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Gall bladder removal: Our Max was so sick, and the bills were astronomical. Well over $7000. Pet Plan paid all but $200 within two weeks of submitting the claim. This is one of many very positive experiences we have had with Pet Plan. They have saved us thousands of dollars. Were it not for this plan, we might have lost Max due to financial hardship. Their customer service, whether by phone, email or claims processing, is efficient and very regarding of the pet owners and what they are going through with their sick pet. I never had to worry about checking in with the company. Our CVS Emergency Vet Specialists are very familiar with this company and its ease in filing claims. I highly recommend pet insurance from Pet Plan. They cover your pet and give you peace of mind. I just had a great conversation with Pet Plan's rep, Kim. She was immediately helpful and cheerful. What a pleasure. Thank you Pet Plan for helping Max live a longer and healthier life.
Thank you Pet Plan for your support. My 10 year old Golden Retriever, Bentley has had multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer, for almost two years, you've never declined a claim and he's still in remission. Due to this insurance we can afford to give Bentley the treatment he needs, while giving the best quality of life. We tell everyone this is the best insurance and no one with a pet should be without it.
Everyone told me I was wasting money when I purchased Pet Plan insurance for my pitbull, Little Mama several years ago. Little Mama is the love of my life and I would do anything for her so I kept the insurance anyway even though I don't have a big income. A few years later, Little Mama developed severe osteoarthritis that I could see was causing her pain and reducing her quality of life. Because of Pet Plan, I am able to take Little Mama to a rehabilitation specialist who has developed a plan consisting of swim therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, and supplements that has drastically increased her quality of life. She is able to run and play again and seems so happy to feel good and enjoy life. I would never be able to afford this on my own. A few months ago, Little Mama developed a spleen disorder that included complications such as spontaneous hemorrhaging. This condition is very severe and I thought I was going to lose the love of my life. Because of Pet Plan, I was able to afford the over $12000 worth of vet bills and my little girl is cured. While having to contact Pet Plan regularly during this time, the staff was amazing! They were extremely helpful and fair and were so friendly. Kim Borbone went above and beyond to help us through part of this difficult time and her and the rest of the staff were phenomenal. I am so grateful to Pet Plan and do not know what I would do without them. Getting a Pet Plan policy was one of the best decisions I ever made
This past week I had to file a claim for my dog Nolen. He had developed an infected toe. My first problem was that the format of the web site had changed and I could not print out the claim and medical release forms I called the main number and after a short wait I was connected to Emily Briggs. She quickly explained how to download the forms and stayed on the line til I got them off my printer. Then I told her I wasn't going to renew my policy because the new premium was way out of my comfort zone. She showed me how we could lower the max from 20K to 10K and raise the deductable. In no time she had a premium that I was comfortable with. Everyone was happy. She is knowledgable and efficient and a great asset to your organization. Feel free to share my comments.
As a new pet owner and a new pet insurance owner and being a Sr citizen with no technical skills Caitlin Walters was so helpful helping me navigate the online site. I really appreciated this.
I have had a great experience with PetPlan for my little puppy girl. I spoke with Blair Gordon, who explained the letter PetPlan recently sent me with my new quote options to update my plan. It is affordable and their service is great. Blair was very helpful and walked me through my options, and was very friendly, too!
All of my questions were answered and I feel like I am in good hands with Petplan.
It never even occurred to me that pet insurance existed until my dogs 7th birthday and my vet suggested it. Just a little over a year later - I have no idea how I would have afforded to keep my dog healthy without it. Petplan has been nothing short of amazing. Between an oral surgery and a full knee reconstruction after a torn ligament, we would have been thousands in debt if not for them. The monthly premiums have been affordable and the claims process has been surprisingly simple. I've been able to send all the documentation in online and every single time, I have recieved quick responses. I've never had to fight about a claim or a payment - it's always been very simple and very prompt. If you have a pet - please, please, please get pet insurance. The last thing want to worry about if your dog is suddenly limping through the living room is whether you can afford to help.
I am so thankful for PetPlan! My dog has gone to the ICU and has had 4 surgeries on her legs since 2015. Without PetPlan, she may not have made it this far, and even if she did, her quality of life would be much lower. PetPlan's coverage is worth every penny! They've saved me THOUSANDS of $$. PetPlan has allowed me to provide the care for my pets that is best for them. And EVERY time I call with a question, their customer service representatives are patient, kind, and helpful - especially Jordyn S. I HIGHLY recommend PetPlan!
Nice staff and great service, recommend this insurance company!
We would have spent a fortune on Lotti if we hadn't had Petplan - really easy and efficient :D
Great insurance company. Jordyn S was very efficient, polite and nice and she had the perfect answer to all my questions immediately. Amazing job!
emily is awesome! we shared pics of our fur babies and it made it real! she is an excellent asset to the pet plan family. thanks emily and luna! we love u ! rosie, jay, bella, grace, and angel
I have had 6 goldens and all of them have had miscellaneous minor injuries and some serious ones. Pet Plan has been with me through thick and thin and I love them. Agents like Janice Memory make it easy to do business with them as well. Great Customer Care
I used the Petplan live chat for the first time to resolve a problem I was having updating my account. I chatted with Caitlin who was wonderful and helpful. It was extremely quick and easy. My problem was resolved in 2 mintes. I thank Petplan and Caitlin for making sure my pup is protected.
I would like to take a moment to thank Regina. She was extremely helpful when I called in to inquire about coverage for my cat that has a pre-existing health issue. I will defiantly refer all of my pet owning friends to her. Thank you so much Regina for your help.
Submitting a claim to Petplan is actually more complicated than submitting to my human insurance. To date, they've denied every claim that I've submitted on the (faulty) basis that my pet's condition was pre-existing (it wasn't). I've filed an appeal but have yet to have a response from Petplan. In the meantime, they continue to send me marketing material every few days to get me to continue subscribing.
