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My agent is not pushy and is flexible with my unstable income but helps me to set money aside for insurance. Northwestern Mutual also assists with financial planning so it has been extremely helpful to take control of my finances so that I may aspire to financial freedom.

My wife and I met with a certified financial planner who is an advisor with Northwestern Mutual wealth management company. We started our relationship with this company back in 2013. We have since purchased life insurance, disability insurance and opened multiple investment account. In addition to helping us understand the products our advisors runs a free financial analysis for us each year.

We have met at least annually with our advisor and own many different types of products. Throughout our experience, contrary to the horror stories I have heard about the financial services industry, we have been treated with respect and always felt our needs were being put first. The most important part about our experience is the relationship we are building with our advisor. He meets with us at least once a year and challenges us to save more to hit our goals. I am normally hesitant to jump into relationship with bigger corporations, however, Northwestern Mutual’s financial strength and amazing services has significantly put us at ease.

My secretary informed me that a financial advisor named Melody ** from Northwestern Mutual called but I never requested any information from them and I don't even know how they had my number. She called again and I had a discussion with her. She was very knowledgeable but I wasn't interested in their products. When I stated that, she persisted that I explain to her why I wouldn't want a product that would help my business and employees. I didn't. Have an answer aside from not wanting to do it. She backed me into a corner to schedule a meeting with her and I scheduled it just to get her off the phone. No one should have to explain themselves to anyone and especially to someone they don't know. These people are sharks and I'd stay away from this company. Not a good experience.

You know after dealing with someone for 10 years you would think there was a little bit of trust and honesty. NW agent that have sold me mutiple policies became a different person, once I said I would like to cancel my policy. Everyone from sales agent all the way to the underwriting and cancelation depart gave me such a difficult time. Given the brutal experience that I have to go through to get my policy cancelled within the free look period it doesn't provide me with any assurance that once I'm dead that Northwestern will willfully pay on my policies. Be careful of disgusting companies like this. Should also check their financials before buying any insurance policy from them. It doesn't sit right with me when you have 1.7T dollars of life insurance obligation but only 275B balance sheet. How does that work? Oh yeah, first in first out. I went with Mass Mutual.

I like that I only get a letter once a year to ask me about my changes. I have the option of being called or not, depending if I need to change anything. I also like that when I became disabled, they let me know that they would pay my premium. I am currently filling out the paperwork now, but look forward to that option. I signed up when I was 18 and didn't realize I'd ever need that option.

My experience overall has been less than ideal. After being convinced that a whole life policy was the way to go, and paying for YEARS... Did some research and could see that I would have been much farther ahead financially if I'd just invested the money in a mutual fund. When I decided to cancel the whole life policy, my rep was very obviously displeased. He went from being Mr. Friendly to being a borderline jerk. But that's his problem, not mine. He was looking out for his own financial security, not mine. I kept a term policy with the company. And God forbid you should forget your password and try to retrieve it on a Saturday. I've been on hold for 35 minutes waiting for someone on their "web team" to get to me. There is no way to actually reset your password online, but the system will make you fill out security questions like there is no tomorrow. Go someplace else for your needs if you need actual service and solid advice.

Have used them for many years... Professional and responsive to our needs. Love using them and will highly recommend them to family and friends. Shop around and you won't find a better insurance company to choose from!

Desiree ** was the Agent that "talked" me into starting a life insurance policy. Now, to backtrack I am a smart successful businesswoman in her early 30s. Desiree said that this would be a "great" way to save for retirement. HOWEVER, that is NOT the case at all. In fact there are so many other avenues to take for saving for retirement. What this did was ensure HER a great commission for her savings and retirement. RUN RUN RUN if you ever get approached or asked to sign up for a Life Insurance policy from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance or any other kind of financial advising firm. It is a complete SHAM! PS I was forced to give a "star" but I would give a negative star rating if that were possible.

Stephen ** lied on the sale of an annuity and other lies. He said I would have $100,000 left after the sale when in fact I had only $35,000. I have undeniable proof for all this. He tied up all my money in 2 annuities and now I only have $25,000 money to access. I am 69 years old, so I am in financial hardship because he sold me these annuities. He also told me he is salaried and does not work on commission to gain my trust. I later found out he is commissioned! This was verbal and I have no proof. But Stephen ** is NOT to be trusted in anything he says. I have more I can tell you, if you need to hear more.

I normally only like to write positive reviews for companies, but this was the worst business experience I have ever had. She spent time explaining the Roth IRA options and beat around the bush with this CVLI that I ended up completely trapped in. In the end, getting out of this, I lost over half of the money I 'threw away' to NWM. I reviewed our emails, and it was clear I was confused and looking for assistance throughout. I specifically said I only wanted a Roth IRA and trusted her that she was doing what was best.

Wish I had known then what I know now. Every person I have spoken with who has knowledge in this field is angry for me. I thought I was doing the right thing talking to Cassandra and trying to save for retirement as a young freelancer. Absolutely not. Would have been MUCH better off just keeping that money in my savings account. I get a complete knot in my stomach every time I think about the whole process, right to the end when they kept 'billing me' for a 'loan' despite having closed the account. She talked so much, she is a true salesperson. And I don't mean that as a compliment, unfortunately. Can't change the amount of money I lost, but I can warn others.

I have been a Northwestern Mutual Customer since 1974, and I confess that for most of that time I trusted them and their agent. However, over the past year, NML constantly claims that they have not received our monthly premium payment, which is paid to them via our bank, despite the fact that we have canceled checks. NML has taken out loans against my policies to pay for premiums which are paid on a monthly basis. I called their hotline this past Monday, and the agent confirmed that yes, they had received the checks but had credited payment to one of the several policies they have created for me.

So that policy had a huge positive credit, while my other policies had been canceled. The agent on the phone said she would straighten the matter out for me and confirm it all in writing. Today I received a confirmation that they did receive my monthly payment for July, but they were canceling several policies for non payment of quarterly premiums. I have never paid quarterly premiums. At this point, I am filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

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