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I've had Petplan for my puppy for about 3-4 months. Before acquiring the insurance my puppy had a simple ear infection in her left ear. 2-3 months after my plan started my puppy got another ear infection, but on her right ear this time. Petplan refused to cover the expenses with the argument that even though the infection is in the other ear, it is the same condition. They told me that my dog has to not have an ear infection for more than 12 months in order for then to cover this condition. I really think that should have covered my claims, especially since the infection was in the other ear. I am very disappointed with Petplan and I am thinking of discontinuing my plan.

Our 10.5 year old dog, whom we've had since a puppy, had a huge tumor removed from his abdomen in late October of 2018. That diagnosis, surgery and follow-up was extremely expensive. When the tumor was found, it was difficult to say whether it was malignant or benign. The alternatives were to let it kill him or remove it and determine if it was malignant or put him down immediately. Without Petplan, that decision would have been much more difficult. But, with our $500 and 10% co-insurance it was a no-brainer. The tumor was removed and unfortunately the biopsy revealed it was a slow growing sarcoma with a high mitotic rate, meaning it would return. However, immediately after the surgery and short recuperation time, our dog was back to being energetic and like a puppy again. He had more energy and was so much happier.

Then we had another decision to make - how do we treat the cancer, if we treat at all. We consulted with an oncologist and was told if we did nothing the tumor would return in about 4 months and we'd be back to where we started prior to the surgery. However, if we treated him with an aggressive chemo regimen we could stall the growth significantly and possibly prevent re-growth for 12-18 months. Thanks to Petplan, this was another easy decision. We opted for the chemo and are enjoying the extra time with our almost 11 year old "puppy." He is having no ill side effects from the treatments. His appetite is amazing and he's more active than he has been in years. He's happy and he looks great.

When all is said and done, the cost of the diagnosis, surgery and cancer treatments is projected to be about $11,900. Petplan's coverage will be about $10,000 and our out of pocket will be approximately $1,900. I should also mention that in 2015 our dog needed Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy for a blown ACL and that cost was around $5,500, of which $4,400 was covered by Petplan.

Yes, we have been paying premiums for over 10 years and yes, the premiums rise dramatically as the dog got older. However, we have accomplished several things - 1) we have taken out the financial factor in the decision making process and 2) we do not have to pay out large lump sums of money at one time. Just the monthly payments and 3) during the term of the policy we will have received benefits that are far in excess of the premiums paid. #3 will not always happen. If it did then Petplan would be out of business. But, that's what insurance is about - reducing your risk of catastrophic payments and giving you peace of mind. In our case, it is also allowing us to spend amazing quality time with our dog and prepare for his inevitable demise while keeping him as happy and comfortable as possible. Thank you Petplan.

Had plan for 9 months. I sent in my first claim. After 3 weeks, they said they asked my vet for more information. They did not. They said they'd resend the request, they have not. Then they requested blood work results, there was no blood work for this visit. Then they wanted my dog's history. I asked them why, we adopted him less than a year ago. So now they want his adoption info. I asked them what I submitted when I enrolled him in the plan. Nothing back yet, but I know I am getting the runaround and they have no intention of paying this small claim for $155.90.

DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY! The underwriters changed in 2017 and now they reject claims that had been covered in the past. They find ways they can reject every one of your claims and not actually cover your vet bills. Rates have doubled and customer service tells you the claims should be covered and then they are not!! I pay almost $1850 a year in premiums and this company is not covering any of my claims that they did before. Saying everything claims falls under a new diagnosis so I am stuck paying a deductible on each new diagnosis (they say) and it's criminal!!!

Having three dogs I was told years and years ago that I was entitled to the £1 per month discount, equaling £12 per year off each dogs policy. The first year when I got a renew for one dog (as they had different policy numbers as they were insured at different times), I phoned and queried why it had gone up so much, and they said, as they do every year, that vet's fees had gone up, which they do not every year. I then asked if my multi pet discount had been taken off the premium, and they said it had not, not because it does not come off automatically, but you have to ring, and request if off, every year to get it.

