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PolicyGenius made acquiring life insurance as easy as possible. Their website is very well designed, and the agents are professional and communicative. As an example, I was impressed when during the initial information gathering conversation, the phone agent had, mid-conversation, already Googled my workplace to get the address so that I wouldn't have to verbally convey that information, which is indicative of the quality of employees helping you through the process.
I give my full recommendation to PolicyGenius. They do all the research for you so that you're not trying to individually find the best policy. The only drawback was the length of time that it took to finalize the policy. However, that is not on PolicyGenius. I knew this would be a rather long and drawn out procedure. I was not expecting almost 5 months though. Throughout, they always kept me informed and were professional and courteous during the whole process.
Policygenius was very easy to work with, people were easy to reach, and they were helpful and conscientious in following up throughout the process.
I bought a life insurance policy through PolicyGenius. They made it very easy to instantly compare policies from multiple providers, and were tremendously helpful in walking me through the application process, including paperwork and medical tests. When the final price from a provider was higher than their initial offer, PolicyGenius helped me evaluate my options with other providers and based on their recommendations I ended up saving nearly 20% on my premium. In short, PolicyGenius makes it easy to buy good life insurance at the lowest possible cost.
Over stop shop for any insurance needs. They made the process very easy, communicated updates frequently to keep me informed. Great service!
I have been working with policygenius since early June in order to apply for life insurance for my husband and I. It has been a nightmare. In the past, I filled out a life insurance application to look at possible quotes, but I did not take the process any farther. On a later date, I completed a new application with the intention to pick a quote/company and finish the process. Throughout the last three months, the policygenius representatives continue to mix up the different applications despite my constant reminder of which is which. You would think that they could simply delete past applications to avoid confusion. Their website still does not match up with the current life insurance policy I am seeking (I am in the underwriting process) and instead, matches the previous quote that I began to pursue (no process had ever been started). After I completed the application at the latter date and during the initial phone calls, the representatives requested information pertaining to my education and career, which I provided. A month later, it turns out that this information was never recorded accurately. I am now wondering if they placed the wrong information into my previous application and not the one that was currently in place. In addition, they incorrectly recorded my salary and my husband's salary into their system. My husband was attempting to get a 800k policy. They stated that he does not make enough money and so he can only pursue a 600k policy. I am seeking a 700k policy and they gave me the approval, despite the fact that my husband makes twice as much money. When I pointed out this inconsistency, they stated that the inconsistency is likely due to having two different underwriters. As I continued to ask questions, I realized that they actually recorded my husband as making less than half of his actual salary. So in all actuality, the representative never recorded our accurate salaries back in June when this process was first started. As a result, we now have to send in his tax returns and paycheck stubs to prove his salary and to rectify the mistake that they initially made. These have been the biggest issues that I have faced. Also, I had a representative passively accuse me of providing the wrong information pertaining to salary by stating that she may have to look into the recorded phone calls to see if I gave the right information. I am pretty sure that I am well aware of how much my household makes seeing as how my husband and I work on tax returns together.... Also, the emails I receive from policygenius are lacking in important details, which continue the mistakes made on their end and result in me having to spend more time contacting them than need be. My husband spoke with a representative today to talk about all of these issues and to try and fix all of the mistakes. He stated that he is beginning to believe that the representatives are more helpful when men call than women, which was a suspicion of mine that I wasn't going to voice, but now I wonder if it is true.
Very easy to work with! answered all of our questions and provided feedback in a timely manner. Very happy with my decision to use Policygenius!
My husband and I had a great experience with policy genius. After filling out the online form we received a phone call within 2 hours, and we were able to speak with the same representative instead of me having to wait for a phone call. Someone immediately came out to do our physical at a convenient time for us. They followed up with us regularly regarding the status of our applications via email. Lastly, when my husband was having troubles with AIG, his representative called the company and followed up with paper work for us to complete the process. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.
PolicyGenius is not only a great tool when shopping for insurance but also provide wonderful customer service and assistance throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them.
Was insured in less than 3 months. Possibly shorter if I responded to their emails more promptly. The staff were easy to work with and their service was quick.
