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Have only had Nationwide for 1 month & bought online. I haven't had a call my agent but was pleased when he called when I purchased insurance online to see if I had any questions. I have been waiting 5 weeks for my smart ride device. I call customer service and they were very helpful.

They have increased our insurance because of my husband’s age. We have been member of this insurance several years, no claims, no tickets, and no accidents. Do you think that all drivers should be assessed the same or they should be by the way they drive and by their personality and if they get tickets or not or if they put claims in because of accidents and they are at fault. I don't think they should make all the decision by the group they fall in.

My 18 year old daughter was rear ended by a lady with Nationwide Insurance. It totaled my daughter's vehicle. I took her to the hospital because her neck, sides and back were hurting. She had severe whiplash and was unable to go to school, work or play in her last soccer game. She's is still having problems with her back. This insurance company is not wanting to pay for anything. They are claiming the lady wasn't at fault. How? How is she not at fault for rear ending my child??? I am getting her an attorney and someone is going to pay for this. They refused her a rental car as well. I am beyond furious. We have State Farm and they are doing what they can to help. Nationwide is on no one's side.

It was very easy and not a pain to get their insurance. It is very inexpensive too. They always treat me amazing. My auto insurance company covers a lot for me. I love their customer care. They value my opinion and my feelings. They do what is it best interest for me and they make everything very easy. They do everything that they can to ensure I am happy. They always are doing so much for me and they genuinely care. I have only heard great things about their company and they truly are the best company ever.

Nationwide would not renew our policy and gave us a month's notice from ONE accident my husband had that they didn't even have to pay out on. Avoid using Jason White Nationwide (Olive Branch, Mississippi) or Nationwide altogether. There are so many people in the Memphis area that drive without insurance. It's bad businesses like Nationwide that will greedily take your payment and kick you for the main reason you have insurance!

My policy was up for renewal end of June. I found some cheaper insurance before my policy renewed. I switch insurance companies on June 22nd. The new insurance company said they called and cancel my policy that was up for renewal. When checking my statements, I saw that I was still being charge $158.23 for the last 3 months. When call to see what was going on, they reply back that no one had called them to cancel my policy. So I then replied about my refund for 3 months. They said it would take up to 2 weeks before I receive my money. I don't thinks that's fair because I need my refund NOW for the amount of $474.69. Wouldn't you be upset like me?

I am very pleased with the customer service care I have encountered with Nationwide Insurance. They are very attentive and helpful. After recent flooding in central Texas they helped me file a claim in order to repair electrical damage in my car with no hassle.

It's very good and useful for everyone in the world.

They provide great service. I got lucky enough that my parents have had Cincinnati so that when I purchased a home, I had a sort of loyalty discount. The customer service is stellar. I'm through a local service in Birmingham, AL, that handles applications and such. Also transferred my wife's car onto the combined policy from Esurance and with better coverage, literally cut her rate in half. Very happy so far and haven't even had a claim yet. (And I hear that's one of their best qualities.)

I have been with Nationwide for a while now. Switched from ins co to ins co prior to this place. I'm like 45 now and all through my 30s I looked for cheap monthly ins from anywhere who could beat the current price I was paying from whoever I was with at the time. Got a couple tickets in my late 20s, 1 or 2 in really early 30s. I just shopped around each time I needed to renew or whatever reason and went with the cheapest. Now, all that said, I now know I should've been with this place from the start. I understand they don't have like a stock thing or something (I don't know) but it's like they don't need to pay a big bonus to some big wig at the top? Like they're independently owned my wife just said. I'm not too bright as if you're still reading you have figured out I'm sure.

Anyway, the whole point is this - Nationwide is sweet! They have switched ins from probably 10 different cars for me in the last 5 years or so as I have bought a couple convertibles and ended up selling them to people who wanted me to go buy and fix me up another one, then give them mine! SO I sometimes end up calling Nationwide once or twice a year some years to drop one and transfer the ins to another one I ended up buying. But the payments are less than everyone and they got your back when I was hit by someone!

Now, check this out - they hit me, they got the ticket, yet their ins co tried to get the ticket changed to MY FAULT or at least a no fault so they wouldn't have to pay to fix my car!!! Why? Why put everyone through all that when it was OBVIOUSLY their drivers fault?? Now that's an ins co you don't want! I don't think I can say their name but it rhymes with, um... try this, "wurst coruptnence" or "zirst conceptance"? You probably get it! SO, to sum up this weird review, I know for a fact Nationwide was the best choice I could've made prior to getting them and I wish I would've had them from the time I was 16! They're somehow cheaper than anyone out there, even the generals and the acceptances ins companies that are supposedly cheaper.

Just ask the guy who hit me, on accident, how inconvenienced his life became after his "zurst noceptance" ins co wouldn't pay for what was clearly his fault. He got the ticket. He admitted he never saw me. He apologized. It was only a regular type of accident, not some crazy wreck where people got put in hospitals for weeks, etc. But they had him take off work over and over for appointments to meet with some of them. Their agents, claims people or whoever, their in house lawyers, had him taking depositions, court dates that were changed or cancelled at the last minute, asking (more or less telling him he said to me) asking him to lie, pressuring him to say this and that, and when it was finally over, he hated that ins co and said he wished he'd have NEVER got them.

It costed him more money in just missed work alone than he saved! ALL because his ins co was trying to get out of paying for something little! Not big mind you! Just a typical accident where he was leaving a grocery store parking lot and hit me pulling into it from the main road. They tried and tried to get out of paying anything, and for no good reason other than to save money for their ceo's yearly bonus or something? To try to get a promotion in their co? Because their in house salary ins co lawyers and it don't cost the co nothing extra to continue to hassle everyone involved so that they MIGHT decide they've had enough and settle for pennies? Or even worse, just get so tired and frustrated with it all that they drop everything and pay for their own cars damage when they didn't even get the ticket?

That's what this place did to this guy that hit me, not sure if that's regular practice with these ins companies, but it certainly was with him and he so regretted having them! Phew! That took a lot out of me, remembering all that crap back then (2 years ago) And they drug it out the legal 3 years ins companies supposedly get to drag anything they want. They drag it to the last day almost! AND what's so crazy about it all (as if all that wasn't crazy enough) is that they charge people MORE than most good ins companies like Nationwide!

I'm sure there are negative reviews for Nationwide as there are for every company in the world. You can't please everybody, it's impossible. But if you just want ins that'll back you up, pay when it's your fault, not overcharge so that the big dog at top can get his 20 mill bonus every year, check out these guys. Why I wrote this review on this Saturday morning is because I just got an e-mail with the temp ins cards from a car I had them switch ins onto from one I sold the other day. It just got me thinking about how good these people have been the past 4 or 5 years. So I thought I'd look for somewhere to write a good review for them. I found this site. So I didn't plan this and I definitely don't work for any part of the company (if I did I'm sure this review would've been a lot more professional or less drawn out!) OH, and I learned one more thing, it pays to be with the same company for a long period of time as well.

You can tell in the way they treat you, the lower or better priced deals you get, and the getting to know them so you can know what to do most of the time to benefit you and your family. I've gotten my sister, girlfriend, other friends, and anyone else who ever asks for whatever reason to call Nationwide and they all end up getting them for their ins carrier. I got homeowners now, multi car, and a trailer I own out in the country with them now. I am sorry this review was so long if you're still reading it. But take it from me, this place called Nationwide is more than just legitimate, they're GOOD! (if not GREAT!) Good luck with what you're trying to accomplish.

