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Thank you everyone for your comments and reviews. I received a call from National Income today and it was a bit strange since they are offering a week training and I am suppose to be a consultant.They apparently got my telephone number from an employment website not sure which one since I am signed up on many. The very nice lady on the phone gave me the information for the interview but the directions are so out of the way and since she could not discuss the expected salary with me. I felt that it may be another sales scam...after doing some research I found many many many many complaints. So Thank you everyone for saving me from wasting both my time and energy.

I am so overjoyed and happy I decided to check out this company before I went to the interview scheduled for 2 days from now. I was excited when I received a call from the Human Resource rep named Raji (female) who explained to me that she found my resume on Monster and I qualified for both positions they were looking to fill. The first position was for a program consultant paying $50k - $60k/yr. and the other was an entry level management position paying $60k - $70k/yr. She said I would be working strictly with union members involving supplemental benefits and making sure they had the right benefit package. They don't work with the general public according to Raji. This was the job detail for the personal consultant job. Then she explained the management position where I would be managing and training a team of between 5 recruits and/or agents on company procedures, rules and regulations with plenty of promotion opportunities and a full benefit package. She said the Regional manager I would've met with was Salman (male). Thanks for saving me the time, money and travel. I'm am forever grateful! I hate hustlers.

They work with union families and take care of their needs on the hardest day of their lives. They work their ** off to help them out. Hiring in upstate NY is above and beyond the best in the country and shouldn't be reflected by other parts of the country and what they did years ago.

As Cheryl did, I got a call from a woman on the phone to attend and interview. She didn't offer much information on the phone and also told me I'd get the answers when the interview took place. I was to go to The Radisson Hotel and see "Nas" in room 1004. As a single struggling mother, I did. There were people all over the place, more than you'd see at an agency. While Nas was professional and pleasant, he offered limited information and asked no questions. I left the interview with no knowledge of what the company was, offered nor what I'd be doing. Think this is a scam! Shame on all of you for taking me totally out of my way, making me spend money I do not have and taking me into another COUNTY for a bogus interview!

Thank you to everyone that wrote a review, I almost made a very stupid mistake. I received an email from the local office that they found my resume on Monster and if I was interested in a position? I called the number and went directly to a voice message. I received a call-back to set up an interview for Friday. I had a 9:00 am appointment and was told to bring a copy of my resume. As soon as I entered the office I thought something was up. This office looked like it could be packed up and gone within one hour. That should have been my sign to turn and run. I had the interview with the regional manager and after our conversation I was told that she had other people interested and wanted me to sit in this room and answer a few questions.

About 10 minutes later the manager came back and told me that she wasn't interested in the other people and wanted to talk more about an offer. She started the conversation with the pay structure and that she is making $300,000 a year. I let her do her sales pitch and wanted me to leave for Rochester that Sunday and she would pay for everything. I keep telling her that this seems way too good to be true and she agreed with me and told me that as long as I did $3,000 a week I could set my own schedule after the first 90 days.

The training program was Monday and Thursday phone calling and setting up appointments, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you're on the road from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I accepted the position and told her I couldn't start until the 29th. My gut kept telling me that something was up and that was before I saw this site. I spoke to a few professionals and they all told me to go with my gut. Well today at 11:00 am I called and turned down the position and started to do some research on the company and came across this site and this confirmed my gut feeling. Thank you to everyone that took the time to write a review and remember to always trust your gut.

I've had offers from this company before, since 2010 I think. But I wasn't desperate enough at the time to take an insurance sales job. But this year I applied to them, as my savings have been getting a little low and I haven't had full time work for two months now, and they asked me to come in. Here's the kicker: the ad I saw said it was a position for $55,000 a year. So one can imagine I was a little excited to come in. It sounded suspicious but I let it slide...

The room inside was crowded, and I said no way are they bringing in this many people for a $55K a year job. I knew a scam was up and when the interviewer said I passed the interview and wanted me to watch a "video", sales job is what popped up in my head. 40 people were in the room. I gave it a chance though, only because I'm not working full time. The insurance sounds good enough, but then a guy who claims to have made six figures with NILICO suddenly said we have to pay for our own training. I'm like WTF - Why can't you reach behind, pay for it? Then he had the nerve to say only 6 people from the room would be chosen. At least 20 people walked out of the room before he even said this, which I found humorous. Not working, one can feel swayed by a position like this - but why LIE to get people to come into a job interview? To say a job will pay $55K, almost suggested it's a base pay, then tell you during the interview it's all based on "potential and positive thinking" is BS. NILICO, stop lying on ads and for the love of God, stop calling me!

