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Great customer service. Always follows up, great rates and offers discounts. I have been using Njm for 17 years And Would Not Switch Any Time soon. I also have my homeowner insurance for my condo. They also offer great service there too. I love that I actually speak to a person not only a machine when you call.

Amira ** is extremely rude, lazy and unprofessional. She never once contacted me in regards to updates to my claim or the fact that the other driving was trying to claim. I was at fault although it was clear on the police report that he was at fault 100%. I had to go above her to get things moving. I have been in my rental for a almost 30 days without so much as one call from Amira until I lost my patience and began calling her and her supervisor Kathleen ** taking time away from my job to try and get information on my car.

I've had no problems with them. But the one problem I have with this and all the other companies is that, even with a clean driving record (no tickets, no accidents) the premiums go up with age. I also don't think a credit score should be part of the equation.

NJM doesn't care for the injured. I have a court order for payment every week yet they don't do it. I've lost a vehicle, homeowner's insurance, truck insurance, cell phones. I can't even pay my property tax because they won't pay me in a timely manner. They don't even respond to my attorney in a timely fashion. They want me to go to all these Dr.'s appointment but will fine me if I miss an appointment. How can I go if I have no money for gas? I've already had to cancel other Dr.'s appointments because of this. Hope that your employer doesn't use this company and hope you NEVER get hurt because they will do everything they can to not take care of you. They are greedy and don't follow judicial orders.

This is the first insurance company we come across who is very difficult to deal with. No easy access to lot of things. They never provide company guidelines on removing the driver who has no license just the permit holder and giving us hard time on removing and telling us it's their company policy to surrender permit and show them the receipt then they remove a person name off the policy. When we ran to DMV they said they have no idea what we are talking about. We told NJM that where to bring the document from what they need. They have no idea. They just tells us "it's company policy". Government wake up. Show us some act for such companies.

Filing a claim with NJM is very professional, easy and quick. Excellent coverage for a fair price, provides approved repair companies. Also, always a please calling, great customer service, quick payments!

Been with them for almost 20 years and have never had any difficulty whatsoever. There are no middlemen and no shareholders so success and failure is shared by all policy holders. Fair Prices and great service.

As a member for about 10 years, I never had a claim to file until a couple weeks ago when my truck was hit while parked. Due to it being a state owned vehicle that hit me, under law all they have to do is pay my deductible. So after getting multiple estimates, I submitted the cheapest in my claim. Their adjuster came out and inspected, and agreed to me that it was all on point. After 4 days of not hearing from them, I called, and they said the claim is closed, and said they mailed me a check for 1/3rd of the estimate. They won't pay for the seriously bent up impact bar, or a few other parts until the truck is dismantled at the shop, and they schedule the adjuster to come back and take more pictures.

The shop said once the claim is approved, they would order the parts, pre-paint everything, and do the repair in one day since I have a large family and tote around multiple kids and my dog. Now, the truck will be laid up for 2+ weeks, and they will not offer me rental coverage for a similar vehicle to move my family, so I cannot afford to have my Yukon repaired, as similar full sized SUVs rent for almost $200 a day out of my pocket. Worthless insurance coverage that I spend a premium on, and there are multiple other companies that provide better coverage for the same cost. After I take this claim to court, I will be dropping this provider. What would have happened if I was in my vehicle and was injured when that truck hit me? Medical expenses on top of repair bills would most likely put me in the streets with the way they approach their clients.

I'm currently really annoyed with NJM. I took a defensive driving course and got the certificate for it in March. My plan just renewed (June)... and I haven't even made my first payment for the renewal yet, it's not due till the end of the month. I called them to ask them what I should do about the certificate and they told me "It's likely this won't be applied to your insurance this year since your policy already started." (AGAIN. Didn't even make my first payment.) I've been an NJM customer for 13 years, and I'm fighting this because I think this is absolutely ridiculous. This is really the first issue that I've ever had with them, but I'm SUPER annoyed.