Very easy, no pressure
Very awesome follow up and through. Thank you for helping
Not only is PolicyGenius a great place to shop competitive term life policy rates, but it's also a tremendous resource for advice on what types of insurance coverage and products are important and how much coverage you need. I especially appreciated that I wasn't bombarded with emails and calls from insurance companies upon going through the Insurance Check-up questionnaire, and I was able to secure a policy for a great price and feel good about the process. Highly recommended!
Solid one-stop shopping. Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Easy to use.
I had a great experience with Policygenius! I generally dread paperwork. They made the process easy and seamless. I would recommend every highly.
Very easy and straightforward
Fantastic customer service.
PolicyGenius have excellent list of Insurance Companies they are working with. The team of PolicyGenius is responsive and knowledgeable.
Awesome Service and structured approach to the process. Great Experience
PolicyGenius made taking care of life insurance a pleasant experience. The rate was the lowest, the coverage was the best, they were the easiest company to work with. With two small children, my husband and I both feel at peace that we have our life insurance policies now, all thanks to PolicyGenius!
Great customer service! MY rep explained everything clearly and in laymans's terms. Clear and timely communication. Getting everything signed and approved was super easy. Really happy they were able to save me over $500 a year from what I was previously paying. I highly recommend them!
Makes the process of getting life insurance painless and easy to understand.
Such an easy process from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone.
Great service and followup.
Very pleased with the service of the Polygenius team - a member of your team is always checking in and giving me updates on the status of my policy application.
Last spring, at the age of 58, I discovered Policy Genius from a piece I read in the NY Times. I went online and found the process and communication very much to my liking. I worked with Jennifer over a couple of months to select from among competitive options that fit my needs and to get the medical records and review completed. Their blend of on-line and on-phone was spot on, delivering a "signature blend of competency and journeyman-like services" toward the right coverage for me.
Very friendly and helpful staff at Policygenius. They helped me get the best plan for the money. No need to go anywhere else for your insurance needs.
Really easy process from start to finish and the staff was super friendly (and fast/easy to get in touch with when needed).
Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience but I am a little put off by the amount of emails I have received. I am extremely busy and get overwhelmed when I receive too many emails.
I had an excellent experience. They followed my case from start to finish and were always available to clarify things and help out. I had tried getting an insurance with a broker before and couldn't find one within my budget, but I did with them. Great help!
Very easy to use website. The needs assessment is a great tool to determine coverage needs. The staff is very helpful and polite. The company keep me up to speed all along the way.
PolicyGenius.com did a great job. There was one issue that wasn't their fault with the medical screener not showing up. They fixed it and rescheduled with a different group immediately. There are many other things that I was satisfied with. Including there rapid and multiple forms of satisfactory communication.
POLICY GENIUS POLICY GENIUS POLICY GENIUS!!!!! If you’re looking for a great company to assist you in your or your family’s insurance matters PLEASE do yourself a huge favor and let Policy Genius guide you in the right direction. They’re knowledge of insurance matters was beyond reproach! I’ll admit that initially I was skeptical as I heard about the company on the radio. But I am SO glad that I made the decision to call them! They are excellent at what they do, they’re professional at all times, they are knowledgeable, caring, and will take great care you! I would highly recommend Policy Genius to my family and friends! Thanks Policy Genius!!! Blessings!
I had previously tried to purchase life insurance, but it never worked out. There were too few quotes, it took way too long and there was always some problem with documentation. PG was able to quickly process my paperwork and I got a policy that made me happy. I would recommend them to anyone.
Great and relatable customer service. I feel like the people I talk to are people I know.
The search process seems to work well. Customer service was able to answer most of my questions.
Easy to find quotes and spot on customer service. Stays in touch through the entire process
Simple, Easy, and always available to explain and help navigate through the process.
I received outstanding and great customer service and assistance. Applying for insurance is a headache and didn't know how or what to do- called policy genius, and from the initial conversation to the end ( got my policy!), there was follow up, quick responses to my questions, really helped to navigate the insurance world, and it couldn't have been easier. definitely will recommend to my friends and family. thank you!
I found the website incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The people were responsive and understanding of the complicated policy I wanted. Instead of 1 large policy, I wanted 3 smaller policies with 3 different durations to reflect that we will need less insurance in 20/30 years than in 5/10 years. They helped me to fulfill that goal with minimal hiccups. In addition, the first company from whom I requested a rate approved me at a higher rate. Michael helped me find a new company that fit my needs at about the original rate. Finally, I appreciated the transparent pricing. They show you prices for all the offering companies. This was the primary reason I chose them over selectquote.
