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We took out life insurance on myself through Prudential and we’re going to take out insurance on my husband to cover our mortgage should either of us pass away. We had quotes from HSBC and Prudential and chose Prudential because we read bad reviews about the underwriter that HSBC uses. What a mistake going with Prudential. The nurse that the underwriter sent to perform the required urine, blood and blood pressure tests on my husband arrived more than 1.5 hours late and lied about the testing. He claimed to have taken my husband's blood pressure three times because he got above normal readings, yet I was there and he took my husband's blood pressure only once.

We are concerned the nurse might have mixed up his client files as he arrived harried and tired at 8 o'clock at night.) My husband does not have high blood pressure which he proved by providing recent results from the medical center where he went for a checkup, and he was willing to undergo another high blood pressure test for Prudential. It doesn't matter. His premium would go up. So, bottom line is, not only do they find ways to charge you heftier premiums, they file records that other insurers have access to (even if they can't prove them) and they screw you over either way.

This company takes advantage of the little people. I had a small amount of retirement money from my previous job and called to have it rolled over to my new retirement account with my new job. They said they couldn't do it because it was too soon after leaving my previous job. Months later I receive a check for 10% (I kid you not) of my balance because the other 90% was charged by Prudential in withdrawal fees. The money was withdrawn instead of rolled over, without my permission, and charging ridiculous amounts of fees. Now, I call and they can't do anything about it, because the original operator that took my call the first time I called saying I wanted a rollover to another account didn't make a note of it. Unbelievable. Do not make business with them.

We were advised it was better to take a loan out from my husband's whole life policy since we would be borrowing our own money. The loan was for about $8,000 about 20 years ago. We finally decided to cash out the policy and knew the loan plus the interest would be deducted from the cash value, but we just shocked to find out the interest had accrued to twice that of the actual loan to over $16,000! What? I called to ask for a copy of the original loan agreement and I was told that they are not required to keep that on file. AVOID PRUDENTIAL! This is the fifth and final policy we got rid of due to their deceitful business practices.

Have not experienced any negative issues with this company. They are easy and clear in understanding what the benefits are and have exceptional customer service. They research to relay current and correct information to its customers in a timely way. They send information through the mail to verify that your policy is understood and you can call and schedule a one on one to go over any questions you may have.

I have had Life Insurance coverage with Prudential since 1977, both as an employee and as an independent person. Prudential is a company that treats its insureds very ethically, looking after the insured's interests. It does that same for its employees. The company puts its employees and its insureds first.

I had life insurance through Hartford, which was bought out by Prudential. My payment record has been impeccable for years, but I didn't receive a bill for the 2nd quarter of 2017, and I depend on receiving them, nor did I receive notice of pending cancellation. I was simply dropped for missing the grace period. I have to wonder if this is their way of weeding out seniors? I am also in excellent health.

We did not receive our quarterly premium notice from Prudential. Without notice, our policy was canceled. After paying thousands of dollars in premiums, the last 17 years our death benefit of $45,000.00 was all lost. I feel that we were dropped due to our age. Why did we not receive the November 2011 premium notice? Our last premium period was paid from July 1, 2011-October 1, 2011. That was our last premium notice from the Prudential company.

Mom passed in 1999. We were contacted in 2014 and told she had a policy. After sending in paperwork, was told we needed death certificate. "All we need is that" to process the claim. Was told after sending that the check would be coming in 8 weeks. Another form to fill out then arrived which also stated reply must be sent by 4/9. The form was dated and sent 4/7! This company has gone out of their way to forward this policy to the state. They keep adding hoops to jump through every time I talk to them. This money belongs to the beneficiaries and they know it. Shame on Prudential.

My experience with Prudential is nearly identical to Sam of California. I submitted my payment over the phone as a one-time bank draft well within the policy renewal date. Subsequently, the payment was never presented to my bank and I received a notice of cancellation from Hartford/Prudential. On 2 separate recorded phone calls, one of which was conferenced by my Edward Jones consultant who sold me the policy nearly 10 years earlier, we provided THE CORRECT bank draft info only to have both of these drafts never present to my bank with letters following stating policy may lapse as a result. Multiple representatives took my information on recorded lines only to enter inaccurate account data each time, resulting in failed bank drafts. This is bad business.

I have read through all the comments on this site and I must say that so far, my experience with Prudential is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. I filled my claim in November 2008 because I could no longer work due to MS and Epilepsy. My employer along with my Case Manager Kelly has worked diligently in getting me documentation and my doctors the same. We had one form mix up and that was my fault. Kelly said fax it to her attention and before I got hot it was uploaded. I understand there is good and bad in every business and yes we ALL are in a rough a depressing spot. I felt so depressed not being able to work. Kelly spent time talking to me.

So I ask when everyone is bashing Prudential have you ever thought that just maybe they might care and it is rough on them too. I ask you do you talk to them or at your Prudential agents. Because I bet if you respect them they will return the favor. My claim is in medical review and may be denied and I too may go through a lot to get it approved but that’s ok. I know I am sick and I will keep on until it’s approved. Like I tell my Case Manager we are a team and we will do this together

Just want to throw some positive love out here because as bad as I feel that’s who I am and let’s join together after all this will change things quicker than hate. I PROMISE.

Hardship withdrawal: On 7/25/12, my car was vandalized. My catalytic converter was sawed off my car. My car insurance denied my claim. I had no choice but to rent a car and pay for my car out of my paycheck on 8/2/12. That was my rent money. I went to check my 401K to get a loan. I didn't have enough funds to qualify for that. I noticed that I could apply for a hardship disbursement. I lived in the same apartment. I no longer have a lease. I am on a month-to-month with no documentation to that effect.

On 8/8/12, I faxed the old lease to prove I lived there with the past due notice. I received an email stating that they needed a new lease. I told them that I don't have one and I am on a month-to-month with no documentation. Then, I was told that I needed to have proof of address that I lived there, so they needed a utility bill. Because of my address on my statements, it goes to my post office box in California. Then, I got another notice dated 8/11/12, and I faxed it over. I got the same runaround. I sent them a current bill and my address information from my employer.

I received this response on 8/17/12: "According to the hardship withdrawal application, we need a copy of the eviction notice and a copy of the current lease agreement. The lease agreement is a legal binding agreement that gives your landlord the right to evict you. Without such documentation, we cannot approve your request. We will need a new lease agreement with a current leasing period or an addendum to the current lease with new dates. Each of these documents must be signed by both landlord and tenant. Since the eviction date is now in the past, we will need a new notice that is signed by your landlord. We appreciate your patience as we have an obligation to abide by plan rules and IRS guidelines when qualifying hardship withdrawals."

