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Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

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I paid in full for one year insurance on a motorcycle rider insurance. I have asked them to send me the policy with the correct VIN number since 1/14/2012. I'm still waiting.

I bought a motorcycle in June 2011. I insured it through Progressive because USAA doesn't directly insure motorcycles. The monthly premium was around $58 for the first year. After the second year, it dropped to $48 because I had no accidents or moving violations. This year, when it was time to renew, it went up to $63.48. I called them and they told me it was because of factors that had changed in my area and fraud, etc. So basically I am expected to pay more for no fault of my own. I called Allstate and it will be around $23.73 a month. I immediately switched and cancelled my policy with Progressive.

I got a dirt bike policy through Progressive on a Saturday. I found a better rate through someone else that same day. I tried to cancel my Progressive the same day but due to being a brand new account I would have to wait until the following day, which I did. I got a bill in the mail a month after saying I owed Progressive $164.00. I thought that had to be a mistake so I called. The guy who "helped" me refused to refund me unless I gave him my policy number and name of the company I had gotten insurance from instead. So for 24 forced hours of coverage due to being unable to cancel for a new account I had to pay $164.00... Joke of a company.

It was good service. I thought that service couldn't get as good. It was really refreshing to see people actually caring. I'm definitely a good satisfied customer. I will refer you guys to everyone I know basically. It's really a blessing. The policy is ok with me because it gets right down to the point and with no regrets. The coverage could be a lot better.

My husband had coverage on one motorcycle with Progressive for a year at (what we thought was) a reasonable cost. This year, he decided to get another bike. We went from $92.50 to $300 premiums. He decided to shop and was offered better coverage on both bikes for a $63 premium by Geico. When my husband cancelled the policy six days after adding the second bike, he was told he still owed $250 for the balance of the month. Not only will Progressive grossly overcharge for premiums, but they will rip you off if you cancel coverage and threaten you with collection proceedings if you don't pay it within a week of cancellation.

My 16 year old was rear ended by motorcyclist who crushed our bumper and taillight. The motorcyclist was insured by Progressive. They have us the runaround in the beginning by doing their leg work for them, taking pictures for the adjuster then wanted us to take the bumper apart ourselves to see if the impact absorber was broken (not our job). They didn't want to authorize a rental for us either, not our fault the motorcyclist hit us, we need a car to drive. Now car is supposedly finished and the paint doesn't match. We were told they will not authorize the body shop to blend the paint. WTF, there was nothing wrong with the bumper until we were hit. They are legitimate crooks.

My son was involved in a motorcycle accident Feb. 2014, that the other driver was clearly at fault. The accident happened on a Thursday late afternoon, Progressive did not speak to my son until late Friday afternoon and by Monday morning they called and stated my son was actually the one at fault!! Are you kidding me?? They stated they had video to prove it and that they would send it to us. They never have. We had to go to the place and get video ourselves. The video clearly shows the other driver at fault. My husband and I have both done the investigation for Progressive that shows the other driver is at fault. We sent our findings and our copy of the video to Progressive and they have stated they will not change the determination because they already paid the other party. They also stated that their field investigator had just grabbed video on his phone.

We filed a complaint and the response to the complaint is that they now have witnesses. THERE WERE NO WITNESSES. When we asked where they got these witnesses they stated that we gave them to them. Uhhh... Nope, not us. We are pretty sure the witnesses are "friends" of the other party. Progressive is very good at lying, fabricating witnesses, not investigating and more. Do not EVER use this company. I was actually considering switching to them, but after this mess, NO WAY! Progressive employees should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

They were knowledgeable, polite, friendly and fair. They answered all our questions thoroughly and we left feeling we were safe and in very good hands, feeling like it was well worth the money we spent. We had a very minor accident where the other party was at fault, and it was handled quickly, fairly and efficiently. We even had to call back with more questions, and we were given a lot of time and attention. We had options concerning the cap, and we were helped to make up our mind given our specific needs. They did not try to get more money out of us than what was necessary. We were offered many options, from high amounts to low, and we decided on somewhere in the middle after talking it over. They really know their subject and explain it well.