Nationwide Allied is a great insurance company. Not only is it incredible with their commercials they are great in customer service as well. I would recommend Nationwide. Nationwide is on your side is no lie, they are really there for you. There are a lot of options and coverage with Nationwide. I can proudly say that this is the first time at 36 years old that I have had a vehicle with full coverage. And it is affordable. It has been a pleasure to have full coverage on our vehicle. It makes me feel really safe to know that we have it. It has been wonderful to have Nationwide by my side. I have no complaints and they have been great to assist us. I am very happy and satisfied.

They just raised the rates significantly and my independent insurance agency suggested switching to Auto-Owners which I have done.

We have Allied with Nationwide, and we worked with a local insurance agent to find a good deal with great benefits. Nationwide was the best match for us for a good price with all the benefits we need.

Nationwide is always there to help you. As the saying goes: Nationwide is on your side. Someone rear ended me about four years ago, the person had insurance but Nationwide told me they would take care of me and they didn't.

I have had my insurance for about a year and haven't had any issues. Everyone has been very helpful with me in getting started with them and when I have had questions, they know the answers.

I hope lots of people read this post. Filed a claim against a policyholder with Nationwide Insurance. The claim was denied, and the stupid reason I was told that since their insurer vehicle did not show damage. The claim was denied. There are witnesses to the accident but the adjuster named Erin ** denied it saying their policyholder vehicle didn't show damage because the tire caused the damage. Well if the tire caused the damage to my car why would there be damage on their policyholder vehicle?!!

Just because your policyholder vehicle did not get damaged is not a valid reason for paying this claim. But according to Nationwide who is NOT, I repeat NOT on your side this is a legitimate reason to deny the claim. Then she move to another reason for denying the claim saying the tire that hit my car did not show damage, well it rained several days before this smart adjuster looked at their policyholder vehicle so that is not a valid reason either.

If you have Nationwide care insurance I really feel your pain, seems to me the name of the game is to not pay valid claims. I have contacted the public relations department and I have read many, many complaints about this insurance company not paying valid claims. I will not give up! This is insane! and I will take it to the next steps if needed. Like say calling Six on Your Side here in Columbus where your headquarters are located and other actions if necessary. I get tired of being cheated by large corporations!!!! This is one reason the rich stay rich and the poor gets poorer!

Nationwide is terrible. It is so disappointing. I had a car on a auto policy for two years. No accidents, no tickets, and I had a good student discount. When my mom added my stepdad's insurance, they charged us a monthly fee of 1,433.97. When we called, a Nationwide agent did not ask us permission to add my step-dad on our policy. The agent never had the compassion to call us and let us know.

My agent's name was Jessica. When we removed my stepdad's car, and we left MY car, that had been on the same insurance for almost 2 years. Nationwide increased MY insurance from 119.09 to 199.09 per month!!! They started a new policy WITHOUT my consent, and added a different driver WITHOUT my consent. They are terrible people, and don't care. They are scamming you. They are trying to raise your insurance and then come up with dumb excuses so you pay MORE. Please, DO not have a policy with Nationwide. We are done. We canceled everything with them.

Nationwide hooks you in with a "fair" rate. Then the rates keep rising. A couple months ago I called to see why my insurance premium went up quite a bit. They said all my discounts dropped off because I had the insurance for a few years. This is how they reward their longtime customers. I never had a claim; we have been accident free for at least 15 years, probably longer. Plus my husband and I are retired so our trips are mainly to the grocery store five miles from our house and a few doctor visits. And again this month my insurance went up!

They decided to raise the fee for making monthly payments from $1 per month to $5 per month. I am fuming while searching for a new company. The only reason I have kept them this long is because our house insurance is with them and when I drop the car, they will jack up the house insurance by hundreds a year. But they give us no discount on car insurance for having the house insurance. Horrible company! Don't get hooked!

My experience has been great with Nationwide so far. It's so easy to walk in and get a great policy that you can afford. They have a lot of convenient locations to go to and they don't take long at all. I like the low payments, the coverage, the convenience of the place and the friendly people who work there. They are the best by far. They seem to have the coverage I need as well as the low payments. But if you get in an accident they charge too much to keep insurance. They should also have a longer grace period. But all in all I love Nationwide and would definitely recommend to friends and family.

They are literally always on my side. I can call any time I have trouble or an accident and get an agent to come help me no matter the time. I like being able to talk to someone too about my policy and changes that may occur. They have been an overall great fit for me so far. But I don't understand why they need to raise the price of our policy during certain months. Even after you get over a certain age they will still raise and it should be going down. And even if you haven't had a wreck they still raise it. It just makes no sense to me. But overall I have a had a great experience with this company. It was my first policy by myself straight out of college and trying to work and support myself and they really helped me to find something that would work great for me and that is not super expensive. I have recommended this company to several people my age that they could get better car insurance.

Very helpful, great service and amazing prices. I've had several car insurance companies in the past, and have been ripped off like most people have. I was desperate to have something more affordable and reliable, and finally came across Nationwide. I highly recommend Nationwide to anyone who is looking for something new, something better.

Nationwide has been the biggest disappointment!!! I have been with them 7 years and just received notification that my roadside assistance coverage will be cancelled due to more than 6 claims in a 12 month period!!! I have contacted numerous representatives and been on hold for over an hour each time and no one can give me detailed information about the claims. They have dates listed that I needed roadside assistance which are absolutely false and no one seems to care. I explained to upper management that the claims were fraudulent and the only thing they said was they followed up with AAA and the claims appear to be correct. They are clearly condoning fraudulent activity of someone using my information and I will have to suffer the consequences! I will no longer support this fraudulent company!!!

I was with Nationwide Auto Insurance for over 17 years. The rates slowly crept up year after year and when I would complain, they would say it's going up everywhere. When I finally got sick of having a clean record and paying $2400.00 per year, I searched for estimates and rewrote with another company for $1287.00 for even higher limits of coverages. When I originally signed on with Nationwide, they had the lowest rates around. Generally satisfied with their service of the one claim I had over the 17+ years.

I had never needed to make a claim with this company but the process explained seemed to be an easy process if it would have been necessary and had needed to use it. I was able to get the coverage needed at a reasonable price with deductible for my specific needs and situation for our family and vehicle. The value was good when considering payments, coverage and deductible. It was a good value for our family and the coverage on vehicles needed. Customer service was friendly and helpful from the beginning with deciding on the best coverage and through the process of making payments.

My neighbor backed into my mother's truck when she was bringing us home from a doctor's appointment. She backed into the extended cab right where my 3 year old daughter was sitting. Being the nice person (and naive) my mom got her insurance info and didn't call the police. OOPS!!! Nationwide could not get a hold of my neighbor (who was ignoring their calls). They assessed only the damage from my mom's side. We were in the road. She was in the driveway. She backed out and hit us without looking! Because it dented my mom's truck and not her back bumper and they didn't bother to track her down, my mother has a huge dent in the side of her truck and all Nationwide has to say is "damage not concurrent with other vehicle". She isn't even denying she hit it! She is too irresponsible to even say she did it. She wanted to go in and get a plunger! Long story short: they screwed my mom because my neighbor wouldn't man up and answer the phone. Little one sided huh? Guess Nationwide IS on your side, even if you run into the side of someone driving down the road.

I have no real reason to complain about Nationwide. I haven't had to file a claim with them, so I really don't know how well I'd rate them. I think that the price is fair, but I don't know if it would go up if I actually had to file a claim. The reason I'm not giving them a higher rating is because I've had to contact them about commercials which I've seen on TV about certain deals, etc. A truly pro-active corporation would make sure that their representatives would contact their clients occasionally to update them on new products, etc.

I have been with Nationwide for 30 years. I have made 3 or 4 auto claims. They have provided excellent response and never raised my premiums. They are quick to respond, no claims denied & they stay on top of the situation.

