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Searching for pet insurance was quick and easy through Because it wasn't a hassle we ended up getting coverage for our chocolate lab. And thankfully we did, because he ended up needing a total hip replacement 2 years later! We saved a ton!
I'm getting a very good experience
I was looking for pet insurance coverage for my new Labrador retriever puppy and found this website and agent most helpful. We ended up enrolling in a plan and feel very good about our decision!
My experience with was great ! Nick was so helpful and informative. He answered all my questions and helped me pick the right insurance company for my new member of the family !
Luckily I've never had to use it outside of regular checkups but this is a must have for any dog owner, incredibly reasonable prices. I did my research and came up with the best prices for the best services.
Most pet insurance is not worth the paper it is written on. Lots of restrictions, takes for ever to get reimbursed and very expensive for what you get. Take for example. The insurance provided by the " Pet Smart" chain pet store. It is only for routine visits ! Should you pet need emergency surgery, forget it they can't provide it. Need service after house ? Again it is your problem. Yet these two circumstances are exactly why you need pet insurance. Insurance whether it is for a person or pet is not for "routine care " that most of us can pay for it is for the unexpected expensive emergency services they we can't afford. That is what we need insurance for. Like all pet insurance policies, they do not cover pre existing conditions. However, unlike all other policies they have NO annual limit in expenses you may submit for payment, they process your claim(s) online, if you wish and reimbursement (70,80 or 90% of your charges) is very fast. Your deductible is based on the age of your pet like everyone else. Great web site and customer service. Big advantage is that unlike the national chain pet stores, you go to your vet, or any vet for services, pay then submit your claim to them ! They do not pay for routine office visits as you can pay for that and it doesn't effect the premiums as with other insurance. But they pay for surgery, diagnostic services (i.e. lab and Xray) medications eat. Only had it for 1 year to day but and very happy with them . They paid for 80% of my dogs knee surgery within 1 week so I was reimbursed $1700.00 !! Go to their web site "Healthy Paws" all questions will be answered. Also note that unlike other insurance you pay monthly and can quite ANYTIME unlike those that require you to stay in for a year than have automatic renewals if you don't cancel thereby obligating you for another year like Pet Smart! Stay away from "pet smart" you will be ripped off !~
I entered three pets and every quote I got was only for two pets so I had to visit each individual site anyways. Still a good site to get fast quotes from five companies.
An inexpensive pet insurance with the best benefits
Easy to use & go through.
I like that I didn't have to spend a lot of time scanning and/or reading through instructions in order to get to the information I was interested in, and being able to quickly bypass the information that wasn't pertinent to me. The information came up quickly and I didn't have to provide a lot of personal information to get what I needed. Saved a lot of time. has great tools that allow you to easily compare pet insurance companies and plans side-by-side. I had been searching for pet insurance for about a year and finally found a resource that I could trust. Plus, I love the chocolate lab they have as their mascot!
Nick is outstanding, he isknowledgable and emailed us many options for our puppy insurance plan. Nick did all the work, I just reviewed the polices and chose one I am delighted with. Best service ever!!!!! Many thanks.
When I was looking to purchase health insurance for my dog, this site gave me unbiased information. This allowed me the opportunity to choose the company that was right for me
Loved researching pet insurance
I loved the impartial review of my pet insurance quotes. Nick was most helpful in giving recommendations.
I was given several choices of companies to insure with. I checked each one out and selected the one I felt would serve my needs. Quick, easy and no fuss. Great way to do business.
The Vet's office made an assumption as to the breed of a puppy and signed the puppy up for pet insurance. Nick helped me get the issue straightened out, even though he had no business interest in the policy. Needless to say, when the next puppy was acquired, I went directly to the petinsurancequotes site and purchased pet insurance insurance.
It's a great tool. So many different options. Still haven't made decision but very close.
I appreciate having help getting the quotes and made a quick decision.
It ended up being very useful to get the skinny on multiple companies, as far as what they offered, and how they were different from each other. Very useful tool! Thanks, Scott
Using this site to review different insurance companies made the selection process much easier.
Great competative information.
It's quick and easy to use and helps you make an informed decision.