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I haven't had my current company but for just around a month and so far so good. I switched to Progressive because Allstate, my former company I was with, for over 11 years began dropping and reinstating me randomly although my bills were paid on time.

Great customer service, easy access to accounts, website is very helpful and easy to navigate. I can also make payments online or by phone. This company is extremely easy to work with. My overall experience with Progressive has been great. The purchase experience was very fast and easy. Progressive has been nothing but great. I like everything about this company.

If you rent a car and think that you are covered by your insurance with Progressive, think again! We were hit by a deer while vacationing in Montana. The total damage claim was around $8,000.00. Progressive agreed to pay around $2,100.00 leaving me with owing the remaining thousands.

I have been with Progressive since 2012. I recently just received a notice for NONrenewal because of my multiple glass claims within the last 36 months. I live in Arizona where there are rocks everywhere and chips/cracks are a common occurrence which is the reason why I pay for glass coverage. If this would become an issue, why offer the coverage? If I was getting close to meeting my limit for glass claims, why was I not made aware?

I was involved in a multi car accident caused by a Progressive Insured Driver the week of 11/19. I was sitting still and the last vehicle to be hit (rear driver’s side door caved in). The Progressive claim representative has not returned my calls for over a week. I called again this morning, He says the claim is in "liability". Nothing can be done until this liability issue is resolved. Progressive has admitted responsibility and say they want to fix my vehicle but "SORRY, THAT'S THE WAY IT IS". Progressive puts up these huge advertising campaigns but are just as sleazy and cheap as any of the low end insurance companies when it comes to pay-out on claims. I'm done dealing with Progressive. Turning over to my own insurance company.

They are the worst. I have been a customer of Progressive Insurance for 7 years. Today, that I needed Road Side Assistance, I did not get it whatsoever. I initiated my call at 3:00 pm, by 3:52 that I was able to get them and schedule a towing for my car. I received a text message saying ETA for the service will be 5:26 - Fine. I called at 5:00 so to follow up make sure someone is on the way, to my surprise the agent said, "I am sorry. We have recorded the wrong # for you and need to re-schedule with the towing company." What!? Anyway, he said he will do his best to get someone out ASAP. Good, I get another text saying ETA @ 6:18. Waited & waited by 6:00 pm. I called the towing co. to get the status on the driver.

The lady answered goes, "We are very busy and cannot make it out." She added that she called Progressive to let them know. Whether she did or not, who knows, but never got a call from Progressive. I called Progressive and was on hold 40 min, when the rep answered she said, "I cannot populate the information based on the phone # you gave me and need to get your policy #", then she said cannot find anything. "I need your phone #", same she goes. "I am unable to find your record." Are you kidding me!? To make the long story short after she couldn't help I called to speak with a supervisor and explain why I am so frustrated now and so unhappy. Brian, the supervisor goes, "Let me check by calling our Roadside assistance dept", never apologized when I explained what happened.

He said, "Just hold on. Give me 2 min. I'll check and get back with you." I was on hold for 38 min then I gave up... Do you think anyone from Progressive called me back! NO. They are terrible. Clueless... Unprofessional. I have paid for 7 years ON TIME, no claims. All I needed is Roadside Assistance. Part of what I have been paying for and couldn't get that taken care of. It's a shame, Imagine it was a claim. Then what?? I am so disappointing and done with Progressive. STAY AWAY from Progressive, Unreal. Worst Customer Service, worst experience ever... I've attached a picture of their message, this is real complaint, genuine and for the people out there need to stay away from Progressive that is unable to deliver on the covered policy I paid for 7 years time. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Car insurance quote for the first time is the most important thing to do but there's nothing wrong with having better coverage that will help me out with insurance issues when it comes to accidents and other mishaps that occur. The policy from Progressive was fine and premiums were as expected. I was satisfied with the help they offered when it was necessary. The service was as expected and customer service was acceptable. Comparably speaking there was nothing lacking. The process with the purchase of said policy went smooth enough.

There are a few reasons why the bad review; one might assume that after you pay for services on time, on a monthly basis, on an automatic draw, for a few years, you are rewarded??? Not really the case??? My reward was a bill after I cancelled (which I obviously could not possibly owe) and did not feel I needed to pay and therefore did not pay, followed by bad credit reporting until I found out this was going on. I don't give a flying fist about the amount owed (according to them), I do however care that my credit was messed with on their behalf after giving them thousands of dollars and never filing a single claim.

I am currently going to pay that insignificant amount of $130 something that I never should have been liable for to fix my credit, but very much hoping that this review gives PROGRESSIVE insurance company a low blow by way of swaying just enough customers to a more "user-friendly competitor". I currently have LIBERTY MUTUAL which fairly priced in very close proximity to GEICO, which has great service and is very user- friendly. I would strongly suggest you shop around and find what suits you best. Good luck but don't be surprised by finding something similar in your credit report after you part ways with your ex-girlfriend...I mean PROGRESSIVE Insurance.

Yes my Girlfriend has Progressive Insurance. On the 30th of this month she had to run her Grandbaby to Fond du Lac to the doctor. So she went outside to start the car and move it outside to warm it up and while moving it outside she hit the passenger side of my bumper. So they sent out a estimator come out and he estimated my vehicle at $652.00. My girlfriend's vehicle was hit on the passenger bumper and he estimated hers for 600.00. Now they say it's under investigation for her changing her deductible 2 to three weeks before it happened. So I have to go through my State Farm Insurance to fix my bumper. Then State Farm will collect from Progressive. Progressive Insurance is the WORST!!! If anybody out there is looking for insurance stay away from Progressive!!!

This insurance is a scam. I was stranded. My car leaking fluid and progressive representatives refused to pay my tow to the nearest licensed/certified BMW repair center. My roadside insurance policy states that I am covered up to 17 miles or to the nearest suitable repair center however when I reviewed the policy with progressive representative they refused to pay for the tow to licensed BMW repair center.

I applied for a job as a customer service representative. My college degree and work experience far exceeded their requirements for this job, and my credit (since they check that sort of thing for these positions, I guess) is above average. Any noteworthy company that I have ever applied for has taken a considerable amount of time to review work history, references, and the like. THIS company only took two days to review my application, cover letter, and resume and, after their "thorough review", sent one of the most arrogant, snotty, and pompous rejection letters I have ever seen: it included the phrase "we wish we had better news, but right now we just don't think that people like you would make that great of a fit for our prestigious company."

When I called their HR office, I was told quite seriously "yeah, well, we don't have any further information to offer, and even if we did we wouldn't bother discussing the matter over the phone. You simply aren't worthy of our time." If this is how they treat their candidates, than I must wince when forced to think about how they treat their current employees and customers.

Two days later, I got an email from Progressive wherein they tried to talk about how great their company was, and how if I wanted to consider myself a "responsible adult", I would switch to Progressive. The hilarious issue with all of this is that I would essentially be paying more per month for less coverage than my current insurance company. Since I was given the "you're not worthy, you less-than-desirable-person-you" speech, I was offered, and accepted, a job which pays more money than that a comparable job at Progressive.

