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Professional and expedient. If you are in good health, it is s painless process. Reasonable premium- no gotcha's in the process. Would recommend highly,
Great work and great people,they go above and beyond the competition. Thank you again, Yanxia MacKENZIE
Kevin was a pleasure to work with. He was efficient, timely, answered my questions and helped provide multiple quotes to help me make a decision on which policy would work for me. I already have a policy for my wife through SBLI and while they don't provide multiple policy discounts, they were still the cheapest option around.
Applying for life insurance with SBLI was easy and enjoyable. The process was easy to understand and communication and response from SBLI was quick and courteous. My agent Timothy Tozier was very helpful and professional. All in all, the process was great and I will recommend everyone to choose SBLI.
Excellent experience working with all staff of SBLI
very thorough
The excellent rating is due to the people who work for SBLI. Tim Tozier is a really nice, helpful man, who has unlimited patience with my stupid questions. I would not hesitate to deal with him in the future. The other person was the nurse that was sent by SBLI to do our medical check up, Lisa Misch. She was a real sweet heart. She put us both at ease.
Amazing and quick! I am very pleased!!
Jim Morecroft was amazing. Followed up and gave my options not obligations.
Great professional service
Phone interview was long and intrusive. Customer rep did not respond to emails I sent her. Once approved..process was easy.
I am very impressed that SBLI could get my policy approved in days. Kudos!
I shopped around and SBLI was the best value that I found. The rep did not try to up-sell me or try to persuade me to buy different products (that I was not looking for).
I was asked several times for additional information even after speaking with my representative. Instead of taking 2 weeks after the exam it took almost 2 months.
Ross Singmaster was polite and helpful and efficient. Process was simple.
As a disclaimer, I already have insurance with SBLI and had a very good first experience. However, since I needed additional insurance I decided to apply with them again. Since the first time I got insurance about 3 years ago, they have moved from sending out a nurse for a medical history to doing a phone interview. First, the interviewer kept calling me in the middle of the morning when I couldn't talk because I have two young children. When I would call back after they were in bed, I had to wait on hold and then after a period of time it would just bump me to an answering machine instead of allowing me to continue waiting. When I finally was able to do the phone interview (after several tries), it was a frustrating process. It was hard to understand the interviewer and it seemed as she didn't actually know anything about medicine and was just reading from a script. I could have filled out a medical history far more effectively myself and in far less time. Since I could tell there were probably mistakes, I requested a copy of the application to review before submitting it. I received this, but was then surprised to also received an issued policy before I could even get the corrections back to SBLI. They also took payment from my account even though I specifically clarified with the interviewer that no payment would be taken until I authorized it after receiving the final rate quote. Now, about two weeks later, they still have my money but have not reissued the policy. Instead they just send me a blank form requesting information that I already sent them. I will be taking my business elsewhere in the future.
straightforward and very friendly customer service
First person I had to deal with was Not knowledgeable!!! gave me wrong answers...causing me grief and aggravation .
Easy to reach. Immediately resolved questions.
Best prices I found, helpful agent, and fast turnaround.
My agent was fantastic, clear, and informative. I would have given them 5 stars if I had not received another set of paperwork requesting that I fill out and send in what I had already sent,
Easy to communicate with and great customer service with unbeatable prices.
Jack Raycroft was right on till we got it done. I'm set for the next 30 years.
Easy to work with. Answered all questions very quickly and helped fill out all the paperwork.
Dianne McCabe was great to work with. At times she seemed aloof.....but by the time Underwriting approved my application it became easier for us both. She was very knowledgeable and resourceful whenever I had questions. I'd highly recommend SBLI and Dianne McCabe!! Thanks, Marlene
Working with SBLI was smooth and the people pleasant.
SBLI was fantastic and very easy to work with!
Good service. Agent wrote up everything properly. Prompt processing.
The experience was great, but I was not made aware when my payment was going to come out. I thought that the payment would be the following month after I was notified that I was approved. I would have moved the money to the account in enough time.
Good overall.
Honestly, I wouldn't use this company. They are not good at communicating. They requested forms from me, I got the forms and they didn't tell me where to send them, then when I asked the email they gave me did not work.
My experience was great. I signed up and was insured quickly. SBLI charged me annually instead of monthly and they quickly fixed the problem
Communication needs improvement. I applied and had an in home physical pretty quickly. Weeks went by without someone contacting me. I reached out and was told that I had to confirm something to complete the underwriting process, which I did. If I had not called to inquire on the status I would not have known this and the process may still be dragging on. I was then told I'd receive a call in a week or so advising on the status of my application/policy. I never received a call back, just saw that my bank account had been debited and then received a copy of the policy in the mail about a week later.