The entire reason I took the defensive driving course was because I learned that they give you a discount on your plan if you do so. My premium is sky high for no reason, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this is an issue, seeing as how I'm trying to get a discount. Money Money Money. Way more important than their customers and customer service.

My family and I were in an accident that totaled the car. No one was seriously hurt and the other party was at fault. I called NJM to start the process as I was unfamiliar with what to do after an accident, further, I was still in a malaise and not thinking too clearly. Since it happened on a Saturday, I went ahead on Sunday to get a rental car. I booked something similar ($100/day) to transport the family, plus I put out the $90 to get a Lyft back home.

When NJM called me back, they said I was not authorized to spend $100 per day for the car. I had just assumed they would get the money for me from the other insurance company. It took forever, I had returned the car so I am out $300 and was using my wife's car as NJM stated if I don't use my rental they can apply to the bottom line for my car. We needed to wait for the police report, which took over a week, then started to review the claim. They came back with such a low amount I stated there is no way I could buy what I had on that. So they said they would re-review it. I gave them 3 examples what I could find, be it I could only find the exact model in other states. They said they could not use that. I asked them to show me what car they found and only gave me a lame report. No examples.

Finally they came back with about $1k more and during this time I went and found an older car which was not the same model and had less features for $2k more than what they gave me. Plus I had a $2k deductible and have not received that and not sure if I will be. When I received the check there was a letter that stated NJM may find you the same car and buy it, or buy you something similar or make up the difference. I was like, "WHAT? You tell me this after you drag your feet and I buy something because I need to get to work?" I reply back and after 3 weeks they tell me, "Sorry you don't get any more." So I am out almost $5k out of pocket expenses and have had a very bad experience. I will be checking other insurance companies and switching as soon as I can. I am a long time member too, 23 years. :(

You really cannot review an insurance company unless you went through a claim. They are all good while they get your money. Only when it is their turn to pay out, that is when you can know the good ones from the bad ones. Not that their prices are hard to beat with generous coverage, but the way they handled my claim was superior. I would suggest them to anyone who can have access to them. The only thing I don't like is their website. You can see the policy and request modifications, but you cannot get an instant quote. If you want to make a change, you have to call or send an email and wait. The autopay feature is through a totally different website! However these 2 things are considered minor comparing to the quality of this company.

We've had NJM for over 13 years, auto and homeowner's insurance. Rates have steadily increased over the years, which is understandable. HOWEVER, when we added our twin, 17 year old, newly licensed daughters to our policy, our annual premium went from $3,000 to $7700!!! Way more than double! We still had the same three cars we always had. Just added the girls. That $7700 rate also included the good student discounts. We've also had NO CLAIMS, NO POINTS, NO ACCIDENTS!!! Absolute robbery on the part of NJM and the NJ car insurance industry!! Needless to say, we switched to another carrier that was $3000 less than what NJM demanded. Despicable!

The rates are very reasonable for both my cars. The claim process is easy but thorough. They discount for homeowners and other policies. The phone line is very easy to use with great customer service.

Great customer service, no local agent required, super low rates, bonus rebate check annually, prompt/efficient handling of claims. Have been with them for over 30 years for both our auto and home insurance, and I highly recommend them.

I like NJM because they do not surcharge for accidents or moving violations. Their rates are also very competitive. They offer multi-policy discount and offer customers ability to pay premium online with credit cards.

Very good experience. They really process the claims very fast. They give dividend every year. The overall premium rate is excellent. Communication is also excellent. It is easy to deal with them. They have excellent customer service.

I recently became a homeowner because of the death of my father. He had homeowners insurance with NJM. Now I have homeowners insurance with NJM. I have had auto insurance with NJM for many years. I can now bundle auto and homeowners insurance. I should receive a 15% discount on my homeowners insurance. Not exactly. Depending on how one does the math I am either going to be paying just as much as my father would have paid or a little bit more (I just received a statement with my father's name on it for 2018/2019, that is how I know). I had to get a new homeowners insurance insurance policy - I could not just transfer information from my father's policy to mine, even though nothing else has changed. The 15% discount has DISAPPEARED. All to the advantage of NJM.

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