I was stopped at a light, and car behind me did not stop and ran into me. She said she was looking for her cell phone and sounded a little off. I called police. They said they don't come out for this unless I was injured. The girl did NOT have a license or registration with her only some ID card and her father's insurance card, the vehicle was her father's car. Progressive is the insurance. They will not pay for my vehicle, which I cannot use my trunk. Progressive says they can't find the girl and the man said he left his vehicle in the driveway. So progressive says unless they find the girl and talk to her they will not help me to fix my car, they told me to get my insurance to fix it. This is not right! This is horrible. The man is lying. The girl had his keys and his insurance card. My insurance will raise my rates and I have a deductible, IT Was NOT my fault. Help.

With my insurance company, I matter. They always answer questions completely and always with a person not the computer. Our needs for our vehicles are met custom tailored to us. From sales to customer service they are always very helpful and proficient. If anyone needs to be treated like a customer not a number, Progressive is my best advice.

Progressive is very understanding of previous records and accidents and they are quick and easy to work with and have a good setup for payment plans. The low rates also make it affordable. I'm having a lot of money issues so my plan has been on and off with them, but they are very understanding so it's never a problem to pick up insurance again once I have the funds. I would definitely recommend this insurance to a friend or family member.

I was with Progressive years ago and made the unfortunate mistake of going back. My son was sideswiped at an intersection and the scenario came down to he said she said. Our insurance company sided with the other driver! Her story was bogus and she lied to the officer. (Worth noting, my husband arrived at the scene within minutes and the other driver told him the truth, but my own insurance company said he was BIASED. So my husband AND my son are liars?? Please.)

The damage to both cars could support either story, but my own insurance company decided to support HER. I asked for the evidence and they didn't have anything that would support her claim and disprove my son. I would've even settled with equal liability! I am so done with this insurance company. I am going to switch to a company that actually backs up its clients. And I will be switching my homeowners and boat insurance, too. Oh, and BTW, NO APPEAL PROCESS. Whatever bogus conclusion they come to, you are stuck with. Good luck if you choose this company, you're gonna need it.

I have loved having Progressive as my auto insurance. Their staff is friendly and helpful, and the policies are affordable and extremely beneficial. They provide many ways to lower your monthly bills as well, like the Snap-Shot device and by being a member long enough. I have never been dissatisfied with my service at Progressive.

I have had one claim with Progressive and was impressed with how smooth the whole process was. I went to one location, they had a rental car ready, and I picked up my car at the same place. They even vacuumed and wiped down the interior!

Our son is in Military getting insurance on his own for the first time. Stationed in a different state than residence of GA. He got insurance on his vehicle... Progressive new title was registered in a different state by the vin # when setting up insurance. We received notification of suspended vehicle registration due to the GA car title and the out of state insurance... Causing fines and suspension. Progressive wrote a new policy for GA but could/would not date back to original insurance coverage. When I spoke to Insurance representative he said they don't care what state car is titled in. They should care-their negligence has cost our son additional funds in fees and his GA vehicle registration is still suspended.

We have been with Progressive for over 5 years. We have had no tickets of any kind. Last year I called them just to ask for suggestions about a ding in my door from a careless neighbor slamming her car door into mine when she got oFf her car. No claim filed, no money paid out. Then in January 2015 my son had a minor fender bender. A young teenager cut in front of him and then slammed on the brakes in the rain. He could not stop in time and ended up rear ending her. She admitted to him that this continues to happen to her and that this was the 4th time in 6 months for her being rear ended. All of this was told to Progressive. Didn't matter. Claim was paid, which was under $600.

Progressive claims the one small accident, forgiveness goes for the car ding, that there was no claim for and our rates continue to keep jumping up. We just got our most recent renewal quote and I am sick to death of this scam artist company. They get over $5k in premiums from us a year and we are not even driving new vehicles. 2002 Infiniti G20, 2006 Toyota Highlander and a 2011 Jetta. In a year, our 6 month premium has gone from $2,151 to $2,619. Way too much for a family of good drivers, with 1 accident. Even on the credit front, 2 have triple AAA credit. I am 54 and have been driving since I was 16. I have had 1 ticket and that was when I was 9 months pregnant rushing to get to the hospital because I thought I was going into labor. The judge threw out the ticket. Neither of my sons have had any tickets and they are 24 and 28. Very crappy way to treat long term customers.

I had collision coverage on my RAV4. one snowy day and I slipped and hit the curve, damaged axle support and arm of the passenger side wheel of the car, went through 3 technicians/shops to get second opinions, tried claiming it, Progressive wouldn't pay to replace the parts, they are insisting on just the wheel alignment. Overall I had to pay the $3000 worth of repair out of my pocket, Progressive keep saying they wouldn't pay unless they have the proof that parts need to be replaced, even though all of the shops that I went to including Toyota said parts needed to be replaced. Again tired of fighting with Progressive, I just canceled my claim and paid it out of my pocket.

Forget the loyalty. My rates have continuously increased the last 3 years a few dollars a month and then jumped $12 monthly this last renewal period. I have all the discounts: 5-plus years with the same company/insurance, multi-car, and no accidents/tickets for the last 5-plus years; same cars (all old; newest was a 2001 model) and same driver and usage; I have anti-theft on 2 cars, have electronic monthly payment from checking account and paperless billing, etc. So when I called to find out why my premium had increased, the reason given was that my credit score had gone done a little.

I have never been late on anything and they are raising my rates based not on my driving record (perfect) or on vehicles (old) or on claims (none), but on something not related at all to my ability to function as a safe, loyal driver. Because I bought a house in 2009 and have 3 credit cards (Kohl’s, Home Depot, Chase), I am being punished by Progressive for using credit I am qualified for and pay off quite regularly. So Progressive's thinking is: if the client is stretched out a little in credit, let’s charge them more so the hole can get deeper - do not reward them for being the perfect customer.

Fair, affordable, quick to pay claims. Can change payment due dates and installment amounts too. Bundling home and auto is awesome and helps to cut costs for both. Highly recommend Snapshot as well for further discounts. Plus, Flo is a really great mascot.

Progressive rates are one of the lowest and their personnel are exceptional to work with. I had no insurance "hikes" while I was covered with them. Payments and most changes can be done online without a phone call.

I have been a Progressive customer for 18 years. I had an accident last year resulting in 3500.00 damages paid to the other driver even though there was no damage to either vehicle. As a result my premiums went up 50% from 170 per month to 290, per month. They claim they have accident forgiveness but that is misleading. Because my wife had a minor accident 2 1/2 years prior that went against me thus raising our premiums. Then this year I bumped into a car backing up in a parking lot causing 1200 damage to the other car and none to mine. They then raised my premiums another $175 per month to $450 per month. Is this how you treat a loyal customer of 18 years? Needless to say, Progressive lost my business.

Love Progressive. Easy to work with. They have snap shot discount for people who drive a short distance and don't brake hard often which saves you a bundle. I would recommend Progressive Insurance to anyone.

Purchased policy at $120 a month in Oregon. I have a perfect driving record. My roommate got a quote at under $80 a month. She is younger with a newer vehicle. The customer service rep offered only one possible reason I was getting charged more than my roommate is because I'm a male. Then he quoted me a new policy at 30% more than my current one from two months ago. This system is rigged, non-transparent. And they know we have no power so hey they ** you with a smile. The rep was nice. But hey bud, FYI, your working's for corrupt BS. And I suspect the higher quote is a BS tactic as well. I will be leaving progressive ASAP. Hey remember when I had insurance with you like ten years ago for about six years and never had a claim? No. Oh that's funny. How convenient.