Helpful customer service. Competitive rates.
I could not be more pleased with the process and service. From the application through the issuance of the policy, my experience was straightforward and seamless. I would recommend SBLI to anyone looking for term life insurance with reasonable premiums.
There were some glitches along the way that prevented me from giving five stars on this review. When the reviewer for the underwriting portion contacted us she had the wrong city and state listed on my wife’s policy application. My wife also had to explain the second time that there was no PCP to contact. As for my policy application, I had to inform them on more than one occasion that there was no PCP to add on the form. They had my dentist listed as such initially. It required a call to them to straighten out my information after I was sent an email stating that the PCP wasn’t included. I believe that using a third-party to handle the underwriting review is a detriment to the insurance company. At least they were very pleasant throughout the matter. The policies came quickly after the matter had been settled.
Smooth process and communications!
Questions were understandable. Able to answer all without searching. Average interview was about 20-25 minutes. The interviewer spoke clearly and was not rushy. Asked me if I understood everything? Was very pleased all around.
just a great experience as a customer arthur
Great communication through the process
The only problem was the time frame
The sales person was great, but I was promised certain rates and SBLI increased rose rates last minute based on medical information that was clearly not reviewed thoroughly. My rates were increased significantly based on a prior condition I'm no longer treating for and elevated liver levels that are due to a Statin medication I'm taking for cholesterol levels. My doctor is in the process of writing a letter that I will share with SBLI to hopefully bring my premiums to the level I was initially quoted. I feel like SBLI didn't do their due diligence and were basically looking for a reason to increase my premiums without knowing the full story!
Policy Number three with SBLI. Need I say More. Great Company. Very competitive Term Life Rates. Customer Service second to none.
Smooth processing of paperwork, and good communication with my rep at the company. She also gave me the rates right away, so I could choose how much coverage I wanted and how long a term of coverage. Also, it was easy to use the SBLI website to enter my policy choices.
Applying was very easy and the process went quickly. The phone interview was slightly frustrating as the person on the phone didn't necessarily know how to answer questions I had and relaying information was rather tedious, filling out an online form or something like that would be easier.
Although the entire process took close to 2 months, the representatives were very courteous and helpful. The health professional was friendly and prompt. The blood work report was thorough and comprehensive. I was happy with the premium amount.
My agent at SBLI was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and the process was very clear and efficient.
Amazing! Thank you for making the process easy!
Overall my experience was good. The turn around was about a month but in the end I got the coverage I needed for the amount we had discussed.
Hard to sign up. Agents dont answer calls or return them ie james morecroft
GREAT customer service and years of integrity. Smooth and informative communication when inquiring about appropriate and affordable policies.
Susan Bjork as usual was professional and informative she made it happen in a very easy way did all she could to facilitate and inform us as the process went along
Everything went well , only have one concern , it took weeks for you to process my paper work and cash my first payment . They finally found it and sent me and email , Customer Service girls revere great and went out of there way to help
Treated very well but there were some delays and glitches. I was told that someone needed to come to my home for additional medical info, blood work, etc. The woman did not show. Fortunately I had asked for a phone number for her which I called and she had no record of me or my case. She set up another day and time with me and said she would follow up with SBLI. Then I got a message that I was all set and it wasn’t until I got another call from SBLI that I was able to ask about this visit only to find out that it was canceled as not being needed but no one had informed me.
I had a very different experience than my husband did. We both signed up for life insurance thru your site and he had a better experience than I did. As well as got a different life insurance package than me. We did them over a 6 month to 9 month period but thought it was strange that our experiences were so different. I had to answer the same questions to different people, which was annoying because it wasn't info that I just had in my head I had to look it up. It was info I had already send along via an email to my agent. It seemed different parts of the process do not communicate with each other. I thought it was a pretty inefficient process in my experience/opinion. But like I said my husband had a different experience. Just passing it along. Thank you. Jessica
The complicated experience of buying a new life insurance policy was made easy thanks to the great help from the sales team (Steve Melo). I now have a great new policy with a lot more coverage and not a lot more cost.
This company made the process so easy and provided me a good rate despite a medical condition. This should be your first stop for Life Insurance!
Great rates, easy to get a pulling teeth. No follow up, no notifications, erroneous emails, multiple policies sent. An administrative nightmare...SBLI needs help with the process of processing. Same experience 10 years ago with prior policy. GET IT TOGETHER SBLI! Its insurance not rocket science!