A customer of 15 years, car and motorcycle policies and they drop the ball on me. An open shut case against a fuel station selling bad gas, thousands of dollars in repairs in which should be covered under comprehensive coverage and was denied. Now I'm left with a $16,000 bill and it only took them 54 days to come to "THEIR" decision. Did original adjuster, Mike ** take a fuel sample? No. Did they wait a month to get the wrong sample? Yes. Do claim reps, Jina ** , or San Antonio manager (Jennifer **) return calls or emails? No. Very displeased and now seeking legal assistance.

I have had Progressive as my motorcycle insurer for nearly 20 years. During that time I have had two claims on the bikes I have had. On each of those occasions when I needed them, Progressive was quick to respond, courteously, while filing my claim. I am very pleased with my relationship with progressive. P.S. Finding a good agency can make a world of difference, so scout around!

Unfortunately I did not shop around as I should have before purchasing coverage after financing a new motorcycle which required immediate proof of insurance to finalize the deal. As a wounded warrior and a USAA member I followed USAA's recommendation and through the USAA website purchased a Progressive policy. Following further research I discovered other quotes from 2 other large insurers that offered better levels of coverage for half of what Progressive had charged.

Upon cancellation of the Progressive policy after 11 days of coverage my $182.00 down payment was refunded only $27.30 which reflected a 90% pro rated refund of the yearly rate of $1200.00 in addition to 90% of the 11 days of coverage with no offer to match the other quotes. My impression is that Progressive knows that they are over priced and as they have a "captive" sample via USAA they charge the higher rate knowing that once the USAA member realizes the non market rate charged the member can only cancel and have their captive down payment assessed 10% of the entire year's coverage in addition to 10% of actual days covered or they can grin and bear it by trying to save value on their initial down payment on the entire year and continue to pay 66% more than the market will bear.

As a disabled veteran I find Progressive insurance practices, while legal as per the contract, predatory, amoral, and unethical not to mention a bad business model the end result being that the money withheld from my down payment which covered 11 days of coverage being equal to 3 months of coverage from my current underwriter.

I never had a claim but always heard and read good things about them. They're fast honest and very reliable. I never had trouble getting to talk to a real person and they're also always ready to help and answer any and all questions. They have more than enough options and very easy to read. Also, has great policy that covers as much or as little as you need or want. No pressure to buy anything you don't need or want. Definitely would recommend them to anyone needing motorcycle insurance.

We had many options when we took out our motorcycle insurance including when to pay the bill & how much we wanted to pay at a time. They were fairly cheap. We had full coverage at a good price. We priced many insurances over the years & this one was the best. They beat everyone's price. They have helped us out many times over the years. I called them & told them we had an accident & they started our claim right away. They got in touch with the owner of the car that hit us & got expenses for everyone that was in the car. They covered all expenses & gave them a settlement. We were paid in less than 2 weeks.They figured out how much the motorcycle was worth & the other car. All expenses were paid in full. I'm so glad we picked this insurance. They are the best. I would recommend them to anyone that happens to ask me what insurance I have.

I called my agent to file a claim because my motorcycle was stolen and the claims adjuster called me and started asking me personal questions regarding who lived in my house and my financial situation and made me feel like I stole my own bike. The agent even harassed my wife at work calling and leaving several messages on her cell phone asking her personal questions as well. I will be seeking legal action against Progressive as quick as I can find someone to represent me. Please let your friends and family know that this company is a rip off and to find a new insurance company before they get screwed royally.

Motorcycle was vandalized, no signs of a hit and run (residence in low-income area in Southern California). Waited 2+ weeks for the adjustor to arrive. Progressive wanted me to push my motorcycle into my garage and "fix my it the best I could over the weekend" so they could revisit the scene at a later date. Adjustor also didn't want to pay for towing and refused to pay for cheap Line-X paint (you can't just spray one won't match the rest of the bike). Senior adjustor called and said "I'm afraid I have some bad news". I said, "I'm afraid I have some bad news as well". Recently filed small claims lawsuit for breech of contract, failure to comply with local and state policies, loss of work and duress. Progressive is deliberately causing harm due to the fact that they know that this is my primary vehicle and that I need this vehicle to run my business. Shame on you Progressive (**).

