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Extremely timely customer service with a very attractive pricepoint and reputation. The representative has been nothing short of attentive and caring throughout our application process and do not expect this to drop off.

I was able to obtain this insurance later in life. There was no doctor's exam required. The price is reasonable, especially for a senior citizen. The price is guaranteed not to rise for the life of the policy. I was able to set up automatic payment which is very convenient.

They talk you into policies with promising numbers - but once you sign up - nothing but fees. If you deposit $400, they only "invest" $370 or so. 7% in fees!? They aren't that up in stock market gains, that's for sure. It's ridiculous. They say how NY Life has "dividends" they pay - I've never received any dividends. This company is very deceiving and fraudulent basically. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Good service and have not had any problems. Really like my agent. He is very good and seems to care about me and my family. The price is very competitive.

I just pay them a bill every month and they give me peace of mind that when I kick the bucket my family won't be screwed financially. I haven't had any problems with them and haven't really had to talk to them a whole lot about my policy. I just know it's there when I need it. I got a pretty good rate too.

They've been around for awhile and have a good reputation. They have multiple policy options so there is something for every budget level. They also have investment services and other money investing options. They've been serving people for over 170 years and I'm happy to say I've gotten some great deals for the family.

No experience with company to know how good or bad they are so it's hard to rate them on this amount of information. Got this insurance by being referred by daughter and her husband, so we did it because they referred us and we did need more life insurance. It was a good deal and probably came at the right time. Rates have gone up but that is happening everywhere with all insurances. So I guess this insurance is just as good as all the rest. So, we are glad we have it and hope it's as good as the company says it is.

I recently had a policy with you, As a customer of yours this was the most ambiguous consumer experience I have ever had. Policy # **. My agent Oney ** left in September / October. Before he left I was trying to meet with him to change my policy to a different one for nearly 2 months. When he left he said a new agent would be in contact with me. I kept continuing to allow the draft go until about December / January, until I realized I was getting calls from multiple agents, to the point I felt like I was being harassed by New York Life insurance agents and it was scammers all calling me while I was at work and not able to answer.

Meanwhile I finally spoke to one in February once again stating I keep making these payments on a policy I do not want and I want to change it. I set a mtg with a agent for the end of March when I returned from a trip, I asked the call center to freeze my payments until I changed my policy as the policy I had I no longer wanted. I was told ok, meanwhile they drafted my account again in March. I then called and told them this is not the way I want to do business as I have no point of contact and this is completely unprofessional. They cannot put me in touch with one person and they clearly cannot listen to hold my payments until I meet with someone to change my policy. They then refunded my funds for that month in no way telling me they were then giving me my cash value back.

I called today to see what is going on and where my termination letter was. They then proceeded to tell me that I am past due on my payments and the cash value though not a lot, had been used for my last payments. Working with New York Life insurance has been the most unprofessional experience of working with a financial institution in my life. From the customer service / to not being passed off to a single agent, to not being able to meet with someone to change my policy as funds were continuously drafted from my account. This is something that I see as a major problem with your company and how take care of YOUR monthly paying customers. I would like to speak to someone about this as I feel I was taken advantage of, and your company is saying they cannot do anything. Glad you got your money out of me and I ended up with nothing. The absolute worst experience in my life. Period.

Have had N.Y. Life along with my parents and three sibs for over 50 years. The passing of each person, there was a personal connection with the agent. They came to our house to commiserate with us, help us, and were always there for any questions. Agents make the company and I have had some of the best, I have out lived them. N.Y. Life is not a stock company, if you want more than term then the best value for your buck is N.Y. Life in my opinion.

They are a good company and they are very helpful and have very good customer service. They are a trusted company and have been around for a long time.

I've had a term life insurance policy with New York Life for several years now. All my interactions with them have been professional and productive. New York Life is one of the most financially stable insurance companies there is. So I can rest easy and know that my family will be taken care of if the worst happens. They also have plenty of life insurance policy types to choose from.

My Husband and I have had my life insurance company, New York Life, for more than 40 years. I have had personalized service during this entire time. When my husband passed away, they paid very quickly and I had no issues to deal with. Again the agent gave me personalized service and made a special visit to my home to help me decide how to receive the benefit I was entitled to. I did not feel pressure, but I felt informed about my different options. I would recommend this company for their policies and their service. I still have my life insurance policy and I expect my heirs will have a positive experience with this company in the future.

I have had a great experience with the company and never any issues. Great customer service and easy to deal with if you should come across any questions. I would recommend them to anyone in search of a life insurance company.

Very positive experience. Referred to an agent by a co-worker. Good variety of insurance plans well presented. Relatively slow to sign on. Convenient payments. Always available to answer questions.