Purchasing the policy was easy in the agent's office. I liked all the inclusions in the policy and the friendly agent and staff. I liked the towing and rental car coverage, as that helped me out tremendously. I also liked the options for deductibles. The coverage was great, but the price was not. The deductible vs. The cost of the policy was the reason I had to find different insurance. Also for the cost, I would like at least a year of AAA.

Quick and efficient service. They get the job done when it comes to claims, you do not have to struggle or have any grief it does not take forever. Full coverage is excellent for those who want to make sure their vehicles can get repaired with ease in case anything happens to their vehicles. It is rated at a good price as well. The value is very good compared to other places. They do not rob your money for nothing and they keep you covered. It is a good deal for people even those who don't make a ton. The customer service is excellent. They answer when you need them, respond quickly, you do not have a big wait time. They take care of your business at the time that it is needed.

It was an easy process signing up and the agent was very helpful in answering all of my questions. The price is equal to other companies although they process claims much quicker. Many different plans to choose from. Easy to tailor to your needs.

They helped take care of everything and very quickly. Walked me through the process and guided me on what steps to take. Nationwide also sent someone out right away to take pictures. Many options to choose from. Also will let you know what works best for your specific needs. Very patient at explaining the difference between the coverage. I like the value because after being with them so long we received a discount. Also many other discounts for different things, like multiple drivers, good grades. I love how happy the receptionist always seems to be. Also very patient and kind when I needed help with any questions. Works very fast to respond.

My car was totaled by Nationwide, they sent a check to Toyota to pay off the loan and the balance to me. I was notified by my bank that a stop payment was put on my check. It was a $5000 check. When I contacted Nationwide to ask why I was given conflicting stories from different individuals and my claims rep told me two stories which turned out not to be true. They said they would overnight me a new check which they didn't. They also said they would send an EFT to my bank which they haven't.

It's now a week later and no one is returning phone calls or emails to me and I have no idea when or if I'll see my $5000. I went out and purchased a new car anticipating that I would receive that check to cover the downpayment and now I have checks bouncing because I was anticipating that $5000 check being deposited into my account and it hasn't.

Throughout this whole claims process I have dealt with incompetent people at Nationwide who clearly don't know how to do their jobs. On more than one occasion I was told to call the other party's insurance myself. I pay good money for my full coverage policy and my agent hasn't done a damn thing for me. Nationwide is most definitely not on your side. They do not help you, they do not answer your questions, they do not return your calls or emails. This is a horrible company and unfortunately the only way you find out is through filing a claim.

The auto insurance claims takes a meanwhile from due process: the procedures take a while to process for compensation of either or both party according to current insurance coverage. Auto insurance coverage could be as simple as the basics liability coverage up to the premium coverage to cover most of the possible deductibles to insure full compensation for both parties. The premium auto insurance coverage is a full compensation deal to cover both parties during an accidental claim with the least deductibles. Premium auto coverage from friendly customer service who are professionals to taking care of the parties' needs for the compensation of claims.

Nationwide paid out the lowest amount on my claim with no reasonable explanation as to why. Other companies use some kind of formula and reputable companies to get their numbers for payouts on claims. Example's NADA, KBB, AUTO TRADER. Nationwide does not. They use whoever will give them the lowest numbers. In my case NADA + KBB + AUTO TRADER+ a LEXUS DEALER + A TOYOTA DEALER all reputable resources came in value wise for my vehicle around $5000. The 2 rock lots that Nationwide used were the 2 lowest available. Around $3500.

Nationwide used both of these disreputable companies instead of the reputable companies that are used to replace a vehicle with. Here's the deal, do consumers or banks and credit unions use the reputable companies I listed when loaning $ and replacing a vehicle or do they use these to rock lots? Exactly! So then I went to WWW and started doing research on Nationwide as far as homeowners insurance claims are concerned and they have a terrible reputation on payout of claims there as well. In hindsight I wish I would of researched this terrible company first instead of just being part of the nation as sell on TV. Please research before using!

Claims processing was fairly easy. All I had to do was call, take a few pictures and everything was handled. I never had to go into the office or anything like that. It was awesome. I got full coverage for a premium price and mom always said you get what you pay for and I sure did. Awesome coverage, fast and accurate. You got to love Nationwide. I didn't have to pay a lot. I pay a premium price for this insurance. Even if it were a little bit more pricier I wouldn't mind because you get what you paid for and I want peace of mind. I want to know that everything is covered at a moment's notice. I can call them and everything will be settled fast, quick and in a hurry. I would rate customer service with 5 stars. I've already had to deal with claims forms and emails and customer service and everything was handled in a small amount of time. Customer service a plus.

I have had Nationwide for approximately two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the company. I have not had any problems with this company. Nationwide has been very timely in sending my updated information every 6 months. I have never been in an accident but I have no doubt that I could rely on them to back me up if I ever needed it. I would recommend this company to others without hesitation.

When I filed a claim the response to my needs was taken care of fast & the process was easy. I felt like a valued customer and appreciated. Customer service offered me a few options or plans that fitted my needs and was affordable. Payment options I could work with were offered to me. The affordability left me money to spend on my other life's needs. My plan fitted my needs. Great value for the monthly payments I made. Customer service representative was friendly, cordial and knowledgeable. They listen to what I wanted and required. They offered me a few options and seem to be realistic and doable.

I'll preface this by saying I have been a Nationwide customer since 1993. Heads up to all current Nationwide customers. Once your policy changes over to the new system, & your quarterly renews, you are going to lose your Farm Bureau discount. My husband's insurance just went up $74.87 per month. When you call, they will let you know that the discount is applied to "voting" only. The only way to achieve that status is if you work on a farm or are insuring farm equipment. The lady on the phone was nice enough to tell me that mine will be increasing when I renew in the next couple weeks... No ma'am, mine won't. I am going with another insurance company.

Nationwide Insurance was a great company to have. The insurance plans were very low in cost. You only have to purchase what you need. I would very much recommend this insurance company to everyone. The customer service is great. They have very fast service. They are easy to contact. Nationwide is a very popular company. I have never had a bad experience with Nationwide Insurance. I always got my mail and insurance cards fast in the mail or through email. Overall I believe that Nationwide Insurance is an insurance that many more people should use.

My dealings with Nationwide have been great. Been a customer for 15 years and I very much enjoy my policy and price. The purchasing process was super easy, affordable, and meets all my needs. Didn't even have to enter an office, the agent was super easy to deal with on the phone. My agent has always been very helpful and personable. My agent made sure my policy met my needs and was affordable. And safe driver discounts are awesome.

We called around until we found an insurance company that was reasonable at covering home and auto and Nationwide was the cheapest at the time, but you get what you pay for. The price was reasonable until they increased (that's why we left), the coverage was good considering they covered renters insurance as well. They need more knowledgeable agent though, and not penalize a client for a not at fault accident. The weather was bad and I was charged for driving too close for conditions, it was clearly not the case because the cars were stopped in the middle of traffic. At the end of our policy we made a switch for the better, it was the best move we could have ever made. Once we changed companies we have had more success and are overall happier.

I haven't really needed to use my insurance yet. Therefore there isn't much for me to say about my experience with them. Their prices are good though. I have no complaints so that's why I selected that I am happy with Nationwide.

I have been insured by Nationwide in Clinton, SC for about 2 or 3 years. Well, I get an email to call them with a problem with my insurance, so my husband does. They informed him that we were canceled because 1 of us needs SR22 BS. We said that they don't understand why themselves. So, it takes 2 days for these people to call, email and nothing.

We take a trip to the office and then find out it’s a new thing they came up with. We had 3 late payments in 3 years so they dropped us. Now, we have a lapse since the 17th of April. No one there has any sense to tell us when or why this change took place, but they tell us no, it’s not in our policy. So, I will not stop here. They will pay and you all should join in and we need to file a class action lawsuit.

