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National General RV Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I was shopping for price and it took me awhile to find them, but I found National General and the guy who called up was very helpful. He spent 20 minutes on the phone with me and worked out all the details and the bugs and showed me how I could save money. He was well-informed. I got a warm, fuzzy feeling and I bought the insurance. I quoted the minimums for an RV insurance and the guy did a great job. The price is right and cheaper. National General is hard to find because they are not like Geico or Progressive that have national marketing programs, but that’s actually where they save their money.

National General was the only insurance that we could find to cover our trailer. Their reps were very nice and I had to contact them once on a claim. They had somebody out here within two days but in the packages that I got, I didn't know that whatever I want to add on our trailer was not covered by the insurance. We had a bad storm where we live and it knocked out our power converter. National General wanted somebody out to make sure that it wasn't the power converter and those visits are not cheap. We had to pay somebody to come out and see what's wrong with it and the insurance wouldn't pay for it. But they were good and I just didn't like that that wasn't covered. Other than that, we had a pretty good experience.

According to the internet, National General is one of the insurance companies in North America that offers RV insurance for converted school buses, so we went with them and got an RV insurance. The reps got the work done quickly and well, and the interactions that we've had with them were very straight to the point. For a personalized vehicle like ours, the amount of coverage that was provided in our insurance plan worked out and was totally acceptable.

At first, I thought that National General had an online insurance like Freeway insurance that people get because they see it on TV, but it turned out that they are legit. Going into it, I was a little skeptical since they're not one of those major insurance brands with big names like AAA or Progressive. But so far, I've had a good experience with them and the coverage that they provided was adequate. I have yet to be in an accident to test out a few things, but let’s hope it never comes to that. All the same, I’ve recommended them to other people already. Anybody with a converted school bus should go with National General.

I can't believe Good Sam uses this company as third underwriter. My travel trailer was damaged in August of 2018 by hail. The hail storm was so bad that nearly every RV repair place was back up for months. I took it to a repair shop who could take care of it in a month. I talked with National General. They never told me about a preferred repair person or a max allowed hourly rate. Perhaps I am spoiled but I have never even heard of such a thing. After a month, I found out that my RV was still just sitting in the lot, untouched. Neither the shop nor National General decided to tell they could not agree on a labor rate. I called 4 other shops in the area. Parts were still not ordered. Other shops still had no space for me and third rate was the same as the shop it was in.

It's been almost three months and parts have finally arrived (not National General's fault). National General's rep handling case never contacts me. Does not respond to emails (she says she does not get them... But I reply to the one email she sent me). I am paying 150 dollars in labor fees out of pocket because I am done arguing. Apparently, I was supposed to take the expense quote (which I was never given) to all the shops in town and get in writing they could not do the job for that amount. Worst of all, I missed the entire fall RV season. Use USAA. I have them for auto insurance and have never had an hourly rate issue or major communication issues. I have successfully convinced two other RV users not to use National General (or Good Sam). I am writing Good Sam to explain why they are losing a customer (in all products).

It was an RV insurance that I obtained from National General. Compared to my previous insurance provider, their policy was less expensive and the convenience of doing everything online was nice. The online process was easy overall. Also, the amount of coverage provided in my plan is sufficient.

Our auto insurance company, Century-National, was a National General company. They offer multi-vehicle discounts but, surprisingly, their RV rates were a lot lower than what I was paying before, but their auto insurance rates were not. We went from 1,800 a year to 1,200 a year. The girl that sold me the policy was very well-informed about the product she was selling. She either had years of experience selling RV insurance or had some good training. She knew the right things to ask and the right things to tell me. I had just come off of five different phone calls with Auto Club who we had our previous insurance with. Literally, over three different days, they kept calling me back with different information as they got together and talked about it. I wanted to tell them they were really nice people but they need better training. It was really noticeable how well-informed the National General agent was compared to the Auto Club people I was dealing with.

The coverage is better than what we had before. All the basic coverage is the same but then they have zero deductible on windshield replacement. National General’s RV policy is really written for RVs. It’s not an auto policy template that they took and sold RV insurance off of. They also have diminishing deductibles, which Auto Club didn't have. Every year, your deductible goes down 25% if you have no claims and after four years, you have zero deductible. If you file a claim, it goes back to what your original deductible was. It was a last-minute thing because I wasn’t expecting much, but I was really surprised and I’m glad I called National General.

National General RV was recommended by a good friend whom I trust. I got an RV insurance through them and that was my first time purchase of an RV and first time insurance. The amount of coverage provided was reasonable and everything was taken care of quite efficiently by the reps. But at this point, if I’m not mistaken, the roadside assistance is a separately obtained item. And if it were me, I would put them a little more tightly together because most people would do both. I am definitely a technical user and has experience in call centers and telecommunications so I know what I’m talking about. If they had those two things together, it would be a bold and probably very lucrative move.