My overall experience was fair. Mobile phone app was my favorite feature and that's really the only feature that I really liked about the company. I liked how easy the mobile app was to use because I dreaded having to call customer service because I always ended up frustrated and upset. The customer service was awful, everyone I talked to was always rude and in a rush to get off the phone not concerned about answering my questions. I had to file one claim while I had a policy with them and it was surprisingly simple. I had a great agent handle my claim who took care of everything very quickly. I only stayed with them for my 6 month policy term because I found rates that were almost half the price with other companies. I most likely wouldn't carry another policy with them...

I opened a new policy gave them my account and routing number to make automatic payments Monthly, Here being only 2 months with them they have taken "Withdrawn" 1,500$$ PLUS ALL MY OVERDRAFT FEES when my bill is only 91.00$$ and my payment ain't even due, And for Progressive constantly taking out I'm getting Overdraft fees cause all other bills are trying to get paid. Now mind you this amount happened so fast I didn't get a chance to stop them from withdrawing from my account.

I've been on the phone with Progressive for 4 days and keep finding out their still taking money LIKE WTF!!! BIG RED FLAG? And they don't even have an answer or even know how to fix the problem. They keep jumping back and forth to supervisor and keep leaving me on the line for more than 30 min. CEO?TRICIA GRIFFITH I think you need to get in there and fix the problem and pay me my money back. I'm sure you like your bills paid on time. THAT NOBODY KNOWS WHY Y'ALL WITHDRAWING FROM THE ACCOUNT O ** AND Y'ALL DON'T EVEN HAVE ME COVERED FOR MY 2017 VEHICLE. I think I need to make other phone calls.

Progressive employees on the phone are always friendly and take that extra step to make sure I am satisfied. Just last week I had to use the roadside assistance and the lady on the other line was very reassuring and prompt about sending help my way.

I like the convenience and the price at Progressive Auto Insurance. I did my quote online and purchased it online. Everything was simple and easy. I also like the customer service. It is easy to pay bill with the app on my phone. I have been with this particular company for years. They have always made my life easier as far as insurance.

These guys are a ripoff. I canceled my insurance 3 days after have their crappy rate and they still charged me two months. They refused to take emails show the accident was not my fault. I will never do business with there ** again. The rate they gave me was 252 dollars and CoverHound I found for better coverage was 108.58 because they researched and found that the accident I had was not my fault. I would not go to these ripoff company now. I'm stuck paying for insurance I canceled 3 days after I got it. Wow, ** RIPOFF Kingsss.

This is not a complaint but notice of an error. I prepared a complaint on this site about Progressive Insurance Company on 11/1/2011 that was published on your web site 11/2/2011 by an error on your web site. I created the documents to be posted on your website with the understanding that your company was going to verify my intent to subscribe via email. I did receive the subscription verification requests via email, but did not reply to them to subscribe, because after review of the documents provided in that email I decided to not to subscribe yet and wait until the my claim issue was completed before subscribing the complaint. Therefore I do not want to subscribe just yet and would like Consumer to remove the complaint until a later date. I really appreciate this service and hope you grow to help this world get back on track. We need more heroes like this group to right an ocean of wrongs. Thank you for this great community service and I plan to use this service regularly as well as tell about it and link to it on my servers.

Tim ** / progressive complaint 11/1/2011 **. If you would please send me a reply to this message. This is the only way I could find on your server to get email to you. Thanks

I filed a claim on July 14, 2018 for damage to the driver's side car door and fender. The car was hit parked, with no one inside. The estimate was scheduled for almost 2 weeks later. I have been given the run around, since. The claim is not even over $500, considering the deductible has to be paid. I cannot believe the poor service that I have received. I have had State Farm, Auto Owners and Geico. NEVER have I even experienced anything like this. Steer clear of this company. I have only had them for a short time and I am not surprised at that negative reviews! Shameful!!!

Took 3 days to get my check and then customer rep was so nice to me and walked me thru the process. I didn't have to argue my case much and they processed my claim so fast. The best coverage for the price in a long time. The plans pricing is best in show. I have had many other insurance companies but this is the best by far. The value for your money is best in industry. I get incredible value and I don't have to worry about unexpectedly credit rate increases. Some of the best customer service I ever dealt with. I felt so great about spending my hard earned money with this company. I will def. stay with them long.

My son bought his first car less than a year ago. It was stolen from his work in April first thing in the morning. Police report was made and Progressive Insurance was notified. Of course the way they talked to my son and I on the phone was as if they knew it all and we were supposed to be guilty for his car being stolen. The questions they asked were like, "Was the car driven out of the country?" Just because we live in New Mexico does not mean we take off to Mexico. Lots of insinuating questions which bothered me because the lady on the phone from Phoenix sounded racist to me. My son was desperate to find his car and we and his friends drove all over Albuquerque for days and nights to see if we would spot the car. Progressive was not very cooperative at all and my son had to constantly make the calls to them with no result.

Finally the thieves blew out the engine and abandoned the car. Since the car is under my son's name, naturally the cops called my son. He went and had the car towed to a shop but also immediately contacted Progressive. Three weeks have gone by since the car was found and they have not done anything. Every time my son calls them, they make him feel like it all is his fault. They are now stating that the car engine was blown out before it was stolen which just does not make sense. They don't get it that the thieves drove that car when they stole.

This experience with Progressive has been a nightmare. One of the reviews posted said that she was in an accident and it was the other person's fault and he had Progressive Insurance and they immediately fixed her car. I am sure this is how Progressive lures other to buy their insurance and once you are under their hook, then when the time comes to take car of their clients, they make excuses and try to come up with stories to not fix your car.

This is the worst insurance company ever. I do not recommend this insurance company to anyone. I understand they have to get to the bottom of the truth but without them ever trusting their clients and having faith in them, a company like this should not exist at all. This company steals money from you in the form of insurance and when it is time for them to take care of their clients - they are not available for contact, they do not have time to contact you, or they concoct their own stories and make you feel at fault. If anyone is thinking of getting any kind of insurance, please do not get Progressive because when the time comes for them to take care of you. Progressive does not make any kind of progress...they come to a standstill and watch you get frustrated.

My driving record is virtually impeccable for the past 20 years. I was seduced possibility of saving $30 - $40 and sure I'd be able to. I drove without the radio on to ascertain the pattern and understand the device, assuming it would validate my driving skills. I work from home and drive during slow traffic times. I have a standard and I downshift and ease up to the light or stop sign. Still, I'd get a hard beep, which they consider any de-acceleration from over 7 mph. Sometimes I'd get TWO hard beeps. One time I got three. Moving up a car at a time for a left-hand turn, I got a hard beep. At a stop sign waiting to turn, I moved forward a bit to see past some bushes and stepped on the brake - and got a hard beep. No matter how hard I tried to understand the thing, it beeped when it wasn't even close to a hard stop - and sometimes would NOT beep under the same circumstances.