When I had a car I was quite satisfied with the insurance company. I never made a claim as I had no reason to do so. I probably am not a good person to be asked this question. The insurance companies I have dealt with have helpful & informative. I guess I have been lucky in not having to deal with insurance companies very often. Most people I know seem to be satisfied with their auto insurance companies. I understand that auto insurance is very expensive so I guess I'm lucky that I don't have to buy it.

I had a 1995 Saab Convertible that had been restored and in new condition. In December of 2008, I purchased the car. On Feb. 9th, the car was vandalized. Acid or brake fluid was placed on the hood and the rag top. Windshield was broken, seats were torn and while driving the car home, a 200-mile drive, the engine froze up. I filed a claim and Nationwide paid only for a used engine and deducted $500 from the claim. When I filed a complaint with the Claims department, I wound up in a heated argument with a Claims Manager and he turned me in to the State Insurance Commission stating I filed a "fraudulent claim" with them.

I was unaware of this and for 4 years, I paid high risk insurance rates on everything. I lost jobs as I am an outside salesperson and failed background checks not knowing why. So I sued them over the increased payment in insurance premiums; it was too late to sue them over the lost car and the lost income from the lost jobs. They have the nerve to file a countersuit claiming I have a "frivolous lawsuit". An interesting side note is that I never received an insurance policy for the car. Nationwide is not on your side!

Have been with Nationwide on my car ins since 2001. Backed in gf car no cops or anything in NC 3 points 4 grand damage little dent but broke computer and backup camera. So my full coverage no ded on an '08 Cobalt. Went from 98 to 194 so I took full coverage off lowered to just liability for 84 a month. Six months go by they had a small price increase. Mine went to 114. That's like 40% increase. I called. They asked to look into it. She called back next week and said, "I can lower 3 dollars." I was like, "No. I understand you upped prices but clean record minus the 3 ins pts, no tickets, nothing. Been hit 2 times not my fault but have that on video (dash cam) and they paid."

So I canceled and went to Geico for 75.25 a month. After 2 months I get a bill from Nationwide for 184 and called and threatened I didn't cancel. At this point I quit being nice and was like, "Listen, you stupid **. I told that lady I would get another insurer. Don't think I can be more clear. Tell me why it went up so high or go to hell. LOL. I am not paying." I hung up and am awaiting the next time they send me a bill. I will go down and file a lawsuit for harassment or something. I highly going recommend going somewhere else. After 15 plus yrs never late I don't deserve an answer apparently.

I was once in a pileup, and the agent I called immediately showed up with checks so I could pay off the loan and look for another car, even though I had not yet submitted the complicated details of the mishap to the head or regional office. The amounts offered are certainly adequate for the needs, and the types of coverage available include the usual, such as auto, home, renters, motorcycle, business liability, recreational, life, and marine. The overall value was confirmed not only by the competitive premiums, but also by the way the claim's payout enabled me to continue on with no disruptions to me, financially. My local agent (Wayne) showed up within a few hours of my initial contact with the company, despite it being a Sunday in bad winter weather.

I took out motorcycle insurance with Nationwide on my 2007 Harley Davidson. They charged me 700 a year. After I made several payments and talked to some friends I found out this was very high insurance coverage for one year. I called Progressive Insurance, got the same coverage for 360 a year. I got insurance with Progressive so I had insurance at the same time for one bike. I paid my premium with Nationwide and then cancelled immediately with Nationwide. They would not cancel until took them my declaration page from Progressive. Never heard of that crap couldn't cancel. What **. I took them page. 2 days later Progressive fax me page I took it to them. One week later I get bill from Nationwide for 130 dollars. 2 years later they turn me in to collection. I say ** you, Nationwide.

We have had Nationwide for several years now and they have been wonderful. We recently changed our policy when we purchased a new car and sold our old one. The associate who helped me was incredible in helping me understand the process and making sure I was happy with my decisions. She presented all the facts in a clear and precise manner. Every time I call my questions are answered right away and in a very kind way. As a family we have been and really are very happy with the service we are provided by Nationwide.

I am very upset with my recent experience with Nationwide Insurance, my Former Insurance carrier, for over 11 years. I think that people should know just how this carrier treats their customers. Anyone think that Nationwide is on your side. This is laughable you can bet Dale Jr. is not greeting their customer and he definitely is not passing out brownies. People should beware of how this company is now practicing in their business. This company like left me out to dry and didn’t care about my situation.

On 12/13/2017 I had added another car to my policy. My payments were about $196.00 a month. That was fine. I had no problem with this payment. I had my payments on auto pay for the last 11 plus years. January 23, 2017, I went online to add another car to my policy and removed the one I added on 12/13/2017. However, with all the technology we have in today’s time, you would think that a company this large would have people there that would do their job and do it right.

On February 17, 2017, I need a copy of my policy card. I went online and notice that my car that had been on my policy for few years was not on the policy. I then called my agent Leorlin ** about what happen to my car that should have been on my policy. I was told that a few months ago I had removed my vehicle. I explained I added a vehicle and then in January removed that vehicle and added another one.

I asked now what happen to the other vehicle that had been on my policy. The agent then added my car back to my policy, which my payment went to $232.70. I was going back and forth with the agent about what they had done at Nationwide. Someone made these changes to this account. I told him I never removed the car that was on my account. Only the one that was added in December 2016.

I told him why I would remove a vehicle that I was still driving. I told him you mean to tell me that all this time I was driving and I was not protected that’s just ridiculous. Then after all that was my Nationwide on my side. I don’t think so. On February 4, 2017, after adding my car back to the policy I was then charged 850.40. What the heck, where did they get off triple charging me for something they did.

I never received a notice about this vehicle being removed from my policy. Any other changes I did, I received an email for removal and other changes. The only time I received changes about this vehicle was when the agent told me that I had removed this vehicle and I was right. I was not fairly being cared for as a long time customer.

I left this company who wanted to overcharge me a ridiculous cost for them removing a vehicle that should not have ever been removed. After this, no one from this company bothered to call me to explain these charges that jumped from 232.70 to over 800.00 dollars. Nationwide didn’t even bother to send me a letter about this matter. I’ve never had time to dispute these charges other than with the agent that did not care. The next time I knew anything about Nationwide after I had switched to another carrier was October 18, 2017, from my credit report.

I always thought you are given an opportunity to reply to something you don’t agree with. I was never given that chance. Nationwide does not help their customers even long-term customers especially if they are in the wrong. I would be wary of this company. You might get charged for something you didn’t do and then if you decide to take your business to a company that will respect you; you might pay for it with your credit.

No claims to report. Accident free for the time of being insured by the company. Very friendly customer service. Office was clean and comfortable. If rates were cheaper would cancel insurance have now and return to them. I am no longer with this company so I am unable to give you an estimate on the coverage they give you. New customers will gave to call the company to see for themselves. When I had coverage with them the value was ok, but after a while the rates started to go up regardless of my policy never having a claim. Customer service was friendly and helpful with any questions that you would have. Always on a first name basis. Easy to talk to and very low wait time on the phone.

I have read many poor reviews for Nationwide and was very concerned how they'd handle our claim, but they were very helpful in our case. Their client hit our vehicle (totaled it) and left the scene. Fortunately, my husband got her license plate number. Once the police gave us her insurance info with Nationwide, I called them and they were very courteous, helpful (rental car and damage evaluation arranged same day), and they were extremely prompt for processing the claim.

The payment for our wrecked SUV was received in about two weeks (mail caused some delay) with ample time left on the car rental (at their expense) to find a new vehicle. We were continually updated and they were always available and responded quickly when called or emailed. We are extremely impressed with this company. We have State Farm, but after seeing how well Nationwide handled this claim, we are considering a change if their rates are as good as their customer service.

