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People's Trust Insurance made it a smooth transition to replace my current insurance carrier. They were timely and responsive.
We have a claim and every thing was fast and satisfactory. Thanks very much Peoples Trust.
After receiving a quote and paying premium the premium was increase without explanation other than saying that wind mitigation report made the increase necessary. No explanation of what required the increase. However, even with the increase the premium is still competitive.
Customer service was impeccable-thorough answers to all my questions, knowledgeable and thoughtful responses-and the price is very competitive
very satisfied with the service.
Filing a claim is almost useless when the house is very old. Pipes need replacing because of rust, electrical wiring is frail but none of this matters when a huge problem arises and several thousand dollars must be spent by the owner. A word to the wise: don’t bother to file a claim.
Great service at affordable cost
So far it has been a good experience.
We had issues with the process of transfering our home insurance to People's Trust Insurance, it was not as seamless as expected.
Very professional, polite, helpful.Timely in responding back info you need.
Never a problem
No comments at this time.
Pront service, when I made a claim I was impressed of the fast response and quick service, the price is right better than many others that I looked up on line, I was with them in south Florida and moved to Marion county and carry them over because I couldn’t find a competitor that match their price, I highly recommend peoples trust .
Would recommend People's Trust Insurance!!!
If it wasnt covered why you guys always say it is and after charge of $75 is no covered. Very unprofessional.
People’s Trust has been a great experience. Steven has informed me ever step of the way as I came aboard. I had lots of questions so it would be a smooth transition from one insurance company to theirs and also with no trauma or drama from my mortgage company. Everything went great! I even saved money which is wonderful! I have nothing but great things to say about People’s Trust. They took great care of me.
So far so good love it
Very good representative!! Thanks
People’s Trust is a company with true Value on your house and you and your family. This Company always answers my question! If I am in doubt they will give me a best decision . The best part is their price cost ,for my Insurance .They are a well known Company. I highly recommend People’s Trust !!
I would like to recommend People's Trust Insurance, they are very efficient. I particularly appreciated their understanding that we had been abroad and they made an extra effort to overcome the concomitant problems. Victor Collin
excellent customer service, very proffessional, helpful and friendly. All questions were answered quickly. Definetly would recommend this company to my family, friends, etc.
Service was honest and valuable
Great price for basic quote , fast and excellent customer service
I am pleased with my PTI experience following Hurricane Michael.
So far so good. No complaints.
Last year a neighbor made a claim about an issue with his cracking driveway being the result of my tree. A claims adjuster was requested to investigate the claim. After a thorough investigation with all the parties involved it was determined that the driveway cracking was not the fault of my tree.
Friendly and really took the time to help me
People Trust is an insurance company that you can trust. They help us with compassion and professionalism. We really recommend them. Thank you
PTI responded quickly when I needed them. Claim was handled and paid!
A+ experience Thank You. Silvia E. Ceballos
As we have had to make claims due to no fault of ours Peoples Trust has sent us a letter that they will not be renewing our policy once it expires. It seems they fail to realize that there is most likely nothing else that will go wrong and they will not have to face claims in the future.
They were there when I had a problem with the hurricane last year, thank you
Prompt and competitive quote. Like that they are more selective with who can sell their policy.
People's Trust and their agency, Regency Insurance in Ft. Myers, Fla, increased my annual homeowners premium after I already paid in full due to the location of a fire hydrant, the sq. ft. of my home, and the year built. They said it was an "endorsement description", i.e., a change, but the data was clearly available on the Wakulla County Property Appraisers office! Neither People's Trust or Regency Insurance Agency could provide fact based answers to my questions regarding the rate increase. Even worse is the fact the employees of Regency Insurance Agency were flat rude and sarcastic on the phone and had no concept that they were speaking to one of their customers! Do not do business with People's Trust or Regency Insurance Agency in Florida!!!
My experience with this company so far is great
Nick Cirullo is prompt, efficient and extremely helpful with our insurance needs. The follow up from the company was also timely and efficient.
The best customer service, sales , always ready for resolve all isues , thanks Ruben for make all easy
I have your homeowners policy you did not cover My indoor plumbing because you don’t cover a certain kind of pipe even though this pipe has been in the house for 20 years Obviously you have issues
Best company with best customer service
As I am a very recent client of People's Trust, I have nothing negative to say. I chose People's Trust for what it offered over my old home owners insurance policy, and, trust that People's Trust will honor my policy if, or when, the need arises.
Patricia St Elien was great to work with... even after the policy was in place she was available for questions. This was a great decision to leave my previous insurer and join the People's Trust Family.
They give u the best price and willing to cooperate and understand what really matter for u
There is one main issue with insurance. PRICE. I have never filed a claim on a homeowners policy. I carry insurance for a catastrophic loss. I am sick and tired of insures charging over 1% of the value of the house. Then when there is a storm they all cry poor mouth. Peoples has an interesting concept that does not require me to get a bid to repair damage. They have their own group of contractors. Contractors are what they are. Peoples guarantee the repair work. If the roof gets torn off in a storm, their contractors are as good as any. The work has to be up to code so what's the difference.
Haven’t had any experience with claims but the initial inspector that came out was pleasant and professional a great first impression of your company thanks!
I went thru Brightway insurance co.I just want to say Rayj was amazing. He made the process easy for me. Very friendly and helpful. Peoples trust is a great co with coverage I need. Thanks!!
I have nothing to base a review on as I have not made a claim. My only interaction was paying my premium?
Even though customer service agents come and go I had a wonderful experience with whomever I worked with.
From past experiences.
I called People's Trust first when I noticed a wet spot under my sink. Their inspector/adjuster (can't remember official title) came out within a day. The inspector was amazing, I truly felt like I was in good hands. It was a great feeling to have a professional whose interests were aligned with mine in understanding the scope of the damage and in repairing the work but without trying to exploit my naivety to up-sell me on repairs and services I didn't need. I hear all the time about insurance companies that try to get one over on their clients so I didn't really know what to expect. After this experience I really feel like People's Trust has got my back.
Well im a new homeowner the past year has proven to be one of budgetting and getting value. Im so happy I switched to Peoples Trust from Universal. From my agent at UniVista-Sandra and your inspector, they have passed along so many savings- and I couldnt be happier! I hope it continues, as I have already recommended your services to other homeowners.
People ‘s great, we received the check promptly, but the time it took us to get quotes was long ! That is my only complaint! Thank you peoples trust
I’ve used People’s Trust for years. I’ve never had to file a claim & mostly when I’ve called they have been very professional & prompt
I’m happy with the service and price
Great experience. I will recommend this company to my family and friends.
They were very nice people to communicate with
People were great and very responsive. Just make sure you understand the PCP Preferred Contractor Program which is a staple of PTI. But the people and response and fairness was perfect.
The sales person was wonderful. However, they keep asking for the same paperwork that I sent in twice before. This causes much concern over the company being ethical and reliable.
I really wish I would have known about this company when I first purchased my home they are absolutely wonderful and I have recommended this company to friends and family even though I've only been a member for less than a year I can HONESTY say I wouldn't change for nothing in this world. I just hope they have some kind of discount for military active and retired.
All went very well.thankyou