We canceled our policy on the 22nd of the month when we learned they would be doubling our policy cost because of a crack windshield. On the first of the next month they took out another month's payment even though they knew the policy was canceled. I asked for a refund and was told I wouldn't get it. That is unjust enrichment and these people need to go to jail for theft. I wouldn't touch this company again for anything. Beware, they will cheat you.

Several of my friends had National General insurance for their RV and they had a great experience with them. When I signed up, I did it all over the internet. It was very quick, easy and no hassle at all. I’m very happy with the RV Insurance I got from them.

National General RV Insurance is cheaper compared to other providers that I have used. I obtained our home, auto and RV insurance through them. Their customer service reps were very good. I got a letter from them on the mail and they were talking about the homeowners insurance. My homeowner’s bill had gone up substantially so I called to ask them about that and they were able to give me a better policy at a much better price. I’m happy with the coverage of my insurance plan and I have recommended them.

I was in the RV business for 10 years, and I dealt with National General before. I had National General cover my RV, my house, and my two cars. The amount of coverage that the insurance provided was good. Compared to my previous provider, National General offered the same coverage for less money. It was easy to do everything online and I ended up talking to one gentleman, so that pretty well took care of everything that I needed.

National General offered the home and RV coverage that I wanted and they came in at quite a bit less than what I was paying my previous provider. Their customer service was very good. I called National once and they took care of the issue right off the bat. It was really quick. I’m very satisfied with them.

I love writing good reviews for people or companies that deserve it but today this is unfortunately not the case. My situation is that I fired National General Ins. for not responding to my inquiries also because they raised my rates without clearing it up with me. They claimed that they did but could not supply any evidence of such i.e. a signed agreement. It is normal that contracts and/or agreements are signed. National General feels that they can charge me $54 for firing them. They are calling it a cancellation fee.

Note: A cancellation fee is normally charged when damages to the company occurred i.e. if you cancel a reserved hotel room too late and the hotel can no longer rent the room out to somebody else then damages did occur. An ins. co. suffers no damages when you cancel a policy and even if they did if they were incompetent then their damages are a result of their own doings thus any fees to a customer are not justified. Needless to say be aware of this before you choose National General.

Furthermore if you are here reading because Good Sam Ins. Agency looking for RV insurance then be aware of the following… First let it be known that I was once an agent myself therefore I know what the job of an agent is. This is not an agency…they only sell! If you put your trust in them as an "Agent" you will be making a mistake in my opinion. They do not stand behind their sales! A real Agency investigates problems and pushes for correctness and fair trade. An Agency is a filter, they filter the good from the bad for their customers and if one of the companies they are selling does not treat a customer correctly then they assist their customer with massive pressure on the company not acting accordingly.

In my Agency I would review the customer’s case then after seeing that the customer is in fact being treated unfairly I would contact the company my agency has been selling and make it clear that if they do not correct the issue immediately then I would stop selling them to my customers. Cases were generally cleared up quickly… My pressure as an agent almost never failed, they got on the ball quick and corrected the issue. Why? Because conning a little customer works, the pros often outweigh the cons but when such companies try to con the customers of a good & serious agent then they are going to hurt because a good & serious agent is going to stop selling that company and that really hurts.

A good agent is worth his weight in gold because he has the power of many! I just found out the hard way that Good Sams Ins. "Agency(?)" does not stand behind their customers when a company they are selling is not acting accordingly. As a professional agent I do not recommend Good Sams' "so-called" agency. In my opinion it is an insult to the profession.

We were with State Farm before but we only had a travel trailer then. Then, when we bought a Class A diesel pusher, I did a lot of research in reference to going full-time with the diesel pusher and traveling and towing our jeep and I had found good references indicating that National General was a good company to consider. We then checked everything out and we were happy with the price that we were quoted and we decided to go ahead and get their services.

The rep was very knowledgeable and helpful. I had a lot of questions and he was very patient and willing to help and assured me that after the call, if I had any questions, I could call back and would be further assisted. Since then, I’ve had to call back to get some additional questions answered and everybody’s been great. What we have with National General is comparable to what we had in the past so we’re happy with that. I've also had a really good experience with them and I would be happy to recommend them.

I just got an RV insurance from National General. I liked that I could suspend my insurance whenever I wanted to, so I went with them. I did everything online and the online process was great. They should have an auto-pay feature set up though. But other than that, the amount of coverage that was provided in my plan was good.

