Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance Reviews

Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance
Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance

Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I have never had one problem with Plymouth Rock. They are a reputable firm and would recommend to anyone. They are always there for me. I have a great insurance agent who is always there for us. We also have car and home insurance.

So far I have had a great experience with my auto insurance company. They answer all of my questions in a way that I can understand. They don't leave you on hold for hours. They communicate quickly and efficiently but still take the time to discuss your options and personal needs.

I never had any problems with Plymouth Rock. They always send me a reminder when payment is due and if I ever have any questions, their friendly service is always able to answer all my questions in a prompt manner.

All I needed was my driver license number and VIN number for my car, and we had the policy set up within a 20min phone convo and Plymouth Rock emailed me proof of insurance immediately. They have competitive rates and the website is easy to access. And the fact that we used me ATM card for my first payment makes it a convenient option to start the policy. It is easy and simple to make a payment or make changes to my policy, with their website. Every time I have ever had to call them, the customer service rep was always helpful and direct to the point. I also feel that their customer service skills are outstanding. They do whatever they have to to help solve the problem I may have. The only thing I would improve is making less of a wait time on the phone to get a hold of a customer service rep. They have everything else pretty well covered.

Last night, I was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. I called the roadside assistance number I had been given. The operator answered promptly. The wait was less than 30 seconds. The operator started asking for my information, to look me up in the system. The operator tried my name, my phone number, and MY ACTUAL POLICY NUMBER, and could not find me in the system.

I had the operator repeat my policy number back to me twice, to ensure that it had been received correctly. Their alternate options were basically the same as me figuring it out on my own, so I just figured it out on my own. I'm not sure why I have roadside assistance on my policy with Plymouth Rock if I'm going to be left to figure it out on my own like this. Also, I verified this morning that the number I called was the correct number by calling the home office and checking with them. It was correct.

They provide quality Insurance with a competitive rating that is better than most companies that provide insurance to my area. I also like that they provide all documents in a timely manner, that is easily understandable. I purchase my insurance through an independent agent, so I had no contact with the company directly, the agent handles all communication. I had great service from my agent. But I wish their late fees at Plymouth were more reasonable, being chronically ill, I sometimes am late because my illness prevents me from being able to get to the bank on time. When you live on a fixed income it is hard to budget those high fees.

This company sucks. I'd give them zero stars if possible. I've just gone onto my own insurance this year, and I called multiple Insurances to compare, and this one was the sad winner. After having me give my down payment and first month's pay, the company decided to change my rate. Without even warning me they added an extra $153 to my monthly payments. Then when I asked why, I got some random responses asking about my mother's insurance? And then they credited me $30 for probably complaining about their **-up.

Then a few months later after already receiving my mother's insurance info they decide to tell me that if we live in the same household that one of us has to change our insurance??? It's not (and I quote) "Compatible"?? So I go ahead and try and ask one more time why this obscured instance is occurring, and if this is true why no one had said anything MONTHS ago when first receiving the info, and I get my question completely ignored and they ask for the papers again. This company is truly an awful one. If you're on your own for the first time I HIGHLY recommend you keep looking. This company has truly scammed me.

An on time paying, no claims customer for many years of both home and auto with Plymouth Rock, never any issues until there was. I purchased a home owners insurance policy and after the company wrote the policy and took full payment, 9 days later I received a letter saying that not only is the annual premium being raised but there is a threat to cancel because of moss on the roof which there is NOT and overhanging branches which there is NOT.

To that I say to Plymouth Rock, Congratulations! Because you took my money and then turned around and threatened to cancel plus raise the rate for things that don't exist, you just lost yourself 30 years of business from me on both home and auto insurance. 30 years of annual payments to come are now down the drain. Hope it was worth it!! Bye bye Plymouth Rock! Good luck! The picture proves my claim, Anyone see moss? I sure don't. I guess they make up things to justify sketchy behavior, but I'll have no part of it Thank you!