I'm currently in a career transition and somehow, these people got a hold of my resume and phone number. They have already sent 3 emails and two phone calls. I have declined every request that I come in for an interview. My resume clearly states I'm a designer and this company is trying to push a sales position my way. What gives? How do I stop this spamming? How stupid and desperate do they think people are?

I was contacted by a woman named Lynn (no last name) who asked if I was still looking to work full-time. She then told me that National Life was looking to hire representatives to assist union workers with their supplemental benefit information. She said the company has AFT, The American Federation of Teachers as an example of clientele (I always thought it was UFT United Federation of Teachers so that was the 1st flag for me).

I asked if it was salary or commission and she hurriedly said that management would provide further details at the interview and offered an interview slot for the next or following day according to my availability. She then confirmed my name and phone number and that I lived in the Bronx. I was then told that I would need a hard copy of my resume and business attire was required.

The interview was to take place on March 19th or 20th 2014 at The Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY and I was to go to SUITE 1004 on the 10th floor and ask for MARK (no last name - 2nd flag). This would have been a 2 hour trip for me and so I decided to research the company as I like to feel prepared for interviews. I was not happy to find that National Life is an insurance company with an alternate company name. Then I found these reviews I knew for sure I will not be attending this "INTERVIEW". Thanks to all contributors for your information!

Beyond angry that I wasted my time "interviewing" for this scam of a company. I failed to do my research however, so I have myself to thank for that. I received a call last Wednesday from their East Syracuse office. A woman named Stacey asking me to come in on Friday for an interview. She gave little information, it was a struggle to get anything out of her. She said I would be interviewing for a management position...that was the first lie. She also said that the salary is between 45k to 65k...second lie.

I got to the interview and walked into an office that looked like it had been moved into the day before. Handed my resume to Stacey, signed in and took a seat. I was then asked to come into an office with ** ... the man the office is named after. He asked me a few questions, told me I would be a great fit for the company and asked if I had some time for another group interview session. He then sent me into a conference room with 4 other unsuspecting people and we listened to a ** presentation for about an hour and a half. Which consisted of this guy talking about how wealthy he is and basically boosting his ego and wasting my time. There is no base pay. You work 6 days a week, 12 hour days for the first 90 days (if you make your sales) and they say after that you get to work your own schedule. With it being 100% commission, if you make zero sales-you make zero money. It's a scam. I hope none of you waste your time like I did.

After reviewing multiple negative reviews about this interview, I decided to take my chances and go. 8 month in the business now, and I can tell you hands on, this is an opportunity like no other, the team atmosphere, the culture, the environment is all set up for upbeat individuals. There are leaders here who push you to greatness to levels I didn't know I had. I have truly found my long-term home.

Do not hesitate to make a decision based on someone's ignorant comments here, As you can see from some of the reviews, client are happy with their benefits and of course the company has been getting more and more selective to find the right candidate to represent them since they only work with niche market of union members who request the benefits. So I have the client to serve and I get paid very well. I'm looking for great things as I am pushing for management before the end of this year.

I just have to bring up the last person review about the interview process!! Yes there is 3 step process, yes they did show me 2 videos of their conventions and recognition for achieving great number, and YES, I am going to most likely in 8 months make close to 6 figures, YES I could've been a doctor or a lawyer... that flew out the door, lol, so I grabbed this opportunity with no regrets, I suggest you show up if you're invited and invest your time to learn more about the company, and make the decision based on your logic, and if you're anyone like-minded you will be excited to join as well. I hope this can help the best of you.

We cancelled our NILICO insurance 2 months ago. Still being billed because now they say there was 3 different policy numbers. We only had information with 1 policy number. We were considering doing another policy when money came available. NOT anymore.

This company is a scam. They find people from online and schedule them for a interview no matter if they don't even have a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree, put them in a room and say there is a 3 part interview process and then show you a whole bunch of videos and say they will call you and say "bring $275 with you for a insurance license" and they will never call you back after taking your money. Guy during my interview said you can make $1300 a week. $1300 a week then wouldn't everyone work here? He said his income is 200-600k then why do people go to law school or med school, wouldn't they all just work here? Huge scams, they make $9000 a month from people who spend $275 for training. Flushing office 30-50, don't go.