I'd estimate easily - on a conservative basis - 70% of the hard stops it registered weren't hard stops. I know a hard stop - and that includes when you're coming to a stop sign or light and not calibrating your speed accurately so you stop a little faster than you anticipated to avoid going into the intersection. I have those on occasion. But this thing beeped incessantly. I couldn't seem to get through a trip without it beeping at me, no matter how hard I tried. And now, as other reviewers and commenters on other sites have noted - my insurance has INCREASED. I would like to gather people and find a lawyer and sue Progressive. I find their marketing misleading and from the comments I should have read before I engaged, or at least before my 6-month snapshot term expired, I know now that rather than continue to try to cooperate and understand it for the discount, I should have taken it out and thrown it away before I was penalized for having "bad" driving habits.

Who's penalizing Progressive for scamming insureds with a marketing strategy designed to increase rates via a device that is designed to do the opposite of what it does? I saw a few comments on Rip Off Report that testified they'd received a discount. I'd like to see proof. In fact, I'm interested to know if Progressive has an audited report that validates its claims of reducing insurance rates in the insureds who use it.

My son was hit by their insured. My son was going straight down the street and their insured turned left into his car. First their insured lied and said my son rear ended them. Progressive agreed. Then progressive saw the photos and said their insured was wrong and there was no way it was a rear end accident and they assumed 100% liability and had scheduled my son's car to be picked up and reserved him a rental. 2 days later the father of their insured says speed was a factor and they don't want assume 100% liability. The father was not in the car so how does he know. Instead of investigating Progressive agrees with their insured and tells my son to return the rental and they will only assume 80%. Now I have to file a lawsuit against Progressive. This company is so unprofessional.

Progressive insurance was my insurance. A guy hit me and Progressive tried to wiggle their way out of the claim. A guy hit me and got a fail to yield ticket, I was having so many problems with progressive regarding the claim I had to get a lawyer. It was a mess. My car sat for a month, they were suppose to tow it. Then they said they were paying for my rental, three weeks after I had the rental they changed their mind, which I don't even know how they can do. Denied my claim, were very antagonistic with my boyfriend and I. Didn't believe anything I told them even though police report stated I was not at fault. TOTAL NIGHTMARE. After all was said and done, it took me 8 mo to get car fixed and back, it was so messed up I had to get a different attorney and go after the guy's insurance. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! My attorney also said, "Don't go with them, they don't like paying their claims!!"

My latest claim was a claim in a rental car I had while out of town. We were in an accident and I had to leave rather quickly after to catch a flight. My claim processor was kind and efficient and even helped me figure out how to do a supplemental claim with my credit card company. They were very clear with me on what to expect and got everything done very fast while keeping me informed. I’ve had them for over 15 years and am always appreciative of the customer service I get. The few times I have needed them they have come through fully for me. Answering all my questions and even reaching out to just make sure I was ok after an accident. I pay a reasonable rate for my state and find value in the product. I would recommend Progressive to any family member or friend.

This insurance company is very easy to do business with. Their rates are good, they give discounts on your driving habits and length of service with them and other insurance companies. They have very flexible payment plans.

They are very affordable and easy to work with. I've never had any problems with them and they've always been good about answering my questions when I call them. I like their cheaper option to pay 6 months at a time.

If I could give them no stars I would. We had their car insurance and then the time came to purchase our first home and we bundled the home insurance which is underwritten by a company called QBE. Between the constant raising of rates and then one day they did us a favor and QBE decided to drop us because our roof (which is in good shape) is 10 years old. So we tried calling Progressive to get more info. We were transferred 5 times. The reps didn’t even listen to us to understand what we needed. We had to finally hang up. Positive note we got signed up with USAA, we will be saving money and are getting amazing insurance. The customer service at USAA was excellent so thank you Progressive. You did us a favor. USAA appreciates you sending them your business.

I signed up for Progressive insurance online and got to the end of process and all of a sudden they wanted all this proof of this and that nonsense. But that was after they had already deducted money from my account. So I called the 1 800 number to get a refund and was told it would be back in my account immediately. Three days later no money. So I called again and was told it would be 15 days before they refunded my money. I asked why 15 days and they said I don't know. It's just their policy. I said, “It's my money and I'd like it back NOW!” They said, “Sorry you'll get it back in 15 days.” I was so mad. Still am, and I still haven't gotten my money. This company are thieves. They have no reason to keep my money like that. I will tell everyone about my experience with them.

It was fine, although the payment was as much as my car payment which is kind of silly in my opinion. I would have of course liked a lower monthly payment though.

Great service and price. Has offered discounts based on my driving. Love that feature. I've yet to need a claim but I see the cars around so I know there's assistance nearby. Plus the longer I stay with them the more benefits to my coverage there are. That is excellent.

I have had an auto policy with this insurance company for more than 5 years. I've been very pleased with it overall. The premiums do jump up high if you have any infractions, but this is not that surprising. Their service is prompt and the customer service experiences I've had have been mostly positive. I am fairly comfortable recommending them to others.

Had an accident, took over 2 months to get the car back. When I did the paint didn't match, and took another 5 days! But they did cover everything but the rental car and my $500 deductible. So I guess it was more the body shops fault than Progressive. Overall good service. The coverage is pretty good for the most part, but I do wish I would have been made aware my coverage didn't include a rental car. My deductible is a bit high as well but that's the plan I choose. The pricing as I stated before is a bit high. But you do get what you pay for in the sense of the service and product you receive. Worth the extra money to be covered in case of an accident. In my last accident the customer service representative was very kind and relatable, which makes all the difference in a stressful situation such as a car accident.

BEWARE!!! I had Progressive for over 5 yrs and never a claim on either car or home. They decided this yr that my homeowners insurance would QUADRUPLE!!! I was paying 987 and this coming yr it would go to 3813!!! They made it seem like it was MY fault and I would not find a better rate! It's INSANE that being a good customer they couldn't give me the exact reason as to why it would change so significantly. But alas they were wrong. I found a better company with a premium so close to my original with Progressive that Progressive LOST all our business.

I was reversing out of a parking spot and stopped because I saw a car reversing and the driver was not looking back. Needless to say she hit my bumper. We both exited our vehicles and the driver said there was no damage to either cars so we should just leave it at that. I looked at my bumper and there was clearly a dent. I looked at the back of her car and she had dents in several different areas where she obviously hit other objects. I told her I was calling the police and of course they couldn't take a report because it was in a parking lot! I had her give me her information and she had Progressive. I was relieved to know she had what I thought was a reputable insurance carrier. I was wrong!

I filed a claim and had to keep calling them to work on the claim. Finally I got a hold of the claims adjuster and of course he said they determined it to be 50/50 liability. I asked how he came to that determination and he said by our statements. I asked why he bothered taking pictures if he was just going to make his decision based on our statements. Of course his client lied. She was obviously high on something at the time. She was super jittery and digging around in her car. She had meth mouth and pick marks on her face. She said she was just on cold medicine! She didn't want the police involved and wanted to leave as quickly as possible! Progressive is a horrible company and I will be sure to tell everyone not to use them!