I had my insurance premium for 2 autos automatically deducted from my payroll for over 20 years. I moved and changed jobs and contacted the company to give them my new address. It was 2 months before I got the new bill which was $2739.00 for the year for two cars over 10 YEARS OLD!!!! They wanted a $1,950 downpayment immediately. Mind you, I have a perfect driving record. So, I cancelled and got Geico instead for less than $1200 per year AND with the same coverage levels. I just received a bill from Plymouth Rock for $653.00 for the two months (April and May) that I allegedly had coverage with them. This number is not pro-rated per those two months but is instead some arbitrary number they made up. And It's $200 over the amount of what two months coverage would be. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! THEY'RE ROBBERS. I am getting nowhere with their customer service.

I like that when I call Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance's office they know who I am. I can always count on high quality customer service whenever I speak with someone in their local office. However, the branch office is quite small- so whenever there's an issue I have to be sure to call when my agent is there since if they are out to lunch or away from their desk it means I will have to wait for a callback. But overall, very good- we can change the policy easily as needed, and they are always very helpful and friendly whenever we call. And they have excellent price. I have been very happy with our policy for many years.

I spoke with Gerry ** representative who took care of my case where their insurer hit other car and the car spun around to hit my parked car in a parking lot. He keeps telling me he cannot pay me until they investigate everything which takes 45 days or so which means since my car was totaled I have no car to drive when it is obviously their fault since my car is parked in a parking lot and no one was inside. Then I spoke with the supervisor he yelled me while we were having conversation. He keeps telling me he does not have any information and he does not know anything when the accident happened more than a week ago. This company has terrible customer service. The supervisor actually yelled at me.

Every time I've contacted Plymouth Rock Auto on an issue their employees have been very helpful and courteous and my issues have always been expediently resolved. This company offers great customer service and affordable insurance. When I have contacted them for information or resolution of a problem they've responded efficiently and positively.

When we had to add out 2 teenage sons to the policy Plymouth was very helpful in providing rates and keeping ours as low as possible. When compared to other insurances, their rates were better because we had been long time members.

My car has been deemed totaled a few weeks ago and everytime I call the agent dealing with my case I don't receive an answer. I have to keep calling and calling in order to get a call back. I talked to a CR and she was so useless. Her answers were "uhmm. I don't know. Uhmm I don't see that here. Uhmm I don't know". What kind of help is that? Worst customer service from an insurance provider I've ever received. I shouldn't have to keep chasing them every single day to get answers on my case status! I would give 0 stars if I could. Looking to switch the other cars we have insured with them as well.

I was in an auto accident, and almost a week later after accepting fault, they still have yet to resolve the auto claim. They are delaying the resolution because of the said excuse "please wait while we investigate our client, his coverage may be canceled or lowered due to the results." It only takes a few mins to see if someone has coverage, much less to investigate their coverage. Their constant stalling is very shady and unethical. Meanwhile, my vehicle is totaled and awaiting insurance claims. I cannot drive my vehicle, it's completely disabled and I cannot provide for my family while my vehicle is disabled.

They would not give up until I was satisfied. They paid for damages on the other car that I did not cause, just to avoid going to court, then they tripled my rates. Plymouth Rock cared about what was the best for me. My former insurance company was not interested in protecting me.

I was insured by Plymouth Rock for over ten years and never had a car accident. My driving record was spotless, no tickets, no accidents. Then I had an accident where I stopped at a stop sign, but the intersection was blocked by a parked truck. I crept out and was struck by a car that was going well beyond the speed limit. The damage to the other vehicle was extensive compared to mine. I was barely moving when I was hit.

The claims representative was nonresponsive and it took 8 days for the appraiser to appraise my car. The total cost of the repair to my car was $450 after my deductible. I asked for accident forgiveness, which was on my policy. The answer came in a surcharge notice. After paying Plymouth Rock roughly 24K for car insurance that I only used once before when my parked car was hit, which cost them all of $475, they hit me with a surcharge and raised my rates. I appealed their decision and the surcharge was retracted. I will never use this insurance company again.

I started looking for a new insurance company after I had Progressive and I was tired of the bill being different every month. I found Plymouth Rock Insurance and they quoted me about 1/3 of what I was paying Progressive and they were by far the lowest anywhere, so I took the deal. Now, after my first 6 month term is up, the premium has nearly doubled!! (They are still less than the others, but I feel cheated because they quoted me one thing.) Nothing has changed as far as drivers, cars, driving records, etc. I planned on this being the bill every month, and now, it is twice the amount that I was quoted.

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