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This company will hook you with first with their low rates, but buyer beware that your rates will increase each year you keep them. It will not matter if you have great credit, you pay on time or fill a claim or not. If you file a claim it will not matter if it was a no fault accident or act of God, they will increase your rates to get back what they paid out. If you claim an auto accident and your car is new, you will get quoted for cheap aftermarket parts and not OEM, good luck with that if you have a vehicle warranty and something that they used as a mechanical part breaks down. So please do not fall for their low rates, you will very much regret it in the future. As of May they will be dropped.

My initial experience with Safeco was good. Where customer services began to fall short was in 2016-17-18... Not following through, rude and disrespectful. Documentation upkeep and not honoring my requests. I finally changed my policy on Nov 3, 2018 - short by 2 months of an annual policy. I received a letter stating that I owed Safeco money. I requested a statement to show why I owed this money and a customer service told me they would mail out a statement. I didn’t receive the statement so I called back. The representative on the phone told me that customer service said that they didn’t have to send me anything. Then Safeco sent my case to the Credit Bureau.

I filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance. They were able to get the form that I requested and pointed out the reason on file. While the commission cannot discipline the rep's unprofessional behavior, I’m glad that I cancelled my policy with this company. I secured a new policy with a professional company that goes above and beyond my service needs. Now I have a relationship with the owner of her own agency. Valuable lesson: I will read contracts more thoroughly, ask more questions, and be tuned in with whom I invest my money and how I conduct future business transactions. Be mindful future seekers.

My experience with Safeco was a nerve wracking one as the price was very high for two on just liability. I was not even able to obtain uninsured motorist insurance either. They are sloppy but adjustable. The only option they had for me was liability at ninety eight dollars a month so I really had no choice. There weren't many kind options but the customer service was okay for the time being at least. It did take an hour in the office just to get the insurance through them but seemed the best fit since the price drops by five dollars every six months. While I do like that my insurance is always there with a five dollar reinstatement fee and without any late pay fees at any time, I would really enjoy a lower price or a safe drivers check or even some type of reward for being accident free. And maybe they can add a full coverage option at a lower price.

My father's parked car was dented because the Safeco driver took a wide turn and hit him. Safeco said it was my father's fault and stated that unless there is a police report, they will take the word of their driver. The police station confirmed that police reports are not done unless there is personal injury and when the officer heard that it was Safeco that requested this form, he said "they know better". It took me over 9 calls to Safeco. Never heard back from any managers or adjusters. I guess once their driver said that he was not at fault, that is all the research they will do!

I like the price and different levels of coverage the most in this insurance company. Customer service for this company is great. We have always had a pleasant and an overall positive experience with SAFECO. Sometimes we switch for a better deal, but nothing against SAFECO though.

I have used this insurance for many years along with home insurance and have never had a problem. We needed a new roof on our house and the claim went through for this in less than a week. Also any changes that my insurance agent recommends is done either by phone or in person which shows this is a company that looks after its customers.

I have had Safeco for over 30 years and purchasing insurance was easy. It was purchased in a multi-insurance company. The agents were friendly and knowledgeable. Our prior insurance was more expensive, and not as friendly. I like that I can call anytime, fast solutions to situations, offer extra umbrella coverage, bundle home and auto insurance, and discounts for multi-car accounts. Offices all over, so easy to do business you can't do over the phone. But it would be nice if the premiums were lower and the coverage should be the same as Liberty Mutual since Safeco is owned by Liberty Mutual. Also, they need an updated logo.

I had an auto policy with the company, I canceled the policy before the next billing period and was told there was a stop payment so that my account would not be debited. The payment was still processed. When I called about when the amount would be refunded they told me 5 to 10 days, the amount of $101.04 was debited from my checking account on 6/22, I received a refund of $69.16 on 7/9, that is not the amount they deducted from my account. The policy dates ran from the 22 to the 22 of each month, the policy was canceled on the 21st. When I called the agent, he informed that I would have to contact the main branch accounting. I contact them and they tell me they are there for the agents not for policy owners, but they do speak with me, they continue to tell me that I owed the $31.88 missing from the refund.

If I canceled before the policy date why do I owe for days I didn't use? This is not the first time this has happened and I allowed it to slide the first time but as a single mother who has camp fees to pay I am having to pinch pennies so I can not let it slide this time. I have had a terrible experience with the agent and this company, I also had a difficult time with my homeowners insurance, in which they said the premium was never paid but when I checked with the escrow company they said they had paid it and pulled the cashed check, Safeco still said the premium wasn't paid and canceled my homeowners policy.