They have been giving me the runaround on my refund that was never suppose to be taken off my card and of 460.00 and called two times in one week and was told I was suppose to receive it back within two day then was told I wouldn't receive it until ten days later which was suppose to be April 29th. Still have not received any refund so I called and when I was explaining it to the lady she didn't let me finish and didn't ask to put me on hold and just placed me on hold (BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE). Put a supervisor on the phone and he was being disrespectful and told me I need to be quiet (NEVER SUPPOSE TO SPEAK TO A CUSTOMER LIKE THAT). Then he starts explaining that my refund won't be in my bank until the 3rd of May which is now 15 days until I have to wait for my refund that was never suppose to be taken in the first place.

Now I have to wait until May 3rd to see what my next runaround is going to be and the excuse they will have next. IF YOU ARE A CURRENT CUSTOMER I'LL SUGGEST TO GET NEW INSURANCE. They have very bad customer service and the representatives don’t have no idea of their job and the way they’re suppose to speak to a customer.

They have bundle packages on almost all things they give you. The also offer good driver discount and marriage discount. They are quick in processing on accidents. They offer sinus meds. I didn't like how expensive it is & you cant choose what day it comes out, but they do have accident forgiveness which is great. Customer service is pretty good & friendly. They are fairly quick as well. One plus is if you have accident, they are real good & fast in getting you your check and or car repaired.

The insurance agent was very helpful in informing me of the different plans Progressive have. My husband and I were both happy with this. It was actually the only insurance plan that we agreed on together. I also like the price. I like that the agent took the time to explain everything to me. She went over prices, deductible. I appreciate that she gave everything in great detail and she answered all the questions I had. I did not feel rushed to make a decision with her at all. I truly do appreciate everything about the insurance but it was kind of high. Other than that, it is pretty darn near perfect.

Progressive used to be straightforward. Even their website was simple, fast, easy, efficient. All of that has changed. The website is more convoluted. You cannot contact them by email because they do not want to hear from you. Not really. You can chat and get a different answer every time. Amazing. I want that job, where I don't have to be right ever.

I have been a customer for at least 10 years. They have always deducted my payment automatically. Now suddenly they are canceling my policy instead. They've "fixed" this with me twice by unaccountable chat people; but it is still this way every ** month. It should not be this hard or labor-intensive. I don't know why they have made their processes more difficult and less efficient. It seems to be a trend and as much as I used to like them, I'm looking at switching as my time really is valuable and Progressive is not honoring their end of the bargain.

I am a single parent and Progressive thinks that in a day I can magically come up with over $1,035.25. So apparently they do not want to help customers that have financial problems.

My car was hit and the person who hit the car uses Progressive so I had to deal with Progressive. The claims manager handling my case did not respond to me for days and was VERY RUDE. I have heard of many unpleasant experiences with Progressive and experienced it first-hand this time. I am very happy that they are not my insurer but I do have to deal with them and it is a nightmare!

I HAD been with Progressive for over 25 years and had assumed that by sticking with the same company, remaining accident free, paying on time, no tickets, etc. my rates would be fair. Well, after noticing my rates continuing to rise (and after calling and getting the usual explanation ‘oh insurance rates are going up and because there was flooding last year in the lower part of your state rates are going up for everyone in your state blah blah blah’) I kept policy for another year... I also had double checked all my coverage and deductibles and because I have an older car had lowered everything as much as I could and still felt like I was paying more than I should.

Guess what? Progressive insurance has basically been overcharging me for years and I think it is ridiculous that I put this much trust into a company based on their oversold commercials and assuming that I should believe them. I think their customer service and their company has gone downhill over the years (Maybe spend less money on commercials and more money/time on customer service training and being fair to long-term customers!)

Long story short when my son was shopping around for insurance and got a really low rate with another common name insurance company (starts with G...) I checked just out of curiosity and for a better plan I am now paying LESS than half of what I have been paying for some years now to Progressive despite all my so called ‘discounts’, being a loyal customer, thinking I was staying on top of things...

Dropped policy that day... enjoying and feeling much better with saved money. I will never be using Progressive again. I will not let my kids use Progressive. I will recommend against them and I am really upset that I went that long paying that much when I never even had had an accident or claim. Big hype-check other places first then call these guys if you’re curious but I highly recommend against calling them first to let them compare rates for you as they advetise-that’s a joke. I was pretty upset about the situation but I feel better now that I can share my story and hopefully help others from wasting thousands of dollars for no reason with Progressive Insurance Company!

I filed a claim with Progressive stating that my car was in a loss and I needed someone to assist me. In the beginning, I felt like they were going to help me pay for my car. Instead my experience has been horrible. When about time that I got down to an adjuster, I felt like a criminal the whole time trying to prove my innocence. Throughout the whole process, I have provided all necessary documents to help file the claim but no one extended any great service or value to me the customer. I have to pay out of pocket all rental expenses until I can validate my claim and I had rental coverage. If there is one insurance company in the world that says they have your back and come to find out they don't, Progressive is that company.

The customer service is always good, the rates tend to be a bit high, but I have been with this company for 6 yrs and hate to change. Filing a claim was not complicated, but took forever for an response. Nevertheless, I like being with Progressive since they bundle. Now that I own a home, I will be getting home insurance along with my auto.

I have been with Progressive Insurance for several years. I have had a clean record the whole time and for several years before that. Progressive claims they offer accident forgiveness, but like all insurance companies it is a scam. It has a bunch of contingencies attached like the claim has to cost less than 500$. In this day and age it NEVER costs that little to fix a car. So, basically, what happens is that I end up not getting my car fix due to fear of them raising my rates. Why do we have insurance? To pay to get your car fixed in an accident, but we don't because they raise our rates even if you are a safe driver with a clean record!

After changing my policy with Progressive over the phone. The customer service rep told me that the remainder of my policy would be withdrawn via EFT which was how it was set up. If I looked on the website it showed pending. I was misled. It was not withdrawn, I was not notified, and I was sent to collections. Terrible way to do business.

I had a commercial policy with Progressive Insurance, first it's about 30% more expensive than everyone else and you get less for your money. Very rough and unfair insurance. I would say total rip-off of consumer. I would not recommend it to anyone.

After two tries, Progressive service center on Telegraph Rd in Glen Allen, VA, has failed to restore my car to the way it looked, before their client hit me. Where in the policy does it say that I don't have a right to have my car restored to pre-accident condition? This is bad faith, and I'm pursuing it with the Virginia Insurance Commission, and my own car insurance. I am very dissatisfied.

The claims processing was a very easy process. The customer service was on-point. They quickly executed the entire process of sending an agent to our apartment to examine the loss-of-vehicle damages. We quickly received our check and could not be happier with the service. Although we were paying for full-service insurance, it was well worth it over having only liability insurance. In the long run it is worth it because you are able to receive what you need, money wise, to start to get a new vehicle in a short amount of time. The value of the coverage of insurance is excellent. Not having to go through the pains of dealing with long wait times for our reimbursement was exceptional. The customer service was always exactly what you would expect from an insurance company. They were always polite and respectful. They always listened and problem solved.

