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Primerica acted quickly about my concern and gracious to waived one quarterly premium.Thank you especially to Ms R. Wood.

I want to state Primerica is one of the most trustworthy financial companies out there. They are rated 99% in forbes magazine. They responded when 9/11 hit when other companies sat on their hands. The founder made a public announcement to make sure all underwriters issued payments to the families that where lost in 9/11 accident who were insured with Primerica. Due to act of war terrorism and suicide other companies refused to pay out. I have enjoyed revealing the truth about other companies and the products that are being sold to families that are consider to be "life insurance" when in fact they are loans. I was a victim. If someone is trying to sell you Perm insurance over term please make sure you know what exactly those types of insurances are.

Perm insurances are loans. Dont get suckered in by a life agent who wants to just make a commission off of you. Primerica does whats right for the consumer 100% of the time. I have worked out of the LA office and The riverside office and has been a great experience. The knowledge gain is something no one can take away from me. Its not easy to be a life agent. Primerica has set it up so if you follow the steps you will be successful at what you do but just like your JOB, you have to show up to get paid, you have to put in effort to be successful at this business. It doesnt happen overnight. No one promises you will get rich overnight. Anyone promises you that run away.

Helping families is a great way to make a living and here at primerica is what I have been given the opportunity to do. The first months dont expect to make money right away, get training and get your license so then you can start making the money you desire. I promise you, you wont regret it!! Dont listen to those people who tried it and gave up! Listen to those who tried and are doing it and are successful at it. I promise you they will show you how and give you any information on how you can be where they are at. They are open books! Believe in yourself!!

I have read several accounts where people saw a job posting on Craigslist. This is not how Primerica works. I have been with the company for a little over a month. I was recruited by a long time friend who is also a rep. I met my friend for an appointment at a location of my choosing. He went over the presentation showing me who they are, what they do and asked me if I could benefit from any of the services they provide or if I would be interested in working with him. I joined a few days later. There is no "fee" to join.

The state requires a license for Financial services. This license costs about $600, finger printing is required as part of a background check which costs $45, the training for the license can cost upwards of $500. Primerica asks you to pay the first $99 and they take care of the rest. If you get licensed with Primerica and later leave the company, the license is still yours. Don't respond to ads on Craigslist offering a job. This is not part of the recruitment process.

I have invested with Primerica since 2006. In 2009 I was married and legally changed my name. Primerica continued to take my investments until 2015 at which time they said that they had no record of me. I have been unable to invest with them or move my investment. I have sent legal documentation of my name change multiple times and they have "lost it" each time I have sent notarized copies. In addition, they told me that my Social Security number was incorrect the last time that I tried to communicate with them. They then informed me that they had inputted the data incorrectly and reversed my Social Security number and my birth date. For over a year I have been trying to rectify this situation and there is no end in sight. My recommendation for anyone planning to invest money is to find another company and never ever invest in this company.

I signed up to work for them, paid the money for the classes but just felt like it wasn't right so I never went through with it. They have been charging me 28$ a month for the last year and I only realized it now. I don't remember anyone saying it would charge me a monthly fee to "work" for them and I can't find an email copy of the contract they claimed to have sent me! So I called to cancel this charge and get my money back. I spoke to 2 separate agents and they were absolutely ignorant from the start! And their managers apparently do not talk to customers, I managed to get a one month refund, but I'm still out over 300$. I wouldn't recommend this "organization" to anyone.

I work for a wireless company in Virginia. A few months ago, I started to get these group text about meetings for Primerica. I do not remember signing up for these alerts, no do I remember giving consent to have them invade my phone. What makes it worse is it is a company line that they are sending the messages. Not a personal line but one issued by my company.

When I asked to be removed, I got silence. I went to my business and they told me to state that actions would be taken if the line was not removed. I got a response that said I needed to call a number to remove. I called and was pitched the job offer, I hung up. I AM NOT looking for a job, do not need a JOB and would NEVER sell insurance. I do not care if I could make a billion dollars. I like my job, make decent money and can provide for myself. I will continue to try and be removed from the message list. This is typical bait and hide tactics that Primerica uses in its day to day business. I would never work for a company that allows this type of recruiting tactics.

I am a client and a district leader at Primerica. This IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you don't have an entrepreneur mindset and you're stuck on being an employee instead of a self employed, business owner or investor one day by all means go ahead and keep doing what you're doing because you WILL NOT make it in Primerica.

To the people on this website complaining about Primerica being a "Scam" or "scheme". The website you are on states when you create your account with it that this allows lawyers and news people and etc will be able to look at these complaints and see if they serve as "legal merit" to pursue the case. Notice that no one is wanting to pursue the case of Primerica being a "scam" or "scheme". Can you ask yourself now, "hmm, why is that?". Think about it while AT&T and big corporations under people like Steve Jobs use or used recruiting to grow business. Primerica has been around for 39 years and has probably had these complaints since they first started and guess what. No lawsuits filed on the way they grow business.

Also let me make clear, because Primerica allows people who work hard to open their own business. There are different people managing the building you walk into. I'm sure even you can agree every person is different. Not one person is the same as another (according to the bible). So yes some people who own their own business within Primerica are not all the best. As for those who had these crappy trainers or crappy leaders I completely apologize for what you went through. But just know, just because it didn't work at one of the buildings you walked into doesn't mean it won't work if you walked into another that may be better off than others. I personally had a great experience with the leaders.

As for the fees, I went through the same process. All you pay for is the book you need to help study for the life insurance exam to get your license which is $100, your background check $25, and your membership on the online website $25 a month. After you take the 2 classes (Primerica pays for which are around $2,000 on it's own) you can get reimbursed the $100 or you can skip the classes and choose to get reimbursed when you pass the exam (Primerica also pays for which is a couple hundred dollars) instead.

I personally did the classes because they were helpful and I got reimbursed faster. Primerica actually pays for two other different background checks that are the more expensive ones and ask you to just pay the $25 one (no biggie). As for the $25 a month membership for the online account, that is what you NEED to transact business. So trust me once you start to transact business that $25 is nothing compared to what you may be getting paid. I personally have no problem with.

Overall Primerica is a great company with MOSTLY great people. Please do not let certain people put the company to shame. The company has over 100,000 licensed reps and it's almost impossible to tell what kind of person they may or may not be. Just like you would any other company who has the problem of accidentally hiring some bad people, cut them some slack. There are still great agents and base shops out there that surpass the bad ones. I know because my experience is great.

My fiance has personally bought life insurance, invested into a 9% rate of return savings, and opened up a retirement plan for us. We're only 21 and are on the right path to being financially independent all because Primerica taught us how to intellectually personally control our finances. It has helped me also pay my way through college with the proceeds I've made to help me get my second degree. Thanks to Primerica. I am set for life.

After seeing the rating and reading numerous reviews of Primerica and then seeing the ratings and reading numerous reviews of other insurance companies on this site, I find it very interesting that the primary complaints against Primerica have to do with recruiting and selling, but not with the products. All the other companies have complaint after complaint about problems with the products they sell and with how their benefits are delivered. This is not the case with Primerica. I believe this an important difference to pay attention to if you are researching Primerica. In fact they were just listed on the Forbes list of the 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies in America.

Is being a rep a lot of hard work? Yes. Are there people you may not like in recruiting positions? Of course. Is there a lot to learn about the products that are sold? Definitely (life,health, auto and home insurance, mutual funds, and more). Do they provide training? Yes and lots of it if you want to learn - both in seminars and online. Do they offer a regular, guaranteed salary? Not unless you work in the home office in Duluth, GA. But can you make as much money as you're willing to work for as a rep? And can you make passive, residual income? Absolutely! I see it all the time. The choice is really about having an entrepreneurial spirit and actually learning about the products you are selling and how they benefit the people you are selling them to.

I was first introduced to Primerica more than 30 years ago when it was still A.L. Williams. At the time I thought it was a pyramid scheme (which it is not, or it would not be listed on NASDAQ), so I decided not to work there. I always focused on the negative about the company and not the positive. Today I would be a millionaire many times over and I would have helped many, many families financially, if I had started working with them back then. Check out the ratings and reviews of other financial institutions here. I think you'll see that they are mostly from disgruntled policyholders and not people who just didn't like the sales pitch or the way some Primerica agents recruit their reps. Primerica is much more complex and genuine than that.

I would like to just start out by saying that I too thought Primerica was a pyramid scheme until someone opened my eyes. When you think about a business owner of a large company, more likely than not they probably don't do a ton of work anymore because they've hired managers who hired assistants who hired supervisors who hired head of departments who hired base line employees. Now when you draw this out, it looks very similar to a pyramid. But that's part of owning your own business, which is exactly what Primerica gives you the tools to do. Now I'M not saying that all the agents in primerica are always the best people, but then again I can't think of any company that only has good people. I stand up for what Primerica stands for and the products they offer.

They try to look out for and help the middle class. "The rich help the rich and the government helps the poor. There's no one to help the middle class". Primerica offers ways for people to get out of life insurance that just rips you off. Why would you put money in life insurance as a savings and when you die you only get your death benefit or savings. Not both. Not right in my opinion. I personally have life insurance through primerica and thought the rate was competitive. That may be biased since I am also a recruit, but it's my opinion nonetheless. Just the same as everyone else on this site.

I would just invite everyone to do their own research and look at the facts of all other insurance companies out there, before taking someone else's word for it off of a review. Also I would just like to say that I think that people who don't get into this business because they think it is a scheme, are afraid of change, a better way of life, and have gotten comfortable with where they're at in life. "The pain of change is great, the pain of regret is greater". Thanks for reading.

IDK if anyone knows this but pyramid schemes are highly illegal and that's definitely not what Primerica is. People who say it doesn't work were either mistrained under the improper circumstances and don't know much about the business themselves. They are highly regulated by the FTC, FINRA, and SEC, so I'm pretty sure the company doesn't mess around and provide people with scams. And also, they don't just offer life insurance, they are a financial services company and they help out people in such amazing ways.

I just started a few weeks ago and i made like $400 so from helping people out with financial services that benefit them rather than are not beneficial for them whatsoever such as selling knives or candles (stuff they don't need) and I felt amazing. "Scam me again Primerica because I like money" LOL. New Jersey has one of the best offices and I speak with millionaires every week. No other financial company has the most $100,000 earners I guarantee you that. It really depends on how the office near you works, how your trainer is coaching you, and whether you're putting in the work yourself. If you work hard enough at it, you'll become successful. You can't always trust what's on the internet to be true. Look at Wikipedia, a lot of it is from random people off the internet. You have to know the source. My source is from word of mouth which is the best and from people I personally know and care about me.

Don't trust what people say because they never truly believed in it or were not shown the proper way. I'm certified in home and auto insurance as well as licensed with a producer for life insurance too. I say try it out and see where it takes you. if it's not for you, you can always go back to it, they're not gonna fire you. It's gonna be hard retiring wealthy or OK as that 5% who are most likely business owners because JOBS don't cut it anymore. The cost of living always going up (inflation) and the wages not growing along with it is gonna keep everyone Just Over Broke and making them want to Jump Over a Bridge. LOL.

I don't know what else to say but I know what I'm doing and what I'm talking about is true. Don't believe all the negative people who did it and didn't even get their license. That's why they didn't make any money with it. And if you're willing to do the work and what it takes, you WILL be one of those 100,000+ earners in the company. Nothing is impossible.

I will start from the beginning. I was working at ISF which is a state prison in Indiana. I met a co-worker that sat me down after hours and showed me what he did which was market financial products to help people get out of debt and invest money for retirement. I have made some really good money with Primerica but have seen some that don't. Those that do not do well generally don't have a thing for sales. You have to know the product, be willing to work long and hard hours at times, and be a leader that can think and talk on his or her feet. I believe it comes down to personality as most would agree on. I have been with the company now for about a year. I am certified to sell/market home and auto insurance, sell fixed annuities, life insurance, debt resolution, and more.

Currently working on my Securities license 6/63. The company pays for all my education and pays for my license test and fees. The position in the company is strictly commission and those that have bad experiences I find never even get licensed. The test to get licensed are hard but the rewards are great. I run a great base shop with a great RVP that will work with ANYONE to achieve maximum potential in the company. I don't know if there is a way to get a hold of me on here or whatever but if a person is serious about selling and obtaining a license, I will help them out starting from A all the way to Z.

I know that a lot of people have issues with Primerica. So far I've not had one complaint. The issues that I see people complain about are: 1. The 125.00 Initial Fee and $25 recurring fee - Within 30 days of joining Primerica, I completed the training, the licensing test and recruited 3 people and made 3 sales as well. At this point I am up $300. The $99 that I have paid for the training and background check have already been returned to me because I passed the licensing exam. So that is free.

2. I think that the problem that most people have is that Primerica uses MLM as its marketing method. You have to think of MLM as a product/service distribution method which relies on word of mouth advertising. Sure you can call it a pyramid scheme, but in my opinion, the financial education that one receives as a customer and a rep are well worth the $25 monthly recurring payments.

If you are looking for a job, then Primerica is not for you. If you are looking to start a business then it might be an option for you. Where else can you start a business and offer highly rated financial services for the total cost of $99 and a recurring overhead of $25 (which by the way provides you with access to tons of training material and other tools to help you grow your business). The company is publicly traded - which in my mind dispels the scam claims that I see so often. MLM is not for everyone. It requires you to grow beyond your current level of development and to stretch a little. Primerica is in many ways just like any other job... If you don't work, you don't get paid.

My spouse was approached at her new job by a Primerica rep. He told her all about this lucrative "business opportunity" that he would like her to be a part of. He invited her to one of Primerica's Thursday night rallies and encouraged her to bring me along. After discussing it amongst ourselves, we decided to attend the meeting so that we could get some additional information about Primerica and decide if whether the business was right for us or not. After the meeting, the guy that invited us to the meeting introduced us to his spouse and they asked us what we thought and if we were interested. We advised them that we needed some more time to think it over before making a decision. They immediately began their sales pitch and threw every reason under the sun at us as to why we should sign their stack of paperwork that very night and take advantage of this "business opportunity."