Petplan is a total life saver! I have two Alaskan Malamutes and I had their insurance through Petplan for two years. Until now, I am 100% satisfied with Petplan insurance service, I think in some circumstance, Petplan is better than my own human insurance plan. My dog, Sugar, has unspecified allergy since last year, we visited multiple general vets and dermatologist, had several exam and surgery, and Petplan backed us up! I would never find the right dermatologist for Sugar without the help of Petplan. Not to mention the bill for sedation and reverse in every surgery (that's quite a bit for a dog over 100lbs), Petplan got you covered. All you need to do is take photos of your invoice and medical record, and upload to their user friendly app. And BOOM! Two weeks at most, you will get your check in your mail, isn't that amazing? Petplan also has 24/7 customer service, where you can find nice people explaining things very detailed and understandable. Thanks to Petplan, I never hesitate to give my best friend best medical care. I recommend Petplan to every friend who has a pet.
Jordyn has helped me on more than one occasion. I found her to be very helpful, patient, caring and sympathetic to my dog and my concerns over his health. She sounds like a great person. In fact, all of the PetPlan reps I have talked to, over the years, have been wonderful. Thank you!! Sherry Mutschall
We had PetPlan for 5 years for 2 dogs. I canceled a few weeks ago due to billing issues as the rep did not explain to me what was happening. It got really expensive and very quickly. It's my mistake I should of waited and talked to someone else. I technically did not even have lapse in coverage and when I tried to go and set it strait, my policy is already fully gone and I have to enroll my pets from scratch, nothing will be covered at this point after 5 years as everything is pre-existing. Thankfully we did not really use our policy, it was just always there if needed. Its very disappointing that there is no 30 day or anything especially for loyal customers who gave them countless referrals. Oh well.
Very helpful and patient with my questions. 5 stars, excellent
I have to tell you, PETPLAN PET INSURANCE was a God send to us. Though we knew going in that our dog was epileptic when we rescued him, he had a host of other issues that required extensive medical treatment. Knowing we had the insurance made it so much easier to decide how to proceed and knowing that we were doing what was best for his medical needs and treatment. We also got it down to a science submitting claims. We always asked for the most recent medical records when we were leaving the vet and we would scan the copies of what the treatment was to PetPlan (along with any prescriptions orders, receipts, etc.). Usually within a few weeks time we would receive a check from them. If there ever was a problem, Pet plan communicated what the issues were and worked to resolve them. We will never go without Pet Insurance again!!!
My dogs are involved in sports as well as being adventurous dogs. Having insurance has provided me with a great peace of mind. Recently, my dog had to have emergency exploratory surgery because his X-rays weren't quite normal. I was able to make the best decision for my dog because I knew that Pet Plan had my back. While there was a learning curve after the initial emergency (I wasn't aware that his follow up visits would be considered "specialty" and wouldn't be completely reimbursed), I was able to worry about my dog and not my checkbook. On top of this major emergency we've had a couple of smaller things like a fractured tooth, a dual chocolate eating and bloat incident (both dogs at different vets on the same day is fun, right?). It's also nice because they cover some of the alternatives- I can have them seen by a chiropractor to help with the aches of pains of doing sports like flyball and agility. I've already suggested this company to multiple friends who have gotten policies and have also been pleased. They're also VERY easy to get a hold of. Their live chat feature is very convenient for me to use at work when I can't necessarily make a phone call but can respond to a message in a free moment.
Today I spoke with Kane, a terrific Petplan team member! He is friendly, caring, and he was able to completely and efficiently answer my questions on my deductible and the status of my current claim. I can highly recommend Kane and Petplan! I have always received wonderful, kind, and clear help anytime I have called with questions.
I am on my second dog with Petplan, had the insurance on both as soon as we got it. I think the company got sold or changed underwriters a while ago. Absolutely loved the old one, immediate 5 on coverage and staff and attitude. Since the change, still pretty happy (Huge 5 for Jordyn S - helped me out, followed up, happy and charming) but they reduced my coverage percentage because we had an operation. I didnt like that. Seems all those years of paying for high coverage I should get to keep it and not lose it because I had a claim. But other than that I love them. That factor makes me give them a 4 (but Jordyn S always a 5). They dont mess around, claims processed fast and always easy to deal with.
We've had PetPlan for over 3 years and already they will have paid out more than we will ever put in over our boys life time. We've been unlucky with our two of late who seem to be getting something new every other week despite their great diet, and exercise. It is so comforting to know that no matter what we can proceed with treatment and hope that PetPlan is there to reimburse us at a later date (Even if they weren't we would do what ever it takes for our two). Everyone should have pet insurance (I appreciate some just can't afford it) to avoid those times where you have to consider giving them up due to the cost. Not to mention it removes letting your loved one suffer all because you don't want to be faced with the bill. Now PetPlan are incredibly affordable, and have amazing coverage. When you submit a claim they do an amazing job of processing it. All of their staff are super friendly and always happy to help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, and look forward to the continued coverage of our two for the rest of their happy little lives.
I called petplan when my claim was on hold while they waited for some extra paperwork. I spoke to Nick Burns. He was extremely helpful, explained exactly what was needed and expedited my claim as soon as I faxed the missing paperwork. He made everything easy so I could concentrate on taking care of my fur baby. Nick then followed up with a call to let me know he had taken care of everything.
Had much better experience with competitor actually covering our claims instead of having a seemingly bottomless list of uncovered procedures like petplan.
My 4 star rating is for Petplan insurance coverage. However, I would give customer service representative, Sara K, a 5 star rating! She really helped me to understand all the ins and outs for filing a claim. She is the reason for my continued coverage for our two goldens for another year. I was not going to pay for another year of coverage until I talked to her. I plan on asking for her anytime I need help. She truly is a great representative for Petplan!
