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Never had to make a claim so unfair to say
Excellent service. They did all the correspondence with the vets.
Good price and easy to set up
Excellent, straight forward and just what we wanted
Thankfully I haven't had to use the insurance but just having it gives me piece of mind. Renewing is easy.
Very efficient handling of my recent claim.
I really regret ever moving to this company. I wont use them again. 22% increase in my premium over last year. Claim history has missing values, wrong dates and comments, etc. They take ages to respond on a claim. I had been warned about them and wish I had taken notice.
My dog has had no problems,so I have no problems and had no reason to contact Paws and Claws apart from renewing my Insurance.
Always prompt response
Does and do what they say!
Simple to set up and very competitively priced a good level of cover and has saved me £37 compared to Tesco’s renewal quote.
Paws and claws insurance good affordable cover for your much loved pet easy to get in touch with and people that care
Pet insurance seems to be the most difficult to find a good deal, this company offered the best option for us. Had a query which customer services sorted out very satisfactorily. Good for our needs.
Always get through to speak to someone who is always lovely and offers lots of help. Never had any problems so far.
Policy price is rising year to year. I did no any claims for the whole year, but they still bumped the price after "automatic prolongation". Once I contacted them, response was: "your cat is getting older, so price will go up anyway". Well, it is young 4yo cat (now 5yo). Wonder how much I'll pay in 5-8 years when it become senior - five-seven hundreds per annum by looks of price rise?
Has easy and simple to set up policy
Excellent product and service - thank you.
I’ve been with paws and claws for about 4 or 5 years now. I like their prices, I pay by direct debit throughout the year with no interest charges, and it’s up to me how much I insure my cat for, whether I pay more or less, for more or less cover. Communication has always been very good and the one time I made a claim they did it through the vet so I didn't have to pay the full amount, just the excess. I am happy with them and wouldn’t go anywhere else - I wanted no frills insurance that was just right for my cat but I don’t want to pay through the nose. With some insurers the cost is a real issue and can end up getting cancelled because people are struggling if their circumstances change. The insurance I have is within my means and will not be cancelled because of costs.
Easy to navigate website, good information regarding the types of cover available. Good that if you have 2 dogs this is taken into account which is important to owners and I feel a great price for the cover we required as costs are also important to owners. I would/will recommend this company.
Good cover for the price
Easy to set up
Excellent, hassle-free experience with online quote, purchase and follow-up telephone support. Highly recommended.
Simple to use and very clear
great value for money good cover can’t fault my policy cut please god i never have to use it!!!
Really competitive price . Taking out policy was made very easy.
They are friendly, informative and settle claims quickly.
Excellent service staff very helpful, would highly recommend this company.
Very helpful with claims
I'm happy with the insurance for both of my dogs and thankfully not had to use it
I have used the company for several years now. I was just a little disappointed about my claim not being met when Max needed medical attention. To me, the whole point of having pet insurance is to avoid big vet bills. However, I chose not to change company as I reckon all the insurers will be the same. I have no other complaints
Brilliant policy. I've claimed a few times for my girls and the claim is acknowledged straight away and normally paid out within 14 days
Trouble getting my policy on to my iPad otherwise would have been 5 stars. Thank you.
Service good but find the annual increase in premium extortionate.
Had a couple of minor claims, no problems at all.
Makes everything very easy! Especially at renewal time. Would recommend!
Excellent insurance company, very helpful
Easy to set up and good value. The lifetime policy I purchased provided extensive cover at a cheaper price than other competitors.
Excellent price and easy to use website. Couldn't ask for more.
Easy to understand form, simple!
Quick easy quote and answered all questions with knowledge and polite attitude even though I asked lots. Very reasonable quote.
Good price for dog insurance. Have only recently taken out, hopefully won't need to claim.
Very good price and service , I received my policy the next day.
I didn’t have to use the insurance as yet but I’m happy with the process of insuring my pets. The price is also very competitive with other insurance providers. Good value for money.