National General had good reviews and another reason that I went with them was the coverage. I especially like the towing capability and with that added on, I don't have to pay for towing. It's also nice knowing that things are protected. But I've had both very positive and very negative experiences with their customer service representatives. When I first called, I had a bill for $2,000 that I wasn't expecting and it was apparently because of some paperwork I didn't send in. The original man I talked to on the phone was very condescending. He talked down to me as if I was always delinquent with paperwork.

But I would have never intentionally not handed that in. There could have been correspondence if there was something that I missed. Usually, they make you sign onto the website but I wish it could be sent in an email, although that probably infringes on confidentiality. Nonetheless, the last few people I have talked to on the phone have been so kind, helpful and patient in going through step-by-step everything that I needed to hand in so that the situation that happened originally wouldn't happen again. That made me stay with the company.

I had an insurance with GEICO for three weeks but I ended up selling that RV and then getting this one. Now, I'm with National General RV Insurance and when we applied, we did everything online at first. I got all the information I needed from the website and processed both our car and RV insurance so it was easy. Then my brother went in and got everything else for me ‘cause I’m on crutches. All I got was basic coverage but it isn't too bad. The rates are reasonable too, and the insurance is nice. It’s worth it.

We did everything online with National General, but they were able to answer when I asked some questions through chat. Their RV coverage is fine and I added the car that we're gonna be towing. We're doing this full time so this is our home. We covered as much as we could. We increased some of the personal belongings and value that was in the insurance plan. Everything worked out fine and it was pretty seamless.

We got an insurance plan from National General RV Insurance for our brand new travel trailer. It was the insurance company that we went through with Goodson RV and which was recommended by them. The sales agent at National General was really good and helpful, and he gave us the quote. The amount of coverage provided in our insurance plan was good and it was all we needed. I would recommend National General RV Insurance.

I obtained an auto insurance from National General RV Insurance and the experience has been good. They’re easier to maneuver and more straightforward compared to my previous provider. I called in and the gentleman I dealt with was very friendly. I requested what I needed, called him right back and started the policy. The customer service rep handled the situation well and he was great. He answered all of my questions. The amount of coverage is exactly what I need for right now but I wish roadside assistance was also available in the plan. There is a sense of security having the policy so that’s always good and I am very pleased. National General Insurance is simple, easy, and straight to the point.

I called National General Insurance to put insurance on my RV 'cause it had been parked for a while and hadn't been used. I went to an insurance broker and they didn't offer enough coverages for the coverages that I wanted, so I switched to a different one. I'd like to see higher amounts from them to cover my personal property and to cover for if I'm involved in an accident.

They are what you get with good sam live in RV insurance. I have not been pleased. Every renewal our premium goes up. They tell me it is a state required fee for cost of doing business. I have a new 5th wheel and both our cars with them. I had to drop the amount of coverage due to the increases. Also you do not get towing, roadside assistance, etc. That's another expenses you have to pay good sam for. I have yet to get a policy to read not mail or email in 2 years so I'm looking for something different. I would not recommend good sam/national general. They are not upfront even when asked.

The company I called before was trying to charge me $175 a month for our car insurance, and that didn’t include the rental truck. I loved the rep’s service and the pricing of National General RV Insurance, and I got an auto insurance through them. The rep got me the best deal and he held the quote for me. I was waiting on my paycheck to get in the bank, and he gave me a couple of days until my money got in the bank and cleared. The coverage I got was worth $25,000, and I think that’s good because my car is old and I would just need the liability. I also asked about the service when you break down on the side of the road, and he said that it would probably be better for me to get AAA because it’s cheaper to pay them once a year than to pay National General monthly since it’s unlikely that the car will break down every time. I love that about him.

I feel better that I don’t have to pay all that high insurance at my age. I'm 60 years old and I have a perfect driving record, so I’m happy with that. I wish the cost could be a bit lower, but I'm thankful nevertheless. National General has great customer service and reasonable rates, and my experience with them has been wonderful.

I had Progressive and their price was a bit higher so I looked around and got an RV insurance through National General. Their coverage has more insurance than I had before for less money, so I liked it. The rep answered my questions, explained the insurance and gave me a price on the phone. I'd tell others to check National General's process and compare it to what they have.

My previous insurance provider was charging me through the roof like I was a new driver or have lots of tickets and I didn’t have any of that. My wife and I have clean driving records and they were treating us like we were high-risk. Also, if they tell me it’s going to be $125, that was what I expected to come out of my paycheck. But my wife was having the payment come out of her account and every payment was different. They could never explain that to me and it was frustrating. It looked like something weird was going on and we decided it was time to go.