I have had Petplan insurance policies for my dogs and cat since 2008. Just a few months after I signed them up, my dog Lydia was diagnosed with cancer. Her primary vet didn't have much hope that she would be with me past six months. Within a few days of her diagnosis I took her to an oncologist, who was more hopeful. We started her on chemotherapy right away and over the next six years Petplan was there every step of the way for countless x-rays, bloodwork, ultrasounds, a CT scan, chemotherapy, radiation, and more. They paid out close to 50K for her treatment over the years. During Lydia's illness my cat Tequila and dog Archie were also diagnosed with cancer. Their illnesses were much shorter, but again, Petplan was there every step of the way. Having health insurance, and Petplan in particular, has been such a blessing! I can't imagine where I would be financially right now had I not bought health insurance in 2008. Knowing Petplan was there, and knowing how easy they are to work with allowed me to put my pets' health first. It's super easy to file a claim, and they pay them quickly. And in addition to the financial help, everybody I've ever talked with has been very caring and compassionate. I want to especially thank Happiness Manager, Amy Bellingrath. She's taken the time to get to know me and my pets, and I can tell she genuinely cares. Call her and tell her Lydia's mom sent you! She'll be happy to help get you started.
Jordyn was a joy to speak with. She made me feel much better about the ridiculous mistake I made on my claim form. I feel quite confident that she will see it gets taken care of. I am SO happy that I have Petplan for Beanz. It’s those unexpected vet visits; that usually run quite high, that it is perfect for. She’s only 14 months and considers our backyard her virtual snack bar so I am consistently patrolling to make sure there isn’t anything that will hurt her. I obviously missed SOMETHING! Thank you Petplan and be assured that I do refer you to everyone.
UNETHICAL PRACTICES, DO NOT PURCHASE A PETPLAN POLICY! I purchased a Petplan insurance policy in February 2016 at the cost of $86.05 per month. I haven't needed to use it until August 2016 which means they have already collected $688.40 of my money for a policy that they haven't paid out a dime on. My dog has an unidentified lump on her wrist which was noted by the vet prior to purchasing the Petplan policy. What this means is that the veterinarian noted in the patient log to have existed(one line), but it was never tested on or diagnosed to be a condition. Despite it having gone undiagnosed Petplan chose to deny a pre-authorization to have the lump tested and removed. The reason for the denial was that it is considered a pre-existing condition simply because she was showing symptoms prior to purchasing the policy. I spoke with a representative on the phone who explained a pre-existing condition to be “any condition that exists prior to purchasing the plan EXCEPT conditions in which the breed is genetically prone to getting(hereditary). For example, if a Daschund gets arthritis in its back they will cover the cost of treatment because the breed is prone to back arthritis.” Upon explaining this to me I inquired about whether or not they would cover my English Bulldogs hip dysplasia because, as a breed, they are genetically prone to getting the condition and are known to have the highest rate of hip dysplasia among any breed. She told me that despite it being a hereditary condition, it would not be covered because it is a pre-existing condition. In addition to the lump on her wrist I submitted an official claim in the amount of $325(or $800) regarding a condition that my dog was in fact treated for. My Petplan policy comes with a $200 deductible PER CONDITION. Instead of paying the difference($325 - $200 = $125) they separated the claim into 2 different conditions involving allergies thus 2x $200 deductibles, neither of which were met therefor they did not pay a dime. I called them to point out numerous errors that were made across BOTH of the new claims where the amount applied to the deductible was less than it should have been. There was also the issue that without the Banfield wellness plan that I’m paying an additional $40/mo for, the visit would have costed nearly $800. The difference in cost is very clearly stated on the vet invoice that was submitted with the claim. In other words, I’m paying Banfield for a discount that Petplan is knowingly taking advantage of and then taking MORE of my money to do so. Upon requesting that they cancel my policy and refund me for the full amount that I have already paid them they refused to do so stating that I had been using their service and that I chose to have the Banfield wellness plan in addition to the Petplan. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make it ok for them to knowingly take advantage of people. Smoke and mirrors and knowingly stealing from me, extremely unethical.
this is the insurance company you're looking for for your furry companion! I've used them for two of my dogs and have been very satisfied with the coverage and customer service. no hassles or delays I can rest easy knowing my little guy is in good hands.
I appreciate the help i received from Nicole Meredith today. She very quickly resolved a concern i had and was most pleasant to talk to.
Kane Daly was incredibly patient and helpful today. He took the time to explain what was going on with my claim. Thanks so much for being gracious when we discovered it was my error, not PetPlan's.
I regularly joke that my dog has better insurance than I do. I love Amy B. She has gotten us through so tough times. Im a loyal customer and always will be.
Great customer service. Kane made my first-ever claim really easy to navigate.
I have had PetPlan since we adopted our puppy in 2013. My husband and I have recently moved to Collegeville, PA and was unaware that we needed to have a whole new policy since we moved out of state. Nick from PetPlan was able to seamlessly transfer all of our information into a new policy and offer great customer service. He was able to answer all of our questions and make sure there was no lapse in coverage. We appreciate all of his help and the quick turnaround!
I had a few questions about my plan and Mark provided me with excellent customer service! Thank you so much for your help!
I got pet insurance with petplan and was with them under a year. When it came to processing the claim, despite their automatic email reply saying they will get back to you in 10 days. They did not contact me until over a month later. Throughout the claim process, no one contacted me to give an update or to inform me they may take a while to process. No one even bothered to contact me to inform me they had decided not to process my claim and made a decision it was classed as a pre existing condition that won't be covered. I had to phone the company to follow up the progress of the claim to get all this information! I even had to phone them to find out the claim got denied and to get them to put it into writing. What poor customer service. Despite me disputing that the illness was diagnosed at the time I had insurance, they still refused to process the claim. A total waste of money, don't bother with this insurance. You're better off putting the money into a savings account for emergencies.
It's good to know our dog's care can be a choice based on what makes sense, not simply dollars. I trust that Petplan will make some Vet visits a little easier.