Have not had to make a claim as yet. Website easy to use.
Good policy well priced
I have had no problems with this company quick and easy to set up and helped me get the right cover for my pet Seem fine so far
Just recently changed to Paws and Claws pet insurance for my 3 dogs. Very impressed with choices in price range and was able to secure much the same cover as with my previous company for a much more reasonable price. Hope I never have to make a claim but am satisfied with the cover provided
Good cover with an affordable price
Why ask for an opinion for an insurance service that I have just set up - I have no customer service experience, and can't make a claim for a new ailment for my cat within the 1st 14 days of the policy (still in that period). What can you expect me to comment on? It is a life changing experience, the best insurance I have never used? through to I wouldn't use them again? How would I know. What a stupid question.
Paws and Claws have given me an excellent service since I put my Labrador on their books. He has had scans, x-rays, treatments and medication costs paid for without any quibble. I would recommend their company without any hesitation. Always helpful when I have made an enquiry.
Buying my pet insurance for our two dogs was easy and premiums competitive. I haven't had to make a claim, and hopefully we won't have to,so can't comment on that process! 10/10 up to now thank you.
Very helpful great site - pity about the computer problems.
I have not renewed Flynn’s policy as I’m still waiting to hear why the premium has virtually doubled, having rung at least 3-4 weeks ago and been told someone from the renewals team would call to explain the vast increase I have heard nothing. I find this extremely rude, as a customer I would expect better service.
User friendly and competitively priced
Cheaper than some other quotes but still expensive for a small tough healthy JR who's never been ill in his life!!
Good price for decent cover
I am new to this company therefore I have not had time to establish a lasting opinion.
My renewal came through recently and my premium was increased by 46% per year for my 6 year old dog for no apparent reason. When queried I was given a load of vagaries about why the policy had increased so much, including other claims made in this area, age of dog etc. So no different from any other pet insurer, they have you over a barrel with lifetime cover and will charge what they want without any real justification. //edit So I phoned the 0330 102 5746 number as invited by Paws & Claws below, and was told: 'there was nothing that could be done' and furthermore if I decided to cancel my policy I would incur a £30.00 penalty! I knocked off two more stars for having my time wasted.
I did everything via website and let's you add more than 1 pet was so easy to get a quote and see what I would pay for both my dogs and for each dog separate
So far so good - their insurance was my top pick for my Dog this year! (I haven't had to make any claims though)
I went on a price comparison site to insure my dog Cindi after having the renewal from my previous insurers had gone up by half the previous year. Even though yours wasn't the cheapest I had seen but I looked at them all and after reading all the terms and conditions yours was the best I could find with all the things I require for my Furbaby. It's great value for money and I couldn't find another one like it.
Generally pleased with the cover provided and the reasonable cost. However had a few problems when making a claim, had to constantly chase, hence only 4 stars.
We are stuck with this company because once a claim is made no other company will touch you! 1. You cannot make an error with your claim as even a minor detail will cause them to delay your claim, for example when you fill the form out to hand to the vet to complete their part DO NOT date it as if the vet puts a date after yours that is a reason to delay! They say that legally they cannot accept a claim until treatment is done, well of course we don’t put in a claim until then but we have to do the form and leave with the vet so if we sign and date it then the vet signs and dates the date will be after ours! This means this company then delays your claim by sending your claim back for you to redate it meaning that actually legally you are putting in a wrong date as yours is not the same as the vet! It’s ridiculous and I feel just a way of hanging on to the money! We now get the vet to date my signature at the same time
Easy web page and prompt answering of phone when I had a query Excellent service
Had to chase claims many times. Had long periods of time for claims to be accessed or paid. Not the same level of customer service as when I first joined. Would move insurance had it not been for the the age of my dog.
Very helpful staff. Quick and easy to take out new policy. Hopefully renewal price is good next year so I can keep my insurance with you.
