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Sagicor Life Insurance Company
Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Sagicor Life Insurance Company Online Insurance Reviews

It was a very fast and quick. I received my life insurance policy in no time. I very happy with my experience.
Easy process great prices.
I found Sagicor very good to do business with, they were friendly, interested, and experienced in their products. I would certainly recommend them to any and all.
You guys are great.
had a great experience in my last withdrawal. I was especially appreciative of the help of agent Misty Crofts
I haven't had many dealings with the company other than the transfer. Other than that taking a while I feel things are fine. I haven't died to test out the payment etc. of the policy.
the insurance agent was very helpful to me so I can understand and showing me how to choose the right policy for me and affordable to keep at a late age
Easy company to deal with, excellent rates. I sell them and use them personally for myself and my husband's life insurance.
I love sagicor! I had nothing but good things to say about this company. Thanks for being a good insurance company.
Excellent support from everyone I speak with within the organization.
My representative was able to answer all of my questions and was readily available whenever I had a concern.
The application process was easy and we got the policy that was right for us.
Very easy process. Rep answered all of our questions expediently.
I had hoped to find a plan that would enable us to start a savings account for our grandchildren and then add to it from time to time in smaller increments as we were able. But I learned that the amount we invested initially cannot be added to. It is a good plan with a good rate of interest, but it does not provide what I envisioned.
I called to cancel my insurance and get my money back. It had just been taken out. I called Denver my rep august 9th at 10:10 am he finally answered at 11:25. days go by after me asking about my refund. august 10th at 3:02 he said he started the process really! Finally august 18th at 6:41 pm he messages me and lets me know that the cancelation has been approved. This is unacceptable. I want my money back. Its not my fault he waited 9 days. Pretty much till its to late to get a refund. I will shout from the roof tops if I have to or report to the Insurance Board about Him and the company. Sorry if this sounds bad but really its almost a 100 bucks.
Sagicor is a great company.
I have just recently started using your service so I’m not to sure how it’s going. I hope this works out for me.
You are doing the work,im just waiting
Great rates even better customer service
Good company to deal with
Sent them a check and had bank fraud the next day. Just got a new bank account and they were the only people who had my account information. Absolutely disgraceful.
Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are a great insurance company to work with as I am impressed each time I interact with them.
Great service and thorough
the only problem i have is that there is not a website to review my account. How do i know the status of my money on a monthly basis.
Excellent company and agents
So far so good. Thank God we haven't had to make a claim
Excellent rep (Jen), fast service, very accomodating.
I took out this policy in October, 2017. I have had 2 drafts taken out of my Checking account in October, 1 in November and 1 in December and I still have not received a policy or any paperwork and have no idea what is in the policy
I've heard almost nothing since investing $350,000 several months ago. Who knows if Sagicor's any good? I don't, not yet.
I was looking for an annuity to roll my retirement into and not lose money during market change. I was given a bonus by going with Sagicor and guaranteed I would not lose money. Everything I ask for was in black and white. Agent explained everything to me and was very knowledgeable about Sagicor and their products. Very happy.
A friendly and professional company. All questions were answered. All of our financial matters were addressed and reorganized. Lunch was unexpected but very much appreciated and very delicious. Having everything in one place is a huge relief to my wife. We would most definitely recommend Michael and Sagicor.
At first, I was skeptical about everything, especially when it came to life insurance. My agent was very helpful, thorough, and very nice. He helped me decide what was best for my family and situation. The prices are affordable and you could definitely be covered right away. As long as you are honest with your answers and medical questions, that’s all that matters! Think future. Think Sagicor! I have 30 days to try the policy out and I can change my mind which is good. Thanks again Sagicor!
I recommend this company for your life insurance needs. I researched many companies offering life policies and Saginor had the best rating and is affordable for my budget.
Easy to make sense of, simple, and very nice people.
great customer skills and great close relationship with agent too.
I have been with Sagicor Life Insurance for several years now. It has been a great experience dealing with this company. I would encourage everyone to join in being a customer.
Inept underwriters. Customer service reps who speak no English and they have a very negative outlook. Run far away.
Excellent broker/agent service, AAA !
Great products, excellent representative.
Great experience with the person that recommended the annuity. Great product. I like the bonus. This is my third annuity.
very easy to work with
Great company great rates
I am very happy with this Company. We have multiple accounts. So far so good.
Very easy online application process and was approved in just a few days! So far very satisfied
The application process went very smoothly. I especially liked interacting with the very nice nurse who took my vitals,etc. I was very pleased to be able to find insurance that wouldn't change its rates every 5 years since I'm on a fixed income. Thank you!