How many people know that, and do they assume that the multi pet discount is automatically taken off each year at renewal. That means that millions of people have not been get this discount for years and years, unless they are aware, as Petplan do not tell you this when you open the policy. This means that Petplan have made millions by not, not, paying people the multi pet discount they say you are entitled to. Even this year, again, I phoned and asked for this discount to be taken of the renewal, and yet again, they had to send me an amended renewal with this discount now off. They have know this for years, but on the phone, each year they say that they are looking into it. They have been scamming millions of pet owners every year. If people find out about this, and claim their discounts, all they will do is increase the premium anyway by the same amount, and say it is because vets fees have increased. This is fraudulent in my view.

I took out policies on my two cats 18 months ago, both of which have always been examined by a vet every year. I just submitted a claim for periodontal work, and they won't cover any of it. The letter explaining their decision was so ridiculously complicated, I had to call them for an explanation. Their reason for turning me down was because a year before taking out the policy, the records said my cat had tartar. I was never told I needed to do anything, but Petplan said that tartar was a pre-existing condition and that no dental work will be covered for her. Please, if you are thinking about taking out coverage with this company, think again. There are better ones out there! At the least, read all of their fine print very carefully. With all of the regulations and restrictions, you'll probably never get reimbursed for any treatment.

I recently submitted a claim to PetPlan. First time filing a claim. I was in contact with Stacey **, “pet happiness manager”. Stacey went above and beyond to help me, to answer all my questions. A person with true heart. Thank you so much.

I got pet insurance with Petplan and was with them under a year. When it came to processing the claim, despite their automatic email reply saying they will get back to you in 10 days. They did not contact me until over a month later. Throughout the claim process, no one contacted me to give an update or to inform me they may take a while to process. No one even bothered to contact me to inform me they had decided not to process my claim and made a decision it was classed as a pre-existing condition that won't be covered.

I had to phone the company to follow up the progress of the claim to get all this information! I even had to phone them to find out the claim got denied and to get them to put it into writing. What poor customer service. Despite me disputing that the illness was diagnosed at the time I had insurance, they still refused to process the claim. A total waste of money, don't bother with this insurance. You're better off putting the money into a savings account for emergencies.

Enough is enough. Take a look at the cost record for my cat since 2013, keeping in mind the deductible is PER CONDITION, not per billed year: Year Cost per year Deductible Co-pay 2013 $202.09 $200 10%. 2014 252.61 200 10%. 2015 315.76 200 10%. 2016 394.70 200 10%. 2017 538.33 500 20%. 2018 565.13 500 20%. I've never had a big event, have had very small reimbursements (for inexpensive meds, mostly), and yet it's gone up $363 in 5 years, or an average of $72/year. They blamed the last jump on a new insurance underwriter, I blame it on greed. Do yourself a favor, shop around. A lot. Look at other pet insurance companies, look at the Care Card if it's something you think you can handle without getting into financial trouble. ANYTHING but Petplan.

Look elsewhere for pet insurance. The underwriters changed in 2017 and the fine print on the new policy "covers" a hundred ways they can reject your claim and not actually "cover" your vet bills. Rates have risen a lot, customer service has declined, the "per incident" deductible is outrageous. With this current claim rejection, I am now cancelling my policy. It's not cost-effective for me, and it borders on thievery on the part of Petplan.

Was sold 2 policies. One for a one year old Golden. One for a puppy. OMG. My puppy is healthy, dewormed, vaccinated... She got into raw bacon...ate it. Got very sick... ER visit. CLEARLY AN ACCIDENT. Months of runaround. Constantly asking for THE SAME DOCUMENTS. Upload them, fax them, photos of them emailed... They keep sending me emails they need more documents. I call customer service, I talk to supervisors, I do a three way call where they call my vet...and have records faxed... Online account never updated and keep getting same generated email "need more documentation". One person even required me to go BACK TO THE BREEDER FOR VET RECORDS BEFORE I EVER OWNED THE DOG. Got those... Then they wanted more from her. This is all over RAW BACON. Trying to find any way to deny this claim. It's only $800. I have paid more than that in my monthly charges for the insurance on two dogs.

Moral of the story: You are better to get Care Credit and use that for pet vet bills or put $100 a month away. THESE PEOPLE WILL RUN YOU RAGGED UNTIL YOU GIVE UP AND THEN THEY DENY YOUR CLAIM. I have spent months on this and got NOWHERE. The amount of hours, time, frustration is not worth it. Think about it. If they go this bonkers over an $800 bill. What will they do to you if you turn in a surgery bill of thousands of dollars? Also, they say the "claims adjusters have no phones" so you can never talk to anyone about your claim and the vague email that looks autogenerated that says "need more documentation". I don't even know if there are any claims adjusters. I got a different answer every time I called and talked to someone about what they needed. Worst. Experience. Ever. Moral: Run. Use Care Credit. Put $100 in savings a month for vet expenses. They DON'T CARE.

