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Fairly happy with the insurance coverage we have. I think all insurance is overpriced, but we did get a fairly good deal with Safeco. Then when we added our cars, that helped lower our rates as well.

When Lakewood, Colorado had a devastating hail storm, we were not worried because we felt we had the right insurance and had kept our home updated and maintained. We were wrong! Safeco denied most of our hail damage claim and low balled us on the items they did pay. Very poor service and we are out over $25,000.00 for a new roof.

I've never used the company for a claim, so I really can't say much about their payments. But I am pleased with the service when there was a problem on a bill. (Of course, it would have been better if they hadn't made the billing error in the first place!)

Recently had a devastating hail storm in Woodland Park, CO. The Safeco represented claims adjuster grossly underestimated the cost to repair my roof by $2900. Furthermore, the claims rep completely missed four windows which had large amounts of condensation trapped between the double window panes the day after the storm event. These windows are on the side of the house that was hit hardest by the hail wind and rain. I got estimates for the windows from a Window contractor ($2800), and sent SafeCo high resolution pictures of the damage, along with the estimate. Despite me asking Safeco to send someone out again to take another look at my windows, they chose to do the inspection "In House", instead.

They denied my Window supplement claim, due to "age, wear and tear". This despite the fact that these windows never exhibited this problem until the day after the storm, and the person who denied my Window supplement has absolutely no idea how old the windows are - I don't even know myself, so there is no way for him to know. Absolutely disgusted with how I have been treated thus far, and how obvious these SafeCo reps go out of their way to side in favor of Safeco's best interest.

I've learned a lot of hard lessons, with this being my first big insurance claim. The biggest one being naive enough to think Safeco had my best interest in mind. But I will never make these mistakes again going forward. I have filed a complaint with Colorado Division of Insurance, and I am now looking into hiring a licensed public adjuster to represent MY best interest, to fight for the money that is rightfully mine for these damaged windows. It will be so very satisfying to fire Safeco after this debacle is over.

Never again will I do business with them, never again will they receive a single penny from me for any one of their services, and never will I recommend Safeco to anyone under any circumstances. Learn from my mistake: If you ever have a big homeowners insurance claim, hire your OWN Public Adjuster, so you can see what estimates look like to repair the damage that match some sort of reality, and not some low-ball number that will surely be given to you by the Safeco represented adjuster.

I have never had to file a claim on my homeowner's insurance and hopefully, I never will. The company offers a large discount since our vehicles are also insured there. They send out renewal notices well in advance of the actual bill which allows plenty of time to budget for the annual premium. I choose the annual payment option to save additional money on the premium. My agent speaks highly of this company and insurance is one of those things you do not want too much knowledge of. If you know all about the company, then you have had contact/claims. I'll just pay for the peace of mind. Thank you.

I had a bathroom overflow that flooded the house. Safeco sent the people out immediately took care of everything even getting a hotel that took pets. They were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend them. I also have them as my auto ins. They are always there when you need them.

I went to Safeco because the rate they charged was less than what I was paying. I haven't had to file any claims or anything so really can't say more about them other than the rate was lower than I'd been paying.

Last year (2017) I submitted a claim for my roof damage (hail). It took a couple weeks but they sent an adjuster out to look at my roof. He didn’t check the main roof just a side eve and stated there was no damage, even though every other house on my block roofs were replaced from damage. He said my upper main roof is too high and he didn’t think it was safe to climb up there.

This year we had a retaining wall fall because of wind. The claim rep. I had for the damages was very short and unprofessional, he stated before seeing any pictures or getting much information at all that he highly doubts it’s covered. Once I got off the phone he sent an email stating it was caused by earths movement not wind and that they were unable to cover those types of damages. The adjuster determined this from a distant picture I took and never came out to look at what really happened. The adjuster will not return calls and only emails me back stating that the claim is declined and to use the costs to fix it as a write off on my taxes. I want to warn other people that this company will not pay claims and is a horrible company. We were Just glad we didn’t have a major loss such as our house because we already know that they would use any excuse in the book not to cover it. It’s just sad that companies such as this one exist.