Best price and straightforward process to get coverage
I had to make some adjustments to my policy and it was very easy to work with my agent
Everyone was very nice who I spoke with. The process was simple. The communication was very good. My only wish was to be able to get a copy of the questionnaire that was done to find about my health etc. The women said they don't do that. I think the price for the life insurance policy was very good. You have to deal with a lot of people but they were all professional. Overall, great experience.
Ross Singmaster was excellent. Was very flexible and was a clear communicator. Also responded very quickly to my questions. Keep up the good work!
A few minor glitches with paperwork but my agent Susan Clark was incredible. Always quick to respond and rectify issues immediately.
From trying to cancel my expired policy that automatically renewed at much higher rates and that I did not want any longer, to payment authorization forms submitted but told they were their and later found, not what I expected of SBLI. My Sales Rep Maureen was great but the behind the scenes staff is were my bad experience comes from. Still waiting for a refund.
This company has the best customer service!!! Our agent walked us through adding a 4th (yes fourth) policy answering all question in a timely and kind manner.
It started with the sales person/consultant. Follow through was awesome and rates were very reasonable. Never thought buying life insurance would be this easy.
Dianne McCabe was excellent in her timely assistance during the entire process!
Excellent insurance at great price. Susan Bjork was great to work with!
Great Great Great! 5 Star! Really a No None Sense experience. Quick decision. Real person to communicate to. Responsive to questions. I applied to for 2 companies but I chose SBLI. A hustle free experience. Thank you SBLI and Ms. Dianne M.
It was a pleasure working with Susan Bjork, a true professional!
Originally wanted a particular insurance term. I was helped with the changes with no snags. And the processing was smooth. Debit from my bank as anticipated. The agent James M was very helpful
Was a good experience , nice people . Recommend them to anyone.
Pleasant & Painless experience!
Relatively easy experience. Questionnaire/interview was easy. A bit of a delay completing the transaction and working with the agent during the holiday season.
Great insurance company
SBLI is a fabulous company to work with. Calls are easily routed and the sales and customer support staff are friendly and professional. I have been a client for 15 years and was happy to use SBLI for additional coverage recently. The process was hassle free!!
Very good. Helpful, available for questions. Returned phone calls. Explained all the policies and privacy rights.
The sales process was quick and easy. The testing and follow up from SBLI was duplicative with multiple appointments when one would have sufficed. I received 3 letters informing me of my policy acceptance, 3 bills all the same and 3 policies. Clearly the back office is a mess. and could save money if they got their act together.
Every time we have worked with this company it has been a great experience.
Took a very long time to finalize the process. Poor follow through.
I felt I was able to purchase the best amount of insurance to fit my budget. I would highly recommend using SBLI if anyone was looking for insurance.
I worked with Diane McCabe and she was very professional while helping me find the appropriate policy in a timely manner.
A thorough and easy process.
Hello - It was because of Susan Bjork that I went through with this process. Simply put. She has given me invaluable advice and guidance.
Great customer support and service.
It was nice to see that a healthy person could buy life insurance without a physical or blood work.
The agent I had was very pleasant and helpful. From the day I inquired to the date my policy was issued, the speed at which SBLI took care of me was impressive! Other companies should use SBLI as a model.
Greate service, Jackie Cochoran was excellent explaining the policy and all stipulations. Company is 100% employee owned and good prices for the coverage.
They were great very easy to deal with and had every answer I needed quick.
Easy to deal with, knowledgeable, friendly.
I initially asked to be contacted via the SBLI web site, and never received a followup email or call. However, once I phoned SBLI directly, they were asy to work with, and everything moved quickly from there. I was satisfied with the pricing on my policy and purchased it a few weeks after my initial inquiry.
Srey Sanchez was resilient with her followup and assistance to help me through a very difficult time. I have been with SBLI for more than 30 years and I know I made the right choice, Adam T
Great representative interaction and follow through without pressure gave us trust in SBLI.
My experience with SBLI couldn't have been better. Timothy Tozier handled my new application with ease. He guided me through all of the options and steps to get my policy up and running. He was readily available though email and phone, to answer any and all questions I had through the policy.
Entire experience has been very smooth!
Susan Bjork was awesome. She was always available to us when we had a question. The transition and process was very smooth.
Working with Susan Bjork was a joy. She was so helpful and knowledgeable.
Very bed experience and not good service because too much vested time for underrated and not acceptable by phone any payment
The entire life insurance process went very well from beginning to end. Susan Clark was excellent to deal with. Her attention to detail, customer service and followup were excellent. My only complaint would be the outside company you hire to do the medical interview called me every day when I was at work and I told them that I was only available from 6 pm to 10 pm. This happened several times. They did not listen to my availability.
Poor performance on health info collection