I've seen up close how this agency runs... Unfortunately, they are guilty on who they hire and let sell their products!! But their goals is all about quantity and not fineness. The product is either the same as other insurance companies OR if qualified, can receive a much lower rate than most!! Again, must qualify to get the rates!! The problem is that they are hiring just anybody to sell which is always going to bring in the Sharks who don't care about the client and only making money!! This company qualifies A LOT more than ANY OTHER company out there!! Do your research!!

My wife has MS... Tell me what ins co is going to write life ins for her??? These guys will!! Anyway, I've just read everybody's reviews and I didn't see one good complaint (that didn't have to deal with bad representation that is) about the actual product itself!! Listen, if you're too stupid to buy a product from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, you can't blame the actual product for it. There are MANY great agents that actually care about the product who are doing very well over there... Hope this helps because my aunt who has had alcohol dependency issues, just got a life ins policy!! Complain about that???

A woman, Julie, called me this morning to tell me that she'd seen my resume posted on CareerBuilder, and wanted to know if I was still looking for full time employment. She wanted to find out my professional experience. My resume clearly details my background in Education and recently in Mental Health Counseling, but I still explained it to her. She told me the same thing that all of you wrote in your review; never mentioning that they are an Insurance Company. She scheduled an interview for 10am tomorrow 6/4/14 in Astoria, NY. I took the the time to research the company so that I would be prepared to make a good impression. I am so happy I did this research because I would have gone on this long trip based on deception. I thank all of you wonderful folk for sharing your experiences. This will save me time, energy, and money that I cannot afford to throw into unwise pursuits. Like I tell myself... it is very easy to take a job because of desperation... but let's listen to our "gut feeling"..... Continue to research and be aware of scammers passing off themselves as hiring managers.

Ireland ** did an excellent job with her presentation -using her laptop and her comfortable conversational tone it encouraged you to ask about the details involved. Unfortunately, we are NOT eligible for life insurance due to our age, health and pre existing conditions. We were happy to sign up for the free accidental loss offered by my husbands union. Ireland drove out of her way to come to Mexico NY to see us and then had to drive back home through a Lake effect Whiteout snow storm. If we were able to qualify we would have been happy to work with Ireland. We will give the child safety kit to our son and daughter in law for our new granddaughter. Well done! She is a very professional well trained agent who loves what she does!

I'd like to thank all of the people who wrote here about National Income Life. You have saved me time, money, and a lot of inconvenience. I received the same call all of you did. They told me they got my resume off CareerBuilder and that "My resume may fit 2 positions they have available." The lady then proceeded to tell me that one of the positions would involve managing 3 people; the other is "higher up" and is "the highest paying position in the company" having something to do with managing workers' benefits. While this thing may be "legal," it's clearly a pyramid of some kind. There is nothing wrong with a well-run, legal pyramid-type business, but they should definitely be upfront about it and just say it because it's not for everybody. I have tried calling to cancel my appointment and if I can't get hold of them before my appointment day, I will not hesitate or have any qualms about not showing up. Thank you, everyone, for helping me save time and money!

I worked for this company for several months. It is SHADY. When we call people, as recruiters, we have a script we read off. We have limited information and are told only to answer from the script and to keep it brief. Day one I was told disclosure is important and to give as little information as possible. We are told not to discuss how new hires would be paid, even though we are entirely aware that it is exclusively commission based. We are essentially required to lie to the people we're calling and would face repercussions if we did tell them anything about the pay or truthful.

We rarely have any actual resumes, we just have a long spreadsheet of phone numbers we call off of all day. We have their names, phone numbers, and have to meet a quota of "sets" for the day. When we had resumes, it didn't matter if the background was sales or not. We'd print off HUNDREDS under any search, it didn't matter. The company wants employees they don't have to be responsible for paying. They are absolutely questionable.

I felt ethically challenged working for them because I was required to lie to the people I was recruiting. I made phone calls all day, that was the extent of my position. I often overheard the agents calling customers idiots, and insulting them when they'd get upset with them. There were times where customers would be upset and the agents had "no idea" why they were wrongfully charged. Having worked for them, I'm certain that it was a scam. I made phone calls all day and had extreme limited contact with anybody else working for the company and any questions I had about the other positions or anything questionable, I was shut down and told to meet my quota for the day.