I honestly would love to give a shout-out to a PetPlan Pet Insurance Employee: Ms. Stacey Johnson. Tonight, I called PetPlan because I received a bunch of refunds and I was overwhelmed in trying to understand what pertained to what. Ms. Johnson was so kind, calm and understanding. She explained things to me step-by-step, going back into my policy records and explaining information that she had access to. At some point she realized something was off and worked like a 'detective' in order to help straighten it out. She provided me with updates and would even make me laugh. I don't know if she is a manager or supervisor of some sort- but she definitely demonstrated very good skills as one. Please make sure she gets the recognition that she deserves. It's not every day that one receives genuine support via phone, instead of a person who sounds like a bot and cannot wait to get you off the phone. Thank you, Ms. Johnson.
I have had Petplan for over 7 years now and have been very happy with them. They are expensive at first glance, but if you shop around, and when you compare apples to apples, their coverage is worth the upfront costs. I most recently needed to use the insurance for surgery of a torn ligament in my dogs knee. This surgery was very expensive, but was covered completely with my plan (minus the $100 deductible). Additionally, I found the customer service reps I worked with courteous and extremely helpful, in particular Justin W. He took care of me from the beginning and followed up with me like a true pro. I highly recommend Petplan.
Katee was extremely helpful in assisting me with a recent claim for our new puppy. This is the first time we’ve had pet insurance. Katee patiently and thoroughly explained the process which is completely new to me. At the end of the conversation I had a better understanding of the claims process and what to expect with policy coverage in the event of any additional claims. I’ve heard great reviews from other policyholders and I’m glad we chose Petplan to cover our new puppy.
I've been with Pet Plan for at least 8 years. They were great when my big boxer had cancer and needed surgery and all kinds of treatments. I exhausted my annual limit that year and Pet Plan covered everything with no hassle. I've also had good experience with Pet Plan for other claims for my other dogs. My claims are usually paid within two weeks with no hassles. I have not had problems with communications, as they contact me whenever they want more info from my vet. I do like submitting claims through the new app in my phone. Claims get paid even faster (5 days!). My only complaint is that the app divides claims by invoice even if there are several invoices for the same claim. Then I receive a check for each invoice- seems inefficient. Submitting via email results in one check for all the invoices together, but is slower. I also wish they had direct deposit for claim payment. I have been loyal. However, Pet Plan recently changed underwriter- leading to changes in claim deductibles. It has gotten more expensive- higher deductibles for the same premium. I recently covered the deductible for my older mastiff-mix and have been submitting claims on the same issue with no problem from Pet Plan. My previous per condition deductible was $200 and now it is $400 for the same (similar) annual premium under the new underwriter. I stay with Pet Plan out of loyalty and convenience, and they still have great customer service. As long as they don't present hassles I'll stick with them. I think an annual deducible per pet might be better than a deductible per claim. In the meantime, keep this in mind as you shop around. I rated 4 stars because of the changes to the deductibles, whereas I would have rated 5 stars before the underwriter change. Service has been great in spite of the change.
When a customer service rep noticed I was a bit frustrated, he went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of. That is exceptional in my eyes, and it is obvious that he truly loves his job and cares about the people he is working with. He is one of the only reps that has gone out of there way to ensure that not only everything was handled, but to my satisfaction. Felt like I had a friend looking out for my furbabies, not just someone on the end of the line. Very pleased, thanks Kane.
Kane Daly is caring and has an incredible personality! Kane is compassionate and goes the extra mile to help me and my pets, and he is a great asset to Petplan USA! Kane is the kind of employee that represents the values, integrity, honesty and dedication that employers are looking for! Outstanding service! Thank you so much!
Love Petplan!
Very happy with all elements involving my pets insurance. Knowing that Pet plan are there to help, give advice and a quality expert service when you need it is a big comfort in your hour of need. Thanks Pet plan!
My dog was suddenly paralyzed in his back legs after he herniated a disc in this spine. We rushed him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with Intervertebral disc disease. He needed an emergency neurological surgery. It was nice to not have to worry about the seven thousand dollars that the surgery would cost because we already had pet insurance. I was not expect to see any of that money again but Pet plan covered the WHOLE surgery. I received the reimbursement check in less than 30 days. They also called me to follow up and see how my dog was doing( he is now walking). I would HIGHLY recommend pet plan.
This is a great pet insurance company! I began insuring my cat when he was 3.5, and he just passed away a few days ago, having turned 11 last month. He got lymphoma cancer 16 months ago. Pet Plan fulfilled the agreement and never, ever denied him medical treatment. I got the maximum protection for him, and it gave me such peace of mind to be able to give him all the medical care that he needed while we were battling his lymphoma. I got a renewal letter, and it was almost exactly the same as this past year. No increase. The claims were processed quickly. When I get another cat I will insure him again with PetPlan.
