RMG GROUP Online Insurance Reviews

Monthly cost is low, but initial set up cost an additional $10. Device registration is $5/per device. These fees are not disclosed up front (unless it is hidden in small print somewhere)
Very easy to work with and was able to answer all of my questions!
After signing up for what I thought was a good deal which was the five device protection package, only to then find out that it costs an addition $5 per device to register them.
So far, so good. I haven't had to make a claim yet--we will see how it goes then. The reason for four stars and not five is RMG don't answer their calls--this scares me. I called three or four times to get info before I purchased plan, and after being placed on hold each time for a considerable amount of time--recording said can't take your call at this time, leave number and someone will return your call. My calls were never returned. Is this the customer service support that I will receive if/when I do have to make a claim. The best advice that I can give is RMG Group please answer your phone when you get a call or return the call if a message is left.
Be very careful with this company, It does seem like a scam. I initially thought that the deal was too good to be true. I was right. I signed up for their multi device deal. Their website is confusing. I then got an email to register my devices which I did, 3 of them. I never got a confirmation of the devices.Just an email saying the devices are register. Thought it was odd, but I didnt follow up. So this week one of our phones was stolen, and when I tried to file a claim they said that I only had one phone registered. I know for a fact I registered all 3 of them at the same time. And I was being charged for the mutlidevice plan. They claimed that my invoices would show what phones were registered. That makes sense, if I had ever gotten an invoice. Never did! Anyway long story, but moral of it - Use a different company. Learn from my mistake.
I can't believe how lucky I was to have caught wind of your services. RMG Group offer a fair and reasonable cost for top notch coverage on my mobile. I will definitely reccomend RMG group as the best phone insurance available. And I look forward to being a patron for many years to come!
No help with enrollment process. They do not respond to emails and you cannot reach them by phone. After enrolling online, they make you aware of other offers or discounts but will not allow them because you’ve already enrolled and they don’t allow changes. Not worth the hassle and I can’t image trying to make a claim.
I am hoping I can turn delete this review or turn it into positive. However my experience up this this point is I have been thinking this company is a scam. Number one, each time I have had a claim they have been hyper vigilant and offended me multiple times saying something was fishy and I was committing fraud before looking at any documents. I have purchased the 10 electronic device coverage. I have had this for months. My note8 was damaged and I filed a claim 12/18. This was never resolved and I had to go out of country on 12/30. Before leaving the country I had to come out of pocket and purchase a Samsung Note9 for international travel. While out of town mid january I was told my claim was approved and they sent the note8. While I was out of town my phone was lost/stolen and I had a replacement phone. I filed a police report in Costa Rica and came back and filed another report. As soon as I notified Tre (guy handling all correspondence) that had sent my Note8; he immediate said i was committing fraud and had my device shipped back to them. Now I am sitting here with no phone. I submitted all documents to the new note 9 including police report and purchasing receipt. I have not until this day and we are approaching February had no response. I left several emails, calls and event tickets on the portal and I am completely getting ignored. I could have purchased phone insurance from my carrier but because of this coverage thought I could rely on this. Hindesight being 20/20 it's not worth it. I have gotten accused of scamming, they force dropped my coverage and I had 2 legitimate device claims that I have no correspondence to. I am extremely disapointed. I hope this email escalates to someone in the company outside of this Tre guy because I can't seem to get anyone in the company to talk to me and both claims have gone nowhere an I lost 2 expensive devices that seems won't be covered after paying for this service.
Too early to tell how this will work out long term. The sign up process to me is confusing and not altogether clear on charges and billing. And it has taken a fair amount of time to gather required info and to send a copy of my current phone bill.
We were on vacation and the phone fell into the ocean. Because of a new account it went to fraud department which I get. However, there was no communication. My account rep apologized because he had surgery and told me there are only 20 people and they are busy. I phoned for three days straight and was always disconnected. I finally received a denied email days later with an explanation of insufficient evidence. I am still clueless. They said they would look to see last calls and bla bla bla. The phone tracker shows the phone in the ocean. Do yourself a favor and remember the saying you get what you pay for. Don’t make the switch. Just awful especially when you have been treated like you have done something wrong and expect your insurance to give you some piece of mind.