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Had a felony break in to my house and they denied the claim due to no broken glass. Did appeal and got nothing. Now going to file for lawsuit. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with and feel bad for anyone that thinks they really have insurance after paying these crooks.

Bad experience from the beginning. First they sent notice to me asking for remitting a completed application form, while I had already sent the signed form weeks ago. It turned out to be their mistake. When the appraiser comes, he said everything looked good, but a month later they sent me a notice to trim back all the trees and send back photos as evidence. I hired tree service and trimmed all the trees, sent photos back to the company. No confirmation, no follow up, they've been quiet until last week they sent me a non-renewal notice. The reason given on the notice was non-compliance of the company's request to provide pictures showing Trees have been trimmed away. WTF? Homeowners beware and stay away from this company. They just don't care and do a pretty poor job communicating with their customers.

I have been with Pacific Specialty for over 6 years. Now that I have a claim they want to give me the run around. My toilet had a small leak around the wax seal which in return soften the floor around it. It also stain the roof in the first floor. All of a sudden they have a clause that a leak has been going for more than a couple weeks it's not covered. Well how are we supposed to know it's leaking until it shows some signs. This can take some time due to the speed and amount of the leak. This is simply ridiculous and just another way for them not to pay. Unfortunately, I have paid a high premium for absolutely no reason at all. Just a waste of money. So if I were you I would stay away from this company at all cost!!!

HOW THIS COMPANY SCREWS PEOPLE OVER WITH EXPLANATIONS: For the love of Pete, DO NO USE THIS COMPANY! READ THEIR REVIEWS. The reviews on their website are hand picked from likely every person that they have been able to schmooze into writing a good review. Either that, they wrote the reviews themselves, or they paid people to give good reviews.

Malia ** - Lying claims rep. Alexandra ** - Manager of the lying claims rep that does not call back when she says she will. Not even within a few days of when she said she will, as I STILL haven't heard back from her. Brian **- Gets a bad attitude and a tone in his voice if you ask him questions that he doesn't have the answers to. Gabrielle - Receptionist - Very nice and TRIED to help, but she is too low level to do anything. Stephen **- Guy who did the estimate on my repairs. This guy is an absolute piece of work. He missed some things on my quote so I sent him pictures of the damage. Then he had the nerve to call me a liar. Darren ** - Guy has an inferiority complex and doesn't know simple answers to common questions.

This company will try to cheat you at every single angle they possibly can. I got an original claim stating that my repair cost would be $2800 and that my bike was not totaled. After DAYS of trying to convince them that the quote was missing three damaged pieces, the manager (third level of support), Justin **, finally agreed to add the items. I gave them VERY CLEAR PICTURES of the damage on the day of the accident. Not until I did this would they even accept that there was damage. Instead they basically just kept calling me a liar without actually using that word. They even told me that without those pictures they wouldn't have added the damage. Justin said I should have the check, with the cost of the added pieces, by the end of the week.

Here we are Tuesday of the following week and I get a call from Darren stating that now they are claiming that my bike is totaled and he didn't even add the three pieces that Justin said they would. How is this possible? Because this company doesn't have a clue what they are doing? Then Darren also states that if I want to keep the bike that it will ALSO have a salvage title. PLUS he said that I would only receive $2700, instead of the original $2800. I literally cannot even handle this company anymore. I LOVE MY MOTORCYCLE, but because this company is SOOOOOOO HORRIBLE, they forced me to give up on my bike or lose even more money than they are already trying to screw me out of. Now it's been 7 weeks and I still do not have a check, a bike, and they have still not refunded me for the insurance costs during that time period. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON EVERY SINGLE LEVEL AT THIS COMPANY!!!

Worst customer service ever. Would not use! State Farm is 3rd of the price and so customer orientated!

Worst Experience Ever. I filed a claim on 2/10/14 for a leak in the ceiling that was just noticed ( For a house in HB). Claim adjuster, Patrick, advised me to get a leak detection company at the house to know the cause and duration of the leak. I quickly scheduled for the leak detection company to come to the house. The leak detection company couldn't detect the source of the leak; however, they told me that the duration of the leak was for approximately one month. They also mentioned that there was a SMALL area of mold so it needs a mold specialist to open the wall so that they can know the source of the leak.

I next tried to contact Patrick again but after 2 weeks of multiple back-forth phone messages with Patrick, he finally told me that because of the mold he needs to check with a supervisor. During this 2 week period, I tried multiple times to phone Patrick but was unable to contact him. When he would finally call back it was after business hours (after 5:00 PM) and he would leave a message stating that he tried to contact me. I would quickly call back to only get an answering service that the company was closed. He did this multiple times making me unable to contact him or the company. It seems he merely called me back at the end of the work day because he did not want to deal with me. His messages always stated still working on it. I found this customer service absolutely and utterly unacceptable. A customer should not have to leave 5 messages just to get a phone call after business hours.