Great personal attention and regular updates on the status of my request.
I won't think twice before recommending Policy genius to my friends. All questions and all my doubts were thoroughly answered within a few hours. Reliable/trustworthy professionals. Once you talk to these guys, they are so nice, that you will end up taking insurances from them. ;) . But jokes apart - I had a pleasant experience with them and would easily recommend them to my friends who are looking for life insurances.
on time. quick responses. easy steps all the way with lots of guidance.
Excellent service. The on-line quote I received was the exact rate that I was finally offered. Unlike other services where the on-line quote and final rate offered was 1.5 times greater. Entire process was easy and on-line communications effective.
The folks at Policygenius were professional, courteous and answered my questions. They were very helpful in obtaining me the life insurance that I needed.
Got competitive rate, smooth experience and a wonderful customer care team! Also, very useful tools to compare various providers and coverage.
Using the PolicyGenius website to compare life insurance quotes was very helpful, and their helpfulness continued from the time I chose a company right up through the activation of my new policy. I was kept up to date every step of the way, and they answered every question I had in an intelligible and pleasant manner. When a third party dropped the ball, the PolicyGenius team made a phone call and quickly got things rolling again. This team could not possibly have done a better job of taking care of me.
Great company. Made the process very easy for getting life insurance. I got a nice amount of insurance at an affordable rate. I will refer them to everybody I know.
good and helpful
I was afraid to even think about the possibility of dying and leaving my children. I had to get over this fear and realize that the best possible thing I could do for them is to make sure they would be taken care of if the worse shall happen. We can’t control when we will go but we can control how we will help our family go on without us. This was a process but it was well worth it and policy genius was there every step of the way.
A rare great company. Buying insurance was an enjoyable experience. Their agents work in teams and do not receive commissions, which is reflected in their efficiency, fast responses, and trustworthiness. Their website is helpful and well designed, and I felt confident that I chose the right companies and policies.
good experience. no issues finding the insurance i was looking for. These guys helped me all along the way with better price compared to other sites.
Policy Genius was very helpful, especially working with the Insurer to move the process along. They were very responsive to emails, and on the phone. Recommend them with no hesitation.
Excellent work by the Policygenius team in getting a term life that far exceeded my expectations. My rep kept me updated on the process and never once became frustrated when I was a little slow to respond. Thank you for providing an exceptional customer service experience!
Reps are not pushy. All quotes at one place. Will highly recommend.
Very easy and convenient to use. They give you a list of companies and pricing and they serve as a facilitator once you make a choice. There are no calls or emails from two dozen insurance companies once you start the process. Highly recommended!
Quick, Friendly Service
Excellent service and super easy to use
Policy genius was fantastic! The initial questions were fast and they made finding the best rate super easy! I was never overwhelmed during the process. They also followed up with me very quickly. In the end, I actually got an even lower rate than I was quoted! I compared their rate to another company and they got me more than half the rate of the other company. I would highly recommend their services!
I had a very good experience with PolicyGenius. I think their type of service (gathering the best quotes and helping you pick) is rare and extremely useful. I used it for the first time when picking disability insurance. I did look at other quotes from companies directly, but PolicyGenius had better offerings. I will definitely use PolicyGenius again next time I need to shop for insurance!
This was a fantastic way to apply for life insurance. Every step was electronic which makes things so much easier. The advisors were there every step of the way and the level of communication was wonderful. If you are applying for life insurance there is no easier way to shop a quote and purchase a policy
I’d never bought life insurance before and PG held my hand throughout the entire process, making it extremely simple. Great experience end to end.
Policy genius followed up very closely at all stages and they did very good job. Appreciate their work.
Excellent service. Always friendly on the phone and in writing. They really try to get you the best deal and explain everything in easy words.
I went with Policy Genius after listening to Clark Howard. They were incredibly awesome. Communication was superb. Constant updates.
The price compare and budget tool was great. Only delay in the process was getting the person to come out my direction to do the health exam, but understandable and not the fault of policygenious.
Very easy to apply for life insurance. Not only that, but, the customer service I received was impeccable. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Highly recommend PolicyGenius!!!