My mom who has had a LTC policy since 2007 that she has been paying for in hopes that she would never used has had to file a claim after complications from kidney failure caused her to have both of her legs amputated. She has been in out of hospitals and nursing care facilities since Sept of 2016 and we provided documentation on several occasions to that fact. The bumbling of the LTC claims division is unbelievable. We should not have to continue to provide the same documentation over and over after they claimed to not have received it on multiple occasions though we have emailed it to the exact address they have provided and have read receipt confirmations.

They have subsequently only approved an over the bed table $60 under her home health care provisions of her policy but have denied a manual wheel chair $500 (not covered by Medicare) and all of her Home Instead caregiver bills stating that she had not satisfied the 20-day wait period??? Are you kidding me? The woman has spent over 4 months in nursing facilities doing various levels of rehab and we have sent them several pieces of documentation on several different occasions to show this!!! They have denied the claims and said we have to go through an appeal process. Really??? We have subsequently filed a complaint with the state of NE Insurance department which they were very also disappointed in NYL handling of her claim. So be aware that they are great when you are paying your premiums but when you have to file a claim they are hell to work with! Very disappointed policy holder of several different policies with NYL!!!

I just spoke with Sheri **'s Cleveland Ohio service center. Asked her speak with her supervisor Tammy **. She was on the other line. Sheri stated that I had a P.O. Box address on file for her to send a copy original policy. I told her I have already provided my correct mailing address and it is updated on your system because a letter has came to me from NYLI company. She kept on saying it's my PO Box on the system. She took all my information sweetly. But at then at the end I didn't get anything but telling me I will be corresponded thru email. If I already have received a letter from them. How can they not have my correct address on file?

I have been their client since July 1997. And this is the service I get. When they write policy they very sweet and make it look like you protected. But as soon as your life changes they don't have any help but mail policy surrender form without any options. They make it seem like you are no longer good. The system didn't update address but currently I received mail correctly. How can you trust this system??? I visited the website and how it talks about the sustainability. Looking forward to hearing from someone resolve the issue rather than keep updating my address.

I believe in Term Insurance. I have held a Group Term Life insurance policy with New York Life (through the IEEE), for well over 40 years. The premiums have drifted up with my age, but life insurance is to protect the people who depend on you for financial support. Actually, I've reached the point where I've save enough that my spouse will be well taken care of. Therefore, I am torn between renewing the policy every year and letting it lapse, at a point in my life when it is far more likely to incur a payout.

I have had New York Life Insurance since I turned 18. My parents thought it was necessary. When I got married and we bought a house, we decided we each needed more coverage. Now, the cost had gone up. Looking to add coverage for my children as they get older.

Got my insurance about forty years ago. I don't remember how it came about. It has a low payment because I got it so long ago when I was very young. I pay it once a year and that is all I do with it.

I took out my policy with New York Life in 1982 when I was 35 years old. At the time I was working in New York and was friends with a New York Life agent. I am now 65 years old and still have the same policy although I am no longer in touch with my once agent friend. Also due to several divorces over the years the beneficiary has also changed but my loyalty to New York Life has not. I would highly recommend New York Life to anyone who wishes to give peace of mind to those he or she loves.

My 94 year old dad has paid his long term care in full (about $90,000.00) and has been using his benefits for about a 1 1/2 years. We have had nothing but problems with them. The latest was that he hasn't received any weekly benefits since Christmas because they suspended his account to clear him for another year of benefits. He has been paying his nursing company $784.00 dollars a week...which is his benefit that now has not been reimbursed. $6270.00. He has exhausted all his savings and owes on credit cards. My dad is on oxygen in a wheelchair and was just placed on hospice...probably because of stress this company has given him.

Very little interaction with them to date. So far I am happy with the payments and policy terms, etc. I believe that this policy will allow for income in my later years. Not sure what else to say since I really have only set it up and made payments to date.

The rep was very friendly, and the insurance is a great price. They took the time to explain the coverage they offer in words that I could actually understand. Any time I have a question someone is available to answer them. I really enjoy having this company. I feel special when I say that I have a policy through New York Life.

Just pay the premiums and hope I never have to use it. I get statements every year that list my dividends and the new amount of paid up life insurance which is helpful when looking at the total value of the policy. Other than that I do not really have any other contact with the insurer.

My NY agent asked me to pay more premium for my 33-year-old whole life policy, and asked me to call 1-800 number. I called the payment center but didn't have my policy number with me; Sheryl answered the phone and refused to talk to me. Later on, I called again with my number, she said my gender is wrong and refused to talk to me again. So, I called several department, they told me that they have 2 different databases and my gender is recorded wrong on one of the database. They manipulated my data.