We stuck to our guns and escaped the building that night without signing anything. The couple found us on Facebook that same night and sent friend requests to both my wife and I. The guy that works with my wife began emailing her each day and coming to her desk to see if we had made our decision. This went on for almost two weeks, then, my wife finally told him that we would give Primerica a try. He gave her a paper to fill out which gives them authorization to run background checks on us as well as deduct our $99 fees.

After providing him with that information, he told her that he was going to fax that information to corporate and make her a copy of it as well. Two days later, I got a promotion at my job and with my new job title, Primerica just didn't fit into our very busy schedules. We went to the Primerica office and spoke with the reps that recruited us about cancelling our background check since we were no longer interested. We specifically asked if we would receive a refund and we wanted to make for certain that our bank information would be destroyed and we wouldn't incur any more charges.

The rep looked us square in the eyes and advised that Primerica has a 100% nonrefundable policy for IBA fees so unfortunately, we could not get our funds back. They thanked us for stopping by to let them know we were no longer interested and told us that we had nothing to worry about, all of our personal information including banking information would be destroyed and we wouldn't be charged another dime.

Eight months later, we were reviewing our accounting report and noticed that for the past eight months, we had been charged $25 monthly by Primerica. I was livid. I contacted the rep myself to get this issue resolved. The rep informed me that they submitted a written correspondence to the corporate office to cancel our contract immediately after we had left their office eight months prior. They apologized profusely and provided us with the contact information for the corporate office to get a refund and cancel any future debits.

We called the corporate office and spoke with a very rude representative. We explained our situation and she stated that we were not entitled to any refund but that she had cancelled the automatic debits so we shouldn't be charged anymore. We demanded to speak with a manager in regards to our refund because we weren't giving up that easily. She placed a woman named Doris on the line and this woman had a very nonchalant attitude and stated that she would need to speak with the rep that recruited us.

We informed her that the rep told us to call them for assistance with obtaining our refund. She grew silent before telling us that there was nothing she could do. We immediately contacted the Attorney General's office for the State of Texas as well as the Better Business Bureau. Two weeks after filing our complaint, we contacted BBB and we got a response from a woman named Laura ** at Primerica.

She shifted all the blame upon us and stated that as a "good will gesture," she would refund us our money back. I am disgusted with this company and the lack of morale and ethics throughout their entire business. I would not recommend this company to anyone for any reason. My worst enemy doesn't even deserve the torture of being affiliated with such a deceitful company and as long as I'm alive, I'm going to tell everyone about this horrible experience.

I talked with Primerica in Huntington Beach CA about a year and a half ago. I was looking into the company about working with them. They painted the picture of this great outside sales career where you can run your own business. I paid for the $99 training materials with the thought 'spend money to make money' and then got a great job offer with another company. I told the RVP, Tom, something that I didn't want to continue with Primerica. He told me ok, and said he understood. He said that he hoped we would work together in the future.

I just found out now, again about a year and a half later, that they've been charging me $25 a month for their online services, that I have never used, and didn't even know I signed up for! I called Primerica, and they said that I signed a contract authorizing the charges, and that they won't refund me even though I was never told that I was signing a contract (I was told it was just for the $99 thing) and the guy said he understood I didn't want to work with Primerica! The RVP won't answer or return my calls now. This company is a scam. Don't work for them and don't do business with them.

I paid them for three years straight, never missed a payment. I decided to cancel my policy and savings account. It has been one month and I am still waiting for MY money. Instead I received a bill from them wanting me to pay for three more months in advance. Very unprofessional. I am very glad I canceled. They said they worked better than a bank. They fooled me! I am just glad I didn't die. I imagine how much harder it would have been to get them to pay off a claim.

So I joined Primerica a little over a month ago. I paid $99 to join which was well worth it because they paid for my licensing classes (which I did the first week). Yes they asked for referrals to do my training which I wasn't happy about but to be honest they started me at a 50% commission vs 25% because of it so it was worth it. So I took my state test and passed and I just got appointed last week. My first week licensed I made $1300 about. I'm on my second week and I did the math and so far (it is Tuesday) on my appointment yesterday I made $230.

So I don't know about all these people writing bad reviews. I am averaging about $50 an hour including all my non paid training and my time and my gas. I think most of these reviews are because maybe an agent was too pushy or the person writing the bad review is misinformed. People have this weird idea that something is only good if it is on television (commercials). But my opinion is Primerica is one of the better insurance Companies. You can make good money whether you recruit or not.

I signed up after attending an opportunity night, along with about 40 other people. I was able to pass the insurance exam and attended their twice weekly meetings. After being there three months I suddenly began noticing many of the regulars were missing, replaced by many new faces. After about 5 months, I only saw three familiar faces. I would say there were at least 200 that had joined and left during my time there. I also noticed that my earnings were being drained by monthly fees and my own selling expenses. They even suggested I attend a Landmark Forum ($600) which I declined.

I also began feeling pressured to attend the convention in Atlanta, which would have eaten up all my commissions to date, but also dipped into my bank account. It was then that I began to realize that I was spending more working there than I was making, even though I had been recognized as a leader in 3 different categories during my tenure. After two of my downlines packed it in, I decided to follow their lead after I began spending more efforts on recruiting replacements than I was on actually selling.

I was one of the highest producers of mutual funds in the nation. At what I learned was a terrible payout of 35% of dealer reallowance. Number 10 at the time, now at a 90% payout with twice the fund options, don't waste your time with these guys. They are the laughing stock of the investment industry. Do they still only have 25% of their sales force securities licensed? So much for buy term and invest the difference.

I am not understanding some of these negative reviews on here, unless these claims are not legitimate. A friend of mine started working with Primerica 3 years ago and asked me to meet with her so I could potentially refer her to others that could benefit from her services. I fell in love with what this company does! She provided me with a free financial plan which took me by surprise in the best way! I am now getting out of debt 12 years earlier. I now can have peace of mind that I will be able to retire. I know that I am overpaying in taxes and can use that money towards funding retirement, and so much more.

This a company that absolutely cares about their clients, as well as their agents/consultants. My friend has advanced quickly with this company and is now doing very well financially from what I can see, which is a huge accomplishment for a single mom with only a bachelor's in Oklahoma. My advice to anyone reading these reviews, take it with a grain of salt. Most people on here who are frustrated clearly didn't do something right or they are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Primerica will get my business and my referrals!

I have been a Primerica client for 9 years. When I started I was a restaurant manager only making 30k a year with a wife and 3 kids. When I first met with them they did my analysis and showed me what amount of money I would need to retire and how much life insurance I need. As a lower middle-class person I had never had anyone take time to show me what I could do to get the proper plan for my family. After this meeting and getting my finances started I asked if there was a way to do the same thing. Of course they were thrilled to have a new recruit.

I paid my 100 bucks and started studying. I was licensed in 2 weeks and by the end of my first month had 3 clients and 500 bucks in my pocket. That is not the story of everyone but it was mine. 6 months later I quit my job and went full time with PFS. I was only 25 and really wasn't ready but I wanted the shot. It's now 9 years later. I don't work there anymore but they paid for all my licensed and education and now I make more than 6 figures working in finance without a degree.

Without Primerica I would still be making 30k a year as a restaurant manager and hating my life. Primerica showed me how to get out of debt, save my money, and change the lives of people around me. At the end of the day, the absolute WORST thing that can happen to someone who actually tried Primerica: they get an education in finance and a professional designation for their resume.

Just read and learn about Financial Services and then come back to write your review. I get all my licence in this company and there is no other company like this one, the best compensation plan, the best product and the best company.

An old friend of my husband called to stop by and see if we could help her train for her new job. She avoided explaining what she was doing and what company. Her supervisor then painted us the story of the rich getting richer and how his company could help us regular people invest our money and be ready for retirement or with life insurance. We signed up for life insurance and within a week my mother in law and sister in law signed up for life insurance, investment portfolio, & the training program to states working with them! There were several flags & I had a bad taste in my mouth from signing up. I decided to ask around & research. My understanding is that the product isn't the best & we could get a better product going directly to my insurance company & investment company. So I decided to cancel my policy.

Immediately they turned defensive & wanted to talk to whoever was talking bad about their company & demand they face them in person?! I explained that I wanted to cancel my policy & however I made my decision was irrelevant. They made a big deal that they weren't scamming us & that to be a good friend we should meet & try to answer any concerns. It wasn't personal but they made it personal. They were frustrated & pushy. Finally he agreed to cancel our policy. I then told him I needed to know how to cancel & get a refund since I had already been charged even if we hadn't been approved. He said he'd need to come in person & made arrangements for the next day.

It's now been over a week & they have not answered our calls or texts! This is BS! I had to call customer service 4 different occasions just to finally talk to someone! They were closed & kept hanging up & then could not find me in their system. Never used their product but their customer service is a joke. Do not trust them especially Memo in Concord, CA.

I know this company isn't a scam, but it is a scheme. A clever one at that, but a scheme nonetheless. Look, for some people? Primerica may be good money for you, it may be your shot, it could be your claim to riches and glory, or the key to bigger money. But, ultimately it depends on how empty your head is. Listen, I've been around the block, and I know when people are being straight with me, I tried this company, I REALLY did. But ultimately what killed it for me was how annoying my leader was. She wasn't a bad person, but she had a quirk that I just simply could not stand. She was fake as ** when it came to delivering the idea that she was interested in you. Imagine you're talking to somebody about something, and at the beginning of the sentence they just laugh like it's supposed to be funny? Okay, one time is fine? But then you notice they are doing it to a point where its repetition becomes mechanical.

Look, I don't think my leader was a bad person, but her personality was so synthetic to the point where it became stressful for me to be around her. [Brainwashing] Okay, so... Look... Primerica prides itself on having the 2nd highest paid employees in America, and that's sweet and all, but there is a catch. First off, everyone needs to stick together, and the leaders keep everyone on a tight leash. Every week there are pow-wow sessions where they essentially circle jerk one another and shame people who have quit. Using terms like: "We're building a business!" so much so that I think I need a break from the word business. Always a story about somebody who quit: "If they don't care about building a business." Language is important, everyone there probably believes it too. One of the leaders even let it slip that "Primericans never lie." I'm not even gonna open that can of worms.

[Their Interests >Your interests] They call you every week or every two days, they don't take you seriously when you tell them things like you have exams and they WILL prioritize their interests over yours. I had a calculus exam on Monday, they invited me to this trip to the Pocono's, they INSISTED. I would have a place to study. No place to study, the penthouse we had was full, and we went to 8 hour pow-wows each day where we were expected to cheer and applaud and represent our squads. It was a daunting experience and I was honestly insulted by the misleading, I took it up with my leader, she just told me if I was going to study I would have studied.

I was not happy about that 1 bit. I already felt a certain type of way about her that was not good, this did not get her any points. Overall? Primerica is not a scam, but if you are a person with critical-thinking skills and options? You really should not touch this one. Primerica has its benefits, but it's for a certain type of person and that's just how it is. I did not have a particularly good experience with it, as they probably expected me get into the money and drop out of school.

Not happening, I'm going to build MY business but I'm not going to build a (Primerica's) business.

Just left an "interview." I just left there as a change in field. I texted my mom at the start... this seems pyramid scheme and sales... both things I don't want. So, after filling out my information of references I get called in. The entire thing was odd. The lady felt the need to tell me her husband died, which is sad and all but wasn't sure how it was relevant. So, the "interview" starts. It is a presentation of how awesome they are. They get to ring the bell at the stock exchange because they do so well. You can make 5,000 a month as a PT worker.. Great, right?

The thing that stuck to the open discussion of people's salaries and what they bring in... Kim makes 350,000 a year.. David makes 5 million.. All on assisting people in financial planning? This was not right. How do you get paid? After my "interview" she asked "What do you think?" I said "Money sounds amazing but this isn't for me." She said "Well, you have to work for it." I said "I'm sure, I'll maybe contact you for debt consolidation and we need a will, but for a" and left. I won't be contacting her at all... and contacted my three referred with an apology if they receive harassing calls. Disappointing.

My husband had a similar experience after a friend recommended him to Primerica. Run, don't walk, away from these people. You will invest your time and money and never even get results from your test. You will be billed $25 a month for some mysterious service that you never see because you gave them your credit card number on the application. There has to be a law about this, and we intend to file charges or complaint to the TN Insurance Commissioner. That should get their attention!

When I was first introduced to the Company I think I was too young to appreciate the concepts, but I did remember that people were being helped out in a huge way financially. Fast forward some years and a friend of mine introduced me to his mentor that was teaching him some financial concepts. When I met the guy I didn’t think he was anything too special, but I’m always interested in gaining new knowledge so I listened. At this point I'm a little older and more savvy so the financial techniques were very intriguing to me. I started to think about myself, my mom and sisters and the way this new information could help them save money and get out of debt. I thought it was too good to be true. So I asked him if I could get involved with the company somehow and how much money can I make? He then showed me his checks for the past 2 months and also showed me that he only got hired 2 months ago.

Nevertheless the checks totaled around $7000 the first month and $9000 the second month. So my skepticism went out the window at that point. Long story short. I never liked jobs that weren't fun and bosses that treat you like crap. I couldn’t find a job in my field and because of globalization, none of the good jobs are coming back. I need to make a 6 figure salary to support my family and more schooling was not the answer. Most of my friends have several degrees, student loans galore and still working a measly job they hate. This Company gave me shot to get paid my worth and be there for my family again. Some of these complaints are ridiculous. How can a Billion Dollar Company be a scam in the most regulated industry in the world?? Some of you are just young and haven’t been beat up enough by life yet. Primerica is the only Professional Company offering freedom and great money that I have seen.