After one month (3/10/14), Patrick told me that the claim was denied by the supervisor because there was mold. I understood that they would not cover mold removal but my policy covers damage repair and leak detection so I quickly called the supervisor to ask why that part of the claim was denied. I reached his supervisor (Carl) and explained the situation to him. I told him that I have spent one month dealing with this claim and the leak has still not been detected. Meanwhile, damage was progressing in my house due to the leak and now they are telling me that they will not cover leak detection or damages because there was a SMALL mold. Carl responded by SHOUTING, SCREAMING, INTIMIDATING, PATRONIZING and telling me that they will not cover anything because there was mold and not to call them again. I told him most of the damage happened because I was waiting for the response of the claim that didn't even detect the leak. He SCREAMED AT ME, "WHO TOLD YOU NOT TO REPAIR YOUR HOUSE!" I have never had a customer service experience like this.

I found Supervisor CARL to be unprofessional, rude, and slightly racist (I have an accent). I can't believe it took them over one month to respond to my claim, they were unresponsive to my daily messages, and they were extremely rude!!! I advise anyone thinking of joining this insurance company to run away as fast as possible. I will be taking legal action to cover my claim; they can expect my lawyer to contact them shortly.

I have had two policies with Pacific Specialty Insurance for almost 20 years. January 2012, I had one claim for vandalism and they have cancelled my policy. Ridiculous, after 20 years and one claim. Plus, I spent over 1/2 hour trying to reach a live person on the phone all to no avail. They are totally unresponsive.

I had a residential liability policy with Pacific Specialty. Our former tenant filed a frivolous lawsuit against us. Pacific did NO investigation, would not take our statements, would not take our phone calls and simply sent denial letter after denial letter when we appealed. We paid thousands in premiums over the years only to be ignored and ripped off when we need coverage. I'll be filing a complaint with the state of CA Department of Insurance and also considering a lawsuit. Based on other reviews in this section, looks like there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Pacific Specialty.

RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY NOW >>> I live in Colorado but, ended up needing to have this "company" insure me.... What a JOKE! They required a $35 "inspection fee" for each house AND each time there was a change in policy. This person they hired to come out required I get a fireplace inspection when the house had NO FIREPLACE!! It took a month to correct THAT! So finally, they got it right.... THEN, we had a hail storm. :-( I had a claim. And it has taken 4 phone calls leaving messages over 2 weeks to get them to tell me: "Oh, we had some questions".

The "QUALITY DEPT" was holding things up. 2 weeks ago, they told me all was OK. I asked why they could not call me. NO ANSWER. All they had was 2 people answering calls for claims... Still NO ACTION on this claim! IN COMPARISON... I had a claim with USAA for the same storm on the roof for the house next door... I had a check WITHIN A WEEK! RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY NOW.

July 2013, I moved from Sacto to LA. I hired 2 individuals to load my furniture into a Budget 26ft truck. Since I didn't pay theses individuals more money than agreed, during the load the "want a be" movers intentionally threw, dragged, scratched, you name it, they did it to my furniture while putting it into the truck. I had no idea this was going on. Boxes were crushed, items were damaged and two boxes of expensive items never made it to the LA residence. I called the Ins. company to report the theft and vandalism loss. I also reported the incident to the police and to my Allstate agent. After weeks of not answering my phone calls or responding to my emails, Pacific Specialty denied the claim. They determined it was not an act of vandalism (a covered peril) it was "accidental" due to a bad choose of moving help - you get what you pay for - I should have hired a professional company if I was really concerned about protecting my property.

Norma ** was the claim adjuster. She was vague, rude and short to answer any questions. She never knew what was going on only that it was in legal for coverage review. She also said and sent a letter indicating that I changed the loss from accidentally damage to vandalism - reaching for ways to get it covered. This was a lie. I asked for a copy of the original loss report to prove what I reported - she would not send me a copy. I also gave a recorded statement indicating vandalism by to individuals. When I tried to explain my concerns, I was rudely cut off. I appealed the denial in writing. The claim was then referred to the Claims Manager, Carl ** who sent a letter out indicating the claim was under review for vandalism. After 9 weeks and many ignored calls, I received a call from a man who Identified himself by first name only. He was extremely rude and unprofessional, said he was calling for Carl and that the claim remains denied.

I asked for the details of the investigation and he said said there is nothing more to discuss. I asked him what kind of fly by night, back alley, shady claims dept. is this. All they do is to look for ways/reasons to deny claims. All calls go directly to voice mail - his response was no response at all! Phone was silent. He said a letter for the denial was in the mail and that was the end of the conversation. This is the worst, most unprofessional company I have ever encountered. My Allstate agent said this was a preferred company he used for HO3 policies since Allstate didn't write Homeowner policies in California. This is my agent's fault for selling me a policy that provided him a commission and screwed me, the insured.