I was hit by a person insured by Safeco on December 2, 2018. Claims adjuster Angelo ** did not want to hear all the details, only some. They did accept??? liability. On Friday January 18, we were told by Rebecca ** they would be overnighting my check, that they lowballed me on, by Saturday January 19. They did not do this and tell me I have to wait till Tuesday now. Luckily, my aunt used to work for them and told me a decision maker will be in on Monday January 21. I hope they direct deposit it or my family will be on the street. This is an AWFUL company with AWFUL customer service.

Since I've only been with them for less than a year and have never had a claim, I can't really say if they pay up as promised. They did make one mistake on my billing, but were very responsive when I called. It was fixed right away. The one thing I HATE is that they don't send a bill, email, anything for progress payments--you just have to remember to make them.

I was insured by All State. My insurance premium was increased every year by quite a bit. So... I got a quote from SAFECO and it was nearly $100 less a month, so I switched my car and house insurance to them. After the first year my premiums increased over a $100 a year. I just got my renewal papers and my car insurance has increase over $200 a year this time. I have had no claims or tickets. I only have 22,000 miles on my car which is a 2013 Avalon. In other words, I have a great driving record and my car is older and worth less, but my premiums continue to rise yearly after the first year with SAFECO.

Last year I sent the form in asking that they review my premiums to see if an adjustment was needed. I heard nothing. I have sent another form in last month asking for an adjustment again. So far I have heard nothing. It did me NO GOOD to switch insurance companies except for the 1st year. I think this must be a gimmick to get you to switch and then they just raise it up to whatever they want. I realize Louisiana has the highest rates in the country, really! Has anyone else experienced this?

Customer service – awful. Direct phone line - seems non-existent. When one is finally connected, the line goes dead and no one calls you back. During the policy period and after paid in full, they send you a bill because they had a rate increase while the policy in effect. During a car accident caused by the other driver - over five different SAFECO agents were involved and one was not communicating with the other. My rates doubled (which were already insane). Finally cancelled with them.

I have not had any problems with the company at all. I also haven't had to make any claims so there has not been any reason for me to have any issues with the company. The price is not too expensive but it has gone up a couple dollars for this current year.

My vehicle was hit by a Safeco insured driver on July 31st this year. Took forever to even hear from the adjuster and once we did, she was not at all polite or good with people. She kept trying to get me to jump through their hoops, asking the same questions each time. Was even extremely rude to the repair shop that she asked to work up the estimate for my vehicle. They were dumbfounded. Miraculously, one day when she reached me by phone, she said a check for the repairs was being sent to me. I couldn’t believe it. Well, it was too good to be true! A week after she sent the check, she informed me that they would be stopping payment on the same check and wanted me to get on a conference call with their insured driver to discuss the accident. BUYER BEWARE! Do NOT use Safeco Insurance! They are the most crooked of all insurance crooks.

Safeco insures multiple vehicles for my family. They are easy to get in touch when needed. When I make changes to our policy their customer service representatives are always very helpful and polite. They make it easy to renew our policy and save me time.

One lady hit my car and she had Safeco. After the accident, an agent from Safeco told me to go ahead and get my car fixed (I got an official letter from Safeco). I went to the car store, and fixed the car. After more than 3 months, I got a call from the car store saying that I needed to pay the repair, because the insurance –Safeco-did not pay it. Now, I have to pay the bill, and it was done in a very expensive store. It is a complete scam. I will take a legal action, because it is completely unprofessional. It is very unprofessional from Safeco to make a person fix the car in a very expensive dealer, and then make the person pay for the repair.

I unfortunately needed to contact Safeco as a snowplow ran into my drivers side window during snowstorm Stella. It was an absolute nightmare from the very first phone call which I was told I did not have glass coverage (I did). I had to spend hours on the phone talking to multiple representatives who did not even have the information that I had previously given a different representative.

My car had gotten towed to a AAA auto garage and Safeco made me tow it to a different garage because they refused to negotiate with the AAA auto shop. They only wanted Safelite to fix car. For a simple window repair it took hours of phone calls to my local agent as well as Safeco agents and I did not even get a rental car during this timeframe. I have my home and auto on this policy and will be changing insurance companies as soon as policy is up as I can not even imagine using this company if I had something major happen to my home or car. A simple glass repair was an absolute nightmare. Will NOT be renewing my policy.