If I sent you a pay or quit notice, they have the right to sue for damages. I am extremely upset and confused on how a person who works everyday has something unexpected and is still dealing with stumbling blocks on a hardship request.

I had to put my mother in a nursing home. We have run out of money and have applied for Title 19 assistance. In accordance with the government regulations, we must eliminate my mothers assets, which consist of 3 insurance policies. I contacted Prudential and they sent me the surrender forms which I completed and signed as will as including the POA. They rejected them because I hadn't signed it to their satisfaction. Now they say the POA is inadequate and they will not honor, even though the POA gives me the authority for "Insurance Transactions." I cannot pay the monthly charge without the cash from the policies, which must be expended before the government will provide assistance.

My account opened 30+ years ago is barely worth what I put into it. When calling to get help I was on the phone for over 30 minutes. Transferred a couple of times and not too much help. The corporate office sent me to one city knowing I was not there. The city office referred me back to the corporate office for a local referral. Trying to get help online is like pulling teeth with no tools and broken fingers. Pack a lunch if you are going to try to get help on the phone. If you watch their commercial about planning for a secure retirement and watch your money grow it's FALSE. They do not manage your money for you. They do it for them. DO NOT get an account of any kind with Prudential.

I don’t understand why death benefits I was entitled to were not dispersed to me upon my husband’s death. I submitted a death certificate and page 4, the required form on 11/16/2016 to Prudential VGLI. I did not receive any correspondence from Prudential Insurance after this date. When I called the Prudential phone number, I was informed they had not received the required paperwork. I did not understand why or why Prudential did not call me. They were aware my money was in their acct. By now I should have accrued interest. After two months of waiting my funds are only accessible by check from Prudential Alliance Funds Account. I can only access the funds by checks that they mail to me. I cannot manage the account by internet. What is going on? My husband served his country well. Why am I having this issue?

Called about a policy my parents got for me at birth. Long story short after 57 yrs. It's worth $1580. Cash out option $590. In 2034 it expire! What a disgrace!!! I am so upset. This was to pay for my funeral and help my family. SO I THOUGHT... What a ripoff!!

Made the request 4/16/18. Approved. Week goes by, no check. I call, they need to verify my signature. I fax it. Week goes by, no check. I call, they didn't receive fax. I fax again, to 2 numbers. Week goes by, no check. I call, fax turned out 'black'. Was told to email a picture of my I.D. I do. I call the next day. Was told my check was in the mail. They SAID it was mailed... 5 days go by, I get a denial letter stating the pic of my I.D. wasn't sufficient. Nearly a month has gone by, and MY money still isn't in MY bank account. This is EXACTLY why I've always believed in ignoring inflation, and burying your money in the backyard. CROOKS!

In 1971 I took out a $10,000 20-year paid up policy. In 1975 I punched a second policy of $18,000 paid up at age 65. Late in 1978 my agent died and a new agent was assigned from the Belleville, IL. office. He came by the house and sold me another policy for $20,000 and said that the dividends from my two other policies would pay the premium and it would cost me nothing for the extra life insurance policy. What he did was write loans on my two policies without my knowledge. This was a practice by Prudential at the time. They were later sued for this but my agent was no longer with them.

In 2012 I had to surrender the 1971 policy for less than $400. My 1975 policy has an outstanding loan of $10,013. I am going to have to surrender it for $2300 and will have no life insurance. I wrote and talked to Prudential back when they were sued and settling these accounts. I was told my agent no longer worked there and they would not forgive the loans that the agent wrote. I will never do business with Prudential again. This was a practice they trained their agents to do for pure greed and now when I should have two paid up policies for $10,000 and $18,000, I have nothing. They should make this right, but they don't want to listen and they just don't care. I would never recommend anyone buying insurance with Prudential.

The sad part of this is that I paid for two policies, one for 20 years and one for 45 years and have nothing to show for it. I never received any money from Prudential from a loan they said I borrowed, nothing. I hope this keeps at least one person from being taken by Prudential's greed.

My fiancé was killed in a accident in April 2018 and he was on my work benefits that I put him on in January during open enrollment. I still have had no luck getting the policies paid out to me. Prudential is finding any excuse they can to not pay out my policies. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Not only do I have to try to cope day to day without my fiancé but now I’m being sued for funeral and other bills which would not be happening if Prudential would pay the policy out that I paid to have.

In 1985 my husband died. My agent was very helpful on getting paperwork done and sent in. I don't know what I would have done without him there through the hardest time in my life. Prudential has been good to my family.

Had a LTR plan with Prudential that I paid 100% of the premiums through work. Became disabled and got approved for SSDI, but Prudential denied me stating some of the tests I had done I 'faked' the results. They are criminals, they should be in jail. Don't buy LTR from Prudential. Save your money instead.

I have numerous policies with Prudential and each and everyone is unique and personal. I would NOT trade my policies to any other carrier. One of my policies I am enrolled in is since I was three (3) three years of age. I have even taken out policies for my grandchildren. To cite an example how great these policies are while I was away at college; I did not pay on my policies, but yet somehow for (4) four the premiums were paid. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

This is advice for all insurance companies. I use to be a VP at Prudential and we were trained to keep your money and steal your money. I recommend you only save money in a local credit union, at home or offshore account. Do not buy any insurance or medical policies. We will find a way not to pay you! If you want to be healthy, then become vegan... Do not waste money on health insurance. These companies only make money when we don't payout. I'm sad because I hurt so many people in the past. One woman had paid 48 years into her policy and we claimed to have lost the policy. I'm ashamed that I worked at Prudential.

Trying to cash in 1 of my policies & have had nothing but games, runarounds, & trouble. Was told I could sign a form and mail it in, which I did. Heard nothing. I'm waiting to get a caregiver, as I'm close to 80 & have health problems. Called 6 times, told different things each time, was degraded by their "customer service" people. Makes an old lady feel bad. Was told via local office they'd overnight my check, after spending 3.5 hours proving I was who I said I was, since my signature has declined due to Parkinson's.

