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My vehicle was stolen 12/20/17; as of 2/20/18 my theft claim with Safe Auto is still "under review". We provided everything they requested including handing them over the ID of the thief we found in the vehicle. They have been stalling us and each week requesting additional information that could have been provided in the beginning. Each additional item they request comes with a 7 day turnaround time, so as of today they said they need another 7 days. The adjuster has been indignant to the inconvenience we have experienced.

We are seeking an attorney to help resolve this further and for compensation as we have still been paying our car payment and insurance premium. As a family, we have lost out on priceless family events because we have no vehicle and the car rental coverage we paid for is a joke, because for a theft we only have $10 a day coverage. We would have had better compensation had we been involved in a wreck versus being the victim of a crime. Oh yeah, my wifes job requires me to have a federal background check and license and they are investigating us as if I am the car thief.

Safe Auto is open 24 hours a day. They always worked with my age and my driving record. They were friendly, informative, and always available. Safe Auto has something really special about them. I hope more people check it out.

It is an affordable insurance with different coverage packages for your needs as a consumer. There are different deductibles. And as I stated before - very affordable. Rates do not go up with tickets or accidents.

SAFE AUTO: How they are the most stupid company on the planet. Let me count the ways: Signed up and days later I get the first bill. You call in, and there are three levels of push this number to get... Even huge companies like Amazon and Walmart do not have that many levels. HERE IS THE KICKER: Each month they send you your bill real early, WAY before it is due. If you do not pay right away, they send you a CANCELLATION NOTICE a few days later. NOW, mind you are not canceled. Nevertheless, it says CANCELLATION NOTICE on top. They are just sending you a cancellation notice ten days before your bill is actually due threatening you to pay on time.

I set up a policy online in March. I had State Farm and USAA auto insurance previously. A couple months ago I had gotten a ticket. Had to take proof of insurance to bmv. When I showed my policy, they checked with safe auto. They said they never heard of me and my policy was not valid and the number belonged to someone else. Now I have to go to court on this. Have no idea how this can happen. And I now realize I don't even have a receipt of purchase.

Safe auto is the worst auto insurance company in the world. I was quoted one thing which confirms amounts in email and charged double when I called the insurance company. This company has done nothing but lie and deceive consumers all to hold onto a few hundred dollars. Each time you call to cancel you are given new information that you weren't informed about before. They won't allow you to speak to a supervisor and will only transfer you to a line that rings and rings. Safe auto reps aren't even aware of how to file a formal complaint. This is the most bizarre insurance company I have seen. PLEASE BEWARE!!!

Annoying. I pay 4-6 months at a time. Every 3-5 months, without fail, Safe Auto is blowing me up threatening cancellation. I know when I'm due. I know what I've paid. I have credit card bills to prove it.

They are very helpful with your needs. They make sure that you get the best deals. The customer service is awesome, and they try to fix your problems, if there are any, and if they cannot fix them, they will try and find alternate routes. They are also affordable for college students.

I used to to get a policy on my new vehicle that I purchased. I am currently downsizing and had a $40k+ 2014 Tundra on a lift that I traded in for a 2017 Camry ($25k+) to lower my payments. I switched insurance to Safe Auto from Aggressive because they quoted me at 180 a month and I paid a $220 deposit. 10 days later they sent me a bill for $630 and when I tried to cancel and get refunded they only gave me back $40. They completely lied to me about the upfront cost, never mentioned that $40 was an application fee. (Total **. I did it online through On the phone and through emails I was never told this until I received this bill. They are dishonest and stole from me bottom line. I am reporting them to Better Business Bureau. Fair warning... DO NOT give this company your money.

I haven't had much experience yet with my insurance company. It's cheaper than the rest so far. I enjoy that everything can be done online, from quotes to payment. When shopping I found that a lot of the companies that I wanted to check out didn't let me do online quotes or let me start the insurance online.

I called to get an insurance quote and because I was not purchasing at this time but was price comparing, the lady told me no I couldn't get a quote and call back when I was ready. I said I can't get a quote. No, have a good day. Called several times - my calls was rejected.

I recently purchased auto insurance through Safe Auto. 24 hours later I receive an email stating my premium has increased by $31 and I will be receiving something in the mail with further details. One week later I receive a BILL “due” in 3 days for more than double the monthly payment I had been quoted and signed paperwork for. There is also a notice with the bill stating my premium has increased by $256. I’m given some story about how they operate on “two dates” and the first one isn’t actually my due date?? The second date is nowhere on my bill but THAT is the date I need to pay by to avoid cancellation. They claim that my accident a few years ago is why my premium increased. Except I gave them all of that information from day one so why couldn’t they tell me the accurate cost from the start!? Because they reel you in with a super cheap start up fee and then jack it up within a few days.

I will be canceling and already know I will have to deal with more rip off charges for doing so, even though the guy on the phone assured me if I cancel by a certain date I will not owe them anything more than what I’ve already paid. Regardless, they lost a customer in just seven days because they are dishonest and unprofessional. Every other company who gave me a quote was able to immediately include my driving history and give me an ACCURATE premium, so there’s no reason why Safe Auto isn’t able to do that. They do it on purpose and I refuse to do business with a company who operates that way. I was completely honest about my driving history realizing that an at fault accident would cause my premiums to be higher than normal. For them to go about it this way is completely unacceptable!! I am willing to pay a slightly higher premium through their competitor who was HONEST, ACCURATE and PROFESSIONAL from the start.

Zero *s. Awful customer service. I was overcharged on my Bill for not filling out paperwork I never received. One person told me it was marked as received; then three people later it's been returned. NOBODY had employee numbers or anything so I'd ask for a manager and get hung up on. Get your story straight! I told her I didn't care, just wanted to pay my bill minus the bogus charge and I'd fill out whatever they wanted. She didn't even know why they sent me to her and She couldn't help either. I had asked for a manager. I cancelled on the spot. Don't transfer me four times and hang up. I paid for a month and got ten days into this before I realized they were a joke. The dummy didn't even tell me I was being charged to cancel And refused to give me a confirmation number for my last payment of $1.00. Awful, never go with them. I cannot imagine trying to claim an accident with them.

