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When I purchased the warranty staff was super friendly and well trained. However, when I actually had to submit a claim I was treated like I was trying to commit fraud. When asking for a supervisor it literally took one week for a supervisor to call me apology just an excuse that a lot of people try to defraud the company and they have to be very careful. I explained that I understood that they had to be very careful internally before approving a claim but that this was no reason to treat a customer like a criminal right when submitting a claim without any reason. I will not be using Protect My Car again for other cars.
Time between request and payment took too long
Took too long to fix my car
The body shop told me this was the best warranty service they have worked with. They are quick and take care of everything the warranty says. They wasted no time getting my car taken care of. Love this company!
I've enjoyed my membership and appreciate the team players that work in customer service.
They were there when I needed them almost every time when I had a problem major problem with my car they pay for it to be fixed and I am so grateful don't know what I would've done without protect my car you're the best
Unforseen large repair costs are unmanageable for me. With warranty coverage, I know I won't be strapped with major cost to keep me safely in the road.
I subscribed to Protect My Car back in October 2016 when I bought my 2011 F250 6.7 Diesel. I was hoping I would never have to use them however my A/C quit blowing cold air. I had it recharged and it lasted a couple of days and quit again. The auto shop found that my A/C core had developed a leak. The whole dash would have to be removed. $1250 later and not a penny from my pocket, thanks to Protect My Car, I am riding in comfort once again. Thanks to all at Protect My Car who were so helpful and courteous during this repair period. They are awesome!
Protect my car has been most helpful! In am glad I have a policy.
Had to call Protect My Car 3 times before I could get a possible answer on my question on coverage. Before leaving for a week vacation I left a message for service rep to send the info in the US Mail, because the emails are not coming through.
no problem at the time of service
I appreciate your professionalism whenever I have to use the services when my car breaks down. Thank you
This is the best decision I made for my car. Thank you guy for been so awesome!
Very satisfied with the final outcome from Protect My Car. Thank you.
I pay 60 a month for nothing to be covered in my plan. They do not cover anything useful. It's robbery!
I love knowing I have protect my car they're always here for me when I need them n I believe we all should use them now n in the future
When my car broke down and needed several items on it such as a water pump and other things PMC was right there to help me and I appreciate having this company thank you
Finally found someone that will except the warranty, they were happy and so was I
I don't have much car problems but the first time I did. It had something to do with my gear . I called two and spoke to two different people oabout the issue and asked if this something that would be covered. They told me yes most likely. I set up and appointment to have it looked at and was told it was not covered. I called the company and they told me to look at the hand book. I became upset and told them they I looked and reviewed it with two different people and to my understanding it was covered. It ended up being paid for by this company but I have to fight tooth and nail just to get it done.
My experience has always been top of the line service,, any problems I have had with my car has been handled in a courteous and very professional manner,I really feel that I am valued as a customer and I hope to extend my warranty for as long as I possibly can.
Wow !! I was so spectical of this program. But to keep it simple and straight to the point. This service is great and and breeze to use . Protect my Car is a must have I Love It !!
My reason for start the service with Protect my Car is; I needed the coverage the company offer.I need a warranty program that would help me with reasonable repair for the my Cherv. Venture Mini Van 2003. I started with plan for right reasons but somehow there was a misunderstand then for maybe lack of some poor communication with customer service back at the beginning when problem started with AAMCO local business here in Columbus ,GA. I only want a tune up because that is what I was told and show prior before going to AAMCO not a engine replacement. I am so glad that I answer Protect my Car 9-15-16 customer service yesterday. I what to take the time to thank Ms. Yura Bolden. She took the time to explain how some of my right as a value customer as well as clear up some misunderstanding base facts and truth asided from the lies that I was told by the Manger at AAmco here at the Columbus, GA. because it truly have been a injustice done to me but I clearly known why. Thank you Protect my Car, Paula Hill
My problem with protect my car , I always have to get reimbursed for service protect me should be paying out @ time of service .what happens one day I go and dont have the money to cover service to which protect my car should pay out?