Don’t buy this Insurance. They are idiots charging extra money, my monthly payment was 75$ and I have 1 year contract but they changed mid term and start charging me 150$ for 0 reason no Accident nothing. I cancelled my policy, they said we gone refund your money, but they don’t even refund my money, around 200$.

I have been with Nationwide on multiple policies for years in Washington without a single complaint. We recently moved to Texas and since we were very happy with our Insurance, we decided to keep Nationwide and move our policies to Texas. We have had the worst agent ever, and nothing but endless problems with our home and car policies. I have had to contact customer service many times in 3 months with zero help from our worthless agent Rachel who never got back to me on multiple occasions. She didn’t seem to care whatsoever. After 4 months I am cancelling my insurance. I am done and very unhappy. But it’s Nationwide, so apparently they don’t care. I will never go to Nationwide again and will tell everyone I know to never go either. It’s really quite a shame how there is such little concern for someone who has been a Nationwide customer with multiple policies for years.

The claims process is lengthy and it does not pay as others in the area do. They do not come to you to process your claim. You have to go to the local office and meet them. I thought I had good coverage until I needed to use it. Then I found out how it did not pay and they only wanted to spot fix car. Coverage should cover accidents or natural disasters. I thought I had a good policy until I needed it. Then, I found out I wasn't getting my money's worth when I needed it the most. They were extremely nice and provided excellent customer service at the local office. I would recommend them to anyone based on customer service at the local office.

I applied online for an automobile insurance policy. As stated, I printed all the documents. I paid in full the amount that was quoted for a 6-month policy. They claim that they mailed me the documents, however I have never received anything from them. They claim that they sent a new rate, because of the accidents on my record via US mail. I never received this either! The accidents were listed on the application, however they say now that they were not listed on the app. They sent a letter of cancellation, which was also not received! I happen to call the agent about renewing my policy, and was told that the policy was cancelled 3 months ago! Therefore, I have been driving around with NO insurance for the last 3 months. NOT once did Nationwide ever call me! They are only capable of doing business via US Mail. BUYER BEWARE!!

I first obtained auto insurance through Nationwide in 1971. I have not had a ticket since 1968. I had an accident in 2015 (I believe it was a setup but got no support from Nationwide) and the other party submitted a claim for $400. I had a minor accident in 2016 where the other party submitted a claim for $600. I just moved to Delaware and when I tried to transfer my policy I WAS DUMPED! For $1000 after almost 50 years! This company has changed! Do not expect any support or loyalty from them. Do not believe their advertisements. I advise you to avoid this company at all costs.

Claims agents will follow the policy to the letter, which is fine for most cases but leaves little room for flexibility in resolving issues. In my case when I got a flat, I found a way that lets me expense them much less and gets me home faster, but ended up paying out of pocket as my solution was not specifically spelled out in the policy.

I qualified for trip interruption insurance under the Auto Insurance Plus package when I got a flat coming down from Yosemite. This means I'm covered for transport, meals, and lodging until I get home. I needed to get the tire replaced as I had one of those cars that only does run-flats (meaning no spare), but they were on order for 24 hours from all the tire shops in Merced.

After discussing the issue with the agent at the emergency hotline, I ended up buying a cheap tire to get me home to Redwood City on the same day (and then got the right tire at my own expense after). We agreed this made more sense for both parties - it cost much less than a hotel + Ubers would have cost, plus it gets me home quicker. However, when the case was passed on to the claims agent afterward, the reimbursement for the tire was rejected as it didn't fall under 'temporary transport' but rather as parts. Weirdly though, they said they would have reimbursed me had I stayed another night to wait for the tire, which would have caused them much more and me missing another day at work.

I understand the letter of the law and how it's meant to prevent abuse. In this particular case though, I clearly kept Nationwide's best interest in mind throughout, and it's disappointing that I'm effectively being penalized for saving them money. For a customer like me who looks for the most effective and efficient ways of solving problems, this was a big slap in the face.

I don't even know where to start. I bought a new car in February. Previous car had been totaled for the past 2 years, so I did not need insurance because I didn't have a car to drive! Anyway, to drive the car off the lot, I had to get insured through whatever hack # they had me call. I got rated at about $160 and was like, whatever... They told me I could change the insurance carrier whenever. So, I called Nationwide after they quoted me at a rate 1/2 the times I was paying. I was told by an agent I couldn't get insured because I hadn't been continuously covered for the past 6 months. I explained I had no car in that time and didn't need insurance, but he told me there's literally nothing he or I could do.

Anyway, the dude told me to stay on my insurance for 6 months, call back when it's over and they'd honor my quote. I did just that at the end of July. I didn't know why I was being punished again for not having a car for two years, but oh well. I got a policy for 7-25-12 to 1-25-13, paid and everything was smooth. Well, something happened last month. I was on auto pay. They took out the premium but a few days later, they credited it back to my account plus my bank deducted $30 for a returned auto-pay fee.

I had money in my account but for some reason, 3 days later, Nationwide returned my premium. I then received a bill in the mail for $190.00. My premium is $80/mo. So they were trying to charge me the $80 again plus a $30 return fee (which I paid my bank a $30 fee as well) plus another $80. So essentially, the bill said it returned my payment plus took out a fee because I had insufficient funds which I didn't! I even checked my Nationwide account that said I was paid up to date. So, I emailed and asked WTF was going on. They explained just what I told you, and I don't know why!

In this time, I was receiving about 8 paper statements saying different things. One says my policy is canceled due to me not sending proper info (I did, and I emailed for confirmation to which they said, "if you faxed the documents on Friday, we may not get them until Monday") Note, that email was sent Monday at 3pm. I finally got a confirmation of documents received five days later. In the meantime, I now have several USPS documents saying my policy will be canceled on the following dates: 9-1-12 (I got this one on 9-7-12), 9-24-12, 10-4-12, and another 9-24-12. Some said for non-payment, others said nothing, and some said because I didn't show them my info.

After running around in circles trying to figure out just what is going on, I get another email, telling me that all my documents were received (this is now 10 days later via fax machine). However, my policy will now be canceled due to the fact my previous insurance through United Automobile Insurance Company is a nonstandard carrier, and now to avoid canceling, I need to show more proof, this time proof of insurance for the past 24 months.

I didn't have coverage the past 24 months because I had no car. I explained this to the agent before I got this Nationwide policy and he did not mention anything about nonstandard carriers. All he told me was, "look, stay on your insurance for 6 months, and then call us and we'll switch you, no problem." I have a clean driving record, am 26, and expected really cheap insurance. I was paying $170 with UAIC for no reason! So of course I switched! I am more confused by all the ways they choose to contradict themselves and send mixed messages. They have now asked for 6 different things. All of these things I provided previous to getting my policy. I have been jumping through hoops for the past month and a half. I paid my money when I needed to pay it and that's all! I can't monitor my email, paper mail, and online account at the same time! Oh, to make things worse, I try to pay off the damn money and it says on my account that nothing is due. But I know there's money due because I have like a thousand bills from the USPS that tell me otherwise!

It's a big deal to put up with. If you're looking for a company to simply cover you with no problems or complications, don't come here. I had Geico for several years and I never had any problems with them. It just seems like with Nationwide, every time I give them what they want, they ask for more and then more and then more. I feel like they're trying to find ways to drop me for no reason. It's not my fault that I didn't need nor have insurance the past two years. I had a totaled car and didn't drive anywhere! Being 24-26 without a car is hard enough, let alone working for those two years non-stop to save up for another car! I just dropped $18K on a new Kia this year with a ridiculous APR. Now, I have to worry about this insurance company quoting me 65% less than other companies, then trying to slide things over on me. Beware, they have a bunch of stipulations and their agents do not tell you about that.