If you want to be a wage slave then it is not for you. If you have no self discipline and need to be told what to do for 8 hours a day then it is not for you. If you don’t realize and see a huge need for the services offered then it is not for you. I've been through lay off after layoff. Unemployed and watched the benefits run out. Interview after interview for dead end jobs. Primerica changed all that for me and my family. I’m glad everybody doesn’t get hired, but if you think it is a scam you don't know much about business or life for that matter. It's not a perfect Company, but it offers a heck of a lot to ordinary people.

I'm really confused by the reviews. All the reviews, says nothing about why they feel it's a scam. All the reviews I read, was they're a scam because the rep was a jerk, or their trainer was insincere. What does that have to do with company itself? I haven't read a review by someone that was a client of Primerica, and their services did not deliver. They told you they had this, but it was really this. I was approached by a recruiter. I listened to what he had to say, and I asked question. Clarification questions. I use to sell AFLAC (which was fricking amazing), so I understood how it worked a little.

What I do know, it doesn't matter how many times you tell someone something, they will hear what they want to hear. Even the young lady who had the problem with her fees. That's a question I asked up front. The $124 is for the background check, the class, and the test for your license. I was surprised they refunded anything. Normally a 2 day class for life and annuities is $200+, and the test is about $150. Them charging $124 is awesome. Haven't decided if this is something I want to do yet, but I don't think it's a scam.

I have loved my experience with Primerica for many reasons. I got my life insurance at the age of 47 and it was incredibly affordable and easy. 6 months later I increased my coverage with complete ease. The Customer service is impeccable and I have heard many stories of people who have received coverage who were otherwise denied with other companies. The integrity of this company is like no other!

Here in South Florida periodically on Craigslist, a help wanted ad appears. I responded to this ad back in November and was scheduled for an interview. Upon my immediate arrival, I was looked upon as I was obviously lost. My hunch is that I don't look like I have much money so there was no interest there. But the man said, "I will give you some time for your efforts and explain to you what we do to accommodate you for your time." I went in and he dowsed me with all their wealth. I was told about a tuition that they pay if I pay $100 for background check and that if I fail, I get $66 in return.

I was suggested to apply across the hall. Lol, guess where broke people work. For my second response to the ad, on 6/5/13, I went in for interview, same thing; I have no money, they have no interest... however, that info, pay $100, my first month I get $500 back in bonus maybe to entice me to send the $100, Idk. My hunch is that as brokers, their job is to keep the money coming in. I think I'd rather get involved.

I contacted a friend about getting my parents some life insurance and was given the contact information for **. I contacted him and we immediately set up a date and time for him to come to my house. He arrived and everything went smoothly with getting life insurance for my parents, as well as my son and I. In the midst of getting the life insurance, he asked me questions about myself and that eventually led to asking if I wanted to join Primerica. I asked for more details. I did tell him that I was interested in joining to sell life insurance to my family & friends because I know several of them who do not have policies and everyone really needs it. So after he told me all the details he wanted me to know about the company, I agreed to join and paid my $99 IBA fee. That was on a Saturday, and we agreed to meet after work on Monday to discuss more details on the next steps so that I could begin selling policies.

Monday came, I went to FedEx and completed the finger prints and called him to see where we were to meet. He told me to find 2 people that we could go visit. In my head, I was questioning this because we had discussed just him and I meeting to discuss my next steps. I set up a meeting with a relative and told him that it was about purchasing life insurance and for him to listen for details and see if he was interested. Todd arrived at my house and met my cousin and to my surprise, he was actually talking to him about joining the company. I was floored because I felt as though this is something that should have been discussed with me prior.

Then he went into detail with him about the company, the same as he did with me on Saturday and my relative agreed to give it a try and paid his $99 fee. After he collected his fee is when he gave more details on what is required before we can earn 50% profit off of our sales. I had no idea that it was a requirement to recruit at least 3 other individuals to join. I explained to Todd prior to signing up that I am a single parent, I am in school full time, I am a volunteer coach for 3 little league basketball teams, and I teach teens church. If he would have told me that I had to actually recruit 3 individuals I would have NEVER agreed to join the Primerica network. I understand he is a sales person, but it is unethical to leave out important details when encouraging someone to join your company. I told him my schedule prior to joining and he said that it was no problem. But then after I joined he starts giving me dates that I need to attend meeting and a whole weekend that I had to leave town, when he knew I was already involved in other activities.

This was a learning experience for me. Money is already tight as is with me being the only provider in my household with a young son, so me taking a risk putting up $99 that I honestly didn't have to spare to begin with to try to help my family and friends get life insurance and to have information withheld hurts. I emailed Primerica last Thursday morning requesting a refund of my IBA fee and the POL fee advising I no longer wanted to be involved with this company. At that time the funds had not been taken out of my account and it was less than 7 days since I joined. I received a letter in the mail yesterday that said they would not refund me the $99 IBA fee. I feel like this company is fraudulent at this point. I try to look at everyone as God's children and trust that company's run ethical practices, but not in this case. I now want to cancel the life insurance policies all together because I do not trust them at all.

I had my experience with Primerica at the beginning of June 2016. I had just finished school and I didn't have a job for the summer. A girl on Facebook contacted me asking if I or anyone I knew was interested in a part time job. I said I was, and this is where everything started. I got a call from the "hiring manager", which turns out was a girl the same age as me (I'm 19). That right there already seemed a little strange to me. The girl on the phone never told me the company name or any other detail about the job which I found a little strange. Eventually, I go in for an interview on a Monday. They start telling me about the company and all, but not once did they ever say that they sell life insurance. I would also ask how employees get paid, but the girl would always change the subject. Second red flag. Me being the naive girl that I am, I decided to apply because I thought "Why not?" They are a real company after all.

I give them all my information, thinking that I would actually work with them. The next night I get invited to an open house, that was only a sales pitch. It was a room full of 50 potential recruits, and basically throughout the entire event they kept on saying how a school degree won't get you anywhere in life and that Primerica will bring you wealth and happiness. Like, what??? What company says that??? After that I left with a weird feeling because none of this seemed right. But I knew that I had applied a day earlier so backing out wouldn't be so much of a hassle.

That following Thursday I was supposed to go for my training but after I looked more into the company and read all the bad reviews online from multiple websites I decide to decline the job offer. After all, I didn't work for them not even for a minute. I contacted the girl who interviewed me and told her that I wasn't interested anymore, and she said it was fine and that she wishes me the best. I thought this was over with. NOPE. I was wrong.

Fast forward two weeks later, I get an email from the company saying "Welcome to Primerica!" Instantly, I panic because I wasn't working with them. I already had a new job. I check my bank account and I see a $25 dollar charge on my account for a monthly online service employees use. I call their billing department the next day and explain to them that I am not working nor did I ever work for this company and that I wanted a refund for this money. According to them, they didn't see a charge on their end. I called two more times, and I got the same explanation. I had to file a claim with my bank and have them dispute it with them because they didn't want to help me.

Now, fast forward to a week ago, and I noticed my bank account is about $100 dollars less than it should be. I check my bank statement and it's a charge from this company for my application. EXCUSE ME? I had declined the job the previous month!!! I couldn't believe it. I thought I was done with them and here I am with money out of my account even after I had filed a claim against them. I went in and Sat down with someone from my bank and explained this situation because their customer service refused to give me a refund. I filed another claim about two days ago, and thank God I was able to get my money back. Not only that, the bank blocked my card, and now I'm awaiting a new one. So there you have it, they robbed money from me even after I told them I wasn't interested in working for them. Worst company ever.

If anyone is thinking of or is considering Primerica, please read this, if you don't want to read the whole essay, please skip down to the last paragraph. At the time I was desperate for a job, my friend came to me and offered me a "job". I was told the job is just entering info onto a computer and then telling clients of that result, I thought that is pretty neat. After two interviews not going well, I decided to give this a try.

I went to my first career night, and the people there are very enthusiastic about the matter, at once I thought of one of those business runners/people who says so much good things trying to promote their business, like "Do you know you can be the key to your treasure chests of which contains keys to other treasure chests?" etc. Ok, at this point I am willing to try new things. I was then told to come to training, twice a week, and to obtain a license. I was later told to find my own clients. They taught us to use our warm market lists and friends of friends. Basically, they just wanted you to keep making calls and make appointments.

I then submitted an IBA, and got me a life insurance, as a sale for myself. I later realized finding friends who wanted to do business was harder than it looks. Training just teaches you how to approach your friends and counter objections etc. Once in a while there are some big events where they get some higher up people to give some speeches to get you hyped up, and make it sound so easy.

How they worked is like a tree: from the top down, everybody is a person with their team, and each person in that team has their own team, and so on. The analogy they used is a brokerage firm, where we have a broker and the agents, the agents makes money for the broker. Well, how is that fair, what they tell us is because you can also have YOUR team where people make money for YOU.

One friend I talked to, she actually already talked to a Primerica agent a while back and didn't like it because she felt it to be like a pyramid scheme. Slowly, I started having my doubts, not because of what my friends said, or what my parents said. I decided to go online one day and look up what people say about Primerica, so I can devise some new counters to those objections. Surprisingly a lot of the reviews are negative. At the same time, my parents knew a bit more of what I do, they know the system, and is strongly against it. But, the biggest factor that made me quit is that it's been 3 months and I have not have one cent of income and lost money to pay for the $99 of fees for classes and etc, and 28 ish dollars each month for insurance. This is not working out for me, so, I have decided to stop, at least until I have a steady source of income (a job).

What they tell you is all towards the good things, like a normal job, where you work your ass off, and gets paid by the hour, and boss might give you crap, or if you self found a job, you stop getting paid if you stop working. It's one of those "too good to be true" situations. Whereas in Primerica, you work once, you get paid for life or something like that. They train you to talk smart.

Criticisms: Once in a while we are invited to watch a video by the head office to explain what's going on, like "Oh my goodness January is the month to start doing things, it's a brand new year we got so many new events lined up blah blah" and doing all this promotional things, and almost brainwashing things to get you hyped out. It still feels like the head office makes you go this direction, and it felt like a pyramid that way, where we are the sheep making tons of money while that's just a fraction of what people above us makes. I guess this is where I feel like it's a pyramid scheme.

Conclusion: I don't blame my friend for recruiting me into this, it is his job after all. It is just not working for me. Also, I don't want to subject all my friends for business (there is also that awkwardness where someone you haven't talked to in a long time, and suddenly they came to you for something, weird huh). They (Primerica) claim this is justified because what's more important, people thinking you are annoying or that you are financially secure?

I am not willing to believe that it's a pyramid scheme, it's a multi-level marketing scheme. They are listed on the NYSE, and is deemed by Forbes as one of the most trustworthy companies, so they have credibility to some degree. I am just upset that I spent 3 months on this and didn't really get anything out of this. All this "job" is make you review your friends list, make you reconnect to your friends, so the purpose of doing business with them is easier. I am willing to believe that Primerica works, it's just not for everybody.

So I was schedule for an interview and didn't get much info about this company. So I go to this building Primerica and I walked in, it was dark and old looking inside. I waited at the "lobby" and the girl asked me to go into this room office which was empty with a small table. This building is super empty, dark, no light or no furniture. This girl was interviewing me and she was younger than me so it made me a little uncomfortable. She asked me questions about my goals and a little more info about myself. Then she gave me a packet to sign with all my personal info including social security and bank info. I got a little uncomfortable with signing my personal info so I just didn't sign it at all. Why should I give out my personal info so quickly when I don't know exactly what this company is or what I'm signing for...?

It was just a very shady situation so I got out there and never talk to anyone from there again. I got a bad gut feeling about that person and place. Don't do it if you feel uncomfortable and plus when it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don't ever feel pressured to give out your personal info because that shouldn't be brought up on an interview.

About 3 weeks ago I met a couple at my job who told me they wanted to show me a way to earn more money. They never once told me what it was about. I would ask and she would say it was a way of helping people. After 2 weeks I decided to go. After seeing their presentation everything sounded so good so I decided to go forward; however they have a $99 application fee that they would not take out till 1 week later since I didn't have enough funds for it. After I got home I decided to google them, found reviews which made me change my decision, of course my inexperienced self young and ambitious had given them my bank information. The next day they came to my house and I wasn't home then later I receive a message from one of them wanting to talk. I decided to message her and told her I will not continue with them and was nice enough to give her an explanation. She never replied.

THIS MORNING I RECEIVE A CALL from the owner of the office stating the $99 fee was being processed. I was like um, no - I told A I was no longer going forward and she said, "oh I have to cancel this." She confirmed my card number. I gave her a fake expire date but she had the right one either way I check my bank account and I still had all my money. 20 minutes later it says -99. I called the owner and advised I need my money by today and she said she would get me a refund. I am waiting for her call. Please do not trust this people with your account information. They are just looking for another paycheck. They do not care what you are going through or if they have to walk all over you.

This is the first time that I write in this type of websites, but it's so sad to see how many people actually pay for attention to this type of websites rather than, TRUSTWORTHY website such as A.M. BEST & the Better Business Bureau, or any type of financial approved companies. NOT A BLOG. A lot of people need to understand PRIMERICA is a company, run by different types of people, full of different types of offices, which means a primerica ran in Maryland, is gonna be the same as the one in your hometown. A lot of you heard of primerica but not of the rep, or rvp who is trying to give you an opportunity. Primerica is run by many different people, is run in their own way.

Me personally, I am a client & Their products, if offer and explained by a good rep, will be the best financial services people can ever own. Everyone always looks at this type of blogs to get an opinion on whether or not you should become a client or work for them, the answer is yes, you should do both. Primerica has been researched by real researches not people that look at "blog" for opinions and facts & if they are still in the market is because they are doing something good. Primerica is an opportunity to own your business. I truly believe anyone can do it, a lot of people think is pyramid... First a lot of people should look up the definition of a "pyramid" which will be a job. Pyramid means that the person at the top makes all the money.