My wife has now been without vehicle for almost a month, due to the fact Progressive is claiming that certain issues with the vehicle are not due to the impact of the accident. Even though Nissan is saying that it is, but because John the adjuster is a master mechanic and can see what's wrong with a vehicle without tearing it down. We may now be bending over and taking it my advise to anyone thinking of Progressive please look elsewhere. You may pay little more out of pocket, but in the long run save you a huge headache! Due to fact that you can not reach your agent born will they return your phone call and this is 100% fact even after you leave voice mail after voice-mail.

I started my policy with Progressive Insurance August 2017 and it's being from one stressful month to the other. I changed my coverage in October to a cheaper one and the agent I spoke with DID not effect that change. I was still being charged for the premium coverage I had before. I made a call to the customer service agent named Michael on 12/08/17 at 7.49 am Texas time for 18 minutes and he was so rude, he shouted at me all through the conversation, asked to keep quiet while he talk, all these because I made a complaint that my charges was overboard and it shouldn't be.

I have never felt so terrible, getting service from Progressive is not something I will ask anyone to do and also Progressive need to give training to their agents regarding customer service. This agent DID not listen to my opinion. All he did was shout at me like he was doing me a favor. I wish I got his full name so I can get his stupid ** fired. This is not acceptable. I am paying for the service am getting. Not free service. That agent is a disgrace to customer service roles worldwide and he is supposed to be a representative of your company but I can tell you he is total disgrace.

Began in May where son's car broke down in Florida where he was residing about 6 hours from home or so. Called the Progressive service and got a towing service guy calling back with abusive behavior on phone because he was broke down at 5AM in the morning (Really did he chose to be broke down?)! Then son called back and they were to send another service out. After waiting for hours they began to walk home. During the walk (3 hours in), they call and said they were there to pick up car but it was gone, had been impounded apparently. We located car in impound, Progressive still giving us the runaround about getting car out and paying towing fee.

THIS WAS THEIR FAULT not his for them not getting there in a reasonable time frame! To date the car is still in Florida in impound and now Progressive wants to do NOTHING! Sent letter to Insurance commissioner as well as local attorney. THIS INSURANCE COMPANY SUCKS! MONEY HUNGRY! Yet they still are deducting insurance from an auto we have not had since MAY!

I had been with Progressive for 4 yrs. and when I initially started with their service they recommended "snap shot" to possibly reduce my insurance by 30%. After 6 months of using the Snap shot, I was told by Progressive I qualified for the full discount as I had met all standards for snap shot. When I got billed the next month I was informed my insurance was going up because accidents had been reported in "my zip code." Obviously the 30% discount went out the window. Then I realized every 6 months when it was time for renewal my insurance was increasing by 10, 12 and now $17 dollars a month.

I have no accidents on my record and my licence is clean and clear. When I asked why my insurance went up again, they gave me the same B.S. Progressive is a thief insurance, I DON'T RECOMMEND them at all. I switched to MetLife who carries my Life Insurance policy, got a better quote and got renters insurance added for a less premium. PLEASE DON'T USE PROGRESSIVE as your INSURANCE.

I got into an accident 12/22/2017 and I was not at fault. The other party involved had Progressive insurance, the process they explained to me was sure to be very quick and simple. I spoke with the original adjuster Pamela ** and she immediately helped me to understand what would happen during my claim process. She also made very clear that I may have a new adjuster due to the claim being Progressive against Progressive. I waited until Tuesday after Christmas to reach out to Progressive regarding my next steps and found out my new adjust Melissa ** would be my adjuster. Well let's just say I later had to reach back out to Pamela to even get a rental. Next contact with Melissa was a week after only to give me information that I was already given. I spoke to 2 reps in between that time to update them with the status of my release paperwork, nothing happened.

I was in contact with 3 other reps to see if my car was totaled the following week in which there was no update because my adjuster failed to timely have my vehicle inspected. I was told my loan would be paid off, everything would be processed through the other party's policy first then whatever hers didn't cover mine would. Well, lo and behold 3 weeks after my car was deemed a total loss and they only covered the value of the vehicle. I would not have known anything about my claim if I wasn't taking the initiative to staying on Melissa's trail with updates.

I had to give the rental back 16 days after my car was wrecked. I still have not received my tag and my lender has not received payment for the loss of coverage. My tag was supposed to be sent through FedEx. After complaining they emailed me and said it was in regular mail. I was told this information was mailed off on 01/12/201. It's now 10 days later and we are in the same city. They are all about a buck, I was a gold status for being a "loyal customer" yet my policy increased and I had the bare minimum of everything.

Tried to talk about lowering rate. Two months before they said they couldn't got quote from other insurance a lot lower. Went to them then get quote with lower rate. Explained never would of changed if I had information still owed last month but started new. Said would review. Don't pay until you get final bill. Get it a week later in collections. Not right. Not fair.

I like Progressive's 24-hour service. No need to wait to next day to call insurance agent office and have to miss work or take a break so I can get in touch with the agent. And I also like the ease of the website where you just type in the words and numbers to get your quote. Purchasing the insurance was super easy. No trying to understand broken English on the other end of the phone and the frustration of trying to get all the info and numbers correct. However, they could in improve in giving rates that are super low like only a dollar a year with no deductible and maybe a free big calendar every year sent to my house thru the United States post service.

Progressive Insurance was fully responsible for an accident that totaled our Volvo, sending me and my two children to the emergency room, and subsequent physical therapy, which continues to this day. Two years after the accident, despite my locating their office and driving to them while still using a cane weeks after the accident (damage to my spine / discs), Progressive forced me to pay out of pocket for two years - offered no settlement at any time - while forcing me to produce all medical receipts in addition to the fact that I had every medical provider submit these directly to them. Progressive attempted to allow the Statue of Limitations (2 years in Virginia) to run out, thereby having no obligation to pay me a dime.

I had to file a Warrant in Debt to wrangle a settlement from them, which did produce a low-ball offer, and they would not offer more. In General District Court, the judge found it in favor of me, in an amount greater than Progressive’s settlement offer, but not covering my costs as Progressive filed several motions fraudulently blocking evidence from review. Appeal is even more expensive, and attorneys, let's not even get started. Now, Progressive Insurance is failing to even pay the settlement ordered by the Court, instead claiming that they have a legal obligation to turn this over to medical liens filed by the emergency room/hospital on the day of the accident and will only write the check to them.

Attorneys have been of no assistance. The Judicial system of little to no assistance. The statutes are written to protect the businesses. The statutes require us to pay for auto insurance. The statutes do not require the insurance companies to pay for our damages. Progressive Insurance is in Breach of Faith of their responsibility. The Insurance Board agrees with this and has accepted the complaint but can do nothing. Get a lawyer, day one. That is the way the lawyers have written the statutes, ensuring their own business. Progressive deserves all the vitriol and scorn and none of our money. There are ethical insurance companies, USAA for one. But the system is rigged against us and for these rapacious corporations.

The customer service was good and the wait times were not overly long and they got back to me quickly. They seemed very helpful with reference to claims with questions and getting them paid quickly. However, their rates were higher than my current insurance company. Geico seems to have better rates and they were very helpful getting me signed up and switching companies. They had a pretty easy to use website and they have excellent customer service as well.

Progressive seems to be a thorough company that takes care of customers and claims very adequately. But I don't rate them a 5 because most large companies are still a little too difficult to communicate with.

