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Have owned the Jet Ski for 10 years and never had a claim on it. A few weeks ago we were riding in the river at our home and hit something under the water damaging the bottom of the ski. We have no idea what we hit. We took the Jet Ski to a repair shop that was recommended to us by Progressive Adjuster. Shop estimated about $2500 to repair Jet Ski and we have a 1,000 deductible. They are only wanting to pay us $400 for repairs after deductible and are saying we continued to ride the Jet Ski and beach it after we hit something which is a ball face lie! We don’t even live around a beach in the first place and the ski has not been back in the water since the incident happened.

What worries us the most is we own two other boats that are insured with Progressive. A new pontoon boat and a Power Boat. What will we run into if we ever have a claim for $30K on our power boat if they are fighting us over $1,000? We will be moving our watercraft policies to another company as soon as we get this mess straightened out. Reporting to the insurance commissioner tomorrow and posting on FB!

They offer great coverage and is always there when needed. Offers Leaks sink holes damage from storms. When needed just call and they get what you need done. They send what you need to get done fast.

Purchased boat insurance and paid in full for the 12 month policy. Two weeks ago we sold the boat. Contacted Progressive to cancel policy. Was told there was a refund and it would go to my bank. I explained we closed the bank account and now had a credit union. The lady said it would go to my closed bank account and I should contact bank as to where my refund was. I called bank and they said if on closed account they would send back. Called Progressive and was told account closed and not their problem. Told me now to contact Merchants Exchange. Asked where that was and the lady said she did not know. Said to call bank. So I called bank and they said what... I would not care but it's $363.00. So beware of this company. No help and customer service is rude.

It is great price and amazing coverage and really great people will help you with any trouble and easy to set up and easy to make payment and easy to use. I like you can get extra coverage. Progressive Boat Insurance is a good choice.

They don't have any depreciation on repairs and unlimited forgiveness on accidents that are small. They also have accident forgiveness for larger accidents but of course there is limits there. They have total loss replacement and coverage of up to 10,000 dollars for personal items on the boat. There is a disappearing deductible option as well. It decreases by 25% for each year you go without an accident until it's down to 0. I think the price I pay for coverage is very reasonable. It's competitive to other companies and the amount of coverage that I receive makes me feel like I am getting great value from a reliable company. Their customer service is typically available whenever I need to call and they are always polite. I feel as though they take the time to answer my questions and reassure me if I have any concerns.

My boat was hit by a progressive boat owner, huge hole put in my hull, boat needed to be repaired and painted. Progressive has refused to paint whole boat, said you can only see one side at a time, color doesn't match, this is a $50,000 boat and 16 weeks out of water, in NE that's an entire season. Stay away from Progressive.

Progressive Boat Insurance's $100 per year premium excludes state fees and taxes, and is not available in all states but is in the state of California where I live. Coverage features and discounts are subject to policy terms and are not available for all boats and coverage selections. It is available in most states. The company's extra coverage options are the best. I have my boat, car, and motorcycle all on one insurance policy and I am getting ready to add a trailer on next. The price is fair. I pay a little under $100 a month for 3 different items but I am fully covered in case of any accident on any of the items I have insured. The customer service is truly one of a kind. They are thoughtful, intelligent of what their selling and help to find the best deals possible for your situation.

Progressive Boat Insurance provides insurance for a variety of accidents, as well as multiple types of damage that may be done to property under a variety of circumstances. Does not penalize the customer for a mishap and sees to it that most, if not all, monetary loss that is a result of an accident is covered by the insurance. Extra coverage options may include, but are not limited to: medical payments, towing and assistance. Also, marine specific risks such as pollution and environmental damage - in addition to potential wreckage. Most of these extra coverage options only cover boat usage in inland waterways, lakes and rivers.

The coverage price for this particular form of insurance usually goes one of two ways: either the actual cash value and agree value. Actual cash value, which is cheaper, but also factors in depreciation. Agree value covers the boat at the value that was declared at the time that the policy was written. Customer service is top notch - there is minimal waiting time, less bureaucratic measures taken than most other insurance companies and once you do get in touch, the representatives are well spoken, friendly and knowledgeable. Some of the smoothest and most pleasant customer service experiences I have had in my life were with this particular brand.

I paid a lot extra for an extra coverage for my boat called Propulsion Plus which I was told by the Progressive rep would cover me in the case of a mechanical breakdown. When I was out at sea the outdrive broke down and now needs to be replaced. After placing the claim the claims supervisor told me that according to the language in the policy “the maintenance requirements were not meet”. I then told the Progressive supervisor that Progressive did not provide me with any requirements to meet so that the claim could be honored. The supervisor then told me that Progressive does not need to provide me with their requirements. The claim was denied.

I told him, "I can’t meet your requirements since you don’t tell your customers what they are." I will file with the insurance commission and small claims court but I should not have to be put through that to get the coverage they sold me and I paid for. This seems like a scam in my opinion (but just my opinion) to take people's money then not cover the insured when a covered event takes place. If you do get Propulsion Plus coverage, please keep the above in mind. I am writing this to help others before they get in this situation.

I switched to Geico because it offered a better rate for me. It was just too much for me to continue using Progressive for boat insurance. It didn't even offer me extra coverage for a reasonable price. Way too expensive to keep on using on a annual basis. I would recommend other services from them, just not boat insurance. They like to up the price on a lot of things. They wanted to work with me, I'll give them credit for that. They went above and beyond to answer my questions but the rates they would not drop at all so I dropped them.

It's been about 5 years since we've owned a boat but Progressive's standard coverage was a decent rate. They were a great company to work with and were always there when we need them. They are there to answer any questions that we might have about rates although they are a littler more pricey.

I hit something submerged under water and snapped my prop shaft. I contacted Progressive and they told me to take it to a shop and they would inspect it. The inspector called me and stated he wouldn't be able to look at it until the following Tuesday and that he would call me on Tuesday. Well Thursday comes around and I haven't heard from him. So I call him and he tells me that they are going to deny my claim because he said it was a part that failed. I told him the reason the part failed was because I hit something under water. This is my second claim with them and both times they told me it was either a part that failed or normal wear.

Well I can tell you I've been with them for 10+ years and I will not be with them anymore. I have friends that have Geico and never had a problem with any of their claims. They also switched to Geico due to problems with Progressive Insurance handling claims. It's a shame that you spend thousands of dollars for insurance and when something happens they don't even cover it.

They have very comprehensive coverage not only for the owner but for passengers as well. Added to that they give you great discounts for bundling other insurance products with them which saves you in the long run. I purchased extra insurance options for passengers as well as extended warranty for the engine on the boat which will help. Just in case something malfunctions I know that I'm covered. The price is very competitive with other insurance companies. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you with any question that you might have. They also are proactive with letting you know about new and innovative features they have.

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