I used to work at Toys R us - My CEO made all the money, there was no way that me as a simple sales associate was going to get a 6 figure income as a CEO, because there is only one CEO & the chance of a hispanic young lady to take over a ** place is -12 out of 100. Meaning never. The simple fact that for every credit card a sales associate sign up a customer, the MANAGER got an end of year bonus, that's a pyramid. We didn't get a bonus for doing all the work.

But yet there comes a company (PRIMERICA) that says to you, "I'M going to sponsor your licenses you just gotta pass it & they are yours; I'm going to train you to be better than me; and help people as good as me; so you can make the income you are worth not the income other people think your worth, & on top of that they give an opportunity to become a trainer & train other people and duplicate yourself so together you guys can help more people, and yet for training those people and making the people you hire better and duplicating yourself you get pay? & then people wanna sit there and say it's a pyramid but yet everyone in Primerica can get to the top.

I have trained all my competition at toys r us, I didn't get a raised, I didn't get a good job, I didn't get pay for it. Too many ignorant minds, used to doing the same old job, being just over broke. Primerica is not a pyramid folks, pyramids are illegal, Primerica is a business, willing to help everyone and give everyone the opportunity to be their own boss and build a business within their business, to pass it to down to your own generations. If that doesn't inspire you, then idk what to tell you folks.

I have been with the company for about 2 months now. I completed my training and am now a licensed District Leader with Primerica. It has been such a wonderful experience and most people who complain about it are just a bunch of pansies who don't even deserve this amazing opportunity. Mark my words that in a year from today I will be an RVP making a 6 figure income. Also guys remember, "Just like a closed mind can't eat. A closed mind can't learn". Be open-minded people!!!

My mother in law works at this scam place and is quite annoying. She constantly tries to get me to either join them or get insurance through them. I am beyond frustrated with her and the company! She claims that she can get me a million dollars by the time I’m 65. I’m like, yeah, because that’s how much I would have paid into that, probably more even. 2 years of her constantly bugging me I have had it and then I get a job at an actual loan company who is amazing. They don’t ask for your contacts to harass them and I love working there and she still bugs me to at least sit in one of their meetings to see if Primerica is better. I’m like, “No thanks. I know a scam when I see them.”

Seriously, I am tired of being harassed by her. Is her pay that bad where she has to bug family to get paid like no means no! Not only does she bug me but the man who recruited her called me 3 times trying to set up a meeting. I'm like, “I’m not interested,” and he continued to say, “When would you like a meeting?” I’m like, “Are you deaf **?” I had to change my phone number!!!!! Seriously sick of them and I never signed or was interested in the first place.

After reading a lot of the negative reviews which by the way have all their right to be expressed, it motivated me to shine some light on what I have experienced. I became affiliated with Primerica in 2011 and since then I have had nothing more than strong leadership (from a representative perspective) and a wide education on insurance and finance (from a client perspective). Not to mention an inner understanding of who I am and what I can do for others once I lifted the veil of ignorance I once had.

It is not a question of whether this is a real company or not, it is a matter of how much longer will the American public be blinded by the program the national banks and insurance companies are marketing? The company is not for everyone's ambitions (as a rep), it is for the people that really want to change their loved ones circumstances and change the perspective from ignorant to educated financially to people that otherwise would not have any idea! We work on this everyday and with certainty improve on their TRUE financial picture.

This is what we do. If you signed up and saw people in the meeting from a "different category" than what you believe yourself to be in, then I am sorry you missed the boat and you were not taught better principles. Success or wealth does not have a face. Ask the 6 Million plus clients we service every single day. Ask BBB, Ask AM BEST, ask your insurance agent who their REAL competition is. Ask FINRA, Ask Beatriz Perez from Pepsi, Ask Barron Funds, Ask Warbus Pincus Funds, Ask George Soros, Get used to hearing from Primerica because the future is so bright you gotta wear shades. See you at the Top!

I just recently joined Primerica and I got online and did some research on the company. I was very disturbed by the reviews I seen. It stated everything from creepy people approaching to pyramid scheme claims. I have been a customer of Primerica for years. Years ago I was offered the opportunity to become an agent but turned it down because I was working full time and had a family. This year I was put in a position where I did not have a job and the opportunity presented itself again. I was hesitant but decided to jump in. The people at the office meeting were nice, kind and willing to share their experiences. I was given training and everything was laid on the table. No hidden agenda.

As well during the years I was just a customer I could log on and review my policy and had absolutely NO PROBLEMS. People error. However, the fact cannot be disputed the company itself is a good company and offers a good product. At the end of the day this is what matters. This is a sales/commission position and you have to work for what you want. But no one lied to me and told me different. Please consider this when you read all these bad reviews. Seems to me all the people who have the bad reviews either dealt with bad people, or did not take the time to get a full understanding of what the position included. Ask question people. It is better to be sure than regretful when things don't work out.

I see a lot of reviews and negativity regarding Primerica. To my experience with them, I have not had one bad experience at this point. I will not go on about how amazing the company is, because they are wonderful. If you are looking to become your own boss or want to make a difference in your career, then try them. Your license is through the State of Florida, nothing FAKE about that, they provide your course study material and so much more. I would not say that it is not hard, it is surely a hump over the road in getting where you want to be at as far as a financial comfort zone. The process is totally up to you and the effort of getting there depends on the how much you put into it.

I have read reviews on how bad other companies are, and at the end of the day, no one is perfect or most will never be completely satisfied. Most of us shop at stores that we promised we would never shop in again, but end up there anyway because it has what you need, located near you or when no other stores supply the merchandise that you are in need of. Your thoughts and concerns will help Primerica succeed by continuance growth in becoming more successful.

This company did not judge me based on college degree, prior experience nor race or sex. They allowed me the opportunity to make another income stream at my availability which is amazing because when my friend referred me I was working like 4 jobs and going to school. Once I got interviewed, I submit my $99 deposit! Which I did get back! My first week I made 300 dollars without being licensed. It's like instantly being awarded a scholarship, to go to school ($10,000 value) and get licensed to start your own business with help and mentoring to make great income because you can make money before you're licensed. And they allow you to help your own family and friends whereas other companies will not! It's an amazing business opportunity but get it straight. It's not a job. You have to work hard and you will be rewarded with the great compensation this company has. So don't give up on yourself and get to work!

We began as a client & implemented the recommendations made. Exactly as shown we became debt free as shown. In a follow up I saw what this company & my representative did for an average family. I was invited to take a deeper look at the company. Helping families & doing the right thing is what we are all about. Yes I did sign my IBA & because of the help I have received to build my business I have been able to quit one of jobs, freeing up 24-36 hours a week to spend with my family. I have been able to do so much more with my wife, together building OUR business. THANKS, PRIMERICA.

I don't think so!!! I have been in Primerica for only four months now and I'm already earning income. You have to understand what business is and that you have to build your business in order to succeed. Don't expect to earn an income if you don't work. If you think this is a scam, well... I'm sorry for you because you just threw away a great opportunity of a lifetime besides (The Salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ which is the Greatest Opportunity). All these negative comments about Primerica are just deceiving many people from having a chance to help other families and their families to achieve their financial freedom and dreams. Please please please, don't listen to these people that thought Primerica was a GET RICH QUICK Scheme, because it is NOT. You have to work and build your business. You get with the right coach you'll be successful, I guarantee it. I can go on and on, but it is up to you to take a step.

I have had the best coaches/sponsors since joining Primerica. It was not presented to me as a job but as a business opportunity for life, health and property insurance, annuities and other investments via presentation. They told me exactly what to expect. That I would have to study to get insurance and securities licenses. That it would be hard work---prospecting, cold calling, setting up interviews and qualifying people to work Primerica as a financial planner and helping people know how to work their money as they show people how to work their money. Whether it is Primerica or an appointed insurance or investment company, getting leads and prospects is the same. The difference is that you are not recruiting other agents unless that company provides incentive to do so.

I have had the greatest support to ensure my success. Commission only careers is not for the faint of heart and those who do not have the mindset to pursue it. Apologies to those who were mislead by the recruiters who told people Primerica is an hourly wage type of job. Although the market is for those who have a job or own a job (business owner who has to be present in order to make a living), this opportunity is for those who desire to be their own boss and own their own business and attain financial and time freedom.

I was approached months ago at my present job (I work in retail) by a gentleman. After casual conversation he asked if I was interested in making some extra money or knew someone who did. At the time I was busy so I said, "Not right now." He was very nice and said, "Give me your number and I'll keep in touch." Speed up to about 2 weeks ago he called me and explained who he was in a VM. Anyways I returned his call and told him "Yes I was looking for part-time​ work" and I went in for an interview at 11200 Westheimer Road Houston TX for an interview. He said Primerica was a financial company looking to help families get out of debt and financial independent. I told him "I don't know about financial advising." He said I will be fully trained etc.

The interview went well, I asked him if I would have to call up people, he said "no" because they work on referrals. I went back for a second interview the next day with I guess all the other applicants where we were given an overview of the company with debt statistics and how we can help as advisors. I then sat down with the head of the company who explained how the payment works but I first have to be licensed, and have a background check which is $99 and they are not allowed to pay it for me, and $25 to have access to the study tools so I can do my exam to be licensed. I went back then the following day to give my info to start this part time job.

I filled out paperwork which asked for references which I supplied with phone numbers, I was told that even though it's recommended to use the their online website only the first month $25 is compulsory because it's to gain access to study materials to get licensed. I was hesitant about the money but Chris ** my recruit assured me if I changed my mind after paying within 30 days I could be refunded my money so I went ahead and gave him my CC info on May 24th 2017. After going to my first training session where I found out I was going to be required to recruit people into the business and where my hands on training would be the references I gave and the amount of time I would have to put in especially after my one on one with Chris the next day, I left the office that day and I decided it was not for me, I did not think it was a scam.

Everyone I met was very nice and helpful, so on May 26th I sent Chris a text message to let him know I did not want to waste his time as I now think it's not for me. I wished him and his colleagues the best and I asked about my refund. When I had sent messages before I got back an answer within 5 mins. but this time nothing, I know his phone was giving a bit of trouble so I sent an email and this is now May 27th as I write this and there has been no response from Chris. He did say to me that my account was not set up with a recurring payment of $25 so I hope that is the case. I will try calling or going to the office to see if I get back my $124 but I don't think I will be successful.

I write this review to let people know who are approached by Primerica that you are not given the entire story upfront as I don't think it is a scam and I guess you can make good money if you're willing to put in the work. It's just unfortunate that once you decide it's not for you how they change and would not give your money back as promised or even take your calls. I have nothing in writing and that's my fault but I will try to get my money back. If I do I will post it here.

Updated on 06/04/2017: After persistently calling the recruiter, he finally took my call and I asked him if I can be refunded my $124 as 2 days after my first training session I realized it was not for me. I was not comfortable using family and friends for "on hands training sessions" which was really a disguised recruiting process. He told me yes and gave me a telephone number to call and a solution code to use when I called. I immediately did this. The gentleman on the line was professional and explained the $25 would be refunded in 2 days but I would need to go online and request a refund for the $99 which I did.

I got back and email saying they got my request and another one later in the day saying my request was processed. I can report I was refunded $25 and $69. I guess the $30 they kept was for the background check which in Texas is between $20 and $50. I believe I was not told everything upfront about how this company works. But I am pleased my time with them is over and I got back most of my money. Hopefully no issues will arise with taking money out in another month but I do have an email saying everything was cancelled. I hope it stays that way.

Do NOT sign up with company unless you want to sell to your friends and family. I in ERROR signed up with this company in July, on a Friday, changed my mind and called 1st thing Monday morning. They informed me that they would not give me back my $125.00 because I did not take the classes. Then they started taking $25.00 a month from me. I have been trying for MONTHS to get them to give it back to me with NO response. This is a HORRIBLE company and their customer service is terrible. All I can figure is whoever is leaving the good reviews must be high up in the company. DON'T waste your time or money.

I just joined Primerica with my wife because I wanted to start my own business. So yesterday my wife and I went to training in the office in Citrus Heights California. So I go into the men's restroom and I can hear the senior vice president blurt out, "That I should let my wife be with someone else in this bay shop" implying that my wife should dump me for some senior vice president's favorite worker. I was shocked to hear that from someone who has a family of his own. Anyway I kept my composure and finished training. I was wondering why any business would try to be a matchmaker for some lonely soul in their company and use my own wife as the answer. This make me angry beyond belief. Maybe they should just recruit more single women and leave my wife out of their loneliness. Keep in mind this was a senior vice president.

I NEVER write reviews, so please trust me when I say I am that heated over this company. BUT, I got in the last word. First they got me in there under a customer service/administrative assistant ad - either one, not sure. ANYWAY, I expected an interview, I was a few minutes late and that was ok, but imagine my nervousness when I was led into a very expensively decorated room full of people. Well about 10 people and a guy very well dressed already giving a training session. I knew right away this was telemarketing… So I thought. Needing a job I stayed for a minute and thought maybe I could do telemarketing for just a few weeks. No this wasn't telemarketing. I couldn't even tell if I was being considered for a job or being sold something with this whole presentation. They were discussing insurance and what people in life need, and all this crap, that at my age, "just tell me what the job" is already I was thinking.

I decided to stay because as I looked around the room it was full of people much younger than myself and they all giggled at his jokes, answered his questions like we were in a classroom and I was amazed to see that this guy had this room of people hypnotized. SO I HAD TO WATCH THIS OUTCOME, lol. Ya see, I just stared at the guy, never nodding or raising my hand or smiling cause at this point I was fuming mad at the waste of my time and thought, "oh I am gonna get them back good." I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity. Now this speech lasted between two guys about 45 minutes and they briefly skimmed over the $100.00 FEE YOU HAVE TO PUT UP. They brushed it off as a background check and financing your license. Oh but "tell us if you have a criminal history cause we are doing a background check."