I also reported this to the Department of Insurance. Marion ** indicated there is a difference of opinion between me and the Ins. Co. and they are unable to help. This is more than a difference of opinion, it's a scam by Pacific Specialty Ins. and the Brokers that sell their policies. You pay your premium and they find ways to not pay or hold up payment for legitimate covered perils. The Department of Insurance needs to look into their claim practices.

I PAID FOR A YEAR of motorcycle insurance… Three months later the DMV tells me my registration is suspended for lack of insurance. These creeps tell me that I needed to pay them more because they decided to change my policy without letting me know. THE CHANGE not only increased my rate by $350... It cost me $150 more in late fees and renewal fees at DMV. GEICO IS LOOKING BETTER AND BETTER. THESE PEOPLE SUCK. IMAGINE IF YOU GOT HURT OR FILED A CLAIM.

I have never seen any system as inefficient as PSI and their agents. They live in the dark ages. I got assigned to a Charles **, who of course never calls me back as promised, is excellent at making excuses on everything, doesn't have a personal email of his own so he can’t communicate with his clients, and never gets the emails I send to him on the company email. However, they mysteriously always appear on his desk after I call to check in. He said it would take the police department months to get a report to them. I got it to him in minutes off the net.

Yet, till date he has not told me how much I am going to be compensated for, since I had a burglary and lost expensive electronics. He is always unavailable or too busy to work on my account. I so wish I had seen these remarks before and would have never signed up with this company. But guess it’s better late than never. I don’t have much hope now after reading other experiences. Can anyone advise as the best way to report them for inefficiency? Should the report go to BBB? Or, is there some place else where they take consumer complaints more seriously and act more responsibly? Please advise.

Pacific specialty owes my mom and me over 60000 dollars from claim of burglary from 2009. They only have paid 2350 up to now. They keep playing games and delay tactics. I have provided receipts and pictures and owners manuals and boxes of things stolen but nothing is ever enough. They are racists and dishonest.

Last year we had a monstrous hail storm come through. Their adjuster came out and forgot to write anything down on two sides of the house. My contractor contacted them with pictures of damage. They refused to accept the damage. I hired a public adjuster that sent hundreds of pictures with a huge report explaining the damage. They refused his findings, now I have to hire an appraiser to force Pacific Specialty to accept responsibility. They certainly didn't mind taking my premium, now no coverage without fighting. ** the claims examiner has been extremely condescending and disrespectful.

I was involved in two accidents in one day on my way back to work from lunch. I hit something on the freeway while looking back to make a lane change. It was unavoidable. I don't even know what it was but when i hit it, both of my saddle bags fell off and my muffler cracked and the collector. I called my insurance and placed a claim. I had a master tech at work weld the pipe back up so i could ride the bike home after work. I didn't fall off and there was no injury. Later on the way home i was lane sharing at 10-15 mph and i was going past a little toyota corolla, when a semi truck came over the white lines into my lane and his trailer hit the right side of my fairing and pushed my left side of the fairing into the side view mirror of the car, and it forced me to turn my bars to the left, and i went down on my left side.

Pacific specialty says cause i have no eyewitness to prove my story, that i made it up, and that they don't have to cover me because i made up the story. I've had to pay hospital bills and to get my bike back on the road out of pocket.

On Jan 21st 2015 my grandmother who is 90 years old and blind (and who has never been late on her full extended coverage insurance payments) had a party for her 90th birthday. That evening we discovered a leak in coming form the kitchen. Jan 22nd we contacted our insurance company and ** was our assigned claims agent. He was suppose to send us paperwork to sign. On Feb 1st 2015 we contacted him and told him we never got the paper work... He said he would send it right out...again on 2/7/15. 2/14/15 I contacted him again because I never got the paperwork. On 2/16/2015 the paperwork got here - I sent it back with all the necessary documents, He said he was paying the claim and would send a check out to her that day.

Since that time he has made several accusations and excuses of why the check has not come. He has cost us over $1000 in service repairmen from our pocket for leak detection, digging up a septic tank that proved not be the culprit and finally an independent inspector to put the bs to rest. That inspection was done and sent in on Feb 18th 2015. It's now March 6th 2015 and he's still bald-faced lying to me everyday telling me the check is in the mail... then I call when it doesn't show up and he gives me another stupid excuse of why it's not in the mail. I am seething my grandmother has been displaced and is deteriorating quickly. One of her cats has died and she is stuck in a hotel confined to her room due to her blindness. SO UNFAIR TO DO TO AN ELDERLY WOMAN WHO HAS ALWAYS PAID HER BILLS ON TIME. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

I wish I had read these reviews before I signed up with Pacific Specialty Insurance. Stay away from these people, they will not cover you and they will find a way to deny your claim if remotely possible. I purchased a home in CA and a week after the closing, as a welcoming gift, my AC was chopped. I was totally shocked after I filed a claim with the Pacific Specialty Insurance to find out that they would not cover the theft of the AC because they said the house was vacant for more than 30 days before I closed on the property.