We have always had dogs throughout our 54-year marriage and during this time have used many pet insurance companies, however, we have to say, in our opinion, for service which goes that extra mile Paws and Claws is the very best. Nothing is too much trouble for them, their service is to the extreme and we are very pleased our two dogs are safely insured with them and have been for the last 3 years plus.
The online sign up was quick and easy and my documents ready to view straight away. Great value pet insurance.
The person I spoke to was lovely and polite.
No problems so far. Great quote, Only a small increase from last years quote.
great treatment and good communications throughout period of cover.
Always processed claims quickly and never had an issue.
I've had my dog insured with you for a few years my renewal is always quick and easy never had to use insurance but very happy up to now
Wouldn’t touch them with a bardge pole! Bought insurance with them. Sent me numerous emails saying follow the link to check the policy. This link never worked, I couldn’t sign into the portal to check the policy details either. I emailed twice, sent Facebook messages with no reply. I then called them and just resent the link the that didn’t work. I then called again and got told they would send a separate email and send the issue to the IT team however they might get back to me it they might not. I Still didn’t receive my documents just the same email again! I then called again to cancel my policy and they didn’t seem that bothered. They said they’d have to charge me the cancellation fee however with no documents to prove this I objected and they cancelled. They said I would receive an email confirming the cancellation. I’m still to receive this so I have no idea if it has actually been cancelled or not.
Good I haven't had to use them but for value it is good.
Great service, sorted my claim out very quickly and paid it straight away. Very happy customer
Excellent service when dealing with my claim, my dog was seriously ill and at one time it was thought that he would not survive, without exception everyone that I spoke to at Paws & Claws was compassionate as well as helpful. Once I had submitted my claim, payment was made very quickly. The insurance renewal has increased significantly, however this was as expected due to the amount claimed.
They are getting very expensive, blamed it on making a claim, had to drop cover to keep price sensible
I searched the web for a fair and trustworthy company to insure my dogs and Paws and Claws tick all the boxes. I have 3 dogs insured with them now.
Very pleased with paw & Claws the claim went through smoothly and payment was prompt
We have just renewed for our third year, we moved house at the same time and now our dog costs more than our 2 cars to insure. We had a claim the year before last but nothing since. They paid well and gave us no grief however they are now v expensive.
Very service but I have nicer claimed for insurance in the 4 years I’ve had it, it’s only as good as it is when you need it, and to be honest I hope I never need it As I love my pet very much.
Excellent service and very easy to organise
They have saved me a fortune from my old insurance company, and my dog is better insured for half the price
Easy to understand and set up.
Fantastic company very helpful
My renewal had increased 30% on an accident only policy for a 4 year old lab X. No claim on the policy, so in my mind an unacceptable rise. I didn't realise until the day after it renewed automatically - and they wanted £30 to cancel, just a few hours into the policy. There were better policies available for 40% less. I've raised a complaint explaining the events, but no response in nearly a week. I advise searching around.
I purchased this policy as it offered good coverage at a very reasonable price for my dog. I called the company with a query and was helped promptly and efficiently.
Buying the policy was easy, the price was reasonable, and the cover looks like what I need. Ask me again to rate if and when I have a claim.
paws & claws are the best they have helped us so much with our shih Tzu and highly recommend as a per insurer wouldn't go anywhere else
A reasonable cost and no hassle
Fantastic company - i would recommend them to anyone
Had trouble with a claim. But they did sort it in the end.
Still one of the most competitive insurance for pets
Wonderfully helpful when both my cats have needed veterinary treatment very good at settling claims promptly
So far, so good!
A1 great product thanks
Very helpfull when we had a claim
3 dogs covered now. No issues with any aspect. No claims made but their customer service to date has been very good.
Very simple process to set up. Can’t comment on how good an insurance it is unless I’m unfortunate enough to have to make a claim. It appears to cover my gsd’s needs on paper at an affordable price. Time will tell lol