I was a first-time motorcycle owner and needed to find the best option to suit my particular needs with my budget. They gave me options for other companies that may have been better but then I found out that Progressive's rates were indeed lower than the competing companies. When I chose to go with Progressive they gave me the option to opt out and transfer to another company at any time. I had no problems or issues with my insurance during my contract with them for my motorcycle. I did question them about the possibility of accidents or theft policies and they explained to me very quickly that if I was able to report a claim within 24 hours of incident, it would be taken care of immediately and with aggression. They made me feel comfortable and safe knowing that if indeed a circumstance Beyond My Control was to occur I would be taken care of within a timely manner that would not cause more problems in my life than necessary.

They also helped me choose the best option for my needs and were able to give me a better experience compared with other companies. They were able to give me an option to have full coverage insurance which would allow me to ride in the State of Florida helmet free. This was the option that I chose considering that where I live it is not considered to be a dangerous or necessary place for me to have the complete safety gear equipped at all times. My coverage options also included a full regimen of liability and personal injury. If for any reason during a wreck or personal injury instance, I would have been covered 100% as long as the accident was not my fault.

Their customer service is awesome and convenient and anytime I need to adjust or call for an adjustment they are quick and easy to help. I've never had to use the claims processing unit, but I've had others use them. They are horrible to deal with and take forever to handle things. There are many options that I had to choose from. I could pick and adjust my rate to what I could afford and the perfect coverage that I wanted for my motorcycle. Very easy to look into.

On February 7th, 2019, my motorcycle was backed into. I was not on it but inside a home of a relatives. Other party had insurance but unwilling to give me a fair value nor repair value of my bike. Ended up being more repair work than it was to claim a total loss. I was completely saddened. I called Progressive for help and they advised better to open a claim on my policy even if not my fault and I wouldn't be dinged for this since I was not near my vehicle on the reports. So I did. Both insurance appraisers looked at my motorcycle and two separate figures in totally different amounts came back. A huge difference by a few thousand dollars. I had Progressive indeed on my side, a rental car (since my other vehicle was also in ill repair) and a check in my hand by the middle of the month.

Happy to say I've bought another bike, still with Progressive and my adjuster is elated of my new purchase. Not only a business relationship but a new found friend on two wheels! My rate will not increase over this and they went to war for me with this other insurance company trying to dupe me into thinking my bike had zero value after I knew it did! Thank you Progressive! I feel even more safer on the road these days! Not sure why others have such a hard time. I never had the first issue.

When we filed a claim through Progressive they treated us like criminals. Instead of trying to help, they work very hard to find reasons that they don't have to cover you. The adjuster I spoke with, Cameron **, actually told me that the rider is at fault if he rides into a ditch to keep from hitting a deer. He said that if you hit the deer you are not at fault but if you swerve and miss the deer but wreck the bike in a ditch, you are at fault. That says to me that in order to get coverage you have you go head on with deer or another vehicle! Do they want people to die?

The Customer service is great. Always fast, always helpful, very friendly! One of the best brands. I'm very proud to be a customer in this! No waiting lines, you can change things online really fast. The claims processing is really fast. I never used them. But I know from a friend that he needed this. And he was really satisfied with the fast process! He recommended that to me. The policy is great, really simple to understand and reasonable. When you have a problem, call the line they give you right away a really good answer on your problem. The coverage you can choose is really simple to understand. There are many options you can choose. Really easy and simple! Coverage prices are good to understand.

I had Progressive Motorcycle Insurance for almost 1 year when my motorcycle broke down a block from my home. I contacted Progressive to get a tow and they stated that they will contact someone right away and I would get a text who the company was and time to make service. After 1 hour waiting for the tow I contacted the tow company who outright lied and stated they are leaving now. 1 hour later and still NO tow and I again called who stated that they are preparing to leave and had to find straps to secure my bike. After 1 hour later and still NO tow I contacted Progressive and informed them what happened and they stated they would cancel and send someone else. Again after waiting over 2 hours and NO tow, I finally got fed up and contacted Progressive again and told them about the situation and I told them I would push my 650 lb. motorcycle the 1-2 blocks home and will call them the next day and get it towed.

The next day I did provide them with a tow that was local and tows motorcycles and again waited 2 hours with NO response. I finally called the tow who stated they were busy. A short time later the owner of the company showed up with a flatbed tow and stated he will wait there until his trailer makes service which took another 45 minutes. In all the total time I wasted waiting for a tow was over 6-7 hours. I am glad I wasn't stranded on the side of the road in the cold waiting for this service. I again called to complain to Progressive and all they had to say was that they would put those companies on the bottom of the list. Bottom of the list? Why not off the list? Do yourself a favor... if you want to get a motorcycle towed do not get Progressive Insurance. The wait and aggravation and the numerous calls are NOT WORTH IT! I dropped Progressive as soon as the renewal came up... HORRIBLE SERVICE!