I had to go to the local office in my wheelchair and resign in front of them, which was fine for security reasons. Was told it'd be overnighted, even got a confirmation #. Waited 13 hours in my wheelchair near front door, in Louisiana heat, for the delivery I had a confirmation # for. No delivery or phone call. They use excuses like "the mail takes over 2 weeks to get to you", still hadn't gotten signature rejection letter. I called to check the status of my request & was told they would send it at the END of October. I had 2 caregivers set up and had to let them go. Called to complain (the call center is in the Philippines) & the "manager" told me that the local office was wrong, they would overnight the request. Who gives a package confirmation for a request? Then she tells me 5 minutes after she told me about the request that there was no request. That she saw nothing in the computer.

The manager in the Philippines then fussed at me for asking questions, constantly interrupted me by yelling at me while I was talking, and was all around rude. She got mad when I asked for her Superior above her. She tells me they are the superior. Come to find out she does have a superior boss and reluctantly connected me. I ended up speaking to the superior above her (a nice and helpful man named Royce), which is located in the United States, and he was very helpful.

This company cannot seem to get their story straight. They need to have customer service training and the managers need to learn how to speak to people. I've paid these people on time for decades and have never experienced so much trouble with a company in my entire life. If I could go back 50 years I would never invest in this company. Their call center's in the Philippines and they are very reluctant to help you, every time you call it is something different, and if you dare ask for a superior they are very rude to you. I wish I could go back and invest in any company but theirs. Avoid avoid avoid this company at all costs.

I've called twice with long wait times and no resolution to my requests. People have trouble with YOUR computers in retrieving my information. The last time (Brian) the information was WRONG in that, I was told there was NO death benefit! I have 9 policies with different companies. Prudential is always the worst in terms of policy holders service. Why?

My mother passed away in April of 2018 and I have been trying for 6 months to cash out a life insurance policy that my mother had with Prudential. Well they have made every excuse to me as why they CAN'T pay the policy. Every excuse they can come up with. They say papers not properly signed, papers not sent to them. Which are both lies because I know for a fact that all the papers were there and properly signed. Avoid this company at all cost. The policy isn't big enough to hire an attorney and I'm sure they know that. Just another company that gets rich off the little man. DO NOT USE PRUDENTIAL.

I turned 65 a year ago, and after some 25 years of prompt Prudential Life Insurance premium payments paid automatically from my payroll check and subsequently automatically generated by my bank on a quarterly basis, apparently their bill of December 2011 subtly included a premium increase (from $677 to over $1100 quarterly. I received no other notification of this important change.

In January 2012, Prudential again received my automatically generated payment in the amount of $677 on time. They cashed my check promptly, yet on March 3, 2012, Prudential sent a "notice of cancellation" for non-payment of premium. Again, there's no forewarning. I responded in writing by showing my January prompt payment and subsequently also continued with my automatic payment generated by my bank on April 10. I received no response to my letter; however, on April 22, I received a $677 "refund" check from Prudential with no explanation.

So I called Prudential. In our conversation, for the very first time ever, it was revealed to me that the premium amount was increased and that Prudential considers the subtle content of a bill as sufficient and appropriate notification and that they are not interested in continuing the relationship (age discrimination) any longer.

When I was a younger man, they were quite willing to take over $140,000 in premium payments from me, but now that I am over 65 years old, they purposefully hid their critically important policy change (premium increase), which purposefully lack due process for notification, and purposefully create opportunities to cancel the policies of older Americans.

Prudential is the worst company I have ever called on the phone or had to deal with! My employer does auto Enroll into 401k after you are hired on after the 90th day. You can select to not be enrolled, but what they don't tell you is if you don't contact prudential they will enroll you anyways and start taking out money out of your check. Also there is no way for you to fight this after it's happened or to retrieve the money unless you have over 1k in the account and then you can take a withdraw, but you have to pay that back.

Now they have a hardship clause but you have to have 1k in the account as well for that too. I enforced them I never wanted this or approved this account at all and they refuse to give me my money back at all period unless I retire at 59 or I quit my employer. They have refused to stop taking money out of my checks and will not return calls or transfer you to anyone with any kind of decision making capability or that has a clue to what's going on!!

After my father recently passed away, I was tasked with gathering his life insurance policies and trying to assign them to the funeral home to pay for his funeral. Dad had very little life insurance and this policy in particular is only worth approx. $3200. After applying for the benefits, we were instructed that they (Prudential) require what is called a state issued "temporary letter of administration". Now because the state of my Dad's residence requires an attorney to sign and probate such letters of administration, we must first pay attorneys fees of $1500 in order to be paid this insurance benefit. I have been out of work since Aug. 2013 and cannot afford this expense at this time. Just wanted anyone interested to know how Prudential deals with customers after having paid a policy for over 40 years.

Received annuity check for $14,000.00. I had filled out a power of attorney through LegalZoom for this and had the account number and extra forms signed and sent to Orlando so my aunt could receive the check. It took 2 months and I did not want the check, but I am stuck with it due the fed taxes due on it - # **. I do not want any further financial transactions with this annuity just an explanation of what happened. Thank you.

Yesterday, 11/9, my husband contacted Prudential in order to amend my father-in law's acct. as he is now in an asst. living center. Very fortunately, he spoke with Todd, a cust. serv. rep. Todd was excellent! He walked us through the necessary steps, gave accurate and detailed information, doing all this with a calm, unrushed demeanor. I wish to recognize him for his terrific service. He should give seminars to cust. serv. reps with other companies on how to service customers!

As POA for my Father-In-Law and Guardian for my Mother-In-Law and Disabled Brother-In-Law, I have been requested by the State of Wisconsin to provide information regarding our three loved ones insurance policies. This is to verify that what has been done was done in the best interest of the family members involved. Every time I need to call for information from Prudential, I am treated with disrespect. I am told we need to fill out specific forms, which they provided to me, only to be told we sent the wrong forms and now need to wait again for the correct forms. After about 10 forms later for each individual the task was completed. Many of the times they wouldn't tell you you sent the wrong form until I called to see that it got done. At that time you find out you did it wrong again. Such a run-a-round!

So much effort to protect that their burial expenses would be provided for. We needed to move the ownership of certain policies to the funeral home. But now when the state asked me to provide them with information on those policies, Prudential won't answer my questions and now I have to have the funeral home ask the questions and get them faxed to the funeral home and then I have to go pick them up 1 hour away.

They were informed that my mentally disabled Brother-in-Law was in danger of losing his Medicare and Medicaid insurance if this information was not in written form within 30 days of the States Request and the date it was due by. They make me fax over every time I talk to them, my Guardianship papers and POA papers even though they can read to me that they know I am operating under this capacity and have a legal right to this information so that I can fulfill my duties. I even faxed the States documentation proving the need for the information and due dates it was required to be in to the state. My Fax to Prudential included my phone number, my fax number and my mailing address so that if anything else was required by me from Prudential they could let me know what was needed to be done.