The people we called were just a number and it didn't really matter if they got hired or not. If this company calls you, don't schedule an interview. There are always people scheduled for the same slot, they don't care what your background with work experiences are, and they probably haven't even seen your actual resume. You're a name and phone number, and just a pawn to meet a quota. The positions are entirely commission based, and they will jerk you around, ask you to lie about things you know aren't true. The company is shady, and I'm certain all of the five star ratings were written by employees and are fake reviews.

I’ve had a life insurance policy with this company for three years. My father is currently retiring and this is the ONLY life insurance policy that will not be changing when he retires from work. I made sure everybody in my family has a policy with this company.

TURNED OVER A FEW TABLES IN THAT PLACE... Y'ALL GON’ MAKE ME ACT A FOOL, UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE - Y'all know the rest of the frustrated anthem! I received a call Friday evening 12/19/2014 about my resume being found on Monster. I was "slated" for a management post. They said that they only dealt with Nurses and teachers coordinating union benefits. I'm supposed to meet with Bevar on Monday 12/22/2014 at 10:30 am, so I do the usual "check things out" search, so I could at least prepare some questions about criteria, tenure, or even pre existing claims. LO & BEHOLD all the "rave" reviews from other hard working - looking for work - soldiers. Three days before Christmas, a rainy day according to the weather service... I'm staying in maybe not asleep but definitely staying in. Thank You ALL for posting... Saved me a swipe and from going to jail.

I worked for this company for about 1 year. Everything that you read in the previous reviews is true. This is an honest review of the company. I was initially called for a management position. Since that was what my background was in, I accepted the interview. There were a ton of people waiting to be interviewed in the small lobby area. I was finally interviewed by one of the supervising agents. After a very brief interview, I was asked to stay a little while to watch a presentation. There are about 40 people watching this. At this point in time you realize that this is a position selling life insurance. This is where they sugar coat everything and try to sell you the dream. They don't mention things like cold calling, door knocking, and depending on referrals. Of course they save this information once you are invested in the position. One day later I was called in for the final interview, and I was offered the position.

You are required to attend a one week pre-licensing class that you have to pay for. I think it was around $250. After passing the class final, you then schedule your state licensing exam. Of course, you need to pay for this as well. Upon completion of the state licensing exam, you then attend a one-week training program. You are not paid for this. So far that's 2 weeks of unpaid training. After you complete the training program, you are required to memorize a 7-page selling script. You are then assigned a supervising agent who is supposed to help you with your field training. This training last anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

You are encouraged to work 7 days per week and holidays. You are paid by commission and bonuses only. If you don't sell anything, you don't make anything. You are a 1099 worker not a W-2 employee. The company says that they offer insurance to union members, who are also allowed to refer friends and family members. Most of the union members have no clue who NILICO is, and are very reluctant to refer others. Some will hang up on you, while others won't be home even after you scheduled appointments with them.

You are initially given a lead pack of union members and when that runs out, you are screwed! Most members don't remember filling out the forms. A lot of members don't feel comfortable giving out referrals. Without referrals, your market will dry up quickly. They have 2 nights dedicated as phone nights. Usually from 2-9 pm. You are required to make phone calls to people who treat you like telemarketers. This is pure hell. Prepared to get hung up on or even yelled at. Before the phone calls, you participate in a cheerleading session which is a joke. It's supposed to get you motivated, but it seems like a cult instead. Everyone clapping hands and shouting. I always laughed inside. What a joke.

The company offers very limited products which are not as competitive as they think they are. Their term life products are very expensive. The managers are inexperienced and unprofessional. They promote people to managers after 3 months. I've seen some of the management meetings. They berate and cuss at their managers. Very misleading company and not up front with perspective workers. Extremely high turnover rate. It's like a revolving door. Most people only last a few months. Some only last a few weeks. Bottom line, don't waste your time. If you are interested in pursuing a career in insurance, work for a reputable company. There is a reason why most people never heard of NILICO.

Sarah ** was our agent and it was a very smooth process. She was able to answer all questions and meet all our needs. We are very happy so far and plan to keep this for the rest of our lives. We highly suggest using this company.

