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We have two vehicles with this company and have had no problems.
The service was great, this is the reason as to why I decided to buy their services again.
Just wanted to say that I had the rare experience of talking with a sales agent - Tia Walker - who took the time to answer all my questions in a no pressure environment and gave me time to think about the options before I went ahead and bought the coverage. Tia was frank, honest and spoke to me as one person to another who understood my concerns and was a totally professional yet very human representative of her company. It was a pleasure to talk to her - so different than going through an automated menu and ending up with someone who just reads from a script. Thanks, Tia...!
Initial purchase was quick and easy.
Fast and very helpful with open communication
had van covered with them car warranty expired it was a no brainer to get wd now everything is much better with both wth same company
I was very pleased with my experience working with Warranty Direct. They were professional throughout the entire process and I feel good about my purchase. David Johnson
We just became Members. Thxs
Very good experience. All my questions were answered and everything was explained well. Best policy for the money.
Great service great product
Coustomer Service is good
Carl Gee explained the plans and was really helpful assisting me select the right plan
joseph was very easy to work with and knew his product and was not trying to pressure me in anyway as a repeat customer it was a pleasure buying again.
Had a great, thorough, and informative experience.
Bobby Wheeler was very informative, was not pushy, gave me the facts and allowed me to make the best decision for the car I wanted to cover. Now this was the initial sale...the proof will come when in fact something does go wrong and it will need to be covered by this warranty. I know this company has been in business for quite some time and it was referred to me so I have a high confidence that what they say is what they will do as they did in the beginning.
Lots of coverage, good price, peace of mind. Good thing, "monthly payments." Havn't used it yet but I don't worry when I do.
I Can not honestly say anything about Warranty Direct using the service at a repair shop as of yet and maybe ill get lucky and never have to use it.So I can only rate the Customer service while researching the offered product I did compare there policy to 3 others and dealership,competators.As far as cost and value Warranty Direct did have a better value then the dealership as far as number of years covered and cost .Dealership offered only 3 years 50,000 miles or 100,000 miles vs 5 years 139,000 miles for nearly the same price plus or minus 200.00.Had i chose the greater dealership plan 5 years -139,000 miles it would have cost almost 2000.00 more .So Value Warranty Direct did offer the best bang for the Buck.During the process Customer service was friendly and Answered all my questions.If i ever have to use the service for a repair i will comment then at that time.
Tia answered all my questions. She forwarded the product info that I shared with my wife so we can make our decision. Tia followed up when she said she would. The website was easy to use. it presented the various level of service and estimates clearly.
Excellent company so far,application was easy I feel I have made a great decision picking warranty direct.
1 word AWESOME
I had this warranty before and it was great. That's why I came back to them for my other vehicle
Saves me good money
Excellent support!
After almost a year of paying premiums, my car developed a brake line leak. The repair cost almost $500 and Warranty Direct paid nothing!! What good is insurance if its goal is to collect premiums and not pay for repairs?!? Maybe instead of a warranty I should have purchased stock!!
Always have used WD. Best warranty deal for the bucks.
Great customer service!! Donna is wonderful and her experience helped me with what I was looking for. I will recommend Warranty Direct to everyone. Thank you.
Very pleasant and efficient
My initial experience with the Warranty Direct sales agent was great. I had previously been contacted via mail by another warrant company and had a rather unpleasant experience which made my decision to go with Warranty Direct easy. Should I actually need to file a claim with Warranty Direct in the future, I hope that process will be as pleasant and simple as the purchasing of the plan was.
Donna was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Have been using Warranty Direct for years and have always received great prices and service.
Love warranty direct! The customer service is phenomenal. They really care about there customers.
I have had warranty direct on three of my vehicles. With two of them, I did not have a chance to utilize them. On one of the vehicles though, I utilized the contract on multiple occasions and never had to personally deal with them as my repair center dealt with them directly. Hopefully, on the new contract I have just as good of service and no issues making claims if needed. Thanks Warranty Direct
the best customer service ever, Joseph Russell was great in explaining every little detail .... two tumbs up
Mr. Perez was very helpful and ensured I understood the coverage of the warranty before I purchased.
My experience with your WD agent-Mrs. Katrina Brown, was very pleasant, as well as, informative. She was very patient & understanding with me, and my budget. I truly feel I made a wise choice in purchasing my extended warranty coverage through her. Kudos to Mrs. Katrina Brown for excellent service.
Very well explained and affordable payments, I would recommend to a friend
Interstate National Dealer Services Inc. needs to drug test those morrons in customer service. They are the most pathetic pieces of horse crap that ever lived. You get MBI insurance thinking that your vehicle is covered, right? No, totally not the case. They literally come up with excuses of why they can't fix things that clearly states they can in the fine print. I got their help back in Feb.; now it's the end of Sept. and I'm still having to deal with they same idiots. I'm so done with them. THEY DISGUST ME
Easy process, though they left our key details such as it doesn’t kick in until after 1 month and 1,000 miles. Which is fine in my case my car is still under factory warranty during that period.
Friendly, courteous customer service, knowledgeable representatives who take time to go over the specifics. Rep even called me back to advise that I qualified for a significant discount as a repeat customer! I've purchased coverage for three vehicles over the last 14 years and was always completely satisfied by the level and quality of the service provided.
I Didn't Even COMPLETE My Online Signup & In Less Than 1hr, Warranty Direct Was Calling Me To See If I Was In Need Of Assistance. Sarah Did An Outstanding Job Of Explaining The Differences In The Two Types Of Warranty Plans & Helped Me Choose The Perfect 1! I LOVE IT, THANKS AGAIN.