I had Nationwide Insurance on 2 vehicles for around a year, despite being dissatisfied with customer service. I had called at one point to make a payment because my card was deactivated due to a data breach so my regular auto-draft couldn't be processed.. The customer service rep was condescending and rude to me, she spoke as if I were irresponsible or unable to make payments. This is definitely not the case.

I later decided to switch insurance companies and canceled my policy with Nationwide. They sent several "renew your policy with us" cards in the mail, but I did not once see any notice that I owed them money. This was in November 2015. In January 2016 I got a notice from a COLLECTIONS OFFICE for the amount of 133.94. I have money, had I known I still owed for the remainder of my policy I would have paid it immediately. I never received the letter they supposedly sent to inform me. Also they have my email address, and my phone number. They could have given me a heads up that I owed money before sending it to collections. I'm meticulous with my credit so when I saw that I was PISSED. Luckily when I called the collections office, he told me that it hadn't been reported to the credit bureaus yet.

Don't use Nationwide. Their customer service representatives are condescending and unhelpful, and they won't adequately contact you if they decide you owe them money -- they'll just send it to collections.

After 17 years of being a customer, I’m totally disgusted. I never received a bill. I called them and they said I have been canceled for one month and I could not be reinstated. They told me I had to start a new policy. I then got a quote from them that was $2000 more than the policy I had with 2 houses. After talking to several customer service managers (Lindsey and Payta) that kept repeating everything, I then talked to the advocate that informed me the bill was mailed to a different address. I tried another company that said they cannot help me because of the lapse. Yesterday, I got a letter from DMV saying I got 10 days to find insurance or they will cancel my license and registration. I want them investigated.

I was scammed by two people on a motorcycle who claimed that I hit them when I backed out of a parking space--I was nowhere near them. The investigator told me not to worry, that they deal with this all the time and that it would not have an effect on my insurance. Then--they would not renew my insurance, the person at Nationwide I talked to about the incident lied to me about what they paid out (almost nothing, she said) and then told me at the end that there was a witness, when none of their correspondence mentioned one, and I knew that there was none.

The scammer never went for medical care until they initiated the suit, then to a chiropractor who claimed all kinds of damage, obviously false. Everything about it was obvious. Meanwhile, I found out from another insurance carrier that they in fact paid out $44,000 even after I insisted that they pay them nothing. This left me victimized as I now cannot get affordable insurance. My only option now is to sue Nationwide. They obviously don't care about victimizing their customer if it's just the easiest thing for them to do. This was a completely obvious scam.

Nationwide is great to work with, not just buying your insurance but also if you have a claim. They work in a speedy and professional manner to solve all the details of your claim. Their adjusters are fair and take all parts of your claim seriously. From getting you a rental car to clean up of debris after a storm. If you have any questions just give them a call and they will have the answer or call you back within a reasonable amount of time with the answer you need. All of their representatives are friendly and go the extra mile to help you.

Nationwide Insurance was recommended to me and even though I have only had this policy for less than a year I am really happy with the one-on-one service that I have received. I have a personal agent that helps me in every aspect I need.

Such ease that I am pleased and do not want to switch. Nationwide is a good company and they help me everytime with nice service. When I got into my accident they were very beneficial to me and I was grateful for their assistance. It covers everything. The insurance company is great. I had an accident and they covered everything because it wasn't my fault, gave me a rental at a low cost, and fixed my car with great advantages. I think the value has always been good and with this company it is great, better than other companies. I would highly recommend this company to anybody and everybody. Great customer service. They are very kind, helpful, to the point, valid, cautious, careful, fun, and enhancing. Their customer service is probably the best customer service that there is.

My wife was rear ended about 3 weeks ago. The other driver drove off at a high rate of speed. Luckily, as far as we know at this point, she was uninjured. The car was a 2002 Mercedes E-320 in prime condition. She called our Nationwide insurance office and took the car to have it repaired. The damage was only to the trunk and rear bumper. Fast forward 3 weeks... Nationwide is trying to get us to take $3300 for a car that sells all over Birmingham for $7500. They refuse to repair the car ($4700) and also refuse to replace the car. They just want us to take $3,300 and go away. WE HAVE 15 POLICIES with Nationwide! How dumb can these people be? YES! the difference between what they want to give us and what the repair amount is is ONLY $1,400!!!!!!! And they would rather tell us to get lost, lose all of our business, and they would rather have yet another IRATE PAST CUSTOMER telling everyone in the world what a crappy company and what crappy people they have and jerk off adjusters.

These people are CROOKS! I asked my agent if they had a policy that would REPAIR or REPLACE my vehicle if it was ever damaged again. His answer? "That's the policy you have". Well they are still refusing to repair or replace my car. I have sent them over 10 similar vehicles that are currently for sale within a 50 mile radius and THEY WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER the value of those cars. They have a "secret" way of determining value and that's just the way they do it. BS! I will NEVER, EVER, EVER recommend or use this screwed up company again - BEWARE BEWARE - YOU have been WARNED!

I have had insurance with Nationwide for over twenty-five years. I have had a few claims in that period of time and have never had a problem. They always complete the process very quickly and have always been fair with me.

It is easy and fast to make a claim. The representatives are kind and walk you through the process. It was relatively painless the one time we needed to do it. The coverage options are numerous and they have a lot of choices to work for everyone. We focused on getting the most coverage needed without pricing ourselves too high. Auto insurance is necessary in order to drive so this allows our family the freedom to get around and the peace of mind that we will be taken care of if something were to happen. It's helpful knowing you have someone "in your corner". The few times I've dealt with customer service they have been friendly, professional, and very easy to deal with. They have helped solve my problem or get me to the person who could do so.

Nationwide is one great company. I have been with them for over 25 years. Any claims I have made were very easy and always fair. I also have Home Insurance with them and I get a nice discount because I have both Home Insurance and Auto Insurance. The prices they charge are very fair also. To make it simple I would never switch to a different insurance company. If you can find a better insurance company, GOOD LUCK!!!

Ok back Feb 17 of this year I had a deer run into the side of my Ford Mustang. Bend my fender in and damaged my door do to the door jamming shut. Made a claim, she said they didn't have a local adjuster and someone would be out in 2 days. Yeah right. One week later adjuster calls to say he's coming out. Ok, I stay home waiting. No show. The next he calls, shows up 4 hours later than he told me. He was rude, had no interest in listening to what I had to say and took pics and within 2 min was gone.

A week passed. I left messages with no response. Then another. Nothing. I call the claims associate Susan ** and finally got a hold of her and she said the adjuster never sent over the pics or estimate. She said she would call them and they would get the pics. She got them. The estimate? $566... are you serious? That wouldn't even cover the labor/paint (I got my own estimate). She says they will mail a check for me and when it comes in go to the body shop and have them rewrite an estimate and call the Nationwide adjuster to come back out and rewrite theirs for the difference.

Check comes. It's made out to me and my husband and some unknown person. Once again, I call, takes yet another week to get an answer or call back. She said they would reissue it. Fine, they did, took another week to come in. Check comes in, guess what? They didn't sign it. It's no good. Back on the phone I go. At this point she says, "I will reissue it and send it overnight." I said ok, reissued for a third time. Next day, no check. I call, no answer. At the end of the week at this point I call a manager which was just as much as a joke. He said, "I'll reissue it and sign it and send it overnight." Guess what? No check. Now my mustang has been down two months and it's still not fixed. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone.

I switched my auto policy over to insurance, added my mom and her vehicle, and added renter's insurance. In order to qualify for Nationwide, you had to have 6 months of continuous coverage prior to switching over to Nationwide. Well, I had a two-day lapse because the debit card on file that my payments were automatically deducted from, was lost. So this caused me to have a short lapse. The Nationwide insurance rep assured me that it wouldn't be a problem - things like that happen all of the time. So we proceeded.