I have a good policy. SAFECO offers multi-car discounts. We have two fully covered vehicles for a wonderful price. They are all around awesome as well. The people are great and they are available when you need them. Can't beat the prices or their insurance agents, they are well trained and so nice. Purchasing insurance was as easy as my friend calling and adding me to his policy he has been with for years.

Purchasing the insurance was so quick and easy. I dealt with my agent and she was friendly! I told her what I needed. She researched and found the best deal for me with the coverage I wanted. I gave my credit card over the phone and didn't have to go in and sign anything. Very convenient!! It only took a few minutes over the phone! SAFECO offered good rates for full coverage on my husband's motorcycle policy. Made the monthly payments due on a date that worked for me as well and there's no trouble setting up automatic withdrawals.

The price is about half of what the other quotes are. Paying for the policy is easy and convenient. They also have an app to view the policy and pay the bill. Send our reminders when it is time to pay and give you a nice grace period to pay at the same time protecting themselves. Everything is online. You can easily view and print your documents online as needed. Can use paperless option if wanted. Everything is very understanding. When we have questions they are very patient at explaining what we may not understand.

I had a simple question-will rate be increased if I have to file a claim for windshield glass coverage with just a little nick - to prevent it from spreading and -who should I take it to for the "glue stick"!! My agent referred me to claims. I was on a "loop" then sent to the wrong department- then sent to right department but...they wanted total history and couldn't give me an answer until the claim was processed. In the meantime- my crack could spread- still don't know who to take it to and don't know if my insurance policy will be penalized for repair of a "NICK"! This robotic world we live in is not Consumer Friendly!!!

This insurance company is very reasonably priced and I have never had any problems or complaints. My insurance bill has actually gone down since I purchased my policy which is awesome. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

It was very easy to purchase the policy. We went to a local office and they were the best option for us. We receive our new cards in less than three days. They worked really well with our family and our needs. I like the ease of getting a hold of their company. I also appreciate their local agents! I like how quickly they respond when I contact them and they are always kind and encouraging. I was very frustrated at how cheaply they wanted me to do my repairs, though. I take care of my vehicles and refuse to just do the bare minimum.

My realtor recommended them and they seemed to want to impress me. They were so easy to work with and friendly. I get a discount because I have my home insured with them also. If a tornado destroys my house and my car I only have to pay one deductible. They have a great program on windshield repair also. However, when I had my friend contact them for a quote they didn't respond. I worry if and when I need them that will be the case.

It has been three months since I got in an accident with a SAFECO driver. The past month I have not been able to get a hold of the agent. I'm calling every week, leaving a message and waiting for a call back. I have to watch the phone because the agent I'm dealing with won't leave a message if I miss her call. I've given the company my statement and police report number and phone number to the witness. This accident is completely the SAFECO driver's fault! I think 3 months is a ridiculous amount of time for a claim to close.

I enjoyed setting up my SAFECO insurance without any hidden fees and payments are always reminded. And they will work with people for payments if there is any intentions of being late or just not being able to pay it. It's easy to talk to the people because they understand and try to empathize for a situation. Also lowest rate for my license to be insured. That way I'm always carrying insurance. However they do not have independent insurance management. Dealing with a lot of people stressful especially having to explain the same situation multiple times because they don't communicate side by side.

SAFECO a rip off. They don't want to pay for your injury claim. They try to offer me $300 for a settlement when it worth a lot more than that. They refuse to pay for the full damage to my car when it was a SAFECO client and fault of the accident. I still dealing with it right now. It being over 5 month. SAFECO is a fraud.

Safeco has been great to use for our insurance. They are affordable and offer great options at a reasonable price and have been able to save us money that some of the bigger name insurance companies couldn't do.

SAFECO insurance is hands down the worst insurance company I have ever been with! The claims adjuster that was sent to my house did not do his job their billing is faulted! I would never recommend this Company to my own enemy!! And don't bother asking them to help you because you will just get the runaround! Do not even waste your time!

Since I have not ever had any accidents, my rates for insurance is reasonable and I have been pleased with the service I receive, as well as the representatives. This particular insurance company seems to be the most reasonably priced with commendable consumer ratings. I believe it's a popular and well known company. I also like that I have the option of managing my policy and payments on line.

I have been with Safeco for about 3 years now and have been very happy with their rates. We have made a couple claims and their representatives have been very helpful and friendly. They also respond quickly and answer any questions in a timely manner and as best their knowledge allows.

I have had Safeco Auto Insurance for almost 20 years and have never had a problem with claims. They have always been easy to contact and have taken care of each claim without problems. Their employees are always available and get back quickly with answers to any questions. I have my home insurance with them also. The service for homeowners insurance is just as good as Auto. I would highly recommend Safeco Insurance to anyone looking for coverage.