My husband and I took out a policy with safe auto on Sunday night while at home. After hanging up and making our payment, we left to go to the store and head to a friend's house with our two small children. (Our previous company raised our rates for a no-fault claim we filed after being told it wouldn't affect us, so we switched to them). Not five minutes after leaving our house (we live in the country) we hit a BIG deer and our 2004 suburban is now inoperable. Called to make the claim since we have full coverage, and apologized for this. The customer service rep (kept mumbling her name) stated that it has happened before and not to worry. So we didn't, until my husband got a call from a specialist claiming that she believes we have committed insurance fraud and that we will go to jail.

I now have an investigator from out of state calling us and telling us he believes that we hit the deer, panicked and then got insurance and for us to come clean because even good people make stupid mistakes and we can end this sooner. He (Randy) told me that he has already investigated my husband and I both and knows that I work for a school system and my husband for a truck leasing company as a mechanic. I had to tell him that I have been contacting attorneys before he would back off his personal beliefs towards us. I have yet to see an appraiser and they were suppose to be here Tuesday. They are refusing my rental car, or to even replace my kids' car seats. I am meeting with an attorney tomorrow regarding this and hoping to end all these false accusations soon.

February 21st, 2013 I was involved in an accident where I had been pursued by two young boys who repeatedly rear ended my Suburban causing me to lose control of my vehicle... this was at about 2 am or so. My body was ejected from my truck 150 ft and the kids that caused the accident left because they thought they killed me. My body was found 5-7 hours later. I was in a medically induced coma with life threatening injuries, first thing I can remember hearing is my Mom screaming I was she says, "they're saying you don't have insurance!" I panicked. Why? Because I had SafeAuto Insurance! 2/11 and 2/12/13 I had spent at the MVD with SafeAuto on the phone getting a no lapse coverage letter for one vehicle I wanted to remove from my policy and adding another.

They faxed the requested letters but never made the change from my GrandPrix to suburban! So my ex had taken the GrandPrix and insured it somewhere else and the whole time I'm driving around in a big truck with my three kids with NO INSURANCE! OMG... Insurance claim flat out DENIED! I pretty much begged and pleaded for someone to go through the calls or speak to the gentleman who typed the letter, they would not. My letters as far as I knew were smashed in the wreck. I spoke once to the man "Joe" who typed my letters, he said he remembered me and remembered the letters, SafeAuto made sure I never spoke to him again.

***A year later after my accident I'm walking again and able to get around and guess what I find my proof of coverage! The letter I told SafeAuto I had all along. I had it faxed over at a Kinkos, got confirmation it went through, it took about a week or so to get to the right person "Allison". She's had it for over a week now, I was promised calls but she called a number I haven't had for at least a year. Plenty of voice mails and emails all with the correct info and she can't call the right number!?! Scary... I put my trust in SafeAuto and while I was in the hospital getting tubes pulled out of my sides they were rude, called me a liar and flat out refused to help me stating I wasn't covered and they would need me to fax the info ASAP. I spent three months in a bed and another two in a wheelchair now a year later I'm still fighting the same battle with them. I was covered for my accident underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage!

They are scams. Do your research. They will give you easy start up then bill the hell out of you. When you ask why you get no answers. So anyone with same service please post. Just maybe we could get a class action lawsuit. Not that I care about money. But they sure as hell do!?

Hit a deer 5 weeks ago. I filed the claim before I made it home. It took 5 days for someone to call me back, 13 days for someone to look at my vehicle and determine it was totaled. A week later I finally got a call back and they want to give me about 1500 less than its worth. Now after 5 weeks of dealing with this, nobody will take my calls or call me back including the supervisor. Still have no money from them to buy a different vehicle. 10 days ago they signed the confirmation card that they received my paperwork back. Got a call that they will be picking up my vehicle though. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone! Cheap insurance=cheap service and nobody knows anything!!!!!

Updated on 01/09/2015:

After the problems I had with my claim with safe auto (6 weeks now and still no money) I switched insurance companies. I had 2 policies with safe auto. When I talked to customer service on the 4th they were going to reimburse me $117 for my totaled vehicle that I had payed another month on and cancel out my policy on the 12th. Today (the 9th) I got a bill for the 1st canceled policy. When I called they told me they bill people $10 for mailing out a bill and it being canceled. Then told me they applied the $117 toward my other policy. I told them no. Mail me the $117 and cancel my policy on the 12th. She told me no, I wouldn't get that money and I would owe them another $79 for canceling my policy. Safe auto is the most crooked insurance company! This is totally absurd! By the way they mailed check for my totaled vehicle and guess what? Still don't have it but managed to get all the other mail from them. People STAY AWAY from safe auto!

Okay, so my husband was in an accident in September, he barely left our home when an uninsured driver, with a SUSPENDED LICENSE for the last DECADE pulled into the oncoming lane and struck him head-on. He was rushed to the hospital, nothing broken thank goodness but he had some serious burns and abrasions from the accident, including one that was so bad he'll be scarred for life with it...

So I called our insurance first that day to report it. (I didn't know the other person didn't have insurance, we had to wait until the following Monday to get the report, but he didn't, and he didn't have a license, the owner of the vehicle didn't have a license, nor insurance even! Both were charged and still haven't even showed up to court to own up to what they did TO THIS DAY, and I faxed and e-mailed them the report several times!). We did everything right, my husband saw his doctor, followed his recommendations to see other specialists, he had to have an MRI, multiple x-Rays and cat scan, all the bills totaled close to $15,000... every week was an excuse, after the first two weeks they switched adjusters on me even!