I will share the shorter version of my problem with Pet Plan. I haven't been overly pleased with them in general. However, the most recent attempt at a claim has me seriously considering a change to another Pet Insurance provider. Basically, my dog was bitten by another dog. The bite was serious enough that he needed to have a procedure done and a tube put in to drain the fluids. We obviously submitted a claim to Pet Plan for the vet bill and expected it would definitely be covered. Our plan has always been 90% coverage with a $200 deductible per claim/incident. (Trust me, I hate that it isn't an annual deductible already). Anyway, we submitted the claim, which was near $500, expecting to get close to half of the money back from our insurance provider. A situation like this is one of the reasons we decided to invest in Pet insurance in the first place. Well, to my surprise, we receive back a letter with no check inside the envelope with a little surprise message. Apparently, our deductible went up from $200 to $450 on a per claim basis without any prior notification from Pet Plan. Therefore, we didn't even know that our deductible went up so dramatically until they responded to the claim. Had I known that the deductible went up more than double, I would have immediately started looking for another insurance provider, especially considering that our dog is only 2 and we have a new 10-month-old puppy that we want to be insured as well. A $450 deductible on a per claim basis makes having the insurance virtually useless, especially at the dog's younger age. Yes, I realize that things can certainly happen in regards to accidents and illnesses, but this was far too high of an increase without notifying us. When I contacted Pet Plan, they basically said, "oh, we changed underwriters and they increased the deductibles." Great to hear after the fact. Perhaps that is information you should notify your policyholder about. I explained the situation to a representative at PP and they told me they would send it to escalations and get back to me in a few days. That was over 3 weeks ago. I have followed up with e-mails and even tried calling but I keep getting voicemails to the box of the woman I was told to contact and no response via e-mail. I would hope that Pet Plan will honor the original deductible for this claim, considering that we were never informed about the dramatic increase. However, my main hope is that there is a pet insurance company out there that is actually worth the money. I am starting to wonder if pet insurance is just a complete waste because nothing seems to get covered and there is always an excuse not to cover virtually every claim I have submitted. When I finally have a claim that they approve to cover, they increase the deductible so high that they aren't responsible to pay anything. Hopefully, I can find a pet insurance provider with an annual deductible and reasonable premiums that will be worth the monthly fee to protect my pets. Pet Plan has been a very disappointing experience and with the latest changes in their underwriters and policies, it seems they have taken a major step backward from what used to be one of the most widely respected and used pet insurance companies in the country. PS - Sorry for claiming this would be the shorter version of the story. I guess I had more to vent than I thought, lol
My dog, Mabel, has had more injuries in her 2 years than most dogs will see in a lifetime. PetPlan's courteous and expedient service has been essential to our ability to treat our dog. Thank you for your hard work!
I was fortunate enough to have Sarah Vassallo take my call and she was AMAZING!! She TRULY went above and beyond to help me with a situation that I had previously gotten the "run around" on! I only wish all customer service agents everywhere were as WONDERFUL as Sarah!!!
I have had Josie insured by PetPlan for 6 years. She's so healthy I never had to file a claim. But I will tell you this -- I had mistakenly taken out a second policy on Josie last August. PetPlan notified me about the duplication last week and offered to help me resolve the error. The service rep, Jenny, was very friendly, courteous, and fully understanding of how and why I made the error. Thanks to Jenny and PetPlan I now have only my original plan which fits my and Josie's needs and am receiving a full refund on the duplicate policy without having to request it. Society would be well served if more businesses had the ethics of PetPlan.
Honestly, i'm blown away by the representative/customer relationship this company offers. We've held a policy with PetPlan for almost two years and have nothing but EXCELLENT experiences the entire time (claims made and paid extremely fast). I actually called them to discuss our policy before our renewal today... at 10:30pm... Would you believe I got probably the most friendly and helpful human on the plant. Nick B. was more than helpful in answering my questions and had a genuine concern for the well-being of my gun dog Bailey. I guess this is why they're one of the best in the industry and the reason i'll be a customer for years to come. Thanks Petplan!
I have been a Pet Plan insurance member for the last 5 years. Unfortunately my dog recently passed so until the new arrives, I am no longer a client. I have had several interactions with multiple team members and have found them all to be courteous, responsive and very caring individuals. I would recommend Pet Plan to anyone with the need for pet insurance.
I have my 2nd dog insured with Pet Plan. My vet told me they were easy to work with and since my Bella is just a pup there were no preexisting conditions that would not be covered. The customer service is really nice and you can tell they love animals and their job. My other dog is older and too many issues so not going to get it for her though.
We have just had our renewal notice and having been loyal members with no claims for 3 years, our premiums have been increased by 108%. When I called for an explanation, I spoke to a gentlemen who was uninterested to say the least, and confirmed my suspicions that the company has had ALOT of people cancelling their policies of late. Fortunately, I am in the position where my husband and I have a very healthy dog who will have no problems changing insurance policies and moving to another company, however………as I said working in the insurance industry I fully understand the concept of pre-existing conditions. Therefore, I feel sorry for the people who are trapped by the decision either to pay 100%+ more for their premiums, or to cancel. I work in the life insurance industry myself as a financial adviser, and therefore understand the concept of premium pricing and risk, and have NEVER seen anything like this, even in the medical insurance industry, which is renowned for significant premium increases with enhances in medical technology. I am absolutely appauled by the treatment we have received from this company
Best pet insurance on the market. Great communication, customer service and information. I will be using petplan for all of my dogs. Never have a problem with reimbursement. I have saved 4xs over on vet bills it pays for its self. Great company
After Quincy, our 2 year old cat at the time, decided to eat some sticks and rocks and had to undergo a $2,500 operation, we decided that it was finally time for pet insurance. Out of all the insurers, Petplan's model and coverage worked best for us. We cover routine care, Petplan covers illnesses and accidents; what's not to like? Well, shortly after we put Quincy on the plan, the dummy goes and eats string. He quickly became very ill and needed emergency treatment. Petplan saved the day by covering $4,800 of the $5,000 procedure! Unreal! They helped cover the costs of end of life care for Papaya, our older cat and just recently helped cover the costs of another prohibitively expensive incident with our newest baby cat, Lady Cocoa. Premiums have gone up slightly but that's understandable to us since my kitties have had such expensive care. With Petplan, we never again have to worry about these exorbitant medical costs when we know our kitties need help. We can focus on what matters. Thank you, Petplan! We're customers for life!
We have two dogs - both covered with Petplan. My youngest pup, at 3 months, broke her tibia and ran up a bill close to $5000. Petplan processed the claim and had the cheques in the mail within a week. Cannot recommend them enough.
I have had Pet Plan for 2 dogs, now. I'd made a spreadsheet comparing All the plans available from different companies & Pet Plan was the Only one that met All the criteria I had set as I'd studied the various plans. The staff at PP is knowledgeable, caring & the turn-around time on paying claims very quick. They are clear re. what info they need so the pet owner is sure what to send & they make it clear what claims each payment is for which, if there is a lengthy illness/injury is a Huge help to the pet owner! When the 1st dog I insured w/ them unfortunately did die - they sent the payment in a sympathy card with a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds. Which to me sums up the caring of the staff at Pet Plan. They will do what they say they will, they pay promptly and they care. No pet of mine will ever be w/out a Pet Plan policy!!