Really, did he just say this. Ummmm that is exactly what a background check is for isn't it, so you know if I'm a criminal. This told me they were NOT going to do a background check or if for legal purposes they had to, it would be the five dollar one that just verifies your address or something. SO ANYWAY, my opportunity finally arrived to get them good. At the end of the presentation they said "fill out this questionnaire while we do individual interviews." With that he left the room. So I said aloud, "Hey guys, how many of you came here because of a customer service ad or something?" And it started the ball rolling. They were like, "yea mine said" and so and so.

SO I said to them respectfully, "Because I am older than you guys I am letting you know this is a pyramid scheme to get your money. First of all, if a company wants to do a background check on you that's their bill not yours and if it is yours you pay for it after you're hired from your check." And one kid stood up and thanked me, looked at me in the eye and sincerely was happy I said that. He said he thought that's what this was but wasn't sure. With that, he said "I'M OUT" and walked out mad, lol. Then I politely told the rest of the room I was going as well. "Good luck to you all for future jobs," and I left. On my way out I noticed there were other rooms with groups doing the same thing. Can you imagine, 10-15 people in 3 rooms every night at 100.00 dollars per person. That's a very nice income Primerica, but thankfully you can't ** a ** and I can smell it before you even try to sell it, lol.

When I was the guy asked if he could talk to me and asked why I was leaving. It became quite amusing actually as I told him I don't know how they got me there but I'm a qualified professional in my area and I'm looking for a job, not this and with all the talking, we laughed cause he knew he didn't have me. And even after all that he asked if I had a family, maybe we needed insurance. I burst out laughing and clapped my hands at him and he laughed. And I said "Really, what is that my care package for coming in. Are you seriously still trying to sell me something?" And he laughed and said "nah it's not like that" and I said "Yea it is like that. Nice meeting ya. Good luck, take care." It's funny because what I got out of it was positive. I learned something about myself, that you can't put bull by me so fast and when I see it I stand up for what's right, and when confronted I have the confidence to stand up for what's right.

Please don't give these people your money, it's just a great bunch of actors well dressed doing things by the book so they can't go to jail. Trust me, they are making huge amounts of money even going by the book. That book is cheap. Your hundred dollars times ten people in 3 rooms every night for a years is a great income, keep it in your hand. Primerica, you can kiss my you know what cause at least I told those people in my room what they were up to. Maybe they still fell for it, but maybe, just maybe I sparked them to ask questions and so did the young man who shook my hand and walked out. That was one group of ten people who we kept from supporting your corrupt business!!!

I am a client of Primerica, not a representative, and my experience has been superb in all aspects. The company truly stands for what is right for the consumer evidenced by their philosophy of 100% Term Insurance. I believe there is no company out there willing to provide only 100% Term Insurance for its clients even though the commissions are not nearly as juicy as other type of life insurance products. I follow world-renowned Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey and their teachings very much reflect those taught to me by my Primerica representative. I really love their educational approach and their mission helping educate families financially.

My representative is very professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about my financial well-being. Throughout the years he has demonstrated to have a heart of a teacher. Their complimentary and personalized Financial Needs Analysis is an instrumental tool to make you aware of where you are standing financially and what measures need to be taken to achieve your goals. No other company has ever offered me such tool as a complimentary service! I take pride in the Company and the fact that it is highly rated and regarded by reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, A.M Best and Forbes. Overall, I Highly recommend their products and services.

Sat down for an initial policy review and comparison. I was told that their policy was superior, I believed them as I know very little about life insurance. I tentatively agreed to cancel my current policy and begin new policy pending a health exam. I waited a few weeks to schedule the exam, but heard nothing from Primerica or their reps. I got an approval letter from Corporate in the mail a few weeks later and saw money starting to be taken from my account. I still hadn't gotten a health exam which I thought was necessary to be approved. I didn't have a policy in my possession, yet month after month my account was debited.

I made multiple attempts to get my policy delivered, but was ignored. I made attempts to call and email my rep to stop payment on my account as I was paying for two life insurance policies as I had thought the new Primerica policy wasn't going into effect yet. Months later I am still trying to get a hold on my payments and cancel my account. This company is full of moonlighting insurance agents that don't have time for you. I am sooo frustrated with this organization.

Our company is unique because it allows you to build a business within a business. I've read some of the reviews and the beauty of it is WE ARE the only company that only markets 1 product when it comes to insurance. We are the only people that also have 35 yr term. We are not the cheapest but our riders and renewal rates are superior. Honestly some people are not ready to go off on their own and speak with clients. It is NOT A SCAM. I paid 99 dollars for my background check. I got through my training and class I received a 300 dollar bonus. I then passed my life insurance test and made 1100 dollars my first month. I myself had a whole life policy for 20 thousand that I payed 30 bucks a month for.

After I was educated in the difference between term and whole life I then got a 400 thousand dollar policy for 77 dollars. With work I now have 3 agents and I am able to have the goal to open my own office soon. If you want to know about us talk to someone who has actually done the business and stuck around long enough to see the end result. If you google it is a fact that our company pays more people 6 figures than anyone in the U.S. That's a fact Jack. If you do the work than you can have a great experience with our company.

I found that my insurance agent was very helpful with all my questions. He also made a point to contact me to make an appointment to come by and go over my insurance policy.

That is what I have been told. I was recruited in 96 and I guess I was just not good enough. I even asked for a transfer and finally got one. But still did not do well. I only got to Division in two years with 20 people under me. I was frustrated so I quit. Three years later I found myself trying again and recruiting under different leadership. Again getting to Division and with 20 different people under me. I quit again. Only to find myself opening my own life agency two years later... I am glad I did. I make so much more money selling term with my own agency and with many more companies to choose from. I was so gullible with PFS I thought it was difficult to open an agency. I thought it took a special license. All I needed was a life insurance license and register my agency... Well I guess if it weren't for PFS I wouldn't have had my agency... Go PFS!

Arrived late to appointment and overheard a sales pitch to potential "employee". Not sure how they came across my contact information, but the way I was lured into an "interview" was very questionable, disingenuous and scammy. Why the need to lie about the company name and why did the person sound as if they were attempting to sell to someone, if they were going to be employed by the company? That is not indicative of a good product, but reeked of a scam to me. I was told a different company name, but Primerica was on the door. I googled it while waiting and left no more than a minute later without giving any information to them. Additional information: I was contacted by a man named Adam **. Office address - 14679 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001 suite 120.

They told me that I needed to put my money in an IRA, but they never asked me what I made each year to see if I qualified for it. (My annual income was higher than $100K.) Well, as it turns out, I didn't qualify for it and was subject to a penalty for early termination (not taxes - from the company I purchased the IRA from through Primerica). I lost all my gains switching to a recommended Primerica MetLife account that year because I wasn't told I shouldn't have an IRA.

When I complained to both MetLife and Primerica, a lawyer from Primerica called me to investigate it, not to help me, but to cover their liability. She kept telling me that she would try to get my tax penalties back for me if I submitted paperwork even though I kept telling her I didn't care about that. I just wanted to leave Primerica. She really didn't care about my problem at all. In the end, she concluded that I was at fault.

All I asked for was to transfer my account to another company (keeping MetLife). I didn't ask for any refunds or compensation for my losses in any form, and they basically spit in my face. Now if I leave, they will hit me with another penalty (MetLife). The really bad thing is I didn't even ask them for anything other than to leave. This company does not care about their customers or take responsibility for their actions. They are parasites who just want to take as much of your money as they can. Do not use Primerica! They are crooks!

A middle-aged gentleman walked up to me while I was pumping gas into my car and began to ask questions about my car, whether I liked it, if I had driven that make/model in the past, etc., etc. I told him I had driven that make/model car before and I enjoyed it. He then asked if I was a lawyer because that is what I looked like (not sure what a lawyer looks like but I digress) and I said no and I told him what I actually did for work. He then said I looked smart (more flattery and what does stupid look like) and asked if I would be interested in making money, increasing my income, etc. I responded that it would depend because there are some things that I am not willing to do for money.

He then hands me his Primerica Card - I immediately said, I have heard about this company and I feel that it targets the poor and disenfranchised with promises of providing steady employment and a good income but neither of those ever happen; that is the population that I work for and they often get conned into quick money schemes. He then says, not with him - he was an inner city teacher for years and his wife was a registered nurse before they started working with Primerica but since they joined the company, they have been able to leave their jobs and the company has been good to them. He then asked if he could meet with me to talk about how great Primerica is and the opportunities it would give to me, stupidly (opposite of what I was looking) I gave him my number to call me to schedule something.

He did reach out to me within days and I told him that was too busy to meet with him at that time and I wouldn't be available for a month and so he agreed to give me a call within a month. A month passed, he calls and we scheduled to meet at a Starbucks one evening. On the day of our meeting, I told my husband that I was going to meet with this gentleman from Primerica and my husband, tells me to call and speak with his uncle who had been involved with Primerica - bottom-line is my husband's uncle advised against me entertaining any of the gentleman rhetoric because he knew first hand from experience this is a MLM scheme and it is not gainful employment for the average person. But I kept my word and went to meet with the gentleman from Primerica and I regret that I did.

When I arrived we sat down and I told him that I had spoken with my uncle who warned me about Primerica. The gentleman says to me, "Well I'm not sure who your uncle worked for but I assure you that my company is not like that. I thought you would be a good person to work with because of the work you are involved in and I thought you would have an open mind to hearing what my company has to offer." I told him I would call my uncle and he could hear what his issues were and that would help him understand my skepticism but he respectfully declined. He then says, "It seems like you have your mind made up and I don't want to waste our time." So I could see that he was upset and I agreed that we should not waste anymore of our time and he left, as did I.

Shortly after, I receive a text message and he accused me of wasting time, listening to he say, she say and he thought I was unfair for passing judgment about what Primerica does and of not being courteous. Well, I called him immediately because his accusations were not fair and false. I went to meet with him out of courtesy, asking others what they know about the company is my way/right of doing due diligence - if I felt like not going I wouldn't have went better yet, I would have ignored his calls all together and lastly I was open to hearing what he had to say about Primerica.

He should not be offended that I have an opinion about this company and if he really felt that Primerica was worth anything at all, he would have been able to counter my opinion but he caved and chose to rail petty and false accusation. Lastly, he had the audacity to send me a link from Forbes which had an article that talked about how trustworthy Primerica was in 2015. I very much wanted to send him this link to show how untrustworthy it is not! If I could have been persuaded, that day when this gentleman sent his crazy text messages - so glad it all ended at Starbucks and it didn't go any further!

My first experience with Primerica in Huntsville, Ontario, was finding out that they hire people who have claimed bankruptcy! How can you offer financial advisement to people when you do not know how to manage your own money! Go to a PROFESSIONAL, not these poorly trained, unethical vultures. The next encounter was a local lady who took my husband out for coffee to discuss his "financial needs". The next thing she was looking after his SEXUAL needs, and I do not imagine this is the first time. VERY unprofessional company.

A Primerica worker (family member of mine) talked me into getting life insurance (very pushy) with them. I signed and was suppose to be the owner of my own policy (being that I was in my 30's). My mom had also gotten life insurance with this same company around the same time. To make long story short... after about two weeks of waiting for my policy to come in the mail, which never did come, to find out the agent who signed me and my mom up, ended up putting my mom over my policy against my wishes.

Instead of her making the correction she lied to her higher up telling them "it's what she thought I wanted" despite the numerous times of me telling her I wanted to be over my own policy like any other adult would. Then she was also suppose to add the rider on my policy so I could add my children and she refused. So I called to do a complaint and after proving all that I could prove during the investigation, I was told that the policy was accepted in good faith and that the agent has never had a complaint before. This company allowed this and it's not right!!!

I can't believe this company is still in business and people are still falling for their lies. About 7 years ago, I "interviewed" with them. It consisted of a group of people, I was 35 and by far the oldest in the room. Some random girl came in and started telling us how in only a year, she was a Vice President, how easy it was to sell to her friends and family, and everyone wanted in. I knew immediately it was a pyramid scheme, but I was already there, and didn't walk out right away. I noticed the room of "kids" were lapping it up.

Seriously, these other so called interviewees were barely 25 at the oldest, most looked barely 21. I have no idea how they even thought I wouldn't know what was going on. She kept telling the room how much money she was making, it was so easy, and she could barely keep up with the demand. She then "excused" herself because they were having an "awards" ceremony in the next room, but she had a movie for us to watch. So she starts this movie and leaves the room. You hear nothing but cheers and yelling going on in the "awards" happening next door.

The movie is all about how you could be unprepared for an emergency, so you need to financially protect you and yours. I'm still hanging in there, but it was more and more obvious it was a scam. Then, the tipping point for me happened. So the movie is all about what could happen, so you've got grandma in the hospital, the assorted car accidents and fires, the normal unfortunate events... And then a shot of the Twin Towers coming down on 9/11. Yep, that's when I lost it. I yelled "Oh, my, GOD!" and jumped up. I look at the room of stupid kids and told them it was a pyramid scheme, to go ask their parents what that was, and grabbed my coat and walked out the door. I then see a bunch of their "agents" in the hallway and totally unloaded on them about what a despicable con they were pulling and how they should be ashamed of themselves. I made sure I was loud enough so the kids could hear me since we all just listened to the "cheering".

I was approached by a Primerica Agent through a friend of mine. I was impressed with the additional products the company had and the A+ rating. To date, I have never had a problem with this company. When I did have to call for an address change, the customer service representative was extremely friendly and helpful. I did receive a letter in the mail that stated my rates were going to increase by a few dollars, however, my insurance policy would also increase in its value. If I didn't want the rate increase all I had to do was call and they would remove the rate increase. However, I was thrilled to know that I would be getting higher coverage for only a few dollars more. The company has a good reputation for paying on their policies and providing great products to their customers.