I have three dogs. One has Healthy Paws, one has Trupanion, and one has Petplan. I have had all policies since 2015. I have been very satisfied with Healthy Paws. I had some issues with Trupanion, but since then everything has gone very smoothly. Both companies pay what their policies say they will pay. No hassle. Definitely worth the money. Petplan on the other hand is a nightmare. I filed my first claims in 3 years about a week ago. Today I get emails telling me to submit vet notes that I submitted with the claims.

Some of the letters ask for medical records back to 2015! And all this for relatively inexpensive claims for a persistent ear infection. And these are only the second claims I have filed since I have been with the company. They make things so difficult - the point of which seems to be discouraging anyone from filing a claim ever. I don’t recall problems with the first claim with Petplan. But that was in 2015. I have been told that they have a new underwriter as of 2017. Go with Healthy Paws or Trupanion. Much better for your blood pressure. And for the heal of your pet.

Petplan has been a life saver for me and my cat, Daisy. If it wasn't for Petplan, I would not have been able to afford the $4,000+ vet bills that Daisy has incurred. Daisy ended up having a super rare auto-immune disease, and it all started with a trip to the emergency vet for vomiting and diarrhea. Petplan has covered absolutely everything at 90% minus her $200 deductible. Petplan's customer service is also amazing as well. Heather ** goes above and beyond with helping gets my claims completed asap. I wouldn't choose any other pet insurance company over Petplan, these guys are the best.

I have had Petplan for over 10 years. They have always paid and were extremely fair and pay back fast. My dog Dixie just passed away from CHF. But because of Petplan I was able to give him the very best care available Not worrying about the cost. They were there for me. Very kind to us as well if I had to call. Never a complaint. Paid his bills. I still have Petplan for my dog Rebel. This is a great Pet Ins Co. I would go nowhere else. They really care. Upon my Dixie's passing they made a donation in his memory to Morris Foundation. A lovely memory for my Dixie. Any time I have put in a claim it was always just what I expected. No cutting here and there. They are 5 stars to me! They are a Godsend to me and my boys. I recommend them highly!

If I could give a negative star review of this company I would. I adopted a rescue. Our adoption of Lucky who is an abused pit bull mix from our local SPCA has been wonderful. Our SPCA strives on the best care for our animals. Lucky was adopted with full vaccinations, spayed and a complete health approval. I decided to do the best for my dog and provide her with pet insurance. Not only did Petplan take my money, they refused to process any claim. There was always more and more paperwork needed and some that was impossible to provide.

I've decided that was enough. I will just cancel my pet insurance. Petplan refused to refund me my money. Now when I am emailing them just to provide a refund of what I paid into a service that I did not receive, they are ignoring me. Completely unprofessional and scam artists if you ask me. From reading other reviews I am not the only person they have done this to. Please do not support this corrupt company that claims to put your fur baby first and then just scam you of your money.

Don not use this company!!! I paid for a 3000 for my golden retriever's ACL tear treatments and pet plan denied my claim! Do NOT use this company! No one calls you back either when you need to talk to someone. I had to call them months later to find out what was going on! Total rip off!

Called to request policy date be changed from the 3 of the month to the 11th of the month and was told I would have to be charged today 12/28/18 the 71.00 to make the change. My policy is current so I asked if I could just pay the difference from 3 to 11 so policy could allows be paid in 11th - was informed that I could not do so. Also informed that if I cancel my policy I could never get the same policy back - Customer service representative was unclear about why this is such a hassle since in the beginning of the policy you had to pay two months in advance. I’m totally confused and of course there was no supervisor to speak. He was clear that he was the final authority so I needed to pay them today and again on the 11 to get the policy date changed for my policy which is already current - I am changing insurance company. This makes no sense and the hassle is ridiculous.