I got Progressive Motorcycle Insurance through USAA. I'd just bought a bike, had the title signed over to me with all appropriate legal documentation (Michigan title, I'm in Texas), and took out a policy on the bike. While I was waiting for a repair part to come in so I could get the bike ready for inspection, registration, and titling, it was stolen. Progressive collected copies of the title (in my name), police report, bill of sale, and photos of me on the bike; actually called the former owner, and the landlord where I live to verify my story, stopped in for a surprise visit to my neighbors while I wasn't home, and went into my backyard to take pictures without any communication to me... Then said they couldn't complete the claim until I had a title with my name typed on the front, not just handwritten.

Note: Legally those are no different. So it has now been several months of administrative processing with me missing work time to go to the county and state offices to: apply for a title, get rejected due to it being marked stolen (Progressive suggested I get them to mark it "un-stolen" so I could get the title, which is not legally possible), pick up a new police report, apply for a reversal of title rejection, and cross my fingers hoping that some kind soul in the capital will have mercy on me and release the title so I can get my reimbursement. Meanwhile, Progressive failed to stop charging me monthly until today, 2 1/2 months later, when I called to ask why I was still paying for a policy when I didn't have the bike anymore. $120 refunded instantly... But I had to ask. Use caution insuring with Progressive, even the auto detective working my case couldn't argue them into cooperating.

I have had a motorcycle policy with Progressive for the last few years. I paid the full amount for the year upfront each time. No accidents or tickets (nothing in 10+ years), my credit score has increased massively since I started with this company. It's raised about 300 points. Pretty good right? Well I guess not for Progressive. They increased my rate by 55% claiming a "RISK" - EXCUSE ME? What possibly could be the risk. Well here are their reasons. Quite laughable really, so grab some popcorn:

"We did not give you our lowest possible premium due to the following information that we evaluated from your credit history: • You applied for credit at least once in the last 2 years, excluding auto or mortgage applications. • You had no auto loans or leases reported opened within the last 10 years. • The average open date of all your reported loans and accounts was less than 8 years ago. • You had a payment past due in the last 7 years. For more information about our review and use of credit, refer to 'Why is credit history reviewed and used?' Also, your payment terms are not our most favorable."

So I'm not in debt to a loan, I opened accounts on my credit because I was "approved." And yes, there is a wrongful late payment 8 years ago which I have been fighting the bureaus on. I sent all verification and have consulted a lawyer but it was 8 years ago so it's not really affecting me much. Anyone else had something THIS RIDICULOUS???

I have renter's insurance through them currently, and it is like I have peace of mind on my home, but for little cost. I decided to get it last year after I purchased my new car and signing up it gave me the option to add it to my policy. Very affordable and I would have been silly not to! I would say they have the fastest and most helpful claims department I have ever had to deal with. We have had to use them last year when we had some storm damage on the house that affected some of our belongings, and they arrived within 24 hours after I filed a claim from my smartphone!

They offer you so many ways to save when adding this policy. If you bundle your home and car together, you get the best rate out there. I ended up only paying $14 a month for renter's insurance on my home. It was the best rate I had ever been quoted. They offer many options to fit your needs when you are signing up or even getting a quote. You can add or take away things, plus up your coverage or just get the basics. They will walk you through it all online or from your smartphone. They make it so easy to pick them as an insurance company.

I never filed a claim with them, even on my renter's insurance, but their rates were better than other companies I checked into. They had great rates so I would recommend them to others. They had an easy to understand policy and were available by phone to answer my questions. Overall a good company. Coverage exceeded what I was expecting at a very good rate.

They were easily contacted both online and by phone. They include motorcycles in their coverages and their advertising was positive and humorous. We thought we had found a winner, but that turned out not to be entirely true. Unfortunately, it was found that their prices and motorcycle coverage plans were more expensive than coverage by other companies. We ended up canceling the Progressive policy and contracting with Farmers insurance.