We have had Pet Plan for 7 years. As long as we have had our dogs. This past August was the first time we had to use the insurance. One of our dogs was attacked and had close to $5,000 in medical bills. Originally we had trouble logging into the website, but their IT department sorted it promptly and kept in touch with us. More importantly Jenny, and later Gina "Happiness Managers" did a great job of helping us. We were on vacation and did not receive notice that they needed additional information. When we returned we were worried that it would become a "hassle". However, we emailed Gina. She responded really quickly. Our vet then sent over the information on a Friday, and by the next Tuesday Gina confirmed that our reimbursement check was on the way! Excellent customer service and big thank you to Jenny and Gina as excellent Happiness Managers.
Very Happy With Pet Plan they really Care about there customer`s and the Animals , There fast with helping in any kind of issue or Matter , and filing your claim is so fast and receiving your Portion back is fast and Prompt .. Very Happy to have Covered Under Pet Plan ... Thank you
I have been a Pet Plan customer for many years now. My dog has always had more illnesses than usual (in my opinion), but recently I had to expend a significant amount of money to diagnose and treat an illness that had been plaguing her periodically for some time. It would have made for some very difficult decisions had I not had insurance. And the night I sat in the emergency pet hospital was so hard. I literally saw a woman max out her credit card to cover another day and advise the vet she would need to put her pet down if he didn't recover by the next day. I have always and will always have insurance on my pets from day 1. Don't wait until they get sick. Get it while they are still babies. Pet plan has been great about covering all my bills. They make it easy and convenient and their app is fantastic.
Our hound mix got sick - really sick, dying sick - last year. Thousands upon thousands of dollars later (days in the ICU, months on meds, tons of diagnostics), she recovered fully. Amazing! Knowing that we had the insurance enabled us to move forward with treatments and diagnoses that ultimately saved her life. Pet Plan really came through. And filing the claim was easy and the customer service was great. As you can imagine, the whole experience of the dog being so sick was traumatic, and we didn't file the claim for months. The Pet Plan service rep Justin W. walked me through everything and did all the heavy lifting for me - organizing months worth of paperwork for treatments. A week later the claim was processed and maybe a week after that our checks were received in the mail. I am so impressed with the coverage and the ease of filing. I would recommend Pet Plan to everyone. I wish they would start doing health insurance for people.
My experience with PetPlan has far exceeded our expectations. Chad Dull, Customer Service Supervisor, and his team of customer service reps are friendly, knowledgeable and just really nice people. They always go the extra mile to answer all our questions and resolve any issues. We continuosly recommend PetPlan to our family and friends. You guys are rock stars!! Thank you for what you do!
Emily was great and made the process of filing my claim very simple. She took the time to ask how my my puppy Hula was doing after eating a bee, and even made a personal follow-up phone call a week after we spoke to see how Hula was doing! Petplan has been great for my family. They have knowledgable and caring members on their team and it gives us peace of mind knowing we have good insurance coverage for our pets. This claim was over $1,000.00 and having Petplan made the emergency situation a lot less stressful. I highly recommend Petplan for pet insurance.
So glad I have pet insurance with Pet Plan!! I've have to use it twice for dental problems and you all are awesome. Thank you so much :)
We have 2 bichons both under the age of 4. Our little girl has ongoing chronic issues as a result of IBD and liver problems. Petplan has made it possible for us to provide her with the best of care including acupuncture and other holistic supplements that have enabled us to keep her off of steroidal and antibiotic treatments. She rarely vomits, is beautiful and happy. Everyone is always so friendly and eager to help whenever we have a question or concern...most recently Jordyn S. Choosing Petplan above the others was one of the best decisions we’ve made other than bringing our balls of fluff home. So happy we have them on our team.
Petplan is a trusted company with caring employees. This was my first claim and they assisted me with every step. I highly recommend the affordable insurance for your loved ones. Kiley my 8 year old standard Poodle had TLPO surgery and it was such a relief knowing she had insurance to help with the major expense. It took less than two weeks to have the claimed approved. The staff is awesome and will assist you with every aspect of your claim.
Very nice and helpful.
We have our little puppy covered through Pet Plan. He's been getting seizures and they have reimbursed everything. I put in a significant amount of research before purchasing through them and am glad I did buy Pet Plan. Although they don't direct bill there are a significant amount of other positive things with their product. Pros- manageable premiums and ability to chose deductible and reimbursement rates. They have covered expenses other plans don't (the consults with our Neurologist!!). Cons- they really could be faster with reimbursing, average has been a month, although the last two claims were processed in a week!
EXCELLENT Customer Service. I corresponded with Mark via web chat on the service team. I appreciate the fact that you guys do not outsource of offshore your jobs. Keep America Great!
My chihuahua, Tito, recently had surgery to have a sarcoma removed, followed by four weekly radiation treatments. Petplan has been paying all of my claims quickly and accurately, and Tito is doing really well after all of his treatments. I'm very thankful to Petplan for helping with all the bills, and I'm so happy I was able to give Tito such great care without worrying about cost. I highly recommend Petplan to any pet owner who wants to ensure they are able to give their pet the best of care.
If I could give zero stars I would! I had a claim rejected due to a ‘pre existing condition’ my dog never had! I asked for the documentation that pet plan had (under GDPR I’m entitled to it) but they didn’t send it, instead I received an email telling me what they had already told me over the phone. I did ask my vets for the documentation they sent to petplan and there is no mention of it being a ‘condition’, it was classed as post operative precaution. No wonder Petplan won’t send me the documentation I am legally entitled to. I’ve been paying this company over the odds for 7 years, for a policy that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. I think Petplan just take your money with no intention of insuring your beloved pet! Disgusting!
