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I signed up with NetQuote to receive insurance leads. They are a joke! Most of the leads I received were bogus phone numbers, names and/or addresses. Or the folks I contacted stated they did not request the information. Lastly, I even verified one lead given. It was 5 years old (the family had sold the house at listed address 5 years ago). When you bring it to their attention by requesting a credit, they do not process credits timely and keep recharging your credit card. I had to actually put a block on my credit card to prevent them from recharging it until they process all of my credit requests. Due to this, my online account was suspended, and yet, they kept on sending me leads and charging me. And because I could not access my account, I could not request credits. They finally processed credits and sent me even more leads again attempting to recharge my credit card. So I called customer service today, which was absolutely useless, and cancelled my account.

I bought a Nissan Versa over a year ago, got Geico insurance and keep being bombarded with emails and phone calls. They are sending request for quotes that I didn't ask for. I'm happy with Geico and want this to stop. I've had to get rude with these insurance people.

They had their so-called deal: You get 15 free leads, all you have to do is have a $100.00 on an account. So after the free leads are gone, they can send you 10 more which would equal up to the 100, that was if you liked the leads, they will start using that 100 that was in your account. They said, "Don't worry, we just have to have a card on file. If you want to stop anytime, it's ok..." Repeated to them, "I don't want you to take any more of that..." "OH, DON'T WORRY, WE WON'T. Well, ok it's just to have your account open... You will just have to call afterwards if you don't want to start!!!" Then I am getting all these bogus leads. Most of them have already been called or they never wanted info, wrong numbers...

So I called. "You will have to wait until your 100 is gone..." Well since then, they have charged again. Called and said, "I want to cancel. Don't charge me anymore." They say you have a credit and then they won't put me through to manager and I say, "You charged me again!!" Bottom line, they will suck the life out of you and will try not to cancel you!! They are playing games and they get you to check a box to receive your first 15 leads that makes them able to keep charging your account!!! Don't do it!! They called back and said, "Today, you will lose your returned lead money if you cancel today." Well, that is almost all the leads that have sent me!! So if you cancel, you lose money; if you don't, you lose money. They are the biggest scammers!!!!!!

They are illegally taking money from your account, even after you say cancel... Now make sure you say, "Cancel my account" because if you say, "Connect me to a manager," they don't and won't. Say, "Cancel my Account again" and they say, "You will lose money on what is left." Well stop taking money and they won't be anything on it and they say, "Why don't you call back when it is done." But before you can, they take more money without your permission!! It goes on and on. Big scammers!!!!!!! Should I say it again? Illegal taking money out of your account!!!

I requested a health insurance quote and got an immediate call from someone who asked a few questions and gave me a (reasonable) price, but wanted my credit card information before she would send me a quote for the insurance. I asked for a copy of the plan description first and she transferred me to someone else who asked all of the same questions again before she put me on hold. After several minutes someone else picked up the phone and said "thanks for calling, what can we help you with today". He asked for all of the same information again. I told them to just forget it, if they couldn't provide a decent quote then I certainly wouldn't trust them to be able to complete a claim.

Over the next 24 hours I received over 20 more calls, some just minutes apart, all from the same phone number. Every time I asked them to remove me from their calling list, the agent immediately hung up on me. A few minutes later the phone would ring again. I called them back and asked to be removed, again they would hang up on me as soon as I asked to be removed from the list. I finally placed a call blocker on that line, yet they continue to call every few minutes. Please, do NOT respond to advertising from this company. They're a crock of baloney and all very, very rude!

After 5 screens of prying questions (my age, height and weight... for homeowners insurance?), received an error message stating that my contact info was invalid and therefore the website could not provide quotes. Ironically it did provide me a link to Farmers Insurance website... Who owns this website? Farmers?

My wife just bought a new cell phone and evidently the previous owner of that particular number had requested a auto insurance quote from NetQuote, so she began getting harassing phone calls from NetQuote, leaving them messages 3 times not to call anymore as she was not interested which they paid no attention to. So, I looked up their number via Googling, and they gave me a disconnect number of 1-888-992-0342, then select choice #9 and you will be taken off the call list within 2 business days. I will repost if this is not done.

I have been getting a never-ending barrage of unsolicited insurance calls. I signed up online about two years ago to get insurance quotes. At this point, I don't even know if I signed up with NetQuote, or if I signed up with another company who sold my information to NetQuote after I tried to have myself removed from all databases. I do not want any more calls, but every six months, NetQuote is apparently selling my personal information to numerous insurance agents as "leads". I want it to stop. So far, I have yet to find a phone number or email address that actually gets a response or lets me leave a voicemail. I am going to give them a few more days to contact me before I file a complaint with the BBB. I am obviously quite irritated by this entire process. Also, I am trying to build my credit up, and even though insurance inquiries are "soft hits", I still do not want them showing up on my credit history every six months from two to four different companies.

