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Securranty Online Insurance Reviews

It was a great delight shopping at Securranty. I'll recommend it to my friends, relatives and colleagues. It's better to protect my phone than to loose it earlier. Thanks.
Difficult check out process...kept bouncing me out.
I tried to pay four times on four different computers and it kept kicking me out I finally tried on my phone and was able to get through the website is disgrace is so hard to use and has a lot of glitches
Hung up on! when i called at 5:50pm PST. Frist time ever calling!
For the price the service has been excellent. This is my 3rd year using this insurance.
Great very helpful
I spoke with Zulsana, who was kind, polite and very helpful..
great customer was easy to use and sign up
Sarai was very helpful in explaining all the warranty plans.
Great to have quality insurance on a students Chrome computer.
Website difficult. Took several tries to register
Haven't had to file a claim yet so i dont know how well that process is yet. So far when purchasing the year insurnace it was fairly easy. However I still haven't been able to get my account set up. It wont work every time I have tried. I will have to call customer service. Also my only complaint is that I bought the insurance the day I received my chromebook brand new and the only option for what condition it was in was "used". When purchasing the insurance, it was brand new. Other than that, great service so far.
Tried to purchase two plans within 1 session. However, the site did not allow this and had to purchase them separately. Consequently, I have two plans, with duplicate serial numbers. I opened a support ticket last week and have not heard anything.
Good value and coverage!
It’s esey to to do online
Does not work well with iOS devices. Tried regestering on multiple iOS devices. 2 iPhones 1iPad. No success. MS & Chrome only appears to work descent, but still took 2 times to fully complete. Need more IT testing! To explain in full would be easier to talk to a human that deals w/programming!
excellent experience
Fast and easy enrollment. Thanks
Website easy to use. Great service
I had trouble with the web site when I was trying to purchase a policy. I submitted a help ticket, but hadn't heard back the next day. My purchase date mattered so that I would qualify for "new" status on my phone's rate. The phone message said to leave a message, but I was actually greeted by an employee when I was about to hang up. Suleman explained where the site had given me trouble and helped me through the process, including competing some data that I had failed to enter. I won't deny that at first I was very frustrated, but in the end I was very please with how it was resolved. I will say this, if you have trouble with the site, call them and your experience should be much nicer. I'm giving them 5 stars on trust that they will resolve the site problems.
I have tried many times to set up an account and does not accept password. also, call costumer service no one answer the phone. Paid for Chromebook insurance and it didnt ask for any serial number information.
It is dificult to write a review when I haven!5 has to USE this insurance. But the process of signing up was super easy and painless.
Wonderful experience. Very simple and easy. Looking forward to continuing
UPDATE: Within minutes of leaving this review, I was contacted by Securranty (A) who was very genuine is learning my experience first hand, asking real questions, looking for REAL solutions to the web-based issues I experienced. I have changed the star rating to "Average" rather than my original 1 Star rating based on several factors. Stuff happens. Most times, when it is the least beneficial for ALL involved. My original review remains, as this was my real-time experience - however; my opinion on the level of care given fulfil individual purchaser's needs has risen greatly. Thank you. Last school year (2017/18) using Securranty was perfect experience - no issues getting insurance for both kid's Chromebooks for school This school year (2018/19) - a whole different story. Apparently Securranty thought it was good timing to redesign their website the first week of September (which coincides with our first week of school) - so the website would not load. Attempts to reach by telephone, went straight to voicemail - billing, sales, everything.. "leave a message". Since having previous policies - tried opening a 'ticket' to get answers - went unanswered until the school's principle contacted them - then they still didn't answer questions. (question was asking if there was a way to renew, so all information would not have to be re-entered SNs, Student #s, etc) Finally got the required insurance only after several attempts that involved school principle, school secretary and 2 separate computers. (no, it's not user issues - it is completely on Securranty) Very - very poor service re: purchasing this year. As we have never had to file a claim, I cannot speak to that. But I did question my district if there wasn't another insurer that could benefit from the sales generated from entire school systems needing to purchase computer/laptop insurance - as this is NOT acceptable.
easy access to website
I did not buy insurance when I puchased my new phone; then it was too late. I am glad. Your cost is lower than what spectrum wanted. Thank You!!
Buying was easy, would have to use it before I can give it five stars!!
i had a great transaction on the phone with a very helpful and quick representative. she was also funny and nice. the mobile app does need a good deal of work; very quirky and does not show full options for each operation.
Good quick response to questions about my account. Corrections and changes were made quickly and efficiently. Thank you.
The website doesn't work and the person on the phone wasn't much help either. None of the information for my warranty was recorded correctly.
very good excelent
Very nice and very helpful thank you so much