Remember, this was before I owned the house and before I had them as an insurance company. Mind you, this policy was sold as a seasonal. The agent I bought the policy from did not know about this item in the policy. I went through all my documents from them and nowhere could I find any mention of this. They do not communicate such an important fact to you. This must be illegal somewhere, but recouping $4K through litigation does not work; they probably know that. Don’t reward a dishonest company; stay away.

Motorcycle insurance - Stay away from this company at all cost. Filed a claim at the beginning of the year and It's still pending for damages that were never paid for. Adjuster came and did his thing. Later I found out he never included the water pump or radiator that had scuffs on them. I emailed the claim rep back and asked why. They had no explanation other than that adjuster didn't include them in the report because they were not too bad and could be painted when they painted the frame. I contacted the insurance commissioner after 5 months trying to get an answer from them. "They take weeks to reply to emails and they won't take calls -_-".

After this they agreed to replace water pump but only paint the radiator. Apparently it's my job to find a painter. Since no dealer will paint a part like that I can't find no one. They haven't responded to my email I sent them regarding this. It's been almost 7 months it feels like. Do yourself a favor and find another insurance company. Worst experience and headache of my life. I'm never the type of person to leave a review and this is my first in 31 years. Just trying to warn others to stay away at all cost. Trust me it's not worth the headaches.

I had Pacific Specialty Insurance for my home thru Allstate Insurance. I paid for the whole year from 6/17-6/18. I called in Nov 2017 to cancel my policy because I found State Farm Insurance did not subcontract their homeowner's insurance. I'm supposed to get refund of $1063, that's the difference since I cancelled. Pacific Specialty Insurance claims they refunded my Bank card on Dec 11. I have been diligently checking my bank account daily to check if refund was deposited. I've been calling Pacific Specialty on status of my refund that hasn't showed up in my bank from Dec 11 to present (Dec 21). I called again and they said they gave me a confirmation number, again I called my bank, went inside the bank and there is no refund pending from Dec 11.

I do the booking in my house, so I know what money comes in and what money goes out. Now Pacific Insurance is telling me that they subcontract their refund and they have no control over it. I'm at my wit's end because now I'm behind on my new homeowner's policy since Pacific Insurance won't refund my money owed to me. I smell something fishy with this company. I am looking into seeking an advice from an attorney on this matter since Pacific Insurance has been giving me a full circle runaround with no results.

As all companies do, there is minimum fees/deductibles that are to be paid in the event of a claim. To think that you are the only customer out of thousands that is having a claim is utterly ridiculous. Claims adjusters have many other policies to worry about, as do the other departments. I filed a claim & within a month's time or so it was resolved. Even though only partial coverage was offered (Due to the policy's parameters, I was not covered for a certain loss) & you have to understand they cannot just raise prices on you. They are reported to the department of insurance & they regulate that premium increases are valid.

You pay $900 a year & in 3 years you have 2 claims that in total payout over $10,000. Your monthly premium gets put into a pool of sort & in a event of claim. It is paid out of this pool, paid not just by you but ALL individuals insured by the company. When the state experiences a huge loss the company needs to refill the pool thus increased rates. This is the game of insurance. ALL companies carry minimum earned fees. If you are upset of the outcome it is because you did not understand your own policy. So next time read the policy guidelines, understand the agreement. PSIC actually has very competitive prices to what I have seen.

Back in February of 2005, our home had a collapse due to a sewer pipe that had been leaking under our foundation, for what we found out to be about a 1 year period. We lived on a hillside and had neighbors on each side of us. We called in the claim two days later. We had been red tagged. It all happened so fast. Then, we called the insurance company. They instructed us to mitigate damages to our home and surrounding homes and they would send an adjuster out, which was two days after that. We were in the process of mitigating damages when the adjuster came out. He wrote in his report that there was no damage to the home, even though he had pictures of the damage and there were pictures in the newspaper. Don't know how much more black and white damage could have been.

We ended up spending about $500,000 to stabilize the structure and our neighbors. And PSIC never paid a dime. Our house was foreclosed upon. 7 1/2 years later, we finally had our day in court with a jury. We ended up losing the trial, the juror foreman said it wasn't the evidence, it was the fact that they thought we were rich and didn't deserve to be paid for our claim. Our life savings gone, our home gone and now divorced. PSIC and their team of attorneys are not even human. The lowest form of crooks. White collar thieves. When you purchase insurance, you expect to be taken care of, not walked away from and left with nothing.

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