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Customer service is bad. Phone call wait is long.
The Insurance is good. but there is problems with assist in the road when I called your company.I want help on the road and no one helped me
Sr22 is only got main person on policy. That doesn't help with surcharges or court orders
So far great insurance at a great price.
She was AWESOME!!!
Paredes Line Rd & HEB This office is professional an curtious. Always able to assist an help with your needs being meet. Recognition for One insurance agent in particular - Mrs. Gracie ! #Awesomeagent
The lady’s who work at El campo Pronto are always nice. Their customer service is great.
I love my Pronto store. Katie Fuentes and her team are the best!!
Best company
We are very satisfied
Prices go up twice a year.
I recently went to give my insurance and to my surprise it went up...alot...for me!..I was very disappointed...I had no time to go look for another insurance company...but I hope I did the right thing of staying with pronto insurance.☹
Best customer service!!!
Too expensive I really think they want to sell the highest prices instead of looking whats is best for you
The only suggestion I have is to fix the online payment system. I cannot access it.
Excellent customer service and price!!
Pronto employees are a smartass bunch of buttheads. They also start out a reasonable rate for your policy. Then every 3 to 6 months they start.a new policy a make you pay a start fee over and over. I don't recommend this instance for anyone. I'm sorry but I just hate messing with them.+
They take too long
Awful service and very expensive
Y'all have been a big help to me
When I tried to add a car to an existing account. They were not helpful at all.
Excellent customer service I would definitely go back again to this location!
bad service they make you wait on the phone for 30 minutos or an hour sometimes
Love this insurance! It’s so affordable and the people that work there are always so nice.
This. Company is great and I truly would love to tells my friends all about it
Love the company lowered my bill I’m guess no accidents lol. I’m happy with it love the service
Rates keep going up and they want to charge you for any change you make 5 dollars and customer service is horrible seriously thinking of changing insurances
Hi I always have a great experience no matter which location I go to. I always get offered water or coffee with a smile. I always get courtesy calls and texts to remind me of my payment. Without that I would die lol...Keep up the great work Pronto.
The times I have called I have been on the phone waiting for a representative for more than 30 minutes.
It was fast and easy no hassle
Personel at this Location are not very knowledgeable on insurance. And often don’t know how to answer questions regarding my policy
Web site needs ALOT of improvements! A mobile app would be nice to make payments. About to go back to geico just because of their app.
Really crappy. I've been with them for about 7 years and my payments keep going up. And I haven't had any accidents no tickets nothing. Smh looking into other insurance.
Price is too high for my budget.
Mrs Camillle is the best
Professional and extra steps to remind me of payment due is appreciated. I recommend and have recommended to people I know.
you guys take for ever to answer the phone and when we get there you guys hang up if only you would off answer when we are trying to make a payment all my troubles would not had happen very disappionted .
I would recommend this company insurance.
They take forever to respond and my issue was never resolved. I asked for help about how to get the 20% discount renewal and I never got an cleared answer. I was told by agents that the discount would automatically apply once I have renewed the policy but it didn't apply it at all.
When I went to renew, it took them about 30 minutes to tell me that they would call me because they had no answer yet on what would my renewal rate be. They never called. I called the next day only to find out my rate had doubled. Luckily, I found another company with better rates.
Bye,bye...went with another carrier...
always helpful and timely, have all my vehicle with them.
Been with pronto for a long time and yes recommend it to friends
You can't pay your bill online They keep saying we're switching systems Representatives never know what they're talking about.
I was promised a 20% discount the last time I renewed my insurance, and never received it. I also didn't receive my new policy until I had to call to remind you right before my old policy expired.
Prontos wants to have hospitality towards customer but, it feels that the employees don’t have the Sincere intrest
The employees are great and helpful. Although I dislike that the payments change when we have to renew contract.
30 minutes on hold! 30 minutes! And then I finally get an agent on the line I tell him what im calling for and he says can you hold on puts me BACK on hold and now im transferred..he doesnt say anything to me doesn't let me know I'm being transferred. It was so rude. The agent after him was very helpful. You'd think since my premiums go up every single time I renew I could at least have some decent customer service and decent hold times!
Great job. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.
I love the staff. They've always been extremely helpful and gone above and beyond to be sure that I am satisfied.
Prices Never saw a decrease on my bill just increased have been a loyal customer for years
Very expensive and zero coverage
I went to renew my policy and they said that it had already been renewed automatically and that by not having gone, I lost all the discounts. The next time I went two weeks before it expired and they told me that it was already renewed and that it had already become automatic, according to an employee without experience she made changes to obtain the discounts and she was all confused and others were helping her and she was very slow and upset. When this happened, I followed the automatic collection by withdrawing money from my credit card. The next thing was that the automatic payment was NOT made and my policy was canceled, and they did NOT warn me that this was happening. My daughter had a minor accident and the insurance did not cover her because an employee forgot her automatic collection. After paying a down payment, I had to pay again for the error of an employee of his and I was the one who had to pay again. They asked me to review if the charges were being made because they did not have the responsibility. I increased the charges of the policy without explanation. I'm looking for a new insurance if they do not do anything to compensate me.
