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Pets Best Pet Health Insurance
Pets Best Pet Health Insurance

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I had a great experience with this company- I called representatives a couple times- they were very kind and helpful - the claim was processed quickly and soon after the vet has sent it in. Thank you . It helped me with this bill!!! It makes me feel as if we are in good hands if my dog has a bad accident or illness!
love the insurance. very fast in pro essing claimd
awful this company is complete and total BS they dont have a claims department or at least u cant talk to them and the customer support staff wont even ask them a question for you THEY ARE 100% SCAM ARTIST !!! LOOK ON YELP !! OH AND THE 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE!!.. the day we enrolled with them a 5 star review was posted with an account with my name and i DID NOT WRIGHT IT !!! DONT TRUST THEM SAVE YOUR MONEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !!!!
Pet's Best is truly the best. Membership is reasonable. They respond quickly to a claim and do what they say they will do.
You pick what you need to be covered for your pet and everything is made easy ! 100% would recommend so far !
Pets Best is responsive, thorough, professional. I recommend this company to all pet owners.
Pets Best Health Insurance has handled claims exactly as promised with less than two weeks between claim submission and payment. I like that claims can easily be submitted online along with supporting documents and that claims are paid by direct deposit to my checking account. We have a very healthy dog but things do happen that can get expensive quickly.
PetsBest is responsive and very helpful.
Always an easy transaction and fair reimbursement....This is a very wise investment for all of us who consider our pets, family... Thank you
It's so easy to file a claim online and the reimbursement is in my bank account within days of filing. The explanation of benefits is very easy to read and understand.
Our dear Black Lab gave us 14 wonderful years of her life. We would have been broke if it was not for Pets Best Ins. As a young dog Maggie could get herself into a lot of trouble and Pets Best was there to helps us out and when she got older and got sick they were there to keep her going. Without the insurance I really don't know what we would have done. Maggie was a great friend and she has left a large hole in our family. Everyone should be so lucky to have a"Maggie " and Pets Best to keep her going.
My experience with Pets Best has been very good so far. Their claims process is very fast and simple.
Inexpensive compared to others and they paid promptly. I called with questions and they were very pleasant.
Always has paid claims timely, provided understandable reasons when claim was denied and customer service representative was extremely helpful in answering question regarding a change of coverage.
I received 3 phone calls on my first claim. 2 of them were strictly about Benadryl. They denied part of my dogs claim because I personally without a rx gave my dog benadryl. I brought her to the vet to find she had an ear infection. They denied this part because I have her benadryl in Aug. They didn't ask if it worked and they didn't ask why. What one has to do with the other I will never know. This was my pets 1st vet visit besides when she was 8mos which never determined her to have allergies so the response is invalid in my eyes
I can't recommend Pet Best more then they are terrific. There quick response on our pets claim's is amazing. I think we have been with them for five years. Unfortunately our Female Akita Reagen has had trouble with UTI'S. There have been many claims from meds to x-rays and ultra sound. We are still trying to get to the bottom of the issues. They have not complained or said a word. They just continue to reimburse us. They raised our rate a bit but we understood and are so happy with them we just paid the increase. If your looking at insurance for your pets look real hard at Pets Best, before going with them I checked so many other places. They were and are the best by far. Frank
Our Akita tore his ACL and needed surgery. Pets Best covered everything and settled our claim very quickly. I highly recommend Pets Best to everyone with pets.
Greatest value ever. I used for my anatolian Shepard and BFF Seabastian for 10 years and he had to have 2 TPLO surgeries and 4 root canals plus more over the years and Pets Best covered it. I was pleasantly surprised and saved over $10,000 over his life. Best invest meant ever! Thank you so much! John Anver Suleiman - John The Beach Realtor
The Petsbest insurance was easy to obtain and they provided fast claims service and answered all of my questions. I would recommend this pet insurance to everyone.
Very quick and easy
I am so grateful that i purchased Pets Best Insurance. As i can not afford the full benefits, i do have accident Insurance. My 10 year old was bitten by a Rattelsnake :( She is fine, and the Bills totaled 1500.00. Thank goodness it was not only covered, but super easy to file a claim, and they took care of sending me the money even before i got the credit card bill! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and promptness!