I had Progressive for 1 month for motorcycle insurance. I paid $60 for the first month and then it was supposed to be $43 a month after that for full coverage. The bill for the next month comes and it's $84 and the $54 a month after that. So I switched to another insurance company for $20 a month and I got more. I call progressive and they told me I owe $84 to cancel my contract. I told them I was never told about the cancellation fee or a contract. She told me they aren't required to tell us about a contract or cancellation fee it but it's on the website and was sent to me after I purchased the policy. I told her I never agreed to it, and she said it didn't matter.

I will never use progressive or recommend them to anyone! There should be a law in place to protect consumers from this crap. It's a scam. Credit card companies, for example have to state the fees because of a lawsuit and I believe progressive should have a lawsuit as well. Consumers have the right to be protected by a "contract they were never informed of.

Very friendly. Went out the extra mile to ensure I got everything I needed. My expectations were far exceeded and my confidence that I chose the right company were all due to the excellent service I received. I did not have any claims but I am confident if I did that it would of been handled with the same professionalism that I received when I registered for insurance. Policy I have provides me the affordability I seek in a policy. I feel that my policy includes all the bells and whistles that I feel I got a great value. My policy covers all the liability and collision that I need. I got the coverage at a very affordable price and feel secure with my selection.

It was a new bike and had two other vehicles insured with Progressive. I was fortunate in that I never had to file a claim. However they were happy to increase the value of my hog after I was finished customizing it. Progressive had a few policy options and the costs between policy options were not that great. Plus most of my upgrade were Screaming Eagle and Progressive ensured that if in an accident only Harley and Harley Screaming Eagle components would be used. Progressive wrote a policy that insure my Fat Boy was cover from "tires to tank" and front to back. I was so happy that I insured the next bike added to my Fat Boy, a deluxe.

I have been fortunate never to have had to file a claim with my motorcycle. But if they ate like my auto insurance they are quick and efficient to get you back on the road. My fellow riders recommended them and they've had collisions. Very professional and nice policy options. It's a coverage that makes me not have to worry when we travel because it covers me wherever we go and its very unique coverage. Has great rates and coverages. They have always been willing to answer all my inquiries when needed. I was always able to reach them in a timely manner so that time was never a factor. The claim process ran like clockwork in which I never had a serious. There were several policy options; however, I did feel that more options could be offered to better assist the customer to get more from the insurance company. There were standard options and extended options. Both of these options will provided great coverage.

The reps were very helpful in getting me the right coverage and questions answered. I really enjoyed my experience with them and would continue my services and the products are great. Very sufficient. I didnt have any problems filing my claim and found it very easy when I did have to call them when I got hit by another driver and they didnt have insurance and found it easy to have them. There are many services to choose from and we have multiple products from them and we like their services and they have good policies for everyone - auto, home. It's a coverage that makes me not have to worry when we travel because it covers me wherever we go and its very unique coverage. Has great rates and coverages.

Friendly customer service and thoughtful, caring representatives that are well qualified for the job. Very helpful and also attentive and truly care about the customers feelings. I personally have never filed a claim on my motorcycle but some close to me have and claim it was a awesome experience and process that was quick and simple to complete. Great tools for navigation on their websites and great options that are suitable for any and every family makeup. Also they have great home and auto-bundling options. Their coverage is made to suit just about any individuals preferences. I was able to easily and quickly find awesome coverage with the help of a representative.

Decided to check them out after the flood of advertisements. The insurance was easy to get. I never had the misfortune of having to file a claim. Never had to file a claim although I've heard nothing but good things about the claims process. Customer service is amazing. They definitely put the customer first. This is a good time to check it out. You can choose your policy type. You and your agenda can sit down and discuss your options. You can choose the amount of coverage and your due date. Easy and painless. You can get the coverage you need in a quick manner. Whether it is home insurance policy you're looking to take out or a motorcycle policy, this is the company to go to.

Let me start by saying I have been with Progressive for nearly 8 yrs. I've only used their services for unlocking my car or a flat tire, until recently. The last year I've had 2 incidences that left a salty taste in my mouth towards this company. (It’s windy, but worth the read.)

The first claim I filed was for flood damage to my car. My initial call, was to advise of the damage (on a Thursday), where I was told I would be called the next business day. I spoke w/ another agent the next day. Then another the day after. All asking the same questions, none giving directions. (Let me add, by this time I've spoken to about 4 different people).