Petplan came through for us in a difficult time. We had heard from friends and family how expensive pet bills can be, so when our pup Aggie joined our family, we made sure to sign up for pet insurance. Although she was only 7 weeks old, we wanted to go with a trusted provider, with a strong underwriter, that offered comprehensive coverage for breed specific conditions if need be. For just over $30 dollars a month, we had peace of mind that if anything ever happened to her we wouldn't have to make a tough financial decision, we could just get her the best medical care possible. Like all insurance, we hoped we would never have to use it, at least not until many years later. Out of the blue, less than three years later, Aggie was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We were given a prognosis of 6 weeks without treatment, or many months of quality of life with chemotherapy (CHOP). The vet provided us with the chemotherapy protocols: $15,000 over several weeks. Sitting in the vet office hearing this news brings it home the value of pet insurance. It would have taken us over 40 years of premiums to save that amount. Having the insurance meant that we could start treatment the same day. Within days the cancer receded. The treatments had allowed our son to grow up with her, and for Aggie to play on her favourite beaches throughout the summer, until the time came to say goodbye. We made over 40 claims over the course of Aggie's treatment, and not once was there any issue over a reimbursement. Each time we called, Petplan staff were empathetic and efficient. Particular shout out to Taylor, who took ownership for helping facilitate the final and largest claim, which was over $5k. Your information and updates made the process seamless for our family at a difficult time. So, to everyone at Petplan, thank you for offering this service to pet parents. Insurance makes a difference to lives and allowed us to give Aggie a wonderfully joyful year and the dignity and comfort she deserved when she needed us most. Oliver
Their phone staff is either poorly trained or dishonest. I hope the former. I asked what do you pay after meeting the deductible? I was told 80? Of everything else. The correct answer is " after meeting the deductible for each illness or occurrence " we pay 80%. So I rushed to have some growths removed before the end of the year when my dog was still recovering from an allergic reaction to some medication..Because of this misinformation, I rushed to have growths removed that turned out to be malignant before the end of the year while he was still recovering from an allergic reaction to meds. It could have waited three weeks. Do not rely on anything they tell you. Read ALL the writing. BUT you can't even rely on that... My renewal letter said my premium would be $ 644.00 but they charged my credit card $210.00 which makes my premium $820.00. When I called they said their March 8th letter to me was wrong so they charged me the right amount because they made an error and my premium should have gone up. I am stuck with these disreputable people now because we now know that what my dog has been struggling with since the beginning of December is Valley Fever. I am waiting to see how they try to deny the claim. So is my Vet. So be careful with these people. I was cautioned early on by by a tech at a different vet's office about their unwillingness to pay claims. We will see this coming year. Last year they disallowed some and really hiked up my premiums so just ck with some vets.
I've used PetPlan for many years now. Mostly for routine care. Our Boxer got lethargic and later had fever of 105. After tests and lifesaving hospitalization we still haven't figured this out. Then our puppy jumped off a 6 foot wall after a friends dog! (Damn Stella) Two in the hospital at once and about $8,000 plus. Thankfully PetPlan has taken care of these bills. They never give me a problem and just send me the checks. I will NEVER be without! Oh, and the dogs are on the mend ;-)
Glad I have Petplan! They paid the hospital the remaining balance to the hospital and I was refunded in accordance to my plan. The claim halted several times because of missing documents and I wasn't contacted about those missing documents. However it was easy to follow up and send in the documents they needed.
could not be happier with this plan. I called a couple times for an update, got good response. My claim was approved via an email as they promised and check is in the mail. All good. They always open their email salutation by asking about my dog Bella.
I have had Petplan insurance for several years and they have always been very helpful with any claims I have submitted for my little dog. Nicole is especially attentive to the needs of clients. I called a week ago asking about a claim that I had submitted in late Nov. She researched it, found it had "fallen thru the cracks" so to speak during the holidays and immediately took care of it. But, she went a step further and actually called me today to let me know the claim had been taken care of and the check is on the way. That is the definition of good customer service. Thanks, Nicole. Snickerdoodle thanks you, too!
Thank you so much Katee for all of your assistance explaining my policy so I know exactly how well my pupper is covered.
I am so thankful I have Petplan for my dog Zoey, who unfortunately has an ongoing issue that Petplan is covering. She also recently has been limping and has been to the vet twice for this and we're still unsure what the cause is and Petplan has covered the expenses for this as well. I recently submitted four claims for both the ongoing issue and limping and when I realized my claims were taking a little longer than usual to be completed, I contacted Petplan and spoke with Gina. She made sure I didn't have to wait much longer for my claims to be completed and she notified me that they were done the day after I spoke with her. Thank you Petplan and Gina!
I've only had Petplan for 2 months, and just called Petplan for help in the claim process. Jen was *great* and extremely helpful. She sent me an email detailing the follow-up work she'll be doing for me next week. I couldn't ask for more help. Once I have more experience with the plan, I'll have a better idea of the coverage, etc.
Over the last 12 or 13 years I have had pet plan as my go-to. Aside from having real pet owners, and really lovely people working in their office the company is straight up and always takes care of their responsibilities. I can't recommend this company highly enough. Just excellent!
I signed my two year old dog up for Pet Plan and requested a medical review. She had a fracture in her leg as a puppy when I got her from the humane society, and has not been to the vet for a single illness or problem in the past two years. Because she had SLIGHTLY less muscle mass in the leg which was broken, this is the list of exclusions they put on my policy. This basically means they cover nothing on the dog, so I am cancelling my policy. Go with another pet insurance company who doesn't significantly raise their rates and actually covers your dog's issues. This list is insane, really, renal (kidney) disease or an infection the dog has is related to a broken leg from two years ago? Clearly a veterinarian did NOT complete a medical review, because no vet would agree with these exclusions. This exclusion includes, but is not limited to, related therapies and diagnostics, recurrence or progression of abnormal left hind limb finding, any condition related to, resulting from, and/or caused by abnormal left hind limb finding, and any underlying cause for abnormal left hind limb finding such as metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal disease, renal disease, endocrine disorders, neurologic disease, spinal conditions, joint disease or dysplasia, orthopedic disease, or infection.