Apparently, Prudential people determined that they did not need to provide the paperwork to me because the owner is the one that needs to ask for it, the Funeral Home. So rather than be a professional about the request and let me know, apparently they missed the three different ways to contact me listed on my fax to them. My phone number, fax number and address. They also disregarded the sentence that said if there is any reason you can't provide this information to me please call me asap so that I can let the State of Wisconsin know why there may be a delay. So rather than tell me what their requirements were to release the value of the policy and owners name of the policy, they put my disabled brother-in-law's insurance coverage at risk.

This company lacks social graces, professionalism, common decency and willingness to help others by providing proper information and bending every loophole they can. Their unwillingness to assist in getting necessary information out and delay tactics is unbelievable. In addition the attitude presented to me as if I'm some kind of criminal is unbelievable.

So by not informing me as to how to get the information, they put my disabled brother-in-law's insurance at risk! When my elderly father-in-law was guardian, they put him into panic attacks so often and gave him so much unnecessary stress that they should be ashamed. What I experienced and have been witness to has been nothing short of abuse to elderly and disabled people to whom they are very quick to take their money but not quick to help out when the law requires information. Very disrespectful! Shame on them! I would never recommend this company to anybody!!!

I acquired a Group Life policy for myself and my husband when it was offered to me by my employer in 2000. Once I left this job in 2002, I was allowed to keep the active policy by making the required quarterly payments. Long story short, after 17 years of paying my premiums faithfully and never becoming late, they cancelled my policy on myself and my husband. They claimed they received my last payment for the year was received 3 days late. It was at Christmastime. Although they did receive my payment, they sent me a refund with the cancellation notice. After speaking with several representatives and managers and going through an appeal process I was still denied my coverage back. I was told I would have to apply for a new policy.

After repeated requests for more and more health information and having each time sent them the information, they kept telling me they never received it. This went on for approximately 3 months. I faxed it, mailed it about 4 times and they would never admit it had been received. I believe I was discriminated against because of my age. I was then 59 years old and had had some health problems and surgeries over those years. After 17 years of faithful premium payments I was cancelled. No reminder letter that they had not received a payment or a late notice letter. Just a cancellation notice. These people are crooks with no decency or morals. I had paid in thousands of dollars with about 17 cents on return. I would not recommend anyone doing business with these people. Age and health discrimination and absolutely NOT WORKING WITH LONG TIME CUSTOMERS. This company is a sham.

DO NOT EVER GET INVOLVED WITH PRUDENTIAL GROUP LIFE INSURANCE! All they will do is fleece you with higher and higher premiums based on your age bracket, going way higher at each bracket and then drop you for one payment they claim they received late. Even though they had my payment just after the due date, after 17 years and thousands of dollars later, they dropped me and then would never admit they ever received anything from me except my NEW APPLICATION which had my medical history on it. They kept saying they did not receive their requested medical information that I sent and resent 4 or 5 times. They knew I was older and now had health issues. VERY UNETHICAL COMPANY. BEWARE!!!

Have dealt with Prudential since my fathers stroke 4yrs ago; consistently have issues with the reimbursement for the long term care, and they consistently LOSE documents, such as POA. These are sensitive documents, how do they lose them or have no record of having received them. Feel like I’m dealing with con artists; it’s hard managing care for a parent, then you have to fight this constant red tape **.

My mother carried a $10,000 life insurance policy on my older brother to help family with expenses upon his death. She paid monthly payments for approximately eight years until her death where I was executor of her estate. About four months into handling her affairs, my brother passed away. I contacted Prudential with policy in hand but was told that the policy had lapsed 3 years earlier. When I commented that they had continued to accept payments every month since then, I was first told that they were returned and my mother had been notified in writing about the lapsed policy in 2009. I decided to turn everything over to an attorney. He was given the run around until the 3-year window to file a suit had passed. They did provide a sheet with dates and numbers where they had deposited her payments but supposedly sent payments back to her each month.

All bank records show no evidence of any deposits and knowing my mother as being a very clear-headed business woman who kept meticulous records, l know that she would not be stupid enough to continue to make payments and receive reimbursement for each after supposedly being notified of the lapsed policy. My attorney advised me that they couldn't do anything else without the risk of great expense even though it was obvious Prudential was creating a fraud by accepting the payments long after they supposedly notified her of the lapsed policy. Requests for documentation and copies of the checks that my mother would have received, signed and deposited were not provided.

I can only believe that tens of thousands of people are being conned into making payments on policies that Prudential never intends to pay on. I will never do business with this company and telling my story to as many people as I can and am forwarding my documents to a local news media investigating team so that this will hopefully go public.

My father had a policy with me as beneficiary. After he passed several years ago, I tried to get the remaining policy build up as a cash out. Prudential ignored/denied communication, had no records of numerous calls on my part after months/years when the policy had declined to a few hundred dollars. They informed me I needed to provide death certificates and needed to wait till they could prove beneficiary or next authorized person on policy, etc. until they could let any money run out. I gave up and told them to take their money and shove it and please never contact me again. I just got a letter for premium due. Obviously, not only dishonest and underhanded, they are also incompetent. If they have done this to me, I am sure there must be thousands more. I am amazed that a known company like this has such unethical working practices. Shame on them.

I am permanently and totally disabled and have been for over 9 years. Prudential continues to harass those who qualify for the waiver. The fact is that they expect Medicare to pay for the DR visit to confirm continued disability. They do not provide funds for their routine requirements. Even if Medicare pays there is always a copayment and additional charges for paperwork. I can imagine how much the American taxpayer has paid for this purpose. In my case Prudential was informed twice that I am permanently and totally disabled. Prudential should be held accountable for their part in defrauding Medicare and harassing innocent disabled senior citizens.

I thought I was doing a good thing by using some of the worth of my policy to pay a loan I had taken out on it many years ago when I was in college. As it turns out, Prudential sent me a 1099-R saying I owe taxes on the amount of the loan I repaid. The IRS people told me they never heard of such a thing. I did not surrender the policy completely. Prudential could tell me nothing. Three of the referral phone numbers they gave me did not answer or even have a message system.

After paying for long term insurance and having been told when I took out the policy that it would pay for appliances that would keep me in my home (i.e. ramps, chair, lifts, etc.) I am now told that I have to be infirm. (I.E. can't feed my self, need help bathing, etc.). I have payed for this policy for about 15 years and now only need a chairlift because of arthritis in both knees making it difficult getting up the stairs. I feel I have been ripped off.

