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They have reasonable rates, comparable to others but they have a better reputation. This was a better fit for me. They also have great customer service. The employees are very pleasant and helpful and easy to deal with. They explain everything very clearly. But I wish they had a local office. I am of the generation that prefers to speak to someone face to face and one on one with a designated agent. Other than that, I'm very pleased.

When I signed up for Homeowner's Insurance with Progressive, I authorized them to withdraw MONTHLY payments. However, they took it upon themselves to withdraw the ENTIRE YEAR and then made me wait almost an entire month before they would put that money back! I had to talk to at least 4 different people and, of course, it was never their fault. I have cancelled my insurance with Progressive and would highly advise against using them for any reason. Nobody had a sense of urgency or a sense of accountability and did not seem to understand how withdrawing over $1000.00 dollars out of somebody's account could possibly cause a problem for some people. I had to actually call my bank with Progressive on the phone to make sure the 1000+ dollars cleared out of my bank account, before they would put it back in over 21 days after they withdrew it. NIGHTMARE!!!

We have tried many other homeowners insurance companies but Progressive was the most reasonable. We also like the fact that many of our friends and relatives have this homeowners and recommended very highly. But I would like the premium to be lower. I am on fixed income so it's expensive to keep up with it. I have never made a claim but it keeps going up. But I am happy with my insurance... It's one of the best homeowners insurance.... I have never had a problem or issue with this insurance company so far.

Buyer beware! Progressive has re-sold my homeowner's insurance to 3 different companies in the 3 years I have been a member. They also have upped my premium all 3 years while also upping the deductible 5x the original amount. There must be zero oversight by any regulatory agency as I am sure there are many others out there with similar stories. I have never had a claim with them but God only knows how they would screw you. If you had similar experience with them please share so others will steer clear of these crooks!

I have insurance not only for my home but as well as car insurance through Progressive and it works. They have kept me quite satisfied over the years even when I had hail damage and water damage from my water heater exploding. Progressive has been consistent for the last couple years. The pay has not increased at all the last few years. It did a couple years ago and that's when I started looking around for a different insurance but found their companies to be even more expensive. I think my insurance is overpriced but comparing others it actually is not bad. I live in a mobile home and the insurance with Progressive is close to 800 a year. To me that seems ridiculous.

I liked and choose Progressive insurance because they gave me a fair price for what it covered. I checked around first before I choose them and they seemed to be the best for the price if I had er deductible but it seems to be ok for me. It has everything that I need and it met my needs so I am satisfied with it.

We had a fire Aug, 2017. Well it is Aug, 2018. We have not had our claim resolved and our home is still in disrepair one year later. Progressive does not want to pay to bring my home to its original pre-fire condition. They have sent a second rate construction company to give an estimate that is $11,000.00 lower than our lowest estimate. We will have to either pay for materials and try to do the work ourselves or pay out of our pockets to restore our home. We paid our premiums in full and on time, they will take your money and if you have a problem, they will not help you. They immediately increased our home owners by $800.00 per year once we filed a claim. Stay as far away from this carrier as possible. Absolute nightmare, left hanging in the lurch without of pocket expenses and my home a mess for a year now.

Progressive was easy to set up, offered through our bank that carries our home loan/mortgage payment. Easy to keep track of just one monthly payment for mortgage & insurance all-in-one. Also, the rates are fair for the coverage offered. Reputable company/brand that we trust. When we had to file a claim, it was a fairly easy process & paid out in a timely fashion. They possibly could add loyalty rewards for long term customers though.

Progressive provided lower prices with more coverage than other companies. Overall they had the best and most reasonable price for the coverage I was looking for. I like that I can go online for just about everything. The app is very convenient. It's not necessary for me to sit on the phone to wait to speak to a live person. I like that I can customize my coverage to fit my budget. But I dislike that the driving monitoring app did not substantially reduce my payment. I would like to see an option to split monthly payments in two payments. I'd like to be able to pay half at the start of the month and the other half near the middle of the month.

Progressive was offered first and made sense. I did not need to shop around or get different quotes from multiple companies. They seemed to be open and honest about how they compare. They are knowledgeable, informative, easy to contact, office front, communicate well, affordable and friendly. Great customer service and easy to understand the employees. But they could do a better job of making insurance, claims, and coverage easier to understand. I think all insurance companies could do a better job of that.