First it was, "they didn't have the paperwork"... I mailed, faxed and e-mailed them everything they asked for... then it was, "they were 'getting it together'" (I'll say!) and then finally it was, "they've mailed it all off to the doctors." We're in Pennsylvania, a No-Fault State, they kept telling us that they could not help us until the doctors approved the hospital/doctor bills and then they'd have to pay those doctors/hospital and once they did that, and it exceeded our PIP coverage ($5,000) THEN they could work with us with the uninsured insurance (which by the way, we found out is ONLY medical, they don't help at ALL with collision with uninsured insurance, so if we wanted something for pain and suffering, this was the only thing we could, was wait on their time).

I painstakingly waited... for almost a full month, it's now November! And finally they call and say "The bills were approved, and checks were cut to the hospitals." I even double checked with the girl, asking her directly that the bills, mainly the hospital that WOULD EXCEED THE PIP, were approved, and she said yes, they were. I thought, I finally! Now they can just hurry up with the pain and suffering and we'll be on our way... So I called the 'other adjuster' because they handle PIP one way, and Uninsured insurance another... you know what the 'other adjuster' tells me? "Okay so your bills were only $1,500 and some change so they didn't exceed the pip so we can't help you on the uninsured insurance claim." WHAT?! HOW IN GOD'S NAME did $15,000 turn into $1,500?! She tells me, "Oh, the doctors had them 'reduced' - they filed some forms and made it happen."

That is the most INSANE LOAD OF BS I've ever heard. I know medical bills can be reduced, but not like that, never like that. I called the hospital right away and asked them, what happened, and they said they haven't even HEARD from the insurance company, not one of my husband's doctor's or hospital have! They've been waiting for a response so it looks like they're just going to be trying to FORCE the hospital and doctors to ACCEPT what they're paying them, and then try and take it out of my health insurance for the rest.

THAT'S BALANCE BILLING and it's ILLEGAL, especially in my state! I can't believe they think they can get away with this!! I was in tears, that day, but I'm ready to call a lawyer today and sue the crap out of them. It is the most ridiculous nonsense I've ever heard. This could have been so simple, but for them to go and do this... I mean, what's the POINT of having Uninsured insurance, if they won't help you when you're hit by an uninsured motorist!? There IS NO POINT. Needless to say, I'm done with this company. For everyone thinking this is a nice safety net, watch out, they will flat out deny you after trying to dissolve your bills into nothing so they don't have to pay the uninsured insurance, it's that simple.

It's only 5 dollars cheaper than my last company I was with. I purchased insurance online for 78.00/month. Then they send me a bill two days later for an additional 154.00 to be paid within two weeks. I thought I had found a cheaper rate, but I hadn't. They could've stated the reason I was being billed and charged more. I was upset.

My car was stolen September of 2014 and its still not settled. They told me they would be issuing me 2 checks, one for the body damage and one for the mechanical issues. Was informed by the shop that the motor was seized and the car is going to be considered totaled. When Safe Auto was informed they now say they gave me a check and they don't want to finish paying for the claim.

Recently had a car theft claim. Worse experience ever - actually worse than having my car stolen. I want them closed down and send everyone to the unemployment office. No wonder they so cheap because they have cheap service.

Original claim started in April. Since that time I have had 3 different adjusters along with leaving multiple messages for supervisors who do not return calls. This is so crazy as they can send you a bill or reminders all the time. But no one returns calls in the claim department. And judging by the reviews I have read this is happening way too often. Help is needed!!! Big time!!!

I was going to change to Safeco Insurance. However my husband decided he did not want to so I called and canceled 15 minutes later. 3 days later I see that money is pending to still be taken from my account and instead of it being put back I'm told a check is being mailed. TERRIBLE customer service. Very glad I did not go with this company!

After reading all these reviews I regret not seeing them earlier. Before I get to my crazy experience I want to say to everyone that sees this to please get onto your states BBB (Better Business Bureau) website and write your complaint. It's easy and they will hopefully start to investigate. I have read a lot of your complaints and with everyone having the same problem with Safe Auto, it could maybe warrant multiple lawsuits. They haven't screwed me out of too much money so far but they could if I don't get out now. I am trying to get their attention: postings on my FB (I don't want ANY of my friends or family trusting them), Twitter, BBB in Ohio cause that's where my local Safe Auto Company is so please report to the BBB website so they can't do this to other people.

So on Dec. 23rd 2014 I bought a policy ($235) with Safe Auto because I thought they would be cheaper and I bought a policy 6 or 7 yrs. ago, even had an accident 6 days later and had no problems. 13 days later I received a letter that was sent on Dec. 30 so they really wasted no time but it stated in BIG BOLD print that my bill was due ($188) already and not only was my bill due but my premium went up ($16.90) and that they were also charging me an installment fee of $8). I was real confused but thought it was a mistake and didn't really read it. I just told my husband that even if it wasn't a mistake that no way was I gonna pay another bill 13 days later, I said they will get it on the 23rd when it was due.

But then the very next day I received another letter saying in big bold print Notice of Cancellation. I'm thinking this must be a joke. Did they really send me two letters threatening to cancel my policy with them weeks before my bill was actually due? It made me feel like I already did something wrong by giving them my money. I also went onto read in the 2nd letter that my bill was ACTUALLY due 12:00 A.M. So really I had to pay my bill a day before it's actually due. So I bought insurance on the 23rd but I had to pay my bill on the 22nd and before 12AM it said if not paid by that date or time it will be cancelled and the State of Kentucky will be notified that I don't have insurance.

So I'm stunned thinking I have never in 12 yrs. of buying insurance policies from different companies have NEVER received 1 notice before let alone 2 before my first monthly payment. When I spoke to one customer representative she defended the company in saying that by law they have to send a Notice of Cancellation. That's all she could say and I just got frustrated and paid my bill + a $22 reinstatement fee. But if that's true that by law insurance company's are suppose to send you a threatening letter that they will cancel your policy without a breath. Then all other insurance company's are breaking laws left and right cause I've never had a company even threatened me until I went couple of months of non-payment.