I have been with them over 2 years, recently my pet got urine blockage and spent $7000 but this company refused the claims because we didn't do check up every year as the reason they told which I didn't get any mentioned before as their term and policy (Hidden clause). I told them even we do check up every year won't find out urine blockage which happened as emergency and we insured over 2 years. But they still refuse to pay. I think they only want collect money. Won't want to pay. STAY AWAY.

Be very careful going with this company. They are trying to claim my pet has a pre-existing condition when my veterinarian wrote and letter explaining how it is not and they will not reimburse me... SCAM!!!! They pay vets to just say whatever they want so they do not have to reimburse you when boarded veterinarians at specialty hospitals say it isn't pre-existing. Don't waste your time appealing either.

I have been a PetPlan customer for many years and paid my premium on time every year. Last year, PetPlan changed their underwriter and as a result my premiums went sky-high and because my dog is a senior dog, I have no recourse to get another policy and have to accept their capricious decision. What makes matters worse, is that if I was a new customer, my policy would be about 200 dollars less, per year, even for the same age and type dog. To make matters worse, when I went to change my policy at the time of renewal, I was given a quote, only to find out that they billed my account for a higher amount. When I called to inquire, they acknowledged this, but then billed me for a "change fee" instead of taking responsibility for their error. I am so disappointed in this company and would not recommend them to anyone for a variety of reasons noted above.

I have had this insurance for 9 years and even though my dog does not get sick often they continue to raise the monthly payment. If for some reason that they feel that your dog is not healthy (their opinion based on claims) they will automatically change your annual deductible per incident. I was at one time with a annual deductible no matter the incident and because there was claims they felt that my dog was in poor health. I beg to differ. It is just their way of making more money off you.

As your dog gets older and based on the claims that you put in they have the right to take you off a plan that you agreed on and put you on a plan where you pay more out of pocket. I have two dogs on VPI (12 years) and I don't have any problems like I have with PETPLAN. I pay less and I still claim 80% of my money back. They are pretty reasonable and they don't change your plan on you simply because you have had claims before. This is the last time I will be using Petplan and I highly recommend that if you are looking for a pet insurance, this is not one to get.

So we have 2 cats, cover both, but guess what? They won't cover your pets, you can pay for months and if they happen to not have vet records in the past 2 years, then you're out of luck. What bothers me is that they should require the vet records to begin a policy and not spring that on a policy holder after they have been paying for a policy they have no intention of paying out on. Basically, the policy is buyer beware. That is no way to run a reputable business. If they would have simply said that from the start, then I wouldn't have felt I paid for months of coverage for nothing. Don't accept a customer's money if they haven't met the requirements to begin the policy. Look out for your customers. Don't let that happen to them. How many policy holders are left paying for premiums for a policy that will not cover their pets? Shameful.

Service operators are either poorly trained or will tell you anything. I asked, "After you meet your deductible what do you pay? 80?" "Of everything else" was the answer. Well the correct answer is "after the deductible for each illness or what they classify as each illness or occurrence" they pay. HUGE difference! Don't rely on what they say before you sign up. Also. The price they give you in your renewal letter means Nothing! They charged my bank account $200.00 more. DISHONEST People. A tech at one the vets asked me if I had trouble with them paying claims. I should have seen that as a red flag.

I paid for 5 months and needed to file a claim. I was then told it would not be covered since I failed to have an initial wellness visit 60 days prior or 30 days within the effective date. They consider it pre existing. Now I face a $900 surgery out of my own pocket. The policy also stipulates that failure to obtain an initial exam may void the policy and a refund of the policy premium will be given. Of course they will not honor that part. They say it will be prorated. That is not what the guidelines in the policy state.

I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased a policy with Petplan. It looks like this is a common theme with this company and seems like unfair business practices. Seems as if it is set up to scam people out of their money. I have had many conversations and emails back and forth and told that there is no one higher to contact. I am only able to speak with rude customer service agents. It is not a surprise that this company has only received 2.5 stars out of 5. Unfair business practices are what Petplan is all about. Look elsewhere for pet insurance. I’ve acquired new insurance with a lower deductible and a higher yearly cap with another company for only $4 more a month than I was charged with Petplan.