So far with NYL we have never had any problems. They are easier to understand and fit our budget. I am satisfied with the service they are providing with us. Also when we have some questions or anything like that, they are readily and quickly available to answer our questions and fix whatever any problem that we could possibly be experiencing. There is not really much or anything at all concerning this matter that I would personally very much like to say extremely satisfyingly is that I have not really anything at all that I can say bad about NYL. They always keep what they say and fulfill their promises and policies without any tricks and such. I am very very very elated and extremely positive towards my attitude to NYL.

Just want to put some positive input. It seems that everyone is first to jump when they have a problem but fail to give credit where it is due. I received my Husband Life Insurance Check right away and everyone that I spoke with was very nice and polite. I would have no problems recommending this company. I am a senior citizen and have Insurance with AARP/ New York Life also. I live on a fixed income and have my payments deducted from my checking account each month.

The insurance was easy to get. The premiums for the insurance is reasonable. In all I am pleased with the process and with the policy I purchased. Contacted New York Life Insurance Company about life insurance. Filled out the application and was contacted within the next week. Talked to an agent on the phone and set up payments for monthly premium. Having shopped the last few month for life insurance finding a policy that I could afford and was qualified for was a very reassuring experience.

New York Life is a great company. They look out for its customers best interest. When you have questions they answer them in great fashion. It's a company that keeps you inform with any changes in your policy. They also have great rates.

The only experience I have with my insurance company is paying my premiums on time, and them accepting the payments, especially when the payments are made in advance.

Been with them for over 20 years. Any questions I have or concerns, they are always available to help. I would Highly recommend them. I receive dividends monthly that I can cash out on or put back into my account. They are also very good at informing me of anything changes or products that I might be interested in.

NY Life took over a $180K IRA, lied to me about fees and move money around in the past 5 years without my authorization. I have called my agent again and again and he does not respond. Filed a complaint with NY Life and they did not even speak with me. Have requested information since and they have not responded in weeks. I have lost thousands and paid thousands of dollars in fees that I did not know about or was told that I would not have by the initial Broker.

I am new to life insurance. I found that this company had spelled out what was needed to set up the policy. I sent off the information, everything was promptly returned. Direct withdrawal was available, this made it convenient for me. I didn't have to keep up with making the payment.

They are great UNTIL you have to file a claim. My father paid his premiums as agreed. He missed one payment in April because he lost a dear friend and had some serious issues. A payment was made to catch up and accepted on the day he passed. I called two different times to confirm the policy had not lapsed. Both people assured me it was in force. They processed his payment at 4:00 pm and refused to pay the claim based on a time difference. They are WONDERFUL until you actually need them. Keep making those payments and hope your family never needs to make a claim.

My father-in-law had a policy with NYL for a while. When he passed away, NYL processed the claim very quickly and paid covered amount to my mother-in-law. Yes, they paid and did not deny claim at the time of her need. My wife has a policy with them as well. However, the premiums are little on the high side, but I think this a company I can trust. Keep it up NYL!!!

I called in about an hour ago after going through prompts and customer service for about 30 minutes. I was informed they have server problems same nonsense last month. I have always paid online now it says invalid server. I was then put again on hold after 10 minutes I hung up. It should not be an ordeal to call and make a payment. I am wondering now if this policy will even pay to my estate after my death. I notice they don't go green for your bills. And they have no e-mail system or even a chat online. For a company like that and it being 2018 some of the reviews I have read makes me wonder. I just wanted to pay a bill and was ask several questions. If any of you have a policy does it make you wonder why they don't off the things I mentioned. Almost all companies offer billing with e-mail except for UHC Medicare seems they can't either.

I am very happy New York Life chose to stay a mutual company years ago when almost all other big companies were going public. As a policyholder of several of their participating policies, I qualify for and receive tax-free annual dividends rather than some stockholder who may not even be insured with New York Life. I purchased a $100K whole life policy from them 38 years ago with a quarterly premium of $464. Last policy year, I received $900 in guaranteed cash value increase and, on top of that, a yearly dividend of $6,706, or a total increase of $7,606.

Having left dividends in the policy each year, my death benefit is now $259K. Granted, dividends are not guaranteed, but this company has paid a dividend each year since 1845 and they currently have the highest financial strength ratings of the major rating agencies awarded to any US company. They are one of only two companies to receive such ratings. I could have used those dividends to pay all premiums for the past 25 or so years, but with that kind of return, I plan to continue paying them as long as I can. Hope this helps!!!

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