I'm reviewing after my first claim. I'm very happy with the fast and affordable service.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the kindness of staff I spoke to and with the speed of claim processing on my dog's recent medical treatments. My questions were answered with empathy by a knowledgeable person.
I did not realize how valuable Pets Best Insurance was going to be when we purchased it for both of our puppies. Our first Baby was our first experience and it was the smartest decision we made. Our Bella had issues and Pets Best was with us all the way. Now we have another new one and we also purchased a policy for her. Another smart decision. Thank you for being there with support for our Coco. Everybody needs Pets Best because they are prompt with claims and very helpful on the phone for all our needs.
I researched and reviewed several plans and plan options before choosing this one. I’m very pleased with my choice and my experience so far. Highly recommend.
I had my little guy in for his nails and weight and they looked at him due to me asking because he had been sick. They did an exam n prescribed him medication. The insurance didn't cover it. I was very frustrated because the bill was over 100 dollars n that didn't include his nails (the vet didn't even charge me for his nail trimming) I pay good money for his insurance n I don't even get to submit when he is sick.
Having been in the health insurance business, as a broker, for 40 plus years I was a bit apprehensive about pet insurance. To sum up my opinion, I wish the health insurance carriers I represented were as efficient, caring and customer friendly as Pets Best. The pricing is competitive, but most important is their customer service is beyond reproach. Claims are settled in manner of a few days, not weeks.
I can't say enough great things about Pets Best. Have 5 dogs and have had coverage for over 6 years now. All the things they claim they will cover they do. Customer service reps are excellent and reimbursement is handled quickly. They have saved us more than once over the years.
I have had Pets Best since 2011 on 5 dogs. They are awsome. I have had a wonderful experience working with them and the Dal claims. Some years I have no claims and some years we are not so lucky and have emergency’s. Our furkids are our human children and they are treated like our children. I highly recommend Pets Best for yours too!! I have had 4 of my friends sign up and always talking it up to people I meet with dogs. If your furkids are part of your family. Please consider insurance fur them. I tell people it’s like car insurance and you hope you never have to use it, but if an accident occurs your so relieved.
Great people to work with. Have answered my questions and covered Klaus's claims promptly.
Very disappointed... discontinue service
Pets Best was great and easy to work with. After submitting my claim, they needed medical records from my vet. I emailed them and asked how to best retrieve and send them that information, and they called me back to let me know they reached out to the vet for me and would retrieve the documents, and that the email was just a notification that it was the step that they were on in processing my claim. A few days later, I had a confirmation and break down of my payout.
I insured my puppy from the moment I got her and that was the best decision ever! She developed a grade 4 luxating patella after jumping off the couch which made it worse because her breed has historically developed them anyway which I honestly didn't know about as our previous dog same breed never had any problems with her knees. I was so fortunate that I had petsbest insurance they have covered all expenses including her surgery and I couldn't feel more grateful or blessed to have them as they made it easier to handle such an unexpected expensive medical condition so early in life! Everyone should get Petsbest insurance when they get a puppy or kitten as life is unpredictable and they are there to help!!
This is the best insurance I've ever had. Reimbursements are quick and easy. I've had a few insurance policies on my pets but this is the only one I've gotten something back on their vet visits.
I have never used pet insurance before, and so was not sure what to expect after first vet visit while insured. I sent in a copy of the bill I paid the vet, and they sent me an overview the very next day of what they are going to cover, and the deposit is already on the way!! This is by far the easiest time ive had dealing with insurance companies. Lifetime customer here!
They misrepresented what they wowuld pay for my dogs surgery and subsequent finding of anaplasmosis
Customer service was very helpful
I had a problem with my claim not getting paid. Upon appeal they were very helpful and reassess the claim and took very good care of me.
Have had this insurance for a year. No complaints. Claims are easy to submit and they're generally great about speedy reimbursements. Have contacted support once; it was fast and efficient.
This insurance is so easy to understand and and submit a claim. I cannot believe how helpful your customer service is.