With Monday approaching, I decided to take my car to the shop as I had no other form of transportation. When I advised the claims "specialist" (if that's what you want to call them), they told me the adjuster could go to the shop. Well, the next day (so we're like 4 days in) the adjuster can't recover the parts from the shop. So now, they tell me - send them the repair bills once completed and the adjuster will come to my job to look at the car. He comes out, says pop the hood. By the time I got out the car to see what he was looking at, he was putting the hood down. I questioned this and he told me he only needed to see if the air filter had been changed.

Needless to say, in a few hours my claims "specialist" calls and tells me they're not paying the claim, because they can't prove that the flood damage to my car was caused during "this particular" rain. Then she asks me did I take pictures of the car in the flood water? Huh!! If it's raining so hard outside that go through flood water, why would you get out the car taking pictures of the car stuck in water. I think that's the most ridiculous request. Especially since I sent them pictures of the now mildewing floor of my car. Basically - they didn't pay the claim.

My next claim - very recent - an accident. I was hit from the back side while I was in a left hand turn. I was almost done with my turn when I was hit. When we got out our cars, she really didn't say much except "Did you see the train? [which was maybe 2 lights up]." The only conclusion I could come to is she looked up, saw the train and tried to turn, but wasn't paying attention that I was already turning. I called, filed the claim (1st person I talked to). The lady called in, told them she hit me. I was told, no problem, they were filing the claim under her insurance policy (this was the 2nd person I spoke to). We are both Progressive Policy holders.

This time the person I spoke with went as far as discussing with me if I wanted a check or if I decided to go to the shop they pay the shop. All good. No worries. Well, a day later the 3rd person calls me. Asks my side of the story again. She asks for pictures, again tells me the claim is being filed under the person who hit me's insurance - all good. 2 days 4th person calls me, asks for my side of the story. At this point, I question what's going on, because I was told this was going to be an easy claim. No worries. So he tells me the lady is saying I hit her. She changed her story. WHAT? So now she says, she hit me because I turned into her lane.

This agent, Grant, tells me the adjuster has to look at both of our cars to determine who was at fault. I advise him I'm going on vacation and also work during the time their shop is open - 7am - 6pm in Houston. So he says there’s no other way to do it. I advise him for my last claim the adjuster came to my job, so why can't he come out. Grant tells me “Well if you do it that way it takes a week.” Fine. He then says, “Well if you just want to get this over with quicker, you can just settle for the repair amount minus your deductible.” I told him no, because to me that would seem like I'm saying I hit her and I didn't. He tells me he'll call me when my appt is set. I didn't hear from him for like 3-4 days.

When Grant called back, he basically called to tell me they changed the status of the claim and found me at fault. Blew my mind. First because he told me nothing could be determined until the adjuster looked at my car. Second because I didn't know someone could change their story and not be liable for an accident they caused. When I asked what happened to the adjuster looking at my car first, he advised he saw pictures that she sent. This lady took one picture of my car and that’s only because she saw me taking pictures of her car. She was literally about to drive off and got out, snapped one picture and left. I had several pictures, but from the way he said he saw pictures she sent, I knew he hadn't looked at my pictures, YET that’s how HE determined who was at fault.

When the adjuster showed up at my job a day later, of course I had to tell my story again. Start telling him the same story, the area I was in and he totally got it. He said he was very familiar with the area, the streets are narrow. Why was the lady worried about the train, it was 2 light up, etc. He agrees with me. I tell him how the lady said I turned in her lane (which the way we were driving and I was turning, I would've taken off the whole front of her car) - he agrees. Looks at my car, says there's no scratch marks (from then saying I hit her). He advises me to ask for an onsite inspection, where they have to go to the crash site.

He says the people sit in their office all day and that's what they do. They're not out here looking at the cars. I take his advice - ask to speak with Grant's manager, ask for the onsite investigation. She tells me they don't need to go onsite, because she was on some GPS site and is looking at the street on her computer. She tells me, she doesn't know about changing the liability because the other party can get upset and end up taking it to court. HUH?? Then tells me she will review everything and call me back - (yes, this the what 5 or 6th person I've talked to now). A week later, I get a VM from Grant (not sure why he's calling me, when I asked to only speak with the supervisor). Anyways he leaves me a VM to say liability stands (my fault), yes ridiculous. I've never seen anyone run into the back - side of someone and it not be their fault.