I choose progressive home insurance so I could have all my needs in one place. Progressive insurance covers home and auto. If problems arise with my car or my home, Progressive insurance is the only way to go since I have had Progressive for many years and have never had any problems and provides great coverage. They have always done me right and I would not change. I like too the way my auto insurance has always been handled.

Progressive has dragged their feet for over 2 months in fixing our roof leak. We had several promises to get it fixed quickly, but no results after 2 months. I would rate them zero stars in customer service. Now in seeing complaints to Consumer Affairs they have a terrible ratings record.

Progressive was the cheapest option for the coverage that we needed and was recommended by the agent that we have been using for several years. We also liked that there is a local office. But I think homeowners is relatively expensive and I don't feel like the coverage is sufficient in some cases. I also don't think the policies explicitly state what is or is not covered.

They were more helpful in getting me to understand the different policies. I called probably 6 insurance companies and Progressive's price was better. Simple and easy to understand terms, many insurance companies speak gibberish and policies are hard to understand. My only issue would be the personality of their customer service reps, maybe be more personable with customers. I try making them laugh a bit and it's like talking to a recording almost.

They offered the best coverage for my family's needs. I know that whenever I need information they will always respond as quickly as they can. I love how they bundle all my insurance needs and I get a discount for bundling them all together on top of paying every 6 months instead of every month as well. They are always working with me to make sure my needs are met even during the months that I do not have a payment due from them. They are very attentive and I like that because with previous companies I pay the bill and that is pretty much it.

Progressive is one of the only ones available in this rural area where you can actually walk in and see an agent. I like the friendliness of personally knowing my agent. Progressive also covers all property at replacement value. But it is high cost and would like to be able to get something cheaper in the in near future. However, I like being able to see an agent face to face so probably will keep it. Other brands cannot do this so this is nice.

We closed on our house on 03/30/2018. On April 4th our AC unit was stolen. Progressive refused to cover the claim because we had not moved in 4 days after closing. This is legal, but not moral. The clause in the policy is intended to keep people from insuring a house they do not intend to live in from insuring it as if they do live there. It was not meant for situations where you close and simply have not had time to move in yet. WARNING, FLOW DOES NOT PAY!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

The very day I wrote the scathing review of Homesite Insurance I received a call from my adjuster telling me that they were going to cover the whole job except the oil tank itself and its contents. Good news. The reason I gave Homesite 3 stars is the investigation could have gone lots faster. I feel that three weeks without use of the oil heat is a bit much. Beyond that everything is a go for the completion of the cleanup. Homesite is a good value but a bit slow.

Progressive's price was great and everything about it. The customer service was good as well. But there were better prices out there. They should look at other prices and change. The company needs to do more and the company needs to seek other people out to get some updates on prices, they should do some survey to understand their customers. The prices need to come down. Insurance should never be this much.

We use Progressive for our car insurance and offer discounts to bundle. They are very affordable and they cover a lot of things. I know some companies who do not cover everything that we needed. We looked at other companies and Progressive fit our budget. The company has been quick when we had to call and make a claim. I would suggest them to family. We love this company and have never had a problem with them. I hope they stay around.

My homeowners insurance was raised almost $300. Never had claim. Said it was debt to ratio. My credit is in the 800's. After hang on phone forever said they would do review and send paper copy of insurance. Never done. Will be looking for new insurance. Happy with car insurance... not homeowners.

Progressive has reasonable rates, good service, quick enrollment, very little red tape. They provide decent coverage on the home but high deductible. The policy was ample for my needs at the time but I prefer more coverage when I can afford it. Coverage limits not very high and they do not pay claims as readily as Allstate, AAA and some other insurers. Nevertheless, they have the lowest rates of companies I sought quote from.

Progressive starts you with a 15% discount on new homeowners insurance but that goes away 5% a year for three years. That allows Progressive to seem cheap. Our homeowner's insurance went from 1300 to 1850 per year this year with no notice or explanation. We have not filed a claim. They overvalue your house but then change a percentage deductible which leaves you with a huge out of pocket for a theft or hail. They are all show but it is a terrible company. We switched to State Farm.