I am so glad I have Pets Best Pet Health insurance. The website is super easy to navigate and the payments / reimbursements are always timely. I could not live without it, my dog is now 15 and is having some issues and I never get disappointed with Pets Best! Christiane Govan
Before getting our French Bulldog puppy, we looked long and hard for a good pet insurance company that we could trust, as French Bulldogs often have well-known (and costly) health issues. Pets Best had very knowledgable customer service reps that helped me choose a plan that would cover unexpected expenses, as well as preventative medicine and vet visits we knew we'd need in his first year. Being able to pay bi-annually was a great bonus, too. Submitting a claim is extremely easy and hassle-free, requiring very little added effort from me, other than submitting a simple receipt and seeing the funds hit my account just days later. Little did we know, our poor baby would break both elbows at just 4 months old. THANK GOD for Pets Best! The surgeries and long hospital stays were so expensive, but Pets Best alleviated a lot of the cost for us and we couldn't be more thankful. In the days after his surgeries and into his recovery, submitting the 40+ pages of hospital bills to Pets Best was so, so simple and we received our claim literally just days later, which was such a relief in a very stressful time. I recommend Pets Best to all of my friends and family who are looking for a great company that provides easy, uncomplicated insurance for their furry family members!
We are so glad we got Pets Best pet insurance!!! John from the sales department was great !!! He answered all our questions. We have been pleased with the outstanding service we’ve received !!!
Pets best is really easy and convenient to send in a claim since they give you the ability to send it in online. Everytime I call with questions, they're really professional and knowledgable. I'm glad my dog has pets best. It gives us peace of mind knowing if something does happen, he's covered.
Good experience, but deceiving the customer is a poison pill. Although only a difference of $25 for me, their $250 deductible is actually $275 because they take out 10% for "co-pays" even though you pay the full amount until deductible is paid...really petty of them and not how most insurance works.
Pets Best was quick to review my claim! They responded quickly! We're very happy with our refund! They were fair! Thank you!
My dog had to have a tumor removed resulting in a toe amputation, follow up appointments for dressing changes and suture removal and the unforeseen re-opening of the surgical incision site. Pets Best made it easy to submit claims on their app by simply answering about 3 questions and uploading my receipts. I was reimbursed within 5 days for my dog’s vet bills electronically. The app is easy to use and you can easily submit claims in less than 2 mins. I have a $500 deductible and only had to cover 20% thereafter.
excellent company, very fast reimbursements! thank you!
Clear, responsive, helpful, get you your refunds quickly via direct deposit, or check if that's your preference. So happy to have this insurance for my guys.
I researched 4 companies for pet insurance. I'm not saying the others are bad, as I have no experience with them. My experience with Pet's Best is beyond what I expected. They pay very quickly and it is directly deposited into my bak account. When you call everyone of their customer service team members is caring and knowledgable. I have not had a claim denied, and if they need more information they contact you instead of just denying payment. It gives me peace of mind in their care, that is worth the premium I pay in and of itself. All 4 of my dogs are my best buddies, and Pet's Best is theirs. My dogs will never be without insurance.
Our Golden Retriever has been covered by Pets Best for 5 years, and they are the absolute best in coverage and quick claims handling!
I hesitated getting Pet Insurance, but with having 3 dogs it pays for itself and is an excellent investment!
Great customer service, quick claim turn around.
Pets Best is a really good company, They have treated us well and are definitely competitive rate wise.
Pets Best has been awesome for us. Very fast claims processing. Always very helpful
I wish our health care was as easy!
Pets Best has been kind and understanding amidst some of the most trying times with our pets. Customer service has been great. I would recommend them to anyone.
We have submitted two claims so far for vet visits and the process could not have gone more smoothly, we are reimbursed via direct deposit, there isn't much of a delay in getting the money at all, no questions asked, no hassle. We could not be happier at this point.
Pests Best is the Best, they are really quick in reviewing the claims. they are cheaper then other dog insurance companies I am really happy with them
They are very prompt with reimbursements very helpful when I call or chat. Highly recommend them.
This program is a waste of money. They do not reimburse the 80% they claimed they would when I initially signed up. I will not be renewing my plan.
Ill be honest it took me months of research and calling a few different pet insurance companies. I went with pets best due to having great customer service, any time i called for questions or emailed questions they got back to me. They never said it all depends and you have 30 days to decide. They always provided an answer. They also have an essentials package that i added on which i liked. !st time i needed to submit a claim customer service once again helped with the whole process and got my eob in less than 5days. Quicker than my own FSA. thank you for all your help pets best. I know i made the right choice.