I was misled by recruiter telling me that it’s an interview when in reality she was trying to sell me their services. I was convinced to sign IBA contract and I paid $99 upfront and also signed up for monthly subscription for $25. But now I don’t want to be a part of Primerica anymore and have tried contacting their customer service several times but haven’t got any response yet. Have sent them various emails as well, but no response yet. It’s a scam. Which company charges employees instead of paying them? And then they say you are not an employee!! Huh...Please refund all my money back.

My aunt discovered she had cancer in December 2014 and died in March of 2015. She had Primerica Life Insurance for over 12 years. Paid her policy always. A little before she became real sick - she let her policy lapse but was able to reinstate her policy. Paying her life insurance was important to her because her sister died 3 years before and failed to pay her life insurance before she became real ill, and ultimately left no money to cover her funeral. People can get real ill and can neglect to pay important bills.

Primerica has made it hell for her children to collect on the policy and it is now July 2015. They've investigated and are alleging that my aunt knew she had cancer all along but neglected to disclose it. She did not know. She had regular appointments and none of her doctors diagnosed her with cancer prior to December. Her kids may have to wait for the 2-year Contestability Clause to pass. It's awful for my cousins to have to wait so long. It's bad enough she succumbed to her illness so quickly and it's still very hurtful for her children to not be able to put closure in the situation and have a lingering $13,000 funeral bill they can't pay.

I have never posted comments on any websites but I came across some reviews on here that could not be further from the truth. Primerica is on the NYSE. We have been in business for over 30 yrs. pyramids and multi-level marketing is illegal in dealing with investments. No one that works with Primerica gets paid any money if you decide to join the company.... not ever! I have seen so many families get out debt, be on track for retirement, save money, through us educating them on their finances. It has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to help families improve their financial well being. I would recommend primerica to anyone that is in need of any financial service, as well as the opportunity to work for such an amazing company!

Over the last 14 months I have been a representative of Primerica and have found it to be a fantastic opportunity to grow your own franchise with minimal upfront cost. I started out working part-time and learning as I went, based on my desire and level of participation. I have had both my State Life Insurance and my Series 6 & 63 paid for by the Primerica. I recently left my full-time job as a banker to pursue this as my full-time career because I believe in who they are fighting for.

Working for Primerica is not for everyone, but based on my experience they are doing what is right as company, working to help the 99% become better off, allowing families the chance to have access to sound financial advice at no cost to them. Primerica is teaching them how money works and why they need to start investing as soon as possible to be financially stable and not dependent in their twilight years.

The work is hard because people have been taken advantage of and are seriously skeptical of your motives. Most people can't believe that a company actually wants to help them and their families and will work tirelessly to do so. Now this can not be said for each individual that works for Primerica. Just like every other financial company I have worked for over the last 10 years (Wells Fargo, US Bank, Performant Recovery, Umpqua Bank) you have people who are not informed making poor recommendations and looking at their own pocket books instead of the clients. I have found in my experience that these people are far from the majority and are quickly snuffed out.

I really love this company and the companies they work with. The reason Primerica is always looking for more reps is because Primerica is a distribution company. They don't just work with one company but several; MetLife, Franklin Templeton, Lincoln Financial, GenWorth, ING... and on and on and on... If you want a real good review look up PRIMERICA PARTNERS.

I'm embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about investing and was fooled into joining Primerica. Had a "friend" who I thought was nice enough and trustworthy enough transfer my 401k from a former employer (30g) into an IRA with them April 2018 until now, putting in an additional $300/month. I've just now looked through my account thoroughly after continuing to see big drops in my total, more than I've ever seen when I was with Fidelity, and realized I've been charged a sales charge rate of roughly 5% on my funds, totaling $1923 of my money in 8 months. All front load, all into the pockets of their rep, on up the ladder to their district leader and director instead of into my future wealth. Yes, the market has been down ($4889) which will happen, but the fees has been 40% of my total loss, wiping out any dividends and capital gains I've earned.

After reading tons of investing articles, JL Collins book Simple Path to Wealth, and Jack Bogle's book Common Sense Investing, I'm pissed. This is why JL Collins says con artists are disguised as very nice people. No one cares about your money more than you. Never trust a "rep" trying to deal with your money. I've transferred to Vanguard. Highly recommend anyone dealing with Primerica to get out as fast as you can. The transfer cost me $85, and closing the account was an additional $50. You can then sell your funds to invest in index funds. The expense ratio of my index funds are .04 and .05%, so I would've been charged $19 instead of $1900 in the past 8 months. Primerica's expense ratio is at least 100x more. Ouch. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN READING AND RESEARCH and don't take my word for it. It really pays off, literally. I learned the hard way. $1900 is an expensive lesson, but hoping anyone reading this can learn from it too.

Do NOT sign up with company!!!! In ERROR I signed up with this company in September, I changed my mind and called 1st thing in the morning. I had to deal with someone coming to my home again to complete papers to sign, and then they cancel the insurance but do not bother to cancel the enrollment so since then they keep taking $25 from my account and no matter how many times we call to cancel they keep taking MY MONEY!!! On top of it all every time we call we get some ** on the line who gets on a high horse claiming how FABULOUS this company is... WHAT A JOKE...

If you want to get rich by taking advance of others then I guess this is the job for you! So far thanks to these crooks I am out $100 and according to the last jerk I spoke to I will not see those funds back. Makes me sad to see there are companies still able to operate like this and rip off those of us who live pay check to pay check just to pad their wallets with our hard earned money!!!

My husband purchased a 20 yr. Term Life policy to age 100 with a disability rider from Primerica at age 38. At age 47 he became permanently disabled. At the end of the 20 yr. term the policy was automatically converted. He is still insured for $100,000 to age 100 and we haven't paid a premium for the last 13 yrs. The premium is $362.82 quarterly which has been WAIVED for the last 13 yrs.

At 65 yrs. his current health status would disqualify him from life ins. Know what you're buying and prepare for the unexpected as he did and you'll end up very satisfied, as we are! We have never had a problem with this company continuing to cover him or with enforcing the Disability Rider! Have absolutely NO complaints with this company or their service. I do wish though, that we could cash this policy out before my husband's death, without paying tax on it. The gov. should pass a law providing for this once you become completely debilitated, as my husband has. There wasn't a Rider for this at the time of purchase. Always take the Disability Rider, it's worth the extra $.

I was looking for a side job and responded to an email from David ** in Magnolia, TX. I have an insurance license, annuity certification and a series 7 and 66 securities licenses. After our initial meeting, I decided that Primerica would give me the flexibility I was looking for. Upon my "hire" with David, he then informed me of the $99.00 fee to join the company. I should have walked out right then. NEVER pay anyone anything to go to work for them. But, it was only $99.00 and I had already burned the bridges of 3 other companies who would have hired me, so what the heck!

I went to our first scheduled meeting for "training" and he moved to a different office and did not notify me. I called his cell and he then let me know where to go. When I arrived, the office looked messy and empty. He then told me he did not have time to meet with me because he had made an appointment to write a million dollar policy with someone in The Woodlands and we would need to re-schedule. That was about two months ago and I have never heard from him since. I have called his cell and sent multiple texts that were never responded to. I even stopped by his new office a couple of times unannounced, to find an unlocked office looking identical to what it did when he moved in. Stay away from this particular office! If I had been dependent on this job to feed my family, we'd be on the street by now! I submitted my resignation letter today and asked for a refund of my money. We'll see what happens.

To the morons saying "It's $99 for a background check", no, that's only part of it. That pays for your books and class sign up to get Life Licensed. Just the fact that these negative people are complaining without even fully understand the basics of what they're getting into worries me. You're scaring people with false information. It's the same thing as idiots crying wolf about banks scamming them because they got an over-draft fee when they could care less to monitor their bank account. If you cry "SCAM" regardless, people will get flustered and scared. Be knowledgeable about what you're talking about before you open your mouth. This is something you need to apply to everything in life.

I have been with the company close to a year. I have had nothing but the best experience with this company. It is the greatest opportunity out there to build a business on a part time basis. I have gained tremendous knowledge and training... and a monthly income. This is NOT A MULTILEVEL MARKETING COMPANY... or a SCAM... or a PYRAMIDS. First of all, pyramids are illegal! Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. Primerica operates like any other brokerage firm. The only thing they ask is a $99 initial investment to get started and get licensed. The $25/month for access to your POL is optional.

Tell me of a business opportunity that allows me to help empower and educate families with their finances and help them build a better future for them and the next generation. A company that also will help me take this business as far as I want and have ownership. It's hard work but it allows me to build a life where I will have FREEDOM OF TIME AND MONEY.... and that is PRICELESS to me. If anyone is interested in this business opportunity and wants to do research on their own, then please do yourself a favor and go to legitimate resources like, Yahoo Finance (our symbol is PRI on the NYSE) and/or the Better Business Bureau. There a plenty of people's opinions floating around the internet about everything... so just consider the source.

I went to a presentation and I was very disappointed. They claim is not MLM (multilevel). If it is not, then why Primerica keep pushing to recruit people?? If they are a finance company, they should focus on the products they sell not on asking the sales people to recruit and to invite people over to their presentations. This is what they asked me to do on one of the meetings: "Write a list of people you know who would you like to invite/or may be interested in Life Insurance." Isn't that a sneaky recruiting exercise? Then this AVP/SVP whatever did a presentation. He claimed he was making $10,000 a month after just two years. Now if a seller earns $100 for each Term life insurance sold, then it would mean he sells (10,000/100 = 100) One hundred Life Insurances per month! Is that feasible?? Even if he had 5 people under him, that still means that each of these persons would need to sell 20 insurances per month! Can you consistently find 20 persons per month to sell life insurance? After you are done with your friends and family, who else are you going to sell?

I read that the average Primerica agent only makes about $5,000 which about 3 to 5 insurances per month... that sounds about correct. The questions is you need to analyze the value of your time... Is it a good investment to put your time to earn the $400 to $500 per month? You need to calculate the amount of time you spent a week in seminars, trainings, presentations (about 4 hours) and visiting potential customers (few hours more). Then, you can decide if it is worth the effort. For me it is not. We had to meet twice a week... that was 4 hours already. Then call friends, visit people. It came to about $5.00 an hour... not to mention the cost of my calls, traveling, gas, etc.

Another thing that bothers me is that their presentations are about saving, the future, use money wisely, time value of money... all great things. However, when you join, you sell Life insurance. The presentations barely touch Life Insurance and most likely the agents do not sell any financial products: IRA, 401K, CD, Debt Credit Solutions, etc... It's all about life insurance even though the presentation mention other things. And in reference to this, I asked Primerica what does one need to sell Mutual Funds, IRAs etc (as I see this area could be more profitable) and nobody answered me??? I even posted this question in the FB Page... no answer. What is the mystery? Must likely you need a series 7 license from FINRA, but still do not know? They told me I have to ask my SVP\RVP whatever as to how I could get there. Anyhow, I just want to share my view and be very suspicious of their claims.

I went to an appointment for life insurance. The agent was a former classmate of mine so I trusted her. Her sales pitch sounded so good I decided to sign up. Upon signing up I didn’t realize I had to be annoying and aggressive. So I decided to cancel. I paid $124 dollars and all they refunded me was $20.75. It’s crazy to me. I signed up on the 16th cancelled on the 21st. After all this the agent is still calling me to get life insurance. No thank you. Please be cautious when dealing with this company.

If you're trying to find accurate information regarding Primerica, but can't make a conclusion based on your research and experience, I am writing this post to help you, and this may be the only post you need. But please don't start jumbling around a billion sites, trying to evaluate and analyze the positive and negative reviews of Primerica (especially Indeed or Glassdoor). Because I did that, and will post my findings for you so you can make your decision quickly whether or not to join/stay with Primerica, and not waste any more time.

Like you, I was on the same path. I stumbled upon a random prospector at my University, he asked if I was interesting in making some "extra income". I asked him what it was and he just said "Financial services", and from the start he was pretty shady. He even dodged more of my questions about providing further details about the company. (Why the need to keep it a secret if it's a trusted company?)

I went to the location expecting an "interview" but really what was a cattle call presentation about the company. How money works, the potential income you can make, and the presenter showing off his successes. I saw the presentation with a little skepticism, but decided to give it a go because I am not ignorant, and see what it has for me. I was a little worried about stretching my wallet even further, spending 99 + 25 (Background check and licensing fee) to join. But I thought to myself, eh, this "TRUSTED" company, like they said would reimburse me soon.

The first thing they made me do, unexpectedly, take out my phone and rip me of contacts. They wanted the phone numbers of my friends, colleagues, and family. They literally squeezed me like a lemon to get as many numbers as possible, and to set up appointments. Your up line "helps" you during your "training", so the appointments that you set up aren't making you the money, it is making the money for them, Pyramid my friends?

I wanted to quit after the first day, because my family told me it was a scam, and a career in sales, begging people to buy your policy isn't my thing. So I called them, and they said that if I wanted to quit I would have to come to them in person. But they convinced me that this is a great opportunity, and I will get a lot of money. The only thing that the guys at Primerica used to defend their arguments was their bank account balance and their awards of how much money they could make. Not a very good defense for an argument, because they are just at the top of the Pyramid.

The real issue is, the further I stayed, they emphasized getting recruits. 24/7 pushed to get recruits. I didn't see anyone actually trying to help clients, they just want to get more people working under them and having those people work. No one wants to work. They get money if the people under them work. Huge Pyramid. Is it a scheme? Yes. Can you make money? Yes. For example, if you only sold insurance, you'd need to sell 8k worth of monthly premiums each month (commission is 25 percent without any downline reps). If an average month premium is $50, that's 160 policies a month. Even if the average were $100, 80 policies is still huge. If you sell 3 a day that's 27 work days a month to hit 80. And each one takes significant time to sell - time to prospect, convince to meet, go over policy and benefits, etc.