We've only been with National General Insurance for barely a month now but so far, it has been great. I know what to expect on every bill and the customer service is better. The guy I had spoken with initially was totally professional. He gave me a quote and when I called back later, it was the same price and I was happy with that. They call back promptly too. After I started the insurance and got to get my policies emailed to me, I didn't receive the email the first time. Maybe it went to spam. I called and left him a message, and he called me first thing in the morning and got it sent out. My experience with National General Insurance has been good and the amount of coverage provided is reasonable as well. I would recommend them.

The reviews by RV users who had insurance through National was good. The insurance is about managing risks and based on the reviews, I don't think there's gonna be any issue whatsoever. Aside from that, National General's rates were good and the representative I talked to was also very good. I put an insurance on a unit that I was going to purchase but then I found out there were some problems with the unit. I called back and they said it was not a problem. We switched everything over to the newer RV and everything was good.

I got a new RV and obtained an insurance policy through National General. Their price for the coverage is good. I also had them for my old one following a referral from the dealership where I got my first RV. I've done all my interaction with them online except when we had the hurricane here in Southeastern Virginia. I got a couple of emails and a phone call from them with some tips and stuff about coverage to check out. All in all, the coverage was cool.

I have my RV insurance through National General. When I first got the RV, I needed the insurance that day and the cost of their policy was cheap, so I signed up with them over the computer and got it. They have a good system if I have no complaints and everything has been easy, including the signing up. I pay my bill online every month. I would recommend National General. They’ve worked for me so far and they’ve met all my needs.

National General was comprehensive. So easy to apply and all my questions were answered in one phone call. Value was better than other companies I called.

National General had a cheaper rate than our previous provider and their coverage was comparable to what we had before. I would also recommend them to others. We had no problems signing up and everything that we've done with the company has been online.

I was looking for an auto insurance that was a little more cost-effective than my previous provider. I got a cheap truck for work which I don’t plan on having for very long, and I figured a liability insurance is fine for it. I was driving to work when I called National and set up the insurance. It was easy and the gal that I talked to was very nice and pleasant. She knew that I was in a rush at that moment and she got the process moving quickly. I had just gotten the vehicle and had to get it registered and insured, and I was just trying to take care of that really quickly.

Everyone has been friendly but they accidentally withdrew my full policy amount, not just the one month like we had discussed. It was a computer error and they had to refund me. But then the problem was it overdrafted my account so now I have an overdraft bill and they’re giving me a hard time recovering that. It was their mistake and I thought that they would cover that but they told me that they needed proof. I’ve had several phone calls with them but they want more proof. Now, I’m waiting on a decision if they’re going to cover my overdraft fee and I’m annoyed about that.

I requested a quote from different companies when I bought the RV and we initially went with another provider. But the RV was being stored in Florida and the company would not call Florida. So it was cancelled and I had to go to somebody else. We chose National General because of the coverage that they were offering and the fact that they know about RVs. A lot of other companies think it’s a car. They quoted me and when I went back to them, they gave me whatever paperworks I needed. Then there was a website where I went and got the information that I needed. Then National General would send me an email telling me what is gonna be charged and it has worked fine. I would tell others to take a look into National General if they have the chance.

The RV place where I bought my RV from recommended National General RV Insurance. I did the setup online and it was easy. There was a questionnaire to know what kind of RV you got and the number. Everything is right there. It shows your coverage or you pick what coverage you want. Pay and you’re done. The varieties of coverage provided are good and there are enough options. I printed the card off the internet and it was good to go. I would recommend National General – easy, one-stop shop.

I used to be with Nationwide and then I switched to National General and it's a little better. They helped me out with everything. The RV insurance of National General was very excellent.

National General RV Insurance was less expensive than my previous insurance provider. And they gave me the option to put my RV in storage and not charge me the full amount if I'm not using it, which I really appreciated. Also, the amount of coverage that they provide is fair. It's comparable to what I was getting before. I called once because they sent me the full amount of refund when I first put it in storage and I didn’t understand how that was and they were very helpful in helping me understand that. I'd tell others to try National General RV Insurance out. It's worth it.

We own class A RV that we rent for supplemental income. We go through a third party site which offers National General Insurance as supplemental RV insurance for renters. This past July one of our renters had an accident and this accident resulted in an estimated 10k in damage. Renters are required to pay a 1500k deductible (which our renter did). However once we submitted all paperwork including pictures and estimates from a longstanding company National General only gave us 2/3 (including the deductible) reimbursement for damages. Numerous phone calls/emails/even a completed survey asking for explanation or a recommendation on where such work could be done for that price (as we cannot find anyone that will) have gone unanswered.

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