I was with the company for renter's insurance for over 2 year, no problem. I called in March 2017 about something and the agent convinced me to add water damage coverage for ONLY $8.00 more a month. I remember this conversation because we talked for a while, just so I can make sure there were No Hidden costs. Well I got the email telling me the $8.00 was coming out my account AND then $128.00 taken out too! I didn't get an email about that! When I called, they tried to do a Jedi Mind Trick on me! When a policy is renewed we ask for a down payment amount yada yada. Wait what?!

Every year my policy was renewed they never asked me for more money to just renew a month payment. So I said just review the taped phone call and see I'm telling the truth about the agent saying all it will Cost me is $8.00! When they called me back, the rep. was like "Well that agent will go for retraining but our policy is to cancel the policy if you want to cancel something you added on at a later date!" Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face! Instead of admitting your employee messed up, and refund me my money; I was told the ONLY way to get my money back was to cancel my renter's policy! DONE! Now I'm going to Allstate to be in Better hands PLUS I will re-post this review everywhere so no one else will go through this!

We have bundled insurance, we cover our RV, motorcycle, autos and home. We have used Progressive for a long time. They have reasonable prices for the same coverage as more expensive companies. When there are items I don't understand I ask the agent to explain them. The policy is pretty clear and easy to understand.

We had hail damage on our property and roof. They can put in a timely manner and compensated us for what we lost. They always have gotten back to us in a timely manner and I have never had to call them more than once for anything. Very informative when I needed them.

Progressive was the cheapest at the time, and I didn't have to go to them I just used the computer. They were easy to deal with. I was able to do everything online. It has been ok and it was the coverage I needed.

Rates were very affordable and the employee who sold me my policy was especially knowledgeable and kind. She answered every question I had without hesitation or lies. I like the fact that the deductible, if needed, is taken from the settlement check which means I don't have to come out of pocket with anything, especially in a time of need or disaster. I love what they stand for as a company who serves my needs. They are a wonderful company with great employees. Their business practices are so great and I would recommend anyone to go ahead and check them out to get a quote.

My family has used Progressive Homeowners Insurance for years because they have always taking care of my family and kids and I will always respect them for the great service that they provide. I like that they seem to care and that they are a dependable company. I have been very satisfied with the product.

They are a good company to work with. I had a claim and was paid fairly quick for the necessary repairs that needed to be done. My only problem was that they took a while to pay the company that did the drying in our basement after a flood. The company called me several times because they weren't paid, so I was dissatisfied that it took Progressive so long to take care of their payment.

I bought homeowner insurance with the company. I paid my policy up for a year and someone broke into my condo and now they are giving me a hard time of paying my policy off and the third party company they are working with. ASI their customer services is the worst. I will never refer no one to neither company at all.

Progressive is okay, however, they are expensive and hard to work with. When we filed a claim they were difficult and didn't want to approve us even though our neighbors on both sides that we share a roof with got approved after a horrendous hail storm. But we picked them because we had car insurance through them at the time, which ended up saving us a little bit of money in the long run.

I had my three vehicles insured through Progressive already so I just had them add the house. It was super easy for me to do. I choose Progressive insurance because they are one of the cheaper rates than other insurance companies. Bundling discounts is pretty awesome too. But I would like to have more discounts for long time customers. Show appreciation for loyalty. Keeping insurance for long term can be hard for some, so rewarding their loyalty would be cool. Nevertheless, I got discounts for adding the house, and my rates are cheaper with three cars and three teens.

I like that the policy is broad. It covers damages to the entire property, inside and outside, especially water. Since I live in Florida, a hurricane zone this gives me comfort. The way to file a claim is simple. There is no need to call and deal with a representative with endless questions. It can be done on a website making it easy. The company is one that I have used before and that I was satisfied with. So I have no doubt that I will continue to be pleased.

Easy to get approval, was fairly painless and was able to get my policy taken care of in a short amount of time. The process was simple. Best price available and it was from a trusted provider. The old policy was probably $1000 more per year than this one, so it was a pretty easy choice. However, I would always like it to be cheaper, but it is what it is and there isn't much I can do about it.

Progressive gives me peace of mind during bad storms. I don't have to worry if anything happens to my house. They respond quickly to my calls and the insurance inspector is very helpful. Their price was right for the amount of coverage I needed. I shopped around a little bit but they were the best with customer service, response time, and timely payout for repairs. They should offer good customer discounts and discounts if you've been a customer for a long time with no claims.