It is Extremely difficult to be in this business. They emphasize working harder rather than smarter. Let's visualize this career path by stating that there is a road to success. On that road is a wall. By working with Primerica, you will need to slam your head against the wall to demolish it. True successful people work smarter, by not beating their heads against walls, but overtaking the walls. Successful people jump over walls, not demolish them. Primerica has some of the highest expense fees in the industry. And their investment products performance is average at best. And those 4 star ratings at Glassdoor/Indeed? It's rather obvious that most Glassdoor/Indeed job reviews are straight recruiting pitches. Not an expert here, but think about it: they have positive reviews from an online site that anyone can create a username for and leave reviews/scores.

Their policies? Primerica has some of the highest expense fees in the industry. And their investment products performance is average at best. However, Primerica has released income disclosures as recently as 2013. Too much work for that little pay. You may as well take my advice, and make your decision based on this. But know that since you are starting at the base of the Pyramid, it will be a pain in the ass. Expect Primerica to cut time off your leisure and school (if you are attending), by prospecting, and begging people to buy your policies or you can just keep drinking the Koolaid they're feeding you, until one day realize the TRUTH.

My father died on 2/26/2017 and till this day we haven't received any answer. My mom has gone through hell to give them all of the documentations they asked for, and interviewed through them. There is even a 3rd party company reviewing this. It's 5/26/2017 and we still have no response. It's hard dealing with a family tragedy like this and in top of it this company doesn't help the grief. My dad was the one who worked, my mom has never worked in her life so this money would help her a lot. But they are making it so difficult for her to even get it. Bad company. Don't buy from them or even invest your time in listening to their **.

I joined Primerica with the impression of establishing financial freedom. This is false! They are just out to line their pockets! After discovering what the business was really about I can say it was too late. I was forced to pay a membership fee for an app to keep in the loop. Shortly after joining I decided to not continue with them. I called and cancelled my membership so that they can stop charging me with the confirmation that my membership was cancelled and that I would no longer be charged for their app.

After reviewing my bank account I see that they continued to charge my bank account. I called them to see why I was charged. Their customer service is the worse. With sighing and loud talking by the people they have representing them. I am disgusted! After spending hours trying to get my charges reversed and unable to speak to a supervisor. They are denying me a refund for payments I cancelled 3 months ago. The best they can do they stated was to refund me for one month!!! Is this some type of joke of company??? Never again!!!

Mid-day in central Mississippi and I walk into a Kroger and was almost immediately approached by a tall, professionally dressed black guy. He approached me saying "What's your name? You look really familiar. Are you married?" My thoughts: "Umm yeah creepy black dude. I'm married and BYE." But he was a middle aged guy and seemed to be more of the old uncle type so I hung around. Keep in mind I'm a 30-yr old black woman in MS where everybody knows everybody so though initially that was off putting I figure, I have time I might as well listen.

After I told him I was married he asked if my husband and I were interested in making more money where we could be our own boss. I told him not really (sensing where the conversation was going I hoped he'd let me go after this) and that we'd both just got new jobs. I told him I worked in corporate HR/compliance and my husband is a teacher. He then flips it and pulls the "black card" with all "them" meaning white people making the bulk of the money in America and us blacks are out here doing the work to keep them wealthy. Be that as it may or may not, the fact that this man stood in front of me for 10 mins at least and didn't bother to take his sunglasses off at the entrance of Kroger bothered me. If your goal is to recruit me, I have to trust you. That was red flag #1.

The 2nd red flag was the fact that he never told me the company name until we were done and he'd handed me his card...why the secrecy? 3rd: whenever he picked up on my resistance he'd reiterate, "Listen to me now, this is big brother talkin' here. I'm just talkin' to you like a little sister." I realized this was to help create a familiarity and level of comfort with people you really don't know.

4th: he boasted about how easy it was for him to make money. I told him it was easy for me too. Here I was shopping in Kroger at 11am and yet my paycheck will still be the same. He did agree to that point. He countered that with the fact that he'd been in south MS this morning for about 30 mins and made about $800. That, my friend, was bull...why? I'm an observer by nature. I noticed his sunglasses - almost completely opaque and reflective so I couldn't pick up on the truth in his eyes. I also noticed the shirt he had on was really worn. I mean the pocket was about to fall off. But I'm supposed to believe you're bringing in 6 figs? Nah.

I'm a deeply spiritual person and after talking to this man my gut was telling me "Don't do it. He's lying." I took his card and saw Primerica and thought "Yep, I knew it." I did give him my cell number just to see how far I can push him to get to the real truth. My sole purpose with people like this is to expose them for trying to take advantage of people in bad situations. I do the same thing for the Jamaican telemarketers that call to tell you you've won 25 million and a new Benz is waiting to be shipped to you! Haha! I believe it's my duty to piss them off for all the people they've misled. And I enjoy it.

I first became a customer in 1987 when it was called A.L. Williams and bought life insurance for myself and family. Then it was a 20 year term so fast forward to 2007 and new owners name change to Primerica and several different agents and I renewed for 10 years. Here comes 2017 I receive my letter for renewal. I called now another new agent I’ve never heard of and no respond. I called several times, no responds but finally he leaves me a message with the rates I requested. Tried calling again, left message no response, so I said, “The heck with you” and looked up another agent.

This guy was great but new, wasn’t sure if he could take over someone else’s account. I told him I wanted a agent that acted like he was interested in me, because that other guy could care less. He called, they said he could. We did the policy for 10 years like the other times. We shook hands. I left his office. 2018 I get a letter that says my policy is expiring next month, which I called the name on the letter and told them no way and why.

Long story short somehow the new agent made a mistake and it recorded the policy for a year instead for 10 years so now I was having a policy increase at 70 years old and yearly. My new agent went to bat for me telling the company he made the mistake. It was supposed to be 10 years, can they change the policy. They would not budge an inch for this man that worked so hard to satisfy a mistake the company employee made and they hung him out to dry. When a company will not back their own employees that tells you they surely won’t back you.

I change bank account and contacted my agent. It took me about 10 calls and messages for him to respond to inform them not to try to automatically withdraw the funds for my premium out of the bank. He told me not to worry and gave him a check for that month premium. I went in to check my bank account and sure enough, they took the money out. I was faced with three $35 overdraft fees because they withdrew the money. I called and send them all info without any response.

MLM requires two things for participants to make money: recruiting and buying products from the company. Primerica does not require either, which is why I chose to be an independent contractor with me. Primerica is Direct Sales, which means you are an independent contractor with your own business. Yes, they recruit, but that is how they get new people and pay people for the time and energy they put into you. (BTW -- tech companies routinely give bonuses for recruiting.) There is a high cheesiness factor with all the meetings and positive thinking, but none of those activities are required. You are able to conduct your business in any manner in which you choose, as long as you are legally compliant and have high ethical standards.

All licensed agents in California must go through 32 hours of mandatory state licensing. Including 12 hours of ethics training. Primerica offers this licensing at a fraction of the cost of other places. And, it is identical to any other licensing -- because the insurance industry is highly regulated. A person pays $99 for this training, $20 of which goes to your background check.

Finally: some people have complained that they were automatically charged $25 and were not able to cancel. However, as a new rep, I was given a clear option to opt out of this service and told I could get a refund for my first month's subscription. This information was in the TOS, which was not in legal-ease, but in plain English. I also asked my Rep about this requirement, and he told me the same thing. Opting out means you have to go online and cancel. You cannot call. So, those complaints were made by people who did not follow the instructions.

Passed my life insurance test in 4 days, yes they paid for it. Made $3,446 my first month, did not recruit one person. Was on business trips for my job for most of my second month with the exception of the last week of the month, wasn't able to do any sales but recruited 5 people, did not make a dime--proof that the $124 doesn't go to pay the recruiter or anyone else. 3rd month made almost $1,000 just in overrides from my team's sales (this does not include my personal sales income). My aunt, who is a new real estate broker, made $2,663 from the overrides on the sales of her team--proof that the Primerica business model works just like a real estate broker but FROM DAY ONE. My cousin joined and quit, got a refund. Proof that the $124 is refundable and that we want people who want to be here, it does us no good to recruit a quitter.

Wife and I have both since left our jobs and are working Primerica full time now getting ready to open our own office with a team of 50+ agents poised to do the same. Being an Engineer, research is your life and doing good, credible research is bred into you. As an Engineer, if you don't do that kind of research, bridges collapse, buildings topple, people die. I applied that same trait to my research of Primerica. The more you research this company the more truth you see. Good, positive, truth. That aside, fact is that my wife and I would never own our jobs and we would be working for someone else for life. Why do we want to own everything else in life but not our income? We work 30+ years while paying off our house and we can sell our house, can't sell our jobs. That makes no sense. That is not for me, nor my wife, nor my kids.

There is no risk with Primerica. It is SO simple and RISK FREE to own what you do here and you do it helping people who would otherwise be overlooked by the industry and struggling in the future. Most of the negative comments about Primerica online are related to someone not liking their trainer or RVP, yet somehow they chose to get involved with them in the first place and it's the trainer's our RVP's fault somehow. Or they had an issue with the $124, which if you didn't get your refund, your fault, also if $124 is a lot of money for you then there is something very wrong with the choices you've made to date and you shouldn't have quit but rather learned something about finances at least. But hey, quitters always quit everything don't they? Or someone realized that like any business, it takes hard work.

And also like any business you want everyone to know what you do, like what you do, and support what you do ESPECIALLY FAMILY, and somehow they've conveniently misconstrued this as some sort of red flag in an attempt to discredit the company and alleviate the painful truth that they themselves were the reason it didn't work out. Or someone didn't like the idea of someone brand new talking about finances, yet they fail to realize that the principles taught are very fundamental (how would Primerica do any business if it were rocket science and clients couldn't understand) and there is always someone in the office experienced and qualified (legally mind you) to go with a brand new person and discuss anything needed with anyone.

Beware of negative comments. Primerica is rated 2.6 stars on this site. Go look at Microsoft, Apple, Nike, HP, Samsung, Dell, Toyota. 7 of the most popular names in business, all with worse ratings than Primerica. But how much do you love your iPhone, Shox, or Camry? Get the point? Primerica is an amazing company with amazing products and even more amazing business opportunity.

They tell me that my date for payment to be put into my bank account is the 5th of every month... What they don't tell you is that it takes 2 days after that to receive it. I don't understand why as it is digital; I depend on this money to buy food... This really irritates me... Don't give me a date for which I'm supposed to get money and then the real date shows up 2 or 3 days later... This is baloney.

I used to be just like everybody else thinking bad and talking bad about Primerica because I joined the business when I was 19 yrs Old and did not understand the business. So I quit and spoke badly about Primerica for 8 yrs. It's easier to blame Primerica than to blame yourself. Since that time I rejoined at age 27 and after 8 yrs I crossed over $200,000/yr of personal income. And it's been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Primerica is not for everyone. It's for persons that wanna be a somebody and loves helping people and have good work ethics as the first few years are usually kinda tough but if you last after two years you are golden. And you can have a life full of choices.

Been with this "investment" company for over 7 years. Total waste of time. Gain like $100 in this amount of time. When I went to close the account on January 2017, I was charged a full year of investment $25 and $35 fee for closing it. This company is a total waste of time and money. Customer service rep Grace had no interest in helping. So, if you want to invest your money, do it somewhere else. This company will give you nothing.

I have read some of these complaints, and they are blowing me!!! I joined Primerica in 2013. I spent $99.00 to fill out my IBA, and from there I took the class, THAT PRIMERICA PAID FOR, then I took my test, THAT PRIMERICA PAID FOR, and received a license to sell insurance in the state of IL THAT PRIMERICA PAID FOR. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RECRUIT TO GET COMMISSION! THAT'S A LIFE. YOU STILL GET commission (although it's small) even if you NEVER RECRUIT A SOUL!!!

Then when I wrote my first policy, I REINVESTED THAT MONEY, paid for a health class, took the health test, and had that line of authority added to my life license (the one that PRIMERICA paid for) for only $5.00. In Illinois the cost for my license would have been $430.00 ($150 for the class; $100 to take the test; and $180.00 for my license fees.) I also took the $99.99 and turned it into $1,600.00 net profit. Not much, but that's one hell of a return for part-time work in 2 months. ALSO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY THE $25.00 for the online access. Pay for 1 month, and then cancel it! You can go into your own account, and stop billing. I had to write this because I get sick of people lying, and acting like victims, when all they have to do is read, and say no.

My husband joined Primerica 4 years ago and I was skeptical at first. I did everything I could to prevent him from making any sales. However, he has persevered and I have seen how he has helped families save money and get out of debt. Primerica has grown over the past 4 years and they now help provide the best rates on auto, home, long term care, and health insurance. This is in addition to the term life insurance that they started in order to help families save money by purchasing the least expensive insurance so that they could 'invest the difference' and save money for retirement. I am now a huge supporter of my husband's business and I can see how it has helped him become a more positive person. This company is made up of great people who only want to help families save money and provide for their future.

My husband recently passed away so I called about getting my husband's insurance money situated, to my shocking surprise he doesn't have one! Well that's a shocker because 7 years ago we signed up for life insurance. They said he needed to do a saliva swab so he did it, our insurance agent said that in 33 years no one has ever failed so we will be fine. We were led to believe that once the swab was taken we were insured but that was incorrect because supposedly he failed is what the agent is saying but Primerica is saying they never received it.

I'm complaining because I called two years ago and was told by the agent that we were fine everything was good and now my husband is dead and I am broke with three small children. I have contacted them and they keep sending me the same paper that we signed about his pending saliva swab, it is ridiculous and now I have to hire a lawyer because I am getting nowhere and my agent won't even help me.