So because I bought my policy on the 23rd of the month, they said they sent the first letter because they would like me to pay my bill 3 weeks before it’s due but that it has to be paid the day before it’s actual due date and if it’s not paid by 12:00AM then at 12:01AM I am no longer covered in the case of an accident and the state is notified right away that I no longer can drive my vehicle legally. So if I didn't read these letters, which at first I didn't, and I got an accident, was speeding, or lent my friend my car thinking I'm covered. "I'm late I know but I'll just pay it and the late fee tomorrow...”

I'm screwed if there's an accident and the insurance company just canceled me after yrs. of paying on time and being human. Or if something happens like a death in the family that devastates your mind and functional state, and you don't pay your Bill by or on 22nd which is the day before my actual monthly due date, then at 12:01A.M I am no longer covered and I have to pay a fee to reinstate my insurance and that's if Safe Auto will reinstate you according to some reviews I've read.

By the way I'm still confused and hadn't complained about the letters cause I thought they were a mistake or a joke but I knew I was late paying my bill by their standards so the next day after paying my bill + reinstatement fee I looked online and I already have another bill due! And it’s a different amount than what our first bill said. It was less but that got me even more confused, I mean at least agree on how much $ you want to screw out of me. So I call and once again they had no answers but I was locked and loaded after reading the letters they sent me 13 & 14 days into being a new customer. I couldn't believe that they would make a new or a "valued customer" as they put it, feel Like you did something wrong.

Sending an early bill makes you feel like you’re already late or fear that at any time or day they can cancel your policy leaving you with no coverage. I gave the scenario about having something out of the blue happen and for years you pay your bill on time and 1 time your late and they cancel you. They obviously don't appreciate their customers and from what I've read they aren't in your corner when you need them most. We chose them because years ago they were a different and better insurance company. I had an accident 6 days after buying the car and insurance and they paid to get it fixed without a problem. A lot of years later I decide to give them my money and trust them and this is what I get.

Now I'm going back to Progressive. They seem to care about you and have never threatened me or made me feel stressed and confused. My point is that no one is perfect, charge a late fee but no law says you have to cancel someone's insurance for paying their bill on the actual monthly due day or even being late. By the time I cancel my policy with them I had been a customer of Safe Auto for only 2 months but it only took me a couple of weeks to realize they were different and changed. They seem greedy and see you as dollar signs instead of caring about being at and on your side at maybe the worst time of your life, and should thank you for picking them instead of threatening you before your first bill. I'm trying to put them on blast because they need and should have to change the way their doing business.

How are they still in business? No one's perfect which is more reason an insurance company should understand. I will try my best to convince anyone who's looking for good insurance as coverage and customer service to not trust Safe Auto because they simply do not care about their customers. Once again please direct your complaints to BBB!!! I hope this will help someone who is suspecting of Safe Auto or is thinking about buying auto insurance and trusting them to not take advantage of you.

I called Safe Auto 11/2017 about having a vehicle removed. Come 2/2018 I was wondering why I was still paying the full amount for one Vehicle. I was told they show no record of me requesting to have my vehicle removed. So I ask if they could remove and make a payment. 4 days later they still did not remove my vehicle and they did not take my payment out.

I contacted and purchased Auto Insurance from Safe Auto however I was able to get a better deal from their competitors. I called in to cancel 2 days later. I paid $181 for the policy, which was back in May 2018. I'm still waiting on my refund, however, I'm now being told it was sent to the DMV due to Safe Auto didn't have my address. Who sends a refund to the DMV, scammers that's who. Please don't use this insurance company, clearly, it is legal to steal from hard working people.

So, Safe Auto claims I didn't pay in June or August. They claim the nonpayment amounts was on next month's bill. We knew absolutely NOTHING about it for 5 MONTHS!! ALL our bills they mailed were the same each month until just now. We suddenly got a bill saying we owe three times our normal monthly amount due!! I called and asked what is going on. GET THIS, I claim I didn't pay June (5 MONTHS AGO) only hearing this now. I said I did pay!! They claim I made the payment and it went through the I supposedly called my bank one minute later and claimed it was a fraudulent charge. WHAT?! Are you kidding me right now?!

WHY would I do that? So I call my bank and they have to keep records of anything reported as fraud or any disputes. Guess what? YEAH there were zero disputes! Safe Auto is charging me a bunch of surcharges etc... I asked them why didn't they tell me right away?! NOT 5 months later! AND why wasn't it on our monthly bill saying we hadn't paid it until now? YEAH real freaking shady!! Do not even bother with them! I know I'm done with them.

I called Safe Auto two weeks ago to sign up for insurance. After talking to the agent on the phone about the policy, I found out he lied about the policy he was giving me. He gave me state minimum for 122 a month when I was requesting for the same policy I currently have but the same company kept raising their rates with no car accidents or speeding tickets on my record. I called back after finding out I had minimum insurance that did not cover anything. They told me I can cancel if I send them documentation that I currently have insurance. No other insurance company would do that. If I don't want to do business with you I don't have to but they were forcing.

They then told me if I sent them copies that they requested I would get a full refund. A week has gone by and I called them back and they advised me I will receive 66 dollars back after them lying and now not giving me the full refund as they told me. I am currently disputing the charge with my credit card company that has been very helpful to me. Safe auto is a fraud and please no one use them. I don't want people to experience what I have ever.

My daughter was involved in a car accident with a Safe Auto insured. This happened in a school parking lot. There was a police report that cited the Safe Auto driver at fault. My daughter was sitting still. That was also noted in the police report. We contacted Safe Auto after we had obtained the completed police report. This accident was greater than two months ago. They have postponed handling our claim in which our daughter has been without a car and we have had to make other arrangements at much expense to our family. I not only called Safe Auto multiple times but each time that I called there was a new person handling my claim due to others being out of the office or it being sent to a different department. Even supervisors were not available to help me.