Great customer service. Excellent, knowledgeable staff.
I had blindly been using my existing home and car insurance company for life insurance, then a friend told me to use PolicyGenius. For the price I was paying for $500k in life insurance for a 10 year term, I now have a $1,000,000 policy for a 20 year term!! And, it is with a safe and reputable company. The customer service people were great and really helpful about which company was the best fit. Plus all documents could be signed electronically, which saved a lot of time.
I was able to get more coverage for a third less than the amount I was currently paying with Policygenius. They were great to deal with and kept me informed throughout the whole process.
So much easier than others we have used in the past. I would recommend policy genus to anyone lpoking For a great price.
The most important thing in buying insurance is having someone there to help steer you through the process. PolicyGenius gets five stars simply because they were so responsive to all of our questions. Whenever we would reach out, we would get an immediate answer which was thoughtful and thorough. Definitely recommend.
Very easy and straight forward process with no extraneous BS.
I found PolicyGenius via a random web search. I am extremely pleased at their prompt and courteous live, email, and online customer service. Their website is simple and straightforward to use and their people are pleasant to converse with. I'd love to see auto and home insurance options opened up on their website. If you haven't tried them out, take a look and give them a try.
I have had a very positive experience with PolicyGenius. The agents have all been very professional and friendly. They have explained everything very clearly and to the point. They have given me great advice and have kept me informed about what is going on with my application. I would recommend PolicyGenius to anyone looking for insurance.
Very easy group of people to work with. They made the whole process painless.
Policy genius made this process easier and more comfortable. They worked with me through the whole process, with emails, texts and phone calls to update me on developments and alert me if any action was needed.
Timely and friendly responses and notices. Very satisfied with how easy it was for me to buy insurance through PolicyGenius.
I thought the process was pretty painless and fast. I was surprised. I really would recommend.
I dealt with a good number of life insurance companies. Policy genius a prime time disruptive innovator. They take out the long drawn out process of underwriting that comes with getting life insurance. They were quick and efficient with answering all my questions. Their customer service is top notch and are great at communication on all levels phone, email, and even texting! AWESOME job!
This company is awesome ! PolicyGenius makes obtaining life insurance easy. I recommend policygenius to all my friends and family!
Great customer service, great rates and they constantly followed up to make sure everything went through smoothly!
It took some time but I received the best price
The staff was very helpful and able to answer my questions and were very attentive to my needs.
Was a seamless process getting my life insurance policy. The agents assigned to my case, Brian was super knowledgeable and did an amazing job processing my policy and keeping me updated on the progress. Two thumbs up!
Easy to use. Thorough follow-up. Super accommodating to questions and changes. Made the process simple.
Easy and received a good rate
Super easy to get a quote. Great prices and good communication.
Easy, no hassles and a great price for life insurance.
I used policy genius to obtain life insurance. They were helpful in explaining the process and collecting all necessary paperwork. I would highly recommend their service.
Very easy process. Great communication throughout. Excellent experience.
I purchased life insurance through PolicyGenius in October 2016. The process was simple, convenient and quick. Recommended.
Excellent customer service, fast and quick communication. Very simple and easy to work with and goes out of their way to fulfill your needs.
Policygenius was easy, convenient, and attentive. The team was accessible for answers anytime my wife and I had questions about our policies. The layout of the website was simple and easy to use with very little lag. The team was patient with me and followed up in a reasonable manner to keep me up to date on the progress of my policy. I would recommend Policygenius to anyone who needs a flexible schedule and also likes to get the answers they need right away from a very informative staff.
I haven’t been with policy genius long enough to issue a perfect review. It has been a very good experience
The entire process was simple and straightforward. Any time I had a question, I could always get someone on the phone. Questions I sent via email were always answered the next day. I would definitely use PolicyGenius again.
Great company. They made it very easy to obtain life insurance and were easily accessible when I had a question.
I used PolicyGenius to buy long-term disability insurance. The representatives that worked with me were professional and knowledgeable from start to finish, making a complicated purchase painless. They had the patience to explain all of the policy riders in detail and were respectful the entire time. Their level of communication and availability exceeded all expectations!
Worked as advertised. Excellent customer service throughout the entire process.
Liked working with Policy Genius. Made purchasing life insurance easy. Thank you.