New policy for me but they were very helpful when applying. Progressive insurance agent were very attentive to all of the questions I had as I setup the homeowner insurance policy.

Progressive is a very good company. We had State Farm before, but we are getting a better rate from Progressive for the same coverage so it only made sense to switch. It's an excellent policy that covers everything I need to be covered and a good rate.

A family member said to go to Progressive and I did. We drove there and talked to an agent. I found what I needed there. I like all the features my insurance has and the amount of coverages is good. They keep me protected if something should happen to my home.

I was looking for a homeowner insurance policy, the one that they offered met the criteria I needed. They had a better price compared to other companies. But like most companies this one is only concerned with the bottom line, don't let the commercials fool you. They do not care about the actual consumer. They only care about the stock price. They need a better web presence and web app. It's hard to get the information you need. Usually, I need to call and spend hours on the phone to get the information from an agent. It often counters info on the website.

This was the best priced policy, and I already had other policies with them as well. It was great that they offered the bundle pricing. I like how easy they are to work with. They were able to give me a quick quote when I needed it and have given me consistent service ever since! I love my insurance company and I think they do a great job. Super awesome and amazing!

Information is hard to follow and so many pages to go through, lengthy language, and annoying. They take a while to respond to emergency stuff. But well known and Progressive had lower rates than other companies. Also good commercials and feel secure with them. Good coverage and did not raise rates with issues. Good prices for what they are willing to cover, would use again. Natural disaster coverage, feel like they care, feel secure with them and what they offer.

I chose Progressive because I am a home owner and I got a discount. I bundle all three of my vehicles and home for one low price. All other policies made me feel like they either did not cover what I needed covered or were for non-home owners. I also like that if I need to change something they do not make me pay the difference up front. But I would improve the customer service. Some of them don't know what the answers are to your questions. They make me feel like they are just reading from a dialog page.

In December of 2016 I changed my home and car insurance to Progressive. A Week before Christmas they wrote me an email, not even a letter, saying they give me 5 days to get a new roof and get my house painted or they will cancel the insurance. My roof was older, but not leaking, and there was only a little paint that was chipped on the house. I really got my house reroofed in the timeline, but since the deadline was December 28, no contractor was able to do the work, since it was too cold and most were on vacation. Progressive was totally unresponsive, even after my contractor talked with them on the phone and asked them to extend the deadline! They still canceled the insurance! I really think something like this should not be legal! Where are the consumer rights here? This insurance company is a rip off!

The floor collapsed in our rental house damaging major appliances and furniture on a Thursday afternoon. Still hadn't heard from the company until afternoon on Friday. Our claims representative is in Phoenix, and no adjuster ever came to view the property or the damage. They took the word of the landlord's adjuster, who hardly stepped foot into the house to inspect the damage. On the following Thursday, Homesite said it was caused by poor ventilation and we were not covered. As a renter, I am not responsible for the structure. My insurance does not cover the structure, it covers the contents. I am covered. They don't want to pay. We have had to pack and move as the house is not livable, incurring further expense. Horrible company. We will be exploring further options to get our coverage.

When I did my research I found that this company had great rates that I could afford and good customer service to deal with your needs. Also, this company knew what I wanted and they went out of there way to come up with a plan that satisfied my needs and a policy that I could live with. I believe if I needed them tonight they would go out of there way to help me.

Have been with Progressive insurance both auto and homeowners for approx 5 yrs. Yes, sometimes the rate might be slightly higher than the competition, but reputation based on research, tells me the dollars invested are well worth it.

Progressive was the cheapest option that offered everything I wanted. It was easy to purchase and use which also makes it great. After viewing other policies this one just made more sense to me. The policy is simple for me to understand which makes things much easier to figure out. I also like that I can get online and view my policy as well as make any changes that I need. It is easily accessible. Making it easy makes a huge difference in how I feel about a company.

Being the closest insurance company to the house, Progressive is easy to get to, and they're easy to somewhat understand. Their people are friendly and they try to explain stuff. They also have different tools now to make it easier to look up information, including a mobile app. I like that you can bundle everything and have a lower rate, which helps make it easier to get things done. Also, we can get different items that we might need for the future and subtract things as well, without making the policy too high. I just wish they could make the policy a little easier to understand, and to have more stuff to include with the policy, and friendly people to help out with policies, on what you want or need to have.