The customer service is great. We haven't had to use the policy but when we have questions they are very responsive. We switched jobs and wanted to make sure we had enough coverage. Safeco also spend time discussing our personal property to make sure there weren't any surprises if something happened. We had leak that was not covered by insurance but SAFECO helped us source a company that could fix it.

Just okay with our homeowners insurance with Safeco and really don't have any plans to switch. Have had Safeco for many years now, they have fair rates and good coverage.

We had hail and wind damage related to the 12-26-2015 tornado. Having heard about problems filing a claim I contacted a private adjustor. Eventually I required over 4 inspections of the roof and Safeco was playing hardball and denying I had any damage even though everyone said we did. A metal vent looked like a Native American had done a war dance using steel heels. Every window sealant trim had damage and the paint on the end of the garage looked like it had measles where hail removed paint. They forced arbitration and the adjustors met and only the company adjustor inspected the roof and my adjustor did not. They said I had 50% damage but refused to show me or tell me where. I only got 1/2 half of a roof.

Every one of my neighbours have received new roofs related to the same loss. If you have Safeco, change now or you will forever regret it should you have a storm loss. Upset, I was not represented well and the Texas State board of insurance does not care. You have no idea the comments you get when calling them to see how to report a problem. The lobbyists are in control, they have the money. and the state readily accepts it. I have been in insurance for over 40 years and have never had opportunity to experience such shabby service.

This company just lost my business. They refuse to insure my home, because I have a pitbull mix!!! This is just plain ignorance. The pit bull problem isn’t really a pit bull problem. It’s a human problem - like most “animal problems”. A 2008 study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, the journal of the International Society for Applied Ethology, determined that “…it is inappropriate to make predictions about a given dog’s propensity for aggressive behavior based solely on its breed."

Safeco insurance offers a variety of coverage for homeowners and premiums to match just about any income level that is affordable. My insurance premium is part of my mortgage payment and I like that. One payment to cover it all. The customer service reps are very helpful and pleasant.

After reading the reviews... I am very leary about what our outcome will be. We have never had a claim in all the years of having this policy but we recently had roof damage and a water pipe bust under house all in same week! The adjuster was quick to call us and set up a time to come out (tomorrow) but he did call and speak with my fiance who holds the policy and basically left the impression with him that it will not be covered because it appears to be wear & tear! WHAT!!! I will definitely update after the inspection but it is not looking good based on the call from him! I will for positively sure drop this company and definitely not refer any of my customers (I am a realtor) if this outcome is not what it should be! Stay tuned...

I have no trouble with Safeco. We had insurance with them for probably 14 years and have filed one claim years ago and it was looked after quickly.

Have not had any problems with them. They respond quickly to any questions that I may have. Courteous and friendly whenever I call with a question and don't cut you short. They listen.

I recently filed a claim with Safeco for damage that occurred from the harsh winter weather. They were very receptive and paid claim promptly without any problems.

I have never filed a claim and they have been fair so far with renewals and prices. Their monthly payment and fee is reasonable so I keep them. It's a hassle to change and I have no need to right now.

I've been with Safeco a little over 7 years. Filed my first claim a LONG time ago and my house is still in the same condition. Little to no communication. Prepare yourself to do ALL the calling. Im overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, pissed, fed up and beyond furious with the way things have been handled. My insurance payout will only cover one of my 3 repairs. So, I'm left with deciding which "ONE" I want to have fixed and then paying out of pocket for the other two. My homeowner's insurance rate had ridiculously increased over the years and I cannot wait to cut ties with these **!

Ive had MANY contractors tell me Safeco is one of the hardest companies to work with. My adjuster told my contractor they were ONLY paying to patch the repair. Not give my home a makeover. What a ** bag!!! If you are considering doing business with Safeco PLEASE look elsewhere. If I would have known this process would be this difficult I would have NEVER chosen them. Run while you can, YOU ARE NOT SAFE WITH SAFECO!!!

I have not had any issues with them. They are quick and prompt. I would continue to use them and recommend them to my friends. Safeco is a very customer service oriented company and goes the distance for their customers. Unless they raise their rates I will continue to use them. Thank you for the chance to review them and pass the information on to others.

I have used this insurance company for many years. They have excellent customer service and agents who will find you the best possible insurance for your needs at a cost that is most affordable, and if you have to make a claim it is fast.

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