When I moved from N.C. Progressive gave me a good quote which I accepted. They didn't tell me the same policy with an added $92 discount for using the snap device would go up over 30% the second 6 months. What a SCAM!

I've had no problems at all with Progressive and they have always been responsive to my needs. I've used them for about 6 years at this point and I can say I've never really had a service failure or event that made me want to leave. About the worst thing that happens to me right now is the inability to pick paperless for some documents and not for others. Example: I'm totally paperless but I can't have it mail me the ID cards... I have to request them for each period. But besides that, I really have no major complaints about the company.

I have never had a problem with the company! I'm very happy with my coverage. I've had my insurance for 5 years and have never had an issue. I was easily able to change my insurance when I needed the levels different for transporting clients in my car. I've looked and haven't found anything cheaper for me. I like having Progressive.

I have/had multiple policies with Progressive for many years and they have been happy to take money each year. Over the past couple of years I have had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with three claims with Progressive. Claim 1. My car was rear ended by someone. They claimed I backed up. The car is a standard. It was on an incline. My daughter stalled it after trying to go forward. They expected us to go and then hit us but stated the car backed up into her. I was being honest and said that the car may have rolled back an inch when it stalled due to being a standard. Progressive decided to side the other person and paid a frivolous claim. My rates went up next time around.

Claim 2, I was struck by a car that ran through a stop sign where I did not have a stop. I filed a report and gave all the insurance and driver information to Progressive. Elephant insurance was unable to get their client to return their calls so they denied it to Progressive. Progressive simply gave up and applied the accident to my uninsured motorist coverage. My rates went up. Claim 3. I thought I could make a right on red and changed my mind at the last minute and stopped abruptly. A car struck me from behind. They claimed I backed up. Progressive took my statement and the other driver's. No other witnesses. Progressive decided to pay the claim to the other person and denied my damage. I cancelled all four of my Progressive policies. They are a horrible insurance company with horrible agents and service. BEWARE!

Progressive gives you good prices up front without hassle. They make it easy with different payment periods to choose from. Customer service is above average and they are always willing to help you.

I am reviewing Progressive for extremely dissatisfied service. Our family vehicle was involved in attempted theft where the vehicle was wrecked by the thief on our property. My husband stopped the man from stealing our car and had injuries and extensive damage to the car from the event. This happened on March 29th and was reported to Progressive on March 30. We did not hear back from their company until April 5th, 4 business days after the event!!! No one came in that time to inspect our vehicle or call to assess damages until April 5! We received a phone call that they were going to start an investigation into the theft. My husband was out of town that week so I dealt with them from that time along with my husband since I was with the vehicle and he was not. The representative did not want to rely on our police report only and after complaining about how long this has taken, she set up a pick up for our car.

That was April 6, the company did not pick it up until April 9 and that is only because I called them myself to set up a time. The rep also said it was going to be housed locally but when it was picked up by the company they took it to a city 2 hours away. Just on April 13 we finally had an estimate for our vehicle that was NOT ACCEPTABLE or even comparable to what the car would be valued. I asked for a copy of the estimate to be emailed and still have not received that and it is April 15th, almost 3 weeks later. I called the company to file a complaint and the person I spoke to was unfriendly and said that the claim had only been in process for 2 weeks, this is not accurate and I told her the date our claim was made on again.

This company is not helpful when you are involved in a crisis, they do not make you feel comfortable in stressful and uncertain situations. They are supposed to help guide you through these times and make sure we are supported. We have now been 3 weeks without this vehicle and we rely on it to get our two small children to school everyday. I am beyond unhappy with their service and any conversation I have had with 3 different representatives. My husband will be changing insurance providers and I suggest you do not go with Progressive if you are wanting to be able to feel taken care of during a crisis.

Insurance was not cancelled. Older woman working there said I didn't call. The car was broke and parked, 3,000 to repair. I bought another car for work commute. When I went to purchase insurance for the new vehicle I was told I had to pay $69 on old policy before I could get insurance for the new vehicle. Was passed around to 3 different people. Now I get forms in the mail for me to sign, saying if I'm late I will have to pay 10 late fee and another form saying I didn't want insurance or declining something. I'm not signing anything. Supposed to sign and mail back. Currently looking for another insurance company.

Deceivers. Sales reps take advantage of consumers knowing full well our business is not insurance and we may not have all the info. My advice, STAY AWAY. At the very least, ask many questions, do the math, and dig out hidden fees and non refundable charges. Highest Price. I moved to Allstate for 1/3 the price, equal coverage. Poor Customer Service, management not willing to amend the situation in anyway. No respect for the consumer at all. As a result, I moved both my plow truck and motorcycle policies.

Within the last year I changed to Progressive insurance and I got lower rates with even more coverage for my car. My previous insurance company had me paying two times the amount that I pay now. Switching was easy. I got quotes and I was able to do everything over the internet and print out my insurance cards. I have my payments automatically withdrawn from my account which makes it even more simple. I am very glad I decided to change over to Progressive.

Had the bad luck of being involved in accident, that I was not at fault. Customer rep Richard ** is the absolute worst. He treats you as if you are a criminal on trial, instead of professionally trying to help you. Might be time to call a lawyer.

I was rear ended by a Progressive driver. I was completely stopped in traffic. He was driving 50 mph and was texting on his cell phone. Needless to say he rear ended me. He hit me so hard, I hit the car in front of me. Progressive started working on the claim right away and I was really impressed. Things went down hill from there. I was rushed to the ER after the accident to have my injuries looked at. Progressive called me the next day and offered me $500 to settle my claim. Really? I took my car to the service center and the estimate showed the total cost of the repair would be $7500. The service center has had my car for almost 2 months now.

They called 3 weeks ago and said my car was ready. I went to pick it up and the repairs were not done properly. The rear bumper was not attached correctly, the "new grill" was all scratched up, they put used head lights that were all scratched up on my brand new car. I made a complaint and they agreed to fix the what I complained about. 4 days later, they called to say my car was ready. I went to pick it up, and they didn't do anything except change the head light. The interior was not detailed as promised, bumper was still uneven. I complained yet again and the rep told me "we are at $9600 for repairs, there really isn't anything else we can do"! I caused a scene in their lobby, and they immediately put me in another rental car and agreed the repairs were not done properly and that they would fix them.

The manager called and told me I was being overly critical (which I wasn't). I drive a brand new Honda Accord. Before the guy hit me, my car was in perfect condition. When Progressive delivered my repaired car back to me, I could see the screws holding my bumper on. Amazingly when I told them I was getting an attorney, they agreed to fix their shorty repairs. It has now been almost 2 months and I still don't have my car. Progressive promises to call you back with updates, they don't. They promise they will take care of you, they don't. If you make the mistake of taking your car to any Progressive Service Center, make a list of everything that needs repaired, and over look your car really good before you drive it home. Its funny, when you go to pick your car up, they almost attack you when you walk in to take your rental car back from you to get it "checked in". Since I am in sales, I know that they are just pressuring you to pick up your car and not look it over thinking you wont notice their half ass repair job. You will regret letting them fix your car.

I haven't had any problems with them really, I haven't been in an accident before so I really haven't talked to them that much. I wish that Progressive had clear language, meaning you're covered means you're covered. Overall though I am ok and satisfied with Progressive as a company.