I have had all of my dogs insured with Petplan for nine years. Due to this fact I am "grandfathered" into the older style policies with per condition deductibles. Since four of my dogs are 13 years old and the youngest one is 10 years old I file many claims. My policies recently renewed and I am tracking claims as I meet the deductible for each condition. I've had issues with one of the dog's claims as he has four chronic conditions and I was getting frustrated until I reached Stacey ** when I called. She was outstanding-- listened to my prior experience calling in, checked on the status of each issue, repeated my concerns back to me to make sure she understood everything and vowed to follow through until they were resolved.

With the exception of one customer service representative I have always been pleased with Petplan. But Stacey went above and beyond-- a true asset to Petplan. I will always have dogs in my life and will always insure them with Petplan. Thank you for allowing me to care for their medical needs regardless of the cost. And thank you Stacey for taking care of my claims.

I was happy until I had to put a claim in. After sending it in two times and contacting customer care 3 times, I finally got a denial for my claim. What they fail to tell you (if you don't know to click on 5 different links to see this information) there is a two week waiting period before they will cover you. So you pay for almost half a month for your policy but you cannot use it. But they do send you an email as soon as they take your money to let you know you are covered. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Petplan pet insurance is a total rip off. They will never pay a claim by either calling your claim a pre-existing condition or you will never exceed your deductible. Petplan will separate each procedure of your pet's claim into separate items with each having their own $300 deductible. If your pet has to have blood work, anesthesia, and dental work done during one vet visit each cost will have separate deductibles. So your $700 vet bill will have a $900 deductible. Provided that none of these treatments were for a pre-existing condition which won't be paid at all. Nice huh? This merry go round of breaking down procedures will happen with each claim you make and your claims will never be added together. Like each time your pet has blood work done in a year each will have a separate deductible because Petplan will say they were for a different condition or treatment. Stay away from this company.

Jake was quick and friendly. Loved how nice he was in helping me! Great customer service. Not many places with phone support have reps as nice and efficient as Jake and others I have spoken with! I would 100% recommend Petplan to friends and family!

I have been paying premiums for almost 5 years and have never filed a claim. My dog developed allergies and after changing food, shampoo, laundry detergent, special prescription diet, over-the-counter antihistamines, the scratching and chewing on herself got so bad I decided to have an allergy test run. Yep, she's allergic to a host of things, mostly grasses. Based on the tests, a serum was created and we attempted to build up her immunity. Submitted my first claim with 2 years medical history, lab test results etc. Not good enough. They want ALL records from when she had her first well-puppy vet visit. The claims form does say "at least" two years of medical records but I feel like they are setting me up for a denial based on a "preexisting" condition. Like she had this when she was 8 weeks of age & only now I'm filing a claim!! Really?

I got insurance the day I picked my puppy up from breeder. Two days later she had her first vet appointment. She was healthy but small. She gained weight then. At age one they discovered she had a liver shunt when doing blood work for spay surgery. Petplan denied the claim saying she was a tiny puppy at the first visit. They said this was preexisting. They knew she would die without surgery but did not care. They are very insensitive.

My dog had to have emergency surgery for an obstruction in his stomach. I called Petplan to make sure he was covered and they said he was and that they would pay vet directly. 4 months later they still hadn't paid the bill and denied the claim because they did not have adequate health records for pre-existing conditions. This was not pre-existing, it was an emergency for eating something he wasn't supposed to. So when I called them for the 5th time they simply told me I was out of luck. So I asked to close my account with them and they said they had to put me on a short hold to talk to someone else and I ended up on hold for 45 minutes waiting to close my account. HORRIBLE COMPANY. DO NOT TRUST YOUR PETS WITH THEM.

We started with Petplan in April 2016. In March 2016 we took our dog to our veterinarian and during the visit she had some irritation on her nose and would scratch and rub. The vet stated that it could be dermatitis or allergies. We later had other unrelated digestive issues with our dog and they covered those claims. The skin issue worsened and we finally had a biopsy conducted in June 2017. The results pointed to an autoimmune disorder, possibly discoid lupus. The insurance company covered the testing!

Fast forward 6 months later and she was treated again for the same condition at the vet and the claim was denied. They stated that she showed signs of the condition way back in March 2016. We had her treated again in May of 2018 and again by a dermatologist in July. We are out over $800 and the claims have been denied, citing pre-existing condition. They covered the biopsy though in June 2017. When I brought this up, they stated that that claim was paid in error. After many frustrating phone calls and a resubmission of the claim, they still refuse to treat her condition. Our vet tried to call and no one returned her call. We have cancelled our policy. I don't need the frustration and would be better off putting money aside for our dog for any further treatment she may need. I have nothing good to say about Petplan.

