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As a business customer for over 1 year, I've processed over $780,000USD through my account with RBC. As a young entrepreneur, I wasn't aware why money was being withdrawn from my account by RBC under 'NSF' fees. Nobody's ever educated me over this matter. I called up RBC's customer care to figure out what's going on with all these fees being deducted from my account. I thought it was an over-draft protection - which I wanted removed. The customer care didn't inform me why the fees were being deducted, and just told me "OK, we removed overdraft protection from your account." This was back in April, I thought the problem was solved. Then, because I process thousands of dollars daily in revenue, sometimes funds aren't available in my account (BUT if I knew the reason WHY I was being charged these fees, I would've made sure it wasn't an issue. But the lack of support from RBC has been ridiculous. They're greedily letting their customers fall into pitfalls instead of helping them. It's downright fraud. Now, after I called them to speak with my branch manager, they deceived me and sent me over to what I can only describe as their "BULLDOG". They have a procedure in place where they shift you over to a hard-nosed intimidating/harassing AGENT, whose sole purpose is to make you feel like a failure and 'idiot' for not understanding their SCHEME. This person will try and intimidate you with aggressiveness and refuse to provide you with any service. All the while, I was led to believe that I was speaking to my BRANCH MANAGER, as requested. At the end of the phone call, they informed me that they weren't the branch manager... but rather "the community branch manager." - a fancy term for the "ENFORCER". The person who harasses their customers instead of providing service. DON'T let them intimidate you. If you are a business customer, MOVE all of your funds out of their bank account. This is a small issue of a couple thousand dollars, but for a small business this can be devastating to your bottom line. Imagine once you're processing millions of dollars through their account. What are they going to do to defraud you then? They will probably slap on hidden costs and fees to bleed you dry. Look, the only reason I'm opening this is because of the harassment that I was given. The "bulldog" policy they have in place is toxic, and I can't imagine how many people they have intimidated into accepting their fraudulent practices. The people who didn't want to speak up for themselves - THAT'S who I'm worried about. They can refund me and apologize for the way I was treated, and I will prevent this from being posted on Facebook, sending it to CBC News, the Toronto Sun and every other media outlet I can get my hands on.
Much better than BMO
Best Canadian banking site I have used. Its a daily experience and have had no problems that could not be resolved for my day to day banking service. Customer service is excellent.
Did a hard credit check [TransUnion] to apply for a debit account. Even though they had stated there would've only been a soft check.