When my transmission went down, protect my car fixed the problem with no problem.
My car broke down and come to find out it was a part that was actually recalled, so the dealership called Protect my car to see if they would cover my rental car since they DIDNT have to cover the recalled part and they said no. Myself and the dealership was very surprised considering they could have made up a story where they would have had to pay for the whole part. I was without my car for a couple of days and they could have given me a rental considering I have been a faithful customer with them for the last few years.
Was very quick in responding to my needs , thank you.
I feel I was mislead upon the purchase of this program.after over 2 yrs of paying them I had major drive train isues which cost me more out of pocket then the plan paid.. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It's the biggest rip off. I am appald by how they treated me and lied to me.
Easy, simple and helpful ! Was able to get my BMW covered with one of the best warranty plans at an affordable price ! On top of that I received a student discount ! Amazing ! One of the first warranty company that offered me that out of 10 that I've received quotes from. Great customer service ! Fast response when you need to reach them, and they put your problems first ! If you're not with "protect my car" than you're with the wrong company !
Took over an hour to get claim settled after it was all said and done
At this moment I am rating protect my car a 2... I've had troubled with protect my car paying for what they say is covered.. When I talked with a rep they told me that I didn't pick this certain part to be covered.. The BMW dealership told me it was part of the engine which is covered from what I was told but protect my car won't pay.. disappointing and heartbreaking... EVERY MONTH PROTECT MY CAR TAKES MY MONEY BUT WHEN I NEED THEM I HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THEM TO PAY
I have 2 plans with this company. Never an issue when my vehicles needed a repair. Some may say that it is pricey but if you drive a high maintenance vehicle it pays off in the end. Transferable and you can quit anytime. Never a problem.
I experience is moderate , technical expert assured to provide me to give 27 percent of my claimed but in real sense just paid claim less than 20 percentage only, your commitment said to minimum assistance to be provided from 25 to 45 percentage.
Protect my car has been well worth every dollar spent. The customer service people are very friendly and care about the customer . They try to help you fastest way possible
The payment method real slow.
I would refer my family and friends. Etc
It Is, in my opinion, not worth the money.
when my transmission failed, I called to get my warranty service team to help me with the replacement. my mechanic called and talked to a rep for protect my car, and had numerous conversations and had to repeatedly correct the team working on my case to get the correct transmission. meanwhile after two weeks of waiting, I had to call and try to resolve the issue since my mechanic was frustrated dealing with the team. I wound up having to get his dealers transmission, since my team could not find my replacement part in a reasonable time frame all in all I wound up spending a significantly higher cost to have it replaced in a very untimely fasion due to rental car fees and hotel stays. In response to the Review from protect my car they stated that there were 5 transmissions for my vehicle. I agree with that assessment, however the shop that repaired my truck gave the protect my car team the correct info on the transmission removed on more than one occasion. they also corrected the protect my car team when they called and asked if it was a 4 speed transmission. I remember talking to the protect my car team and telling them on day one that it was a 5 speed transmission myself. and they called my repair shop stating that they had a 4 speed. again I restate that the problem was not my mechanic. They faxed and spoke with the reps at protect my car for over 2 weeks regarding the correct transmission. My brother, a decorated service member in the U.S. Navy also spoke with the reps regarding the rapair. someone at protect my car was dropping the ball, and it cost me a lot.
I recently needed a tow for my car and Protect My Car came through when I needed them in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend this company.
The hours of service when your car in the shop and ready but you have to wait til 10:00 when you guys open that's the only thing
Serving me good for now
I was made aware that you couldnt cover all cost of my transmission repair. I was completely dissatisfied.