My husband worked on a job for 19 yrs and had money taken out for life insurance. When my husband died after a 4 year disability they refused to pay the insurance. They found a loop hole. It was nothing about his illness, it was because of a bookkeeping error that his employer and Prudential didn't do. Now me and my family have to suffer because of their negligence.

As part of the class action lawsuit, Prudential agreed that we would not have to pay premiums on the newer policies. Unknown to us, they had already been taking the premiums by borrowing on the older policy. That original loan has now accrued so much interest that we owe more than the policy is worth. The only way we found out about the loan was by looking in the premium book that I throw out because I have automatic payments set up on Bill Pay. I have called them several times and no one will get back to me. They never mentioned this loan when the class action suit was settled. I now have to pay them over $7,000.00 in interest which keeps going up. Prudential doesn't care about their customers nor are they concerned about their problems. They are a rude and greedy company.

Refuse existence of a 1947 life insurance policy - I have a 20-year pay life insurance policy on me that Prudential says they cannot find in their active records. I have a letter dated 1964 that shows it's fully paid. Since I am still here and the policy clearly paid up and active until my death, what can I do to make them recognize it?

I bought a policy in 1992. It was a combined pension/life insurance. Recently I submitted claim for terminal illness. Of course it was denied because insurance knows more than doctors. In my submission I required about my pension because I was told should I become disabled, I would be able to draw upon the monies. Well, now I'm told it's not a pension plan and there was a class action suit brought by policy owners sometime in 1996/97. So my pension is gone. I've written to Department of Banking and Insurance in NJ, my congressman, and Senator, along with Channel 7 Investigators. I'm not letting this go, but beware of this company. If there was a class action suit and they didn't let all of it's policy holders know, I'm sure the shady practices of this company runs deeper. Good luck.

My aunt is now 89. Somehow, she missed her last payment on a life insurance policy she had since 1981. The payment was $12.66. Prudential turned that policy to a term policy that would expire to nothing when she is 95. She is in an excellent health, but to reinstate, they want a medical exam. Needless to say, she is distraught and disgusted. As a result, she is taking whatever money has accrued out of all her policies. I am writing to the Insurance Commissioner, Prudential corporate office and whoever else I can think of. Problem is, if this is done on a mass basis, Prudential is saving millions of dollars. Her agent never called her. What about seniors who have no advocates, who develop Alzheimer's or become incapacitated? By the time someone realizes what has happened, it is too late. Personally, I think it's criminal.

My family and I have been customers of Prudential Life insurance for 50 years plus and in late 2015, I received a payment coupon for interest due on a loan which was taken out on one of my four policies 34 years ago. I called their Customer Service to find out what this was all about and they wanted me to pay over $22,000.00 as the interest had been compounded yearly on the loans. I had no recollection of the loans and asked them to forward all paperwork connected to the alleged loans. I was informed that they had no paperwork to send me. I hired a lawyer to check into this and within several weeks I received paperwork from Prudential, but it had none of the important areas I needed to see who requested the loans. Customer Service advised me these loans could have been made over the phone. In an effort to resolve this matter, I have requested copies of the loan application including signatures to no avail.

My father had a policy with Prudential Group Life for many years. He passed away on a Saturday. Our Funeral Home called on Monday to verify proof of insurance. They were told that it would be 3 to 5 days before they could give them any information. We need confirmation so we could make arrangements. I called the company that very morning. They told me it would be 48 hours before they could verify anything. Needless to say at that point my Dad had been laying up there for 3 days at that time. He was retired military (37 years in the Army National Guard). We were hoping for the funeral on and visitation on Tuesday and Wednesday. We could not plan, coordinate the funeral with the military without confirmation. They gave us the runaround for the next day. We finally buried my dad on Thursday (at this point 6 days later) thanks to Prudential.

Round 2, the next week the funeral home called with the info that Prudential would not name the beneficiaries. My father and I spoke with them in June and confirmed together. I called Prudential and they confirmed me but will not the other two. I can't believe that such a supposed trusted company would do this. They have made one of the hardest times of our life 10 times worse. We cannot grieve for our father because at every turn they are making it impossible to take care of our father's wishes. I would hope that anyone who is considering this Company think twice. They are horrible!!!!!!

In November 2011, I contacted Prudential Life to ask about the process for a "smoker rating" reduction. I received a letter stating I need to contact them after 1 full year. In early January 2012, I contacted Prudential Life to ask again. They referred me to rep Doug **. He sent a form for my signature. I signed and returned it immediately.

On January 23, I received a call from an underwriter who asked my full medical history. Never heard anything further. Then on February 14, I called my rep; and he advised me I had signed the wrong form. I signed a new form 96200F and mailed it on February 14. Two weeks later, I had still not heard anything.

On February 28(?), I called the CSO and had a very difficult time getting information from "Lanie." Being frustrated, I then talked to Roberta ** (a supervisor), who after a lengthy conversation, said she couldn't any my question. I couldn't speak with anyone handling the case; I needed to contact my rep. They refused to provide good customer service.

Then, the rep called me to say Prudential Life had denied my request because of the positive answer about smoking during my January 23, 2012 interview? What? I smoked my last cigarette on 12/31/2010. I have been a non-smoker since that time.

I would like to know exactly what the heck is going on. I am a non-smoker. I am a policy owner. I am a retired assistant manager from Prudential LIfe in NH for 30 years of dedicated service. I deserve the decency of an answer and action on my request. If I do not receive a satisfactory response to my request and my complaint by COB on March 7, I will be contacting the Department of Insurance Commissioner in New Hampshire. Thank you.

In Jan. 2013, I received a letter from Prudential Life Insurance. My husband was the beneficiary. The policyholder was deceased in 2002, his ex-wife. My husband passed away in Dec. 2010. The letter I received knew all this and in the letter, they said to pay my husband's estate. He had no estate. I was his POA and we had a will. All monies and everything will go to me and I had no problem. The amount of money, I don't know yet. This insurance company said they would send it to me. They needed a death certificate of my husband and his ex-wife's claim form and how to disperse the money. I wrote and sent them all at once. I also sent a copy of the will.