In all this process I've actually called Progressive to cancel my insurance with them. I had my motorcycle and car insured through this company, but what is the use in paying out insurance every month to a company who clearly doesn't have your best interest in mind. And on my 1st claim for the flood damage, one of their claims people I called to file my complaint with, after they didn't want to pay actually told me it's their job not to pay people!

My pictures include the pictures of my car floors - water damage. The pic of the tow truck after waiting for Progressive for 4 days to look at my car (was never advised I was covered for a rental car until after I fixed the car) and the picture of my accident.

I find their service the best I have seen from any company. I got them thinking they are all the same then came to find they are great and features are great. The process of claims are so easy. I had a fender bender with then I rolled my bike into a car lol don't ask. They did everything to get me the best price they could. They had the best policy for me. I was like wow I got just what I need and I did not have to go to end of world to find it. Found policy just for me and I love it. They keep me covered in every step of the way. I love how well it is. I feel like the coverage I get is top notch and they are really there for me when I need them.

I have had Progressive for a total of 4 1/2 years. On Monday, October 8, my bike blew a main engine bearing which locked up the back tire causing me to crash. I called my agent and was told they need to "check my coverage". I was put on hold for about 8 minutes and after spending about 30 minutes describing the same information, the call was done. The next day, the adjuster came to look at the bike and said the engine wasn't covered (which I already knew); I was insured for all my upgrades. The bike is now totaled and after trying every trick to squirm out of covering it, they are trying to demand my cellphone record for that day saying I was probably texting. I was on a motorcycle going 60mph not possible to text. Screw you Progressive!

They were always giving superior customer service. They were always one step ahead. Very satisfied with the level of support that I received. Never had any claims, so this was a good thing. But, I would have expected their claims service to be excellent. I heard a testimonial from another customer that they were quick and professional with their claims processing. They offered many policy options that were very much fitting my needs. Very comprehensive policy options and choices. Offered uninsured motorist and under insured motorist. Offered a great deductible and low monthly payment. Did not leave out any details. Covered every possible scenario with care and excellence. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and the customer service with regard to the coverage.

The people are so nice and the insurance is affordable. I recommend it to anybody. I tried other insurances but they were not very helpful and they were expensive. My claims processing was great. It is very cheap and they are very nice people. I love Progressive. It fits my budget. I recommend it to all my family, friends, strangers. My policy options are going great. They are inexpensive. I can afford them. Not like the other insurances. They cost way too much and I will stay with Progressive as long as I can. The coverage options are great. If I get into an accident, I know I am covered with no problems. The other insurances did not cover me as much as Progressive.

Every time I had to call to talk with an agent they were very helpful. They met my needs and took care of all the problems I was having. I like dealing with them. When I had to put a claim in they took care of it between 2 to 4 days. I was very satisfied with their customer service. They helped me out with what I was going through and the problem was solved. My policy has been very helpful to me. They cover just about everything. I am very satisfied with my policy. I would never find anyone else. I have collision, theft, hit and run. Also have a very low deductible. Would not go to anyone else for better coverage. I am very happy with my policy. I would never change my policy.

Had to file a claim and when I finally did I had a horrible time with customer service. They were unresponsive and not very understanding of the situation at all. They were very unhelpful and took much too long to process my claim which is unfair to me a paying insuree. There is a good variety of policies and the salespeople are all over you to explain all of the wonderful things their policies do and cover but God forbid you ask after you sign up. The coverage you need to justify the price you pay month to month is outrageous but if you pay the minimum and get something affordable it covers nothing.

I called customer service because the bill I had paid was not showing up in my account. The customer service rep was very kind about it and looked up my account to see if they could find the problem and they did. Very helpful. I really didn't have to go through this process but my stepdad did and he said that when he was going through it he didn't have any hassle with them with this process. There were a lot of policies to choose from and they were very inexpensive to pay for. I chose which one I wanted and I paid for it right on the computer which was nice. Even the rep explained each one to me. Since I have a package deal I did my car and my motorcycle together. It came out cheaper by making a bundle like that and I am very pleased with my purchase.