We have a policy for a beautiful bmw 750li we get the car for different fix never have a problems excellent service so far
I'm In the middle of claim as I speak. The towing was $50 and they advertise free towing. I went to my regular geico coverage and got free towing. They say bring your car in the shop when it breaks down and they'll provide you a rental if the repair exceeds over 4hours. That's not true either. I had to rent a car with my own money to get to and from work. You have to wait for them to investigate and approve the claim. It's been almost 2 weeks and still no answer. They sold me a bunch of BS when I signed up. Everything they said they would do, they didn't do. I don't know how I'm going to get to work tomorrow, because my rental is due back today. They won't lend me a car until they finally say yes we'll cover it. I don't like being on edge like this. It's not a breath of fresh air. It's stressful. I'm not paying them to be stressed. At the end of the day, I really feel like they're digging to find a way to say I'm on my own. That's what it's been since my car broke down. If I don't get covered, I'm droppin them.
We have been very happy with ProtectMyCar. The people in Customer Service are courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The few times we have had to contact them, all went smoothly. We would recommend this company to others.
I don't think they provide excellent customer service!
very helpful financially with my transmission bill.
1 wood like everone no that mycar is a good company,
I have had protect my car since 2014 made my payments each and every month of 101 99 had my car break down 3 times and 04 Cadillac Escalade and now I have a bigger problem I transmission problem they wanted paperwork from me about service for one year 12 months and I sent that to them and they're still having trouble taking care of me they said that they would call me they never did but when I called them back I get a different person each time and they give me and the mechanical run around I don't call that protecting my car I had to publicize this this is the truth I don't understand they want to give me a used transmission and God only knows what kind of shape that will be and the warranty for the they told me in their letter they allow me $14,000 for a motor $14,000 for a transmission that includes a new one and installation so I don't know what their problem is I can't drive my car so I am stranded and then they said they would give me a rent a car for up to $30 a day but now they say that I have to pay for it and then they'll reimburse me later how can I trust him for that when I can't trust him about fixing my car so this is protect my car I think they might drop me I've heard of that my friends told me that I hope they publicize this
I have nothing good to say about protect my car....I would never refer anyone
There are some things in general wear that it makes sense that this service insurance does not cover, but there are others that do not. More than anything beware of lack of suspension coverage.
Having protect my car have helped save money on car repairs and save money in my pocket.
When I had to replace my alternator, I was expecting it to be a hassle. I took my car to the dealership and provided the dealer with protect my car's information. When I returned to pick up my vehicle he said in his 10+ years in the business that this was one of the most hassle free repairs he's had to deal with and recommended that I stay with protect my car.
My experience with protect my car. there's always there when you need them they try all they can to help you and understand you with no hesitation .
My transmission recently broke down on my car. The adjuster denied my claim stating that the car was altered. All part were actually as I brought them.from the dealership. When I contacted them about the claim the adjuster who answered the phone Mr. Harold Lair was very rude and stated.that if I was dissatisfied.with the service then I should void the contract. Please use recording of the call on February 175th 2017 at 2:45PM. The Rims and tires.were.purchased as is on the car when I purchased it. I have the receipts to prove it .
They're awesome! My car transmission need to be replaced. Had my car back within 5 days and my car rental was covered.
Cancelled the plan after 9 months. Unhappy with service and company.
I was denied my rental reimbursement and their reason for the denial was inaccurate with what was stated in the contract. Be careful and search for other warranty companies before choosing this one.
Paid for a new transmission after of 4 months of being with them
I have only used this warranty once and the dealership I went to said the rep was not going to cover a part which was part of the housing for this repair and he was dumbfounded, but we were able to get it resolved in the end and I was pleased with the results. I am just hoping this company doesn't nickel and dime me when I have a serious repair or I will be dropping them immediately..
A very good company. I had no problem with them.
When I started a claim, at first it seemed like the people I talked to on the phone were cooperative, then, I was transferred to another department and put on hold a lot or the people I needed to talk to were unavailable. I wasn't getting call backs in a timely manner. I was very disappointed at this point, after being persistent, I finally got my claim and my car is running now, and , hopefully as they get more reviews they can make the necessary changes in there customer support.
Since I've been a customer of protect my car whenever I have taken my in for any service and it required some form of payment it was always paid in full like they said it would be once everything was confirmed I would recommend this company to anyone I know and I have keep up the excellent work.Greg of Philadelphia PA.
they provide this service as advertised I receive 50% off of my repair bill. No complaints.