About 2 months later, I purchased a new car and had to show proof on insurance. When I pulled my account up on my phone, I found out that it had been canceled. When I called to inquire, I was told that I didn't qualify because I had a lapse in coverage! Now, here's the kicker. My mom was on my prior policy also (before coming over to Nationwide). They kept her policy but canceled mine and doubled the amount! This company doesn't do a good job of doing all of the necessary footwork before offering coverage. If they would have been honest up front, instead of trying to get a sale, it would've saved both of us a lot of time. So, I've switched back to my old company and will NEVER recommend Nationwide to ANYONE.

OK until your car is a total loss -- This company does have people on call 24/7, and they were good on small collision claims, though the body shops they worked with twice for me weren't the greatest and always left me with small problems that weren't there before. But when my car was a total loss, they only gave me half of its value. There are other insurance companies that have come closer to full value for me, and so I wouldn't recommend this one if you actually want enough for a comparable car after someone totals it.

I was hit in the rear after leaving an intersection at a red light by a young woman driving while on her cell phone in North Carolina. Nationwide is her carrier and I was injured. The police arrived, a report was made and I received ongoing medical treatments for lymphedema of my right arm caused by the impact. I am a cancer survivor and with no lymph system in my right upper side, lymphedema can occur from such an impact. My medical reports, statements from my doctors and all needed verification was supplied. It is clear that this accident caused the injury and the need for ongoing treatments, garments and expense.

THEY HAVE REFUSED TO SETTLE THE CLAIM, FROM DAY ONE, THE GIRL WHO WAS THE CLAIMS ADJUSTER ARGUED WITH ME AND SAID SHE WAS AN EXPERT! A NURSE! And with no real qualification passed judgement. From then on, for over 8 months they have played games. Their insured is grossly underinsured and my VT company is going to pay for all medical and claims above their limit but they won't settle or address the claim in a professional way. NATIONWIDE is on no one's side but their own. THE WORST insurance company ever!

Since I've been using this company for 3 months, I'm not happy at all cuz at first my agent said I just need to pay for $200/m with full cover for 2 cars. The first month was good, but the second month started trouble. They didn't take $200, instead they withdraw $70. After that, my agent called back to say that the machine system got mistake, bla bla. So they gonna take my money up to $220/m but give 1 month free (my contract 12m). We were ok. And now 3rd month, at the beginning of February, they withdrawed twice-- 1 is $41, 2 is $7??? (My due day is 18 every month).

I was "hummm let's see how much will they take on 18." You know what? They took $225. Wtf?? I called my agent, ask why and she said "system is wrong bla bla," she will call me back. Now, no phone call has come yet??? Also, couple weeks ago, my car was broken, so I called road assistant to tow. Yeah, I was waiting for 2 hrs in the night time... Freaking cold. Now I am so mad and after this contract I'll stop using this bad company. Just like to withdraw customers' pocket.

Great and brief overall experience. The commercial out attracted me to choose them... "Nationwide is on your side". Has a great jingle that's makes you only want to give them your money every month plus when I called the agent was very nice, knowledgeable, respectful and gave me the best quote out of the three companies that I called before I called Nationwide.

My son-in-law was rear-ended and pushed into another car. Progressive was the company that hit him but Nationwide said they would handle everything. The car was repaired and looked great but started smoking excessively on the way home. He called Nationwide to inform them and they told him to take it to a garage and they would reinspect it. The car had a cracked cat convertor which is attached to the front of the motor. The car was hit hard enough to buckle the roof and smashed the exhaust all the way to the front. =

The adjuster came to the dealer with his supervisor and basically blew him off. They told him to go after Progressive. They tried a soap solution on the 02 sensor to see if it was leaking. Now I'm not a scientist but I know when water and soap hit a hot pipe it evaporates. This is what they based their finding on to deny the claim. He now must replace the engine since it burns 2 quarts of oil in 30 mile. The adjuster said this was going on for some time probably. I have never dealt with a dumber company than them in my life. I worked in the automotive field for 40 years and can't believe that a car would start going through that much oil in that short of period. Beware if Nationwide wants to be on your side.

Overall process was very easy because it was what my parents had so I just went with their provider and their agent. It was quick and easy for someone like myself who was doing her own insurance for the first time. Very consuming. I especially like free towing and 30 days of rental vehicle. I wouldn't change my insurance company for another. It is a little expensive for me, but it is very worth it for all the amenities I get. But recently my agent retired so I was given to a company with not a particular agent.

I recently received my income tax money. I wanted to start the year off right. I signed up for Nationwide Insurance and paid three months up. My physical address is the family home. I don't have a deed, light bill etc. with my name on it, so Nationwide cancelled my policy because they claimed I didn't have a good garaging address. To make a long story short I paid 3 months up, and was due a refund. They charged me for the cancelled policy, and I still had a refund balance due to me. I paid on my debit card. It's been over a month and I still hadn't received my money. I'm tempted to get an attorney, because it's the principle. Give me my money. They told me it would take 7 to 10 days to come in the mail. GTFOH we are in the United States, why should it take that long. Nationwide sucks.

They handle everything really well whatever you need to make a claim or just to ask questions about the policy you have with them. They cover me very well. The amount I wanted is what I got and they make sure to check in ever so often to see if I need more coverage. The price I pay every month is fairly good value. I guess haven't checked to see if I can get it cheaper anywhere else because I like the people at Nationwide. They are there for you in every way you need them. Bad or good they will help you until the problem is resolved. The people that work there are very friendly and will go the extra mile to get the problem fixed.

When I spoke with a representative to get a quote they were very helpful and made sure I received any and all discounts that I could. Not only are they helpful but they were the least expensive I found, and I called at least 15 different companies. Great coverage too!

They're professional, helpful and honest. They take care of their clients. Submitting a claim is quick, and the car fixed in timely manner and no surprises on what is owed. I believe in an insurance company that is not owned by stockholders. Nationwide is owned by policyholders. Not answering to stockholders makes a big difference, ask Allstate. They told me to "sue them", when I had an accident, when I just wanted approx 5,000.00 to cover my medical expenses that were above and beyond my medical coverage. They played hardball, and I sued and won. The poor gal who rear-ended me was now going to be sued by Allstate, (we both had Allstate), to recoup the losses. So Allstate had to answer to its Stockholders and explain why they took someone, as myself to court, but it was a risk they took, so I will stay with Nationwide, who does not answer to stockholders.

NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE, JUST THEIR SIDE $$$. They paid a $226.10 and $90.00 glass repair claim and if NATIONWIDE was on your side they would have told me this will cost you hundreds of dollar in additional premiums more link OVER $1,000.00 over years. Everyone should avoid Nationwide Insurance. When you do have a claim like I did you have to all your leg work. They will come to you, you are on your own.

Nationwide completely sucks!!!! I switched my auto policy over from Allstate (big mistake). To make a long story short, my husband doesn't have a driver's license (I'm the ONLY driver of my vehicle) and when I switched over from Allstate, the representatives asked me about my husband and I explained to him that my husband doesn't have a driver license nor does he drive (hard to believe but very TRUE). The sales rep said, "No problem... It shouldn't be a problem," and I signed up (lies).

3 months into the policy I received a letter in the mail on 2/3 stating that my policy would be canceled on 2/8th if I didn't provide the proper reason as to why my husband wasn't listed on the policy. I explained OVER and OVER again that he doesn't have a DRIVER'S License (idiots) and every time I called someone was suppose to call me back but never did. My policy was canceled (without a phone call from the mgr as requested) and now my auto insurance quotes are through the roof!!! I can go on and on but THANKS A LOT Nationwide!!! My family will be switching to GEICO!! It's more expensive but it's worth it! I will copy and paste this post all over social media because it WRONG!!