I love that I'm able to bundle with car insurance. Being able to bundle is a great advantage over all other companies and it gives me a more affordable price rather than pay separately and paying double. I also love how friendly and dedicated the employees are. Any questions or concerns I have they are able to answer in a timely manner. I have never had any issues with this company. But even if there was any issues I'm sure it would get resolved quite easily. I chose Progressive because it was easy and convenient and a great price. But it would be better if the price of my insurance cover go down.

I checked around for different insurers and found Progressive to be the right fit for us. We bundle our home and auto together to save money. Bundling the auto it made the warranty most affordable. I like the Progressive coverage and the price. I like that this also gives you coverage for your car if you have a flat tire, lock your keys in the car or any emergency that you might have. But I would like debris coverage...with high limits. Just in case. It would make me feel warm and fuzzy. I would make the whole thing more affordable...home and auto. Overall it has been a good experience for us.

A storm shorted out my breaker box, a tv, a xbox one and my refrigerator. I filed my claim on the 28th of Sept. They was told this was a major hazard and that I should not mess with it. However I am disabled - I have to sleep with a fire extinguisher while my breaker box sparks. I have partial electricity throughout my home. The furnace doesn't work unless I mess with the breaker box. We have no means to keep groceries. I have had cords strung out across my home so my stuff works, washer, tv, internet, etc. I have fallen, blacked my eye, scraped my nose, been to the doctor twice from being sick due to heat and breaker box. Now they tell me at least another 7 to 10 days my kids and I are expected to live this way. It has already been 20 days since filing the report.

During the first week is when I list electricity in part of the house. So had they done their jobs I would not have fallen several times, I would not need cords strung all over my home and my heat would work fine. So if they get it out in the next 10 days it will have been a month they have put my life in danger by expecting me to mess with the breaker box knowing every time I am taking a chance of being electrocuted. We have had to buy a small fridge to get by, borrow cords to keep things working, time lost from school for the sicknesses. Please help if you can. Thank you. I have many pictures just do not know how to attach them that I can add them from here.

Our Progressive Homeowners Insurance policy came with the realtor. At first, I was going to change it, but for the amount of coverage, I initially believed it was a good deal. Then, the increases came, but all in all, the company's excellent reputation was the thing that kept me with this company. I like that they have a comprehensive coverage for most problems that befall a homeowner, a claim adjuster that responds in a timely fashion and a representative that will suggest updates or modifications to the policy. But sometimes, I think the price of the policy could be reduced and not lose coverage. Also, their policy could use a little more a of the layman's language to convey their meanings. The rate adjustments could be a little more relatable too.

We have had a roof leak and have never filed a claim. Progressive uses a company, ASI that is supposed to handle our claim. They seemed to be good at first sending someone out to tarp the roof and pull up our brand new carpeting so nothing would mold. That was about a month ago. No one has even bothered to let us know what they are going to do moving forward after multiple phone calls the man handling our claim can’t be bothered I guess. The adjuster told us that after they okayed ripping up our carpet and leaving a hole in the drywall that they won’t be giving us enough money to meet the deductible no matter what the cause is.

No one has still determined whether it was wind or a roof issue. So now during the rainiest time of the year we have a tarp that won’t stay on and room that is in shambles. No idea why the roof is leaking or exactly where from and no one returning any calls. Needless to say not only would I never recommend this company and we will be looking elsewhere for insurance.

This company is great and I trust this them fully. I already have my auto insurance with them, and I received a discount for bundling my home and auto policies. Plus, they were the cheapest I found. I like how the process was easy, starting from the quote process, all the way through the actual purchase of the policy. I really liked the customer service I received.

I have shopped around to compare prices and found this company to be most reasonable. I have them for many years. You get comprehensive services which I like. They are easy to work with. The rates are reasonable and customer service is good. Response time is quick, too. I would recommend them to friends and family.

There are plenty of other insurance agencies out there but with mine it's easy because my family have worked through them for generations to come. They are reliable. They keep me updated, and secure with my faulties of the property, hurricanes, tornadoes, water damage etc. But I dislike the fact that sometimes it can be a hassle to get through burdens like when a tree fall in our yard into a neighbors yard and they won't accept our insurance coverage.

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