I faxed the copy of the police report that I obtained two times to them. They continuously put us off and say that they need to have a conversation with their insured to obtain their accounting of the accident. I understand that that is fair. However when their insured does not tell the truth about the accident and it conflicts with the police report this company continues to side with their insured. So now it has been more than two months my daughter is still without her car and I received your voicemail that said that the insured said that she was parked and my daughter hit her. This is completely absurd. I was actually a witness of this accident and I have never in my life been so insulted through a process. I wish that there were some governing official who could evaluate the processes of this company's practices. Very unethical unless you are a Safe Auto insured and you are at fault. I would never use them as my personal insurance.

March 27th, 2015 I was at a stop light behind a semi when a person came barreling down on me going 50-60 mph and rear-ended me. I saw him coming and braced myself. The impact threw me into the semi in front of me and the airbags deployed in the car behind me. I was knocked silly. I was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance and by time I was in the ambulance the driver that hit me had fled the scene in his car!!! It is now April 7th and we have been informed the accident will not be covered because it was a hit and run and the police have not yet found the criminal that hit me.

I have huge medical bills, lost work time, a rental car cost, and am still hurting from all this. I have Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury, Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury, and Uninsured Motorist Property Damage and they say since it's a hit and run they don't have anyone to go after for the claim so no coverage!!! I have an appointment with an attorney tomorrow so we'll see what can be done. My car is totalled!! Safe Auto should not be allowed to stay in business!!! This is insane!!!

One month in and already the worst car insurance company I have ever dealt with. Never before have I seen a company with so many white lies and sneakiness to get money out of you. I have had one policy for exactly 30 days as of writing this, they have charged me 2 times and are now asking for a third that is over twice as much!

When asking why, I am informed none of the due dates they send out are not accurate (in fact, they are stated as 2 weeks before the actual due date in every price of paperwork they have sent me). So, I paid 1 payment and another unknowingly early, I should have 2 months of coverage? I somehow am only covered for 1 and 1 week, and they are asking for over twice as much for unsigned paperwork they never sent out. Unsure how that math works out, and apparently the customer service reps are unsure as well but don't care enough to help. Please, if you need cheap and good insurance, go elsewhere.

Me and my husband had a wreck in a bad storm a couple of weeks ago. We just hydroplaned. It took over a week to come look at the car and was supposed to talk to me but never saw nobody. Then my husband calls, they finally get the car in the shop. And I am still waiting. They told me they weren't fixing my car and took my rental car. And I have full coverage too. And I have never talk to the same adjustor twice.

We have been with Safe Auto since April 2015 and haven't had any claims. They are pleasant when you call with a question or problem. I have no reason not to recommend them at this time.

I gave Safe Auto a down payment of $80 for liability insurance coverage. I made it known I wanted full coverage but they said my car was too old (97 Saab convertible). I found full coverage with 21st Century for the same price. I immediately canceled with Safe Auto (30 minutes after I gave them down payment). After numerous calls, I received a check 3 weeks later for $16.60. They refuse to give me money back, they stole my money.

Had an accident, totaled my Infiniti. Got cheap, used car. My insurer on all my cars had been Geico, but decided to try Safe Auto as though they would be cheaper for simple liability insurance on cheap used car. I should have checked. Quote from SA was $107 first month, $77/month thereafter. I stupidly agreed! I had to get in touch with Geico to cancel policy. In doing this I asked them what their quote would be, for same policy I had purchased from SA. They gave me a quote of $200 for 6 months, 1/3 of SA was charging! Immediately called SA to cancel their policy. Was told I would have to pay them $77 anyway as I could only cancel within 3 hrs of having bought policy.

I said, "Ok, just get me out of it!" Realized I had been Ripped Off!!! DON'T GET ANYWHERE NEAR THESE GUYS!!! Next day, Geico rep. came to my place with check for $29,200, reimbursement on my totaled 2010 FX 35 and brought along all items that had been left in car. Had missed pair of sunglasses left in overhead holder. Came back next day! There guys are the Real Deal! Safe Auto definitely is Not!!!

I am a victim in an accident. One of their customer hit my car in the parking lot. I am now still working for my claim with the Safe Auto Insurance company. But I can say it is my worst experience ever. I have been trying to reach the adjuster for 2 days and made more than 10 calls per day and left multiple voice mail. No one answer the phone call. No one call me back. Right now, the only way for me is to wait. I read the other's review and feel hopeless. The company like this can still exist is amazing. I will keep update my case and see what will happen.

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, Safe Auto went to my online checking Account and deducted unauthorized $292.00 for car insurance which they already received on July 14, 2017. I called Safe Auto and explained to them that they have gone to my Checking account and deducted this money which was unauthorized. The Customer Service representative told me that they would refund my money back to me. I told them that was my Car payment for the month of July that they took, and that my vehicle would be repossessed, but to no avail from them. Later, I was told to send my bank statement even though they are seeing that they have this unauthorized money there. However, I did email it highlighting Safe Auto on my bank statement and covering up the other places that I do business with.

Subsequently, I was told to fax a second copy of my bank statement to their Accounting Department, but I told the young lady that I do not have a fax machine, but she was insisting that I must get one. Then came back and told that she would send it over to their accounting department via email. Later, she gets back to me stating that the Accounting Department wants to see all the items that I do business with on my bank statement of which I refused because I am not taking a loan from Safe Auto, but that Safe Auto went to my checking account and took unauthorized money off of my bank account.

Later, I called back on Friday and was met with two unprofessional staff members in the Customer Service department and Claims department as they were transferring me back and forth plus had me holding for a long time then cut-off the phone from one person to another arguing that they do not understand me, even though I am speaking the English language which is the universal language in the US and the world at large.