They have been easy to work with and have good products. Their web site and use is not complicated. More phone availability for west coast would be good.
Prices are too high
It was fast and easy.
New to Sagicor so I don't realy feel I know that much yet so I will let you know more in the future.
I asked for a quote on-line for life insurance. Katrina Walker called me with a quote. She was very patient and very informative. I had some questions and she explained everything to me in detail. She did it in terms I could understand. Was a great conversation and I truly appreciated the time she spent with me.
Very fast approval
After getting a new mortgage, it makes a person think about the what if’s. I’m so glad Sagicor was able to give me a great life insurance plan at a reasonable price, so now I can be worry free that if anything would ever happen to me my wife would be fine! Thank you so much Sagicor!
you withdrawed from account twice in two weeks
Great company and people to work what they say!
It was a quick easy process to purchase life insurance.
Its okay, I dont like the payment amount and date changing from month to month.
I have recommended to several people Customer service is excellent
Very good experience with your company
I really have not had any prombles until last month about my bank has been having over draft on my account. I have to pay the over draft fee for the last two month. I need my money back in the bank. I pay $37 plus $38.34 back to the bank. I only work parttime.
Great customer service & agent was spectacular
Great customer service!!! Your agent, Jen, helped make the whole process seamless!!!
I love Sagicor Life, its product special mention of Single Premiun index WL. I appreciate the representatives who answers our calls for assistance. I will give it an A +++++, You are all good. Thank you so much for all your help. You never get tired helping me. More POWER to you all. Mariett Edstrada
A+ Easy to apply over phone with agent, no exams. A++
Quick service and great product.
Great product and wonderful customer service. Would highly recommend to all who are looking for a life insurance policy.
Too much of a hassle trying to get the policy to go into effect.
Great people, efficient and they do what they say they will!
Our agent was helpful in getting the policy all set up. However, she did not explain payment options very well. Once everything was set and we were getting ready to give payment information we noticed it would be cheaper to pay the yearly premium. Because monthly payments were already set up, we had to wait till the next month to call back and change the payment plan.
Yes I would recommend Sagicor to everybody
Helping me to hold my financials together in difficult times.
The company approved me at a favorable rate. Then, because of an error on their end, they were attempting to draft from the wrong account. They had transposed 2 numbers from my written application. Long story short my coverage was terminated, without them contacting me. When I was finally notified and I requested that we re-open the account, they completely redid the underwriting process even thought it had been less than 60 days from the first one. Nothing on my health had changed, but the new underwriter rated my policy because of a medication I am prescribed to help with fear of flying. The prior underwriter had that information as well and had given me favorable terms. My new premium is $50/mo higher than they originally said it would be. I took the new coverage even though I believe I was scammed by them because I am too busy to redo underwriting with a different company. I will eventually get around to getting a replacement policy from a more honest company and, at that rime, I’ll drop this coverage.
Very easy to use the accounts on the computer!
Great easy to work prompt courteous service!
we got great customer service. rocco answered all of our questions.
I invested a lot of money with you. You were told not to deposit the check until three or four days after you got it you didn't listen the money had to clear a certain account to be good the bank bounce the check and it cost me $35.00. The point is you didn't listen that ticked me off got it!!!!!!!
Thanks Sagicor for making claim processing easy and carefree.
Seamless process. Quick and efficient! Very good people to work with.
Our financial planner Zac Cockroft set us up. Very simple process and we were provided with exactly what we were looking for.
They worked hard to find me the right policy to fit my needs. Great service!
Good customer service and no hassles. I have peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of if anything happens to me.
Working with my financial advisor dealing with Sagicor was easy and the options easily understood.
Excellent product, great premium. My agent was knowledgeable and very competent. I am extremely satisfied & have recommended a few others to you.
Well I could not get a better person to talk me in to joining this insurance company. And I don't regret am sorry am bad at namen I wrote his name down some where don't know where to find it now but I want him to grow and get bigger and better and to achieve is gold
Called to get life insurance real easy and affordable
Sagicor was fantastic to work with. I got approved for a policy very quickly and the application was easy. Highly recommend this trustworthy company.
I like your products, but you need more indexes to choose from.
Misty was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and I always looked forward to talking with her about policy or anything else. Plus Sagicor is very competitive on rates and should be considered by everyone.
Sagicor discloses clear information to their customers.
Excellent ...............
I appreciated the ease of starting and maintaining a policy with Sagicor.
Having worked with many insurance companies I can say that Sagicor has some of the nicest, most helpful people I have dealt with.