Agent was very professional
I am a 4 time customer. I don't want the same pricing as a new customer. I deserve better. Then I got a phone call to finalize the deal after I had already paid. Not impressed at all.
Scott W. Ext. 5608 did a great job informing me of your product and answered all my questions. Thanks, Howard Harlan
I found exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price.
great co, love doing business with then ,keep up the great work, and great team members
I have used wd before i trust them ive never had a problem carl from wd is an excellent rep for this company
Warranty coverage and program very clearly communicated, no pressure tactics applied.
The young man Joseph who helped me was very polite and professional
Well cared fir and knowledgeable
Recently signed up. I don't have much experience with the procedures yet but if it's anything like the service I received from the customer service rep Mathew, I think I will be very happy .
I would recommend Warranty Direct to anyone. It's a great deal and it has excellent coverage for the money. The service was excellent, we love our explorer and we have only a few payments left until we owe it, we want to protect our investment. Warranty Direct has everything we need for peace of mind.We Thank-You.
Great experience dealing with Warranty Direct.
Superb! Agent I spoke with was amazing!
They offer a better deal than the factory warranty.
I was treated very professionally by a knowledgeable and very pleasant agent. I was given a fair price and I am a repeat customer. I am very pleased with this business.
fast and easy to deal with good sales person and service
very helpful about their products
Nice customer service.
Very friendly, reasonably priced.
Their prices are fair, the financing is great (0% interest) and my mechanic has no problem dealing with them for a claim.
This is the second warranty I’ve bought from Warranty Direct and specifically Bobby Wheeler. They’ve got great warranties, back their product, and are great to work with. I never buy dealership warranties as these guys have the best product at a lessor price.
Matthew is a very informative and nice Agent. He was very patient and knowledgeable. I am new so we will see how the service goes, but so far so good.
I have purchased now five extended warranties with this company and so far I have not been disappointed I hope it continues.
communication with the sales rep was great. they knew exactly what they were talking about.
Very easy and fast. Most polite customer service! Haven't used it for a claim yet but sounds legit.
So far, I am very pleased with the customer service of this company. Although I don't want my car to break down, if it does, I trust that Warranty Direct will take good care of my needs. I chose this company primarily because it was actually recommended to me by one of the major national insurance companies. I don't think they would attach themselves to any establishment that wasn't top notch.
I was amazed at the cost n how friendly the agent was. Scott was so easy to talk with n answered all my questions with such knowledge of the coverages being offered n the warranty that I purchased, He's an asset to ur company n I look forward to working with him when necessary. Thank you Ms. Mary Lou Crego
Very friendly and patient
My Rep Matt was wonderful . He helped me a great deal. I'm glad I decided to purchase my extended warranty .
Joe was very professional and helpful
Tia Walker is very engaging and professional as a sales representative. I was very comfortable with my purchase of 2 warranties from her.
I would highly recommend this company, excellent customer service
I experienced great service from Joe. Very patience and through.
explained all and very professional
It was nice speaking with Scott each time we spoke. I like that I will have him as my rep. My policy has not gone into effect yet, and I do have some concerns about how affective it will be when, and if, I need Warrant Direct
No printed copy sent. No Identification card to carry. I hope that this company will stand by their commitments to their customers - but I have doubts.
Great service. all my questions were answered!
Bobby was extremely knowledgeable and patient, pointing out the important differences between their contract and some of their lower-priced competitors.
Quick, easy, straight-forward, listened to concerns, efficient!
Representative was extremely helpful and pointed out the differences in other plans I was considering.
Always friendly, and very trustworthy customer service representatives. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone
I am so happy I was able to find a reliable company represented by BBB to purchase an extended warranty with Warranty Direct for my 2007 Jaguar XJ8 L 30,000 miles. Ms. Donna walked me through the extended warranty process. She made me feel confident I was doing the right thing. I feel assured with buying this extended warranty after loosing my car during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Ms. Donna was very concerned with my situation. Very Professional, courteous and patient. Affordable terms.
I purchased my first contract at Warranty Direct for my Cadillac SRX through Bobby Wheeler, and it has been an absolute dream. The process was smooth and never had any issues with my claims. I just purchased a 2nd warranty for my husband's Honda Accord Sport through Jamison Sampson and it was a JOY! And they gave a multiple contract discount. I look forward to dealing with Warranty Direct for a long time.
Purchased a warranty - still waiting to hear anything except marketing emails
This is the fourth vehicle I've insured with Warranty Direct. I would recommend them to anyone looking excellent and responsive service.
Customer service was great
George was very helpful.
very straight forward ... easy to understand ... no high pressure sales ar sign up
Very impressed with the service I received. all of my questions were answered quickly and professionally.
Easy to purchase Please read the contracts carefully, different plans have different coverage and options. Haven't actually had any claim yet, but I'm sure in the future they are good company.
Best investment ever. Highly recommend.
My Warranty Direct experience was outstanding!
Eric helped me understand and select the right program for me.
good web site
Well coached reps
My representative was Natasha Brown. This young lady was nice, patient, courteous and very knowledgeable. She gave me reassurance that this company could take care of my needs. She deserves a raise!!!
Getting the warranty was fast and easy. I absolutely love that when I called customer service that they were able to connect me back to the original person I talked with. They also love the payment plans they offered.
Great communication skills!!!