Disgusted by Progressive. My family and I left for hurricane Florence and had to stay in a hotel. We had no way of returning by back. Wilmington was completely surrounded by water. Why pay for insurance if you can’t use it? Please don’t go with Progressive if you’re in a area that is affected easily by natural disasters. We’re going to switch back to USAA because they took care of their customers regardless of whether it was a mandatory evacuation.

I like it as long as they send paperless reminders for auto withdrawal for my account on time. But it's still very expensive for someone who is 43 with no accidents. They need to lower the rate for people over the age of 40 that have been driving since they were 16 in New Jersey. There is no reason I should be paying $700 every 6 months for one vehicle and no accidents. They should not go by your income or your credit rating to give you Auto Insurance. My credit has nothing to do with my driving so why do they bring that into the situation? When will they stop using the credit rating and whose idea was it to start using the credit rating to do insurance coverage?

I also know people in their 70's that have no accidents and pay astronomical fees. Don't they understand that these people are living on Social Security a very limited income? What about our veterans, do they even care about them? They used to give discounts for people who worked in the hospitals but not anymore. I work in an industrial plant making plastic. I don't get a discount unless I go to another carrier. I've been with them for a while. Should I switch to another company so I can get my discount just like my Federal Credit Union? They said that I can get a discount but they will not honor it. They need to stop thinking about their pockets and thinking about the poor less than middle class trying to make a living to keep a roof over their head to feed their family.

I have a family of three that I take care of and to pay over $700 in a six month period for insurance is two weeks' paycheck that does not include my rent, my electric, my water and food to feed my four-year-old granddaughter, me or my daughter. They do not care about families. They say they're all about making things easier and cheaper but they keep raising the rates higher and higher.

I have had accidents with Progressive and they are very thorough and attentive. They fought the battle for me and won back my deductible. I would recommend this company to anyone. The payments have not increased drastically over the years.

It was very easy to purchase with Progressive. I just went online and did some research and filled out the online application with mine and my husband's information and submitted it and waited for their quote. They gave me a better deal with joint insurance with me and my husband. I like that they have the app where I can just pull up my insurance card if needed. But if it was less expensive it would be even better.

Overall they haven't let me down. I think the rates are a bit higher than others but you get what you pay for right? Progressive has always been very friendly and helpful. Even when speaking with someone over the phone the specialist is always friendly and very informative and helpful with any problem. They even offer you a loaner vehicle even if you don't need it.

We had a horrible experience with Geico after 16 years. We contacted Progressive and they gave us several quotes. Made several promises that never came true. My husband bought a little run around truck and paid cash for it so we put only liability on it. After almost a year of Progressive having all of our accurate information they told my husband that they had made a mistake and that our insurance was going up over $200 a year just because of our zip code. After researching their excuses of why they were intentionally ripping us off I discovered their real reason was because we live in a predominately Hispanic area. Without any doubts, regrets, or questions I highly recommend NOT using this company. If you are of any minority run from this company. They're racist thieves.

I love Progressive. It is inexpensive for the amount of coverage that I need. I know that if I have an accident I will be covered. They also offer great bundle deals for those on a budget or needing some help financially without being worried about coverage. I wish they offered road side assistance and more insurance coverage like renters insurance or health insurance though. My overall experience during the process and purchasing was outstanding. I was given many options and different types of coverage for what I could afford. Everything was explained to me in detail and Progressive made sure that I understood what I was signing up for before purchasing.

It was really easy to choose my policy and to get signed up. I was able to do it in just a few minutes from my computer. With my crazy schedule, it meant a lot to be able to take care of it all without any hassle. Also, I like that they didn't bother me a lot. There were no constant calls trying to get me to add to my plan. They knew that if I wanted something, I would come to them. I also like that there was no pressure from agents to expand my coverage. However I felt that the rates were a little high based on what I could get with other insurance.companies. It's why I eventually went with someone else. I was able to find the same coverage with another company for a lot less. I liked Progressive a lot, but my wallet is always going to win out in the end.

The claims adjuster that represented the Progressive office where I took out my policy was very nice. He maintained contact with me and promptly paid my medical bills. My claims representative was helpful. The person who hit me also had Progressive Insurance and my medical claim was handled in a different office. The Progressive office where the guy that hit me had purchased his policy was not so nice and misled me. I ended up giving away my right to recover compensation. I didn't like the way the guy that represented the other driver handled the case. The claims adjuster should have handled my case differently. I don't have insurance with Progressive anymore.

Had a claim that was settled fairly. Not unhappy with them. Had the lowest rates that my insurance agent found. Had to exert myself to have my body shop process my claim rather than their preferred provider who works for them not me!

I'm very satisfied with my insurance company. Only problem I've had is with the rate change since moving to Florida almost doubled my auto insurance rate. If you're moving make sure to check your insurance rates before moving.

After contacting Progressive and logging on, I found out I have to pay the full insurance by the due date. When contacting Progressive, the response was the following: "You can pay in 5 installments but you already used 4 so..." Why not notify the consumer (who by the way keeps your business alive) or let them know before they purchase the insurance? So had I not contacted them I would have never known. There should be a law on this "surprise" addition to your insurance. I am very much dissatisfied!

Contacting a customer service agent was easy, efficient and overall a satisfactory experience. Very easy to answer questions during quote process. Understanding and relatable customer service. I like my insurance company, I have never had an issue unresolved and any I have had completed in a sufficient time. Bundle several vehicles and lowest rate found. Several discounts available to reduce my rate every 6 months. However, I am unimpressed that this is the only company that doesn't provide a Student drivers education discount, punished for 4 years for a non-reportable fender bender. Also, no discount if you don't reside in the home you own.

In today's world of fast paced products and services Progressive stood out as the leader in its field. It was easy to find a representative to help me go through the complexities of insurance and find an insurance broker to compare policies that was best suited for our household. They were extremely thoughtful and thorough when explaining all the features of the policy. In the end it was great to have the complete coverages needed for my lifestyle. And with yearly reviews I will be able to keep up with my ever changing needs for the future. I am well pleased with auto and motorcycle coverages that I chose.

With so many underinsured motorists driving along American highways today, a broad spectrum savings could be implemented for those of us who follow the law and fines implemented to those who do not carry and that money set aside to defray the costs for us who do pay. I would like Progressive to have more options to save me money as insurance rates are ever higher.

SCAM ALERT!! PROGRESSIVE CAR INSURANCE. Just used this piece of junk for almost 6 months, which supposedly gets you a discount on your next renewal. This thing counts your "hard brakes". MEANING when you have to stop suddenly, but if you are driving and a red light comes at you... Beeeeep! You got a hard brake against you. To make the story short. I got this, after six months I received an e-mail saying I'm getting a $109 discount on my new policy. WOOO HOOOOO!!! I thought, but in the other hand I get an increase of $259 because Florida rates went up.

Insane! Called talked to customer service rep, which said one thing, talk to another one the next day, said something different. Talked to a supervisor which said the Florida increase thing. It's a hassle to drive with this thing on your car, which beeps If you get caught by a red light and it even beeped once on McDonalds drive thru. So there it is, SCAM, FOOLED.

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