Now, I called them and they said the money was sent to the State of Missouri where his ex died. My husband and I lived in Flora, IN. I'm still here in Flora. I filed a lawsuit malpractice against the nursing home and settlement is now being done. Two years after we got married, my husband lost both legs. He was diabetic. I drove him three times a week to dialysis, from 6am to noon. I took care of him. His son literally went off on me on the phone because money was to come to me and he called Prudential. I was the one that took care of his father and for six years, he lived with me and my husband. He didn't pay rent, buy food or pay utilities. He's 33. I told him he has to move out and in Nov. 2011, he did. This past week, Prudential sent the insurance money to the State of Missouri. What steps do I need to do to get this money? Thank you for any advice you could give me.

My father was a retired Prudential sales representative who had an annuity policy with a lot of stocks. Also, a basic life policy as well as Prudential group insurance for working there. He passed away in late August, and basically, the only policy my mother received anything on as primary beneficiary was the basic simple life insurance. She is having no satisfaction with customer service in regards to getting anything deposited into her Alliance Bank account. When she calls, they keep telling her her social security number and pin number are not on record, haven't received any faxes, etc., and basically a pathetic run-around. Even my uncle, a retired Prudential agent as well, is trying to assist her in faxes and phone calls, and he can't believe how unbelievably lacking the customer service dept. is either.

Spoke to one man who told her that my father's policy was slated to be deposited into her Alliance account on 10/5. She asked him, "So if I call my bank, then I should expect it should be in there?" His reply was a simple, "no". And then, he interrupted her and told her, "I can send you a check right now for the entire amount." Which is what she DOESN'T want to do, so as not to owe a large tax amount.

I was on the phone with Prudential for about 45 minutes between at least 5 customer service representatives from different departments. They each told me that they were not the department I was looking for and transferred me to a new department. I finally spoke to a manager and she again told me the same thing, only to be sent to another department and was made to leave a message and wasn't even able to speak to a representative of the department. This type of customer service is absolutely unacceptable. Customer Service is awful.

I received a call from Prudential regarding a policy my father had for my mother. My father passed 6 months ago and my mother in 2001. I sent in the required paperwork 3 weeks ago. They state that it takes 5-10 business days to send the check. It's been 2 weeks. Today is the 5th consecutive day that I have called, only to be told that the check will be sent out tomorrow and someone will call me with a tracking number. I have had to deal with 3 other insurance companies and the state of New Jersey for larger sums of money without a problem and everything was taken care of promptly. Prudential? I still have no check in the mail. They're very annoying and very unprofessional.

Very good. If I have questions, always answered. Never told to call back. Very helpful. Rates are good for the policy I have. If I need a cash loan, it is available to me. Good life insurance company. I have this policy about 15 years and increased the death benefit. No health exam needed to do this.

I'm the beneficiary on my fiance's group life insurance through his employer, Charter Communications. Chris passed away on 6/20/2013 while @ work & the autopsy reported he died of a heart attack. Charter processed the claim to Prudential & when I received the death certificate, I faxed it on 8/12/2013 & was told that I would receive proceeds in 3-7 business days. I called the claim office on 8/22/2013 & was told they had received a competing claim to the insurance proceeds. I'm the sole beneficiary & I believe that his ex-wife is the other party but Prudential tells me that they do not know who it is!

Chris divorced in July of 2010 but they have been estranged since 2007. The divorce judgement stated that Chris was to get a $50,000 term policy within 90 days for his son from their marriage but he never did. I have been the beneficiary since February 2009 when Chris was first employed with Charter Communications. I live in the state of Alabama & have filed a complaint with the state's Insurance Commissioner & have also retained an attorney. Chris & I had a baby in March of 2013 & had wedding plans for July 8th, 2013. The face value is $300,000 plus 1 year's annual salary. Because of the denial, I'm in dire financial straits.

I work for a health care organization that offers benefits for family members. During open enrollment this past year they finally opened up life insurance policy greater than 10,000 for spouses. Note I have always had life insurance on both of us because we have 8 children. This was the first time I could increase his policy, which took effect 1/1/18. He passed away on 2/18/18 of cardiac related event. Claim filed 3/2/18 and is being contested due to policy that allows insurance companies to do so. The insurance company has received all needed documents from me and my employer and now they are extending the contesting period. So now 129 days since his passing still no communication from insurance company. Note - I did not have a choice to select life insurance company so had to use Prudential. If you do have a choice run hard and run fast from this one.

My mother had Prudential Life for over thirty years. She switched to a term policy back in 1990. After she lost her job, my mom policy lapsed with a reinstated letter in 2008 of December but she died on the 23 of December of that same year. The check was written for the policy and was never mailed because she had no way getting to the post office. I called Prudential and they said it was lapsed and there is nothing they can do. In January of 2009, only one month later, there was a similar incident that had happened in New York with a Dunkin Donuts owner's wife dying when her policy lapsed and when the media took hold to their story, they paid them.

I been trying to get help for years and my mom funeral expenses came out of my pocket. This was very unfair and the policy was needed to bury her. I didn't have enough for a headstone. When I called her agent to ask "What about the money she paid into the policy?" Again... It was term so there is no money vested. I needed help and Prudential didn't come through.

On my India visit I had apply for my NRI and NRO account with local Branch manager in my hometown (Nasrullaganj). At the same time branch manager introduced me one ICICI Prudential sales executive and he insisted me to listen one good plan for NRI customers. Somehow sales executive succeeded to persuade me to buy investment plan, since he came with Branch manager whom we trust so I also trust on him what he committed and explained me about the policy. Since my account was not opened with ICICI, they only get my all signature on application form and salesperson took one signed on DD form of 200000 INR which later they cashed from my ICICI NRO account since they also took 1 HDFC Cheque of 200000 INR amount in my name which they later deposit in my NRO account so that DD which is they taken for policy can be issued/cashed.

On 30th July I received an email from [email protected] with attached application form and EBI PDF along with 2 links: one link "Yes, my application details are correct" another link "No, my application details are incorrect." After review my application form and EBI PDF I found that data which is mentioned in the application is not correct and also the charges (Premium Allocation changes, admin charges and other charges) were too high and was not explained by sales executive during the visit. So I had opted for second option "No, my application details are incorrect" which basically option for "In case any details mentioned above or in the enclosed application documents are incorrect please, click on the link below and we will cancel your application and process a refund."

After choosing the second option for cancellation my policy was issued and enforced and now in active mode. When reported this issue to "[email protected]" email they are not asking me cancel the policy by presenting personally to any nearest branch rather Identifying the issue in the system because ideally this policy should not be enforced since I chosen for the NO option. Secondly the customer care is not prompt enough in responding. Their response every email after 24 hours or more. First of all I should not be go through with cancellation process since it policy was issue without my agreement and since I am in Abu Dhabi there is no ICICI branch. If I go through the cancelation process, I have to go Dubai office which 120 km from Abu Dhabi and that to they are not open in weekends.