Easy to do business with and competent for insurance purposes. Good value for the coverage. Very helpful with advice about coverage. Discount if have more than one policy. Very similar to other insurance companies in many ways.

The agents at SAFECO Insurance are always willing to go the extra mile to make their customers happy. The one we go to is conveniently located and our agent makes my husband and I comfortable when it comes to making decisions regarding insurance. If you need insurance, SAFECO should be one, if not the only, place you go.

I purchased the policy online and it was an Easy process. I was able to compare rates and coverage on the website. The Price was very good, compared to other insurance companies at that time. Had a glass claim and it was easy to set up. Overall my experience with them was good.

I entered the insurance office, informed and discussed the insurance agent of my insurance needs, the insurance printed out my insurance papers, I signed my insurance policy and I left the insurance office and went home. I love the fact that my insurance company does not bother me unless there is an issue with my vehicle insurance policy and I love it the insurance people leave me be.

I called a few companies and the wait for coverage seemed a bit long. If I purchase a car, I want that car covered before I leave the lot as well as proof faxed to the dealership. SAFECO let me stop by or call and add information to the policy without headaches, this is a nice feature. Ease of quick coverage and low cost were very important when we signed up for insurance. They were helpful and fast at giving us coverage. Everything was handled online or over the phone. They are on top of their game at this point. I can call at any time and have my coverage reinstated immediately if there is a lapse due to vehicle failures etc. They are always courteous without seeming superior or like I am a bad person.

I needed to purchase insurance quickly because I had just discovered that my ex-husband had let our insurance lapse, so I wasn't covered. I called several companies for quotes, but my representative with Safeco was the most helpful and I felt she was working to get me the best coverage for the best value. She also provided her cell phone number and made herself available to me in the evenings during a stressful time in which I needed to make a decision quickly. She worked quickly and able to answer any question I had. Plus, SAFECO was a recommended provider on Dave Ramsey's website, so I knew they'd been vetted and I felt I could trust that I was getting the best value. However, in general, I feel that the auto insurance industry is very expensive and I feel a bit taken advantage of.

I had a terrible experience with this insurance company. They lied to me (I have wrong info they sent me in emails); gave me misinformation; and clearly do not care about the people they provide services to. I would strongly encourage you to go with another provider.

We have had no contact with the insurance company. We have not had any claims for over 30 years. Our agent chooses the insurance company that fits our needs. They accept monthly payments taken out of our checking account. We do not have to pay a lump sum once or twice a year. We have older cars and they will insure them.

Was rear-ended by a drunk at 8am, Safeco ack their insured was at fault! Have been to chiropractor, neck and spine specialist, have a lot of pain in neck and shoulder. This accident happened in April 2017! Was off work all this time as I am and insurance adjuster and my job requires me to climb on roofs! The pip adjuster has lost all the info I and the agent have sent 3 different times and refuses to pay for my time off work (4 months)! Now he won't return any phone calls or emails because I refused to settle the claim! I would never ever have Safeco Ins, crooks to say the least! I have reported this to the State Of Texas Ins Commission! Oh this idiot did offer me 1000.00 for inconvenience! What a joke and has refused to pay any of the medical bills until I settle at this amount! He is trying to force me to settle at an unreasonable $$$ amount! What a piece of ** Safeco is!

Safeco insurance take too long to investigate and claim liability when they know the client is at fault. Their client at fault. It's been 3 week. I have paid my own car rentals and towing my car. Going on a month now. My car is total. Still no results. Bad company.

Don't ever purchase insurance from Safeco. If you ever have to use it they won't be there for you. Had a wreck on 10/23/17. It is now 12/29/17, I still have NO resolution or answers for my vehicle to be fixed or totaled. My car was lost for 2 weeks and no one at Safeco was even looking for it, new claims rep I guess not sure, then he was in training for another week... so there is the 4 weeks on the rental... and it has just kept going downhill...

Rear-ended by a Safeco insured driver. The driver admitted complete fault and my car was a total loss. Safeco wants to give me half of the value of my vehicle and refuses to negotiate. I can't find another comparable vehicle to buy with the amount offered. The adjuster Katherine ** is extremely rude. As if it was my fault. I'm stuck with no car and no answers. If you don't have to work with Safeco, please don't ever do so!

I have had limited experience using my auto insurance company. However through setting up the policy and making adjustments to the policy I have had no concerns. Very easy to work with.

