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I moved out of my apartment 8 months ago and cancelled ResidentInsure via phone. Today I got an email letting me know that I had an automatic payment about to be processed. I called to see what was going on and apparently the policy was never cancelled. I was able to cancel today, but the person I spoke with would not issue the prorated reimbursement for the months I was not using the policy. That's easily $150 out the window. Extremely dissatisfied and will not use this company again!

I lived in an apartment that had a combined package (ones that include gas, electricity, and internet) in Baltimore. When I moved out, I was charged for an entire year worth of renter's insurance. I'm highly disappointed that they charged without notifying me and I'm warning others about this scam.

We used this insurance for a year as recommended by our landlord. I can't speak for the quality of the insurance itself as we never had a need to file a claim. However, as others have mentioned, the company forces you into an annual auto-renew that you can't opt out of. There is no way to cancel this auto-renew. Having read reviews prior to signing up, I was well prepared and used a credit card with an expiration of less than a year to ensure they couldn't steal an extra annual payment. But I also tried doing things correctly; I ended my service online well before the renew process took place and I called their customer service asking twice for verbal confirmation that I would not be charged. Despite this, a month later I just received a "payment failed" notification in my inbox. They actually tried to charge me.

There's no way this can be legal, and I'm sure someone with more motivation with me could probably contact an appropriate source to report this activity. But until that white knight shows up, be sure to use some form of payment that will be invalid in less than a year if you want to avoid being charged twice. Better yet, just pick one of the 42 billion other renters insurance companies out there. ResidentInsure doesn't deserve your business.

They have good customer's assistance and when you needed help they are very quick to respond. I was able to do my claims and was very successful and they have a very reasonable rates. They have great and awesome team that assist their clients and they are very responsive. With my claims and inquiries they offer the assistance they can give. They have good and reasonable rates. Very affordable but I have to leave for some reason that I need more options. As my family is growing I need something - more policy. Policy options for me is good but some are not on my match or I need more options as I'm growing a family and they have different needs.

When my daughter transferred out of student housing ResidentInsure kept billing us for renter's insurance. They refuse to refund any of the months they charged us when she was no longer a resident there.

Only had one claim. Had a break in and they stole a few things like a tv, stereo, and Xbox. The claim processed fairly quickly with no real problems. Customer service was just okay. Wait times on calls were longer than I would have liked; however, once I talked to someone they were nice and generally helpful. They covered everything that was stolen and damaged. Absolutely cannot complain about the coverage. Of course, you pay more for the great coverage. Several policy options were available. At the time, I was in college and didn't have a lot of money to spend. Esurance had several affordable options for poorer college students.

During the period that I had renters insurance, I never had to file a claim. But if I would have needed to, I would have been confident that it would have been handled professionally. Everything went satisfactory when I applied for the insurance. I feel like I was guided in the right direction in getting the coverage that I needed. I paid what I felt was a very small amount to have the assurance I would be covered. Options were spelled out in a way that was easy to evaluate what my needs were and what coverage I would need to pay for.

Esurance is a really great company. They truly care about me as a customer and always do the most in order to make life easier for me and to provide the very best protection and coverage for me. They are truly an honest and caring company. I really feel like their customer service is truthful and honest and will never fail or let me down. They are always willing to be there for me and help me in my time of need and will provide the very best service. If I were to rate Esurance and their coverage, I would have to say and give it a great score of one hundred percent because they truly put forth great effort to please me as their customer. If I were to describe their policy, I would have to say that I am very hey and happy with it overall and they are always progressing into a much better company before and are always honest and trustworthy.

This company is awful. I had insurance through them at the last place I lived. I moved and cancelled my policy with them, received confirmation of my cancellation, and I'm still being charged. I have called them 4 times now. The first 4 times I wouldn't be able to get a hold of anybody so I had to leave a message. The most recent time I managed to talk to someone but as soon as I mentioned I have a record of them cancelling my account I was transferred and put on hold until their phone system forced me to leave a message. Unless you plan on having a policy with them until the day you die I'd highly recommend not purchasing insurance from these people.

Always there when I need them. Always do what they can to help their customers. No long waiting on the phone and no having to listen to the automated recordings for very long at all. I never had to actually do a claim. I just always made sure I paid my premium on time and they were very helpful in helping me take out the policy. If I had any questions, I knew I could call them and they would be able to answer my questions in a timely manner. They provided many different policy options. Umbrella, renters, car, motorcycle, home etc. The renters ins is very reasonable. I now have regular home insurance through them since I now own a home. My automobile insurance is through them as well. The coverage is great, especially with the automobile insurance I have through them now. I have the road side assistance and have used it a total of three times (due to locking my keys in my car). They are a very helpful insurance company.

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