I have never had to process a claim. I have full coverage because I'm required to while still paying off my vehicle. I feel it isn't the best but it's not the worst. I'm satisfied with this because it's the best of all values I could have gotten when trying to get insurance. No one else was as cheap. I don't like them especially well but it is okay. They are often very rude and uncooperative when trying to ask simple questions or obtain details. Sometimes they don't know what they are even talking about and other times they're just rude.

I have had Nationwide for over 20 years. I like it, but the rates seem rather high compared to TV ads of other carriers. I would try to compare, and consider leaving for a cheaper company, but I've been quite happy with the service that I've received from Nationwide, so for now, I'll keep Nationwide.

Purchasing the insurance was very easy, representatives are great. The agents are all over the country and I love being able to see mine face to face. Like longevity discount along with good student and driver discounts. The prices keep getting higher, but that has been with all the insurances.

I hate calling the Nationwide Customer Services line. The automated line recognize my policy, and I'm was still transferred to a to rep who could not assist me and had to transfer me again. I have had several billing issues with them because of their system. I also had an agent who barely spoke English. I'm so disappointed with Nationwide as a company.

The whole process of purchasing the insurance didn’t take too long and all of my coverages were explained to me in a way that I understood and all of my questions were answered. Their employees really know how to treat their customers and the staff in the office were very helpful. The app is very easy to navigate. They have accident forgiveness and plenty of discounts. They have a great claims process as well. But they are very picky about homes they insure. Also their auto rates are constantly increasing and they don’t offer a discount if you pay your premiums in full. Also, it’s hard to speak with someone when you call the customer service line.

Premium almost doubled in a year after an accident that was in no way, shape or form my fault. When I went to cancel my policy after getting much and better cheaper insurance with another company, Nationwide told me that I had to give them almost $200.00 for bogus servicing fees or some such nonsense asap or they will ruin my credit!! That is like extortion or something. I very, very, very much dislike them. I was dissatisfied with customer service but I know that they are hostages too and it is not their fault. I had been with Nationwide 20+ years. I only see it getting worse.

Never had to report a claim with Nationwide but I am hoping it will go smoothly if I ever need to claim due to an auto accident from myself or others. Coverage is good, but price could be lower and I would like them to call and ask questions first before making assumptions with people who receive mail at our address. It has not added much value other than knowing we are covered in the event where an accident may occur. We have two vehicles with them and will be adding a 3rd. The customer service representatives I spoke with was amazingly helpful with all issues I had. He went above and beyond to help me and answers questions I had. Nationwide does seem to have great customer service compared to other insurance companies.

Overall Nationwide Insurance is a good company. I love the roadside assistance and that they have a free mobile app. I like the free locksmith when I lock my keys in my car and they are very timely and happy to help. Besides my monthly payment increase I have never had an issue with them. My monthly payment recently went up because discounts I had previously qualified for I didn't qualify for anymore like a new member discount which doesn't make sense on why it would go up or I should qualify for a better discount now.

On Jan 28, 2017 this year, I took the RV to Nationwide RV prefer body shop for repair. Initially I was told 6 to 8 weeks from Jan 28. I will get the car back. By March I was told there was factory delay. I was told by insurance the part will be done by May. After May 8, the part was completed. They find problem to ship the product from Indiana to California. The insurance company and their prefer body shop seems no clue when they will fix my RV. Almost 5 months and they still could not find way to fix my RV. I voice my frustration to Nationwide Insurance but don't seem to find a solution.

I was hit by a driver with Nationwide auto insurance. The Sheriff wrote up the police report and stated that this accident was "clear cut and dry" meaning, no doubt at all that is was not my fault. It was the other driver. My insurance company, Erie and I have paid up in full for my auto repairs. I paid out of pocket for my car rental for 12 days and as an uber driver, I lost potential earnings for those twelve days. Nationwide has avoided responsibility. It's been 50 days. Not a word from them.

I contacted a great Attorney this week and we Sat down together as he called Nationwide and left messages for them. After reading several reviews it seems as if Nationwide is a ghost insurance company. They appear to take their consumers money and that's all. They aren't insuring anyone. They are avoiding that all together it seems. I may never get my money back. My insurance company paid over 3000.00 to get me back on the road safely. Erie is good. Nationwide is not really an insurance company as far as I can tell, first hand experience!

Their processing department is very quick in sending out or getting me my insurance cards for my automobiles. Their coverage is very good and the best one I have ever had. Their rates are super competitive, their agents are knowledgeable and friendly and they are on my side, which provides comfort in itself. I not only have auto but also renter and life insurance through them. It is nice knowing that for these three products or coverages, I am spending less in costs with them than I would be anywhere else. I have never had any issues when calling in for website or needing to find a document. They are friendly and super quick in helping assist.

We love nationwide! They have been great every time we have needed them. Very attentive and easy to work with! We have had two windshields crack and they handled it wonderfully. We had Progressive previously and were very unhappy with them so Nationwide has been a great change!

I don't currently hold Nationwide Insurance as my coverage on my vehicle. I was rear ended by a semi truck and the owner of said semi truck uses Nationwide as their insurance. This company is a joke, and I pray no one is ever in a car accident with a car that uses this as their insurance. I was in a Ford Explorer, stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind by a semi truck. Myself and my two small children were in the vehicle, all strapped in with carseats or seat belts. I suffered severe whiplash and am still dealing with neck and back pain from this accident. My car had $4000 + damage to it's rear end.

Nationwide sent their adjuster out to my home UNANNOUNCED to look at my car to estimate how much damage was done. I turned him down, telling him he was not welcome to do his appraisal at the time since he just showed up to my home unannounced and I was home alone with my two small children. He left a card for me to call and set up a time later in the week, which my husband did. He came out, took note of the damage, seemed like everything was fine, he agreed with everything that was damaged based upon the police report and how I was struck. From there it took weeks to hear anything despite my numerous calls and emails.

Finally, two weeks later I get an email stating that they decided their driver wasn't negligent (not sure how, since I was STOPPED at a RED light and he rear ended me) and that they didn't feel the damage to my vehicle (all in the rear end of my car) didn't line up with the damage to his semi truck, and they wouldn't be covering ANY of the accident. This is absolutely disgusting to me. Your client clearly is in the wrong, accepted fault for the accident and was ticketed at the scene, it is YOURS/HIS responsibility to cover the damages to my vehicle and person. I hope that no one ever has to deal with this.

My overall experience is awesome. Nationwide is the absolute best insurance company I've ever actually used and I would recommend them to all of my friends and family members. I like all of the choices I have. Mainly full coverage, roadside assistance, and the friendly service. They work well with me and my family. I hope to continue with their services. But prices could be cheaper and I would also like to be able to customize my own plan at rates I can actually afford.

They work so well with you plus they have such great rates. Great customer service without a doubt. I've been with them for at least a year and hope to go even longer. Nationwide is the way to go and they work so well with veterans of the United States of America.

The ease claims is very good and it does not take long to do. The people are very helpful but also willing to negotiate. It is also very cheap which is nice. I really like this company. The coverage is very good and covers a wide range of insurance possibilities like car and house insurance. It is also reasonably priced and affordable for my current income. I feel like this company is a very good values because while it is cheap you are getting a lot out of the package and that's always nice. The customer service is surprising very helpful for an auto insurance company and the people are very friendly and willing to work with you on your problems or concerns.

We had homeowners insurance with Nationwide/Allied for many years and never submitted a claim. We received a nasty letter saying we were being dropped because we had not rectified some landscaping issues (which they never told us about). They apparently want to drop everyone in a rural "fire" area, even though we maintain a significant defensive space and keep our home and landscaping perfect. Our broker was basically not helpful with this because he was overwhelmed with others in the same position. We have switched insurance companies.

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