I then called the number to cancel the car insurance, and a refund of all my monies, but Marsha promised to help me by sending an email to the Accounting department to refund me my monies. Today I called to follow-up, and was not able to get any word on my refund and when I would get my monies back from Safe Auto. But was told again to send proof that they took my money out of my account, and they are seeing that they withdrew unauthorized monies from my checking Account twice. This representative said he cannot help me further.

Now I need to emphasize that I am not applying for a loan from Safe Auto to be up in my business, for me to send my bank statement to them. Also, I did not authorize them to draft my checking account twice. It was a one-time transaction and to add that my car insurance supposed to be $166.00 per month. While in the meantime my car is being repossessed, and without my car, I cannot pay them for car insurance. As of today, there is no positive word on my monies from Safe Auto, and I am on the verge of canceling my car insurance with them.

I need my monies back urgently at the same time frustrated with Safe Auto Insurance Company. Also, I would like to advise consumer to do not allow Safe Auto to withdraw money off of your Bank Account because they will take off unauthorized money from your checking account, and you will receive hell from them to get your monies back. I will also report this matter to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because Safe Auto is causing me a lot of distress and expense. This is not right for business.

I ran over semi tire-tread on the way to drill (I'm Army National Guard). I called that day and created an incident report. When I returned home, I took my car to Cron's Auto Body to get an estimate. The charges were at least double my deductible so I called back. The Adjuster ** called me on Friday, May 1, 2015 @ 16:16 CST and left a voicemail. The voicemail stated she would call me on Monday. Friday, May 1, 2015 @16:45 CST. I returned her phone call.

Her voicemail says, "Thank you for calling Safe Auto Insurance Company. You have reached the voicemail box of **. My normal office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. I am currently on the phone or away from my desk. Please leave your name, phone number (including area code), claim number, and the reason for your call. Calls received by 2 PM will be returned by the end of the current business day. Calls received after 2 PM will be returned by noon the following business day. My fax number is **. My email address is **. My supervisor is **. Her phone number is **. Thank you for calling safe auto. You have a good day."

I left my information and said I would talk to her on Monday. Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 10:28 CST I called Safe Auto to increase insurance coverage and verify that my rental car was covered by my insurance. I was told that my adjuster (that is **) would have to grant permission for that. Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 15:52 CST Left voicemail for ** with my information and requested she call me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 @ 17:02 CST Called Safe Auto Customer Service to request to speak with a manager. The customer service representative said that there were no managers on site. The main office is in Ohio which is EST. When I explained that I had not received a phone call back she said she would send an email marked urgent requesting someone call me the next morning. Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 08:49 CST ** called to let me know the auto repair shop called him. They had left at least two messages for the adjuster. She has not returned either call.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 11:10 CST I called Safe Auto. I spoke with a customer service representative and inform them I wanted to cancel my policy. She asked me why I wanted to cancel. I told her about the horrible service I had received thus far, (actually the fact that I did not receive any customer service). She asked me to please hold, and got the department manager, ** on the line for me. ** stated that she apologized for my experience and that the fact that neither had called me yet would be addressed. She also said that she would call the body shop right away.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 11:28 CST Cron's Body Shop called to let me know that he had finally spoke to a safe auto representative **. She said that she would send the paperwork right over to him. Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 12:55 CST Called Safe Auto to verify my policy was cancelled. It was not. The customer service representative informed me they would charge me $25 to cancel. Although I don't believe I should have had to pay it, I told her "It is money well spent!" It is now Thursday at 14:41 CST I STILL have not heard from anyone.

We have been a PAYING customer of Safe Auto for at least 13-14 years with ZERO claims. Because my daughter went to college full time out of state, they stated that she would have to register her car in our state in order to stay on the insurance. Then they decided that we could keep her on our insurance, but if there was an accident they would deny her claim. Then they cancelled our policy, with the stated reason being that WE "refused to remove her from our policy." This is insulting, frustrating, angering, AND now we have to deal with the banks calling us to threaten repo-ing our vehicles for lack of coverage. In addition, their rates are not much lower (if at all) than anywhere else. I STRONGLY recommend NEVER using this insurance company. I am afraid of what would happen if you DID actually have to make a claim.

After seven years of paying for insurance and never filing a claim or having an accident, I was refused insurance. I let the policy lapse, misread the due date; one other time during seven years I had let the policy lapse accidentally. I was having trouble hearing the guy and asked him to speak louder. He said he would call me back but didn't. When I called back, they said they did not want to write a policy for me. When I asked to speak to the Underwriting Department management, they told me no one was available to speak to me. No customer appreciation at all!

I got Safe Auto because they were $10 cheaper than Geico. Well, it cost me $12 to cancel the policy so it was not even remotely worth it. The customer service is horrible. I called twice and I could hear people talking in the background but no one would answer. The 3rd time, someone answered and she was mean, rude and a complete idiot who couldn't answer a single question I had and just kept referring me to a letter I would receive in a week. I couldn't pay their $12 cancellation fee with my card right then and there. I have to wait to pay this joke of a fee. The whole company is a joke. It really is. My premium went up $20 in 6 months. I have no accidents, tickets and I've been licensed for 10 years and I'm over 25 years old. When I asked why the ignorant girl said "Oh little changes to my policy," I've never changed anything to it. So that was **. It's not worth the mediocre amount they "save" you. Avoid this company like the plague.

I purchased a new car on Apr. 16, 2013. I purchased insurance online on the same date through Safe Auto. I paid my first installment that day of $222. Today, I logged into the account online to see why I haven't gotten a bill or anything, as it's been just over a month only to see my policy is canceled. So, I called Safe Auto who informed me that yes, policy was canceled effective May 16 due to non-payment. So I asked why didn't I get a courtesy email, text, phone call or anything saying that my payment was late, and I am about to be canceled? She rudely told me that I was notified by letter, email and phone call. Well, I work for an internet/cell phone provider. I have every email sent and received, as well as a log of all incoming/outgoing calls.