I had an interview with Primerica on Friday, July 31, 2015. This did not feel like an interview at all. When I first arrived the person I was suppose to interview with was supposedly on a conference call and her husband stepped in to interview me. I have had a number of interviews in my lifetime and this one left me feeling weird. After reading some of the reviews, I have come to the conclusion that this was a fake interview. Wow what a revelation. It seems that Google has Primerica located all over the city of Milwaukee. Let me search for some real jobs.

I spoke with the field agent who recruited me about receiving a refund close to the end of my first month (within the time frame of being able to receive a full refund). I was told he would fill out the paperwork for the refund and that I didn't have to do anything else. Since then I have received the 2nd month's bill so I called the support line and was told that today was the first day they received the request and that even though an agent from their company promised me a refund that the company could not honor this from the field agent. Honestly if a refund or cancellation was put in even I shouldn't have even had to worry about a second-month bill.

I sign up as a sales rep and didn't work for me, but I kept the insurance at a normal rate no special nothing. And couple of month later without letting me know they raise the monthly payment. I try calling, emailing. I talk to my representative who at that time was my friend OF 10 YEARS (after this we are no longer friend. She couldn't even help me). Well long story short is almost impossible to get out. I did some search on prices and they are ok. NOT the best, but ok so I stayed. About two weeks ago they called me saying that "my agent has quit the job'' (I know she did as she wasn't making any money at all) and that they were going to send me a new one representative??? I'M STILL WAITING... HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE THE END OF THIS. PRIMERICA CRAPPY SERVICE.

My policy has been canceled and they're still taking money out of my account. Try to call these crooked company and can't get through. I email them and no respond. I advise nobody go through this company. They're Ripoffs.

Wow! I'm surprise how people write a review without doing their research first about this company. How could you call a company like Primerica a scam when it is publicly traded in New York Exchange Stock under federal securities law? Primerica is publicly traded under symbol PRI in NYE Stock since 2010. It means they follow all the requirements under federal securities laws. Do your research before you write unjustified reviews just because people express their opinions that doesn't mean it's true. Primerica doesn't have any complaints about not paying the claim or law suits against them.

If Primerica is a scam, how come they are still under NYE for 5 years now. Some of the review here is just opinion and there is no proof to justify their comments claiming it is a scam. Know the facts about the credential of Primerica first before you call it a scam! There are other financial services out there that has public judgments against them but not Primerica. There is no track record of them getting any law suits. I do agree about some of the agents for Primerica can be pushy and unprofessional on how they would approach people. It can be better but it really depends on the individual. It's not Primerica's fault and it doesn't make the company a SCAM! Just like if you order a burger at McDonald's and you found some hair in your burger does it mean that all McDonald's are unsanitized and will sell burgers that has hair on it, of course not!

I feel sorry for those people who has bad experience from other agents but not all agents are like that. I've been with Primerica for about 5 months now but I have not approach strangers and tried to recruit them, I make sure I create a relationship with the person I wanted to recruit. I don't want a total stranger joining my team. I never push anyone to switch their life insurance to ours but I do let them see our products and without commitment, if they like what they see or heard then that's great! My team has never approach anyone at the stores, restaurants or other public places, to me it's scary to work with someone I have no idea who they are.

The reason for recruiting people is to give people an opportunity and helping them to make extra income while building a team. If people weren't successful that's because they didn't put any time and effort to it. Remember, being an Entrepreneur you control your own income the way you want to. Just like any other businesses you will earn on how much effort and time you put into it. You are not an employee by Primerica but you represents Primerica as Entrepreneur. You need state license to introduce the products to public so those people that stated Primerica is a scam is not true. You are mandated to get a STATE LICENSE to sell life insurance with extensive background check, Primerica will not associate with anyone who has felony on their record.

"PRIMERICA IS NOT A SCAM". 1. We are publicly traded in NYE Stock Exchange under federal laws. 2. We are mandated state license for life insurance and securities license for investments. 3. We are networking company. You need to recruit to expand your business just like working in the corporate world, they hire people to expand. THESE ARE THE FACTS NOT JUST SOME OPINIONS!

SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. The company itself is very unprofessional and they hire people with NO PRIOR experience about insurance from all walks of life. I was approached by a hiring "manager" lol who works for a tire company on the side and gave me the gimmick. Told me that his insurance company is hiring and they are opening a bunch of offices . I went to a seminar in Sacramento and it sounded like a good company. Let me further note, YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY MONEY TO BE HIRED BY AN EMPLOYER. This should be a major red flag! When I asked him about the 99 dollar fee on my application, he said it was for my state insurance testing. THIS IS A LIE. IT'S AN APPLICATION FEE. My boyfriend has multiple friends in the industry and they all told me they never paid a dime to be employed by state farm, progressive, etc. This isn't a real Insurance company, they sell certain services but that's it.

After doing my research as soon as I got home I texted the man who recruited me that I was no longer interested AND HE TOLD ME TOO LATE HE ALREADY RAN MY PAYMENT. He said I may get my money back if they decline my application, that I was no longer qualified and I wasn't an opportunity seeking leader he thought I was. LOL! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU MAKE MONEY ONLY BY RECRUITING OTHERS. I couldn't scam people for a living, so apparently I'm not a opportunity seeking leader. Ha!

They want to sign you up as fast as possible because they make bonuses based on such. I can't speak for those who charge your account before you tell them to, they're just overly anxious (and yes, that's shady). HOWEVER, no one forced you to give them your payment information before you were sure you wanted to sign up! No, you're probably not going to get your entire $99 registration fee back after you sign up because the first thing they do is run your background check. Which costs money and because that cost was already paid, no, you're not going to get it back! You don't HAVE to give them a list of people you know who you think might benefit from the company or from starting their own business. You're not paid to do such and again, no one's holding a gun to your head forcing you to do anything!!

It IS possible for you to use their products/services and NOT start your own business. Sure, A LOT of them are pushy because THEY have chosen to conduct business that way (how they're successful I'll never know.. Personally, I believe in karma and I don't think I need to tell anyone that sooner or later, they're going to fail!). Of course there are those who're in it to make as much money as quickly as possible by whatever means necessary, but there are also those who genuinely want to just help people get out of debt and become financially stable. If you come in contact with someone who's extremely pushy, ask them to leave your home and stop wasting your time. Stand up for yourselves, people!!

I personally attended one of their regional meetings and my sponsor gave me a free ticket in (typically $15). Have I signed up? No! Will I sign up? I still have A LOT of questions, but I'm keeping an open mind. I do NOT recommend these meetings because they're more motivational than anything else. You get VERY little training and VERY little advice. Can you get useful information? Sure! Can you make friends and meet mentors? Sure! Are they required? Of course NOT! They have this phrase: "People lie, numbers don't". There's some truth to that, but you have to get under the surface to find out what the numbers are based on to determine if the numbers lie or not. It's a personal choice how you do that. Can it be a pyramid scheme? If you choose to make it such. It's all up to you and how you yourself choose to "conduct" yourself and your (potential) business.

I have a business management degree and have tried to start my own businesses through Amway, Mary Kay, and some unbelievably expensive kitchen knife selling company (sorry, it was so long ago, I can't remember the company), and to be perfectly honest, they're ALL viewable as pyramid schemes. Why didn't those companies work? Because their products ARE expensive and they're not readily available regardless of their perceived value. We're all our own person with our own mind and if you "smell a rat".. Run! But don't let a few bad seeds spoil the bunch!

My son was recruited by ** at the Garden City Motor Vehicle office. He went to her office and spoke with her about a job. She asked him to come back with me so I can hear about the job. I went and the entire time all ** did was try to sell me insurance and try to get names of people I knew to sell insurance to. My son agreed to try the job and I was told that I had to pay 1 time fee of $25.00 for something. I gave her my debit card number and signed for the 1 time fee. That was in August. Not only was there no actual job for him... they have continued to take the $25.00 fee out of my account every month since.

I only noticed it in July and I have been given the runaround ever since. They are not answering the phone or leaving messages that are inaudible on my voicemail. I've had to block them from my account and now I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Do yourself a favor and DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH THESE PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY ** AT 1 FULTON AVENUE, HEMPSTEAD. This is nothing but a scam. They take people who are looking work and scam them. Not only will you not have a job or make any money... they will scam you and take money from you. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

My mom and stepfather purchased a policy a long time ago for $50K for each of them from Primerica, if something were to happen to either of them, Lord forbid. My stepfather passed in November 2012 and my mom's agent shortchanged her on the policy, meaning he did not give her the full value of the policy. We have come to realize now, he has also reduced the policy on herself from $50K down to $35K without her permission, no policy and supplying her with a copy of the new policy.

Her premium has not changed as well. This has caused a lot of stress dealing with this particular Agent because he is very rude and arrogant when it comes to customer service and admitting he has made a mistake on her policy. The policy covers My mom and her grandkids as well for $15K each now. Mom has been so stressed out about how she had been treated that she doesn't like to do business with the Agent at all!!! It is people like this who make someone not want to do business with a Company.

Bottom line up front (BLUF) - My story pretty much echos most of the stories in this link, which also tells you everything you need to know. 2 stars because all in all the person I dealt with was cool about it and very polite, but I just can't bring myself to give 3 stars. The Primerica recruiter (let's call them PR) did tell me the name of the company and that it was a financial type business that they were starting... but I am terrible with names, otherwise I would have done my research and saved myself the waste of time.

Anyway, I got a call from PR and invited to an "open house office" at 7PM. Odd time for pretty much anything, but for some reason, I guess overactive imagination, I pictured a rustic home office (being that it was "just started" by this person and their spouse) in the suburbs and I was being invited over for dinner and get-to-know-you before you start this "awesome" job. Anyway I digress - the time comes and I am running a few minutes late which had me all upset but was probably to my advantage.

I walk-in to an office inside a business complex with a large (30 or so) crowd seated to a powerpoint presentation. This should have been my first red flag but I didn't really think anything of it... I find a seat and as this speaker is talking... the crowd starts hooting and hollering for NO reason! I say to myself okay... they are giving a standing ovation, again I can see no reason so I stay seated with my poker face, looking at my wife who came with me, like what the what.

So then the speaker starts introducing other speakers complete with theme/hype music (yes at this point the red flags start going off) and again random shouts like "YESSS!" and "We're number one baby!" (Umm where am I? I'm 40 years old and high school was a LONG time ago). Anyway, to not appear TOO rude I give the occasional golf clap and even stood once for a few seconds, but seriously, am still a little puzzled by the crowd's "acting." Well it didn't take me too long to figure out this was a pyramid - oops sorry, a Multi-Level Marketing. MLM is the legal version of a Pyramid. Yes it is technically not a scam, and it is legal (moral is another question) and it's legit, because they sell stocks and shares and their customers are willingly buying a service, after all.

So finally the head sc... I mean, honcho gets up, bragging about how much he makes etc etc. This has been dragging on a while and we go to the bathroom. That's another thing. After a goshdarn hour and a half people are either on board or they're not, and they aren't gonna be swayed by your life story. The song "Cult of Personality" came to my mind at this point.

Also at this point he pretends to not rag on the people who left (but yeah he was ragging on them). Wait, people have left already?? I told my wife, "Let's go" but she wanted to wait for the next standing ovation to draw less attention. When that FINALLY happened, we made our quick exit and PR was standing right by the door but without hesitation I nonchalantly walked out. PR followed. "Are you leaving?" Well it sure looks that way, right, but I smiled and said "yes we have to get going" not slowing down my walk at all. "Not interested?" PR asked. "Mmm, not really, no." So again, to PR's credit, PR was nice and remained professional. But to be safe I've blocked their phone number. :)

Promise you the world, big money, and all you have to do is tell your friends and family about it. They take advantage of those who are less educated and articulate. If you go to one of their meetings, look around at those who they plant in the audience and see the caliber of people they attract. Pay the $99.00 and then subscribe to the $25 a month website access. The only ones making money is them, they sell overpriced products that makes them more money.

Do yourself, friends and family a favor and RUN. Those who don't aren't doing their loved ones any favors. For all the others that were scammed like I was, report it to the FTC at It's the only way we are going to get people like this to stop taking advantage of desperate people.

I have had this policy for several years and am very satisfied with this company. The automatic billing is very convenient and any issues regarding coverage or billing are always handled promptly. This company may not be one of the larger "major" insurance firms but they offer a solid life insurance product at reasonable cost, without any intrusive and inconvenient physicals required. The local agent is extremely helpful and professional.

I just want people to open their eyes a little. It is not for everyone! Nineteen or so years ago I "applied" for a job with Primerica. I got caught up in it till I figured I needed to be a salesman to pull this off. I can smell a skunk. I know when people can smell a skunk. I do not like selling anything because you have to believe you can sell skunks to someone who hates skunks. I bagged out. My father-in-law owned a mortgage company that tanked when all of the rest of them did. He was out of work doing whatever, for god knows who, for at least two years. When he told me he was working with Primerica I thought he was perfect for the job. He could sell in other words. He shakes my hand like he is trying to sell me something every time I meet him. He is doing well and is now on a company paid trip in Austria. He has been cruising around there for a week. I am happy for him, he deserved a break.

Primerica is not for everybody. Selling is tough. I sold cars (ugh!) for about a week. I also walked door to door in the hot Abilene sun, shirt and tie, selling burial plots and caskets. Try selling death door to door. Who wants to buy a casket from some dude on their front porch? Primerica got three stars from me because it is not for everyone, yes not everybody can be an astronaut, not everyone can be a salesman. Everyone starts at the bottom. Become a Pharaoh and build a pyramid!

Simple really. I pay the monthly premium and they manage the coverage. As far as I can tell, this insurance company has been good to me for many years. The insurance agent that sold me the policy was took extra care to make sure I was satisfied and all my questions were addressed and answered. I see no reason to switch life insurance companies now.