A big thumbs up to Mark F. & Jenny K. Their customer service was excellent in helping me get the documents together to submit my claim. They should be commended for their quality service and representation of the company. Chris
Amazing. I was skeptical about pet insurance at first to be honest. We did not have pet insurance for my childhood dog who ended up being riddled with (expensive) medical issues we were lucky enough to be able to deal with. I first got my own kitten when I was 20 and I was not sure how I felt about a yearly deposit of hundreds. Within the first year, my kitten was diagnosed with bladder crystals after his second UTI in a few months. He now has to be on prescription food for the rest of his life, but not having to stress about the ~$850 initial vet bill was super relieving (plus they help with the check-up x-rays every 6 months if I’m not mistaken, since the condition was NOT preexisting). A couple months after paying for the second year, my dummy cat apparently managed to swallow a string we ultimately found out in the end but having pet insurance made a super stressful experience slightly more tolerable. We were in and out of the vets office and ER visits like 7 times over the span of 2 weeks with thousands in vet bills. Eventually he was referred to a huge clinic 2 hours away where he ended up in the ICU before they did a $3000 exploratory surgery on top of the $1000 ER deposit bill. Due to the urgency of the situation, my credit card actually got declined because I was waiting for the checks to come in since they were dispersed over a two week period, so luckily my dad was able to help me out until I got reimbursed. But if I’m not mistaken there’s an option to preauthorize things like this normally so this shouldn’t be a problem for many.
Jordyn S was very knowledgeable and compassionate when I called in today. It is my first time using the insurance and I am now ready for the vet visit with all the needed paperwork thanks to Jordyn S.
I was nearing the end pretty tough overseas work trip when my friend who was dog-sitting my pet Barkley texted me saying he was at the Vet/ER because Barkley broke his leg. I called the vet immediately and was told it was a bad break, definitely required surgery and it had to happen ASAP. I honestly thought he might lose his leg. The doctor was upfront and told me this could cost as much as 6k. When I said I had pet insurance she was relieved for me and Barkley and said she tells everyone it's a must have for pet owners. She's right. Barkley is getting the care he needs to recover and Petplan is really coming through. This was the first claim I filed so I was a little overwhelmed with the process at first but they are very reachable, kind and understanding over the phone and they walked me through every step of the process. Having pet emergencies is undeniably stressful and this was no different but it's nice to know Petplan was there for me and Barkley to make this whole thing a little bit easier. I highly recommend Petplan to owners.
Best money I ever spent. My 5 year old Golden Retriever became extremely ill with anemia and required multiple hospitalizations. The medical bills were well into the tens of thousands and Petplan reimbursed everything for exactly the percentage amount I'd signed up for. No hassle, no questions asked.
PetPlan has been helping me care for many rescues over the past several years, and I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. The reimbursements have always been quite fair and are usually processed within a week or two. And on the two occasions when I’ve had to contact customer service, my issues were dealt with immediately and to my satisfaction. I just chatted with Mark who is following up on a request to my vet for medical records, which is one of the things I love about PetPlan. If I haven’t submitted everything they need through the claims portal, they will just do what it takes to get the missing info themselves, without bothering me. The staff are pleasant and intelligent, and clearly want the best for me and my dogs. I wholeheartedly recommend PetPlan to all pet guardians.
I had called in to review a claim that i had put in and found that i was missing some vet documents, however my knight in shining armor Kane Daly helped me retrieve the missing paper work from my vet. I've had the pleasure of working with Kane Daly twice and so far i am very satisfied with the peace of mind that he gives me. I was missing some vet documents for my dogs recent claim and Kane walked me through on what steps to take next, then within the next business day i received a call back from Kane assuring me that everything is set and that they will reimburse me with a check within a week once everything is reviewed. Kane Daly even gave me his personal contact info to reach him if I have any further concerns or questions. He is truly a gift to both me and my Dog Luna, without Kane Daly I would definitely have been lost and frustrated with my claim issues.
We live in Colorado and we take our dogs on long hikes frequently. When Dellah got older her hips were bothering her, so we decided to have total hip replacements done. Unfortunately things did not go as planned and she ended up having four surgeries. It was a very stressful time for the family. We were grateful that Petplan relieved the financial stress of paying for all four surgeries and the physical therapy required after all four surgeries. Petplan also covered our other dog Careto who we rescued and brought back from Spain. He had a histiocytic sarcoma in his stifle, and the vet recommended SRT to treat the cancer. He is now 16 months cancer free, and we couldn't have done it without Petplan. I love being able to choose the best treatment option for my pet and not having to worry about the bill that will come afterward.
When I first got my dog I was going back and forth whether I should get pet insurance. My last dog hardly had any health issues until the end of her life. I am so glad I decided to get the insurance. Two surgeries and 1 eye injury in her first year (my poor dog)! You never can predict what can happen and having pet insurance has given me piece of mind. I also appreciate the excellent customer service from Petplan. Thank you!
Great company and friendly staff. Never considered a policy until it was recommended by a friend. They've been a pleasure to deal with so far and I'll be continuing to do business with them in the future!! Thanks for the guidance, Katee!!!
I was reviewing my PetPlan premiums for our 3 beautiful little furry girls. They had gone up and I wanted information as to why. Jenna explained fully, we adjusted the terms on which we pay and we shall pay premiums for The Girls. PetPlan has been wonderful in dealing with the Claims associated with our little (well she thinks she is and who's to argue) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Fortunately we have not had to claim for a while now, but when we did the Claims were accepted and paid without equivocation. Chooki has a lot of congenital issue which comes with the breed and we've never had a problem, including physical therapy, water therapy, you name it associated with her recovery. We had another Insurance Plan many, many years ago and they covered NOTHING!!! PetPlan is a boon to this Family. Thank you so much.