As I am on the phone with her, I told her that there must be a mix-up, as I have no record of any such phone call or email. And while I am sure they hear this all the time, I honestly did not receive notification. So the super rude representative told me, "Well, I don't know what to tell you. We did call and email you, before and after the cancellation, and we will not reinstate you." Well, guess what? I wasn't calling to get reinstated. I already have switched to Geico. I was only calling to find out what happened. I cannot believe what poor customer service I received and would not recommend Safe Auto to anyone! I guess it's true. You get what you pay for, and I paid for nothing! If I could rate Safe Auto with zero stars, I would. Shame on you!

The insured hit my car on November 5th, 2013 while it was parked legally in a parking space. I have video of the accident, and witnesses who saw it happen, along with pictures of the damage. The girl who hit her car tried to leave the scene but was too upset to get her truck turned around. Safe Auto has given us four adjusters now. At first they denied any damage was done by their client, but when the video was mailed to them (by my daughter), they changed their tune AND the adjuster. Then they decided that only the bumper was damaged (from looking at the pictures WE sent them) until they got the body shop estimate of $3600.00 or so, then decided it was totaled, and we got another adjuster who started over with the phone games.

Safe Auto was the ones who determined it was totaled. Until today (1/8/2014) I had not spoken to anyone from Safe Auto. They would only leave messages on my house phone while we were at work, even though I e-mailed the adjuster and told her to call me on my cell and gave her the number. They will not answer the phone when I called back, and now the number and extension I have been given does not work. The automated phone service returns a message of "the extension is not valid". I found out today that the woman I was supposed to be dealing with had either quit or was fired, but "was no longer with the company".

I do not know how this company can continue to run a business with this poor of a customer service. I have called their customer service, and was disconnected three times. I waited for a real person and none ever came on the line. My daughter (who has used the car for the past 5 years while going to Univ. of Cincinnati Chem. Engineering school) has had to purchase an old clunker to get back and forth to school and work since Safe Auto has not seen fit to deal with this claim. I have left messages requesting them to call and leave me a message detailing what time I should call them so they would pick up the phone, all to no avail.

UPDATE: 1/8/2014 I received a call from Safe Auto adjuster today (our fourth adjuster) who has given me a low ball figure for the car. They determined there were scratches on the dash, the drivers side seat had the "upholstery flattened", there were 15k more miles than would normally be on a car of this vintage (2002), etc. etc.

There was no mention of taxes, title and licensing fees (a requirement they pay). The guy was nice, but I get the feeling he just got dumped on him half the claims the last adjuster had, and wasn't really interested in me, just getting me to sign something. This is a terrible company.

TRIED to cancel my policy because I sold my car June 10th. Here we are August 10th and they still have not reimbursed me for the month I paid for insurance when I actually no longer had the vehicle. After numerous phones calls and being misinformed repeatedly, I finally spoke with someone who knew what they were all talking about and I did everything required of me to do/send. Tell me why I still have not been reimbursed and why underwriting has done nothing to complete this transaction. Totally ridiculous and I can guarantee I will never use this company again. I will also be sure and let friends and family know what a poor excuse for a business Safe Auto is. Now I wait for a supervisor to call me back tomorrow between 11pm and 8pm.

Safe Auto Bait-and-Switch Tactic (What they don't tell you) - (Some) agents are careful not to acknowledge anything on initial phone interview that may jeopardize getting you to commit. Don't be surprised if they tell you at least $100 less per month premium over phone and you receive the actual cost on a premium statement within two days. You have the option to cancel, but it will cost you $40 in initiation fee and $25 in cancellation fee. These charges are not revealed until you receive your premium via US mail. These blogs are good and helpful to warn consumers, but please file with the BBB as well. Claims issues are only a part of it. Be sure to check other review/complaint sites regarding Safe Auto Insurance to be thoroughly informed.

It was rather simple to get an insurance policy through Safe Auto! I was so very happy to have found this. The price is the cheapest that I could find in calling around & comparing prices. Some prices that other companies are asking for are completely absurd! I will never try to get a policy with any other agency! But I hate that my insurance company mails my payment so early & it always says my payment is due way before it is actually due. They also call a gazillion times to remind you of your darn bill!

So for all of you that even have a thought of ever using Safe Auto Insurance please look at their reviews. My daughter's vehicle was hit by one of their insured motorists on November 7, 2014. Not only did they hit her vehicle but 2 other cars and took out a gas pump which cost 40k to replace. Their insured only had minimum coverage of 10k. They've been BS in us for 7 months.

So, after months and months of dancing around our calls and promises of payment soon... well I still am forwarded to voice mails. When I called again this AM (after no return calls on Monday and Tuesday) I asked for the CEO's name and they say they can't give me his information. I responded that it was public information to which the customer service rep asked her supervisor what to do (without putting me on hold btw). I told them that anyone could Google it and I was going to send him an email to which they hung up on me.

I was traveling 75/85 North toward downtown Atlanta when Mr ** hit me in the rear of my Audi A7. I filed a claim with his insurance company (Safe Auto) two weeks ago and I was assign to ASHLIE **! Then a day later my claim was transfer to BRAD then now is being handle by Ellen **. I spoke with her and her supervisor Katie last week and I was told they looked over the police report and needs to speak to their client before accepting liability. I called Ellen on Friday and she told me again that they wanna give their client the chance to call them first but he doesn't call by Monday. She said they will accept liability base of the police report. Today 01/17/2017 at 11:41 am ET Ellen ** called me and said they wanna give their client one more week to respond.