Please be careful with people who have Safeco Insurance, I was hit from behind by a woman who demanded I made her hit my brand new car and the claim Insurance Adjuster was acting like they were in the car with this woman and saying I did intentionally made her 18-year-old car hit my Brand new car. They did not accept liability even after hearing the insured agreed to trying to run me off the road. This company is absolute garbage and Lawsuit is already filed against their insured. Please request a new Insurance adjuster if you get a woman by the name of COURTNEY ** @ **.

They just settle on bogus claims without even consulting you. Even though you could win if it went to court. They paid a client that sued us 80,000 on a 3 mph bumper accident, knowing this client had numerous accidents before and a incident at his work where a child hit him with a chair, and was on leave. But this 3 mph bump to his fender, that only dented his license plate caused 80,000 worth of injuries and "other" bogus claims. Knowing this is how this client makes his living on suing people with outrageous claims. You dropped the ball on this Safeco...

Worst experience ever. Had a claim against SAFECO. Hard to settle with. The settlement was no way close to value of my vehicle... constant argument with claims (Amanda **). She just up and declared the claim was over even though I had not agreed to anything. Said what she would do and next day said she hadn't said that. Caught her in figures that were added wrong. Would only send part of settlement. Still haven't received the rest. This company is a joke... selling insurance with very little liability, so victim has to eat the rest. Hope no one ever has to go through this experience.

I am dealing with them as we speak and it's just been a horrible experience. I got rear ended and the driver of course had Safeco insurance. I have been dealing with them since August and still haven't been given a fair price, plus they won't even pay for all of my medical bills. I have never had to deal with people like this and I would never recommend them to anyone. Nothing like getting rear ended and then also getting rear ended by the insurance company.

Safeco is a well known and big company and normally I like to support small business. Very easy to purchase the policy from Safeco. Signed up for it when I changed homeowners insurance companies. Got multiple policy discount and automatic payments so I don't forget to make a payment. Auto payments make paying bill easy. Decent coverage and seems in line with other policies I have had in the past. But could be cheaper and that would make me like it more.

Safeco is available by phone and e-mail at your convenience and answers questions immediately. They bill me twice yearly online. I have not had the need to file a claim to date. My premium is the best I could find for liability only for my needs.

Safeco was my insurance company. I was in an accident in Dec. 2016 in which the other person was at fault. Safeco said they would take care of my vehicle and get the money from the other insurance company. I first had my truck taking to Service King as it was a partner of Safeco and was supposed to get priority treatment. (Sorry that's just too funny) My truck was at SK for 4 months and they still didn't get it completely fixed. Finally I took the truck to Ford. For the past 2 months, it's been sitting there waiting for Safeco to give them the acknowledgment to move forward with the repairs.

Emails, phone calls. None of it matters. I even filed complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance and NBC Consumer Complaints. I still can't get anyone at Safeco to do anything. Worst company ever. Note: They are a Liberty Mutual company, so don't expect any better from them. Horrible experience, I will never deal with Safeco again without a lawyer. If you have them as your provider, cancel and switch companies before you need them. They will NOT be there for you.

Premiums are flat and policy service has been effortless. Overall good experience with no surprises. I have no claim experience but I expect that to go well also. I will not leave them unless premiums are not kept under control.

I switched to Safeco when AAA had such high increases and they had good rates even at my policy numbers of 300/100. I took $1000 deductibles to decrease rates even more. Their policy is easy to follow and has a lot of nice touches to it in the details. I haven't dealt with their customer service much because the policy writer is independent and he helps me a lot. However, the times I have worked directly with Safeco customer service has left me with nothing but good things to say.

I'm relatively unimpressed with this insurance company and am currently shopping for a new policy. It annoys me when an insurance company just sends a renewal with increases without explanation or credit for not making claims! I feel that an insurance company ought to have a modicum of responsibility; considering the outrageous premiums one pays, to review policies annually, perhaps even give customers some kind of credit for being a good 'payer', for not filing claims, etc. giving customers credit, and/or relief from parts of premiums for continuation of services! When using the oldest form of 'gambling' known to 'legit-folks', it would be nice to feel like we 'win' once in a while!

I was hit from behind from a Safeco issuer. They never called to see how I was or what was the damage to my car. I did receive a letter from one of their Senior Claim Resolution Rep (Ryan **) stating he needs "me" to call him, which I did... but of course he was in a meeting? And would call me back, well 5 days later no call. Then I emailed him and his response was: "I didn't send you a letter," well I send him a pic of it... then he responded that I need to call their 800 # and have them get in touch with the adjuster handling the claim, then why I receive a letter from him? So, I email the adjuster and cc Ryan **, the adjuster never got back to me but Ryan ** did telling not to include him on the emails... really. You would think as a Sr Claim Resolution Rep you would like to know what's going on... what a tool.