I was most pleased to hear my claim was processed the same day my service provider called for approval. That is good service.
My car is making a squiky noise,with the tension belt,I went to fixed it,and you Denied it said that it's not covered,like I said I'm pretty sure that can be a scam to only take people's money every month and reject any problem in people's car.
I had to replace my water pump several months ago. The service was awesome & I would recommend you to all my friends & family.
In the past six months my vehicle required two repairs, one major repair and one moderate repair. The repair costs for both repairs were almost $2200,00. I had to take a loan out to pay for the major repair. I am paying $48.00 a month and I still do not know what is covered and not covered. I had to call the company to get an explanation rather than them calling me and explaining why I was not covered. I am not happy about the lack of coverage. I understand not everything can be covered but a cooling system and turbo charger sensor are not items that are normally considered wear and tear parts. I continue to pay hoping the next repair will be covered making the monthly premium worth it.
I haven't been with this company that long, but so far, I really like this company. Great customer service !
Everything went smoothly with Protect My Car, and the dealership I brought my car to.. No problems, no complaints, excellent customer service. I value this company now more than ever and have already recommended this company to my friends!
I have used protect my car. They handled my claim professionally. Easy to work with
they have delivered on all promises in our agreement so far
I love. Them they do well at first I wasn't so sure but they prove me wrong...
If i could give -10 stars I would. The absolute worst company to deal w. They don’t pay, they keep sending my car to a different shop and make me pay another diagnostic fee each time because they don’t want to warranty the work. This is the worst company both for their work ethic and their very poor customer service.
Prompt courteous service no matter how trivial the inquiry or problem.
They have done exactly what they promise in their warranty.. They will work with you if a problem arises and see through it through the end of your repair,
The company takes you thought a lot before any approval payments you desire auto work to be performed. And it does take a couple of days before approval. Plan on other means of transportation while waiting for auto work to be approve. Mind you I make my payments every months, never missed not one payment. (Sometimes a week or so late on making my payment, but payment always paid within that same month). Rentals- will be reimbursed (only on approval labor hours of four hours or more of work). Tow's - I was stuck in a business area on a Friday afternoon, and it LITERALLY taking them TWO HOURS just to find me a tow. One of my good friends came and picked up my family and I that night once the tow company finally arrived. The tow company seemed low budget, and was not so experieneced in the field of work. But nice guys they were. Over all, the company doesn't ask for too much as I been with the company for about a year now speaking. Make sure you have money saved for rentals, your deductible fee, and extra parts/labor fees that are not covered under your warranty. (In all, I spent over $1,500 out of my packet, (I'm not even including my rental's fees). Warranty didn't cover these part). P. S ( I been thinking about registering back with AAA tow. They are reliable and I can depend on their services). Regards, Best of luck. P.H
I've only used my extended warranty once but it was a fast and easy process to get the work done.
Up until this month, all my previous attempts to get a claim approved ended in frustration and disappointment - everything that I needed replaced or repaired was not covered under the warranty/policy. However, this time most of what I needed to get our soccer-mom van back on the road was covered. I was so happy when the service manager at the Nissan dealer called me to tell us that most of what I needed repaired would be covered. I saved almost $2000 by using my Protect My Car policy. The claim was paid directly to the Nissan dealer and I paid my $100 deductible - no issues. Thank God!
Just wish was a discount for multiple car enrollment can't afford to cover additional vehicles
Protectmy car was convenience at its best.....I had no problem getting my vehicle repaired and no middle man to deal with everything was simple with no reimbursements. They paid for everything. Thank you PROTECTMYCAR. I'd recommend this company to everyone.
I️ was sold a 100 k police ( drive line ) but now being told it was only a 60k and they are denying my claims because someone had it in the system wrong even thow they have notes in there system they giving me the run around for over a week now
Their customer service is great and took very good care of me and my vehicle. I will refer Protect My Car to my friends and family.
Your company called me and I signed up. Got my car checked out and it was leaking oil. Called your company and filed a claim. I sent money and your company sent money. Car was fixed and I'm still with your company. Thank you!