And in the last I am very disappointed behavior of sales Executive (Mr. Mudit **). Before he sold the policy to me he was very Prompt in response and now since I am cancelling the policy he is not even picking my calls, not answering to my messages. It's really leaving very bad experience with ICICI. Finally I had to go to Dubai to cancel my policy on my expenses, I have done that process within the week time.

It's almost a month I have not received my money back to my ICICI NRO account. When I checked with customer care they said "Cheque has been dispatched" but customer care executive were not able tell me in which address Cheque has been dispatch. I received the email from back office team that amount has been transfer through NEFT on 12th of Aug which is contradiction what has been updated with back office (really Sad). Now I don't know where is my money is traveling and since I am in UAE I don't who will receive my Cheque. Why the money has been send via Cheque? Overall very hopeless and pathetic experience with ICICI Prudential.

I received a letter from Prudential asking me to call them regarding a life insurance policy a deceased relative had with them. I did and found I was a beneficiary for a few hundred dollars but then they told me I could not claim the money unless I could furnish the birth dates and current addresses of the other beneficiaries.

These are estranged relatives due to past abuse. It is cruel and unreasonable for Prudential to request I attempt to contact them now to try to get this information. I offered to send a notarized proof of my identity, but that was not good enough. I suspect they capriciously set this customized requirement for me so they would not have to pay the claim. (The requirement is not stated as part of the claim process on their web site. ) I am sure my relative never guessed this would happen when he took out the policy.

I'm am writing this review for my brother. His wife passed away a month ago. He has been fighting with this company every since. The first time he called they denied his claim saying they have no record of a policy. He then sent over all the required information with policy number and payment papers. Then they said it will be looked into. He then talked to them and was told all was in order and that the first person was wrong. Now they contacted him saying it has to be reviewed again and may be another week for a decision. It's now been a month and he still doesn't have it and the funeral home wants paid. So they took the paperwork to fight with Prudential so they can get their money. It's a very small policy, I could not imagine trying to cash in a big policy. He cries everyday dealing with stuff that should not be an issue when you just lost a loved one.

I had decided to surrender my paid-up whole life insurance. After hours of research and reading literature on the subject, I decided it was best for me and deemed fit for my emergency financial needs. Not one but TWO customer service reps at Prudential Life Insurance decided to argue with me. I should've known because after I told them what I would like to do and how I go about doing it, instead of TELLING me the paperwork involved, immediately they said, "Oh, wow, you're going to surrender this?" I've had this policy since 1985 and it took over two decades for it to accumulate a said, albeit small amount of money I would be receiving. One customer service rep told me how great the policy was. I reminded her that it really wasn't all that great. As if they were doing me a favor, for SOME odd reason they HATE when you surrender and want to argue. It was truly unreal. I spent hours upon hours researching my decision, not only am I an adult, but I'm fairly intelligent and there is no need for the ridiculous bantering about what I want to do with my own insurance policy.

A complete lack of responsiveness... Been trying to make an account change since November - that's over 4 months - without success. Associates that have failed to respond to the most basic questions would be Jonnete **, Riona **, Camille ** among others... If it was not for a w/d penalty I'd have bailed out of this company a LONG time ago. If your financial advisor suggests any Prudential services run fast!

This company is helpful in many ways, claims, questions, actions, etc. to make sure we are covered completely for our needs. We receive monthly communications about new options, policies or updates that may be beneficial to my wife and I. We have always been treated fairly and with the utmost respect whenever we have dealings with the company. If we have questions, they are there to provide adequate answers to what we ask and then they offer to help us in any way possible. I would recommend this company not only for their professionalism but the extent they go to take care of my family. In the interest of being fair, I would give this company at least 8 stars out of 10 for their service, products, programs, policies, and professionalism in the treatment of all matters concerning our policy and insurance.

I bought four (4) life policies from Prudential in the early 1970s and have been trying repeatedly through my Pru insurance broker and personally to find out the status of my policies as to whether they are increasing or decreasing in value and the death benefits. Have come close and gotten some information but not all that I need. I appreciate confidentiality but at 87 years of age I don't care who knows what about the policies and would so attest.

I feel I have no recourse other than to publicly appeal to the higher authorities at Prudential. I have been unsuccessfully trying to get my money for the last 3 months now. Talking to the people at customer services is just like talking to a broken record. Unless there is a company policy to make it impossible for anyone to get their money back, it is unbelievable how any company would deliberately treat their client like this.

Prudential managed my retirement fund. In August 2013, I learned that they had terminated my retirement fund and awarded to someone based on ex-parte court order. I asked them to share the court order but not sharing since close to a year. I lodged my written complaint with Prudential Investigation Dept but they are also not answering and sharing any details. I have learned through their customer service that my mailing addresses were changed twice since 2007 by unauthorized person and they were sending my confidential financial details to unauthorized person. I lived outside of USA and I had provided them address of my close USA based relatives and had written them a letter that I was going outside of the country for a long time. It is clear that negligence has been committed by Prudential and they are not co-operating for a year to share details and reasons behind sharing my confidential details to an unauthorized person, closing and terminating my account and sharing related court orders. I am deprived of my money and rights.

For the last 14 years, I have been paying for my granddaughter as a child rider on my policy. Today I have been informed that through Prudential, this is not possible.

My ex husband passed away suddenly 9/12/ 2014 in a tragic accident. He worked for Wolverine Tube Inc. in Decatur, AL until September 2004 at which time he quit because the stump grinding/tree trimming business he started in 2001 while we were still married was doing well. We stayed in contact until 2005 when I decided to move forward with my life with someone else. We never discussed his retirement policy with Prudential he had through Wolverine Tube Inc. I never thought anything about that or the life insurance policies we had taken out on one another while we were married.

On January 22, 2015 Prudential sent out a letter to me stating that the company Wolverine Tube Inc. had submitted a claim on my behalf to settle his 401k account. I was shocked! He had never named anyone else as the beneficiary. I called Prudential and was told that I needed to send in a certified copy of the death certificate and once they received that it would take 2 weeks to process and I would be issued a check. They told me if I hadn't heard anything from them in 2 weeks to give them a call back. I didn't hear anything from them after 3 weeks so I called them to confirm that they had received the document and to inquire about the progress of the claim and they confirmed that they had received the document and that it had been returned to me. I asked how the claim was progressing and I was told they didn't know!