Our family has used Safeco for years and we've been extremely satisfied with the level of service they provide. Not only is our agent responsive when we have a question, but Safeco as a company stands by us without hesitation. Our policy cost decreases yearly, there are no hidden fees, and it's great bundling various insurance coverages together under one company such as auto & homeowners insurance. When claims do need to be made, Safeco has always done so efficiently and without any trouble at all. Safeco certainly has made us much happier than any other insurance company we've been with in the past!

My car had hail damage. Filed a claim with Safeco. Sent car to Service King for repair. Car was deemed totaled. Safeco had sent a check to Service King, check was cashed by SK. Safeco total loss adjuster had insisted that I ask about what would happen to check. SK stated that Safeco should have the SK corporate office to ask about the check. Besides, check was not sent to me. Safeco adjuster got belligerent on phone, stating that "I do not have to do anything at all and sit here ". And who knows what else Safeco is willing to do or not do. Safeco wants their subscriber to do their work for them. As a subscriber, I shouldn't need to get involved with internal communications between them and the repair shop. When asked why I had to do this for them, Safeco adjuster gets defensive. My first and last with Safeco. Now I know to avoid them like a plague.

Very happy with coverage provided at a reasonable price compared to other companies. I like the option to pay in full (1 year) at a discount or in semi annual installments for a discount as well. They do also provide monthly payment option. We have had this insurance for a couple of years now and our rates continue to decrease. No accidents or tickets. We have 2 older cars (2002 & 2008) that we cover. Can pay either the agent directly or pay online.

Accident on 3/29, called SAFECO and gave 800# agent all relevant information. Instead of calling me on cell, I get message on home phone the next day. Called adjuster again and left her two messages. Got voice mail the following Monday. She said she had other appointments after 1 PM Friday. Called again and got fast busy on her number? This adjuster Cara ** doesn't seem to be available after 1 PM on Fridays (how convenient). Her number does not go to voice mail - fast busy. This company takes no pride in customer service. The other party's insurance company (Esurance) CALLED me two hours after the accident. That is great service.

I like the fact that they can go through several agencies and pick the lowest rates for me. I do not like the fact that they don't do this regularly without being asked. My husband has had several accidents (not his fault) and they have not raised our rates.

They claim to be an insurance company, but I have only seen them take money and run. I was rear-ended by a Safeco customer. They accepted fault, no discrepancy. All in the police report. Safeco sent me a fraction of the amount the estimate was for and said the body shop can call and ask for more when they need it. I have tried to call for over a week, to get a replacement vehicle while mine is being worked on, now that I see they are going to dole the money out a few dollars at a time, taking however long they want to decide in between. No luck. No one will call back. April was the main adjuster, then she diverted the account to another one. I haven't heard from the next one either. I have even left a message with a supervisor. Haven't heard back from him either. I would never use this company and I can't imagine actually being one of their customers in need.

Everything is very easy with this company, online or on the phone, you can call 24/7 and get answers. It's a very good company to work with and very easy to file a claim with. It's easy to make payments online or over the phone. Customer service is very good too. I would recommend Safeco auto for anyone looking for cheap good insurance.

Just filed my complaint with Texas Department of Insurance today. I called them 11/06/2018 to file a vandalism claim. They sent an adjuster out and apparently didn't like the amount of the repair. So they changed my claim rep and said they made an error in handling and they were going to send a forensics specialist to look at my truck. It took nearly a month before he got there. It took another couple of weeks before they denied the claim. They took every means to deny my claim, over a month later, and my truck was not touched in that timeframe.

They denied my claim 12/10/2018 and didn't tell me until the next day, but they already stopped the rental car the day before as well. So Enterprise calls my wife and tells her that it was stopped on the 10th and that it's our responsibility to pay for the rental. They omitted a fuel sample even though pictures that THEY took show contaminated fuel. My wife checked our Safeco acct. website, and they are charging us back for something, I have no idea what, but the bill is $400.00 higher for next month. I have taken the liberty to have my own fuel analysis done, because I know this is going to get dirty. Luckily I have the dealership to back up my claim as well as an attorney on standby to fight it in court. I would highly recommend anybody other than Safeco. Very crooked company, no morals nor ethics. If I could give 0 stars instead of one, I most certainly would.