When my car needed something very major repaired, my service manager, at Reliable Cadillac could not believe that "Protect My Car" would even cover any of the cost. Because I had not had the extended warranty less than three months, he thought for certain I would not get any coverage. When all was completed, he said he was extremely impressed with the policy I had purchased from "Protect My Car". And believe me, so was I and very thankful I had heard their add on KFBK. Roxanna
Takes forever to speak with the right person and then days for them to come and do their on inspection for repairs a mechanic request. Thought this warranty would give me a piece of mind but it's just a hassle and a headache. There is always a catch on what repairs the warranty covers..wish I could rate this a Zero and get back all my money!!
This is an awesome company!!!
Awesome customer service. Really quick to respond on services very helpful very good quantity work
I was interested in coverage, so I entered my phone number into their website. I have been called by their sales staff no less than three times per day for the past week. Each representative repeats the same canned statement about how I have been removed and that I might receive more calls as they update their system. If you feel like being tortured by an endless stream of automated of human sales bots, enter your phone number. Otherwise, steer clear.
When needing the most effective service plus the aid in assuring you receive the best price for any automotive work, protect my car is there for you.
Horrible experience with the arrogant annoying salesperson ton of questions with no answers
Your company demonstrated excellent customer satisfaction on my claim two months ago. VERY satisfied!
I have and will continue to recommend Protect My Car to all of my friends and family!
I recently had a break down of my 2004 Chrysler Town & Country, the radiator, and the fuel pump both went out at the same time. I took my van to a reputatble repair center and they did everything, they contacted Protect My Car, and Protect My Car paid for the repairs needed and all I paid was my $100.00 Deductable. If I did not have this coverage, There is no way I would have been able to pay the $1300.00 it cost to repir my van. Thank you Protect My Car. cause you actually protected my wallet, and my sanity.
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BESt experience ever! The best extended warranty/auto protection/mechanical insurance (whatever you want to call it) you will EVER find! They always work with you on the price to get started as well with the monthly payments. My fuel pumps went out a month later after signing up. At 1st i thought "they wont cover it they'll probably say its my fault." & NOPE they covered both fuels pump for only $100 deductible!! Saved me 1OO's of $$$ ! Unfortunately i sold my Charger & got a brand new 2015 Nissan otherwise I'd still be with them !
I paid my monthly payment as agreed until my vehicle broke down 65 miles from home on a Friday night at 7pm a 3rd party tow service that works with protect my car sent a tow truck paid for it and towed me to a shop a definate plus on their behalf but I had to get a rental car. my truck needed a new clutch. Protect my car never responded to our attempts to get help with the repair all calls we recieved a message after hours ect. I signed up to rest assured that whenever my vehicle did break down they would help with a discount it never said as long as its within business hours! i couldnt afford to pay for a rental car for the weekend until protect my car answered for me or the sts tire so i had to give them the ok to fix it for $700 . I was going to press the issue of the rental car reimbursement and the promise if they couldnt save me money on my repair which they clearly did not then they would pay me but i didnt feel like wasting the money on a stamp to send in the rental car reciept and repair bill because i doubt they were going to send me anything back. Spend the same amount of money and get a full extended warranty they charged me twice as much as i would have paid for AAA. at best thats the level of service i received and thru this whole thing never once were they available only the 3rd party roadside assistance number
Take for ever
I recently signed up for this protect my car warranty program. Since my car is a 2010 Maxima w/only 5400 miles I assumed that I would not need service soon. I was wrong. After only two months w/protect my car I needed an alternator and the service paid for half my repair expense. My car was back on the road in 3 days. I recommend Protect My car to any one who needs an extended warranty!
I've had to use my policy 2 times now both for expensive repairs . I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is. The expierence each time went through the steps quickly and my car was repaired very quickly with 'no hassles'. Thanks for offering this type of warranty. I am disabled and without this policy I don't think I could have made the necessary repairs within my budget limits. I am extremely satisfied with there product.