I used to do business with NetQuote in 2006/2007 and was satisfied. Eventually, leads were not purchased any longer due to the quality of the leads. I was told yesterday on the phone that the company has changed their methods and ways of obtaining leads - after receiving 6 "leads," it is business as usual - no answers (which is not a reason for credit) and 1 bad phone number.

Terrible company. I filled out a form for a "No Hassle" quote online. It stated I would receive 5 quotes in 15 seconds. No online quote given but apparently my number was given to every insurance company and auto dealer servicing my area. My phone is going crazy today and that is EXACTLY what I did NOT want. Never use NetQuote!

NetQuote gave my phone number to other insurance companies. I did not contact NetQuote or give them authority to give out my phone number to anyone. I am on the national do not call list and want my phone number removed immediately. Bankers Life and Casualty called today saying they got my phone number from NetQuote, when I was searching the net. I do not want my phone numbers given to any company. I thought that was what the do not call list was supposed to be all about.

These jerks keep distributing my information to all the insurance agents in the area, fraudulently claiming that I have requested an auto insurance quote for Jaguar. I don't own, nor have I ever owned, a Jaguar. This immediately causes my phone to ring off the hook for several days, and I get to explain to all these people that no, I am not interested in buying insurance. I contacted NetQuote and politely asked them to remove my information from their system, and they said they would comply, but here I am 4 months later, and it's happening again. I have filed a complaint with my State's Attorney General.

Used the company a few years ago. Leads were fair, not great. I decided to try again, only to realize after the last 60 plus days, their leads are from several different sources. I was told they only go to 3-5 agents in the area, but the few prospects I was able to contact tell a different story. Many, many of the leads have disconnected numbers. A few are pass around old leads (weeks to months old) where they are passed from company to company. Many of the leads were people on other websites, either looking for a job or some other service.

The bottom line, I spent as much time returning the leads as calling them. A large number were unreachable (some to be expected). I believe my return rate was well over 50% and actual contacts looking for insurance was very small. Not a good company to purchase leads from in my opinion.

Out of the clear blue sky, I start getting phone calls offering me insurance estimates. I'm on every do-not-call list I can find. They're selling you guys illegal numbers.

I had a horrible time trying to cancel NetQuote insurance leads. They were giving me way more than I could handle or asked for and definitely not quality the leads that I paid for. It took 2 months to get through after waiting on the phone for 35 minutes. Now, I get a call from an attorney, saying I owe them $455.00 that I never paid. I had to dig up bank statements to prove that I paid. I felt like it was another scam.

I purchased their Medicare leads and honest to God they are horrible leads, from wrong numbers to customers saying they never requested information to you name it. When you review the reviews on how NetQuote says there are 0 callers ahead of you and you wait FOREVER, it's amazing how if you wanted to open an acct, how fast they answer. Unbelievable. My advice is buyer beware. I will NEVER buy from them again. I made a mistake.

I am both dissatisfied and angry about my experience with NetQuote. I plead with other agents not to use any of these so-called lead resources from the internet. I received the email text that someone had requested information about insurance. When I called the potential customer, they either indicated that they were not interested in insurance or they didn't complete anything on the internet about insurance. So I asked one lady what exactly did she request from the internet and she told me the survey said she would have a chance to win an iPad. She didn't know she was requesting information about insurance.

NetQuote is doing bogus advertisements to capture people's information on the internet and then send the information to insurance agents. I spoke with someone this morning and he indicated that they would refund my $100. I better see a credit on my account tomorrow. I plead with others to not use these insurance lead programs. It is a big scam!

I have had 3 unsolicited calls from this company or companies they have sold my name, phone number, and address to. The people who are doing the calling have stated that I requested a quote online. I have not. In fact, they told me that the request was made at a time when no one was home to be online. This company needs to be investigated.

I called to inquire about their services. The man told me how it works and informed me there was a free trial. He said I would get 5 free leads but he needed a CC to provide these. He stated My card would only be charged 1$ just to activate the acct. They took 100$ from my acct and the phone # they gave me is a non-working phone #. As stated with all the other reviews, these people are crooks and liars. If you have money to give away then give them a try. Oh yea, I am unable to reach them to get my leads.

I went online to start researching future health insurance options. Filled out a brief form. Did not want to talk to aggressive salespeople, just wanted to start learning about my options. Upon finishing the form, the phone started ringing and has not stopped. Horrible. I don't even know how to stop it. I just keep hanging up now. All it succeeded in doing was making me not want to talk to any of them! Terrible business model. Nobody in their right mind would want the barrage of phone calls!

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