Good un expensive
Worst insurance company i have ever had ! Every time you call you get a different answer about the same question from representatives. Unprofessional in the stores and on the phone
I think My payments went up too High ! It's outrageous!I don't even own a new car.I think I'm going to go somewhere else for insurance
I paid you and got no policy or coverage and am on the phone with reps who cannot find my policy. I ought to be compensated for lost coverage and lousy service
You all were suppose to pull my insurance payment of $128 on the 2nd of March. You decided to wait 11 days( for what reason I don't know) and caused me an overdraft fee of $35. I truly do not appreciate that at all.
In the deal, environment and it’s way of giving security
My insurance was a good price to begin. The 1st 6 months started off with $48 monthly. 2nd 6 months $53 then $53 again. This year, 2019, it jumped straight to $75 monthly. It leaves me wondering.?? My driving record is supreme. It has been for years. I checked other auto insurance companies, and one offered $67 monthly, but for how long? So I kept Pronto Insurance. The increase is my only complaint. Other than that, the pricing was good in the beginning, and it’s easy online access. I don’t have to pay in person or see any agents.
The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I always leave the office with a smile. The insurance is really affordable. 5 stars
Hey look,I normally don't take time out to do this type of thing because I usually get disappointed at some point but I can honestly say with punto insurance I'm pretty proud to have them on my side they seem to be taking care of me pretty good and very affordable so overall outstanding job
I had a claim in July. The adjuster is rude, would never return my calls. Still have issues with my vehicle. Had their insurance for over a decade and the auto shop I went to damaged my car more. Pronto is doing nothing about it. While it was at a shop waiting to get worked on. They took it from there, to an auction place, without contacting me, stuff was stolen and damaged out of my vehicle and nothing is being done to compensate the damage and stolen items either. This is how you treat people who have trusted you as their auto insurance for over a decade. It’s very disappointing, to say the least!
30 min wait on the line just to get hung up on 3x's bad service
Great insurance but the website could use some work
Great and friendly and fast response to everything!!!
Explain a bit more into what benefits full coverage offers.
Bad service No information was giving ahead of time in changing of pricing ask them why so high on price and simply said it all went up everywhere
I just opened a policy around the first of the month and my payment is due on the 15 of this same month. Also why am I paying so much when you advertise at $29 and I'm paying $78. What is the deal with this that is 2 1/2 times the regular amount of $29 a month. I really don't like the way you all do business.
Been with Pronto for many years now, I have never had any issues with customer service.
They staff is nice and help full. And take your payment FAST. The wait time is short.
They call to remind u of the payment. U can take pmts over the phone. They answer with gd phone etiquite
I haven’t had any problems and it was the cheapest for me so
Everytime I renew my policy the price goes up. I dont feel valued as a customer. Everytime the price goes up I want to change insurance companies.
I love my insurance with pronto cause they sent me text messages and they help me get the lowest price in town ❤️
Overcharged me, charged me twice in one month. Tried to pay my bill on time waited forty-five minutes on the phone and got a recording it says sorry we're closed at the end of that time.
Beware! This company charge $25.00 fee if you go directly to their agency to open your policy and they don't tell you. And when you realize they did, they can't do nothing for you. Had 3 bad experiences but to resume them all: Phone customer service agents are rude and they are use to hang the phone in your face after you have been waiting for a long time in the line. They are not courteous, period. I'm just waiting for the 6 months to end so I can change to a better insurance.
very fast when handling my claim
Great customer service and they remind you when payment is due.
Added a liability vehicle & my rate raised triple! Went elsewhere & got all the coverage I need for far less.
Awesome service employees are friendly
i preferred online chat but i didnt get a response so whats the point of your online messaging chat team
Good fair coverage. A rewards program for no tickets or accidents will be a good idea
good prices!!!
Not quick enough when it comes to claims
Amazing great company
Quick and friendly. Lizbeth Perez helped me through the whole process. I'm not to computer savvy but she definitely helped.
They always me by name even if I call in my payment , they always address me by name and are very polite and take care of things for me. I like that ...
Very nice and helpful employees I would recommend pronto insurance
Fast way to get car insurance.
The reason I’m giving this insurance a bad review it because I was paying $126 a month and as soon as my renewal came along they bumped it up to $225. Without no tickets nothing & ive had them for almost 2 years. Might change my insurance because of this. Thank you
Very disappointed of sercice and the promise of kepping your prices. I was only one months with your insurance and from 55.00 you go up to 86, witha any advise or me doing any changes and no accidents. I will not recommend your company.
Thumbs up great job to the staff
I dont like price
Can never get on line
It's very helpful when I get a courtesy call that my payment is due, excellent customer service skills and most of all very professional.
The customer service was great just dont like my rates goimg up for no reason whem i have been a goos driver