I had my auto and home insurance with Safeco for over 20 years. I'd always been happy with them, even though I could have found less expensive insurance. I chose to stay with them because I was a long time client and thought they were a good company. Last year my auto premium went up $100/year for no reason. I stayed with them. This year--it increased $650.00/YEAR!!! No points on my driving record, same car, etc. It was just a rate increase they had. I am appalled.

In Sept 2015, I was rear ended on the highway by a driver who had Safeco Insurance. I have pre-existing conditions caused by an auto accident about 9 years ago when I was rear ended at a stop light. I've been seeing chiropractors consistently since then for chronic back and neck pain that, I'm assuming, will never totally heal. This accident exacerbated these symptoms and my chiropractor (who was seeing me once/twice a week) saw me directly after the accident. He evaluated my condition and set to work on getting me back to where I was prior to the accident at which time he began charging his services toward insurance coverage. When he felt that I had improved to where I was prior to the accident he charged services to my medical health insurance.

Safeco refuses to pay his bill in full because they say that this accident couldn't have caused injury that required the services he performed. They state that with regards to the speed of the cars during the accident and the damage on the car, they only approve "X" amount of medical attention. Apparently, they expect all the victims to be in their 20's with no previous injuries. They refused to discuss the bill and the purpose of the treatment with the doctor who prescribed the treatment.

On the advice of my chiropractor, I got a lawyer but Safeco refused to respond to their communications. The lawyer eventually gave up the case telling me that Safeco wasn't responding/cooperating. Now I have a medical lien against me because I owe Optum for the difference between what they paid the chiropractor and what Safeco is willing to reimburse. I assume that a medical lien means that I can no longer receive medical services from anyone for anything until I pay it off. I hope no OTHER distracted driver runs into me in the future or I am screwed. BTW: To add insult to injury, Safeco treated me like the perpetrator the WHOLE time making references to my medical bill as if I were the one trying to swindle them out of their money. When did it become okay to treat the victim like the offender?

This post is to make you aware of the type of customer service you'll receive with SAFECO INSURANCE... This started after the "Great Flood of 2016" in Louisiana. Being told TWICE a vehicle is a total loss and yet still fighting. This post is a a bit long but I felt like sharing details would make it a little more understandable what we're dealing with. This is not just hear say information (everything is documented).

8/19/16 - Called into insurance company because check engine light came on. Was told to bring it by a shop. In which this process was delayed due to helping others, working with the flood and shops were absolutely busy with flooded vehicles. Aug-Sept.2016 The truck started to have electrical issues and was now at a point that seemed to be unsafe to drive. The lights began to flicker along with several other issues.

9/30/16 Truck was taking to a local shop who contacted Michael at Safeco. Michael at Safeco contacted my husband and told him to quit driving the truck immediately. He was told to get his belongings out of the truck including truck paperwork, take the plate off the truck, and start shopping for another truck. That the truck would be towed to Copart and we would receive a call from the adjuster with what they are going to give for the truck. He set up for my husband to pick up a rental.

10/01/16 - Rental truck picked up. 10/07/16 - Truck was picked up and towed to Copart. 10/10/16- Adjuster looked at the truck and my husband received a call from Michael with Safeco stating that another adjuster was going to inspect the truck on 10/14/16 and he would receive a call by 2p.m. that day. 10/14/16 - My husband received a call from Ali (adjuster for Safeco) stating, "When I arrived to take a look at your truck there was a worker sitting in it because the air works", she also stated, "I couldn't find any water lines and the filters were dry so your truck will need to go to another shop to be diagnosed. Let me know when you know where you want the truck sent."

10/17/16 - Truck was towed to All Star in Denham Springs. My husband was contacted because they had no clue why his truck was there. My husband explained to them about what was going on and gave them Ali the adjusters information. 10/20/16 - All Star still had not heard from anyone at Safeco insurance. Our insurance agent (who is not employed by Safeco) called and told, "All Star what was going on." My husband was told it would be the middle of the next week before it could be looked at. In email requesting rental services be extended Ali stated the truck is drivable. He could be driving it while waiting on the shop to be able to see it. I found no evidence of water intrusion to this vehicle... Remember this is AFTER a shop found electrical issues AND a Safeco employee told us it was going to be totalled!

10/20/16 - My husband returned the rental and picked up his truck from All Star. At our surprise his truck was being used more than just as a seat in the air. His truck condition was woefully inadequate! The truck now has additional damages as well as was used as storage for other vehicle parts (bumper, lights and other parts that we aren't sure of what they are). We took pictures and a video before we left All Star.