I had an easy time obtaining and keeping my motorcycle insurance. Their policy options are great. I was able to choose and get the coverage I wanted and needed and that worked the best for me. You will find it easy as well. Their policies will fit your needs well. There are multiple coverage options to choose from. You'll find one to fit your budget. They are a very good company to do business with. Easy, quick and efficient. Progressive Motorcycle Insurance is a great company.

After 5 plus years of on-time payments...No claims....A perfect driving record...upon cancelling my policy...After selling my prized possession Harley Davidson motorcycle (due to financial problems)...I was surprised to be ordered to pay a cancellation fee...Was told if I lived in Florida (company based headquarters) there would be no fee...How is this Fair????

I was hit by a ** whose tire had a blowout and my motorcycle at 65 mph. Days later he told Progressive that I ran into him and injured him. Progressive took his side due to a false police report.

I had 7 vehicles insured with Progressive including motorcycles, boats, an RV, and then my personal vehicles. I had heard rumors about Progressive's founder and his Political Involvements so I simply called Customer Service to ask if there was any validity to the claims. The woman got extremely rude and put off from the start. I was kind of shocked because my question was so simple. She went to DEFCON 3 immediately. I cancelled all my policies that afternoon and paid by credit card all of the outstanding recurring monthly charges I would have since I cancelled almost in the middle of the month. Then it happened. The bills started coming in via mail. Previously, it was all email.

I called Progressive to explain that I thought I was "even" with them the day I cancelled my policies. It took 3-4 weeks to get it all resolved and by that point they had a Collection Agency calling me!!! I paid what they said was owed and now they are hounding me. Eventually, it was all resolved and I, in fact, owed them nothing but they demanded that I send them my new proofs of insurance for my vehicles and toys. BS to that. It is none of their business that I gave all of my policies over to State Farm who has been completely wonderful so far. Just beware that Progressive is not the sweet affable Flo. There is much, much more to them than that and, to many Americans, the layers are unseemly.

Stay away from Progressive Insurance people. I have never had a claim and been loyal to this company. Now I make my first claim ever and get garbage for customer service. They set up 2 appointments and did not show up for either and both time their excuse was a computer glitch. Spoke with a Brian employee # ** and the same thing didn't get anywhere. I'm so livid right now. Bike was under 2 feet of water, fell on its side slid about 4 feet and they have no excuse for not coming out other than a computer glitch. I would tell everyone to stay away from this company, FAR AWAY.

I pay for premium motorcycle insurance that covers everything from medical to roadside assistance. My two experiences with Progressive's (Agero) towing has been a nightmare. They tried to make me pay 350 dollars yesterday for a tow that was covered by my policy. When I called back a second time they said they made a mistake and finally covered the cost, very dishonest business practice that could fool a lot of people into paying more than they have to.

Progressive hides behind the fact that they use a separate agency (Agero) to handle towing so whenever you call to give feedback on the experience they act like it's not their problem and run you through a bureaucracy pipeline that makes the department of motor vehicles feel like a vacation. They do this to wear you down and give up on trying to pursue recourse for their terrible customer service.

If your experience was slow or the staff tried to overcharge you for something covered by your policy, they always say, "You'll have to deal with Agero directly, it's not our problem" and refer you to an email that never gets answered. Progressive clearly doesn't care about customer service or keeping detailed records of their cases which is the worst feeling when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere.

When I call they often have no idea what tow I'm talking about, or what was discussed on a previous phone call and use that as an excuse to not help because they have "no record of this ever happening." I've used roadside assistance twice this year. The first time they left me stranded on the side of the road for 5 hours, a long time to wait if you're only wearing motorcycle gear in 40 degree weather. The second time they tried to overcharge me for my tow. They said they would send me a gift card as an apology and it never arrived even after I called them 5 times over the course of 3 months to follow up about it.

When you call Progressive to give feedback about the experience they tell you that you have to work with Agero directly. I don't care how your internal departments work, Progressive, this is your responsibility. It makes me wonder how they'll handle a future claim in the event of a serious accident when I need medical attention. I sure hope Agero doesn't also handle their medical claims department, or else I'd probably be swindled into paying full price for something that again is covered by my premium policy.

I called them yesterday to give this feedback and they said they would follow up but never did, so now I'm writing this review in hopes that someone thinking of getting motorcycle insurance through progressive will reconsider. Get Geico and AAA, they're great. Once my policy is up in June I'm switching to Geico. Very disappointed, Flo.

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