I then told the representative that I was told to call back if I hadn't heard back from them and still was told that they didn't know how it was progressing. I requested to speak with a manager and was transferred to another department. This representative looked up the account in the computer (now why the other representative couldn't do this behooves me) and told me they were processing the claim and apologized for it taking so long and to call back again in 2 weeks if I hadn't heard from them! I was going on vacation during that time so I decided once I returned I would call them back.

Another 3 weeks go by and nothing. So I called them again to inquire about the progress of the claim and the 1st representative told me they had forwarded the information to the company; Wolverine Tube Inc. and they didn't have any information. At this point I was beyond angry. I stated why would they send the information to them when they (Prudential) were the ones handling the claim. (Wolverine Tube had done their part by notifying them of his death and giving them my name and address). I was again transferred to another department and spoke to another representative who informed me that they were still conducting research on the claim! I was told the case manager had a lot of claims that she was working on and that I could speak to her if I called back in 2 weeks! Maybe by then she would have had time to work on that claim!

I asked to speak to her right then and of course she was unavailable. Also, I was told a notation had been made in the computer by said case manager just the day before; so she was working on the claim. I have still not heard or received anything from them and it has been a month since I last called. After reading all these other complaints of similar and worse natures; I can now surmise that this is going to be a lengthy process.

I have always assumed this was a good company to go with for this and other financial investments. I have been naively wrong in assuming this. Representatives giving incorrect information and telling me to keep calling them back instead of them keeping me abreast of how the claim is progressing gives me the impression that they don't want to pay this claim. Of course they can't tell me anything of the amount of money the claim is worth; they are not privy to that information. I have told everyone I know and will continue to tell others of the troubles I have had with this company. I believe a complaint filed with the BBB is in order.

It's a simple whole life policy that I bought when I was much younger so the premiums are pretty low. It accumulates savings over time so I can take some money out without losing the insurance. I've just recently been contacted by an agent who says he will be maintaining and managing my account. I thought that was rather nice since up til now, I had no one specific to contact.

They denied me life ins, in 2016 after paying monthly payments while out on long term disability for a Bone Marrow transplant at UPENN in Philadelphia for AML, they claim that I was no longer a UPS employee, but I was and I still work for UPS 9 years. I was sent a new application in Jan 2017 when I return to UPS. And that is when they denied me due to having AML. Yes I am doing well due to the transplant, thank God. I do not have any life insurance anymore. I even call the PA insurance commission, no help at all. Never got back to me. Thank you. My name is Robert **.

I have been working with your company since February 5th. Your representatives have done nothing but lie to me. I am the power of attorney for my Mom's insurance policy and also the beneficiary. All I wanted to do was add my Son should I die. They are evasive and not nice. Didn't have a good experience with any of them. I expect an answer or will go to my Attorney General. You have some very serious problems with your company and are not forthcoming. I don't have time for these lies and noncompetency. Policy 46860776. I sent everything the rep told to send. Plus a copy of my Power of Attorney. I suggest you all get you act together. This is an awful treatment. Not good business. I am not trying to do anything but add my Son as a beneficiary...they said they would send paperwork. A month later and many calls here I sit with dealing with rude and lying representatives.

In May 2015 a payment on one of the 2 life insurance policies that I own with Hartford did not go through due to non-sufficient funds at that day. On May 22, 2015 what I found out, I called and ask if they need a payment from another account or resubmit to the existing account as the funds are available. I was told to send a ACH form by fax with the account information again and that is sufficient, so I did.

In June, I realized that the payment has not been deducted from the account yet. So I called and inquired. I was told that the routing number is not going through. I informed them that the routing number is the same as before and the is the same as in the other policy which has been paying each month with no problem. The agent said, they will send this to research and will get back to me within 2 week. I asked if I should make any payment manually now and was told there is no need until they finalize the research on the routing number.

On July 6, 2015 I called to follow up. The agent told me that the research was not completed yet. I got a bit nervous so I insisted on giving her payment immediately from another bank account until the research is complete. She gave me the amount due to bring the balance current and avoid the lapse in the policy. The payment was made by phone and a confirmation number was given to me. By July 30, 2015 the payment made by phone had not cleared my account yet, so I called to inquire again. The agent told me that the policy lapsed on July 3rd and that they are not able to re-instate it and I have to do a new underwriting!

I have been paying on this policy for 9 years. Of course they want to get a new underwriting to get a higher premium. Very unethical business practice and sad to see a company with such a long history is now run by gangs who work hard on finding out how to trick you into paying more and take very lightly the seriousness of such a practice to customers who put their trust in them. I am looking into my legal options. Please contact me if you have similar experience.

I have a life insurance purchased many years ago. This policy has a retirement fund I had been paying for years but last March 2017 I moved to Puerto Rico and I had to surrender my policy because I can't afford to pay $280.00 monthly. This people sent me a set of forms for me to sign and return to them which I did. They promised a check for the amount of $5,331.00 which is a fraction of what I pay in all the years I was making the payments. They sent me a letter saying that the check was coming in a separate envelope for security reasons. I waited about a week and didn't get any mail I call them back to ask for my check and they say it was returned from the post office. I ask the post office. They say is not true they did not returned so they promised to send it back and again they lie to me. I call them back. They say they were going to put a stop payment of the check and make me a direct deposit to my checking account.

I gave them my checking account and wait until the date they said it was going to be deposited. I look at my account. Nothing. I call them back. They say the bank didn't accept the deposit and ask me again to wait for the check in the mail that was sent on April 24th. Today is May 16th and still waiting. I don't know what can I do next to collect my money. I call the insurance agent Hernan ** the one that got me into this policy and he say he is going to send me the customer service number to claim my money because he is retired and he has no access to the company anymore. This is ridiculous.

When he was trying to sell me the policy he call me 12 to 15 times a day so I was force to buy it just to get this guy off my back and now nobody cares anymore. So I beg you if you please help me with any information on how can I recover this fraction of cash value they promise to return my phone # is **, my name Alvaro **, my policy # is **. Company is Prudential Insurance. PO BOX 7390. Philadelphia PA 19176. (800) 944 8786. Thank you so much for any help in this matter.

My father-in-law had a policy thru Prudential from his work. When he passed away, Prudential paid within reasonable time. Although it required a lot of paperwork, they did pay after a few weeks. The best way to identify a good or bad insurance company is filing a claim with them. Will the insurer try to run or stay with you and pay for the claim? Well, Prudential paid so I really appreciate their help at the time of my family's need.

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