Upon purchasing a new policy yesterday, Safe Auto claims it will take up to 72 hours for them to 'electronically file' my SR-22 with the BMV. Up to 72 hours to send an email??? They had no problem taking my money electronically. THAT was immediate! They won't email the insurance card to me. They won't fax it to me. They won't allow me to come in and pick it up. Now, I have to drive illegally for 2 more days, because they won't give me what I paid for. The only reason I gave them a 2 star rating is because they are the most inexpensive company around. But if you're trying to get your license back? Don't go with these guys. Go with a small company out of the Yellow Pages. You can walk in the office and get the paperwork that you paid for immediately.

I had to be admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgery and will be out of work for a few weeks. I called to see if they could waive this month's payment as I have been a customer for quite some time. I was told no. Then my policy rates went up to no reasoning other than I suppose they felt that Ohio was getting too good a deal. Tack on top of the highly annoying harassment mail they start pumping out the first of the month and phone calls, they charge you $3.95 to pay your bill online. This company is complete crap when it comes to looking out for their customers. Every one of my other monthly bills I am responsible for were more than willing to help me out in this time of need except for them, and their supervisors aren’t good for any answers to any questions you have. Pretty much, they suck and I’ll be shopping for a new provider ASAP. I can’t be the only person who has fallen on a hard time that they could give a damn about.

Before you purchase insurance through Safe Auto I would recommend getting a copy of your DMV or motor vehicle accident report claims and accidents to them. SafeAuto will rip you off by adding additional accident so they have a reason to raise your rates. I was told 130 I must and they said I was going to be paying 230 now. They are cheapskates and they will use you in any way to raise your car premium. I highly recommend that you do not use Safe Auto. They are liars. They are users and they love to play games with your customers. I complete this was dissatisfied with the service I had to let my cancel due to the fact they wanted 300 premium to pay and so again I recommend that you have your DMV record to prove that what accidents you had. They will pull anything out of your ** to raise your rates. They raise mine claiming I had 5 accidents not 2 when I had 2.

Safe Auto is the best insurance company I have found so far because they pay their claims in a very timely manner, and if I have any problems they have a 1-800 number so I can speak with a representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are imperatives I must have in companies I do business with.

They only got 1 star because I couldn't do zero stars. UUUGGGHHH! I started a policy on 06/19/18 and paid $235, I cancelled the policy on 06/23/18, I was informed that I was not getting a refund and that I have a balance on the account of $190 because I self cancelled before the intended cancellation date they can charge me 10% of the 6 month premium. Which if I do not pay they will send to collections. I feel like they trick people out of their hard earned money and can get away with it. I have never had an insurance company that keeps our money if you cancel a policy that you clearly do not need.

My faith in people diminishes every day because you have companies like this that can just scam people and it's legal. They can hide behind a statement in their policy booklet that states they can charges you 10% of your 6 month premium and there is NOTHING the customer can do about it. They can take your money and say ** YOU!!! I am filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner.

I tried to make a payment with 2 cards and they told me I could but I had to make it at the same time. Due to the situation I was in, I couldn’t. The guy said I could 3 way call the other person that would be paying the rest. While calling intl that was going to be a problem. They did nothing to help. On top of this, this wasn’t the first time they had made things difficult for me. I’m cancelling my policy. This company is trash.

When I initially got my policy, I was paying $186 a month for 6 months. When my 6 months was up, it raised to $206 a month. They said this was due to the taxes raising in my city. Okay, fine. It was still the cheapest insurance I could find. Then, when my insurance policy renewed another 6 months later, they raised it AGAIN by $28 a month. At this point, I have had no claims, no accidents and my insurance policy keeps RAISING. They couldn't provide me with a reason as to WHY it kept raising. I switched to Progressive where my insurance was over $100 cheaper than what I was paying with Safe Auto. They are a RIPOFF. Would not recommend.

I filed a claim with my insurance company Safe auto. My vehicle went into the shop on April 13, 2015. Today is May 5, 2015 and my vehicle is still in the shop. The shop is waiting on Safe auto to approve the repair to be completed on my vehicle. I have been constantly trying to contact my adjuster at safe auto to find out why this process is taking so long, phone calls, emails. No return call from safe auto. I have had a rental since the day I put my car in the shop. Safe auto was suppose to be paying $20/day on the rental car. They only paid for 3 days. I had to pay out of pocket so far $970.00.

Safe auto claims they will review my claim to see if they can get an extension on the rental car coverage. They have not yet gotten back to me about the rental car coverage. They do not have any department that takes customer complaints, they don't care they just want your money every month. I have been paying my insurance premium every month on time and have not received the service I have been paying for. Can anyone help me? What actions can I take against safe auto? I am out $ 970.00 out of my pocket. What can I do?

I am the victim of an accident of a Safe Auto policy holder who cancelled their policy holder and would not pay the claim for the accident, citing lack of cooperation from policy holder. What is the use of an insurance policy if you want back up your policy holder when they create havoc on good citizens? After twelve phone calls, the claim representative Justin ** would not return my phone call. They denied a $400 claim that that was a simple repair. Now I have to go to small claim court to get my car repaired because Safe Auto is a scam in my opinion. My experience has not been good at all. What are they doing with the money that the policy holders are paying? Certainly they are not paying victim of their policy holders. At least not in my case. Their policy holder hit my car when it was parked. The police was the witness at the Department of Motor Vehicle. Shut and closed case. What more can I say?

I was a good paying, happy customer of 5 years. This until I was injured in a not at fault accident. I’m unable to get the recommended treatment because of not having the money as I fight Safe Auto. They don’t give a damn about their customers. At times when your insurance company should be there they are everything but that!!! Then they have the audacity to try to raise my rates...

I sent a money order for my payment on October 11th and here it is October 21 and they have yet to receive it. They cancelled my policy and tried to tell me they never received the money order, yet miraculously, the money order was cashed BY THEM. Every person I spoke with was rude and unaccommodating and as soon as I told them I would take my business elsewhere, they told me that they would do whatever they could to retain my business. When I told them all they had to do was reinstate my policy, they clammed up. Worst customer service I have ever seen in my life!!

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