Easy to submit a claim and receive payment and although I understand (to a degree) I think the price increase was pretty steep.
I have been a customer for years. First, with my girl Lexi who had Pet's Best for the latter years of her life. Pet's Best was always so impressive with her claims. Quick reimbursements and easy-to-understand benefits. When Lexi passed, the representative was so kind throughout the process. I now have Pet's Best with Wesley and he just had a very expensive weekend emergency procedure. We fortunately caught it early (partial blockage due to kidney stone), and while we would have done whatever it took to ensure he was OK, knowing that we had Pet's Best made the decision that much easier. The reimbursement was sent less than a week after filing and, once again, everything made sense under his benefits. Insurance typically is over-complicated but not Pet's Best. I always know what I am getting and what to expect. I recommend them to everyone I know. Insurance is something you never want to have to use but, believe me, you eventually will need it and having Pet's Best in your corner can help take one stressful thing off your plate during an already stressful situation. Thank you, Pet's Best!
I can highly recommend this company. If you should have a claim they contact you immediately to say they received the claim and then they take only a few days to make the payment. Pets Best was recommended to me by my vet and they have come thru with all my claims.
Fast claims processing
I was a little concerned about how the Pets Best policy would work and how well the process for reimbursement would be. But Pets Best made the process of placing a claim simple and easier than I could have imagined. I am not disappointed so far.
I have only just started with Pets Best, but they have bedn perfect so far! No problems with being reimbursed!
The rates are awesome. The insurance coverage is the best I've found to date (This is the third company I have been with). And the paid my wellness chain in well under a week!
Fast claim service
Pets Best health insurance is pricey but, my toy poodle Lacy Belle is worth the expense. i appreciate the ease with the claims process and know that we have the best insurance possible.
I haven't had this insurance long. I just recently went through a claims process because my doggie was hit by a car and the experience was ok, not the greatest. There was very little explanation and communication throughout the process which was a bit annoying. The website is not very user friendly to check on the status of your claim because you are not able to click on any links pertaining to your claim. You can only see a "status" and if it says pending, you can't see why so you have to call and at times the representatives were not able to clearly answer questions. This happened to me twice which left me a bit frustrated. At one point I had to hang up and call back in order to speak with someone else. There's room for improvement.
We have always had a good experience with Pets Best Insurance. They have explained their different plans to me so we can make the right choice. They are very courteous and efficient at their local office. I would definitely recommend them.
need to pay faster
My dog was unexpectedly diagnosed with epilepsy and this company has saved me from breaking the bank and making sure he has the best care. Thank you petsbest!
Pet's Best is truly the "BEST"! My Bernese Mountain Dog accidentally injected something he shouldn't have while exercising outdoors. I was relieved to have Pet's Best insurance to help cover this emergency situation. I submitted my claim and was reimbursed within the week. If I have a question regarding my coverage I always receive help from a knowledgable and friendly person. I highly recommend Pet's Best insurance.
I am so happy to have health insurance for my dog. I just made my first claim because my dog was in obvious pain and limping, and I was not afraid to take him to the vet and get him the care and tests he needed, knowing I had pet insurance! Communication with Pets Best is fast and friendly and claims are straight forward. I recommend getting your pet insured with Pets Best.
Pets Best is very responsive and the website is easy to use and upload claims to. I've been a customer since 2006 and have had to submit claims for 3 of my animals. All have been handled smoothly and reimbursed promptly.
I've been lucky and have not had much of a chance to use it. Thanks goodness but they cover some of the annual shots which is good.
HORRIBLE! The worst experience i have ever had with an insurance company. When I adopted my pup she had a free month of insurance with AKC and then I switched to your insurance and she had a minor issue with possibly swallowing something that caused loose stools and I called my vet and she went on flagyl. She then improved . When I saw my vet a week later she was fine and got her shots. Then the following week she started having loose stools and could have been a reaction to the shots, but it continued for a few weeks so my vet wanted to rule out anything serious. My pup then saw the specialist and had ~ $700 worth of tests which ruled out cancer, EPI etc. and possibly might be an allergy to chicken which is in everything pup's eat even her heartworm pills. To make a long story short your insurance won't cover anything related to her diarhea which is outrageous. She was a 2 1/2 month old pup and they have sensitive tummies so to call this pre- existing condition is BS!