I'll make it brief... Filed a claim two months ago... All the records asked for were submitted. Today I got another email saying they need more. Website is not updated with client info... Customer service agents were not helpful. I have had less aggravation from my medical insurer, which should give you an idea of how bad they are. They are not rude, the agents I spoke with say they actually work within the company, and not at a phone center. They claim they are there to help, but it should not take two months for them to inform me about what info they need from the vet. Maybe all the pet insurers work this way... Dunno, maybe once I calm down, I'll check out some of the competition in the pet insurance biz.

I am very suspicious of the poor ratings source on this site. I have had Petplan for 8 years - over the life of my standard poodle, and currently for my 2 doodles. Through the claims process, I have never had anything but prompt and fair payment, exactly up to the terms of the policies. My Sam has just had extensive workup and surgery for copper-metabolism disorder of his liver. Claims of more than $4300 were paid as per my 80/20 schedule with a $500 deductible. I am an actual Petplan client, with real-life experience with their claims process!!!

I have insured my dog with Pet Plan for the past six years. During that time, I filed one claim, which was initially denied and subsequently paid upon appeal. In spite of my dog's remarkable good health at age 9, my pet's premium increased dramatically this year. I called to find out why and whether there were changes to the policy that I could make to make the cost more reasonable. The agent told me that my plan had changed from a per incident deductible to an annual deductible and that is why it was so much more expensive but if I increased the deductible by $100, my annual cost would be significantly lower. Her explanation and suggestion seemed reasonable so I moved forward. Upon filing my first claim related to an injured dew paw, I learned that I did not in fact have an annual deductible policy but a per-incident deductible.

Apparently, because I had filed one claim over the prior six years, my dog was not eligible for an annual deductible policy and that the prior agent was not authorized to sell me such policy. Pet Plan further informed me that because I had unwittingly increased my per-incident deductible, my pet was no longer eligible for the policy he had initially been offered a month earlier. As such, the only insurance they would provide my pet is the current high per incident deductible. I explained that this policy was akin to catastrophic coverage only and that I would never have selected if the first agent had not misled me into believing that my pet had been switched to an annual deductible.

Since I was getting nowhere, I elevated the issue to management, who referred me to their legal department. It has now been a month and no one in the legal department has replied. At this point, I am disgusted with Pet Plan's lack of good faith/fraudulent business practices and going to cancel my policy. Pets Best insures my second dog (who unfortunately has developed a chronic medical issue) and provided me with a reasonable quote for insuring my first pet on an annual deductible basis with a policy that also covers routine care and office visits. It appears to be a much better option.

After I lost 3 cats to expensive health conditions prior to my current cats, I thought that insurance made sense to help pay the bills. I signed with Petplan when they were young, and at first this company was great. However, the way this company now operates is just plain wrong. It's robbery. It's insensitive. Don't do it. My advice: Read the fine print with any insurance company. And don't expect that what you buy today will stay the same. If they change owners/underwriters, it will change. My cats are older now and have pre-existing conditions, so I can't switch. My choice is to keep paying these crooks or go without insurance and hope for the best. I'm still deciding which is worse.

PetPlan used to be a good insurance company that paid their claims and charged a reasonable amount. They changed underwriters a few years back. When they did that, they charged a lot more and covered a lot less. They pay BY THE CONDITION, EACH plan year. It's not a yearly inclusive deductible, so don't be fooled. One of my cats has 3 conditions. They put the $300 deductible against EACH condition. So, though I've spent over $1,000 on this one cat, and $447 on one condition alone during this current plan year, they have paid me a grand total of $13.17.

Yet I've paid out hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars to this insurance company in the past 9 years. The right thing to do when they changed underwriters would have been to grandfather-in existing customers with older cats and dogs, but they didn't. The people who answer the phone are nice, but they can't do anything about this. I would not recommend this company.

After 6 years I can say PetPlan is a total scam. Initially they paid out on a claim or two but I have had this company deny every claim in the last few years, they always find a way out to not have to pay. I can say it's a total scam, in that I am better off saving the premium in my savings account and paying myself, at least I know I will have the money. Sad to say this insurance is not worth it at all. I have cancelled and wished I did it sooner.