Best company I've ever had the pleasure of working for. There is no cold calling or telemarketing. You work with union families who request life insurance benefits and go to their house. It's really a soft sale, easy. You just have to schedule the appointments with people and go see them. If you work hard you will reap the benefit guaranteed. I never made less than a grand on a weekly basis. Management is very supportive, positive and helpful. They will do everything to make sure you succeed and are making a lot of money. Any other reviews that are negative on this company is false. They are reviews coming from people who make excuses and not solutions, people who never actually worked for the company that only went to an interview. This job isn't for everyone, it's for people with ambition and goals who want to keep moving onwards and upwards.

I was referred to Magaly by a friend to obtain life insurance. She was fantastic, very professional, personable and flexible which was amazing. I sent her an email early in the morning to set up a meeting in a near future and she was able to come to my place of employment during my lunch break and explain all I needed to know and the process. I had been looking at getting life insurance and frankly the hundreds of calls a days from various brokers had me petrified. Magaly was superb in her delivery of the information and expeditiousness of the process. I would most certainly recommend her to friends and family.

Had a very pleasant experience with Michael ** with National Income Life Insurance. I was in town for a short trip and he took the time to meet with me when I was available, on short notice. Extremely professional. Took all the confusion and hassle away. He was willing to work with me to make a plan that would benefit my family without breaking the bank. I would highly recommend him.

I tried calling everyone in the Oldham-Gryska agency to get help. I never had a call returned except from an agent and Mga that were from Syracuse. I submitted a claim for an accident, they cut a check in seven days. I was waiting for the check on day 10. I called the home office in Texas where the check was cut and I am told it was voided for a review. After months of sending more information and even having my doctor write a note stating the accident they tell me they don’t pay those claims. They tell me to get a lawyer and have them write a letter stating the accident and they will pay.

I asked to speak directly to the SGA Durhon Oldham and or Brett Gryska but was pushed off to Hal **. I still never had a chance to speak to anyone. I worked for this company for two years, I heard stories of accident claims not being paid but never believed the stories. Now it has happened to me. Not even the manager In Claims would speak to me or return a phone call.

My credit union could not receive a callback. These benefit are to keep you on Your feet while out of work for an accident or injury where you seek medical attention. They tried saying I didn’t go to a doctor in time but I proved I did. I was told to prove everything they asked and I did and they did not pay. But being told you will hear back and cannot get a phone call is ridiculous especially for someone that worked for you and has sold these policies on good faith. I heard stories about a check getting cut for someone who died after a DWI because he was part of a big union, this guy even signed a DWI waiver because he already had a couple prior to getting the policy. But your average Joe gets screwed and cannot make ends meet months later.

I received a call from a lady at the Flushing office. Stating that she received my resume for a management position that I applied for (I do not apply for management positions, so right after the bat it sounded strange). She asked if I was still looking for work and then proceeded to set up a time for an interview. Upon finishing this, I asked that this information be emailed to me (I was driving and could not write anything down). After getting off the phone, I thought about the phone conversation and thought that it was strange she never mentioned the name of the company or talked about the position at all. The lady's name is "Trisha **", possibly a fake name. I was not about to find any information for that name through my research.

When I checked my email later that day, there was indeed an email from Trisha **: "We are hiring for program consultant positions as well as management level positions. You will be working strictly with union members as we don't work with the general public. You would be consulting with them what benefits they are interested in and completing all the necessary paperwork pertaining to those benefits so you are basically their personal consultant. We also have a management position open where you will be managing and training a team of between 5-15 recruits and agents using project management skills. We are looking forward to meeting with you. Please plan forty-five minutes to an hour for the interview. Business attire is required. When arriving please present the front desk receptionist with an updated copy of your resume if available. You will be meeting with the regional manager."

Which I replied to asking for the name of the company and the regional manager's name (the person she said I would be interviewing with) so that I would be able to do research prior to coming into the interview. After a few days without a reply, I followed up on my first email. Again after a few days without a reply, I emailed one last time. Again NO REPLY. I did a little more research and found out that address belonged to NILICO. As soon as I started researching NILICO, I came across negative review after negative review after negative review everywhere I turned. I am not going to the scheduled interview nor am I going to try to cancel it due to the complete lack of communication.