10/21/16 - My husband spoke with Micheal (1st Safeco adjuster) who stated that it was totally unacceptable for the truck to be driven until it has been reevaluated and sent in for a rental extension. 10/24/16- My husband returned his truck to All Star and picked up another rental. 10/25/16- All Star called/email and stated, "The unit that was brought to us has a water mark halfway up the door, we do not accept vehicles that got water that high, due to the amount of electrical problems this causes. If any questions, feel free to call, thanks." 10/26/16- We are NOW being told that Safeco is now requesting the truck have diagnostic testing.

It has been 26 days and we have now been told not once but TWICE that the truck is a total loss and YET SAFECO is requesting MORE!!! My husband's job requires that he be able to pull a trailer (which the rental will not cover) so not only has this been a huge headache but a burden also. We have contacted the Insurance Commissioner and Safeco hasn't replied to them yet either but they still have five business days. Save yourself the headache and pay a little more if required but take my advice and DON'T buy insurance with SAFECO!

SAFECO was the cheapest insurance when I searched online with Einsurance. When I first purchased it I signed up online and instead of the local office calling me back they put me with an office in California. I'm in Georgia and I had to go out of my way to find a local office and transfer the account. Hard to find offices for them. Here in town there is only one office and they are unreliable to be open or do things in a timely manner. I wish they had an office just for insurance instead of going through real estate offices.

When I filed my claim caused by the fault of another driver it was transferred from my hometown to an agent 300 miles across the state. I received a delayed response, then no response at all for the agent using the "paperwork" excuse. I got the required paperwork almost immediately at the city offices where the accident occurred. Eventually the claim was resolved in my favor after an unnecessary delay in processing. After having the problem they have improved their processing protocol. The only reason I stay with this company is because I have been with them for quite a while and I heard that I could have trouble going to another company because I am an elderly driver.

On the night of 4/4/2018 my wife was stopped in traffic on the 805 freeway southbound near San Diego CA. Due to freeway repairs, lanes were slowed or stopped; the time was approximately 10 pm. She was rear ended in our 2001 Honda Accord. Highway Patrol made 2 separate reports. Because there were two separate accidents (not related) with three vehicles, one report included three vehicles, and the other report included two. Report ** with three vehicles was the one where our #3 vehicle (2001 Honda Accord) was involved. Highway Patrol declared that Safeco Insurance client car # 1 caused the collision due to speeding. It was a frustrating two and a half months of Safeco Insurance refusing to accept liability. I had to do the legwork and inform them that there were 2 police reports when, eventually, they figured it out.

My complaint is that I was without a vehicle for two and a half months while Safeco tried to find a claims resolution representative that could figure out the two police reports. At one point I received the approval in moving forward with the repair after the company accepted liability for the collision, but changed their mind. They then named another claims resolution representative that started the case from the beginning causing Safeco Insurance to needlessly declare the car as a total loss. Total cost to repair the car was $3,061.81, a figure far less expensive than declaring the car a total loss.

Kelly Blue Book appraised my car condition at $3,200 to $3,500 the day after the accident. Below is a list of upgrades to the car that were not figured correctly in the market valuation report:
• Only $44.00 credit received for a Pioneer AVIC-F900BT CD, GPS touch screen unit that, with installation, cost $764.04.
• Safeco deducted $116.00 for not having the ‘original’ 6 CD changer in the vehicle when the vehicle originally came with a cassette/single CD player.
• Only $107.00 credit received for a four-wheel alignment and new tires that only had 5,000 miles. The alignment and tires cost $705.30.

• NO credit received for the alternator and 3 belts that were replaced 7 days before the accident totaling $562.47.

The payout for the loss should be approximately $4,500.00 before taxes and fees, with a grand total of at least $5,000. Safeco has a total payout for the loss, including ‘upgrades,’ at $3,615 plus $525.17 for license and fees equaling $4,140.17. Due to the erroneous market valuation report of my Honda, I am running at least $1,000 short. With the undervaluing of my car, lack of professionalism, and loss of the car for two and a half months, I would like to know what my options are as I do not find this to be a fair settlement.

Have only had one claim with this insurance provider and experienced very good service. Only drawback is as we continue to have accident free policy periods the insurance premium does not decrease.

Safeco offers a nice auto and homeowners discount. If you combine both policies together you can get a bundle discount. They also offer the lowest rate that myself and my husband have found for both auto and home insurance. We have our insurance agent check every six months and Safeco has consistently been the most reasonable price for the past year or so.

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