Pet's Best has been very easy and good to work with. The only disappointment was that they didn't cover stem-cell replacement treatment when my dog needed it. Otherwise, I highly recommend them
Easy to use. Quick reimbursement!
Pets Best was amazing! My pup got pancreatitis on Christmas morning while we were visiting with him out of town. After having to bring him to the emergency clinic for what was a terrifying experience, Pets Best made everything else easy. Sending in the claim and getting accepted within a day was reassuring. I was expecting the negotiation process like others but not with this. Thank you!
What a relief to have pet insurance. Our Jack Russell was diagnosed with Addison's Disease on 4/16 and pet insurance certainly helped with the bills. I am encouraging all of my friends with pets to sign up.
Excellent company. Our claims were always processed expeditiously and we received fair compensation. Highly recommended.
It is very easy to submit claims (5 minutes tops). Our reimbursement was just as expected for our dog's policy. So nice to have the coverage!
The claim was paid right away but for some reason their rates do not match the rates vets charge here in California. My cat's teeth cleaning was a bit over $500 and I was reimbursed 10% of what I paid. Unacceptable. I will drop this insurance and find a more reasonable one as soon as I can.
Doing a good job on my claims and customer service.
Just put in my first claim for wellness care and was pleased with the claim covered and paid. Will moved fwd to keep this plan.
I love this dog insurance...when I put a claim they reimburse me really fast! So far so good.
Fortunately we have not had to use this service very often but when we did it was prompt and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet and wants insurance for it
Didn’t realize there were so many loopholes in our policy. Our sweet dog was attacked and by the time you took out the deductible AND co-pay we received 1/5 the bill reimbursed. To say nothing of the health care that was NOT wellness but due to the bite that was not considered. Wondering why we signed up for insurance. Very disappointed.
Pet's Best is great! I received regular updates through email about the status of my email. It was fully processed in exactly a week each time. The EOB are simple and easy to read and do not hide anything from you,
They extrapolated my 3 mo. old puppy's potty training / crate anxiety to include noise phobia 6 months later for the 4th of July. Causes of stress are different and being a puppy learning to potty train in a crate is different from adult separation anxiety or firework noise phobia. Since I work at my vet clinic, I wrote mentions of his struggle learning crating & those were counted as 'veterinary observance' although they were just owner's personal concerns with a puppy overcoming crate training - my vets never discussed/diagnosed the behavior as such. I submitted an appeal, but I am annoyed I chose this insurance over others, because they got better reviews than others about whom I've heard claim-denial-complaints and some I've heard cost complaints about...
Honestly you couldn't find a better company. Everyone has been so helpful and concerned about my kitty. Payment was fast and filing my claim was so easy. Love Pets Best!!!
CHOOSE ANOTHER INSURANCE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! PETS BEST DOES NOT COVER WHAT YOU'LL NEED. The most common injury for dogs is the ACL tear, the Cruciate Ligament Injury. Pets Best does not cover this even though is it an ACCIDENTAL INJURY, nor did they cover any of their listed covered medications and we just paid $4,500 out of pocket. For some reason, it lists that there is a "grace period of 6-12 months" before using coverage - false, it is not covered AT ALL, EVER. Wish we would have selected another insurance! Ask your vet for recs!
My dog has had an gastrointestinal condition for the last 3 years. She at times just refuses to eat. It was recommended by our Vet that she have the NutriScan test done to see what food sensitives she might have. The test cost $280-$300 and it is recommended that you have it done yearly. We are so lucky that Pets Best Health Insurance covers the cost of this test!! Our dog was found to have several food sensitivities one being egg. Which is found in so many foods and treats. Removing this from our dogs diet along with several other foods has really made a difference!! We are on our 3rd year with Pets Best and have just enrolled our new Puppy. They are easy to work with and have great customer service!!
First time with pet insurance and it was easier than I thought. They answered all my questions. I purchased the policy on friday & took my dog to the vet on monday & was paid on Friday. Very, very ,very happy Valeri New York