know from the area has been paid and are trying to move on with their lives. DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

I shopped around and received a new homeowners policy from National General Insurance after my previous agency ceased to carry homeowners policies. While out of the country on a medical emergency for my mother and into the first month of coverage, National sent me a letter that they would be canceling my policy if the roof didn't get replaced within 30 days. I contacted them 5 days of receipt of this letter (my wife was home) from Europe, explained the medical situation I was in. I asked them to work with me and extend the cancellation for a couple of weeks before I returned to the States and the roof would be replaced. They (underwriters) refused to assist me with my request even though I suggested to send them quotes for a new roof. I even called them when I returned to reconsider but they refused again. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!

I have a home and auto insurance through National General. They were GMEC when they started out and my husband had worked for GMEC for so many years. My previous provider was too high and they didn't meet the needs that I have like adding a car. I like the service of National General better and they have been very helpful along the way making my life easier. They make it easy to pay my bill as well as to get my papers back and show that I'm insured. Also, the representatives are very good.

We had short term care for me and my son mostly because OBAMACARE doesn't really cover all people and it's definitely not affordable. So since we both had diagnosis of cancer 2.5 years ago then short term care was our only option but it was sold to us as a $5000 deductible. But they neglected to tell us that the deductible had to be met each quarter - SO YES $20,000 deductible per year with our policies each costing us over $800 per month each person. They also neglected to tell us that the policy needed to be reissued each quarter and each quarter it would go up in costs.

They cancelled one of our policies because the email to pay for the policy didn't get to us. So they cancelled it and then continued to charge my credit card every month for something I didn't have in effect. Then my son's policy continued and they said that they would continue to charge my credit card even though we didn't renew the policy because his job offers insurance so now he's double covered. _ OH BTW his new monthly policy for a FAMILY is only $125 per month and that includes Vision and Dental and RX and Health and Labs and Mental Health!!!

So I called to today and they are REVIEWING my information to see if they can refund any of my charges that weren't authorized. No wonder Insurance companies want this OBAMACARE. They are all getting rich off the people not getting the FREE INSURANCE. This is ridiculous!!! National General is not an honest company and they are just looking to screw the consumers especially those at a disadvantage from cancer whether you are clean for multiple years or any other health issue like diabetes or even aging. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY'S product or watch them closely.

I saw a National General Homeowners Insurance ad on the internet and gave them a call. Paul, the rep, was a professional guy. He answered all the questions that I had and walked me through the process.

Consumers beware of this company. After I signed an agreement with them and paid a set premium, they raised my premium without any additional signed agreement from me, and as a result they took the money out of my escrow account leaving me with a shortage. They did this 4 months before the policy was set to expire. I had no idea they did this, until bank reviewed my mortgage. No signature, no consent, no difference in policy was ever explained. DO not do business with this company.

I contacted National General Insurance because we had bought a new car and sold a car that was insured by National General. We needed to drop coverage on the 2002 Sonata and obtain full coverage insurance on the 2016 Fiat 500 we bought on 1/10/18. Mrs. ** was very helpful, very professional and courteous as well as personable.

I got a rental and auto insurance from National General Insurance. Its policy was higher than Century 21 that I had in the past. However, Century 21 no longer provided services for Ohio and Cincinnati. Also, the reps from National General Insurance were very ice. I also have a dime that probably needs to be insured. But I don't think it is included because of the volume. I don't know if that would be an addendum but I'm assuming it's concluded for $4,000.

My National General insurance plan's coverage has a lot of flexibility. Also, it is much better than my previous provider. The rep I interacted with was very friendly, helpful and he went above and beyond. When we started talking, it was past his work time and he ended up staying late to work through it. There had been some issues and he followed up and we worked it out the next day. He was very professional and very gratifying. I would recommend National General.

My husband and I purchased a health insurance policy through National General Insurance a year ago. Fast forward several months and we obtained insurance through employment and no longer need the services National General provides. We have attempted to cancel our policy several times. We have attempted to cancel utilizing their support desk and by both calling and emailing several times. Although they claim that our services are cancelled, they have continued to illegal withdrawal money from our bank account.

The date and the amount that they withdrawal is always inconsistent and is never the original agreed upon amount. It is nearly 8 months later, after the first attempt to cancel, and they are still attempting to withdrawal money from our account. Please listen to the other reviews listed here and find a reputable company to purchase your insurance from. Do not support National General Insurance. Furthermore, we have never filed a health claim through National General and have no owed balances to them. I am convinced this company operates illegally.

I tried getting an insurance for my home from National General Homeowners Insurance. However, I didn't qualify and I got a letter of cancellation. They said I needed to replace my roof and my chimney. Nonetheless, I understood where they were coming from and I would still recommend them. Also, their reps were very professional and very friendly.

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